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Who was in Big Brother 2015

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Name Age on entry Result
Chloe Wilburn 25 Winner
Joel Williams 19 Runner-up
Danny Wisker 29 3rd Place
Jack McDermott 23 4th Place

Has a girl ever won Big Brother?

Season 24: Taylor Hale – Image Credit: CBS On September 25, 2022, Taylor Hale beat Monte Taylor by an 8-to-1 jury vote, becoming the first-ever Black woman to prevail. Taylor was a constant target in the game, being on the block during six different eviction night. However, she managed to stay every time, joking during the finale that she was the “blockbuster.” In a historic first, Taylor also won America’s Favorite Houseguest and the $50,000 prize (plus a cruise) that went along with it.

Who was kicked out of Celebrity Big Brother?

Celebrity Big Brother: Rodrigo Alves ejected after racist language warning The Brazilian reality TV star Rodrigo Alves has been removed from the Celebrity house, Channel 5 said on Saturday. Alves, 35, had already been given a formal warning after he used racist language on the programme.

  • Announcing his removal on Twitter, : “After a further incident, Rodrigo has been removed from the Big Brother House and will not be returning.”
  • Alves was previously reprimanded during an episode aired on 17 August in which he told Dan Osborne, a former star of The Only Way Is Essex, he was not attracted to him as he was “too white”.
  • During the exchange, Alves twice used the N-word to describe his sexual preference.
  • He was summoned to the diary room, where he was told his language had been unacceptable and that if he used it again he would be removed from the house immediately.
  • Alves blamed being excited and drunk for his use of the racial slur and said he regretted having used it.
  • The star, known as the “human Ken doll”, claims to have had plastic surgery costing hundreds of thousands of dollars to alter his appearance.
  • The future of the reality show is uncertain after Channel 5’s programming chief said on Friday that,
  • The programme’s ratings have fallen in recent years as shows such as ITV2’s Love Island have surged in popularity.

Ben Frow told the Edinburgh TV festival: “I plan for a year without Big Brother. I never say never because the world is constantly changing, and I think it would be irresponsible to not keep all options open, but at the moment I’m planning for a year without Big Brother.”

  1. The US reality TV star Natalie Nunn became the first contestant to be evicted from the house in Friday’s episode.
  2. Frow also said he was “bloody furious” when the adult film actor Stormy Daniels pulled out of the current series.
  3. Daniels, who claims she had an affair with Donald Trump, travelled to the UK to participate in the series, but withdrew at the last minute.

: Celebrity Big Brother: Rodrigo Alves ejected after racist language warning

Who won Big Brother 2014 UK?

Big Brother 2014: Helen Wood named this year’s winner

Helen Wood has won this year’s, fighting off tough competition from fellow housemates Ashleigh Coyle and Christopher Hall.The former prostitute, who hit the headlines in 2010 for her alleged encounter with footballer Wayne Rooney, was left speechless after last night’s results were announced.In her first interview since leaving the house, the 27-year-old admitted that she hadn’t expected to win and thought she was going to be evicted sooner.”I think I would have gone in the first or second week,”‘ Helen said.

Helen’s presence in the house has been the cause of much drama and entertainment. From blazing arguments with to a cheeky kiss with Ash, to dressing up as a clown, audiences have seen the whole spectrum over the past 10 weeks. Ashleigh is an ‘angelic school leaver’ who describes herself as confrontational.

She is an 18-year-old vegetarian who dreams of being a model or wedding planner. She dislikes lazy unhygenic people and her worst trait is talking about herself too much. Croydon Jack the Lad Marlon spends all his money on clubbing and his appearance. He has an alter-ego called Marlicio Silver and likes to annoy people for fun.

He is not looking for love in the house but reckons he can ‘probably get in the knickers’ of any girl he likes. Channel 5 Jale has strong opinions on immigration and likes to rant about her views. She uses words as a ‘defence mechanism’ and has been known to verbally ‘tear someone apart’ when angry.

This 33-year-old from Surrey will find it hard to keep her mouth shut. Channel 5 London blogger Toya is ‘very direct’ with little patience. The 29-year-old was bullied in the past and is not ruling out love in the house. She once auctioned an ex-boyfriend’s possessions on eBay, sent him the link to purchase the items and gave the money to charity.

Channel 5 This 33-year-old wants to be an actor but insists he is not entering the house to help his career. He is a pessimist but extremely loyal in relationships. Chris is absolutely not looking for love in the house and describes it as his ‘worst nightmare’.

  • Channel 5 This 26-year-old model from Manchester claims his good looks have given him ‘an easy blessed life filled with women’.
  • Ash is a party boy who usually spends the whole summer in Ibiza.
  • Channel 5 Danielle is a Catholic lingerie model from Glasgow with ‘old-fashioned’ views.
  • The 25-year-old believes the 1950s housewife ‘was a better role model’ and will not have sex before marriage.
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Channel 5 Pauline is one of the older housemates at 49. The ‘larger than life joker’ from Wolverhampton had a top ten single with Kylie Minogue in the early 90s. Her all-time idol is the late Maya Angelou. Channel 5 Helen is a 27-year-old ‘feisty northerner’ from Bolton known for a tabloid scandal with Wayne Rooney three years ago.

