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What is the difference between DNO and BNO

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Building Network Operators – Energy Legislation Hub A Building Network Operator (BNO) is the organisation that owns or operates the electricity distribution network within a multiple occupancy building between the intake position and the customer’s installation. The BNO may be the DNO (District Network Operator), another licensed distributor or a third party exempt from an electricity distribution licence.

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The Electricity and Gas Internal Markets Regulations (2011) provided direct to market supply metering for embedded tenants of a building. Therefore the building network operator could be the building owner or a body appointed by the building owner to run the electricity services within a building.

DNO – For a new building the DNO responsibility ends at the customer side of the intake be it a cut out supply, the feeder way on an LV board or the cable end box of an HV or EHV supply BNO – Owns everything beyond the DNO point of demarcation EXCEPT any meters embedded within the BNO network or attached to DNO equipment, these act as islands of ownership within each network. The BNO has the additional responsibility of the building and the infrastructure of the building. Electricity Supplier – Owns the meters embedded within the BNO Network

The current national position provides a common framework for the responsibilities and liabilities of each party involved in a multi-occupied building;

allowing direct access to metering for customers, providing clarity on how the Electricity Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations 2002 (ESQCR) apply to all network operators between distribution and supply points; and provides a basis for common working across the UK.

Primarily, the framework describes two states of building network operator:

a licensed network operator and a licence exempt network operator.

A building network operator is either one or the other, the framework provides no exceptions. The Electricity Act 1989 allows for electricity companies that meet certain criteria to be exempt from having a distribution licence, whilst the Electricity (Class Exemptions from the Requirement for a License) Order (2001) provided limits on who can qualify to be a licensed exempt distribution network operator.

  • The owning party must maintain the building in accordance with the Electricity Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations, though the design regulations governing each party differ.
  • A licensed party is bound by the national network operator’s approvals for cable selection, network design etc.
  • Whilst the unlicensed party within a building is only constrained by the IET wiring regulations BS 7671 and so can provide a cost effective solution more appropriate to the building.

To receive the latest information on this legislation, please complete our short form : Building Network Operators – Energy Legislation Hub

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Who is the power system operator in the UK

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National Grid ESO is the electricity system operator for Great Britain.

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How many network operators are there in the UK?

Think about coverage and where you live – If you can’t get a good signal where you live, your mobile deal is pretty much dead in the water. Provider/network signal maps, as provided on their websites, are a good place to start, but they all have a pretty major drawback: They can’t tell you what the signal will be like in your home.

Chances are this isn’t an issue for you – you probably already have a mobile deal and know you can get a signal on the network you’re currently using. There are four networks in the UK: Vodafone, O2, EE and Three. Other providers piggyback onto one of these networks. So, if you’re with EE currently and you know you get a great signal, but fancy a mobile deal from Virgin Mobile, which is on the EE network, you’re not going to have any issues.

So, Virgin Mobile is on EE, as is Asda Mobile, BT Mobile and Plusnet Mobile. Tesco Mobile and giffgaff are both on O2.

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Who is the DNO for Wales

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Who is my DNO and how do I contact them? – Different Distribution Network Operators work in different areas. Find out your gas and electricity DNO using the table below.

Region MPAN Supply Number DNO Phone number Website
North Scotland 17 Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks 0800 300 999 Click here to be redirected
Central and Southern Scotland 18 SP Energy Networks 0800 092 9290 Click here to be redirected
North East England 15 Northern Power Grid 0800 668 877 Click here to be redirected
North West England 16 Electricity North West 0800 195 4141 Click here to be redirected
Yorkshire 23 Northern Power Grid 0800 375 675 Click here to be redirected
Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales, and North Shropshire 13 SP Energy Networks 0800 001 5400 Click here to be redirected
East Midlands, West Midlands, South Wales, and South West England 11, 14, 21, 22 Western Power Distribution 0800 6783 105 Click here to be redirected
Eastern England 10 UK Power Networks 0800 316 3105 Click here to be redirected
Southern England 20 Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks 0800 072 7282 Click here to be redirected
London 12 UK Power Networks 0800 316 3105 Click here to be redirected
South East England 19 UK Power Networks 0800 316 3105 Click here to be redirected
Northern Ireland n/a Northern Ireland Electricity 0345 764 3643 Click here to be redirected

If you’re still not sure, you can use this DNO Finder, All you need is your postcode and the Energy Networks Association will be able to tell you who your DNO is.

What is a DNO letter?

DNO notification allows operators to record installation numbers of low-carbon technologies, which is critical for maintaining safe and efficient operation of the electricity network.

What is the DNO for North Wales?

SP Manweb is the regional electricity distribution network operator (DNO) for Merseyside, North Wales and parts of Cheshire.

Who is the DNO for Yorkshire?

What Does DNO Stand For? – DNO stands for Distribution Network Operator. DNO is used to describe both electricity network operators and the gas network operators. Great Britain has 14 different DNO regions. However, they are managed by just six distribution companies, or DNOs.

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Electricity North West serves customers across most of the North West of England.

