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Who becomes Sauron in Rings of Power

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How is The Rings of Power ‘s Sauron different from J.R.R. Tolkien’s work? – I see you, villain! Credit: Matt Grace / Prime Video Halbrand doesn’t exist in Tolkien’s legendarium, but Sauron most certainly does. In The Silmarillion, he gains control of Mordor and then gets to work swaying Middle-earth to his side. The easiest people to deceive are the humans, and the hardest are the elves.

  1. To win the elves over, Sauron goes to Eregion disguised as Annatar, the Lord of Gifts.
  2. He helps Celebrimbor and the other smiths gain an even higher mastery of their crafts, but he leaves once they begin crafting the Rings of Power.
  3. The Three Rings of the elves are made last.
  4. Obviously, this all happens quite differently in The Rings of Power,

There is no Annatar; the Three Rings are made first, although they’re originally envisioned as crowns; and Halbrand is only at Eregion for a few days instead of three centuries (the show is operating on a highly condensed timeline, so this isn’t that surprising).

  1. However, The Rings of Power does give a quick, yet meaningful, nod to Annatar in its finale.
  2. When he advises Celebrimbor on how to use the mithril, Halbrand says, “call it a gift.” The line is clearly a reference to Annatar’s title of “Lord of Gifts,” especially given the emphasis Vickers puts on it.

A rights issue may be the reason why The Rings of Power could only allude to Annatar instead of portray him directly. Amazon has the rights to The Lord of the Rings, including the appendices, and The Hobbit, but it does not have the rights to The Silmarillion,

Annatar never comes up in The Lord of the Rings or the appendices, so it’s likely showrunners J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay had to come up with a creative solution to bring Sauron to Eregion. That solution? Halbrand. As much as Halbrand being Sauron breaks Tolkien’s canon, I am intrigued to see what he will do next.

Will he attempt to seduce the dwarves and the humans? Will he return to Númenor to sow more discord? Or will he remain in Mordor and crush his rivalry with Adar? Just like with Galadriel, Sauron’s future is wide open. And based on that final shot of a smiling black-cloaked Sauron hiking towards Mount Doom, I have to say: I’m incredibly excited to see him embrace his villainy. Belen Edwards is an Entertainment Reporter at Mashable. She covers movies and TV with a focus on fantasy and science fiction, adaptations, animation, and more nerdy goodness. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time.

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Is it actually Sauron in Rings of Power

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Read More: Who Exactly Were Those Three Witches in The Rings of Power? Galadriel immediately becomes suspicious and soon confronts Halbrand. He concedes that, yes, he is Sauron, and hopes to restore order to Middle-earth. He offers her a place alongside him as his queen.

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Is Gandalf alive in Rings of Power

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Now let’s talk about Gandalf in The Rings of Power – There’s one more possibility for major characters who appeared in Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy who were also alive in the time in which The Rings of Power is set. And the answer to that is: Gandalf and Saruman.

To condense a longer, wild explanation, Tolkien’s wizards are essentially demigods clothed in the forms of old men, and their purpose on Middle-earth was to observe and combat the rise of Sauron. As immortal beings born shortly after the beginning of time, all the wizards were definitely alive during the time period of The Rings of Power,

That said, most of them were on a completely different continent. Middle-earth’s gods only began to send wizards to combat Sauron’s return during the Third Age — but that’s according to Tolkien’s canon. If showrunners Patrick McKay and JD Payne felt tempted to bring a wizard to their Lord of the Rings party, they don’t have to find one who’s alive, they just have to get one to where all the other characters are.

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Does Elrond know Halbrand is Sauron

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How will the rest of the Rings of Power be forged? – Three rings down, many more to go. Credit: Ben Rothstein / Prime Video As we know from the title of the show, The Rings of Power will eventually lead to the forging of 20 rings: three for elves, seven for dwarves, nine for mortal men, and one evil ring forged in secret by Sauron himself.

