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Who won The Masked Dancer 22

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Heather reveals why she took part in the show – Heather explained she took part in The Masked Dancer 2022, for her children. She said: My kids and I have been watching the US versions since the beginning. They are obsessed with the show. They have made multiple masks that we have in our closet.

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Has anyone from Glee been on the masked singer

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Glee star Amber Riley has become the latest celebrity eliminated on The Masked Singer. On Saturday night, Jellyfish, Phoenix, Rhino, Jacket Potato, and Fawn took to the stage in the semi-final in their final attempt to wow the judges before securing a slot in next week’s finale.

  1. The judging panel of Rita Ora, Jonathan Ross, Davina McCall and Mo Gilligan were joined by guest panellist Peter Crouch as the tried to guess the mysterious celebrities underneath the mask.
  2. The semi-final was a double elimination as Amber was unmasked as Jellyfish and Jacket Potato was finally unveiled as Richie Sambora.

It comes after another double elimination last weekend, which saw This Country star Daisy May Cooper unmasked as Otter. Knitting was the first contestant to be eliminated, with their identity being confirmed as Steps singer Claire Richards. After Saturday nights episode, viewers were left enraged following Ambers elimination as many pegged Jellyfish to be the winner.

One said: “What a voice Amber Riley deserved better in Glee imho #MaskedSingerUK “. “amber riley being unmasked before the final is the greatest injustice in #maskedsingeruk history, queen deserved the double win,” penned another. A third tweeted: “Jellyfish/Amber Riley should have won. What a voice #TheMaskedSinger “.

Someone else said: “I genuinely think Amber Riley is one of the best singers in the world – her performances as Jellyfish have been extraordinary! Her voice has so much power with the most beautiful, pure, clear tone. It just does it for me! @ThisisDavina @MaskedSingerUK #MaskedSingerUK,” while another wrote: “The brilliant Amber Riley is jellyfish.

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Who is the greatest dancer in Scissors

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Scissors wins The Masked Dancer 2022 The final of The Masked Dancer reached its dramatic conclusion tonight and Scissors was crowned the champion of the 2022 series. The panel – Peter Crouch, Davina McCall, guest Dawn French, Oti Mabuse and John Bishop (in for Jonathan Ross) – oversaw proceedings as this series’ case came to a thrilling close.

  • After finding out they were the winner, Scissors was unmasked and revealed to be Glee superstar and dancer Heather Morris.
  • Heather told host Joel Dommett: “I was a dancer for Beyonce, I danced with her, I was one of two back-up dancers in,
  • I have had the best time.
  • Seriously, this has made my heart so full.” She added: “My kids at home, I have two boys, we are huge Masked fans.

My oldest, during the pandemic, would make masks himself. when I got the call for this, hands down, of course I’m going to do this, my kids will be in awe of me.” *** Scissors Q&A Why did you decide to take part in the show? My kids and I have been watching the US versions since the beginning.

  • They are obsessed with the show.
  • They have made multiple masks that we have in our closet.
  • I really did it for them.
  • I’m down for doing anything so dancing in a fun costume was a challenge for me and I was just excited for that part of it.
  • Are you a fan of the US version? Why did you want to take part in the UK version? I’m a dancer so definitely The Masked Dancer appealed to me.

The panel often commented on how great your figure was, was it hard not to react to those compliments when you were in the costume? They gave me so much confidence, almost as much as my husband flatters me. I felt so good about myself, because you stare at yourself in the mirror and you’re like, ‘I’m a mum now, I could lose 5 pounds, I need to work out every day’.

  • Granted I’m dancing and I teach here in the US but there are always things that you want to change about yourself.
  • It felt so good to hear.
  • I wanted to lift off my Scissors head and say, ‘thank you so much’ and then put the head back on! How did you find the costume? For me the costume was a huge part of the decision process.

I chose Scissors because it was slim fitting and was spandex. The head was the only restriction, which it genuinely was. You heard the judges make jokes about the big side ear which made me laugh because it was so true. When we would choreograph in rehearsal it was all about this big random side thing,

  • We had to switch positions so that I was in a non-standard hold for the ballroom,
  • With the Scissors head was it more difficult to do pair dancing to dancing on your own? The head was definitely its own character.
  • It was the topic of conversation the whole time.
  • We just didn’t know what was going to happen with the head.

In partnering we would have to switch the hold but it’s not like The Masked Dancer is a competitive dancing competition were not like, ‘The hold was off, we’re deducting points.’ Are you trained in all dances or do you pick up choreography very quickly? I did Dancing With The Stars here in the States.

  1. I did it a few years back, so I learned a lot about Ballroom then.
  2. Ballroom to me was so foreign and different.
  3. I’ve never been good at following someone’s lead.
  4. I’m like, ‘I’m going to do this, I’m a strong woman’, so ballroom was never my forte but I definitely learned a lot from Dancing With Stars.
  5. Did you pick up any UK traits whilst filming like drinking tea? You guys didn’t get me on the tea, I’m not much of a tea drinker.

