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Which celebrity quits the jungle

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Olivia Attwood quits I’m A Celebrity after 24 hours Olivia Attwood has left the I’m A Celebrity after less than 24 hours. The Love Island star was seen entering the jungle in the launch show on Sunday night. But the 31-year-old has now left the show on medical grounds.

  1. A show insider told The Sun: “Olivia was involved in a medical drama overnight.
  2. She really want to go back into the camp but medics won’t let her.” Olivia is thought to already be on her way home.
  3. An ITV spokesman said: “As a precautionary measure Olivia needed to leave the jungle to undergo some medical checks.

“Unfortunately the medical team has advised it is not safe for Olivia to return to camp as there needs to be a further investigation. Olivia Attwood quits I’m A Celebrity after 24 hours “She has been absolutely brilliant and she’ll be very much missed on the show.” The Love Island star, 31, had been voted a ‘VIP’ by the public and – not knowing that it meant ‘Very Isolated Person’ – chose Chris Moyles to join her.

  • The launch episode on Sunday night saw a new batch of 10 celebrities enter the Australian jungle for the first time since 2019, as the past two years were shot at Gwrych Castle in North Wales due to Covid-19 travel restrictions.
  • Among them were pop star Boy George and Olivia, who were revealed as the public’s vote to become Jungle VIPs, but this was not as luxurious as it first appeared as they later discovered this meant “Very Isolated People”.
  • Hosts Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly also confirmed there will be two extra arrivals to the camp and poked fun at former health secretary Matt Hancock, expected to be one of them.

Donnelly joked that they had managed to keep the identities a “complete secret”, adding: “You are going to be surprised, guys. We are going to be rolling out the welcome mat for them soon”, stressing the word “mat”.

  1. Kicking off the series in style, Attwood, radio DJ Chris Moyles, Loose Women star Charlene White, comedian Babatunde Aleshe and former England footballer Jill Scott arrived by a luxury car at a waterside villa on the Gold Coast.
  2. After the arrival of McPartlin and Donnelly, the duo revealed Attwood has been voted as a Jungle VIP and she was allowed to choose one person to join her for a meal – she picked Moyles.
  3. The reality TV star said: “I am equal parts flattered and unnerved the public voted for me to be a VIP I’m guessing they know more of what that entails than I do.”
  4. The three remaining campmates of Scott, White and Aleshe were whisked off by a helicopter to the Focus building in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, to take on the show’s new version of the infamous plank.
  5. McPartlin explained that the contestants would have to walk to the edge of the plank 334ft in the air and once all are in position, they must take a step forward onto a ledge so they are leaning forward and they must use a rope to stop them from falling.
  6. They would then have to hold the position for a minute and then release their supporting rope which will send them plunging from the ledge in order to each win a coveted star, each one equating to one meal.
  7. White was up first and steadily walked to the end of the plank and waited for Aleshe to join her who was urging himself on to “just go”.

However, he became the first to say “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!” and backed out. White was finally joined by Scott, who later admitted she was “really scared of heights”, and they completed the 60 seconds before both let go of the rope to complete the task and therefore earning two stars for camp.

  1. Speaking about why he chose to forfeit his go and star, Aleshe said: “I said I was determined to be here.
  2. I wasn’t determined to be there (pointing to the plank).” Elsewhere, after Attwood and Moyles enjoyed their meal they got a taste of the high life as they were tasked with jumping out of a chopper at 10,000ft.
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After completing the jump first, an emotional Attwood said: “Oh my god I’m crying, that’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever done, ever. That is incredible. Top 10 experience of my life. Just amazing.” Joining her on the beach, Moyles, who is not a fan of heights, added: “I’m so happy to be on the ground.

  • Meanwhile, arriving one-by-one by boat to a marina was Boy George, rugby player Mike Tindall, Coronation Street’s Sue Cleaver, TV presenter and property expert Scarlette Douglas and Hollyoaks’ Owen Warner.
  • As McPartlin and Donnelly showed up on boat, they announced that Boy George was the second Jungle VIP voted in and he chose Douglas to join him for a meal for two on a yacht.
  • The presenting duo also poked fun at Boy George when introducing his arrival, dancing to Do You Really Want To Hurt Me by his band Culture Club, before telling viewers their answer to the question in the song title was “yes”.
  • The remaining campmates – Tindall, Cleaver and Warner – were helicoptered into the jungle and put to the test on the “Critter Cruise” where they had to each try and secure a star from a boat’s mast by completing a challenge.
  • Among the obstacles to unlocking the stars was a code which Tindall had to break and a “hell hole” of critters where Cleaver had to search for fish eyes.

Meanwhile, Owen had to get into a pipe and search through bugs and grime to find hex keys to unlock a grate. This secured all three stars to take back to camp. The Jungle VIPs finally united with one another after Boy George and Douglas had to row their way off the yacht on a dinghy to join Attwood and Moyles on an island.

