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What is Pete Wicks famous for

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Pete Wicks
Born Peter James Wicks 1 November 1988 (age 34) Harlow, Essex, England
Occupation Television personality
Television The Only Way Is Essex (2015–2022) Celebs Go Dating (2019, 2020, 2022) Celebrity MasterChef (2020) The Celebrity Circle (2021)

Peter James Wicks (born 1 November 1988) is an English television personality who was a cast member on the ITVBe reality series The Only Way Is Essex,

Who is Pete Wicks in a relationship with?

Pete Wicks quickly became TOWIE ‘s hottest lothario when he joined the cast back in 2015 and romanced the likes of Jess Wright and Megan McKenna. Pete’s two biggest relationships were his turbulent 18-month on / off relationship with Megan and his subsequent romance with Shelby Tribble, although he seems to have forgotten about the latter if his latest comments are anything to go by. ©Getty Pete said, “I’m always single. I’ve only had one girlfriend. It was for 18 months and it was more off than it was on. I was with her last night, Megan McKenna. That’s the only girlfriend I’ve ever had. “She dumped me and threw me out every week. Literally every week.” Clearly he’s forgotten about his eight-month relationship with Shelby, who joined the cast of TOWIE in 2018 as Pete’s new flame.

Their romance got off to quite a rocky start after Liam ‘Gatsby’ Blackwell alleged that Shelby had grinded on him on a night out. However, by the start of the next series Pete and Shelby had gone “official” and had both dropped the L-bomb. Sadly though, their relationship didn’t work out and they split amid claims Pete was texting TEN other women.

Shelby later admitted she had felt “in Megan McKenna’s shadow” throughout their relationship. These days, Shelby is loved up with another TOWIE star – Sam Mucklow – and they share one-year-old son Abel. Pete is set to take part in Celebs Go Dating for the third time later this month, but fans are convinced he might have let slip that he has a secret girlfriend.

  1. On an episode of their podcast, Staying Relevant, Pete was quizzed by Sam Thompson about who he took home after a night out.
  2. Sam asked “Were you with the girl?” To which Pete responded, “I don’t know what girl you’re talking about because obviously I am filming something at the minute which means I am not dating anyone.” Hmmm.

That doesn’t sound suspicious at all, does it? Admittedly, this particular episode aired a few weeks ago, so perhaps – perhaps – the female friend Sam quizzes Pete about is someone he met on the E4 show. If so, it would be the agency’s first successful pairing EVER. Pete is reportedly interested in dating another of his TOWIE co-stars ©ITV Pictures

How did Pete Wicks and Sam Thompson meet?

They’re the dynamic duo who often leave fans in stitches with their wacky social media skits and polar opposite personalities. Pete Wicks and Sam Thompson ‘s bromance has stood the test of time since the pair met on Celebs Go Dating in 2018. And despite his tough exterior, former TOWIE star Pete, 34, even has the odd gushing moment for his Made In Chelsea pal as he touches on his pride over Sam’s recent ADHD documentary. Sam Thompson and Pete Wicks have proved that their bromance stands the test of time since meeting on Celebs Go Dating in 2018 and forming a close bond. Hi, Sam and Pete! How are you both? Sam : Good! Pete is over at my house today and we’re going to film some Instagram content so it’ll be fun.

  • Pete : I don’t know what we’re doing, but it’s normally a day full of Sam aggravating me.
  • Sam : We’ll do a couple of dances, Pete will be wearing a wig – just normal stuff.
  • What does a typical day together look like? Pete : Every day is different.
  • That’s what I love about our job – if you can call it a job.

Sam: It’s nice because we do a lot of solo stuff through the week and then when we record our podcast it all comes together. We’re so lucky and I love what we do so much – it sounds cringe but it genuinely is such a blessing. You’re both always so busy.

Do you find it difficult to take time out and relax? Pete : I find it difficult to de-stress around Sam! Weirdly enough, people imagine I’m the one who is more stressy but it’s actually him. I think that’s because I spend a lot of time on my own and you need to do that sometimes to switch off. Sam : Yeah, I’m a man who struggles to de-stress.

You’re both very open about mental health. Have you found it more difficult to speak out being men? Sam: Good question. I think me and Pete are slightly different humans – I’m more of a modern man so I talk about feelings a lot and sometimes he’ll say I’m a bit of an over-sharer.

  • Pete: I think there’s still a massive stigma around mental health.
  • A lot of men don’t talk, but things are getting better.
  • Men should be able to do that as much as women – everyone should have people around them they can speak to.
  • But I do think that talking is not the only answer.
  • Mental health is a serious subject that a lot of people deal with, and it’s not always the easiest thing to talk.

But there’s so many other things that help. Talking about it works well for some people, but it’s not for everyone – it’s about finding what’s best for you. The duo have collaborated with Baylis and Harding for their Goodness Mens collection Does the two of you being so unalike help you support each other in different ways? Sam: Yes, absolutely. Yin and Yang over here – I think that’s why we work so well together.