  1. The Season 1 finale ends with Celebrimbor forging the three elven rings, so we know the others are soon to follow.
  2. In Tolkien’s work, the elves’ rings are the last of the original 19 rings to be forged, so their early arrival in The Rings of Power definitely shakes up what we know from the books.
  3. However, I have a hunch that the dwarves will get their rings next, and all thanks to the friendship between Elrond and Durin,

Elrond discovered the scroll that revealed that Halbrand couldn’t be King of the Southlanders, so it’s likely that he realized that Halbrand was Sauron and that he escaped. Knowing that Sauron is on the loose, he could warn the dwarves of the growing evil and encourage them to forge their own rings.

Why is Sauron just a man in Rings of Power?

What was Sauron doing in Second Age? – We know ‘The Rings of Power’ is set during the Second Age. As the subtitle suggests, ‘Rings of Power’, is centred around the forging of magical rings by eleven smith Celebrimbor (Charles Edwards) who is tricked into it. While Sauron ostensibly gives powerful rings to all races, he forges the One Ring in secret, which can control the power of all the other, thus potentially allowing him to rule every single individual.

  1. We saw an actor, which many thought looked like a younger Eminem, looking all devilish, but that may just be Sauron’s disguise, as among his many great powers was shapeshifting.
  2. But why did Celebrimbor trust Sauron, who pretty much called himself the Dark Lord? Well, because he was disguised as Annatar or Lord of Gifts to seduce elven smiths, including Celebrimbor, in magical arts.

The Rings of Power were forged, and they were powerful, but the One Rings’s power could not be denied. ‘Rings of Power’ changes a bit of the lore. In the show, Sauron is posing as a mortal called Halbrand and assists Celebrimbor into creating the rings.

Why didn t Galadriel fight Sauron?

Sauron is immortal and elusive, and even without the Ring he can breed armies of orcs and fortify places like Mordor and Dol Guldur. Galadriel most likely couldn’t fight her way to Barad-Dur, and even if she did and destroyed Sauron in his physical form he would eventually create a new one.

Who is the bad guy in Rings of Power?

Sauron (The Rings of Power) NOTE: This article is about the version of Sauron from the TV series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, You may be looking for information on or, Sauron The Dark LordLord of the RingsA Beautiful ServantHe Who Was Lost, But Shall ReturnMorgoth’s SuccessorHalbrand King of the Southlands Dark magic ManipulationHigh intelligenceShapeshiftingTelepathyCharismaGift of persuasion Craftsmanship Conquering civilizations.

  • Conquer Middle-earth and remake it according to his vision of perfect order (ongoing),
  • Ill Adar out of revenge for his betrayal (formerly),Rule the Southlands and reshape it into Mordor.Earn Galadriel’s trust.
  • Earn Celebrimbor’s trust and pursue him in crafting the Three Rings.
  • All succeeded),
  • Make Galadriel his queen of Middle-earth (failed),

Attempted world domination Mass murderTerrorismMaleficAttempted genocideConspiracyTreasonWar crimesTheftAbuse of power Assault

In the end, Morgoth would be defeated. But not before much sorrow for his orcs had spread to every corner of Middle-earth. Multiplying ever greater under the command of his most devoted servant the cruel and cunning sorcerer. They called him Sauron,
~ Sauron’s introduction.


” I have been awake since before the breaking of the first silence. In that time I have had many names. „ ~ The revelation of “Halbrand’s” true nature.

Sauron is the titular main antagonist of, He is a fallen Maia that became a devoted servant of, Following Morgoth’s defeat, Sauron took his place as the Dark Lord and assumed command of his army. Years later in the Second Age of Middle-earth, Sauron assumed the guise known as Halbrand and posed himself to be the forgotten heir of the Southlands.

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Is Galadriel dead ring of power

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Galadriel’s Rings Of Power Future Explained – One of the few things that are known about what’s coming next in The Rings of Power is the fact that Galadriel will survive, as will her elvish compatriot Elrond (Robert Aramayo in the role that was played by Hugo Weaving in the original trilogy). However, there are many events that will see her change from the warrior that she is in this series to the icy ruler who needs every ounce of her strength to resist the pull of the One Ring.

  1. Although she will most likely overcome her paralysis and channel her thousands of years of grief and pain into fighting this new evil that has resurfaced, she still won’t prove strong enough to destroy Sauron single-handedly.
  2. Although the plot of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power might seem pre-ordained thanks to the events of the later stories, there is still plenty of ground to cover that will keep viewers on their toes.
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The exact nature of the threat Sauron poses in this world and how he will be reduced to the state in which he begins the original trilogy have yet to be unveiled. Galadriel will play a huge part in this revelation, and there is hardly any doubt that it will cost her much along the way.

