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Who is leaving in EastEnders 2023

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Who’s leaving EastEnders, and who’s already left this year? – It’s been reported that Rocky AKA Tom Cotton will leave the BBC soap soon, with actor Brian Conley apparently quitting the role. Reports suggested he had wanted to leave for some time and had a row with bosses, before he left the show for good.

  1. It’s not clear how Brian will leave the role and when.
  2. Another confirmed exit is that of Whitney Dean, played by actress Shona McGarty.
  3. Shona has been on the BBC soap for 15 years, but will leave early next year.
  4. Aren Taylor is also leaving the show after actress Lorraine Stanley was sadly written out of the soap.

It’s feared she might be killed off this year, while no details have been given. Freddie Slater is set for a temporary break from the show too, with actor Bobby Brazier taking on Strictly Come Dancing this year. Other characters have left this year already including Lola Pearce.

What characters are leaving EastEnders this year?

Whitney Dean (played by Shona McGarty) – Residents will be bidding farewell to iconic Whitney Dean. Shona McGarty has confirmed she’s leaving EastEnders after 15 years. “I have loved my years in the show. I have been trusted with some incredible storylines and have made amazing friendships – and family – which will endure,” she said as she announced her departure.

Which actor leaves EastEnders?

EastEnders’ Brian Conley Sets The Record Straight On Exit ‘Row’ Reports has spoken out to clarify rumours surrounding from, The actor is leaving his role as Tom “Rocky” Cotton after two years on the BBC soap, it was revealed this week. However, in ‘s original article about Brian quitting the show, the tabloid reported that his decision came after a “row” with show bosses, who they claimed were now left having to change plans for storylines involving Rocky and a number of other characters.

In a video posted on Instagram on Tuesday evening, Brian insisted this was not the case. Setting the record straight, he explained: “You may have heard reports that I’m leaving EastEnders. It was a tough decision but it is true, I am going and I made it for many reasons, that decision. “It is tough because they’re such a wonderful crowd, in front of the cameras and behind the cameras and I’ve loved my three years there.

So that’s the truth in the reports.” He continued: “There’s other parts of reports saying that I clashed with TV bosses and the crew. I didn’t clash with anyone. I didn’t have a rant. But they’ll probably report on this now that I’m ranting about ranting! But I’m not ranting!” He added: “I have gone with their blessings at the Beeb and I’m excited about the future and where it’s going to go.

And I’m also excited about Rocky’s exit because I know it’s good. So I’m sending you much love – all EastEnders fans.” An EastEnders spokesperson added: “We can confirm that Brian Conley will be leaving EastEnders. “There is absolutely no truth in any claims of a feud with bosses and the show fully supports Brian in his decision to leave which was made some time ago.

We wish him the best of luck for the future as we continue to work towards his exit storyline which has been in the works for some time.” Brian with his on-screen wife Gillian Taylforth, who plays Kathy Beale It was previously unclear as to what Brian’s exit could mean for the Christmas “whodunnit?”. The 25 December episode was teased in a flash-forward episode earlier this year and saw an as-yet-unidentified male killed on in the Queen Vic on Christmas Day, with one of six female Albert Square residents seemingly responsible for his murder.

Why are so many leaving EastEnders?

EastEnders spoilers follow. EastEnders waves goodbye to a handful of characters every year, and 2023 has been no exception. Whether it’s cast members wanting to move on to new challenges, or storylines reaching a natural end, exits are an inevitable part of all soaps and long-running dramas, Here, we look back at each of this year’s EastEnders departures so far and how they came about.

Who is the new character in EastEnders 2023?

Anna Knight – Anna Knight EastEnders characterPortrayed byKimara-Mai Petit (2023 flashback)First appearanceEpisode 67081 June 2023 ( 2023-06-01 ) ClassificationIntroduced by

In-universe information
Occupation Barmaid
  • George Knight Jr

portrays Anna Knight. Anna Knight, played by, first appears in episode 6708, originally broadcast on 1 June 2023. Rainford’s casting was first reported on 1 March 2023, with the character and further details announced on 28 March 2023. Anna is introduced as part of the Knight family, who buy into pub, a focal setting in the soap.

