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In which episode is Red John caught

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‘Red John’ is the eighth episode of the sixth season of The Mentalist. Written by series creator Bruno Heller and directed by longtime director and executive producer Chris Long, the episode marks the conclusion to the series’ long-running Red John storyline, which had been developing for the entirety of the series.

What is Red John backstory?

SPOILER WARNING : This article contains heavy spoilers about Red John, like his true identity and many more details you might not want to know. Continue at your own risk. Red John (shortened as “RJ'”, or “RJK” for “Red John Killer”, in the FBI and CBI case files), is the alias of the central antagonist in The Mentalist during its first six seasons, from Pilot to Red John,

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Who is Red John hints

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Sheriff Thomas McAllister is Red John. | Fandom Even apart from the sheriff’s hunting habit and his fear of pigeons are other clues pointing in McAllister’s direction as RJ.1.We know he’s a memver of the Tyger Tyger conspiracy. Yet on the church roof in Napa he chose to save Jane’s life.

  1. Remember we know the members of Tyger Tyger were getting jittery of Jane.
  2. And so far there’s been no suggestion that the conspiracy revolves exclusively around Red John.
  3. So logic dictates that, given even half a chance, a Tyger Tyger member would have eliminated Patrick.
  4. The sheriff could easily have shot Jane and put the blame on the failing light and the exigence of the situation.

However he wouldn’t do that if he were RJ. Or one of RJ’s followers. However given his general persona I think turning him would be too much of an effort, one which I don’t think RJ would make given that the sheriff is not that high up a figure in law enforcement.2.The way he spoke with Jane after saving him gives off vibes similar to the relationship we know RJ wants to have with Jane.

The way he spoke, the way the shot was taken as he climbed to the roof (remember we almost saw him towering over the roof, silhoutted against the moonlight) and the way he walked over while Patrick scrambled to safety in front of him.3.We saw in an earlier episode (this is I think the good sheriff’s first appearance) that he wasn’t very suave with Grace Van Pelt.

However Red John, we know, is extremely charming and can endear himself easily to the opposite sex. Secondly as the rough sheriff with a passion for hunting I hardly see him as someone who sips tea while listening to classical music. However we know Red John has that particular trait.

This duality of personality could be what Sophie Miller sensed in Mr Jay Roth even as she admitted she couldn’t adduce any actual behavioral evidence to back up her opinion.4.Among the remaining suspects on Jane’s list Sheriff McAllister’s perhaps the only one who practically would have the means to assume the role of our favourite serial killer (my heartfelt apologies, Dexter).

Reede Smith, Gale Bertram (and even Bob Kirkland for that matter; perhaps not Brett Partidge) are all law enforcement figures who would have too public roles as members of law enforcement to have the time or means to prowl around. Brett Stiles and Ray Haffner too could perhaps fit these gaps,But Stiles we know is for one too old and secondly has found a new passion in his Visualize cult which I do not believe he would jeopardize by taunting Jane at the end of Season 5.

Ray Haffner too was a member of law enforcement and more importantly he’s attached with Visualize now. If Haffner were indeed Red John Brett Stiles would destroy him (and we can reasonably suppose Stiles could do so if he wished) because A.he wouldn’t want him to endanger Visualize (we know Stiles goes to great lengths to protect his cult) and B.he would seethe at the idea of a possible dual power structure forming in his cult.5.Recollect his reaction at Jane’s house.

Jane had sweet-talked him into coming to his house, saying he needed his help to unearth Red John’s identity. We know that Red John is getting nervous for some reason (as was amply shown as he engaged a PI to bug the CBI and then failed to completely kill her; he’s too clever to simply assume Jane would be unable to squeeze some clue from her before she succumbed).

Given that, when Jane asks him for help in taking down Red John (particularly after he saved Jane’s like at Napa Valley and Jane was visibly thankful about it; he would be happy that his trick was working and that he had perhaps succeeded in at least partially drawing Jane’s alliance) his reaction best fits Red John after Jane forces the suspects to reveal their shoulders at the point of a gun.

Remember this is the first face-off between Red John and Patrick Jane in which Red John has no control and is completely unsure as to whether he’s facing the guy whose family he killed or the mentalist pretending to be the guy whose family he killed.