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Why can t Rings of Power use Gandalf

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There aren’t many characters in the Lord of the Rings who carry quite as much weight — or fandom love — as Gandalf, The character is one of the wisest that J.R.R. Tolkien ever created, and his magical abilities make him a formidable force for good in Middle-earth.

  1. It’s for those reasons that Amazon has a bit of a problem with its Lord of the Rings prequel series, The Rings of Power,
  2. While the upcoming TV series does have the chance to bring several beloved Tolkien stories to life on-screen, none of them include Gandalf.
  3. That’s because The Rings of Power will be set primarily in the Second Age of Middle-earth, and Gandalf doesn’t come to the land until its Third Age.

Fortunately, Gandalf’s absence during the Second Age doesn’t mean The Rings of Power has to premiere with a Wizard-shaped hole in its ensemble. In fact, there are actually two characters who can fill this particular void. Gandalf (Ian McKellen) and Saruman (Christopher Lee) in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring,

New Line Cinema The Theory — Tolkien fans know that there were five Istari (a.k.a. wizards) who were sent to Middle-earth to help its citizens combat Sauron’s corruptive influence. Three of them — Sauron, Saruman, and Radagast — all came to Middle-earth together. However, Tolkien wrote later in his life that the remaining two Istari traveled to Middle-earth in the Second Age, around the same time that Glorfindel did.

Little is known about the other two Wizards outside the fact that they wore blue clothing and were sent to the Eastern and Southern regions of Middle-earth in order to subdue some of Sauron’s support in those lands. This means that The Rings of Power could include Tolkien’s two Blue Wizards at some point, and even use their journey as a way to further explore little-known regions of Middle-earth.

Just because The Rings of Power can’t bring Ian McKellen back as Gandalf doesn’t mean it can’t try to make up for his absence with certain other characters. Warner Bros. Pictures Introducing the Blue Wizards — There’s already been a fair amount of speculation over whether The Rings of Power will use Middle-earth’s Blue Wizards.

There are several mysterious, unidentified characters shown in the first Rings of Power teaser, and fans have understandably been quick to theorize that one of them could be a Blue Wizard. Additionally, in an interview with Vanity Fair, Rings of Power showrunners J.D.

  1. Payne and Patrick McKay were asked if the Amazon series will break Tolkien canon by bringing Saruman, Gandalf, or Radagast to Middle-earth before the Third Age.
  2. McKay’s response was interesting, as he said those three Wizards are “not the only beings in that class” and teased “the mystery and the journey of it is all of the fun.” The Blue Wizards are the only other members of the Istari outside of Saruman, Gandalf, and Radagast.

So if The Rings of Power wants to feature the Istari without breaking Tolkien canon, the Blue Wizards are the only characters it could include. Unsurprisingly, that seems to be something both McKay and Payne understand. Ian McKellen as Gandalf and Sylvester McCoy as Radagast in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,

Warner Bros. Pictures The Inverse Analysis — Amazon is being very secretive about The Rings of Power, Only a select number of the show’s characters have been officially confirmed by the streaming service, and there are still plenty of cast members whose roles in The Rings of Power remain unknown. As a result, while there’s plenty of reason to believe they actually will be in the show, Tolkien fans may just have to wait until The Rings of Power ‘s September premiere to find out whether the Blue Wizards have a presence in it.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power premieres September 2, 2022 on Prime Video.

Is Radagast in The Rings of Power?

In the books, it’s Radagast who sends the eagle to save Gandalf from Saruman’s clutches, though the character doesn’t appear in the film version. Radagast then essentially disappears from the story.

Is Lady Galadriel evil?

If Galadriel hadn’t passed her test and resisted the temptation of the Ring, would she have been even more evil and destructive than Sauron? There are a lot of great and powerful beings in The Lord of the Rings, but Sauron (the second Dark Lord) is often thought of as the most terrifying, destructive, and powerful being in Middle Earth. He may be the most evil, but is he really the most powerful, or are there other more powerful beings than Sauron that have chosen good over evil? In The Fellowship of the Ring, Frodo meets the Elven character Galadriel.