  • I genuinely do balance Pete out.
  • There are times when I’ll call him and just be like, “How are you?” And he says, “Don’t do this,” but I won’t let him hang up until he tells me how he is.
  • And there’s other things where he teaches me how to be a bit more “Pete”.
  • So I do think we help each other mentally.

Pete: Yeah, I agree with that. I think the most important thing for anyone is that even if you’re just talking about your day, it’s knowing that someone is there and someone cares. Sam is always there for me, and vice versa, so that’s good. Mainly good for him, but also for me, sometimes.

Sam: The first person I go to with a problem is Pete. It goes: Pete, my dad, Pete again, maybe Zara, then Louise, Pete has a lot of life experience, so whatever it is, he’s normally gone through it. Sam, your documentary Is This ADHD? has recently aired – how has the support been? Sam: I was so nervous when it came out but I’ve had such lovely messages.

When you’re doing a documentary it is very invasive, which makes sense because otherwise there is no point, but it is nuts. I thought that because it was a hard-hitting topic the reviews would be harsh, but the support has been amazing. I’m not going to cry but it does make me quite emotional.

Pete: I watched it and I think he came across really well. I haven’t told Sam this, but I watch everything he does. I never watch myself back on TV because I don’t like to, but at the end of the day, he is my brother and I care about what he does. Sam: I need a recording of Pete saying something that nice about me! Sam, you said that getting a diagnosis was something you wanted before having children.

Are kids on the cards for you and Zara anytime soon? Sam: about it, but just not immediately. Zara is 26 and she’s doing so much with her career, which I am too, so we want to focus on that at the moment. Once you have kids everything changes, so we just want to make sure we’ve done “us” first. “The first person I go to with a problem is Pete,” admits Sam (Image: NEW MAGAZINE COPYRIGHT- DO NOT USE) Congratulations on working with Baylis and Harding on the new shower range – what made you want to get involved? Sam: Well for me, and Zara will agree with this, she always says I don’t use any product.

She’s like, “You just wash yourself with water and you don’t go through the experience.” Then this collection came along and it’s so nice, I’ve requested more bottles already. You do feel relaxed and like you’ve been in the spa afterwards, you smell unreal. I like the experience now – the Sandalwood & Rich Vanilla Shower Gel is my favourite.

Pete: For me, I’m more of a bath person – it’s my me-time. I try to make a little bit more effort because I think that’s really important. It helps your mental state when you feel fresh and you’ve had a bit of time to yourself before you crack on with the rest of the day.

  • Do you have a self-care routine? Sam: How long do you have? Pete is 34 going on 75.
  • There’s a lot of stuff he needs to do before leaving the house.
  • But for me, I just like to sit down and have a nice chat with Zara.
  • Pete and I did recently have a shower together, he can’t deny that.
  • Pete: We did have a shower together but it’s not going to be a regular thing.

We both tried a cold shower, too. Sam liked it but I’m not a big fan – I think it stressed me out more than it de-stressed me. Baylis & Harding’s Goodness Men’s collection is available from selected Boots and Waitrose stores and online. For details, visit,

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Who is the richest TOWIE star

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1. Mark Wright – £9.2million – via Instagram And the TOWIE cast member with the biggest net worth is Mark Wright, the OG bad boy from the series. Mark has a net worth of nearly £10million. After leaving TOWIE Mark went on a number of other shows including Strictly Come Dancing and I’m A Celebrity.

Who was Pete Wicks sexting?

THE GLOW UP – Maria Fowler now – We use the term ‘Now” very loosely with Maria, this picture is from early 2017 – that’s because we can’t find any recent pics as she is keeping it on the down low. We do know that is she is a makeup artist now, at least she is doing something.

  • This comes two years after Pete was caught sexting his ex Jacqui Ryland while on holiday with his former girlfriend Megan McKenna,
  • Some of the messages were too explicit to be printed and Pete also implied that Megan was ‘boring’ and that he ‘missed being single.’ The couple split, but reunited shortly after sparking the start of a turbulent on/off relationship lasting another year.
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Shelby has now hinted it would be ‘interesting’ to meet with Megan and discuss their similar stories. However, Pete has suggested the two situations were very different. A source told the publication: ” It was a short relationship that was only official for a couple of months.” We’ve reached out to Pete’s reps for a comment.

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Are Pete and Chloe still friends

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What happened with Pete Wicks and Chloe Sims? – They fell out after “crossing the boundaries” of their friendship and we never thought we’d see the day that Pete and Chloe reunited – especially after she unfollowed him on Instagram – but, much to our surprise, the TOWIE stars have been spotted together.

kinda. In honour of her sister Demi’s birthday, Chloe took to her Instagram Stories to share a series of throwbacks and among them was a video featuring Pete poking fun at the youngest Sims sister. “That’s a serious outfit, Dem,” Pete can be heard telling Demi in the clip, to which she replies, “I know, I’m just lit.

