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What happened to Rachel in Emmerdale

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Rachel Hughes was the daughter of Kate and David Hughes, and the older sister of Mark Hughes, Rachel married Chris Tate and they had a son, Joseph Tate, in 1995, After divorcing Chris, she fell for teacher Graham Clark who turned out to be evil and during an argument, he pushed her to her death off a cliff. Before her death, Rachel worked out that Graham had killed his first wife.

Who is Rachel Hughes husband?

Rachel Hughes

In-universe information
Brothers Mark Hughes
Husband Chris Tate (1995–1997)
Sons Joe Tate
Grandfathers Eddie Hammond

Who was Rachel that used to be in Emmerdale?

Who was Rachel Breckle? – ITV Rachel was a regular character on Emmerdale across two separate stints. Played by Gemma Oaten, she first joined the village in July 2011 and stuck around until January 2014, Rachel then made a surprise return the following year for a seven-month stint,

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What happened to Graham and Rachel in Emmerdale

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1998-1999: Arrival and killing Rachel – Graham arrived in the village in August 1998 and he looked around Keepers Cottage after Lady Tara Oakwell evicted Seth Armstrong and Betty Eagleton, When he discovered the reason for the sale, he refused to buy it.

  • He began dating Rachel Hughes,
  • Graham at first appeared to be a perfect boyfriend for Rachel, who had a son Joe,
  • Graham moved in with her and redecorated her home, cooked and even alphabetised her CD collection.
  • But gradually Graham began to take control of Rachel’s life.
  • He got her to dress differently and dye her hair auburn so that she resembled his dead wife.

Graham later took Rachel for a walk in the countryside and Rachel realised that Graham had an overwhelming desire to control every woman he dated. Graham planned a day out at Burview Crag where he would propose to her. Rachel saw a photo of Graham’s dead wife, who had auburn hair.

Rachel realised that is why she was asked by Graham to dye her hair auburn. Rachel tried to escape but Graham tried to force himself on her and she fled away in fear until Graham trapped her on a clifftop. During a struggle, she fell but landed on a ledge, and was helped up by Graham. She tore a ligament in her leg.

After a short talk, Rachel realised Graham had murdered his wife and made it look like she had committed suicide. In a panic, Graham then pushed Rachel off the cliff where she fell several metres to her death. He later went to the police station and reported Rachel missing, saying they got lost when racing through the woods, and joined the search to find her to avoid suspicion.

Her dead body was found at the bottom of the cliff by Jack Sugden, When he arrived at the place where she had fallen, Graham pretended to have just come across her body to divert suspicion away from him. Graham pretended to be grief-stricken and told Eric Pollard that Rachel had accepted his marriage proposal to her.

But Eric had spoken to Rachel the day before her death and knew that she had been thinking of ending her relationship with Graham. Eric was suspicious of Graham and, believing he had killed Rachel, he tried to find incriminating evidence against Graham but was unsuccessful.

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Who got Emily pregnant in Emmerdale

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Emmerdale may have confirmed the identity of Amelia Spencer’s baby daddy, as she confided in Charity Dingle on Wednesday night. She was asked outright if one teenage boy in particular was the dad, to which she said no. But it was the look on her face that seemed to give the game away to Charity, appearing to confirm her son Noah Dingle was the father. Emmerdale may have confirmed the identity of Amelia Spencer’s baby daddy (Image: ITV) Since then, Samson Dingle and Heath Hope have also been tipped to be the dad, while until now there have been no names offered by Amelia. Charity asked her whether she had been forced into having sex, after Noah’s recent dark behaviour with Chloe Harris, but Amelia denied this to be the case. Amelia appeared to tell Charity her son Noah Dingle was the father (Image: ITV) Charity immediately responded: “Oh my God, it is Noah isn’t it,” to which Amelia went to respond before being cut off. So it seems Noah could be the dad after all, while viewers had not seen the teenager with Noah or any other boy, romantically, prior to the storyline. Emmerdale’s Amelia Spencer appeared to tell Charity Dingle who the father is of her unborn baby (Image: ITV) One viewer said: “Don’t think it’s Noah’s. Too easy. Has to be someone who will shock everyone.” Another agreed: “I think Noah being the dad is too obvious I think it will end up being Samson.” A third fan added: “‘It’s not Noah’ ‘oh god it is Noah’ Oh Charity,” as another said: “Lying methinks.” It comes as Charity Dingle’s true reasons for being at the abortion clinic were revealed.

  1. Charity was heard revealing her own pregnancy on the phone to a clinic, as she shared her plans to have an abortion.
  2. Got any theories or thoughts on the storyline? Let us know in the comments section below Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7:30pm on ITV, with an hour-long episode on Thursdays.
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Who was the mother of Joseph Tate in Emmerdale?

Joe Tate –

Joe Tate
Emmerdale character
Portrayed by Oliver Young (1995–2005) Ned Porteous (2017–2018)
Duration 1995–2005, 2017–2018
First appearance Episode 1980 13 June 1995
Last appearance Episode 8299 30 October 2018
Classification Former; regular
Introduced by Mervyn Watson (1995) Iain MacLeod (2017)
In-universe information


Joseph “Joe” Tate (alias Tom Waterhouse ), originally portrayed by Oliver Young, was born on 8 June 1995 and made his first appearance in the following episode. He is the son of Chris Tate ( Peter Amory ) and Rachel Hughes ( Glenda McKay ). He continued to appear on a recurring basis until 22 September 2005, when the character departed.

  1. On 13 September 2017, Ned Porteous joined the cast as businessman Tom Waterhouse, who was later revealed to be Joseph on 4 January 2018.
  2. Joe was seemingly killed off on 11 October 2018 but on 18 March 2019 he was revealed to be alive and living abroad.
  3. Joseph is born prematurely to parents Chris and Rachel, and named after Rachel’s former stepfather Joe Sugden ( Frazer Hines ) and Rachel’s brother Mark Hughes ( Craig McKay ).

Since Chris and his dad Frank Tate ( Norman Bowler ) are away in a meeting when Rachel goes into labour, Chris’s former wife Kathy Tate ( Malandra Burrows ) helps Rachel and becomes Joseph’s godmother. When Chris and Rachel divorce, Rachel obtains custody of Joseph.