Viewers who aren’t familiar with Tolkien’s work have said while watching the film that they were unsure if they could trust Galadriel or not, as she had a suspicious and knowing look in her eyes. Whether it was intentional on the filmmaker’s part or not, something about her character seemed a little frightening.

During the night, Frodo woke up to find Galadriel wondering about, and he followed her. She allowed him to look into the Mirror of Galadriel which showed Frodo what would happen should he fail his mission. Frodo—scared and unsure of his abilities—offered the Ring to Galadriel for her to keep safe in a test. After this she says, “I passed the test,” meaning she was able to resist the temptation of the Ring and not take it from Frodo, whom she could have easily overpowered. In The Lord of the Rings, it is said that had Galadriel chosen to use her powers for evil instead of good, she would have been even more destructive and terrifying than Sauron himself.

  • Galadriel was the greatest and most powerful of all Elves in Middle Earth in the Third Age.
  • Sauron the deceiver gave three Elves Rings of Power because he knew how strong they were, and he wanted to control them and have them on his side.
  • Galadriel surpassed all other Elves in beauty, knowledge, and power.

Tolkien described her as the mightiest and fairest of all Elves. Galadriel is also one of the oldest beings in Middle Earth, born even before the First Age. Galadriel was a leader in The Rebellion of the Noldor, and left the Undying Lands out of a desire to rule a portion of Middle Earth. Galadriel’s power and wisdom were already great, but with the Ring, she would become “stronger than the foundations of the Earth.” Her desire to have all beings love her and follow her out of despair and complete loss of hope sounds particularly cruel, even more so than Sauron.

  1. In the First Age, Galadriel didn’t play any part in the wars.
  2. She was offered passage back to Valinor with safe travels, but she did not accept.
  3. And in the Second Age, she became the Lady of Lothlórien.
  4. During this Age, the fallen Maia Annatar (Sauron, disguised as The Lord of Gifts) convinced Celebrimbor to create the Rings of Power.

But Galadriel immediately distrusted Annatar, who was later revealed to be Sauron. This shows how Galadriel was truly wise and all knowing. Galadriel is actually the Elf who convinced Celebrimbor to hide the Rings of Power, and this is when she was given Nenya—the Ring of Water.

Although she never put it on when Sauron still had the One Ring, she did however use it after his defeat to protect the borders of her realm. In the Third Age, Galadriel provided assistance to Eorl the Young, first king of the Rohirrim (not yet formed), in the Battle of the Field of Celebrant against Sauron.

It is noted that the Rohirrim regarded both Galadriel and Lothlórien with fear, Perhaps this fear was because the Rohirrim could sense Galadriel’s palpable aura of great power. In The Lord of the Rings, Galadriel chose to use her powers for good, even helping to form the Council of Elrond.

Did Sauron know Galadriel?

This Lord of the Rings article contains spoilers for The Rings of Power, There was plenty to unpack in The Rings of Power finale. The jam-packed episode not only answered many of our biggest questions but also set up key events that will lead to the saga of The Lord of the Rings books and movies we know and love.

“Alloyed” even introduced some actual Rings of Power — the three for the Elves that will soon be worn by Galadriel, High King Gil-galad, and Cirdan, Finally! But there was one big reveal in the episode that eclipsed all others: Halbrand, the supposed rightful king of the Southlands, has been Sauron all along,

In the final minutes, Sauron confesses that he’s been manipulating Galadriel since they first met — using her as a way to get back to Middle-earth to fight back against his enemies in the Southlands and indirectly form the land of Mordor but also to get closer to Celebrimbor and the Elven smiths.

And as the first rings are forged, Galadriel knows just how far she’s gone to unknowingly aid the Dark Lord’s return to power. Surely, this won’t come back to bite her and the Elves in season 2? It wasn’t just betrayal on Sauron’s mind in the finale, though. Using his sorcery to transport Galadriel back to the raft where they first became acquainted, Sauron makes his season-long companion a surprising offer to be his queen, a Dark Lady “stronger than the foundations of the earth” (a surprising nod to Cate Blanchett’s famous scene in Fellowship of the Ring ).