I definitely really miss waking up in the morning, walking downstairs from my flat and grabbing an espresso shot. Here I have to get in my car, I have to drive to the coffee shop. The coffee shops aren’t as cool and swanky as they are in the UK. Coffee shops in the UK are the jam.

I miss that a lot. Let’s also talk about your style and wardrobe. I have memos in my phone about what I loved about my life in London. Everybody’s shoes were so fantastical, I was in awe of everybodies’ shoes, so I went and bought three pairs. Did you tell any of your friends and family that you were taking part in the show? My husband had to know and my mum came out to help because we have two kids so she had to be aware of what was going on.

So it was just them two. Nobody else knew, but my friends knew I’d done something, so they would ascost me and say, ‘When are you going to tell me ‘. So it’s finally here and I get to tell them. It’s not a secret anymore. Can you watch the series in the US? And have any of your friends guessed it’s you? No.

  • My friends haven’t had access to the series.
  • There are links on YouTube, but it’s hard because I want my friends to see it too.
  • Some of the costumes have clues on them, did your costume have any clues hidden? Not on my personal costume.
  • However, during one performance the backing dancers were dressed as hairsprays which had the letter B on them, for Beyonce,

The judges missed it at first but when they finally got it, they thought I was Kelly Rowland! When we did one particular number myself and the backing dancers held clack fans. I kept one of them! The dancers had on the rainbow outfits and had the clack fans with Pride which was representation of the LGBTQIA+ community and what Brittany S Pierce represented.

How did you find the secrecy aspect of the show? The whole secrecy of the show in the first week was so difficult. It’s very hard not to say hi to the other contestants, we’re in hoods and completely covered up. With my kids it was super difficult because they are such big fans so I really wanted to tell them but now I’m so excited to show them because they are going to think that I am the coolest mum in the world.

I cannot wait to see the costume heads that they’ll make. With all that said, I love secrets. I am the biggest secret keeper and if anybody tells me a secret it’s locked and loaded forever. So for me it was great because I love to keep secrets so I didn’t have any problems with anybody else except for my children who are aged 9-years-old) and 6-years-old.

  • What did you think of your mask, your overall look and the character you got to play? My Scissors mask immediately gave me the most positive feeling.
  • The love for her was instant; there were no second guesses.
  • I immediately fell head over heels for her.
  • Do you have a signature dance move? Scissors’ signature dance move was a criss cross of the arms, and I loved a good rock paper scissors bit with host Joel Dommett.

Does the mask/outfit give you the confidence to dance like no one’s watching? Actually it feels quite the opposite for me. I love the game of keeping the panel and audience guessing, but I’ve danced my whole life and really rely on my face and expressions.

Were there any nerves when you first performed as your character or did being hidden inside the costume make you feel more confident? Absolutely! Nerves are so normal! They always come about in new experiences. I would actually be quite worried if I wasn’t nervous. Have you seen some of the other costumes? If so, other than yours do you have a favourite? I loved Odd Socks.

It was so cute but it looked dreadfully hot! Did you have any nerves and would you be as confident dancing without the mask on? Actually, it was very nerve-racking to dance with a mask on because a number of things can go wrong simply by not being able to see and it feels lopsided! Did you have a game plan to trick the panel, whether by clues or your moves? I did have a plan, my trick was to keep the American accent, but I added a southern twang.

What are your thoughts on the panel and what did you think of their feedback and guesses? The panel cracked me up every week! I loved hearing their guesses! One that was eerily close though was Ashley Roberts because her and I actually went to the same dance studio in Arizona! Who would be your own personal dream performer to see behind one of the masks? I wish Bear Grylls would do it because he would kill it, lol.

I feel like he dominates everything else he does, why not this right! If you could wear your mask and costume just one more time what occasion would you choose to wear it to? Oh my goodness, HALLOWEEN obviously! Who wouldn’t ? Did you have a favourite routine that you did throughout the series? I had so many favourites.

  1. The choreographers were so gracious and we got to choreograph the routines together.
  2. It felt so good to be in the studio choreographing with the team.
  3. I’m so grateful that I got to do that.
  4. I felt that I got to be creative as well as performing.
  5. We Don’t Talk About Bruno was a blast, it was such a fun concept.
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I loved Wannabe, I’ll never forget that choreography, we had so much fun doing that dance. The solo contemporary dance I did, I have not danced contemporary since I was young, so that was refreshing and beautiful to do. I loved seeing the panel latch on so well and that they were emotional about it especially because I was wearing a giant Scissors costume.

How did you feel when you won? I was honestly so shocked and it feels so long ago now. It doesn’t feel like it did then, now it feels, ‘Yes I won the masked Dancer I’m so excited.’ But then it was, ‘Wait, what?!’ I was definitely shocked and I was surprised to find out who my competition was because I’m a big fan.

I was surprised to see who everybody was, Adam and Bruno. I competed in front of Bruno and he judged me on Dancing With The Stars, it’s such a small world! Definitely shocked. This isn’t a competition show, it’s about so many other things. These other characters were really selling it and having fun with Joel.

