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Who in Harry Potter had a crush on Emma Watson

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Trending – The post was an answer to the question, “Does Emma Watson have a crush on Daniel Radcliffe?” Later, the caption of the post read, “No, actually. Daniel and Rupert and Matthew all had a crush on Emma. But Emma liked Tom Felton AKA Draco Malfoy (my assumption of how the Dramione shipping started).

Tom and Emma are really close friends ‘till this day. There were a lot of rumors that they were dating, though they denied it, and Emma has a new boyfriend. One thing that comes out of a celebrity’s mouth could go a long way *sigh*.” Now for those of you who don’t know, ‘ Harry Potter’ Daniel Radcliffe and ‘Ron Weasley’ Rupert Grint were from Gryffindor as well as Matthew Lewis aka Neville Longbottom.

All three Gryffindor had a crush on Emma Watson. For more updates, stick to Koimoi. Must Read: Miley Cyrus Once Called Herself A ‘Cold F*cking Bitch’ While Addressing Split With Liam Hemsworth: “I Don’t F*ck Dead Guys, When It’s Over” Follow Us: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Google News

Is Someone You Loved written about Paige?

Lewis Capaldi’s Someone You Loved isn’t about Paige Turley

Lewis Capaldi has finally set the record straight on the inspiration behind ‘Someone You Loved’. The singer revealed the track isn’t about Paige Turley.

They may have dated for over a year, but Lewis Capaldi’s emotional love ballad ‘Someone You Loved’ isn’t about Paige Turley – despite what people may think. The pair, who dated in college, are still said to be good pals after splitting when Paige was 17.

  1. And while some people were certain the Love Island star was the inspiration behind the hit track, Lewis has since revealed otherwise.
  2. In fact, the super emotional song is all about his late grandmother.
  3. The song isn’t about a lady, who I was in a romantic relationship with,” Lewis explained.
  4. It’s about my grandmother who is dead.

F**k!” The singer, 23, went on to reveal exactly how the track came about. He added: “One day I sat at my piano after the death and I sat down and started messing round. That’s why the the piano part is so simple because I can’t play anything else.” Lewis has played pretty coy when it comes to his relationship with Paige. However, he did break his silence not long after the 22-year-old headed into the villa – saying he wants a slice of the £50k if she wins. Appearing on New Zealand show The Edge, Lewis joked: “The prize is like £50,000 and I’ll be like ‘Well, listen.

They asked you to go on it right I’m not saying I’m the reason but also slide me two grand’.” He continued: “She never told me she was going on it. That would have been a nice heads up. But fair play and good luck to her. “I’ll be f***ing watching it – like go on Paige, come on.When she’s on a date with a boy I’ll be like come on kiss him.

I hope she wins.” And it appears Lewis may be in luck after Paige became the first Islander to with boyfriend Finley Tapp. ITV Last week, Finn and Paige became an actual couple after he made a very cute little speech asking her to be his girlfriend. “I’ve never doubted how I feel about you,” he told her. “But I was guilty maybe about doubting how you felt about me.” “But when I came in here the other night, and you were single,” he continued.

  1. That was a massive sign for me.
  2. Since then, I’ve just been so happy, I’ve been over the moon.
  3. All I think now is what’s going to happen on the outside.
  4. The elephant in the room is the distance, and there are going to be some challenges, but I do want it to be something we face together.” He then went in for the close.

“So will you be my girlfriend?” We’re sure Lewis wasn’t jealous at all. Like this article? to get more articles like this delivered straight to your inbox. : Lewis Capaldi’s Someone You Loved isn’t about Paige Turley

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Is I wish you the best about Paige

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LEWIS Capaldi fans were left in tears after he released the video for his latest single. The West Lothian, 26, singer dropped the flick for his new song Wish You The Best, which was released at midnight on April 13. 5 Lewis Capaldi released the music video for his single Wish You The Best 5 The video is about a man named John and his beloved dog, Willow 5 Fans were left in tears at the new flick Lewis reveals that the new single is a break-up song after the star had previously dated Love Island winner Paige Turley, 25, on and off from 2014 to 2016. And he even said it was “probably the saddest song I’ve ever written”.

  • Talking to Radio 2 DJ Scott Mills, he said: “It’s about someone moving on and that feeling where you know it’s the best thing for that person.
  • But all you say is ‘good luck I’m really happy for you’ but actually you are dying inside and want to tell them all the things you miss about them and why they should stay with you.

Joking, he added: “So just a really happy song for the summer!” With the song itself being a proper tearjerker – it’s no surprise that the video followed the same pattern. Fans were left in tears after watching it – especially since they were unprepared for the sad story to be centered around the love between a dog and its owner.