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In the end, Galadriel rejects his proposal like any Elf warrior hellbent on slaying Sauron would. Yet, for some viewers, Galadriel’s decision contradicts the very clear chemistry that these characters shared on screen throughout the season. And once the show teased that she believed her husband Celeborn to be dead, it seemed like a “Galadriel x Halbrand” romance plot was a foregone conclusion.

Even after Halbrand revealed the truth, some on Twitter are still shipping Galadriel and Sauron. So could it ever actually happen? Is there even a small part of Galadriel that wants to accept Sauron ‘s offer (despite the disastrous consequences this decision would have for Middle-earth)? This is the question we posed to Galadriel actor Morfydd Clark when we caught up with her about The Rings of Power finale and what might be ahead for her character in season 2.

“I feel there is a tiny part of her,” Clark reveals. “But she is now aware that that tiny part of her is so powerful.” Indeed, on the raft with Sauron, we watch as Galadriel faces the same type of temptation as in the Fellowship scene where she fantasizes about accepting the ring: “Instead of a Dark Lord, you would have a queen, not dark but beautiful and terrible as the dawn! Tempestuous as the sea, and stronger than the foundations of the earth! All shall love me and despair!” More than just a callback to the Peter Jackson movies, The Rings of Power shows that Galadriel has long struggled with her inner dark side, and Sauron’s long game is to exploit that.

But ultimately, Clark believes Galadriel’s choice in the finale is true to who the character is and what her journey has been so far on the show. Galadriel has been so obsessive in her search for Sauron that she’s particularly wary of becoming what she hates the most. “I think because she took such risks and it cost so much, she won’t take those risks again,” Clark says.

“She kind of has an idea of herself as an atomic bomb in some ways. Sauron shows her that her power could be dark. So even the tiniest bit of temptation is quite alarming.” And even if she does harbor feelings for who she thought Halbrand was, things are far more complicated between Galadriel and the Dark Lord than a “will they/won’t they” relationship, according to Clark.

  1. Join our mailing list Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! “I think that romance just doesn’t kind of cut it for them.
  2. It’s cosmic and it would be a Middle-earth shattering relationship should they enter into it,” Clark explains.
  3. When we ask Charlie Vickers, who plays Sauron, the same question, he gives us some insight into what the Dark Lord is thinking at that moment.

Sorry to disappoint the Galadriel x Sauron shippers in Lord of the Rings fandom, but the villain isn’t actually all that interested, according to the actor. “I love the idea that people think it’s romantic, and it’s really cool and interesting if somebody would think that, but I personally don’t think it is,” Vickers says.

  • Sauron wants Galadriel to become his queen because she’s useful, says Vickers.
  • As he’s already shown, Sauron can accomplish his objectives much more quickly when he has a highly regarded Elf warrior to get him into places like Numenor and Eregion (where Celebrimbor lives).
  • He feels a connection to her.

Since the First Age, he hasn’t met many people that operate on his level. But he is on the raft, making this pitch to her, and in saying ‘you could be my queen’ she binds him to the light and the good,” Vickers explains. “He thinks with her, he can affect his designs more quickly.

With her by his side, he has the ear of the Elves, he has a way in. It comes from a place of selfishness.” The season ends with a victorious Sauron descending the mountains that border the newly formed land of Mordor, and he seems to be cutting a path straight to Mount Doom. It’s possible he’s on his way to forge the One Ring inside the volcano’s fiery depths — or perhaps to pay his enemy Adar a visit.

Whatever he’s up to, Vickers tells us we’ll get to see what’s next for Sauron “pretty early on next season,” and those plans don’t seem to involve Galadriel anymore. “W.H. Auden wrote an essay on good and evil in Tolkien. He talks about evil comes back to hope or fear of personal gain, rather than affection.

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Did Sauron know Galadriel had a ring

Answered By: Jack Scott Date: created: Feb 18 2023

Plot device to core element – The One Ring first appeared in Tolkien’s The Hobbit in 1937 as a, a mysterious which the titular character had stumbled upon, but its origin was left unexplained. Following the novel’s success, Tolkien was persuaded by his publishers to write a sequel.

