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Is Claudia Winkleman with Dave Arch

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Is Dave Arch married and does he have children? – Strictly’s Dave Arch has a close friendship with Claudia Winkleman (Image: BBC/Guy Levy) When it comes to Dave Arch’s love life he prefers to keep it private and away from the limelight. However what we do know is that he is married and has two sons and one daughter with his wife.

Fans of the BBC show once thought the composer was in a relationship with host Claudia, However, the pair are just close friends and have been for many years. Claudia often gives him a shout out during the live show and previously congratulated the composer by calling him “wonderful”. She said: “Our wonderful Dave Arch was honoured this week with a honorary degree from The Prestigious Skills Hall, which is absolutely extraordinary.

So I think we should have a round of applause. We love him. Congratulations to Dave.

How much is Dave Arch paid?

Dave Arch is the enigma behind Strictly Come Dancing ‘s live band. He is a pianist, conductor and composer and leads every live song on the dancing show. The 59-year-old has earned a surprising amount since becoming music director on Strictly in 2006. According to the Daily Mail, in 2016 Dave Arch was worth £2.5 million with estimated yearly earnings of £300,000.

  1. Outside of the show, he has also made albums and created music for adverts, TV shows and films.
  2. READ MORE: BBC Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two fans get a sneak peek at this weekend’s Strictly outfits and everyone had the same complaint Dave’s Strictly career under the glitterball has gone from strength to strength.

The band must learn up to 14 songs a week to provide a soundtrack for one of the BBC’s most popular shows. Dave has revealed some of the secrets of the TV programme. He told RTE Entertainment about filming: “The first show is live, the time is variable, but it’s normally around 6 or 7pm.

This normally runs at about an hour and 15 minutes. We then have a small break, then dress rehearse and record the second show. “The team is very slick, and we pretty much record the second show as live, finishing around 10.30ish,” he said. Last year saw difficulties producing the show during a pandemic.

With up to 15 band members, they were forced to adapt. They were told they had to distance. Kate Phillips, entertainment controller at the BBC, explained to a virtual Edinburgh TV Festival session: “And we have to look at Dave Arch and his band, how hair and make-up and costume will work backstage.” “It’s probably the hardest show to do in the current circumstances, a live weekly show that relies on body contact quite a lot.” When he isn’t conducting the Dave Arch Band, he composes his own music, releasing an album called ‘Coming Home’ in 2016. Do you want to stay up to date with the latest news, views, features and opinion from across the city? MyLondon’s brilliant newsletter The 12 is absolutely jam packed with all the latest to keep you keep you entertained, informed and uplifted. You’ll get 12 stories straight to your inbox at around 12pm.

It’s the perfect lunchtime read. And what’s more – it’s FREE! The MyLondon team tells London stories for Londoners. Our journalists cover all the news you need – from City Hall to your local streets, so you’ll never miss a moment. Don’t skip a beat and sign up to The 12 newsletter here, Safe to say, he lives and breathes music, confirmed in an interview on Greg Lake.

When asked what he does in his spare time, he joked: “I would like to have some! “No seriously, I am lucky enough to be doing for a living what I would be doing anyway for a hobby, so music in some shape or form.” Got a story you think we should write? Get in touch [email protected] Want more from MyLondon? Sign up to our daily newsletters for all the latest and greatest from across London here.

Why is Claudia Winkleman so highly paid?

Why is Claudia Winkleman’s salary so high? – The bulk of Winkleman’s salary is likely to come from her job hosting Strictly Come Dancing, which is the BBC’s biggest show. Her work on The Great British Sewing Bee and her Radio 2 show Claudia on Sunday will also factor in to her wage.

  • When the Government announced that it would force the BBC to reveal details of stars’ pay in September last year, Winkleman said:” I’m all for it.
  • I totally understand it.
  • We’re working for the public, so why shouldn’t they know.
  • We get paid an awful lot of money and it’s a marketplace.
  • It’s bonkers.” She added that “commercial stations pay a whole lot more – double, three times, four times” more than the BBC.


Is Tess or Claudia leaving Strictly?