  • It stands to reason that he would be visibly afraid and try to save himself which he was (Remember Jane was pointing the gun at him).
  • Otherwise we know Sheriff McAllister to be reasonably intelligent and he would immediately have pointed out that he wasn’t the only one with a tattoo.
  • Sheriff Thomas McAllister is Red John.

| Fandom

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Who is the fake Red John

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Timothy Carter Timothy Carter also known as Ross, Red John or Fake Red John is the final antagonist of The Mentalist’s third season and one of Red John’s accomplices, and probably a sex offender and rapist. He is portrayed by Bradley Whitford.

Why was the mentalist cancelled?

So, did ‘The Mentalist’ end as tragically as it began? “The Mentalist,” one of CBS’s longest-running procedural dramas in recent years, came to an end Wednesday night. It was a show that never really got a ton of critical acclaim, but remained a solid hit for the network as it ran for seven seasons.

The series, starring Simon Baker as genius detective and “mentalist” Patrick Jane, premiered back in 2008 to a lot of fanfare. The idea of the Australian actor (fresh off a role in “The Devil Wears Prada”) as a former fake psychic was intriguing to viewers, and stood out from other TV cops. The most notable thing about the lead character was his especially disturbing, tragic back story — his wife and daughter were killed by a deviant named Red John.

That fueled Baker’s character for the next five and a half seasons, until he finally caught up with the killer in between his cases. “Due to the fact that the character has such an enormous tragedy, you can’t help but be somewhat sympathetic. I think he’s full of self-loathing and incredibly self-deprecating,” Baker of his unique character when the show first started.

  1. There’s a distinct lack of self-preservation.
  2. Jane really has nothing left to live for, except for a form of revenge and justice, and his own kind of take on what justice is.” “The heroic nature of the character is that he’s lived through tragedy, but he doesn’t let that show,” creator Bruno Heller added.
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“And the job he’s doing is a direct result of it. He’s seeking atonement and redemption.” The “Red John” plot dragged on between story lines for years. In the middle of Season 5, creators rebooted the show and sent Jane to work for the FBI. That wasn’t quite enough to save the series completely; as ratings dipped, CBS pulled the plug last year and gave the show a final, 13-episode season.

  • So despite one of the more miserable TV beginnings, did Patrick Jane end up as tragically as he began? The network teased that things may go awry in the series finale.
  • Because even though Jane and his nemesis-turned-love interest Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney) were set to marry, there was still one last madman on the loose who wanted Jane dead.

The end result: Not so much. Sure, there was a creepy, menacing killer hunting Jane and Lisbon for most of the episode. But by the time the killer crashed their wedding with a gun, they already knew he was coming and were able to turn the tables and arrest him on the spot.

  • As if that weren’t enough, Jane and Lisbon tied the knot in front of all their friends.
  • And to truly bring the show full circle from its sad beginning, Lisbon broke the news that she was pregnant with Jane’s baby.
  • Not too surprising that the creators decided to neatly tie things up in a bow.
  • As many producers have learned along the way, when dealing with a series finale, the simplest approach can also be the most effective.

: So, did ‘The Mentalist’ end as tragically as it began?

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What happens after Jane kills Red John

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Confrontation with “Red John” – ” I think we have a connection that needs to be honoured. I wanna say goodbye. I wanna apologize for any pain I’ve may have caused you and I wanna release you from this curse you’ve been under. ” ―Red John, through Timothy Carter, to Patrick Jane Jane shoots Timothy Carter After Red John’s accomplice Craig O’Laughlin is killed while trying to kill Madeleine Hightower in her mountain cabin hideout, Jane (who is in a food court in a Sacramento mall) has Lisbon use the redial on O’Laughlin’s phone and tell whomever answers that O’Laughlin is dead. Jane arrested after he killed Carter Lisbon repeats what the man in the food court had said into his phone. Jane confronts the man, who initially denies it, but moments later identifies himself as Red John. Jane, however, is still skeptical, and confronts the man again as he tries to leave, only for him to reveal to Jane details of the murders of his wife and daughter, specifically, what they smelled like.

This sends Jane over the edge, and he calls after the man, then guns him down with a weapon hidden in his coat pocket. Jane then sits down and calmly sips tea while waiting to be arrested, apparently satisfied that this man was indeed Red John. However, in subsequent episodes it appears that the man that Jane had killed was not Red John but a child abductor named Timothy Carter, another one of Red John’s accomplices.

After he kills the real Red John, he escapes to South America, but he returns after two years to work as a consultant for the FBI.