  • Intending to give Bilbo another adventure, he instead devised a background story around the Ring with its power of, forming a framework for the new work.
  • He tied the Ring to mythical elements from the unfinished manuscripts for to create an,
  • Gollum’s characterisation in The Hobbit was revised for the second edition to bring it into line with his portrayal in The Lord of the Rings as a being,

Tolkien’s conception of Ring-lore was closely linked to his development of the One Ring. He initially made Sauron instrumental in forging the Rings. He then briefly considered having Fëanor, creator of the, forge the Rings of Power, under the influence of, the first Dark Lord.

He settled on Celebrimbor, a descendant of Fëanor, as the Ring’s principal maker, under the tutelage of Sauron, Morgoth’s chief servant. While writing the lore behind the One Ring, Tolkien struggled with giving the Elven rings a “special status” – somehow linked to the One, and thus endangered by it, but also “unsullied”, having no direct connection with Sauron.

By the time he was writing the chapter “The Mirror of Galadriel”, Tolkien had decided that the Seven and the Nine were made by the Elven-smiths of Eregion under Sauron’s guidance and that the Three were made by Celebrimbor alone. He considered setting the Three free from the One when it was destroyed but dropped the idea.

Tolkien’s posthumous works, including The Silmarillion, and offer further glimpses of the creation of the Rings., writing in, notes that Tolkien developed the names, descriptions and powers of the Three Rings late and slowly through many drafts of his narratives. In Fisher’s view, Tolkien found it difficult to work these Rings both into the existing story of the, and into the enormous but Ring-free,

Some of the descriptions, such as that Vilya was the mightiest of the Three, and that Narya was called “The Great”, were added at the stage, just before printing. The Rings had earlier been named Kemen, Ëar, and Menel, meaning the Rings of Earth, Sea, and Heaven.

According to Johann Köberl, Tolkien struggled with the notion of a “special status” for the Elven-Rings, and considered having The Three set free when the One Ring was destroyed. In an unused draft by Tolkien, Galadriel counselled Celebrimbor to destroy all the Rings when Sauron’s deception was revealed, but when he could not bear to ruin them, she suggested that the Three be hidden.

According to, at the start of the War of the Elves and Sauron, Celebrimbor gave both Narya and Vilya to, High King of the, Gil-galad later entrusted Vilya to his lieutenant, and Narya to the Shipwright, Lord of the Havens of Mithlond and leader of the Falathrim or “People of the Shore”.

Tolkien suggested that Sauron did not discover where the Three were hidden, though he guessed that they were given to Gil-galad and Galadriel. In the published The Lord of the Rings, Gil-galad received only Vilya, while Círdan was the direct recipient of Narya from Celebrimbor. Tolkien noted in his letters that the primary power of the Three was to “the prevention and slowing of decay “, which appealed to the Elves in their pursuit of preserving what they loved in Middle-earth.

As changeless beings in a changing world, the Elves who remained in Middle-earth relied on the Three to delay the inevitable rise of the, Tolkien explained that the Elves can only be immortal as long as the world endures, leading them to be concerned to burdens of deathlessness in time and change.

Who are the 3 evil characters in Rings of Power?

Who Are The Rings of Power ‘s White Cloak Characters? – Prime Video The three figures who first appeared at the site of the Stranger’s meteorite crash are known as The Ascetic (Kali Kopae), The Nomad (Edith Poor), and The Dweller (Bridie Sisson), the group’s apparent leader. Prime Video refers to them as “mystics,” and their attire certainly contributes to a religious ethos.

The figures also seem like they could easily be seen as witches on The Rings of Power, In fact, in an interview, Patrick McKay, one of the showrunners on The Rings of Power, likens the White Cloaks to MacBeth’s trio of witches. He notes, “We’rethinking about Macbeth, and we’re thinking about the old crones and the three witches and just trying to come up with something strange and weird.” Thanks to one of the show’s executive producers, we also know where they hail from.

Lindsey Weber told Time that The Dweller comes “from far to the east,” specifically the lands of Rhûn, a place seeped in J.R.R. Tolkien’s darkest lore.

Who are the 3 witches in Rings of Power?

The White-Cloaked Mystics Were Priestesses of Melkor – When the witches appeared in The Rings of Power’s trailer, some fans thought one of them could be Sauron in disguise. However, Amazon quickly clarified their identities: the three witches became known as Mystics. Their names were The Ascetic, The Nomad and The Dweller.