I’m fire. I’m the fire emoji!” Chloe posted this throwback video of Pete to celebrate Demi’s birthday ©Instagram/Chloe Sims “You’re lit! You’re fire! Fire in the booth!”, Pete shouts back as Demi and Chloe giggle in the background. Although Pete featured in the video, Chloe didn’t mention him in the post and simply paid tribute to Demi instead.

She wrote, “@demsims you are ❤️‍🔥🔥”. It’s been a struggle to keep up with Pete and Chloe’s rollercoaster relationship at time, but the pair are firmly OFF with the mum of one opening up about her decision to hit the unfollow button and cut Pete out of her life. “There isn’t a major reason why. We haven’t got a friendship or a relationship – not in a bad way, we just went our separate ways,” she told new! magazine at the time.

She added, “I genuinely wasn’t doing it in a nasty way. I’ve had him muted for a long time and I just didn’t want to have him on there any more.” Chloe also insisted she wasn’t on bad terms with Pete but instead said they were “not on any terms”, admitting, “It is what it is.” Pete and Chloe famously fell out after hooking up ©Shutterstock It’s a far cry from September 2021, when the reality TV veterans raised eyebrows after they were caught arm-in-arm at the National Television Awards. The pictures of the former “friends with benefits” beaming as they left the event together, sparked suspicion from fans that they’re back on, however Pete insisted they were just friends in an exclusive chat with Closer.

He told us last year, “We’re back to being mates again. Me and Chloe are really good. It’s been really nice to spend time with her again, I missed her. I’ve known her for such a long time and we’re such good friends. “Obviously, we had whatever happened between us, but I think that’s all in the past. It’s nice we can go out and have a laugh together.

I’ve done some filming for TOWIE with her and Diags and I love it. We’re genuine mates.”

What happened to Pete Wicks?

Pete Wicks quit TOWIE after eight years following rows with co-stars he dubbed ‘fake and fame hungry’, it has been reported. The show legend, 34, confirmed last month he was leaving the ITVBe show to focus on other work commitments. In his statement, Pete added that: “Through the ups and downs, and everything in between, one thing remains the same, Pete has left TOWIE after eight years A source told The Sun: “Pete wasn’t getting on great with some members of the cast as he thought a lot of them were just fame-hungry and not very authentic, especially some of the newer members of the show. They went on: “By the same token, a lot of the cast felt like Pete acted as if he was over it and above the rest of them, so they were relieved when he announced he was leaving.” Pete has been open about his rifts with certain cast members, speaking about it on the popular Saving Grace podcast in December. Pete, pictured in Celebrity SAS, has left TOWIE to concentrate on other opportunities (Image: Channel 4) The Celebs Go Dating veteran, who hosts his own podcast with good friend Sam Thompson, said: “I don’t actually get on with all of the cast of the cast.

  1. Over the years a lot of people have refused to film with me.
  2. I am exactly the same off camera to on camera.
  3. The majority of them are not.
  4. Because they are all fake f***s.” In the Staying Relevant podcast, he told former Made in Chelsea star Sam: “Get it right.
  5. I’m not barred.
  6. You have to say it right because that makes it sound like the show have banned me.

“No, they have refused to film with me. So no one is barred or banned, they could if they wanted to but they don’t want to. “So ITV Towie have not barred me from filming with people or banned me from filming with people, they just don’t want to film with me, which is worse actually because it effectively means no one likes me, which is understandable.” Although Pete has bid farewell to TOWIE for now, he said he could return “every now and then”. Pete on the ITVBe reality show (Image: ITVBE) In his statement, he said: “As much as I am excited to move into a new chapter in my life, I will sincerely miss filming every day with the cast and crew!” Teasing about the future, he concluded: “Don’t stress though, you may still see me pop-up every now and then, I will always be part of the TOWIE (highly dysfunctional) family.” The Mirror has approached Pete and ITV for comment.

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What did Pete Wicks do for a living before TOWIE

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Pete Wicks – Director – Before joining TOWIE, Pete worked for 11 years in the city as a director of a company. Since those days he has exchanged a corporate life for working in TV, modelling and presenting his own show ‘Reality News’ with Sam Thompson. The videos they produce together have been the highlight of this year’s lockdown. Source: samthompsonuk on Instagram

What is Pete Wicks real job?

How Pete Wicks Made his Money – Source: Instagram Before his stardom, Pete used to be a director of a company, where he supplied consultant doctors to the NHS. He now owns a string of properties and has a business portfolio, which earns him a fair bit of money, especially since apparently TOWIE doesn’t pay its stars extensively.