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Why did Red John start killing

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Red John was a psychopathic serial killer.and so needed no “motive” as such. From a wikia Red John’s personality can be described as the classic example of a psychopath: narcissistic, with zero empathy towards others and a tendency to manipulate those around him.

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How did Red John know the 7 names

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Well, it’s never really spelled out exactly how Red John came up with the exact final list of seven suspects Jane came up with, but it’s generally implied that Red John and Patrick Jane are intellectual and psychological equals and that, over time, Jane comes to think just like Red John, the implication being that Red

What did Red John do to Christina?

Who was Kristina Frye and what happened to her? Who was Kristina Frye and what happened to her? Kristina was another “psychic,” like Jane used to be. She made the same mistake of insulting Red John on TV, and she paid the price. In terms of “where did she end up?” I don’t think the show ever said explicitly.

  1. Probably, she wound up in a mental institution.
  2. I’m thinking she probably wouldn’t have survived long on her own if she didn’t get help, with the state she was in, but the show never actually tells us what happened in the end.
  3. Was she a real Psychic? No.
  4. There are no such things as psychics.
  5. Nothing in the show has ever suggested real psychic powers exist.

Kristina was just frustratingly obtuse about refusing to admit that her “powers” weren’t real. What did Red John do to her? Again, it isn’t explicitly said what he did. He probably tortured her. He may have done some hypnotic suggestion stuff (although I’m not sure how legit that is either.) Bottom line, he broke her mind and convinced her that she was already dead.

  • Then he set her loose to show Jane what happens when people mess with him.
  • As though Jane didn’t already know.) (It’s also possible that Kristina Frye was always part of Red John’s cult, and everything she did with Jane was just to mess with him, on Red John’s behalf.
  • In that case, the thing about thinking she was already dead would have likely just been an act, and she ran off into the sunset afterwards, never to be seen or heard from again.

That’s just a side theory, though. The above answers are more likely, IMHO.) : Who was Kristina Frye and what happened to her?

What does Bosco whisper to Jane?

When he was dying in the hospital, he whispered ‘ Tyger Tyger ‘ to Patrick Jane in his last breath.

Does Jane know Lisbon is Red John?

The Mentalist: Why Teresa Lisbon Must Be Red John Season Six of “The Mentalist” ended last night and it was a terrific season finale. We were left wondering about the “seven suspects” that I suspect are no longer suspects at all since Red John has identified them all to our beloved protagonist Patrick Jane. If you’re a mighty Mentalist fan like me, then you had to finally confess last night that series creator Bruno Heller has been playing us all for six seasons not only about the true identity of Red John, but our ongoing stake in this emotional mess. Last night’s episode left no doubt that the real killer will turn out to be Teresa Lisbon and I’ll tell you why. The clues were everywhere last night that Red John has special access to Patrick Jane’s mind. Red John can even pull dreams out of Patrick’s head and kill childhood memories as fully realized, and very real, adults. That’s pretty serious stuff that, if real — and it was made clear last night it is real — then the list of suspects becomes immediately small and numbers in the singular one: Teresa Lisbon. We, as fans of the show, were left to wonder who has access to Patrick Jane on such a substantial and trusting level? Patrick Jane trusts no one, but he does trust Teresa Lisbon, and I expect next season, he will trust her even more and go to a Lorelei Martins-level of sexual intimacy with her — all to fool us into believing she really is on Patrick’s side.

We want them to be together, right? The joke is on us! Teresa also has full access to Patrick’s rooftop loft and, his wonderings, and in the amazing time-lapse photography of Patrick sleeping on the office couch we saw for the first time last night, the first person to wake him up was Teresa. Patrick also thinks he can read Teresa — and that egoism will be his ultimate downfall.

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Yes, I believe Teresa is hypnotizing Patrick in some way to get him to reveal things to her that she then uses against him to slowly torture him by killing everything around him that he loves. I realize Teresa may not be the original Red John, after all, Patrick Jane already killed Red John once, right? Last night’s show also strongly suggested an easy out in that Red John morphs into other, more convenient, people when necessary.

When Red John becomes everyone around you, and, finally, the one person in the world you trust the most, then and careens directly into death; and that’s where all this is leading: Teresa Lisbon will reveal herself to be Red John to Patrick Jane and — in that most tender moment of human realization that he’s been played all along from day one — she will smile and kill him and live on because evil always easily endures while goodness suffers a hundred cruel deaths.