The group then discovered they were actually “Very Isolated People” and would spend tonight marooned on the island together and tomorrow they would take on the first trial of the series before they could join their fellow celebrities in camp. I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! returns on Monday at 9pm on ITV and ITV Hub.

: Olivia Attwood quits I’m A Celebrity after 24 hours

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Are the celebrities in a real jungle

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Criticism – This series has been criticised by Tessa Jowell, at the time the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, In an interview with the Financial Times during the second UK series, she said, “If they weren’t mostly – save their blushes – has-been celebrities, there might be more interest,

I think that if we saw many more programming hours taken over by reality TV, I hope you’d begin to see a viewers’ revolt.” In 2002, CBS, broadcaster of the popular American reality show Survivor, unsuccessfully sued ABC and Granada TV over a planned American version of I’m a Celebrity. Get Me Out of Here!, alleging similarities.

The show’s use of live insects and other living creatures in the bushtucker trials has led to some public criticism of the show and its producers and those involved in the programming. This issue was highlighted during the 2009 UK series, where celebrity chef Gino D’Acampo killed, cooked and ate a rat.

  1. The RSPCA Australia investigated the incident and sought to prosecute D’Acampo and actor Stuart Manning for animal cruelty after this episode of the show was aired.
  2. ITV was fined but the two celebrities involved were not prosecuted for animal cruelty despite being charged with the offence by the New South Wales Police,

This incident did, however, highlight among certain groups such as Buglife, a British charity for the conservation of insects, and the RSPCA, the controversy surrounding the killing of living creatures for human entertainment. There has been criticism that the producers present the celebrities as living in a “dangerous” jungle, despite the fact that they are actually kept in a controlled environment, with some of the scenery being artificial, e.g.

A pond and a small waterfall. In November 2014, TV presenter Chris Packham wrote an open letter to Ant & Dec asking them and ITV to end the “abuse of animals” in I’m A Celebrity. Get Me Out of Here!, He described the trials as “out of date” and “silly”. Packham again requested that the programme end its perceived animal abuse on stage during the 2019 TV Choice Awards, whilst imploring celebrities and those in the television industry to be more conscious of the environment.

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In January 2021, the Australian version of the reality show received criticism for its “sick’, “traumatic” and “unnecessary” content when a contestant was bitten by a snake in an episode. In November 2022, the British installment was criticized for its casting of Matt Hancock as a contestant, the serving Member of Parliament for West Suffolk who had been disgraced for his breaching of COVID-19 guidelines as Health Secretary,

Who is hosting the I’m a celebrity in 2023?

I’m a CelebrityGet Me Out of Here! (Australian TV series)

I’m a CelebrityGet Me Out of Here!
Presented by Julia Morris Chris Brown (2015-2023)
Starring See list of contestants
Country of origin Australia
Original language English

Has a black person ever won I’m a celebrity?

I’m a Celebrity’s Black female contestants never stood a chance T wenty years in, you know what you’re getting with I’m a Celebrity. Get Me Out of Here!, Soap actors will nibble on fried genitals. Spiders will crawl across singers’ foreheads. Black women will be voted out first.

  • In 2019, Adele Roberts was the inaugural camper to be given her marching orders.
  • Eighties pop queen Sinitta placed 11th in 2011.
  • Even This Morning staple and universally adored national treasure barely squeaked into 10th place in the 2010 series.
  • After two weeks of the ITV series’ 22nd season, the tradition holds steady: newsreader and TV presenter have been the first and second contestants to be eliminated from the competition.

It’s not as if other candidates couldn’t have filled those unenviable boots. ‘s inclusion in this year’s camp roster has dominated many viewer discussions, while the outspoken singer Boy George has proved a polarising presence. Yet, even without being involved in any on-air scandals or major disagreements, the first two eliminees from I’m a Celebrity have been Black women.

Calling this a coincidence isn’t sufficient. In truth, it’s a glaring reflection of who the British public sees as deserving of their support. At the start of this season, things didn’t look quite so grim. White, in particular, completed the first fearsome challenge – dangling from a high building before leaping off a ledge.

It should have been the making of her, bravery being one of the most respected qualities in a show of this nature. But it didn’t take long for viewers to decide that there was simply something off-putting about the Loose Women co-host. Social media posts claimed her maternal habits in the camp were “smothering”; her initiative in the camp kitchen was deemed “bossy”.

  1. Perhaps her ultimate crime stemmed from her interactions with Hancock.
  2. After the MP’s late entry to the jungle, White was the first to question him about his reasons for taking part.
  3. As a journalist, she was one of the contestants most expected to hold Hancock to account.
  4. Yet when she didn’t give him as soft a reception as others in the camp, she seemed to be punished for it.