  1. The following year, Rachel begins a relationship with Graham Clark ( Kevin Pallister ), who later murders her by pushing her off a cliff.
  2. Joseph begins living with Chris, although when Chris marries Charity Dingle ( Emma Atkins ), Joseph opts to attend boarding school.
  3. Two years later, Chris commits suicide, framing Charity for his murder and leaving Joseph an orphan.

Zoe Tate ( Leah Bracknell ), Chris’ sister, obtains custody of Joseph and in 2005, they leave the village with Zoe’s daughter, Jean Tate ( Megan Pearson ). Joseph continues to attend boarding school in England where he becomes friends with groundskeeper Graham Foster ( Andrew Scarborough ) and saves him from a fire.

  1. At the age of 15 Joseph locks his headmaster in a cupboard as a prank and Zoe makes Graham Joseph’s guardian to prevent him being expelled.
  2. On leaving school Joseph starts his own business with Graham as his associate.
  3. Twelve years after leaving the village, Joseph returns to Emmerdale, using the alias Tom Waterhouse.

He meets Debbie Dingle about leasing a Bentley, Tom and Debbie later kiss and sleep together, he then buys her a Bentley and a house, Jacob’s Fold. They begin a relationship. Debbie soon discovers that Tom has invested in a golf course that is to be built on the land that the Dingles’ cottage, Wishing Well, is built on.

Joseph reveals his true identity, takes back the Bentley, evicts Debbie and her children, Sarah and Jack Sugden, out of Jacob’s Fold and ends his relationship with Debbie, telling her that she was collateral damage in his pursuit of seeking revenge on her mother, Charity, for driving his father, Chris, to suicide.

Joseph buys his childhood home, Home Farm, from the Whites and later moves into it. He makes up with Debbie and starts a relationship with his brother Noah Dingle. On 13 September 2017, it was announced that Porteous had been cast as Tom Waterhouse, a love interest for Debbie.

  1. Tom is billed as a “wealthy businessman”, while Porteous described the character as “very cool and fun”, the actor admitted he found his casting enjoyable but intimidating.
  2. On 4 January 2018, Tom was revealed to be Joseph Tate in a surprise on-screen twist which revealed that Joseph had returned to take revenge on Charity, blaming her for his father, Chris’ death.

On 11 October 2018, Joe is seemingly killed after a single punch by Debbie’s father, Cain Dingle ( Jeff Hordley ). However, when Graham puts Joe in the boot of his car, Joe’s hand twitches. Graham is then seen emotionally breaking down at the wheel of his car.

How many children did Frank Tate in Emmerdale have?

Frank Tate (Emmerdale)

In-universe information
Wife Jean Tate (backstory) Kim Tate (until 1993, 1994–1997)
Sons Liam Hammond Chris Tate Caleb Miligan Jamie Tate
Daughters Zoe Tate
Grandsons Joe Tate Noah Dingle Nicky Miligan

Is Chris Tate in a wheelchair in real life?

Storylines – Chris Tate first arrived at Emmerdale in November 1989 when his father Frank ( Norman Bowler ) and stepmother Kim bought Home Farm. He was the managing director of his father’s haulage firm. He had owned a flat in Skipdale, but moved into Home Farm soon afterwards to be closer to love interest Kathy Merrick ( Malandra Burrows ).

  • It quickly becomes clear that Chris has a tense relationship with father, partly due to the death of Chris’s mother Jean following her death from cancer five years ago.
  • Another reason is because of Frank’s remarriage to his secretary Kim, who was only a few years older than Chris and had been having an affair with Frank whilst Jean was ill.

Despite the turbulence between father and son, Chris was close to his younger sister Zoe, When Frank admitted he had helped Jean die when she was terminally ill, Chris initially accused Frank and Kim of plotting his mother’s death. Chris was also unimpressed when Kim persuaded Frank to have an operation to reverse his vasectomy,

Chris and Kathy eventually began dating and Chris wrote a song for Kathy to sing at a village concert, ‘Just This Side of Love’ (which was released as a single sung by Malandra Burrows ). They briefly split up over Chris’s gambling habits after he lost his motorbike in a poker match to Alan Turner ( Richard Thorp ), but reunite and marry on 5 November 1991.

The marriage began to break down a year later when Chris found out Kathy knew that Kim was having an affair with village toff Rt. Hon. Neil Kincaid ( Brian Deacon ). In the row that follows, Chris nearly hit Kathy and later confides in Zoe that he is worried that he has inherited their father’s temper.

Chris also admitted that although he wanted children, Kathy didn’t. When Frank relapses into his old alcoholism to the point where he starts drinking again, Chris sees an opportunity to gain control of the business by buying Kim’s shares. His plan to do so involves mortgaging his and Kathy’s cottage to do so.

Kathy soon finds out about this when Frank discovers what his son has done and accuses Kathy of conspiring with Chris against him. To Chris’ surprise, however, Zoe joined forces with Frank to vote down Chris. Kathy, unhappy with his actions, begins an affair with American wine merchant Josh Lewis (Peter Warnock), and plans to leave Chris by the end on 1993.

On 30 December 1993, Chris spent the evening in Skipdale with a friend – unaware Kathy was planning to leave him that night. He was supposed to pick up Kathy and meet Zoe in the Woolpack, but went straight to the pub and was there when a plane crashed into the village. Chris was trapped in the wreckage of the wine bar, with his family thinking he was still in Skipdale.

He was eventually discovered by Josh, and was dug out overnight. He had spinal injuries and was left paraplegic, Chris was very bitter about being disabled and realized that Kathy was only with him out of duty. He formed a bond with her best-friend- Rachel Hughes ( Glenda McKay ), whose brother, Mark, died in the plane crash and she began giving him swimming lessons.

The friendship became an affair and Kathy found out when she saw them kissing on their third wedding anniversary. When Kathy found out Rachel was expecting Chris’s child, she slapped Chris and threw him out of his wheelchair. The following summer, Rachel went into labor prematurely not long after discovering that her stepfather Joe Sugden ( Frazer Hines ) had died.