He also has a modelling career and gets brand deals. In 2018, he released his book, titled, For The Love Of Frenchies: The Dogs That Changed My Life. He also released his own clothing line, Hermano, which has garnered a lot of attention, with its own Instagram account that has 22.2K followers. Clearly, his work on TOWIE is his main job, but these other side projects have helped him to make a lot of money too.

He now has 1.2 million followers on Instagram and has used his platform to partner with businesses such as Just Eat, Sky TV, and Crystal Ski Holidays.

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Why did Chloe and Pete Wicks fall out

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TOWIE’s Chloe Sims explains why she unfollowed Pete Wicks and cut ties for good TOWIE stars Chloe Sims and Pete Wicks shocked fans when it was revealed the pair had been enjoying a secret romance. However, things seemingly turned sour when mum-of-one Chloe unfollowed her ex on social media earlier this year TOWIE: Pete Wicks tells Chloe he got her name tattooed in 2021

  • has opened up about her decision to remove any traces of ex, 33, from her social media accounts.
  • The TOWIE star unfollowed her co-star and former BFF earlier this year, and removed pictures of him from her grid.
  • Chloe, 40, has since revealed the social media cleanse wasn’t due to a bitter falling out, but out of respect for potential future partners.
  • “I’ve had Pete muted for a long time and I just didn’t want to have him on there any more,” the reality TV star has explained to,
  • The two stars have had a tumultuous relationship over the last few years, and in 2020, Pete admitted he had been sleeping with Chloe for two years, but their romance ended when they had a bitter falling out.

Chloe Sims has been chatting about her love life and dating as a single mother ( Dave Benett/Getty Images) The mum-of-one previously enjoyed a secret romance with her TOWIE co-star Pete Wicks ( GC Images)

  1. He told The Sun previously there were ‘blurred lines’ throughout their courtship and added: “We haven’t been officially seeing each other but there’s definitely been times it’s been more than just a friendship.”
  2. In an episode of TOWIE that aired in November, Pete even revealed a tattoo of Chloe’s name on his hand, telling her: “You are irreplaceable to me, so I might have got like a tattoo on my hand.”
  3. “The point of that is, you do mean everything to me and for anyone else who feels like I don’t or for anyone you feel like I’ve not justified this to, I do love you to bits.”

The former couple’s on-off relationship had many dramatic moments ( Timmie /

  • Things reportedly came to an end when Pete failed to commit to mum-of-one Chloe, who shares her 16-year-old daughter with a former partner, but the pair managed to patch things up and remain friends.
  • Speaking in her latest interview, Chloe refused to give anything away about her current relationship status, but opened up about how hard it can be to date as a single parent.

“I haven’t had that many serious relationships. When Mady was little you could get away with it as you could just say people were a friend,” the Essex native explained. The former couple appear to be trying to remain on friendly terms with each other ( chloe_simsstarship/Instagram) Chloe has previously said she has ‘no regrets’ about their secret romance ( Dave J Hogan/Getty Images) “I tend to keep her out of my private life.

  1. She added: “I would have to tread carefully and it would be a gentle process.”
  2. Talking on Instagram in the past, Chloe has admitted she has ‘no regrets’ about her secret romance with co-star Pete.
  3. “No I don’t because although it ended in tears on the show, we had so many good times,” she told a follower during an Instagram Q&A.

“Unfortunately you guys just didn’t see them. We always sort it out in the end & we love each other x.” Do you have a story to sell? Get in touch with us at [email protected] or call us direct at 0207 29 33033. You can find this story in Or by navigating to the user icon in the top right. : TOWIE’s Chloe Sims explains why she unfollowed Pete Wicks and cut ties for good

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Does Pete Wicks have a child

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The axed TOWIE star is looking hella fine – We all know that TOWIE ‘s Pete Wicks has got a, er, colourful relationship history, but did you know he has a secret son (maybe)? Yep, you heard us right. Pete recently commented, “my son ❤️”, on a picture of Ex TOWIE star Jayden Beales. Jayden replied, “dad ❤️”. There you have it, all the proof we need. ©Instagram/ @jaydenbeales A few days earlier Jayden posted a picture of Pete Wicks with the caption, “LONDON 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧”, suggesting the pair had been hanging out in the big city (maybe doing some wholesome father and son activities). ©Instagram/ @jaydenbeales Okay. Sorry to burst your bubble, but Pete isn’t ACTUALLY Jayden’s dad (in a biological sense at least). But why get hung up on the details? The fatherly bond is clearly there and that’s enough for us tbh. But Pete definitely doesn’t have a son (at least one that we know of). ©Instagram stories

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Did Pete Wicks find love?