  • The family consist of patriarch (), George’s two daughters () and Anna, and their pet,,
  • George’s partner (), who is the mother of established character (), is also introduced with the family.
  • Anna is characterised as “fun, loveable, and big-hearted”, but also someone not to be misjudged.
  • Chris Clenshaw, the show’s, explained that the family have been “bound together for years” and moving to the show’s setting of creates “the fresh-start the Knights are looking for”.

Rainford expressed her joy at joining the cast and commented, “it’s an honour to bring the character Anna Knight to life who is set to stir up drama upon her arrival”. Clenshaw expressed his delight at casting a “hugely talented group of actors” and looked forward to their first scenes airing.

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Why is Brian leaving EastEnders?

‘Real reason’ Brian Conley suddenly quits EastEnders revealed as bosses ‘fear more of the cast could leave’ – Published: 01:08 BST, 16 September 2023 | Updated: 01:19 BST, 16 September 2023 Brian Conley announced his shock exit from EastEnders four days ago and now reports have surfaced about the real reason behind his sudden departure.

The actor, 62, who plays Thomas ‘Rocky’ Cotton in the BBC soap, is said to have quit after cast members were denied pantomime roles next year. Brian’s resignation has reportedly raised concerns other castmembers could also leave due to scheduling conflicts with the soap’s 40th anniversary filming. Brian and other stars of the soap receive lucrative six-figure earnings from their pantomime roles, but show executives have asked them to choose between these gigs and returning to Albert Square in 2024.

The soap, which is gearing up for its milestone 40th anniversary celebration in February 2025, aims to start filming from November – right in the midst of pantomime season. Shock: Brian Conley announced his shock exit from EastEnders four days ago and now reports have surfaced about the real reason behind his sudden departure Buttons: The actor, 62, who plays Thomas ‘Rocky’ Cotton in the BBC soap, is said to have quit after cast members were denied pantomime roles next year (pictured in 2014) A TV insider told The Sun for such a huge milestone for the soap, bosses need all members of the cast available so they can storyline in the best way possible and guarantee ‘that level of drama for audiences.’ They added: ‘There’s a real buzz around the anniversary with plans already underway to bring audiences some explosive storylines.

‘Filming for February usually takes place before Christmas, so for those wanting to do a five-week run would mean the show would be unable to use them in any of their plans relating to the anniversary.’ A source at EastEnders told MailOnline: ‘EastEnders cast take part in panto every year, but as we lead up to our milestone 40th anniversary, all cast members have been asked to be involved for storyline purposes – we’ve received no complaints, in fact everyone has been supportive of the plan.

‘As previously stated by Brian Conley earlier in the week, EastEnders are fully supportive of Brian’s decision to leave at the end of his contract, and we wish him the very best for the future.’ MailOnline revealed earlier this week the BBC supported Brian’s decision to leave and denied claims of a feud and that he had demanded to be written out of the show.

  • Brian also took to his Instagram grid to confirm the news and further refuted claims there had been disagreements.
  • He said in a social media video: ‘Hi it’s me Brian, AKA Rocky from EastEnders.
  • I am just sending out this message to all the fans.
  • You may have heard reports that I am leaving.
  • Words: Brian took to his Instagram grid this week to confirm the news he was leaving and refute claims there had been disagreements between himself and the BBC Role: The actor, 62, has played Thomas ‘Rocky’ Cotton since May 2021 but is now moving on to new projects ‘It was a tough decision but it is true that I am going, I made it for many reasons that decision.

It was tough as they are such a wonderful crowd in front and behind the cameras and I have loved my three years there. ‘That is the truth. There are reports that I clashed and that I was ranting, but I’m not ranting. I have gone with their blessings the Beeb and I am excited about the future and where it’s going to go and I am excited about Rocky’s exit because it’s good! ‘So I am sending you much love to all EastEnders fans and enough said!’ Brian first appeared as Tom ‘Rocky’ Cotton in May 2021 but is now embarking on a new tour entitled The 3rd Farewell TourTo Date which will see him perform an evening of comedy, music and entertainment, kicking off on September 24th.