She gave birth to a baby boy named “Joseph Mark” after her stepfather and brother. Chris helped Rachel raise their son and the pair started to fall out with Frank over his interference with Joseph. Later on 7 December 1995, Chris and Rachel got married – though Joe’s brother Jack Sugden ( Clive Hornby ) and his wife Sarah ( Alyson Spiro ) were the only attendees due to Frank’s refusal to attend the ceremony.

However, the marriage lasted less than a year after Chris reverts to his position in Frank’s business to the point where he becomes just as money-ambitious as his father himself – much to Rachel’s disapproval. They soon divorce after Chris indirectly causes Rachel to undergo financial problems and the pair end up squabbling over their rights to Joseph.

By then, Chris has become archenemies with his stepmother Kim ever since the Plane Crash aftermath. This continues to the stage where Frank divorces Kim after her affair with Kathy’s new fiancé, Dave Glover ( Ian Kelsey ), is exposed. Dave soon dies after rescuing Kim’s infant son James from a fire at Home Farm on Christmas 1996.

In the new year, Kim loses everything when Frank is revealed to be James’ father – not Dave as she had hoped – and she soon leaves the village under mysterious circumstances. When it later becomes apparent that Kim has died after her car and a body was identified to be her in the quarry, Chris relishes in her supposed death.

However, he is left outraged when Frank gets arrested and imprisoned under the circumstances behind Kim’s death. Chris also discovers that Kim has conned £350,000 in a business transaction between them and wishes he killed her for this. In 1997, it is revealed that Kim is actually alive and had faked her death in order to get revenge on Frank by implicating him under the circumstances that his role behind her supposed disappearance has led to her death.

She returns to the village to confront Frank and ultimately kills him after causing their argument to end with Frank having a fatal a heart attack; Kim watches Frank die without helping him. On the day of Frank’s funeral, Chris and Zoe discover that Kim is alive. He speculates that she killed Frank and swears revenge on Kim for his death, especially when Kim later inherits everything in Frank’s will.

Their rivalry intensifies for a long period of time, even when it comes to the pair co-managing operations in both Frank’s business in Tate Haulage and at Home Farm. Trouble emerges when Kim gets into a business partnership with a seemingly-legitimate aristocrat named Lord Alex Oakwell (Rupam Maxwell), who later turns out to be illegitimate when he causes the death of Zoe’s best friend Linda Fowler ( Tonicha Jeronimo ) on the night Kim celebrates her engagement party with her would-be second husband Steve Marchant ( Paul Opacic ).

Although Alex Oakwell is eventually killed for his actions a year later, thanks to Linda’s brother Roy ( Nicky Evans ) seeking justice for his sister’s murder, Linda’s death has further instigated her family’s resentment towards Chris over an earlier incident. A few months ago when Frank was still alive, Chris had sexually harassed Linda to the point where he tried to rape her one night.

He later planned to have Linda and her husband Biff ( Stuart Wade ) evicted from the family house. However, when Linda’s father Ned Glover ( Johnny Leeze ) learns about her ordeal, he furiously kidnaps Chris and attempts to kill him at the quarry – nearly doing so until Linda and Biff, along with her mother Jan (Roberta Kerr), talk him out of it.

In 1998, Chris is pleased to learn that Kim and Steve are planning to sell Home Farm due to their financial problems not long after the pair get married. He seeks the help from Alex Oakwell’s former wife Tara Cockburn ( Anna Brecon ) in her partnership with the Tates to grant him ownership of Home Farm.

This works successfully and Chris sends Kim and Steve packing as they move out of Home Farm. A few months later, Chris seeks his chance to get revenge on Kim for his father’s death when both she and Steve end up facing a potential prison stint for stealing a horse from their business rival – which as a result got Kathy hospitalized.

  1. Steve was convicted to a 12-year prison sentence while Kim is set to face the same fate once her bail concludes.
  2. That night, Chris lures Kim into Home Farm for a confrontation as he attempts to bring Kim to justice for killing his father.
  3. When Chris tried to blackmail her into giving him custody of James, she hit Chris over the head and tipped him out of his wheelchair.

Kim then confessed to Chris that she had watched his father die, before pouring whisky over him and then escaping the village with James by helicopter. This was the last time Kim and Chris ever crossed paths. In 1999, Chris hires his lawyer Laura Johnstone ( Louise Beattie ) to help manage the events of his company’s business operations.

  1. At one stage she helps him reclaim Home Farm from the attempted usurpation of ownership from illegitimate conman Eric Pollard ( Chris Chittell ) and his old lover Stella Jones ( Stephanie Schonfield ).
  2. Soon enough, Chris ends up alienating most of the village and motives are eventually questioned when he later goes missing.

Unbeknownst to the villagers, Chris has been kidnapped and is held hostage by his recently new hires employee named Liam Hammond. The kidnapping lasts for a few months, during which Liam reveals himself to be Frank’s long-lost son – thus making him Chris’s half-brother.

Chris gradually forms a bond with Liam and was upset when he was shot dead by Zoe after she got caught up in the same situation. That same year, Chris is distraught to learn that Rachel has died despite getting custody of Joseph in the process; it later transpires that Rachel was murdered by her former boyfriend Graham Clark ( Kevin Pallister ), who had previously killed his first wife before proceeding to embark on a relationship with Kathy after Rachel’s death – only for his crimes to be exposed before Graham eventually kills himself.

Chris helps Kathy nurse through her ordeal with Graham. In 2000, Chris faces another major crisis when one of his lorry trucks ends up colliding onto a village bus – thus causing a devastating road collusion which leaves Kathy among several other residents critically injured.

Athy survives along with some residents, but four people end up being killed in the resulting Bus Crash – including local resident Butch Dingle ( Paul Loughran and one of Chris’ drivers named Pete. Despite the tragic circumstances in the Bus Crash, Chris opts to keep his business afloat even if it that means resorting to claiming negligence for his company’s role in the accident.

This is quickly opposed by Kathy and Zoe along with Chris’ business partner Sean Reynolds ( Stephen McGann ). However, despite facing the potential of public backlash for thus, Chris adamantly stands by his decision – which in doing so instigates his feud with Butch’s cousin and the village’s would-be hardman, Cain Dingle ( Jeff Hordley ).