Of course, now that I’ve sussed out the only proper ending to the series, I’m sure none of this will happen — even though Teresa being Red John is precisely what must happen in order to honor the structure and merits of the storytelling. The ultimate betrayal of Patrick Jane must happen at the hands of Teresa Lisbon — even when he spends a season unwittingly trying to protect her from herself while shielding his heart from his avowed killer and imitator lover.

How does the mentalist end?

Well, it finally happened. Patrick Jane ( Simon Baker ) put a ring on it. The Mentalist ended its seven-season run Wednesday night with a series finale that saw Jane and Teresa Lisbon ( Robin Tunney ) tying the knot, giving fans a happy twist of an ending.

How did it all come together? Not without a few harrowing moments, of course. In the first of two hours, Jane was kidnapped by a serial killer named Keller (a.k.a. Lazarus) who was also a “blood harvester” (don’t ask), and who accused Jane of lying about his mental capabilities. After Jane snooped around the room where he was being held captive, he discovered a literal (almost) skeleton in Lazarus’ closet: Lazarus’ father’s corpse.

Jane used the knowledge to convince Lazarus that he truly did have “powers,” and finally escaped after staging a fiery explosion in the house. But, twist! His abductor escaped, too. The best and worst series finales of all time Later, while Jane and Lisbon were enjoying a romantic afternoon at their cabin, Lisbon noticed that Jane was no longer wearing his wedding ring.

  • I’m not married anymore,” he said, before using the ring to propose to Lisbon and explaining to her that he wanted it to represent his past as well as his future.
  • Aww! Lisbon being Lisbon, she wanted a low-key justice-of-the-peace ceremony, much to the disappointment of her brothers.
  • But after she caved and invited them to attend, the guest list snowballed until Jane and Lisbon had a full-fledged party on their hands.

Abbott ( Rockmond Dunbar ) offered to host, Cho ( Tim Kang ) helped Lisbon pick out her dress (!!), and we were off to the races – or the Abbotts’, as it were. Of course, Lazarus was still on the loose – and looking to wrap up his unfinished business with Jane by crashing the wedding, apparently.

  1. Who else was coming to Austin for the festivities? Lisbon’s whole family, with approximately 47 kids in tow, as well as Rigsby ( Owain Yeoman ) and Van Pelt ( Amanda Righetti )! It was all a bit overwhelming for Lisbon, who broke down into tears and said she just wanted to elope.
  2. Jane thought eloping was a great idea – especially since it would give them a way to dodge Keller.

Just as Lisbon and Jane were about to enjoy what looked to be a quiet wedding at the cabin, Keller – who’d hidden in the trunk of the officiant’s car – showed up. But they were expecting him, and a team of FBI agents (plus Lisbon, looking totally badass as she wielded a gun in her wedding dress) descended upon him.

On with the show! Get scoop on The Mentalist ‘s series finale After a quick exchange of vows, the party began – with dancing and selfies aplenty, set to the strains of Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September.” And, we were treated to a great reveal in the final moments, with Lisbon telling Jane she’s pregnant! chatted with Tunney and Mentalist creator Bruno Heller to get a breakdown of the series finale.

Read the full interview below to find out how the writers settled on the ending, and what Tunney’s (promptly rejected) idea was for the final scene. When was the decision made to have Jane and Lisbon get married in the finale? Bruno Heller: The romance between Jane and Lisbon kind of developed organically and naturally without anyone really thinking about it, to some degree.

  1. The beauty of being on the air for seven years is that the characters, in a very real way, become real.
  2. The love and family feeling on the set simply had to be transferred onto the screen.If we got the chance to end the show exactly as we wanted to do as opposed to hearing after the fact that we don’t get another season, I always wanted to end with a very sincere and sunny, happy ending.

Because that’s what stories are for. Robin Tunney: It never happens in life. It’s got to happen on TV. (Laughs), It does give you an ending and it does give you an idea of what these people’s lives are going to be after. An ambiguous ending, after this much commitment, hard.

We owed it to to let them have some sort of security in the future of what was going to happen to these people. It was great to see Rigsby and Van Pelt again. Tunney: It was so perfect! There was no acting involved. You’re so happy to see the people, It was great. VIDEO: Stars show us their bizarre talents Bruno, now that you’re also acting as the showrunner on Gotham, how much of a hand did you have in the finale? Heller: This season has been very much more in the hands of Tom Szentgyorgyi, who’s been there pretty much almost from the start.