PETE Wicks has dropped major hints he’s failed to find love again on Celebs Go Dating. The TOWIE veteran, 34, dubbed himself “the Ian Beale of reality TV” – referring to the longstanding EastEnders soap character – as he branded his latest matchmaking stint a “f**king nightmare” in an exclusive chat with The Sun. 5 Celebs Go Dating star Pete Wicks has hinted he’s failed to find love during his third stint on the show Credit: E4 5 The TOWIE stalwart, 34, told how his matchmaking show experience had been a ‘f**king nightmare’ In a candid analysis of why he is still single, following his latest unexpected reunion with on-off ex Towie star Megan McKenna, he told us: “No f**ker will put up with me! “I think it’s because I believe in soulmates, marriage and kids and all that stuff.

Why has Pete moved in with Sam?

Sam Thompson and Pete Wicks bromance – break-up support and ‘painful experience’ The Celebrity Circle duo have formed an incredibly close friendship – with Pete Wicks was forced to defend himself after being accused of ‘constantly knocking down’ Sam Thompson Pete and Sam will be exposed as catfish because their terrible at maths

  • Sam Thompson and Pete Wicks are the unlikely duo who have become thick as thieves.
  • No one would have expected the goofy but loveable Made in Chelsea star and The Only Way Is Essex lothario to have become such close friends over the years.
  • The pair’s relationship first blossomed on Celebs Go Dating back in 2018 – with the lads even going on a double date together.
  • While neither of them managed to find love on the sixth series of the E4 dating show, they did leave with an incredible bromance that none of us saw coming.

“What a guy you don’t see it all, but learned a lot of lessons from this dude having some self confidence being one of them. Love you long time my man,” wrote Sam on in March 2019. The reality TV stars have become almost inseparable ever since, even getting their own show Pete and Sam’s reality News, but it hasn’t always been plain sailing. Sam and Pete first met on Celebs Go Dating

  1. In June last year, Pete was forced to hit back against the accusation that he is ‘constantly knocking down’ Sam.
  2. When Sam commented “I love” on a selfie of Pete he’d posted on Instagram, the TOWIE star jokingly replied: “Just f*** off”.
  3. While it was clearly a joke between the mates, one of Sam’s followers then started going in on Pete in the comments section of the Made In Chelsea star’s candid message about struggling mentally in lockdown.
  4. The commenter tagged Sam’s sister Louise Thompson and his girlfriend, then wrote: “You both need to tell him to walk away from Pete Wicks it breaks my heart how hurtful his remarks are to Sam.

“Although Sam laughs it off the constant knocking him down and rudeness must hurt. Stay strong your surrounded by amazing people who love you and want the best for you.” They like getting pampered together ( Instagram) ( Instagram) Angered at someone questioning their friendship, Pete hit back by claiming that no one knows what their relationship is like away from the cameras and social media.

  • He wrote back: “I’m gonna be honest which some people don’t appreciate and I imagine you’re gonna be one of them.
  • You don’t know Sam, you don’t know me, you don’t know our relationship and you only see what we allow you to see.
  • We live in the real world, social media and TV is our job and something without the utmost respect you know f**k all about.

Have a great evening. I wish you all the best.” Sam has claimed he spent all of Celebs Go Dating with a “metaphoric sledgehammer” trying to break down Pete’s emotional barries. “When I first met him I thought, ‘we could be best mates,’ so I carried on chipping away and by the end of it the barrier came fully down and he told me he loved me,” explained Sam to New! magazine in 2019.

  • Zara confessed she slept with another man while she was on : Celebrity in 2019, leading the couple to split before getting back together at the end of last year.
  • While they were separated, Pete supported his best mate through some dark days.

Last November, Pete told “Sam is a really aggravating man. He’s like the brother I never wanted. But he’s one of the nicest, most genuine guys in the world, he’s got a genuine heart and obviously it was a really tough time for him.” Pete revealed he was there for Sam through the heartbreak and admits he sees Sam as a “brother”.

  1. Sam and Pete have perhaps been put through their toughest challenge yet during the new series of The Celebrity Circle.
  2. The close pals were forced to live with each other for six days while trying to convince the others players they were in fact Countdown star Rachel Riley.

Pete has provided Sam with a shoulder to cry on ( Instagram) Before going into their shared flat, Pete admitted he had some concerns about spending every waking moment with Sam. “Genuinely, I’m nervous about living with Sam. He’s like the Duracell bunny, and he’s like that 24/7.,” confessed Pete.

  • Pete also revealed fears that Sam could be constantly naked around their new joint flat as he usually wanders round his own house in pants all the time.
  • “Every time I turn up at his to film or do anything, he’s in boxers or in his pants,” explained Pete.
  • “So I’m hoping that there’s going to be some sort of rule where we have to wear clothes, because I’m not sure everyone wants to see Sam Thompson’s willy on telly.”

Sam and Pete had to live with each other for six days ( Channel 4 / Rachel Joseph) Meanwhile, Sam admitted that 95% of the reason he was doing The Celebrity Circle was that Pete was “contractually obliged” to live with him for six days. When asked why he wants to live with Pete so much, Sam said: “Because we’re just brothers! He is my Karl Pilkington.