Their conflict first emerges after Chris causes disruption in a press statement regarding the accident, when he orders two of his henchman to target Butch’s stepmother Lisa ( Jane Cox ) after she admits to her involvement in the Bus Crash. In response, Cain punches Chris in front of everyone. In 2001, Chris embarks on a relationship with Cain’s other cousin Charity Dingle ( Emma Atkins ) – a former prostitutes – and they soon plan on getting married towards the end of the year.

However, Zoe appears to dislike Charity and later tells her it was because of her history. Soon enough, though Zoe begins to fancy Charity herself and even offered her money to leave Chris. Tensions continue to rise between them when Charity responds by kissing her.

Eventually, the pair begin a lesbian affair that would last for several months behind Chris’ back. Charity became alarmed by Zoe’s obsessive behaviour and tried to end the fling, but Zoe secretly recorded Charity confessing to the affair on tape and blackmailed her into signing a prenuptial agreement – so she would always have a hold over her.

Charity then confessed all to Chris, and he surprised her by forgiving her and ripping up the prenup. The pair later got married despite opposition from both Cain and Zoe, while Cain’s father and Lisa’s husband Zak ( Steve Halliwell ) reluctantly accepts this – though not before he warns Chris about the consequences should he mess Charity about.

  1. In 2002, Chris continues to dismiss Zoe’s forgiveness for complicating things in his relationship with Charity.
  2. This soon changes, though, when Zoe ends up exhibiting signs of unstable behaviour and mental issues that culminates in her setting fire to the local church.
  3. Despite being rescued from the fire, Zoe gets sectioned in the process after being diagnosed with Schizophrenia.

Chris supports Zoe through her ordeal and forgives her. In 2003, Chris is shocked when Zoe gets pregnant and gives birth to a baby girl – whom she names Jean (Megan Pearson) in honor and Chris’ late mother. He is later appalled to learn that Jean’s father is wayward bad boy Scott Windsor ( Ben Freeman ) and furiously accuses him of raping Zoe due to her being a lesbian as well as suffering from a schizophrenic episode when Jean was conceived.

  • Wanting revenge, Chris begins a hate campaign against Scott.
  • This involves Chris evicting Scott and his friends from his house, having his garage vandalized, increasing Scott’s rent, and arranging for Scott’s garage to be torched in an arson attack.
  • Later on, he bribes a prostitute named Yolanda Howie (Charlotte Faber-Scott) to date Scott and then implicate him under false rape charges.

This works successfully until Zoe eventually learns the extent of Chris’ vendetta and, also discovering Scott never raped anyone to begin with, pays Yolanda to drop the charges. By then, Chris’ marriage has grown complicated and his feud with Cain has intensified.

  1. This is due to the revelation that Charity had a baby when she was 13 and given it up adoption, after a preteen schoolgirl named Debbie jones ( Charley Webb ) arrives in the village and claims that Debbie is her daughter.
  2. Not only is this true, but Debbie’s father is revealed to Cain as well – even though Debbie had been earlier adopted by Butch’s wife Emily ( Kate McGregor ) and her new husband Paddy Kirk ( Dominic Brunt ) as the child’s foster parents.

When Chris learns about this, he grows increasingly paranoid with the thought that Charity would cheat on him with Cain and that their parenthood of Debbie would complicate things in the process. Chris soon orders his right-hand man Terry Woods (Billy Hartman) to spy on them.

At first Terry realizes Chris’ paranoia is getting out of hand, but this later turns up to be true when the pair end up catching Charity giving Cain a passionate kiss. Chris’ reaction to Charity’s affair with Cain is partly sidetracked when his paranoia behaviour evokes a starting discovery – that he has an inoperable brain tumor and only months to live.

Chris later admits this to Zoe when she learns of Charity’s betrayal, before requesting that neither she or Terry inform anyone about this. At the same time, Chris throws Charity out of Home Farm and plans to divorce her. He soon begins frittering away all his money to ensure Charity would be left with nothing.

  • When his condition deteriorates, Chris plans to settle his score with Charity once and for all by inviting her to Home Farm for a chat.
  • As he prepares himself for this, Chris bids a tearful goodbye to Zoe and Joseph before thanking Terry for standing by him at all costs.
  • When Charity arrives, she desperately seeks to rebuild their marriage – but Chris makes it clear that he will never forgive her for cheating on him with Cain and proposes a morbid toast, to “The Death of their Marriage”.

When Chris drinks his champagne, he suddenly collapses onto the floor and dies in the same spot where his father had died six years previously; his last words to Charity was ‘whore’. Following Chris’ death, Charity discovers his brain tumor before she ends up getting arrested on suspicion of his murder – as Chris had in fact poisoned his own drink in order to frame Charity for his death as revenge for her affair with Cain.

In 2004, Charity goes on trial for Chris’ death and Zoe is determined to get her sent down for it. This initially becomes the case when Charity is found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment for Chris’ death. Later on, Charity gives birth to a baby boy in prison and names the infant Noah (Alfie Mortimer); she soon alerts Zoe about this and urges her to do a DNA test, which soon confirms Noah’s father to be Chris.

Thereafter Charity forces Zoe to have her released from prison and drops the charges in exchange for selling her rights of Noah to Zoe. In doing so, Zoe has Charity released from prison. Over a decade later in 2017, Chris’ now-adult son Joe (now Ned Porteous ) appears in the village – first appearing to be a successful entrepreneur named “Tom Waterhouse” who begins dating Debbie.

  1. In 2018, he reveals his identity to Debbie when it transpires that he is seeking revenge against Charity for his father’s death.
  2. A few days later, Charity tells Noah (now Jack Downham) the truth of how Chris died and that he framed her for murder.
  3. A few months later, Kim returns to the village and is revealed to be the mastermind behind Joe’s revenge against the Dingles.

She mentions Chris on several occasions to the Dingles along with her third husband Graham Foster ( Andrew Scarborough ), who has earlier been transpired to have helped raise Joseph ever since he partnered up with Zoe years after Chris’ death.