Strictly’s Tess Daly sparks reaction with leggy look alongside Claudia Winkleman in emotional post | HELLO! paid a sweet tribute to her friend and co-worker on Saturday in honour of her 50th birthday. MORE: The star took to Instagram to share several photos of the co-hosts together, proving their friendship is as strong as ever alongside a gushing message, which read: “Happy big birthday to this little firecracker.

WATCH: Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman’s five style lessons One image saw the duo enjoying a giggle after hosting Strictly Come Dancing, with Tess looking gorgeous in a black strapless dress that featured daring double side splits to show off her endless legs.Birthday girl Claudia looked equally as stylish in a semi-sheer lace, tiered dress that highlighted her incredible figure. MORE: READ: A second photo saw Tess and Claudia rocking matching Guns N’ Rose T-shirts while enjoying a drink, and a third showed them playing up to the camera, with Tess poking out her tongue while Claudia posed open-mouthed. Tess shared a sweet birthday message to Claudia on Instagram Claudia was among the first to comment on Tess’ tribute, simply replying: “I LOVE YOU”.Fans also rushed to send their birthday wishes to Claudia, with many commenting on the presenting duo’s sweet friendship.

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“Such a cute and lovely message for a beautiful friendship,” one follower wrote: A second said: “Just adore you two sweethearts. Happy birthday crazy Claudia.” © Photo: Getty Images Tess and Claudia have said they will quit Strictly together A third added: “Such a special choice of words. Love these pics,” and a fourth responded: “Happy Birthday. Love these pics.” Tess and Claudia have been firm friends for years and are so close, they have even said that they will leave Strictly Come Dancing together.

Why does Claudia Winkleman wear so much makeup?

Strictly Come Dancing’s Claudia Winkleman has a signature look that features a fierce fringe and iconic eyeliner. The star, who co-hosts the dancing competition alongside Tess Daly, also loves to wear false tan and is keen on a nude lip. Claudia told the Mirror in 2021: “When I’m orange, I feel better”.

She inherited her love of a bronzed complexion from her mum, journalist and editor Eve Pollard, once explaining: “Like me, my mum loves an orange glow, so I remember her swirling huge brushes of orange over her face and thinking it was the most glamorous thing ever.” READ MORE: Strictly Come Dancing fans taken aback as they see Kym Marsh’s daughter When it comes to her beauty regime, Claudia is refreshingly low-key, admitting she’s used everything from mud to an eye-liner pencil to fake a tan and confessing to the mortal sin of sleeping in a full face of make-up.

She previously said: “I’m useless. “I go to bed with my make-up on, it makes me have better dreams. Then I wake up, do the school run, have a nap, then I’ll shower and take my make-up off. With my hair, I don’t even dry it. If I’m pushing the boat out I might brush my fringe.” Despite being one of the highest paid women at the BBC, Claudia harshly believes it’s only her famous fringe that lands her so many jobs. Claudia in Italy while filming in February 2000 In the photos, which were taken as she filmed Holiday on a Shoestring, the 50-year-old’s trademark eyeliner is also nowhere to be seen. Claudia, who has children Jake, Matilda and Arthur with husband Kris Thykier, once explained the thinking behind her equally gorgeous revamped style, stating she she sees it as “armour”.

  1. She told the Cheltenham Literature Festival: “If you’ve got a fringe and been spray-painted, you’re winning.
  2. It totally desexualises you.
  3. I don’t want to be sexually attractive, I don’t want to be cute or sexy.
  4. I want to be Yves in Lyons.
  5. It helps with ageing.
  6. My face is falling off.
  7. I don’t care.
  8. I love getting old but I will still be the orange one with the fringe.” She continued: “I’ve got three pairs of the same black jeans, plain sweaters, a fringe, orange face, black eyes, white mouth like I’ve kissed a bottle of Tippex, and I’m good to go.” Receive newsletters with the biggest and breaking TV and showbiz news by signing up here READ NEXT: Warning to anyone who drinks coffee before eating breakfast Lloyds Bank issues £500 warning to all customers Not washing bed sheets enough linked to four medical conditions Warning to Tesco, Asda and Aldi shoppers who pay in cash We tried mince pies from Marks and Spencer, Aldi, Morrisons and there was a clear winner Story Saved You can find this story in My Bookmarks.