He took over the writers’ room for this season, and a lot of the credit for the new sort of sunny tone that we were able to put into the show this season is owed to him and the other writers. But, for the finale, it was very much a collaborative effort between me and Tom and Jordan Harper.

Robin, you said you had an idea for an ending that you pitched to the writing team? Tunney: It was the worst idea ever. Clearly it’s why I’m not a writer. Fans would have been furious. I just thought he should ask and then it should just cut and you don’t know. Leave it sort of ambiguous. It would have been the worst idea ever.

(Laughs) These poor people have followed the show for this long. Give them an ending! I’m mean-spirited, I guess. Heller: That’s nothing. Baker was saying, hey, how about we machine-gun them all as they’re standing at the altar? It was like, ‘Uh, we’ll think about that one.’ He was joking, of course – but only to a degree.

  • Robin, you’ve said previously that Teresa Lisbon is so defined by her work.
  • What do you think has changed in her that made her accept Jane’s proposal? Tunney: So much of her life has been dictated by the ambition of her job and sort of living in a man’s world.
  • The idea of giving that all up for love feels scary.

It’s been an ongoing thing, and really does want to go and have this other life together. she has something else, like a reason to go home. I think that’s really amazing, and through that, she became more of a well-rounded human being. It was fun as an actor to see that there was a different side to her.

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How does Red John know Jane

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‘Red Jhon’s had connections in CBI, so he was spying on Jane already in his Room where he was investigating his suspects after Lorelai told him about Hand shakes through hidden Camera.

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Who is Red John’s CBI informant?

‘The Mentalist’ reaction: Red John revealed? Warning: This post contains MAJOR spoilers about Sunday’s The Mentalist, Is this it? Do we know, at last? Sunday night’s The Mentalist, “The Great Red Dragon,” featured Patrick Jane exposing Red John to the world.

Red John is revealed to be CBI Director Gale Bertram (Michael Gaston)! The case against Bertram seems pretty conclusive. He was on Jane’s list, he’s one of the law enforcement officers with the three-dots tattoo, survived last week’s explosion and even tried to kill Jane in the hospital. So Bertram is Red John right? Once again, tonight’s action-packed hour ditched the show’s bill-paying murder-of-the-week format to focus exclusively on the Red John storyline.

The CBI team scrambled to track down the remaining suspects in the wake of last week’s explosion. One, Agent Reede Smith (Drew Powell), was captured and is apparently not Red John. Another, Bertram, is on the run and now wearing sinister black sunglasses ( whaaaat, no farewell moment for Malcolm McDowell’s Scientology-esque cult leader Bret Stiles? He was the interesting one!).

We also learned the corrupt three-dots cops are all members of a group called “The Blake Association.” Then the FBI moved in and shut down the CBI, with Agent Dennis Abbott (Rockmund Dundar) taking charge of the Bertram hunt and literally cleaning house. Highlights: Jane interviewing a corrupt cop and getting all his answers non-verbally, gut-shot Agent Smith’s “Having Fun in Sacramento” T-shirt, Bertram coolly murdering a bartender, and Jane getting depressed over losing his favorite tea cup.

Also: This week’s title, “The Great Red Dragon,” is a reference to the Blake Association’s mascot, artist William Blake (which itself is a nod to one of The Mentalist’ s likely influences, Thomas Harris’ Red Dragon ). The stretches: How were half the people in a confined space “burnt to a crisp” beyond recognition by a big explosion while the other half survived largely unscathed? Why would crafty law enforcement members of a secret criminal conspiracy all get incriminating matching tattoos? Should Jane trust his instincts that Reede is being truthful about not being Red John when he has no clue which of his suspects has been deceiving him this whole time? Is the easiest way to escape the city really by calling SWAT teams to your location? And most of all: Why does shutting down the CBI involve immediately confiscating its office furniture (surely that couch doesn’t solve crimes on its own)? What did you think of this week’s hour? Is Bertram really Red John? Take the poll below.

Teasing up next week: The episode is titled, simply, “Red John.” It contains a scene that is, I kid you not, the most searing and memorable in the show’s history. If you’ve ever been a Mentalist fan, this is an episode you need to watch. After next week’s hour, we’ll post an interview with both creator Bruno Heller and star Simon Baker talking about the episode.

UPDATE : Here’s for next week. Watch this if you want, but it gives away far too much IMO. Do you really want to have nearly everything but the last five minutes of the episode revealed in a promo? : ‘The Mentalist’ reaction: Red John revealed?