Who did Moira sleep with in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale star Natalie J Robb has teased yet another affair twist for her character Moira Dingle, while her husband Cain is behind bars. Moira has a long history of cheating, beginning with cheating twice on her first husband John Barton – once with his brother James and again with Cain. Moira could cheat on Cain while he’s stuck behind bars, Natalie J Robb teased (Image: ITV) Asked if Moira could sleep with Caleb, Natalie replied: “I’m thankful that’s not on the cards at all! At this stage, all I can say is she doesn’t see anything like that. Moira has form for steamy affairs – having slept with Cain’s son Nate (Image: ITV) “Moira is often reminded of her affairs, but hopefully she’s got a clean slate now. But I’m sure there are plenty of other women for Caleb!” Discussing the ramifications of Cain staying in prison, Natalie added: “She wants her husband back. She’s cheated on Cain more than once, as well as sleeping around behind her first hubby John’s back (Image: Andrew Boyce) For more of the latest showbiz news from Daily Star, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here. “The thing about Moira is she always tries to keep her family together even though she might go astray.

Emmerdale original Amy Wyatt star Chelsea Halfpenny now nine years after soap exit Emmerdale Samson star’s life – real age, replacement sacked and co-star ‘family’ Emmerdale’s biggest Christmas Day drama – pub explosion to Tom King murder

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Who is Amy’s boyfriend in Emmerdale

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11 September 2023, 11:15 The 36-year-old Emmerdale star married EastEnders actor Toby in Montenegro. Picture: Instagram/@amyvwalsh The real-life soap star couple have tied the knot after three years together. Emmerdale ‘s Amy Walsh and EastEnders star Toby-Alexander Smith have officially tied the knot in a star-studded wedding abroad.

Listen on Global Player: Spencer & Vogue. Spencer Matthews and Vogue Williams let you know what they’re doing, thinking, and disagreeing on every week

Following the ceremony, the beaming bride told OK! magazine: “It was honestly the most perfect day. It surpassed all my expectations and more. “I felt so surprisingly present on the day and loved every second. Now I’m just in pure bliss.” Read more: Is Charles Anderson leaving Emmerdale? Spoilers revealed amid exit Top of the glitzy guest list was Amy’s famous sister, Girls Aloud singer Kimberley Walsh, who sung for the couple at the ceremony. The soap star couple got engaged in Ibiza last year. Picture: Instagram/@toby_alexander_smith Read more: Who is Emmerdale actor Eddie Osei? Charles’ dad Victor Anderson storyline explained Amy continued: “Our family and friends are really important to us and we wanted everyone to have the best time. Amy invited her pop star sister, Girls Aloud singer Kimberley Walsh, and the rest of the band. Picture: Instagram/@gourounlian The huge wedding was held at the 17th century Talici Hill Rustic Villa, which boasts a private infinity pool, a beautiful mountain view and rows of olive groves. The pair have a one-year-old daughter named Bonnie. Picture: Instagram/@amyvwalsh Amy and Toby met three years ago after they both attended the same live Strictly Come Dancing show. After hitting it off in the audience, the two began dating and quickly moved in together ahead of lockdown.

Who did Sam Dingle marry?

Sam Dingle

In-universe information
Half-brothers Cain Dingle
Half-sisters Belle Dingle
Wife Alice Dingle (2006) Lydia Hart (2020–present)
Sons Samson Dingle

What happens to Mina on Emmerdale?

Emmerdale’s Manpreet Sharma star Rebecca Sarker sent fans wild as she reunited with serial killer Meena Jutla star Paige Sandhu. Viewers will recall that Meena’s dramatic storyline came to an end in April 2022 as she was finally sentenced in court with actress Paige bidding farewell to the ITV hit soap.

  1. Meena caused havoc in the village as she killed Leanna Cavanagh, Andrea Tate, and Ben Tucker.
  2. Away from the soap Paige appears to be close with her former co-stars as she headed out for a catch-up meal with Rebecca Sarker, who still appears in the soap as sister Manpreet Sharma, and Fiona Wade who recently left the Dales as her character Priya Sharma.

READ MORE: Emmerdale character’s return could see Mackenzie Boyd’s world ‘crumble’ Emmerdale fans go wild as village killer Meena Jutla ‘returns’ in new snap (Image: Instagram/ @rebeccasarker) Rebecca shared a snap to her Instagram where the actresses could be seen sat around a table with huge smiles on their faces. She captioned the pic: “The perfect “pick-me-up” #tiramisu #friends @fionawade1 @paige_sandhu” While Fiona also posted a snap of the reunion, sweetly writing on her Instagram Story: “Lunch & catch ups with the girls!” followed with a heart emoji.

  • Soap fans went wild over the reunion and “Meena return” as they rushed straight to the comment section to share their reaction.
  • Paigesdestiny commented: “PAIGE I’m actually so happy you’ve all reunited my fav trio ever.” @reissbelleffrench97 said: “Meena is back.” @_si_faktaufon2006 wrote: “So good to see Becca, Paige and Fiona together again.

What a great photo.” @aaronsharp123 said: “Love this photo my two favourite characters Meena and Priya.” @sandsthecowboycoach admitted: “I miss Meena ! Awesome photo though woop.” @gracedaniels_ asked: “the icons are back?!?!” @snozza1 joked: “Now there’s a table full of mischievous ladies.” Read next:

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What was the death of Sam Dingle

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Emmerdale: Sam Dingle gets impaled by a tractor – Sam Dingle (played by James Hooton) was rushed to hospital after his lifeless body was found hanging on a tractor spike by Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper). The farmhand was trying to avoid being trampled by a stampede of cows during Emmerdale ‘s dramatic storm week, but he ended up getting impaled by machinery when he leapt out of the way.

He was taken to hospital but James, who plays Sam, has hinted the character might not survive for much longer. Sam became a victim of the soap’s first-ever stampede which was caused as a windstorm swept through the village and spooked his cows. ITV viewers were horrified as they saw Sam with a spike through his body after he jumped out of the way of the livestock.

The episode ended with the camera panning on Sam’s lifeless body which had a metal stake through it as Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) and Belle looked on in terror. Sam was rushed to hospital where he was been recovering ever since, but will he pull through? READ MORE: Meghan Markle slammed by Nana Akua ‘Forget you trashed Royal Family’ Emmerdale’s Sam Dingle star has teased his character dies (Image: ITV) Sam was impaled by a tractor spike in horrifying scenes (Image: ITV) Reflecting on being impaled as part of his character’s tragic storyline, James told and other media: “It was really interesting as costume went all out to try and find the best way of dealing with this spike scenario.