The heart-melting video follows an older mail carrier named John and his faithful companion, a scruffy and sweet-faced dog called Willow. As it unfolds, its cycle-of-life narrative shines a warm light on the devastating pain of loss and the redemptive power of love from the view of the beloved pet. The connection between Willow and John shows the unaffected emotional truth that a love that strong can leave a lasting imprint on the heart.

Lewis explained: “It’s a song about what we don’t say to those people. “I was fascinated by the things left unsaid, whether that be in a relationship or a friendship.” Fans flocked to social media after being left “sobbing” their “hearts out” after watching it.

  • Posting on Twitter, one person said: “I need to have a word with you LewisCapaldi, how can you make a music video that makes the song itself even more sad?? I can’t stop crying”.
  • Another added: “is it really a Lewis Capaldi Music video if you don’t sob your heart out to it”.
  • Someone else wrote: “Lewis Capaldi: releases one of the saddest songs I’ve ever heard.

been crying with it on repeat since midnight, thinking it surely can’t get sadder than this. also lewis: here’s this music video”. A fourth user posted: “You did NOT make a sad dog video shut UP I am not stable enough for this rn”. While a fifth chimed in: “WTF LEWIS WHY WOULD YOU BRING A DOG INTO THIS”.

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Are Lewis and Niall together

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Niall Horan and Lewis Capaldi: Friendship, Bromance Timeline Ever since the internet caught wind of and ‘s epic friendship, fans of both musicians have been seriously obsessed! The former crooner actually started their bromance after hearing Lewis’ single “Bruises.” Before they played onstage together during Niall’s Scotland show in March 2018, the “Slow Hands” singer slid into Lewis’ DMs and a beautiful friendship was born.

  • Now, Niall can’t stop gushing over his hilarious BFF in interviews and telling fans to listen to Lewis’ music.
  • My cousin introduced me to his music when he had this thing with Vevo and less than 1,000 views on this song called ‘Bruises’ and I just heard his voice and was like ‘Oh my God, this guy is unbelievable’ And I just wrote to him,” Niall recalled during an interview with from October 2019.

“We were made for Lewis Capaldi. Exactly what you see is what you get. You’ll never be able to change that man. It’s the best thing.” The duo even took a friendship test with in October 2019, and Niall recalled the first time he and Lewis met. “First time I ever met him I just thought he was a lunatic, it was St.

  • Patrick’s Day, we had a few beers and we got very drunk, and then both played shows the next day,” the “Black and White” musician shared.
  • He’s very funny to be around, he makes me feel funnier, even though I’m not that funny at all, maybe it’s because I’m famous and he’s big into famous things these days.” During the same interview, Lewis also praised Niall for reaching out to him before his songs became popular.

“All joking aside, before any of my music was doing f–k all, he was one of the first to reach out and say he loved my music and that meant a lot to me,” he gushed. Niall chimed in, adding, “He’s the funniest person I know, and I’m so proud of him.” Now, J-14 is taking a walk down memory lane to relive Niall and Lewis’ friendship from the beginning, including the time they took a friendship test to see how close they really are. Brian J Ritchie/Hotsauce/Shutterstock 2 of 12 Fred Duval/MEGA (2) Although Niall frequently posted about Lewis’ music on social media and to attend his bestie’s concerts, this was the first time they posted a pic together. “This absolute king has got the fastest selling album of the year! This is a great lad with an incredible amount of talent and I’m so happy for him. Congratulations,” Niall,3 of 12 RB/Bauer-Griffin/Shutterstock They had some fun with FaceApp in a since-deleted Instagram snap, and showed fans what it would look like when Niall and Lewis grew old together.4 of 12 ABC/Shutterstock Lewis celebrated Niall’s 26th birthday with an amazing “old pic” of them cuddled up together.5 of 12 Shutterstock (2) Niall celebrated Lewis’ 23rd birthday with a shirtless snap of the pair that sent fans into a frenzy! While taking a friendship test with, the two spoke about how much they love each other and even hugged for longer than one minute. iHeartRadio/YouTube The two brought their friendship to the next level by getting matching denim jackets that read “Best Friends” on the back, thanks to,7 of 12 JM Enternational/Shutterstock Niall teased a possible collaboration with Lewis in the future. “We’ve got one that we think is OK. Whether it gets released, I don’t know, but we’re going to have a look at it again soon,” he said during an interview with at the time. “It needs to happen.” 8 of 12 Rob Grabowski/Invision/AP/Shutterstock “We’re best friends, he loves me. In fact, next time you have him on, ask him how much he loves me. He’ll rattle on for hours,” Lewis told the radio hosts at the time. “We’re best friends.” 9 of 12 EPA-EFE/Shutterstock To celebrate at London’s Royal Albert Hall to support his touring crew, Lewis posted a sweet and supportive message via Instagram Stories. Niall reposted it to his own social media and added, “You’re a lovely, sexy man.” 10 of 12 Brian J Ritchie/Hotsauce/Shutterstock During an Instagram question and answer session with fans, one person asked Niall if he was in love with Lewis. Naturally, the singer responded with, “He loves me.” 11 of 12 Anthony Harvey/Shutterstock “Happy birthday to the most handsome,” Niall shared on Instagram.