I love watching him. He’s the most interesting bloke. “He’s like a man’s man and I just love being around him, and I know it sounds so weird, but when lockdown happened, they were like, “You’ve got to isolate with your people.” You had a day to go and decide who you were going to isolate with, right? “Well I tried to travel to Pete’s.

I tried to be like, “We’re going to lock down together, boy.” “And he said no, which my girlfriend was very happy about, because then I actually got to see her, but that was the game plan. Now I actually get to do it!” *The Celebrity Circle final airs tonight on Channel 4 at 9pm You can find this story in Or by navigating to the user icon in the top right.

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How old is Pete Wicks and Ella

Answered By: Thomas Collins Date: created: Oct 26 2023

Concerned about 11-year age gap romance.

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Which TOWIE star died

Answered By: Jackson Smith Date: created: Nov 12 2023

Towie star Lauren Goodger pays tribute after ex Jake McClean dies in car crash

star Lauren Goodger has paid tribute to her ex-boyfriend Jake McLean.On Sunday (3 July), in, where he was visiting with Towie cast member Yazmin Oukhellou. Goodger has since addressed the news of her ex-partner’s death.

In an Instagram story shared on Monday (4 July), she wrote: “RIP Jake. I have no words right now my thoughts are with your family & friends.” McLean and Goodger dated from 2012 to 2016. According to reports from the accident site, McLean was driving a car with Oukhellou as a passenger and lost control of the vehicle.

The car then fell off a cliff, a source told, Locals at the scene said that although emergency services tried to attend to McLean, they were unable to save him. Oukhellou is being treated for her injuries in a hospital in Turkey. Oukhellou had been in an on-off relationship with McLean for at least a year, but the status of their connection at the time of the trip is unknown.

Oukhellou and McLean had previously lived together in Dubai, after the end of her relationship with fellow cast member James Lock. In January, she announced that they had ended their romance via a post on Instagram. Fans have paid tribute to McLean, and shared messages of support to Oukhellou on her social media accounts.

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Why is Gatsby from TOWIE so rich

Answered By: Jaden Powell Date: created: Jul 27 2023

According to, the star is estimated to be worth a very impressive £2million. According to his LinkedIn, Gatsby is a real estate broker. Showcasing his talents, he wrote: ‘Have introduced over £100 Million pounds worth of property to realty companies I work alongside.

Is Tommy Mallet a millionaire?

Tommy Mallet admits he struggles with the way people treat him Published: 19:37 BST, 29 April 2022 | Updated: 16:15 BST, 30 April 2022

  • has admitted that people have started to ‘treat him differently’ since he became a multi-millionaire.
  • The former star, 29, is now worth a whopping £6million after his trainer empire – Mallet – boomed during the pandemic.
  • The humble Essex native said he also ‘struggles’ with the way he is now looked upon since his days on the hit ITVBe show.

New person: Tommy Mallet has admitted that people have started to ‘treat him differently’ since becoming a multimillionaire Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, he said: ‘I am treated differently now to how I was when I was on TOWIE. ‘At the NTAs someone said hello to me who never, ever says hello to me.

  1. ‘Then it became quite normal.
  2. That is not how I roll.
  3. When I go to certain things, people talk to me who never used to speak to me and I find that all very strange.’ The inspirational reality star once said that as a child he couldn’t afford trainers and that was partly what spurred him in a true rags to riches story Support: Tommy also credits his fiancé Georgia Kousoulou for keeping him grounded.

The couple welcomed their baby boy Brody into the world last year The businessman credits his close circle of five friends for keeping him grounded and says he ‘can count on’ them. Tommy also acknowledges his fiancé Georgia Kousoulou for keeping him grounded.

The couple welcomed their baby boy Brody into the world last year. The pair, who have been together since 2014, also announced their engagement in February with Tommy popping the question during a family holiday to Mexico. The mogul, who is opening business showrooms all over the world including America, Canada, Australia and Dubai, admitted he is still uncomfortable with how people treat him.

Bond: Tommy said he credits his son Brody with helping him get through the tough days He said: ‘I don’t really tend to get treated very normal now so that’s something I struggle with. Talking about what is going on.’ However, he credits his infant son Brody with helping him get through the tough days.

‘It doesn’t matter how hard it is getting if I see Brody sitting there laughing then I am happy. I feel so lucky. Everything else is a bonus,’ he explained. Success: The inspirational reality star once said that as a child he couldn’t afford trainers and that was partly what spurred him in a true rags to riches story However, the one thing that the father-of-one aspires to have most in life is a quiet life.