Northern Powergrid is the DNO for the North East of England, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire. This includes large urban areas such as Leeds, Newcastle and Hull.

SP Energy Networks is the distribution company that operates the network in Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales and North Shropshire, as well as in Central and Southern Scotland.

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) owns and operates the electricity distribution networks in northern Scotland and central Southern England. The company is a subsidiary of SSE,

UK Power Networks is the DNO for London, the South East and East of England.

Western Power Distribution operates the electricity distribution network for Wales, the Midlands and South West England.

What are the responsibilities of a DNO?

DNO responsibilities – The DNO is responsible for distributing electricity from the transmission grid to homes and businesses. They assume responsibility for ensuring constant supply to customers, and the DNO is responsible for locating and solving any outages.

Who owns most of UK power stations?

SSE was bought out by OVO at the start of 2020. EDF own 10.3% of the current electricity supply market share, E. On own 15.1%, Npower 2.7% and Scottish Power 9.1%, according to the latest figures produced by Ofgem. In addition, Shell Energy occupies 3.2% of the market share.

What is Western power now called?

Why has Western Power Distribution changed its name to National Grid? WPD has changed its name to National Grid as it’s now part of the National Grid Group. When did WPD become part of the National Grid Group? WPD became part of the National Grid Group following its acquisition in 2021.

  • It was renamed National Grid from 21 September 2022.
  • Will the service provided by National Grid change from that provided by WPD? No.
  • We’ll keep giving you the same great service, just under a different name.
  • What do I do now if I have a power cut? If you have a power cut you should still call 105.
  • What does National Grid (formerly Western Power Distribution) do? National Grid Electricity Distribution is the largest electricity distribution network operator in the UK, serving 8 million customers across the Midlands, South West England and South Wales.

We don’t sell or bill for electricity (your chosen energy supplier does that), but we keep the power on for both domestic and business customers. We’re also who you should contact if you have a power cut or need a new electricity connection. What does the National Grid Group do? National Grid is an energy company operating in the UK and US.

  1. We deliver electricity safely, reliably and efficiently to the customers and communities we serve, while working towards a cleaner and greener energy future.
  2. We are strengthening the electricity grid to connect to new and rapidly increasing sources of clean, renewable energy, such as offshore wind.
  3. What does this change mean for National Grid? We’re now the largest electricity transmission and distribution business in the UK, ready to meet the huge increase in demand for electricity we’ll see in the years ahead.

We play a vital role in connecting millions of people to the energy they use, while continually seeking ways to make the energy system cleaner. Will there be any change to the phone numbers I need to call? No. You can still call us on the same numbers you used to contact WPD.105 is still the number to call if you have a power cut.

  1. Will your website be changing? The website address for WPD has now changed to, but the website will still work for the time being.
  2. Will this change affect my electricity bill? No.
  3. National Grid and National Grid Electricity Distribution do not bill you for electricity*, this is still done by your chosen supplier.
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*This applies to UK customers only. Will the cost of this rebrand be added to my bills? No. There will be no impact on your bills as a result of our rebrand. Do you still offer Priority Services? Will your social media channels be changing? Yes. Our social media handles have now changed:

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram: @gridcustomersuk LinkedIn: National Grid UK YouTube: @nationalgriduk

Will the acquisition of Western Power Distribution by National Grid impact WPD’s commitment to invest in local and regional electricity distribution? No. Our focus remains on all that is important to customers. Delivering power safely and reliably, while also working closely with customers across our region to meet their priorities and tailor our service to match local needs.

What is a DNO in telecom?

Donor Network Operator or ‘DNO’ means a mobile service provider from which a Mobile Number has been or is to be ported out.

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What voltage is in UK

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UK mains voltage – The UK power supply voltage is 230 volts (or 230V – alternating current) and 50 hertz (or 50 Hz). So the type of adaptor you’ll need, if your electrical items are compatible with this voltage, is a three pin adapter. You can buy these in the UK from airport shops, larger supermarkets, chemists (pharmacies or drug stores) and stores that sell travel equipment.

How do I contact the National Grid UK?

If you’ve got a general enquiry, then you can contact us between 8 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday on 0800 096 3080, or fill out our contact form.

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Is Western Power Distribution a DNO

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Western Power Distribution (WPD) is the distribution network operator (DNO) for the Midlands, South West and South Wales.

How many distribution network operators are there in the UK?

DNO regions and operators – In Great Britain there are 14 different district networks or DNO regions. However, because these 14 regions are managed by just six operators, it is relatively simple to work out who yours is. The map below from the Energy Networks Association provides a good visual idea of where they operate.

What is my MPAN number?

What is an MPAN number? – Your Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) is the unique identity reference number for your electricity meter, Sometimes called an ‘S number’ or ‘Supply Number’, your MPAN should be easy to spot on your meter or bill as it’s a 21-digit number that begins with an ‘S’.

Who is my gas distributor UK?

Who is my gas supplier? – To find out who supplies your gas, head to the Meter Point Administration Service’s online search tool, It will ask you for your address then tell you exactly who your current energy supplier for gas is. Or, you can call the meter number helpline on 0870 608 1524,