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Are Lewis Capaldi and Harry Styles friends?

Lewis Capaldi has hilariously reacted to Harry Styles ‘ passionate make-out session with Emily Ratajkowski, The singer, 26, looked devastated as he took to TikTok to share a selfie-style video, along with the caption, ‘me after seeing the video of Harry and emrata.’ It’s unsure how far his friendship with Harry goes back, but Lewis planted a kiss on the Watermelon Sugar hitmaker at the BRITs last month.

  1. The Forget You songster took the opportunity to lay one on Harry after he won one of his four gongs of the night.
  2. After winning in every category he was nominated in – including the coveted Artist of the Year – Harry made his way off the stage and took a beeline straight for Lewis.
  3. Joker: Lewis Capaldi has hilariously reacted to Harry Styles ‘ passionate make-out session with Emily Ratajkowski Downcast: The singer, 26, looked devastated as he took to TikTok to share a selfie-style video, along with the caption, ‘me after seeing the video of Harry and emrata’ Lewis then grabbed his face and pecked him on the lips before the two men embraced.

They then held on to each other as they caught up and Lewis presumably congratulated his fellow musician. Emily and Harry were reportedly growing close for for a few weeks before their passionate kissing session on the streets of Tokyo. The singer and 31-year-old supermodel packed on the PDA, appearing to not care who saw them while in full view of onlookers.

  1. In our exclusive video, the Fine Line singer looks dapper in a black suit and a white shirt unbuttoned at the collar.
  2. He stands chatting to Emily – who shares son Sylvester Apollo Bear, two, with ex husband Sebastian Bear-McClard – in the Japanese capital, with the fashionista wearing a pink and black jacket over a black and white cropped top and skirt.

The pair were seen dancing with each other as they stood alongside a silver people carrier while sheltering from the rain under an umbrella. They shared a number of passionate kisses on the street outside, appearing to not care who saw them while in full view of onlookers.

Build up: Emily and Harry were reportedly growing close for for a few weeks before their passionate kissing session on the streets of Tokyo Passionate: The singer and 31-year-old supermodel packed on the PDA, appearing to not care who saw them while in full view of onlookers While the video came as a shock to many, The Sun reports that the couple have been getting to know each other for a while now.

Speaking to the publication, a source said: ‘Harry and Emily are enjoying getting to know each other. ‘Getting filmed kissing in Tokyo and then that footage being shared with the world wasn’t what either of them expected – but they aren’t hiding anything.

  • ‘Harry and Emily have been getting to know each other for some time now.
  • They spent some time together out of the public eye this year and are just enjoying each other’s company when they can while Harry is on tour.’ Pucker up! Lewis Capaldi saw his shot at the BRIT Awards, and planted a kiss on Harry Styles on Sunday night at the O2 Arena Sweet moment: The singer, 26, took the opportunity to lay one on the 29-year-old hitmaker after Harry won one of his four BRITs of the night Harry is currently performing in Japan as part of his aptly named Love On Tour series of worldwide gigs.

It was reported at the end of last month that Harry had moved on from Olivia with someone else, although the mystery lady was not identified. A source told the The Mirror at the time: ‘Harry is seeing someone. He’s going to great lengths to keep her identity quiet after the circus surrounding his relationship with Olivia.

‘But his close circles all know about the romance. Though it’s early days, things seem to be going well.’ In November it was claimed that Olivia was ‘disappointed’ that her relationship with Harry Styles did not work out after nearly two years of dating. Emily had in recent months been linked to serial dater Pete Davidson.

She filed for divorce from her film producer ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard in September. The married couple first split in July amid accusations that 42-year-old Sebastian was a ‘serial cheater’. Meanwhile, Harry and actress Olivia, 39, went their separate ways in November after they found they had ‘different priorities that are keeping them apart’.