He said: ‘I want more peace as I am getting older but I am hungry to achieve and I want to leave a legacy for the baby and my family so yeah. I go through stages. ‘It is never straightforward. What I do for work is my lifestyle. I will just stop. When I no longer get happiness from it – it won’t be worth it.

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It is my baby.’ Cute: Speaking about his upcoming nuptials to his long-term partner Georgia, Tommy said that their son Brody might drive his toy Mercedes’ down the aisle Speaking about his upcoming nuptials to his long-term partner Georgia, Tommy said that their son Brody might drive his toy Mercedes’ down the aisle.

He said: ‘We want to get it done quick so let’s hope he is walking by then! It will be lovely to see him in a matching suit. ‘He has got a car which he can start and drive already and he is only 11 months so I wouldn’t put it past him to be in that!’ Life-changing: Tommy’s Mexico proposal will be played out for ITVBe viewers during the second series of their show Baby Steps this Sunday Parents: Georgia welcomed a baby boy with her boyfriend Tommy in May 2021, and gushed it was the ‘greatest experience of life’

  1. The couple have given an insight into parenthood and their engagement in ITVBe’s Georgia & Tommy: Baby Steps, with episode two, airing on Sunday at 9pm, documenting them in Mexico.
  2. The episode will give a glimpse into how Tommy deals with controlling his stress and language around Brody, when a phone-call from his dad brings some shocking news about one of his containers of Mallett merchandise.
  3. The hour-long show will also feature Tommy undergoing his incredible proposal plan for Georgia as it finally happens on screen.
  4. Watch episodes of Georgia and Tommy: Baby Steps on ITVBe on Sundays at 9pm.

Family: Georgia admitted she ‘rarely goes out these days’ but detailed how she gets the balance right : Tommy Mallet admits he struggles with the way people treat him

Asked By: Gerld Cook Date: created: Dec 03 2023

How many girlfriends has Pete Wicks had

Answered By: George Butler Date: created: Dec 05 2023

Pete Wicks has opened up about having to drop out of Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins, saying he was “truly gutted” to have to leave the show early, The TOWIE favourite, 33, had to be medically withdrawn from the brutal Channel 4 show after he knocked himself unconscious and broke his ribs during a challenge. Pete Wicks was forced to drop out of Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins (Image: Channel 4) The 33 year old first joined the cast of TOWIE in 2015 and has found himself at the centre of a lot of drama over the years. Much of Pete’s eventful love life has played out on-screen, most notably his tumultuous relationship with former TOWIE co-star Megan McKenna, 29. Pete is best known for appearing on The Only Way Is Essex (Image: Getty) It’s believed that Pete is currently single as he was spotted outside of the infamous Celebs Go Dating agency back in August as filming for the new series got underway, Despite this, the TOWIE star told OK! shortly after: “No dating for me at the moment, I’m focusing on myself.” Earlier this month, Pete was spotted looking loved-up with influencer Gabriella Jane at Mayfair’s swanky Amazonico restaurant but neither have confirmed whether they are dating or just friends. He enjoyed an on-off romance with co-star Chloe Sims (Image: GC Images) His and Megan McKenna’s rocky relationship played out on TOWIE (Image: Getty) Become an OK! VIP and get all of our exclusive interviews, videos and stunning photo shoots sent straight to your inbox every week! You’ll receive an email with stories exclusive only for OK! VIP members, including celebrity house tours, baby reveals, wedding snaps and so much more! What are you waiting for? Sign up here While all the evidence suggests the long-haired Lothario is looking for love again, he previously insisted to OK! : “I only have room for my two dogs at the moment.

Eric and Peggy are all I need.” Pete’s love for his dogs is well documented and he lives in a stunning home in Essex with his two pampered pooches, who regularly feature on his social media accounts. He rarely shares snaps of his abode online but has given his followers a glimpse inside his cosy living room, which boasts a stunning dark green corner sofa and huge flatscreen TV.

The room also features sleek grey flooring and white walls, with double doors leading out into a large garden. Pete lives in a swanky pad in Essex with his pet dogs (Image: Instagram / Pete Wicks) His home features a stunning dark green sofa and minimalist decor (Image: Instagram / Pete Wicks) Pete regularly shares snaps of Eric and Peggy on social media After finding fame on TOWIE, Pete has carved a career in reality TV and has appeared on shows such as The Celebrity Circle, Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls and Celebrity MasterChef. He’s appeared on Celebs Go Dating twice in the past, as well as Celebrity Juice and CelebAbility.