“To me, it looks ultra-realistic when you see it on screen but it’s just made of foam basically. “You have one piece sticking out where the normal tractor piece would be and costume developed this sling which I put over my shoulder and part of the spike sticks into that. The actor felt the final scene looked great and he thought it was “really interesting” to be involved in the storyline.

Invalid email We use your sign-up to provide content in ways you’ve consented to and to improve our understanding of you. This may include adverts from us and 3rd parties based on our understanding. You can unsubscribe at any time. More info Will Sam pull through following his grizzly injuries? (Image: ITV) Emmerdale’s family tree of the Dingles (Image: EXPRESS) However, he admitted he spent almost a whole working day on the impalement scene which he claimed was “unheard of in soap territory”. Luckily, the crew were “good between takes” as they gave James knee support while he had to remain in position.

“I was pretty much in that position of being slumped over the spike for about two to three hours,” he explained. Emmerdale viewers believed the spike had instantly killed Sam, so they were relieved when they discovered he was alive in the following episode. DON’T MISS. Emmerdale star Jeff Hordley is a lot taller than his real-life wife Emmerdale spoilers – Cain Dingle and Al’s lives at risk in shoot out Emmerdale’s Samson Dingle found alive as fans ‘work out’ Esther’s fate Sam’s loved ones have been visiting him daily as he continues to need medical attention for his wounds.

However, James has hinted there is not a happy ending for his character. He said: “You never know what the show is going to throw at you. “I was told this was going to happen and you don’t know what the outcome is going to be of the story. “You don’t know and the viewers don’t know whether Sam lives or dies.” Will Sam’s health take a turn for the worst in upcoming scenes? Could a lethal infection have spread across his body following the accident with the tractor? Emmerdale airs on weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

Is Priya pregnant in real life?

Jawan Director Atlee And Wife Priya Are Expecting Their First Child Atlee with wife Priya. (courtesy: ) New Delhi: Filmmaker Atlee and his wife Priya Mohan are expecting their first child. The couple shared the big news on their respective Instagram profiles on Friday. Atlee shared a set of mushy pictures with wife on social media along with a note that read: “Happy to be sharing that our family is growing.

  • Yes! We are pregnant.
  • Need all your blessings and prayers throughout this wonderful journey of ours.
  • With love, Atlee, Priya and Becky.” The caption on the Instagram post shared by the couple read: “Happy to announce that we are pregnant.
  • Need all your blessing and love.
  • With love Atlee and Priya.” Check out the post shared by Atlee here: Atlee and Priya got married in 2014.

They jointly run the production house A for Apple Production and have backed two films under their banner. Atlee is best-known for directing films like Raja Rani, Their, Mersal and Bigil, among other hits. His next project is Jawan with Shah Rukh Khan, Nayanthara and Vijay Sethupathi.

  1. SRK announced his association with the project earlier this year by sharing a teaser.
  2. He captioned it: “An action-packed 2023! Bringing Jawan to you, an explosive entertainer in cinemas 2nd June 2023.
  3. In Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada.” Jawan will be releasing on 2nd June 2023, in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada.

The film will be produced by SRK and Gauri Khan’s production house Red Chillies Entertainment. : Jawan Director Atlee And Wife Priya Are Expecting Their First Child

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Is Priya leaving Emmerdale 2023

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Former Emmerdale star Fiona Wade has her eyes on a new role following her exit from the ITV soap. Fiona Wade, 44, played Priya Sharma in Emmerdale for 11 years, and left the show at the start of 2023, Speaking to Hello!, the acting star has opened up on where she’d like her career to go next.

Fiona said: “I’ve always been ambitious, and I like to step out of my comfort zone, even if it’s terrifying. Fear is okay. It is what you do with it that counts. I believe you should look back and know you have lived your life to the full.” Read more: Vote for Emmerdale’s best storyline for all-time Fiona has admitted she’d love to appear in a period drama.

Something she felt was previously unlikely for her. “In the past, I would have said period drama would have been out of the question for me, because of my ethnicity,” Fiona, whose mother came to the UK from the Philippines in the 1970s, explained. “But now, I would love to do that.

With everything being so diverse, it’s wonderful.” You can take on our ‘Which Emmerdale mum are you?’ personality quiz below. You can also access the quiz here We’ll keep you posted on what Fiona will next be appearing in. As ever, we’ll continue to bring you the big Emmerdale news about what is happening in the village and away from it.

You can visit our Emmerdale homepage to find the latest gossip about the soap and its stars. Read next:

Emmerdale’s Amy Nuttall flooded with support after split from famous husband Andrew Buchan over ‘affair’ Emmerdale fans call for character to be axed as sad exit looms Emmerdale’s Laura Norton and Mark Jordon open up on rare genetic condition affecting both their children Emmerdale and Coronation Street actor Charles Foster dies with former colleagues paying tribute Chance to run iconic real-life Emmerdale Woolpack pub with ‘huge potential’ as bosses seek new landlord

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Who is the father to Chloe’s baby in Emmerdale

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Emmerdale fans reckon they’ve sussed out a huge twist in store for Chloe Harris and Mackenzie Boyd. Fans of the ITV soap will be well aware that Mackenzie cheated on Charity Dingle with Chloe, which lead to her falling pregnant with baby Reuben. Despite his affair with Chloe, Mack eventually tied the knot with Charity on the same day baby Reuben was born.

After finding out about Mack’s infidelity Charity ended their relationship, and he has now committed himself to Chloe and baby Reuben. However, in a shocking twist, Charity and Mackenzie shared a steamy night together earlier this week just hours before Reuben’s christening. Actress Emma Atkins has confirmed that her character will be at the centre of a huge storyline with Chloe and Mackenzie during super soap week.

Fans predict that part of the plot could be a DNA twist proving that Mackenzie isn’t the biological father of baby Reuben. The Mirror reports that prior to Chloe sleeping with Mackenzie, she had romantically pursued Noah Dingle, Jacob Gallagher and Nate Robinson. Lawrence joined Emmerdale back in 2020, with his recent storyline seeing Mackenzie become the father of Chloe’s son Reuben. (Image: ITV) Taking to social media, fans speculated whether Noah, Jacob or Nate could be the dad in a shock twist. One person tweeted: “It’s going to all kick off when it turns out the father of Chloe’s baby is Nate.