Warning: Many people warned her to turn of her comments, saying: ‘i’d turn ur comments off now the harries r coming’ Disgusting: While Harry stans have come out in droves, commenting to tell Emily to leave the pop star alone and to call her derogatory names Defence: Several fans stuck up for Emily, declaring that the couple had the right to be together and that Harry would want her treated with kindness, calling the trolls ‘delusional’ Out on the town: Emily and Harry were spotted this week on a night out together in Japan where Harry is currently performing his aptly named Love On Tour series of worldwide gigs End of the road: It emerged singer Harry and actress Olivia (pictured) had gone their separate ways in November last year (pictured in March last year) Union end: Emily Ratajkowski filed for divorce from her husband of four years, Sebastian Bear-McClard (seen in 2020), two months after they split over allegations that he had cheated Olivia was last seen supporting Harry when she attended his November 15 concert at LA’s Kia Forum, where she was accompanied by her two children.

Meanwhile, Olivia appears to have her own problems to deal with after she appeared to plead poverty in court filings this week. Despite being worth more than $10 million, she detailed her income and expenses included in her childcare battle with ex Jason Sudeikis, who she was spotted with on Saturday.

In papers, Wilde claimed that the Ted Lasso star is prolonging his court fight with her because he is trying to ‘litigate her into debt’. ‘While Jason can afford to spin his wheels with filing after filing, Olivia cannot,’ her lawyers wrote in advance of a hearing scheduled in Los Angeles for today, which has now been canceled.

‘Jason seems intent on throwing whatever he can against the wall to see what will stick, and this Request for Order seeking a stay of the California Parentage action is just the latest example,’ they add. She accused him of being ‘underhanded’ and acting ‘in bad faith’ over the future of their two children.

Friday’s hearing was scheduled to be over whether California courts should determine the warring couple’s fight over the children, Otis, eight, and six-year-old Daisy, or whether New York is the appropriate venue. But on Thursday, a judge in New York rejected Jason’s request for a second time to have the case moved to the east coast.

Blossoming bump: In October 2020, Emily and her then husband announced that they were expecting their first child together. Emily is seen during the pregnancy Olivia, 39, says the matter has already been settled and it should be in LA, but her ex is ‘obfuscating’ in his bid to have future hearings held in Brooklyn.

Typically awards of child support in New York are lower than they are in California ‘Jason should not be permitted to litigate Olivia into debt, and then claim she should be deprived of her right to seek a needs-based fee contribution from him,’ her attorneys write. Sudeikis, 47, filed a fresh motion to halt a California order that ruled their children should live in the Golden State, giving him time to file an appeal in New York after a judge ruled against his plea last year for the children to reside on the east coast.

In a big win for Olivia, a judge rejected Jason’s request in August 2022 to have the case moved to New York. Jason filed an appeal, but according to TMZ, a judge in New York rejected the request once again on Thursday. Free and single: Emily filed for divorce from her film producer ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard in September (pictured in September) Meanwhile Olivia’s split from Harry came a surprise to fans.

  • People Magazine claimed the pop star and US film actress were ‘taking a break’ from their romance due to having ‘different priorities that are keeping them apart’.
  • A source said: ‘He’s still touring and is now going abroad.
  • She is focusing on her kids and her work in LA.
  • It’s a very amicable decision.
  • They’re still very close friends.’ A friend added to the publication: ‘Right now, they have different priorities that are keeping them apart.

The public pressure on them has been difficult. They’ve had ups and downs throughout the relationship.’ Despite their split, the two have ‘no bad blood between them’, according to Page Six. ‘Harry didn’t dump Olivia, or vice versa. This is the longest relationship Harry’s ever had, so clearly they have a special bond,’ the insider shared.

The source added: ‘They’re on a break. It’s impossible to have a relationship when he’s in every continent next year and Olivia has her job and her kids. This is the right thing for both of them.’ New girl: It was reported last month that pop star Harry had moved on with a mystery woman (pictured last month) Harry and Olivia famously starred together in movie Don’t Worry Darling, with rumours of a feud between Olivia and co-star Florence Pugh circulating.

The pair first crossed paths in September 2020 when Harry was cast as actress Florence’s husband and replaced Shia LaBeouf in film Don’t Worry Darling. The singer who made his acting debut in 2017 film Dunkirk, signed onto Olivia’s film after impressing both director Olivia and star Florence.