  • However, there still wasn’t a lot of information about them.
  • They hailed from the Eastern land of Rhûn and had a staff that looked mysteriously like the Eye of Sauron.
  • They were also clearly skilled in some kind of evil magic.
  • Given their power and their religious-looking attire, it’s probable that the mystics were part of the Cult of Melkor.
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That’s a blanket term for multiple religious cults that worshiped the original Dark Lord of Middle-earth. If the Mystics were part of the Cult of Melkor, it would explain their magic skills and affiliation with fire. It would also explain why they were looking for Sauron: he was Morgoth’s top servant.

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Does Galadriel love Sauron

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Now in the second age, Sauron came as Annatar the Lord of Gifts. But Galadriel distrusted him. Until Sauron revealed himself, Galadriel likely didn’t even know Annatar was Sauron. No love there.

Why did Galadriel not tell Elrond about Sauron?

Why did Galadriel withhold this crucial information? Was it her shame or her need for revenge that kept her silent? During the recent Rings of Power series, audiences have seen a very different portrayal of Galadriel, the elven lady who will later become the ruler of Lorien, and an instrumental figure in the fate of the fellowship tasked with destroying the one ring in Mount Doom.

  • Galadriel’s character arc during the first season of the Amazon series focused predominantly on her desire to avenge her brother Finrod’s death after she mourned his body, by vanquishing the darkness of Sauron from Middle Earth forever.
  • However, this vengeful mission of hers also came with a warning: not to become the evil she so desperately wished to eradicate.

So in the final episode, when she realized that Halbrand was indeed Sauron, and that she had actually kept alive the being who had betrayed her people so long ago, why did she choose not to reveal this information to her friends, and share the truth of Halbrand’s identity in order to warn them? The answer is hinted at during Galadriel’s final confrontation with Halbrand, trapped in the recesses of her memory in the Sundering Seas. Within these two questions, we see all of the shame and guilt wrapped up in Galadriel, both in failing her own personal quest to defeat him, but also in the mistrust of her people, who are already weary of her long search for Sauron and the lives that have been lost in trying to defeat him.

She already feels an outcast after Gil-galad tried to send her back to the Undying Lands, and she fears that if she reveals what she has done, it will be the final nail in the coffin. Instead, when Elrond pulls her from the river Glanduin, and she races back inside to Celebrimbor’s forge, she chooses to stay silent.

Elrond is already aware that something is wrong after he pulls her from the water and she holds Finrod’s dagger to his throat, demanding that he prove his identity by confirming how they met. But when he later asks her “where is Halbrand?” she chooses not to reveal the exchange that has just passed between her and the dark lord, and only says “he is gone.

And I doubt he will return. And should he ever, none of us are to treat with him again.” They proceed with the creation of the three elven rings of power, which are forged untouched by Sauron’s evil hands, but there is no hint in the first series about where the other 17 rings are, so fans are already predicting that Celebrimbor may not heed Galadriel’s warning not to treat with Halbrand any further because he doesn’t understand the true gravity of the situation.

It is quite possible that Halbrand and Celebrimbor’s paths will cross again, and that the other rings will be forged during season two, thanks to Galadriel’s hesitation in revealing Sauron. There is already a sense that this decision is a mistake, and it is clear that she chose not to reveal her mistake to the others, but what will be interesting to see during season 2, is if this decision will mellow her character, or only make her anger and her hatred stronger. However, it would be a wiser course for her to become more cautious after her trust in Halbrand got her blindsided. She will always keep that steely determination, and it is the thing that carries her through her journey in both The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, but the later version of Galadriel is a wiser, more stoic character, and maybe she will transition into this version of herself because of this fundamental decision not to tell the others Halbrand’s true identity.

  1. This is symbolized both in her giving up Finrod’s dagger at the end of the episode, and in the fact that she never uses her sword skills in LOTR because by this point in her life she has learned to fight with love rather than hatred.
  2. Perhaps she feels that it was her mistake to trust him, therefore it must be her responsibility to defeat him, and right the wrongs of her past.

This is, after all, the only way that characters in Tolkien’s world ever find peace and salvation. MORE: Why The Slow Burn Of The Rings of Power’s First Season Works

Did Aragorn ever fight Sauron?