Emmerdale”, a different account put: “#Emmerdale Chloe’s baby looks like Noah” while another viewer added: “The child still could be Nate’s there has been no DNA test Chloe just told Mack he is the dad she could be wrong.” Elsewhere, a different account put: “Charity is not a girl to be messed with.

Still don’t think Macs the father.Why hasn’t anyone done a DNA test”, another said: “Charity will have the last laugh” while another added: “Chloe has been annoying me for ages, why doesn’t Mack get a DNA test, pretty sure the baby isn’t his. She is very dodgy.” It comes as Charity star Emma teased about the upcoming super soap week to Digital Spy : “I’m very excited! Some super soap weeks I don’t manage to be part of, which is just the way it goes.

So to be at the centre and for it to be quite a big storm brewing – not literally a storm, we’ve done that! I just know that it’s going to be spectacular in one way or another and we’re due to get the scripts shortly, but it’s going to be quite big.” Teasing further details, Emma added: “I think the future will very much be about her confronting those issues, because it’s left her quite broken.

At the moment she’s too broken to deal with anything, but she’s just letting people know it’s in her arsenal, it’s there, it’s not going away, it’s not dying down. She was hoping very much for it to do that and it’s not, it’s got worse.” Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7:30pm on STV, with an hour-long episode on Thursdays.

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Who is the real father of Amelia’s baby in Emmerdale

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Who is the father of Amelia Spencer’s baby in Emmerdale? – When Amelia was questioned about the father of her baby while at the abortion clinic, she told a nurse he was a “teenager” just like her, Later on, she told Charity Dingle the father was “someone from church” but she was still lying.

Why did Emily leave Emmerdale Farm?

Development – McGregor told Wendy Granditer from Inside Soap that her character “comes across as a bit of an oddity, but it’s not really her fault.” Describing Emily’s background, McGregor said that Emily’s mother died when she was two, and she lived a sheltered life with her father on his farm.

  1. Emily had limited contact with the outside world and was lacking in social skills, as she had no experience dealing with people, until she gains employment at the post office in the village.
  2. McGregor called her “incredibly nervous and naive.” Discussing the future of her character, McGregor wanted Emily to stand up for herself, gain some more freedom from her father and live a bit.

She also wanted Emily to get some new clothing, commenting “She only seems to have two skirts and three blouses, which she mixes and matches and always wears with a pink anorak.” McGregor speculated that the clothes once belonged to Emily’s mother. Emily soon catches the attention of established regular Butch Dingle ( Paul Loughran ).

  • McGregor hoped they would get it together, as she thought they brought out the best in each other.
  • She told Granditer that Butch helps to boost Emily’s confidence by taking a genuine interest in her.
  • McGregor also pointed out that due to Emily’s upbringing, she has no experience of boyfriends or sex, so she might be shocked by the extent of Butch’s feelings for her.

She hoped the writers would handle their romance tenderly. Butch and Emily’s bludgeoning relationship is tested by Emily’s disapproving father John Wylie (Seamus O’Neill). John wants to keep the couple apart and attacks Emily after catching her with Butch.

  • Loughran said that Butch “feels helpless” about the situation, especially after John makes it sound like Butch was the one who hit Emily.
  • The locals change their minds after Butch rescues John and Emily from a crashed car.
  • John ends up in a coma, and Loughran joked that there is a part of Butch that is happy, as it means he can see Emily more easily.

He commented “Butch sees it as a chance to show how genuine he is.” The actor also described the romance between the characters as “very sweet and twee”. Emily and Butch’s relationship progresses when they go on a date to an Italian restaurant in Leeds.

McGregor called it “excitement overload” for Emily as she experiences several firsts, such as trying pizza. During their meal, Emily impulsively kisses Butch. McGregor said that while her character does not know anything about love, she enjoys being around Butch, adding “She’s been shut away for so long and now she’s in an exciting new world, with her first job and bloke.” McGregor took maternity leave from the serial in early 2006.

She returned to filming in September and her return scenes were transmitted in October. In October 2007, it was announced that McGregor had quit the series in order to pursue new projects. Speaking to Janet Tansley of the Liverpool Echo, McGregor felt saddened to leave Emmerdale but felt that Emily had run her course and she wanted to focus on being a full-time mother.

What happened to Meena Emmerdale?

Court trial and departure – Sandhu cried when she read her final scripts. In February 2022, Sandhu confirmed that she had commenced filming for Meena’s final scenes. She told the Daily Mirror that the ending the writers had devised for Meena was better than she could have imagined and that it had made her cry.

Whilst in custody, scenes see Meena manipulate Charles, who visits her regularly in an attempt to get her to confess her crimes in time for her hearing. One scene sees Meena break the fourth wall in an Emmerdale first, with her reciting bible verses to Charles. When it comes to her trial, Meena tries to fool the jury into believing that she was acting in self-defence when killing Ben, and that Leanna and Andrea’s deaths are not connected to her.

However, they decide that she is guilty for all three murders. After the verdict is announced, Meena has a meltdown, screaming at the jury and the judge. Carol points out that she killed her sister too and Meena responds by stating that Nadine was too irrelevant to even be mentioned, which leads to Carol stabbing Meena.

  • Pretending to be injured so Manpreet will tend to her, she jumps up and takes both her and the courtroom hostage.
  • Sandhu said that it was important for Meena to have “one last hurrah” in taking them hostage and enjoyed that viewers did not know what could happen.
  • During the scenes, a fifth murder victim was revealed when she takes Manpreet aside and confesses she killed their own dying father before Manpreet could visit him at his deathbed.

Hinting at Meena’s sentence, Sandhu said that the result is “worse than death” for Meena and that it would be satisfying for people who were not fans of the character. As she arrives at her sentencing, she is shocked to see that nobody is attending. She asks the court to wait until people have arrived and Sandhu said that Meena is “delusional” in the sense that she expects people to come, as well as only expecting to go to jail for a few years.