  1. Two months later, Olivia split from Ted Lasso actor Jason, after nine years which left the actor reportedly ‘absolutely heartbroken’.
  2. After ‘growing close’ to each other on the set of Don’t Worry Darling, the Hollywood actress was pictured arriving at the former One Direction heartthrob’s LA home with her luggage in hand in January and the two were seen driving around California together in January 2021.
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The pair then made their public debut when they were spotted holding hands at Harry’s agent’s wedding at the San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito, California. She wants to love again: Olivia is reportedly ready to give love another chance according to a report from UsWeekly On good terms: It was reported that although the pair had parted ways, there was ‘no bad blood’ between Olivia and Harry and the decision was mutual Olivia and Harry later broke up in November last year shortly after the release of their film Don’t Worry Darling, which she directed with him as the leading man.

  1. They are now said to be on good terms, with a source telling People Magazine Olivia ‘is in a great place’ with her ex Harry.
  2. They said: ‘She’s focused on her kids and co-parenting with Jason.
  3. She and Harry are good friends, there’s no animosity whatsoever.
  4. ‘Plus she’s got many different directing projects in the works.’ This month it was reported Olivia was ready to give love another chance.

According to a report from UsWeekly, the Don’t Worry Darling actress and director hopes to find a new romance soon. ‘Olivia is ready to date again, making it clear she’s available, and she isn’t looking for anything less than an amazing guy,’ the insider shared with the site.

In November it was claimed that Wilde was ‘disappointed’ that her relationship with Harry Styles did not work out after nearly two years of dating. A source told People that the break was ‘difficult’ for the actress. ‘The break has been difficult for Olivia. They have had some issues, but Olivia thought they were gonna work through it all,’ the insider explained.

‘She is disappointed. It’s just a tricky situation, though.’ Meanwhile, Emily reportedly filed for divorce from her husband of four years, Sebastian Bear-McClard, in September, two months after they split over allegations that he had cheated on her, according to PageSix,

  1. The outlet, which claims to have seen the documents, added that the divorce is being contested, which means there are issues to be litigated.
  2. The model reportedly made the decision to leave her film producer husband following the claims of his infidelity, but is said to be coping well.
  3. A source close to the star first confirmed the shocking split to People magazine in July, explaining that Emily is focused on parenting the couple’s son Sylvester, 16 months.

Out and about: They made their red carpet debut in March 2018, while attending the 33rd Annual Film Independent Spirit Awards together (seen above) ‘They split recently. It was Em’s decision. She is doing OK,’ the insider revealed. ‘She is strong and focused on her son.

  1. She loves being a mom.’ The news came just days after someone close to the pair told Page Six that Sebastian was a ‘serial cheater,’ with the insider stating: ‘It’s gross.
  2. He’s a dog.’ Comedian and social media influencer Claudia Oshry also spoke out about the situation during an episode of The Morning Toast podcast at the time, in which she claimed Sebastian’s infidelity was an open secret in the industry.

‘It’s, like, known that her husband has cheated on her and they’re filing for divorce,’ she said, adding that when the couple officially confirms their separation, it will not come as a surprise to anyone. Emily and Sebastian were last spotted together in mid-June while on vacation in Italy, and appeared in good spirits as they relaxed on Porto Ercole beach together.

The couple was also among the many celebrity guests at Ari Emanuel’s wedding to Sarah Staudinger in St. Tropez in late May. She first sparked breakup rumors in July, when she was seen going for a stroll in New York with the couple’s son, and was not wearing her wedding ring. The model was pictured moving her stuff out of the New York City apartment that she previously shared with Sebastian in August.

As movers removed her furniture, artwork, clothing, and other belongings from the home, Emily was seen carrying out a plant. Emily and Sebastian, who is best known for producing movies Uncut Gems, Good Time, and Funny Pages, were first linked on Valentine’s Day in February 2018 – one month after news had hit the web that she had split from her boyfriend Jeff Magid after three years together.

At the time, the pair was spotted packing on the PDA in Los Angeles, California. It’s unclear how they met, but an insider told Us Weekly at the time that they had known each other ‘for years.’ Just days after their first spotting, news hit the web that they had tied the knot in a New York City courthouse on February 23, 2018.

Family: Sylvester Apollo Bear was born on March 8, 2021, with Emily calling it the most ‘surreal, beautiful, and love-filled’ experience of her life on Instagram

Who does Niall Horan date?

How Niall Horan’s girlfriend of 3 years reacted to songs about her on new album

  • Niall Horan is sharing girlfriend Amelia Woolley’s sweet reaction to the love songs he wrote about her that are featured on his on new album, “The Show.”
  • The former One Direction star and “Voice” coach, 29, told that his three-year relationship with Woolley has inspired him to write more upbeat music.
  • “Usually it’s the love songs are heartbreak songs, so it’s nice to be able to write better, you know, more happier stuff,” said the Irish musician.