Or by navigating to the user icon in the top right.

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Who is Gwyn wife

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The Wife of Gwyn | Fandom I’m not into DS2 as much as the other Souls due to the fact it’s lore is not very deep or really there at all. It mostly replaces DS1’s kingdoms, Gods, and artifacts with different names and no hints are given to which why or how.

HOWEVER, there are certain motifs in DS2 that lead me to believe the developers had some kind of pattern through the series, or something like that.For example, the dark queens. Nashandra, Queen of Drangleic and wife of Vendrick.Elana, the Squalid Queen, wife of the Sunken king.Nadalia, Bride of Ash, comforter of Raime.

Alsanna, Silent Oracle. Oracle to the Ivory king. All of these important women are fragments of Manus, who birthed the abyss. (speculation)Essentially, holders of large shards of the Dark Soul. It is my thought that this same formula can be used to deduce who Gwyn’s wife was.

  1. And to make Jake proud, It’s gotta be Velka.
  2. She is the darkest ladiest character in dark souls 1, and no one else is more fit to be Gwyn’s wife than her, in my eyes.
  3. I think Gwyn and Velka’s marriage was a happy one until Velka either revealed herself to be a dark being, or became a dark being.
  4. That is why she is called a “Rogue deity”.

As if to say she betrayed the royal family. Being versed in arts both new and old, a feat easily accomplished by one connected to the abyss, or possibly, the Furtive Pygmy herself.? I’ve heard a theory that says the Abyss is an afterlife. Backed up by almost everything the Locust preachers say in the Ringed City DLC.

Why is Gwyn a god?

8 Gwyn Was Already A King Before He Found The Flame – From the opening cinematic and the events of the first game, you may be led to believe that it took Gwyn finding the flame and to so much more, but this isn’t the case. Gwyn was, before he ever found that burning light, a king with an army at his behest.

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What does Tess Daly get paid?

How much do Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman get paid for Strictly Come Dancing? – The pair have presented Strictly together since 2014 and earlier this year, The Sun reported they signed a new “six-figure deal.” It’s alleged they are getting a combined wage from the BBC of more than £300,000.

How much does Dave make a year?

9 September 2020, 12:35 | Updated: 9 September 2020, 12:40 Dave earned £2.7 million in 2019. Picture: Samir Hussein/WireImage The UK rapper and BRIT Award and Mercury Prize winner has reportedly earned the eye-watering amount through his music career, acting and jewellery and property business. Dave reportedly made £2.7 million in 2019.

As reported by The Sun’s Bizarre column, the London rapper’s company Dimaio made a profit of £1.2million, while the Psychodrama star earned £135,231 from touring. The star – whose Psychodrama album won the 2019 Mercury Music Prize and the 2020 BRIT Award for Best Album – is also believed to own jewellery and property businesses.

Dave also makes money from acting having starred in the hit Netflix series Top Boy last year. READ MORE: the full list of winners for the BRIT Awards 2020 Meanwhile, the Black rapper recently joined forces with Sir David Attenborough and composer Hans Zimmer for the Planet Earth: A Celebration.

The BBC show featured eight sequences from the BAFTA-winning series Blue Planet II’ and Planet Earth II – from a pride lions in Namibia, an iguana running for his life from snakes in Galapagos, to bottlenose dolphins in South Africa, and humpback whales in Norway – with new narration from the 94-year-old broadcaster.

To accompany the sequences, Hans, Jacob Shea, and the team at Bleeding Fingers created a series of new compositions accompanied by the BBC Concert Orchestra and the 22-year-old rapper. Dave of said: “I’ve always been a fan of powerful natural history documentaries. Planet Earth: A Celebration – a message from Sir David Attenborough | BBC Earth READ MORE: Dave wins 2019 Mercury Prize for his Psychodrama album

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Did Claudia have a crush on Callum

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Ezran – Ezran and Claudia have known each other since childhood. She considers Ezran to be a good friend and was heartbroken when he left, Claudia felt guilty when she had to betray Ezran and his friends while capturing and kill Zym several times and was shocked to learn that her father had ordered Soren to kill him and his brother.