Towie’s Pete Wicks ‘haunted’ amid medical withdrawal from Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins Celeb SAS star Amber Gill shares bikini boat snaps and says ‘consensual photos are sexy’ Where SAS Who Dares Wins is filmed in Jordan as celebs take on gruelling show Ferne McCann’s mum guilt as she missed Sunday’s birthday for Celeb SAS: ‘I’m the worst’ Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins reveals star studded line up including Love Island winner

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Do Chloe Sims and Pete Wicks still talk

Answered By: Curtis Washington Date: created: Dec 04 2023

Chloe Sims confirms she’s cut ties with Pete Wicks after he tattooed NAME on him ‘HE’S MUTED’

  • Published : 12:45, 21 Mar 2022
  • Updated : 15:51, 21 Mar 2022

CHLOE Sims has ended her friendship with former flame Pete Wicks for good. The 40-year-old Towie star’s love/hate relationship with the Essex lothario goes back years, and until recently it appeared they had buried past grievances.4 Chloe Sims has muted Pete Wicks on Instagram Credit: Instagram 4 Chloe is currently single Credit: Instagram However, Chloe has erased all trace of her ex from her Instagram account and in an interview with new! Magazine admitted to muting him online.

  • She said: “I’ve had Pete muted for a long time and I just didn’t want to have him on there any more.”
  • In November Chloe shed tears of joy as Pete revealed he’d had her name tattooed on his hand in a sweet moment in the Towie series finale.
  • To make her birthday meal even more touching, he told her “I love you”.
  • In the scene he told Chloe that he wanted to do “something that would signify” how she was “irreplaceable” in his life.
  • “That’s a big word, Pete,” she replied, to which he reassured her: “You are irreplaceable to me, so I might have got like a tattoo on my hand.”
  • Holding up his left wrist, Pete revealed her name freshly inked on his hand.

Covering her face with her hands, shocked mum-of-one Chloe said: “How have I not noticed that? Oh my god! That is so nice!”

  1. Pete told her: “The point of that is, you do mean everything to me and for anyone else who feels like I don’t or for anyone you feel like I’ve not justified this to, I do love you to bits.”
  2. The reality TV stars were in a secret on-off relationship for two years that ended bitterly after details of the under wraps romance leaked out.
  3. The former best pals didn’t speak for months after their fallout, but reunited last summer.
  4. Despite rumours that they could be more than friends, it seems Chloe has chosen to distance herself from him instead.
  5. The single star is in no rush to find love and doesn’t want to disrupt daughter Madison’s life.

She said: “I haven’t had that many serious relationships. When Mady was little you could get away with it as you could just say people were a friend. “I tend to keep her out of my private life. If I was in a serious relationship, I don’t think I would rush that, as she is used to having me all to herself.” 4 Chloe was left lost for words at Pete’s declaration of love Credit: Lime Pictures LTD/ITV 4 The reality star unveiled the tattoo as a present for Chloe’s 40th birthday Credit: Lime Pictures LTD/ITV : Chloe Sims confirms she’s cut ties with Pete Wicks after he tattooed NAME on him

What happened to Pete Wicks on sad?

SAS Who Dares Wins’ Pete Wicks ‘angry and bitter’ after being forced off show Towie star Pete Wicks has spoken about being forced to pull out of Channel 4 show Celebrity SAS Who Dares Wins after an injury meant he couldn’t carry on Celebrity SAS: Pete Wicks breaks down as he fights Jenifer Ellison

  • Pete Wicks has broken his silence after show Celebrity SAS Who Dares Wins through injury.
  • The 33-year-old Towie star was knocked out after jumping from a helicopter, which left him face down in the water with broken ribs.
  • While he was able to recover in that instance, Pete was later told that he would have to quit the gruelling TV show due to the injuries he had.
  • This has left a bad taste in the mouth of the reality star, who has said he is ‘angry and bitter’ at having to walk away from the demanding series.

Speaking for the first time since his departure, Pete told : “I was gutted actually. Listen, this is a bit of a thing for me, it’s like I’ve always wanted to do this show and the worst thing for me was to be taken out because that’s something that I can’t control.” Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins hopeful Pete Wicks was left injured in a horrifying incident ( Channel 4)

  1. Reflecting on leaving the show, Pete admitted “they’re a hundred percent right because I wouldn’t have been able to carry on with my broken ribs.”
  2. He continued to add that he was “absolutely gutted” because he feels “like I failed” and that this was “something that will f***ing haunt me because I just don’t fail things.”
  3. The Towie favourite added that he was “hurt, gutted, disappointed, f***ed off and angry at myself.”

Pete Wicks is gutted at having to leave Celebrity SAS Who Dares Wins ( p_wicks01/Instagram)

  • Pete concluded: “I felt like I’d let a lot of people down, I felt like I’d let myself down.”
  • While a certain degree of fitness is required, Pete said that being on the Channel 4 show is “more mental than it is anything else.”
  • The reality star seriously hurt his ribs but wanted to continue.

He said: “My ribs were really bruised and it’s taken a long time to heal. Pete Wicks alongside his Celebrity SAS co-stars ( Pete Dadds / Channel 4) “Obviously me being unconscious is a big thing, they can’t take any risks and I totally get that. “But it doesn’t mean I’m not absolutely gutted.