Some viewers went so far as to accuse her of “bullying” the former health secretary. Later, she refused to sleep in an RV with Hancock, eventually explaining that she didn’t want to risk compromising her journalistic integrity by sharing such close quarters with a working member of parliament.

  1. While other campmates were understanding, rearranging their own sleeping positions to accommodate her preference, commenters online balked: White was “selfish”, “annoying” and “self-indulgent”.
  2. If Charlene won’t sleep in the RV then let’s all make her sleep in a hotel,” one Twitter user suggested.
  3. Thousands liked the comment in apparent agreement.

When an underwater Bushtucker Trial resulted in White panicking and tearfully ending the task early, swathes of commenters relished seeing her struggle. Finally, when she received the fewest “votes to save” on Friday, many rejoiced in seeing her booted from the show.

“Glad to see the dreadful Charlene is first out,” one viewer wrote, later adding: “How’s it feel to be LESS popular than Hancock, Charlene?” Although everyone has the right to not like what they see of someone on reality TV, reactions like these seem excessive for a news anchor who they simply didn’t click with.

Two days later, hosts Ant and Dec announced the second person culled by public vote: former A Place in the Sun host Scarlette Douglas. As a friend to all and a popular swatch in the fabric of the camp, Douglas was sad to leave, with her fellow celebrities – and viewers alike – confused at her early departure.

  1. Especially when compared to other, less impactful contestants.
  2. Interestingly, the other campmate at risk of elimination was comedian Babatúndé Aléshé – another figure who, despite several memorable moments, clearly isn’t receiving as many votes as the likes of Hancock, radio DJ Chris Moyles or Coronation Street ‘s Sue Cleaver.
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Although its prominence has slightly waned, I’m a Celebrity still pulls in enormous numbers – the launch show earlier this month peaked at 10 million viewers. It remains an annual staple of British popular culture, which makes the fact that it’s easy to predict the fate of its Black contestants even more disappointing.

  1. To be worthy of attention, Black contestants seem to need to fight harder and prove their worth in a way that their white counterparts don’t.
  2. In 22 seasons, there has never been a non-white winner of I’m a Celebrity,
  3. Boxer David Haye finished in third place in 2012, while the closest a Black woman has come to the top was singer and presenter Fleur East in 2018.

She placed fourth, and she’s also no stranger to disappointing public votes. East is currently competing on Strictly Come Dancing over on BBC One and, as a result of fan votes, has faced the dreaded dance-off twice despite consistent high scores from the judging panel.

On Saturday, she and her professional partner Vito Coppola received the first perfect 40 score of the season, proving her high level of talent. She’s certainly an excellent dancer, but going by her two near-escapes so far, a Fleur East win doesn’t feel likely. Elsewhere in the programme, former England footballer Tony Adams always received enough votes from the public to save him from the dance-off, despite receiving the lowest score in seven of the nine weeks he competed.

If he hadn’t withdrawn from the competition due to injury, Adams could still be stumbling his way towards the Glitterball trophy while East’s fate hangs in the balance. No one needs to cast a vote for a TV show contestant purely because of their race.

  1. But when it’s so easy to predict who will face viewers’ wrath – or find their time being abruptly cut short – it’s important to call it out.
  2. Part of I’m a Celebrity ‘s charm is how little its format has changed over its many seasons – its sturdy reliability has always been a balm in an unstable, chaotic world.

But its refusal to acknowledge the biased, consistently dismal treatment of its Black female contestants remains its biggest shame. How the rest of this year’s run goes is yet to be seen, with the king or queen of the jungle still undecided. But even by the second elimination, we know that the winner definitely won’t be a Black woman.

  1. It’s worth asking who gets to be perfectly middle-of-the-road on these shows and coast on their general likeability – or afforded, like Hancock, a hero narrative and overall redemption arc – and who gets cut for it.
  2. The answer may be an uncomfortable one, but I’m a Celebrity ‘s future as a fun, universal TV treat depends on exploring it.

: I’m a Celebrity’s Black female contestants never stood a chance

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Who is the king of jungle

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Lion is known as the king of the jungle.

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Who was in the 2nd Celebrity Jungle

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Celebrity Famous for
Phil Tufnell Former England cricketer
John Fashanu Former England footballer & television presenter
Linda Barker Changing Rooms presenter & interior designer
Wayne Sleep Dancer & choreographer

Who is in I’m a celebrity 2023 Australia?


Celebrity Known for Status
Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson Music executive & television personality Eliminated 3rd on 19 April 2023
Bianca Hunt Television presenter Eliminated 2nd on 16 April 2023
Anna Polyviou Celebrity chef Eliminated 1st on 16 April 2023
Kerri-Anne Kennerley Television presenter Withdrew on 6 April 2023