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Who is the new black family in EastEnders

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EastEnders spoilers follow. A familiar EastEnders character has been recast as part of Strictly Come Dancing star Molly Rainford’s on-screen family. Soap bosses have finally confirmed that Rainford is joining the BBC One soap as part of the new family running the Queen Vic with Linda Carter – the Knights! Linda has been fielding bids from both the Panesars and Sharon Watts to run the pub following Mick’s disappearance, but her mother Elaine Peacock is on her way to Walford to help out.

  1. Elaine was previously played by Maria Friedman during her guest stints between 2014 and 2017, but the role has been recast for acclaimed stage actress Harriet Thorpe to take over in a full-time stint.
  2. Related: EastEnders to explore Freddie Slater’s past in new scenes “I’m thrilled to be playing Elaine who is an ultimate matriarch with a huge and vivid personality with a heart of gold who takes no prisoners and fights with all she’s got, but has a vulnerable side that she only shows a select few,” Thorpe said.

“The Vic needs strong women running it, and I want to honour the incredible, iconic queens who define EastEnders since the beginning. The entire company is a dream come true to work with, full of support, laughs, and creativity, with the warmest welcome from day one.

  1. The East End is where my family started out, so for me this feels like coming home!” Elaine brings with her new lover George ( Arrow and Doctor Who ‘s Colin Salmon) and his two daughters, Gina ( A Discovery of Witches ‘ Francesca Henry) and Anna (Molly Rainford).
  2. The family are complete with their chihuahua Tyson.

Salom said of the new role: “I’m thrilled to be joining the cast of EastEnders to take on the role of George Knight. I’m excited to explore the character of George, a true East End gentleman having been born in the East End myself. I have a great affinity and love for the show and I look forward to being part of the great legacy.” BBC Producer Chris Clenshaw has promised that the Knights will shake up the entire Square when they are revealed as the secret bidders taking over the Vic. Clenshaw announced: “The arrival of the Knights brings a new dawn to Albert Square. George Knight is a charming rogue and an old-school gent who dotes on his two daughters, Gina and Anna.

George will take up residence in The Queen Vic when he joins his beloved Elaine, a powerhouse of a land-lady who knows just how to have fun. “The couple will be joined by feisty, determined and demanding Gina, who is as sharp and cool as cut diamonds but with a temper that blazes like fire, whereas younger sister Anna is fun, loveable, and big-hearted, but don’t underestimate her.

“George, Gina and Anna have been bound together for years and arriving in Walford is the fresh-start the Knights are looking for. We’re thrilled to welcome this hugely talented group of actors: Colin Salmon, Harriet Thorpe, Francesca Henry and Molly Rainford who will be immediately thrown into the heart of the Square, and we can’t wait for everyone to meet them.” Samir Hussein // Getty Images Related: EastEnders death fears for Denzel Danes after horror crash This role as Anna will be the most high-profile acting job for former Strictly star Molly, who previously appeared in CBBC’s Nova Jones, “I’m SUPER excited to be joining the cast of EastEnders,” Molly said.

“It’s such an iconic show which myself and my family love, so it’s an honour to bring the character Anna Knight to life who is set to stir up drama upon her arrival. I’ve already met a few familiar faces from my time on Strictly and I can’t wait to meet and be a part of the EastEnders family.” Her on-screen sister Francesca added: “I wish I could tell younger me that one day I would be joining the show that I watched religiously every night with my Grandma.

It’s very surreal and a true privilege to be trusted to bring Gina to the Square, and to be a part of such an exciting, tight-knit new family.” The Knights will first appear on screen this summer. EastEnders airs on Mondays – Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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Is Steve Mcfadden leaving EastEnders?