She has a short temper and hates shit-stirrers. Helen is not looking for love in the house.or so she says now. Channel 5 Matthew is a 23-year-old ‘prima donna media graduate’ who enjoys being deliberately provocative. He describes himself as ‘stereotypically feminine’ and ‘camp’ but has been with his girlfriend for five years.

Channel 5 This 23-year-old Californian girl describes herself as a ‘playboy bunny with a law degree’. Kimberly is skilled at twerking and once ‘punched a preppy boy in the face’ for groping her. She says she’ll clash with anyone from Essex (watch out Winston).

  1. Channel 5 Tamara is a ‘wild child head-hunter’ from London who ran away from home aged 16 with the ‘love of her life’.
  2. The relationship failed and now she is fiercely independent.
  3. The 24-year-old is known as Cruella Deville and ‘a bit of a shagger’.
  4. Channel 5 This 23-year-old loves to be the centre of attention and describes himself as ‘gobby and outgoing’.

He is looking for love after the last woman he dated turned out to be married! Channel 5 Winston is as an ‘up for a laugh Essex boy’ with dreams of being a racing driver. He attends the gym daily but the only team sport he plays is ‘who can pull the most girls in one night’.

  1. Some viewers may recognise him from dating show ‘Girlfriends’.
  2. Channel 5 This 23-year-old ‘opinionated journalist’ is a big fan of Katie Hopkins and White Dee.
  3. He has never had a relationship but hopes to find the right man one day.
  4. He is religious and loyal but can be melodramatic.
  5. Channel 5 Mark is an ‘animated fashionista’ from Liverpool who claims to be a ‘bit psychic’.

The 24-year-old is ridiculously competitive and reckons not thinking before he speaks is part of his charm. Channel 5 As to a relationship with Ash, she said that the pair were just good friends despite sharing some intimate moments together. On top of the tension and drama in the house, Helen was given a pass to the final on her second day in the house, sparing her from having to go through any evictions.

  1. To make things more interesting, Big Brother then orchestrated a hoax eviction where Helen “left the house” on the Monday of the final week.
  2. In reality, she moved into the spare room for several days until her shock return.
  3. She will now walk away with the £100,000 prize money from this year’s competition.

: Big Brother 2014: Helen Wood named this year’s winner

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Who was in Celebrity Big Brother 2010

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Celebrity Age on entry Notability
Nicola Tappenden 27 Glamour model
Ivana Trump† 60 Model and socialite
Sisqó 31 Singer
Stephen Baldwin 43 Actor
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Who won Celebrity Big Brother 2017?

Moment Sarah Harding wins Celebrity Big Brother 2017 | Culture | Independent TV.

Who was in Big Brother 2005?


Name Age Status
Eugene Sully 27 Runner-up
Makosi Musambasi 24 3rd Place
Kinga Karolczak 20 4th place
Craig Coates 20 Evicted

What year was Celebrity Big Brother 17?

Celebrity Big Brother (British series 17)

Celebrity Big Brother
No. of episodes 36
Original network Channel 5
Original release 5 January – 5 February 2016

Who are contestants on Big Brother 2023?

‘Big Brother’ cast 2023: The 17 new houseguests include a ‘Survivor’ legend and her son After landing on CBS’s schedule a month later than usual, “Big Brother” is finally back. The show, hosted by Julie Chen Moonves, premiered its 25th season on Aug.2 and introduced fans to a new group of 16 houseguests.

  1. Then, in the episode’s final moments, it was revealed that would be the show’s 17th houseguest.
  2. All the contestants will need to strategize, compete and form alliances in order to win $750,000 this season.
  3. Ahead of the long anticipated premiere, the were sequestered as they prepared to move into the famous “Big Brother” house.

Some immediate standouts from the group of friendly faces are Jared Fields, the son of the “Survivor” alum who will secretly play alongside his mom, Felicia Cannon, the first woman over 60 to compete, Jag Bains, the first Sikh contestant and Matt Klotz, the first hearing-impaired competitor.

Who was runner up Big Brother 2013?

2013 – Tim Dormer (runners-up Jade Albany Pietrantonio and Tahan Lew-Fatt)

Who made the most money from Big Brother?

Big Brother first took to our screens back in the summer of 2000, and is undoubtedly one of the main shows that can be blamed for kicking off the entire reality TV genre. When those first housemates walked into the Big Brother house back in season one, they had no idea if anybody would even be watching, let alone that they were kicking off what would become a landmark TV show.

  1. Since then, hundreds of housemates have passed through the Big Brother doors, some more memorable than others, and some far more successful than others.
  2. Ahead of Friday’s Big Brother final, we have taken a look at who exactly came out the best over the past seventeen years, a few of whom have even managed to become millionaires off the back of the show.