Who killed JJ LaRoche?

Afterward – LaRoche returned in season 5, episode 4 Blood Feud, He was in charge of the internal investigation into Rigsby’s actions which resulted in the killing of the man who killed his father, and an ex-gang member. In his report, LaRoche wrote that Rigsby acted appropriately in the situation.

  • Although, he ultimately suspected that Jane had planned the killer’s death at the hands of Rigsby.
  • LaRoche returned in season 5, episode 18, Behind The Red Curtain,
  • In this episode, Jane requested his help in catching a killer by having him dress up as the murderer’s alter-ego.
  • This threw the killer over the edge and caused him to accidentally reveal himself.

He returned in the season’s penultimate episode Red and Itchy, Executive producer Tom Szentgyorgi said in an interview “The mystery of what LaRoche has in the Tupperware container in his safe will finally be answered.” It was implied at the end of the episode that the Tupperware container contained the severed tongue of LaRoche’s mother’s rapist.

LaRoche reappeared in season 6 episode 13, Black Helicopters, At the end of the episode, LaRoche and Rigsby were investigating a darkened room when LaRoche set off a trip-wire with a shotgun. LaRoche was shot and died moments later. In season 6 episode 15, it was revealed that his murderers were Richard Haibach (ringleader) and Hazel Haibach (accomplice).

Hazel was arrested and Richard was shot and killed by Rigsby.

Who does Red John have in the CBI?

SPOILER WARNING : This article contains heavy spoilers about the main plot of the series that you might not want to know. Continue at your own risk. ” «And when thy little heart doth wake, the dreadful night shall break».(.) Ah, it’s just a – an old poem I like.

Gale Bertram, quoting William Blake Gale Bertram was the director of the CBI and a member of the Blake Association, He became the prime Red John suspect after Reede Smith was arrested, and the others were all presumed dead. In his final appearance in ” Red John “, he reveals that he is indeed not Red John.

In retrospect, he is Red John ‘s final victim, even though he was killed by his accomplice, Oscar Cordero,

Why did Van Pelt and Rigsby leave the mentalist?

The actors, who have been with the CBS series since it first debuted in 2008, said goodbye to the team in the March 23 episode, “White as the Driven Snow” – By Mar 24, 2014 4:32 AM Tags The Mentalist family is down two members. While their impending departures from the CBS series was first reported in August, before the sixth season even premiered, Amanda Righetti and Owain Yeoman ‘s final episode as series regulars didn’t air until Sunday, March 23.

  • Righetti and Yeoman, who have been with the show since it began in 2008, play special agents Grace Van Pelt and Wayne Rigsby, the show’s fan favorite couple who wed in the season five finale, so viewers have been anxious to see how their story ends.
  • So did both Rigsby and Van Pelt make it out of “White as the Driven Snow,” which began with Van Pelt kidnapped and in some serious danger, alive? Warning, spoilers ahead! Though it looked rocky for a moment, Rigsby and Van Pelt both made it out of the hour alive.and happy! Pulling off a tricky ruse with Jane ( Simon Baker ), Rigsby was able to rescue Van Pelt from Richard Haibach ( William Mapother ), the person hunting down and killing former CBI agents, though he was severely injured in the process.

After his stellar work on the case (and a recovery, of course), Rigsby was offered a full-time position with the FBI, but he turned it down as the couple decided to leave the law enforcement life behind. Don’t you love it when your favorite TV characters actually get a happy ending?! Jason Merritt/Getty Images Fortunately, Righetti’s fans won’t have to wait too long to see her back on their TV screens as we exclusively reported that she’s set to guest star on Chicago PD and Chicago Fire as a pediatrician during the NBC hit drama’s upcoming crossover episodes.

  1. And there’s even buzz that a third spinoff, Chicago M.D.
  2. Could be in the works.
  3. Prior to Sunday’s episode, fans of the show were able to make#GoodbyeWayneandGrace a wordwide trending topic on Twitter.
  4. Am so proud and humbled by # GoodbyeWayneandGrace trending worldwide,” Yeoman wrote,
  5. So lucky to have such awesome followers.

Thanku.” The Mentalist airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on CBS. What did you think of The Mentalist’ s goodbye to Van Pelt and Rigsby? Were you happy with how their story ended? Sound off in the comments! PHOTOS: Renewed or canceled? Find out the status of your favorite shows