Aragorn’s Relationship With Sauron Is Different In The Books – Aragorn is the King of Gondor, the man destined to reunite the peoples of Middle-earth under a single banner. There are numerous obstacles barricading his way, but Aragorn diligently works toward his goal without a shred of royal arrogance. Such an impressively commanding character would naturally have significant willpower at his disposal, as seen when the heroes get access to the Palantír of Orthanc.

  1. Although Pippin makes a mistake by gazing into the palantír, the psychic limitations of the young Hobbit are nothing compared to Aragorn’s incomparable mental fortitude.
  2. Aragorn then decides to touch the palantír himself and manages to seize mental ownership of the enchanted stone from Sauron’s malevolent grasp.

The Dark Lord is understandably terrified of this display of power, and believes that Aragorn intends to exploit the One Ring for his own purposes. This forces Sauron to unleash his army on Gondor before they’re actually ready to fight. It can be argued that this hasty decision helped weaken the negative impact of Sauron’s attack and, indirectly, gave Frodo and Sam just enough time to reach Mount Doom and destroy the One Ring.

This event has a completely different outcome in The Return of the King. When Aragorn grasps the palantír and reveals his existence to the Dark Lord, Sauron is initially unnerved upon seeing “the sword of Elendil,” now reforged from Narsil to Andúril. However, Sauron then shows Aragorn a vision of Arwen, seemingly dead, which terrifies the future King of Gondor.

Aragorn promptly drops the palantír, shattering it. As such, it can be argued that the movie version of Aragorn loses the battle of wills against Sauron. Fans still wonder about this change because it destabilizes Aragorn’s indomitable character — at the same time, showing the future King as nigh-omnipotent would make his journey far less relatable. In the deleted footage, a bright light shines upon Aragorn and his army, just before a ghostly figure steps out of the Black Gate of Mordor. It turns out to be Annatar, the angelic form used by Sauron in the Second Age to deceive the Elven Smiths of Eregion.

However, Aragorn quickly recognizes the deception, and Sauron becomes the hulking figure seen in the opening of The Fellowship of the Ring, Their weapons are drawn, and these two rivals finally have their face-to-face confrontation. However, the fight is mostly Aragorn’s blade deflecting off of Sauron’s hulking armor.

When reviewing the footage, Jackson felt that Aragorn vs Sauron took away from the true battle: Frodo and Sam’s perilous journey to the heart of Mordor, where they would hurl the One Ring into the fires of Mount Doom. ” It was not what Tolkien imagined,” the filmmaker recalled.

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Why Galadriel comes off as unlikeable in The Rings of Power

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Galadriel in Rings of Power Bears Little Resemblance To Her Lord Of The Rings Character – The Rings of Power showed Galadriel as bitter and impatient. She was driven by a desire for revenge. Her father and three of her brothers has been killed by Morgoth. Galadriel was very close to her brother Finrod, who could be seen in episode one of The Rings of Power, and when he was mortally wounded by a wolf of Sauron, Galadriel swore vengeance.

  1. She, like her Lord of the Ring ‘s parallel, had a deep sense of right and wrong, of light and dark.
  2. As shown in The Rings of Power, she traveled to the ends of the Middle-earth to seek out Sauron.
  3. Her consuming anger was born of loss and suffering.
  4. Depending on the calculation, Galadriel was anywhere from 1,200 to 2,200 years old at the time of The Rings of Power, and in Lord of the Rings, she was roughly 7,000 years old.

This was a substantial age differential. To illustrate the point in human years would be comparing an eight-year-old’s level of experience and knowledge to that of a forty-year-old. The young Galadriel was still maturing, still learning. Her brash belligerence was a function of deep loss and monumental grief.

The Rings of Power showed Galadriel as she was on her journey toward the powerful, serene Galadriel with whom viewers are most familiar. Morfydd Clark, the actor who portrayed Galadriel in The Rings of Power, said of her character, “Humility is going to be a big part of her arc.” The off-putting and unlikeable nature in a Galadriel that was much-loved part of Lord of the Rings was merely a matter of age.

Tolkien himself wrote that she changed and grew, and this was what The Rings of Power depicted in Galadriel,