EastEnders legend Steve McFadden leaves Phil Mitchell behind for new role EastEnders actor Steve McFadden has played Albert Square’s entrepreneur turned bad boy Phil Mitchell for 33 years, but could be set to leave with his latest role pulling him away from the small screen EastEnders legend Steve McFadden leaves Phil Mitchell role for new off-screen acting job

  • actor Steve McFadden has been a Watford regular for over 30 years, with viewers seeing his familiar face as Phil Mitchell in the soap since 1990.
  • Yet the iconic soap actor is set to leave Albert Square and his Watford pals as Steve has landed himself an acting job away from TV.
  • The actor is set to take to the stage as he takes on a role in panto in a production of Jack and the Beanstalk at Dunstable’s Grove Theatre.
  • Whilst the seasonal panto role will mean Steve is forced to take time away from the BBC soap, there’s still speculation over whether this could mean he’s leaving EastEnders for good.

Phil Mitchell, played by Steve McFadden, could be set to exit EastEnders ( BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron) EastEnders viewers know there’s a big storyline brewing with one character set to be killed off in an explosive Christmas Day episode. Whilst viewers have been less guessing who the unlucky Albert Square resident could be, there’s every chance it could be Phil Mitchell meeting his untimely end.

  1. In February a teaser flash forward episode, which has now been dubbed ‘The Six”, showed six Watford women standing around a body on the floor of the Queen Vic.
  2. Sharon Watts announces “He’s dead” to her shocked co-stars.
  3. Some viewer theories have pointed to the character being killed off as Phil Mitchell, especially as Sharon is seen standing in a white wedding dress and she and Phil have a longstanding on and off again romantic history.

The Knights could have a link to Phil and even to the mysterious flash forward episode shown in February ( BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

  1. The only confirmed details of the mystery body on the floor are that he’s male and that he’s sporting a quirky pair of cufflinks.
  2. Whilst the clues could well point to Phil Mitchell exiting Albert Square for good, it’s also possible that actor Steve McFadden may balance his pantomime role alongside being his usual moody Phil on TV.
  3. EastEnders soap boss Chris Clenshaw has previously commented on the speculation from fans around the flash forward episode and hinted that new family The Knights including George Knight and Elaine Peacock could well play a big part.

Steve McFadden has played Phil Mitchell since 1990

  • He told the Mirror: “I think that it is very clear they’ve got a couple of bags, but actually, they come with a lot of baggage.
  • “They’re at the heart of the Square so they have a lot of interactions with most of the community The community have just lost Lola and so the family are thrust into their world going through that process.
  • “George very quickly, because he’s a former boxer from the East End, strikes up a good friendship with Phil who already knows him.
  • “It’s very interesting territory, people will be wondering if George and Phil are going to be enemies, and whether they’re going to fit in with the rest of the community.”

You can find this story in Or by navigating to the user icon in the top right. : EastEnders legend Steve McFadden leaves Phil Mitchell behind for new role

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Is Lily in EastEnders leaving

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EastEnders spoilers follow. Ryan Malloy has exited the Square once again, after having his plan for Lily Slater rumbled in EastEnders, Earlier this week, Ryan put pressure on pregnant daughter Lily to move to Wakefield with him and his partner Helen. In Thursday’s (February 16) episode, Stacey felt helpless when Lily announced that she would indeed be leaving Walford with her father. Related: 10 huge EastEnders spoilers for next week However, the whole situation imploded when Ravi overheard Lily and Ricky Jr making their plans and then revealed the truth to Jack Branning and Denise Fox. A furious Jack shipped Ricky Jr back to Sam’s while Denise and Ravi were left contemplating what this situation meant for their growing attraction to one another, BBC When Lily overheard the argument, she leapt to her mother’s defence by ordering Ryan to “get out”. Lily insisted that Stacey had been “the best mum anyone can ask for” even after finding out about the baby. “If you think I’m still going to Wakefield with you, you can do one,” she told her dad. BBC Related: EastEnders ‘ Danny Walters heaps praise on co-star Letitia Dean Before he left, Ryan angrily warned Stacey: “Let’s see how you feel when I cut down my child maintenance to a minimum then!” Stacey called after Ryan, insisting he couldn’t reduce those payments.