Niall Horan said his girlfriend of three years, Amelia Woolley, has inspired him to write happy love songs. David M. Benett / Getty Images Horan added of Woolley’s reaction to the songs, “I think she’s just like, what? Really? She’s like, taken aback, I suppose.” Horan made fans go wild on June 9 when he and other several songs as part of TODAY’s Citi Concert Series.

  • Horan’s fellow “Voice” coach Blake Shelton sent a few words of encouragement in a video to celebrate the singer’s performance on the plaza.
  • Hey, Niall.
  • It’s your old hero, Blake Shelton here,” Shelton said, prompting laugher from Horan.
  • Just wanted to say good luck today on your TODAY show performance,” he continued.

“I miss you, buddy.” And the niceties stopped there. Shelton then switched gears to tease Horan about his Season 23 win on “The Voice” with contestant Gina Miles. “Now that it’s over with, I can tell you that I wrote it into the script that you were going to win ‘The Voice,'” the country singer joked as Horan began laughing even harder.

  1. After the message ended, it was time for Horan to joke about Shelton, who retired from “The Voice” this year after 23 seasons.
  2. “Good ol’ pops,” said Horan, laughing.
  3. “When I won ‘The Voice,’ the only thing he said to me was, ‘I taught you everything you know,'” he added.

: How Niall Horan’s girlfriend of 3 years reacted to songs about her on new album

What did Paige do Love Island?

Love Island’s Paige Thorne has opened up on the “real reason” she quit her paramedic job after her stint on the ITV show. The 25-year-old appeared on the dating show last year and gained millions of social media followers as a result and also landed a six-figure clothing brand deal with Forever Unique.

Before entering the villa, Paige had trained to become a paramedic and had planned to return to her day job but has now claimed she was snubbed by her employers, writes The Mirror. Last year, the influencer shared a snap of herself back in her paramedic uniform on her Instagram and said that she was heading back to work.

At the time, she said: “So, as you can see I’m back in my uniform, I’m about to be doing my first shift back. “A little part of me is nervous because it’s been so long since I’ve been off, but more than anything, I’m super excited to be back, back with my team, back doing what I absolutely love, what I’m passionate about, what I’m comfortable with, I just know it’s gonna be a great shift.” However, her return didn’t last long as she has since revealed she was snubbed. Paige trained to be a paramedic for years before the show (Image: Paige Thorne/Instagram) Paige said: “I was like, ‘I’ll go back to being a paramedic,’ but my job was like, ‘Don’t really want you to do that ‘cos you post pictures in bikinis.’ She told the Not My Bagg podcast.”I was so upset, I worked really hard to be a paramedic, it was so much training and I worked three years before that, Covid did it all and they were like, ‘Actually, thanks but no thanks’.” Paige finished in fifth place on her series of the show, with her ex-boyfriend Adam Collard however, their romance didn’t last when Paige accused Adam of cheating. She appeared on Love Island last summer (Image: ITV/REX/Shutterstock) “When I did tell work I needed time off to go in my manager was so supportive and she 100% backed me every step of the way. “I tried taking annual leave, unpaid leave, a career break, I tried every single avenue possible to keep my job as well as do Love Island.

But I think they were worried that if I went in and it’s like, ‘Oh, the NHS is struggling this much and paramedics are struggling this much and you’ve let one have time off to go into Love Island’. “It might have created more bad press and bad backlash that they just didn’t need, which I totally understand.

So the only option I had was to resign, which I was devastated about.” Get the latest celebrity gossip and telly news sent straight to your inbox. Sign up to our daily Showbiz newsletter here,

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Was Paige engaged before Love Island

Answered By: Bryan Lopez Date: created: Feb 16 2024

I’m so embarrassed but I’m just going to say it how it is.’ ‘My partner at the time, he left me in January. We were engaged.

Who did Paige leave Love Island with?

Love Island’s Paige Thorne has been centre stage a lot recently, after videos emerged of boyfriend Adam Collard with his arms around another woman on a night out, While he heavily denied anything happened, the pair later announced their split, confirming they had gone their separate ways on the NTAs red carpet.

  • Now, Paige has opened up to Cosmopolitan UK about more alleged videos, as well as her break up from Adam, and about how she’s moving past the split.
  • Oh, and there is one thing she wants to set the record straight about.
  • Back in August, Adam and Paige left the Love Island villa firmly cemented as a couple, later becoming ‘official’ in the outside world.