Meena is sentenced to 75 years in prison for the three murders she committed, and despite her character “losing it”, Sandhu was pleased with the conclusion for her character as she convinced herself that Meena would be killed off, In a goodbye message for Emmerdale ‘ s social media platforms, Sandhu said: “She’s finally gone down.

Who knew? I just want to say thank you all for all of your support. Thank you to everyone at Emmerdale and ITV and all my beautiful actors and the crew. You’re all amazing — you’ve made this experience just the best of my life, and I will treasure these moments forever.” She also thanked Sarker for the friendship they had formed whilst on the soap together.

Brooks admitted that the production team were tempted on numerous occasions to keep Meena on the show instead of writing her out, but felt a responsibility to “give people a sense of justice”. In October 2022, after receiving months of calls to return to the role as well as winning a Best Villain award, Sandhu confirmed that she had no plans to return.

She was thankful for fans of the character to want more and did not rule out a return in the future, but felt that a return so soon would be “over-egging the story”.

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What happens to Mina on Emmerdale

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Emmerdale’s Manpreet Sharma star Rebecca Sarker sent fans wild as she reunited with serial killer Meena Jutla star Paige Sandhu. Viewers will recall that Meena’s dramatic storyline came to an end in April 2022 as she was finally sentenced in court with actress Paige bidding farewell to the ITV hit soap.

Meena caused havoc in the village as she killed Leanna Cavanagh, Andrea Tate, and Ben Tucker. Away from the soap Paige appears to be close with her former co-stars as she headed out for a catch-up meal with Rebecca Sarker, who still appears in the soap as sister Manpreet Sharma, and Fiona Wade who recently left the Dales as her character Priya Sharma.

READ MORE: Emmerdale character’s return could see Mackenzie Boyd’s world ‘crumble’ Emmerdale fans go wild as village killer Meena Jutla ‘returns’ in new snap (Image: Instagram/ @rebeccasarker) Rebecca shared a snap to her Instagram where the actresses could be seen sat around a table with huge smiles on their faces. She captioned the pic: “The perfect “pick-me-up” #tiramisu #friends @fionawade1 @paige_sandhu” While Fiona also posted a snap of the reunion, sweetly writing on her Instagram Story: “Lunch & catch ups with the girls!” followed with a heart emoji.

Soap fans went wild over the reunion and “Meena return” as they rushed straight to the comment section to share their reaction. @paigesdestiny commented: “PAIGE I’m actually so happy you’ve all reunited my fav trio ever.” @reissbelleffrench97 said: “Meena is back.” @_si_faktaufon2006 wrote: “So good to see Becca, Paige and Fiona together again.

What a great photo.” @aaronsharp123 said: “Love this photo my two favourite characters Meena and Priya.” @sandsthecowboycoach admitted: “I miss Meena ! Awesome photo though woop.” @gracedaniels_ asked: “the icons are back?!?!” @snozza1 joked: “Now there’s a table full of mischievous ladies.” Read next:

Covonia and Night Nurse pulled from UK shelves over serious health risk Emmerdale viewers predict new romance as sparks fly between two villagers Helen Skelton offered ‘big money’ for Celebs Go Dating after split from Richie Myler Martin Lewis’ two-week warning to beat prescription price rise and ‘save hundreds’ Budget 2023 announcements live with free childcare for all kids under 5 and pints in pubs slashed by 11p

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Has Liv Dingle left Emmerdale

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Emmerdale star Isobel Steele has opened up about her exit from the ITV soap, after leaving her role as Liv Dingle in October 2022. The 22 year old, who joined the cast of Emmerdale in 2016, exited the soap last year with her character Liv being killed off in tragic scenes. Isobel Steele has opened up about leaving Emmerdale (Image: Karwai Tang/WireImage) In an interview with, she shared an update on her next career move, saying: “I’m still auditioning plenty so it’s a funny one. They’re both very different for me in terms of what it requires me to do.

The acting, my agent’s great and they’re finding me great things to audition for. I’m doing self tapes weekly.” Isobel went on to explain that she’s now got the time to focus on her music properly and is in the process of getting her songs released while getting “better at the marketing side of things”.

She also spoke about her decision to leave Emmerdale, admitting she isn’t concerned about not being able to go back to the ITV soap. “I don’t think it makes too much difference, to be honest, in terms of me. I decided I wanted to leave the show and I’ve left the show and that’s all I need to concern myself about. She played Liv Dingle in the ITV soap Isobel added: “Whether I can go back or not is something I wouldn’t have thought about anyway, so in the current moment it’s not been affected by that decision, so I’m happy either way. It was nice to get to do dramatic scenes at the end and really go for it and really push myself.” The 22 year old revealed she’s still in contact with her Emmerdale co-stars, saying she talks to them “all the time” and “can’t wait” to see them in the near future. Isobel is now focusing on her music career (Image: Instagram) Newlywed Liv was crushed by a caravan as a wind storm ravaged Emmerdale village and her exit was an emotional one. Liv and husband Vinny Dingle were left lifeless after being crushed by the vehicle while making their way to The Woolpack to look after Paddy Kirk’s daughter Eve.

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What happens to Gabby in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale star Rosie Bentham has announced her return to the ITV soap as Gabby Thomas despite her shock exit. During Tuesday’s episode Gabby made a sudden exit from the village after recent heartache. She decided to flee to Portugal, where her grandmother Diane Sugden currently lives after she left the village in 2021. Rosie left the UK earlier today and jetted off on holiday with co-star Daisy Campbell. (Image: Instagram) The actress confirmed that Gabby would take a break after being lleft heartbroken on her wedding day earlier this year, when she was dumped by her fiancé Nicky Miligan who turned out to be gay.

  • During an interview with Inside Soap she admitted Gabby’s exit will spark a chaotic time for her character.
  • She said: “She needs to reset.
  • Heartbreak can be long and tedious but she knows that she needs to get it all out.
  • The tears need to come.
  • Hopefully she’ll come back with a different head on with regards to the Nicky situation.” You can vote for Emmerdale’s biggest shock of all-time below.

You can also vote here It comes as Rosie left the UK earlier today and jetted off on holiday with co-star Daisy Campbell. She took to Instagram to share a snap on the plane as they head to Croatia. Daisy is also currently embroiled in her own exit storyline as Amelia will leave the fictional Yorkshire village with her dad, Dan Spencer.