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Who is the 25 year old actor in EastEnders

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Ricky Norwood has signed a new contract for ‘ EastEnders ‘. The 25-year-old actor – who has played Arthur ‘Fatboy’ Chubb on the popular soap for almost four years – will be returning to Albert Square for the foreseeable future after agreeing to stay on the popular show for at least another year. A source told the Daily Star newspaper: ”Ricky is over the moon with his new contract. Fatboy is a popular character and appeals to all ages.” The happy-go-lucky market stall holder hasn’t had a major storyline for a while, but new ‘ EastEnders ‘ boss Dominic Treadwell-Collins has promised Ricky that there are.

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11/18/2013 Virgin Media – TV

What happened to Bobby Beale?

EastEnders viewers are wondering if Bobby Beale’s dark ways may resurface following a twist with his love interest Anna Knight on Wednesday, that saw her getting intimate with Freddie Slater Video Loading Video Unavailable EastEnders: Cindy makes dramatic entrance: EastEnders viewers think Bobby Beale could be pushed to the edge in upcoming scenes on the ITV soap, leading to dark scenes following Cindy Beale’s return. In the past, Bobby shocked fans as he became a killer as a child when he accidentally killed his sister Lucy Beale.

He went on to act out violently when this crime was covered up by his family. From almost killing pal Dennis Rickman Jr to attacking his stepmother Jane Beale, leaving her fighting for her life, Bobby became very dangerous. In 2016 he finally confessed to Lucy’s murder when he found out he was to blame, and was charged.

Bobby spent some time in a youth detention centre and was reformed, before trying to make amends. He was forgiven by his family for killing Lucy, and moved back to Walford in 2019. Since then he has proven he is a good person, and isn’t like he was in the past.

  1. But Bobby has struggled with his guilt over Lucy, which has impacted his mental health over the years.
  2. EastEnders viewers think Bobby Beale could be pushed to the edge in upcoming scenes ( Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron) While Bobby has been on track recently, and hoped to form a romance with Anna Knight, things could be about to change.

Bobby now knows that Anna is the sister of his brother Peter Beale, and the sister of Lucy. Realising the family link he feared love interest Anna would no longer be interested in him. On Wednesday fans saw Bobby struggling with Cindy being back, fearing what it meant for him and his life in Walford.

  • Nowing she would hate him for what he did, he broke down as his past came back to haunt him.
  • Fearing Anna would also reject him, he found her and asked her about their future but Anna lashed out.
  • Later, Anna, who was still reeling over her mother Cindy’s true identity and her return after nine years, left the club with Freddie Slater, Bobby’s pal.

Anna and Freddie got together ( Image: BBC) One thing led to another as the pair made it clear they liked each other before getting steamy in the fish and chip shop. Viewers couldn’t believe the betrayal, given Freddie and Bobby are close and Freddie knows how much Bobby likes Anna, even giving him advice.

  1. Now, fans are wondering if Cindy’s return and the truth about Anna as well as Freddie’s betrayal will be too much for him.
  2. Predicting he might lash out once more, some fans guessed he might “strike again” and kill or hurt Freddie.
  3. Taking to Twitter, one fan said: “Freddie is next on Bobby’s hitlist,” as another said: “Can’t wait to see Bobby go on a rampage.” A third fan added: “The episode has me thinking will Bobby Beale strike again with either killing Ian Beale, Peter Beale or Freddie Slater?” EastEnders airs Mondays to Thursdays at 7:30pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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Who is the new Dr in EastEnders?

Dr. Nina Gupta (also Gulati ) made her first appearance on 10 February 2022, She is portrayed by Hersha Verity, She is the widow of Ranveer Gulati, former stepmother and partner of Ravi Gulati and former step grandmother to Davinder Gulati,

Is Suki leaving EastEnders?

It has not been confirmed by EastEnders that Suki is leaving anytime soon. Also she was featured in a flash-forward to Christmas 2023, when a group of the Albert Square ladies were seen standing over a body.