“We did the long distance thing and we were making it work pretty well,” she tells Cosmopolitan UK. “We’d make the time and take turns going to see each other. There were no problems.” But fast forward two months, and footage emerged of Adam with his arms around another woman in a McDonald’s, fuelling speculation that he had cheated.

  • His representative denied the rumours in a statement released to The Sun : “Adam headed to McDonald’s after a night out with friends.
  • His friends were alongside him when a group of girls asked for photos and Adam being his friendly self, was open to posing and chatting to the girls, alongside other fans who wanted to chat in the same video.
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“Adam understands how this video looks but wants to state that he left the restaurant with his friends and a box of 60 nuggets (with nothing or no one else) with the intention of getting home safely. Adam and Paige are currently dating and Adam only has eyes for her.” Paige and Adam in August Ricky Vigil // Getty Images Paige says the pair initially tried to keep things going, despite alleging she received further videos in her DMs. “I know everybody told me ‘what he was like’ and the rest of it, you never believe it.

  1. He was telling me nothing happened, and his attitude was like ‘Get over it.’ I was really upset by it, but why would I believe everything everyone says when he was treating me a certain way ? “By this time I had already been sent another video in my DMs that hasn’t gone public yet.
  2. He didn’t know that I had it.

This one was like a massive kick in the face.” Despite all this, Paige and Adam vowed to give things another go. “I thought, ‘We can overlook this. We can get through this. Nobody else will have to find out about the video. I still want to be with you.'” “I deleted my pictures and didn’t hear from him at all.” Paige alleges Adam then headed to Bali, where, despite their relationship being in a good place for a few days, “it got to maybe the third day and he started being really shady on text.

  1. He wasn’t texting me back.
  2. He would leave me on ‘read’ for the entire day.
  3. My own boyfriend literally ghosted me.
  4. So I said, ‘When you’ve got five minutes, I’d really appreciate a phone call.’ He was like, ‘We do need a phone call, but I’ve got a party to go to and I wanna be in the right frame of mind for it.’ “From then, I was just like, ‘We’re done.

This is beyond a joke now.’ He replied, ‘I didn’t want it to go this way, but at least we both know where we stand.’ We didn’t even get into an argument. I deleted my pictures and didn’t hear from him at all. That was it. There was no, ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘Let’s talk about it.’ There was nothing at all.

  • And then obviously the NTAs came up and we ended up being on the red carpet at the same time.” Paige alleges she was then sent another video of Adam with someone else.
  • Literally five minutes before walking down the red carpet, I was shown a video of him kissing a girl in Bali.
  • I was crying in the car before walking down the red carpet.” While Paige acknowledges a lot of people will say ‘I told you so’ about how things ended with Adam, “It was a real relationship for me.

Nobody was seeing how he made me feel or what we were like when it was just the two of us, you know? I feel like everyone is literally mocking me at this point.” In terms of getting over the relationship, “I have my good days and bad days. I keep myself distracted, but if I’m having a slow day, it does feel like everything is on top of me and as if I’m trying to keep my head about water.

  1. My best break up advice is to absolutely surround yourself with friends and family.” Oh, and one thing Paige wants to set straight? “It’s spreading that me and Jacques are back in contact, and we’re going to be ‘reunited’ and all this kind of thing.
  2. We’ve literally had one conversation on the phone.
  3. It’s just friends.

Everyone can chill out with the speculation that ‘Paige and Jack, she’s gonna go back to him’. It’s not quite like that. We’re just friends.” We have reached out to Adam Collard for comment.

What happened to Lewis Capaldi?

What are Lewis Capaldi’s health issues? – While filming his Netflix documentary How I’m Feeling Now between 2021 and 2023, Lewis was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome. Tourette syndrome is a disorder characterized by “repetitive movements or unwanted sounds (tics) that can’t be easily controlled,” according to,

  • Males are three to four times more likely to develop the syndrome than females.
  • Discussing his diagnosis in his documentary, Lewis revealed that he’d struggled with anxiety as he quickly rose to fame.
  • As his struggles with anxiety grew stronger, he started showing nervous tics which soon got diagnosed at Tourettes.

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Who was Paige’s ex from Love Island?

All Buzz (Instagram via/@paigethronex) Love Island star Paige Thorne has responded to rumours current bombshell Scott van der Sluis is her ex-fiancé. This piece is brought to you by Biofresh Skincare. Paige Thorne has finally responded to rumours Love Island 2023 star Scott van-der-Sluis is her ex-fiancé.

Shortly after the goalkeeper joined the show as a bombshell, it was reported that the former Love Island star previously dated 2022 contestant Paige. According to the The Sun, “It wasn’t serious with Paige and Scott but they had a great few months together.” “They met out on the party scene as Paige knows lots of footballers.