Although she betrayed the princes, Ezran had enough heart to forgive her and have a moment to talk to Claudia about her feelings, she shared the story of when her mother left them and fooled him into leading her to a deer herd so she could kill a fawn to heal Soren. When she and Soren were arrested for treason, she tried to reason with Ezran that they were innocent, then Ezran chose to spare them from being arrested.

When she and Soren confronted Viren about their secret missions, she revealed that she knows that he ordered Soren to kill the princes, but Viren manipulates her to believe Soren heard wrong his instructions, but Soren knows he’s lying. After Viren took over the kingdom, Claudia was excited her father was now the king as she believed he would ensure the safety of humanity, it is unknown if she knows he blackmailed Ezran to abdicate or if she cares about it.

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Does Claudia end up with Austen

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Which of the Love Island Australia season 4 couples are still together? It’s good news (mostly). – by After closing out Love Island Australia, season four, fans had one question and one question only: which couples are still going strong outside the Villa? Watch Below: Al Perkins enters Love Island And this year, the question was even more loaded since the filming of the show wrapped months before the finale aired on television.

  1. Now, a year after the season first aired, fans have even more questions.
  2. Which couples stayed together? Which split in the following months? Are any still together? Love Island doesn’t quite have the best track record for happy-ever-after stories (apart from a rare few), but we’re hoping this season has some luck! were undeniably one of the strongest couples of the season, with fans and fellow contestants alike, wishing the best for the pair.

And before the couple won the season, fans had a sneaking suspicion that the pair were still dating, especially after a source revealed to the So Dramatic! Podcast that they spotted the pair on a date outside the Villa. And now, Claudia and Austen have confirmed they’re still going strong, months after filming wrapped.

  • “We are officially boyfriend and girlfriend now, still together and still in love,” Austen shared with WHO after the finale aired.
  • “It’s been really good, better on the outside than in the Villa,” added Claudia.
  • Now, a year after first meeting the pair are still going strong, regularly posting adorable updates on Instagram.

Why did they age up Claudia?

In Anne Rice’s book Interview With The Vampire, Claudia is a 5-year-old girl that Louis and Lestat turn into a vampire to save her life. The idea of a little girl having a vampire’s bloodlust is very creepy, as is the idea of a little girl growing older inside her own mind while her body remains that of a child.

  • The 1994 movie starring Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Kirsten Dunst mostly retains this idea, although Claudia has been aged up to 11.
  • That was done mostly to comply with child labor laws, and also because it’s probably very hard to find a 5-year-old actor who can handle some of the material Claudia gets.
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In AMC’s new Interview With The Vampire show, Claudia — now played by Bailey Bass — is 14 years old. Speaking to SyFy Wire, showrunner Rolin Jones explained that the change was done in part, once again, for legal reasons. It was difficult following the rules that allowed the 11-year-old Kirsten Dunst to act for long hours on the set of the Interview With The Vampire movie.

Is Claudia a female?

Claudia is a female given name equivalent to Claudius or Claudio. In Portuguese, it is accented Cláudia. A variant and cognate form is Klaudia. It was originally used to refer to any woman who belonged to the ancient Roman Claudia gens.

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What happened to Claudia’s daughter

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Claudia Winkleman thanks nurses who helped her daughter after accident Published: 20:09 BST, 23 October 2020 | Updated: 02:57 BST, 24 October 2020

  • has paid tribute to the nurses who helped take care of her daughter after she was set on fire in a horrific Halloween accident.
  • In 2014, Claudia’s daughter Matilda, then eight years old, suffered severe burns after her costume brushed a candle and set her on fire while trick or treating.
  • Writing about the terrifying incident in her book Quite, the TV presenter, 48, thanked the ‘kind and clever’ medical staff who stepped in to assist her little one.