So now.1. Craig Phillips By far the most successful Big Brother winner is Craig Philips. We know, who’d have thought it? Phillips won the first ever Big Brother and even gave away his £70,000 prize money to a friend with Down Syndrome who needed a heart and lung transplant. 2. Anna Nolan Craig’s fellow housemate Anna Nolan didn’t fare too badly either. She may not have a million pound property empire (that we know of) but since appearing on the show, the ex-nun went on to numerous presenting gigs, including of course The Great Irish Bake Off. 3. Kate Lawler Kate Lawler won the third season of Big Brother, and was the first ever female winner. Since that summer, Kate went on to appear in the likes of Love Island (the back in the day one) and a few other TV shows, but as of 2007, her main career focus has been with radio, which she has done extremely well in over in the UK, going from Kerrang! radio all the way up to her most recent gig as a presenter on Virgin Radio, working alongside the likes of Edith Bowman. 4. Jade Goody Jade Goody, who sadly passed away in 2009 with cervical cancer, was, and still is undoubtedly one of the show’s most successful housemates. Jade appeared in the 2002 series alongside Kate, and was famous for one-liners (“Am I minging?”) throughout her time in the house.

Before she was diagnosed back in August 2008, she was estimated to have made as much as £4.5 million from her autobiographies, fitness DVDs, her “Shh” perfume range, television, newspaper and magazine deals and property investments. She intentionally capitalised on her death with documentaries and television interviews so she could leave a trust fund for her young sons Freddy and Bobby.

It’s thought she was worth £8 million by the time of her death in March 2009. 5. Brian Belo Brian won the 2007 series of Big Brother and also returned in 2015 for a stint in the Time Warp themed series. Since the show ended he’s has had regular stints on Harry Hill’s TV Burp and writes for Heat Magazine. Want to know where his real fortune came from? In 2013 he took out a lawsuit against ITV and Lime Pictures for stealing his idea for The Only Way is Essex, and WON, pocketing £1 million. 6. Brian Dowling Another Brian who didn’t do too badly at all from his time in the Big Brother house is our first and only Irish Big Brother winner (Hughie, you were robbed) Brian Dowling, who went from a ‘trolley dolly’ with Ryanair to BB winner of series 2 back in 2001, and also won the title of the Ultimate Big Brother housemate in 2010.

  1. In 2011 he went on to replace Davina McCall as host of Big Brother when it moved to Channel 5, although was replaced by current presenter Emma Willis in 2013.
  2. Dowling also became the first openly gay children’s TV presenter in the UK when he presented SMTV Live back in 2002.
  3. Most recently, he hosted a game show on TV3 called Sitting on a Fortune, but to be honest, we don’t see enough of him on the box these days.
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Come back, Brian! Dancing with the Stars? You know you want to. 7. Alison Hammond Alison Hammond may be the most successful Big Brother contestant who was evicted early on the show. While most of the others on this list, either won, or stuck it out until fairly near the end, Alison was booted out in the second week of season three. 8. Ray Shah Another popular Irish housemate was Ray Shah, finishing second in the series in 2003 and went on to work as a radio presenter for Dublin’s Q102 radio station and iRadio. However, it’s a business venture that is his greatest success as he set up Bodyfirst Nutrition in 2012, which sells sports nutrition supplements and has already expanded to three stores around Dublin. 9. Nikki Grahame Nikki is one of the most popular Big Brother housemates of all time, and was known for those famous temper tantrums of hers in the Diary Room. (“Who IS she?!) Since her appearance on the show in 2006, she went on to have her own reality show, ‘Princess Nikki’, came 2nd in the Ultimate Housemates series, and also returned in 2015 for the Time Warp series. 10. Josie Gibson Josie Gibson won series 11 of Big Brother back in 2010, the last one to be shown on Channel 4. She won by 77.5% of the public vote which is the highest there has ever been out of any other Big Brother series. She is unrecognisable these days having since lost an incredible six stone and went on to release a workout video called Josie Gibson: 30 Second Slim in January 2013.

  • As well as that, she has numerous magazine deals and TV appearances, and even a couple of reality shows including this year’s The Jump.
  • She has also developed her very own weight loss website called Slimmables.
  • Josie most recently showed up in this current series of Big Brother to give housemate Raph advice on how to win.

We’ll find out if it worked on Friday’s final, live on 3e at 9pm.

When was Big Brother most popular?

Season 12 (7.76 Million) – Known for having one of the most dominant and entertaining alliances in Big Brother history, season 12 was a resurgent one for the franchise. It attracted the largest average audience in five seasons, and was steady in doing so, with every episode falling between 6.4-8 million viewers.

Who has won Big Brother more than once?

Over the years, there have been many successful Big Brother players to move into the famous house in an effort to win the cash grand prize, but there’s never been a two-time winner. Big Brother has 24 impressive winners since its start in 2000 who have only won once.

  1. There have been multiple opportunities for a player to become the first ever houseguest to win the game twice; however, they’ve seemingly always come just short of earning the impressive title.
  2. With Big Brother season 25 right around the corner, there have been rumors that some past players may return for the milestone season.

While nothing has been confirmed, different speculations have been floating around social media. In fact, Big Brother is casting brand-new houseguests for the upcoming season; however, the season may consist of returnees as well. Should former houseguests compete against brand-new players, there’s a chance for the show’s first-ever two-time winner,.

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