“It didn’t end for any reason in particular, just one of those things. They were both young and not looking for anything serious.” Scott also said: “I’ve been single through my own choice, as well as circumstances. I’ve moved around a lot with football and I’ve been based in Dublin playing football for over a year.” “I’ve been single for 3 and a half years so it’s been a while so I’m ready and open to anything.” Paige was a favourite on Love Island, and coupled up with rugby player Jacques O’Neill and then with bombshell Adam Collard.

Did Finley and Paige break up?

Love Island UK’s Paige Turley and Finley Tapp have split after three years together. Following months of speculation that the couple – who won the 2020 season of the hit show – had split, Paige finally confirmed the news on an episode Love Island Aftersun. Paige and Finn split up after three years together. (Instagram) “We did lockdown together and any and every struggle we could have faced we were faced with.” Paige insisted: “We are still good friends”. She added that she’s definitely not on the hunt for romance, at least “not for a while”. The reality star remained otherwise tightlipped about the breakup, while Finley is yet to make an official comment of his own. According to Paige, the exes are still on good terms. (Instagram) After winning the show, they quickly moved in together with Finley staying with Paige and her family in Scotland during the first Covid-19 lockdown. Soon after the pair decided to buy an apartment together in Manchester, which Paige has now reportedly moved out of. While together, Finn got a tattoo of Paige’s name as a birthday gift to her. (Instagram) In 2021, Finn got a permanent tribute to his then-girlfriend by getting a tattoo of her name. ”Early birthday present for Paigey,” Finn captioned the photo posted to his Instagram stories. A closer look at Love Island contestants’ lavish holiday snaps Anna McEvoy stuns fans in matching ensemble. View Gallery Stream every episode ever of Love Island UK and Love Island Australia for free on 9Now.

Asked By: Carlos Morris Date: created: May 08 2024

What is Paige Turley doing now

Answered By: Connor Diaz Date: created: May 10 2024

Love Island’s Paige Turley takes up surfing as she stuns in Florida beach snaps The former Scottish ITV reality star has been soaking up the rays in her USA trip, as she shared a string of snaps of her ‘highlight’ to her self-care getaway following her split with ex-partner Finn Tapp. (Image: paige_turley/Instagram)

  • Scot Paige Turley has wowed fans with her recent string of snaps as she continues to soak up the Florida sunshine in her trip to the USA, and she has taken up a brand new hobby that has left fans swooning.
  • The 25-year-old first made her mark in the industry when she appeared on the dating show’s winter series in 2020 alongside her now, 23, when the pair went on to win the show.
  • Paige and former footballer Finn however called time on their romance after three years together, with the blonde beauty wasting no time in indulging in some self-care when she jetted off not long after their reported,

Crediting her most recent as she shared the snaps out surfing with her 1.6 million followers, Paige wrote: “Ad. First surf lesson in the bag and what a better place to try it than at Cocoa Beach @floridaspacecoast. “this was definitely a of the trip for me although it’s fair to say I’m gonna need a few more lessons!! @visittheusa #VisitTheUSA #SpaceCoast.”

  1. Singer Paige was believed to have fled their and gone home to West Lothian following the couple going their separate ways, whilst Finn also took a trip across to the US with pals in recent months.
  2. The couple had moved in together in a whirlwind romance after their exit from the show in 2020, with Finn even getting a tattoo of Paige’s name previously.
  3. The ITV reality stars credited lockdown for giving them time to get to know each other without being distracted by showbiz parties and star-studded events.
  4. Speaking about the couple’s split, a source said: “Paige and Finn had a really good run, but they are still super young and decided it wasn’t forever in the end.
  5. “Paige is spending some time back in Scotland while she works out what she wants to do next,” reports the,

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  1. Paige has been enjoying her time in Florida following her ‘split’ from her ex-partner Finn Tapp after three years together. She looked radiant as she posted her ‘beach babe’ snaps to her Instagram after taking up some surfing which left her fans swooning. (Image: paige_turley/Instagram) 1 of 6
  2. The Scots reality star looked stunning in a black cut-out swimming costume which made her glowing tan pop against her bleach-blonde long locks as she posed for some Baywatch-style photos. (Image: paige_turley/Instagram) 2 of 6
  3. Paige and her ex-partner Finn won the first winter series of Love Island in 2020 and moved in together in Manchester following their exit from the ITV show before they called it quits on their romance earlier this year. (Image: Instagram) 3 of 6

: Love Island’s Paige Turley takes up surfing as she stuns in Florida beach snaps