Thankful: Claudia Winkleman has paid tribute to the ‘kind and clever’ nurses who helped take care of her daughter Matilda after she was set on fire in a horror accident

  1. In a passage from the novel, she explained: ‘There have been moments in my life, the most terrifying, the most confusing, the most discombobulating – that have led me to believe that the greatest people who walk the earth are nurses.
  2. ‘They are kind, they are clever, they work incredibly hard, they are there to save us, or to help us through it when saving is simply not possible.
  3. ‘They hold your hand when your child is going in for an operation, they hold your hand when the surgeon says there’s bad news, they hold your hand when the doctor says the medication isn’t working.’

Shock: In 2014, Claudia’s daughter (pictured with her dad Kris Thykier in 2013), then eight, suffered severe burns after her Halloween costume brushed a candle and set her on fire

  • At the time of the accident, Claudia temporarily stepped down from hosting and went on to become a staunch campaigner for the safety and regulations around the materials used in children’s fancy dress costumes.
  • She first opened up about her daughter’s horrifying ordeal on BBC’s Watchdog programme in 2015.
  • Claudia described the devastating incident as ‘life changing,’ adding: ‘I can’t remember life before it.’

Tribute: In a passage from the novel, Claudia (pictured with Kris in 2018) explained: ‘the greatest people who walk the earth are nurses. they are kind, they are clever’ Matilda suffered severe burns on her legs with neighbour Jamie Poulton sustaining second degree burns after he tried to put her out with his bare hands.

Speaking at the time, Jamie said Matilda’s costume turned into a ‘crackling ball of flame’. ‘All the children were wearing the same kit,’ he told The Daily Mail. ‘It was like a potential horror film in front of me, because they were all going to go. ‘This material just keeps reigniting and re-burning. And it is sticky, so it melts on the skin.

It doesn’t cinder. It remains hot. It was horrific to be honest.’ Break: At the time of the accident, Claudia temporarily stepped down from hosting Strictly Come Dancing (pictured with co-host Tess Daly) Child and adolescent clinical psychologist Tanya Byron was among the first people Claudia contacted after the accident.

  1. ‘I am incredibly lucky that I happen to have an incredible friend who happens to be in my eyes the world’s best clinical psychologist and I was facing something that felt difficult.’
  2. She continued: ‘I don’t want to use big words because I have to be respectful to and the rest of my family, but Tanya genuinely, well, she saved me.’
  3. Claudia said she used to ‘replay the trauma’ in the wake of the ordeal and struggled to not be hypervigilant with her daughter and two sons Jake, 16, and Arthur, eight, who she shares with her husband Kris Thykier.

Supportive: Tanya Byron (pictured with Dr Chris van Tulleken on What’s The Right Diet For You?) was an ‘incredible friend’ who helped put Claudia back together after the accident : Claudia Winkleman thanks nurses who helped her daughter after accident

Who is the drummer on Strictly Come Dancing?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Harry Judd
Judd in 2011
Born Harry Mark Christopher Judd 23 December 1985 (age 37) Chelmsford, Essex, England
Occupation(s) Musician, songwriter, actor
Years active 2003–present
Spouse Brittany “Izzy” Johnston ​ ​ ( m.2012) ​
Children 3
Musical career
Genres Pop punk, pop rock
Instrument(s) Drums
Labels Island (2003-07, 2010-present) Super Records (2008-present)
Member of McFly
Website www,mcfly,com

Harry Mark Christopher Judd (born 23 December 1985) is an English musician, dancer and author. He is the drummer for the band McFly, Judd won the 2011 series of Strictly Come Dancing, Judd published his first book, Get Fit Get Happy, in 2017.

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Who is in the Strictly band

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Who performs with Dave Arch on Strictly? –

  1. Dave took over as Musical Director for series 4 of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing.
  2. He leads the which is made up of some of Britain’s finest session musicians.
  3. The singers are Tommy Blaize, Andrea Grant, Lance Ellington and Hayley Sanderson.
  4. You can follow them on Twitter at,

The Strictly Come Dancing celebrities perform their first group dance to Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston’s ‘It Takes Two’ : Get the lowdown on Dave Arch, the man in charge of the Strictly Come Dancing orchestra