You just don’t know how the audience sees it, what they like and what song they love that week so it was fun and exciting and surprising. What went through your head when Joel called your name? When Dawn had kind of guessed my name I feel like she really got me. I wasn’t nervous that they were going to guess me.

I was just waiting and when it finally did I was like, ‘Yes!’ Are you a competitive person? Were you in it to win it? I’m only competitive with myself, I’m not much of a competitive person with other people. I grew up in a group competitive setting, it was always, we can do this as a group.

  • I was never much never much of a soloist, until I got much older.
  • From the beginning I was just excited all these people were doing for the fun of it.
  • There was no hope or wish that I was going to win, it was just like, ‘Let’s have the best time’.
  • I’m just competitive with myself, I’d go to my dressing room and meditate and be like, ‘You just have fun out there Heather, don’t take it too seriously.’ Glee was such a huge show for us in the UK, do you still feel you have a strong fanbase over here? The UK just has a different energy and feel from the US with a fanbase and it doesn’t feel so obsessive.

It’s such great support and a lot of my fans I keep in touch with on social media. The fans are great, any excuse to come over to the UK again and live there and bring my family also, to experience it. I’d do whatever, I walk across the stage and be Joel’s henchman I don’t care what it is! Have any of your UK fans guessed it was you? Oh yes.

The tweets came about half way through and there were a lot of Brittany S Pierce clue packages and the superfans just knew immediately. They were tweeting me, like, ‘Hey Scissors we know it’s you.’ Luckily I’m not active on twitter so me being silent wasn’t crazy. They definitely knew right away. When you’re watching at home the clues can seem hard but when you know who the person is, you’re like, ‘How do you not get that!’ What did you think of the other performers? The other performers blew me away.

I’m such a fan of the entertainment industry in general, the props, the stage, the costumes, everything from top to bottom shocks me and gets me so excited. So watching the series on TV, it’s such a fun show. All of it makes me excited. Watching the other performers and their costumes, Odd Socks had so much going on and Prawn Cocktail also had a big costume.

  1. I was in awe of everything, the choreography, the concepts, the ideas that they came up with.
  2. Did you think you’d make the final? I took it week by week.
  3. I was away from my family so I didn’t know what to expect.
  4. I was having a blast living in London for a couple of weeks.
  5. I got to travel and I took the train everywhere so my hope was that I got to stay and enjoy London more and feel more like I live there.

I had no idea, I couldn’t gauge it. Especially because you’re in those costumes so you think you’re connecting with the young person in the audience who is a fan of your Masked Dancer character, but you don’t know how the rest of the audience feels about you.

  1. You hope that you relate enough fun and energy that the person in the back row likes you.
  2. When you were out exploring London were you worried why fans might think you were here in the UK? Funnily enough I didn’t get approached a lot.
  3. I really went out and about and saw so many sights.
  4. My good friend came and visited for a week and we went and did a lot of sightseeing.

I lived the life whilst in the UK. Funnily enough I had a comicon in Liverpool and that’s where I got to meet all my fans and it was an excuse to be in the UK. It was set up before I got asked to be on the Masked Dancer, so it was the perfect distraction.

  • I was with Matthew Morrison at the time as he’d come to the UK for Comic Con also.
  • When I asked him if he wanted to hang out after the event, he said that he was going to Blackpool because Oti Mabuse has a show there and he asked if I’d like to go.
  • I made my excuses because I knew the second she saw me that she would have guessed it and would just throw the whole thing off.

I dodged a bullet. I kept my cool but it was a close call.

Who is candlestick masked dancer?

Who is Candlestick? – Candlestick was revealed to be Great British Bake Off star Liam Charles. While judges Peter Crouch and Mo Gilligan were convinced that Olly Murs was behind the outfit, they were completely stunned when Candlestick was unveiled as Liam. Clues given include:

‘I hold court’ and ‘I might be an authority’Here to light up the partyDon’t have any dance experience‘I need to let you know, I went via Tinseltown on my way to success’Dundee written on sugar cubesTwo truths and a life: Hanging with my chums is #goals; when you’re around me time is of the essence and I keep circular shapes in one of my chambers

Many fans were left guessing Candlestick could be none other than Judge Rob Rinder. One Twitter user said: “We’re all thinking Judge Rinder aren’t we?”, while another said: “Lemon rind = rinder Just ice?! = JUSTICE it’s judge rinder.” Oti Mabuse also guessed judge Rinder, while others at home thought Tom Daley could be behind the mask. The Masked Dancer judges are back. Picture: ITV

Who is jellyfish on masked singer?

Who is Jellyfish? Clues and theories so far – Jellyfish was revealed as Glee and DreamGirls star Amber Riley. She confessed: “I really tried to pick songs that people would not recognise my voice. “I thought they were way off with the guesses, it was kind of funny to be honest. The Masked Singer characters. Picture: ITV See the full list of clues and hints here:

‘What you see is what you get’ ‘They create their own light and are all about love’The words ‘Me’ written in shells They have ‘unexpectedly won’ before‘Give me good vibes only, that’s a great salutation. Let’s love and not hate, like a funny animation’

Joel Dommett opens up about very awkward moment on The Masked Dancer

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Who is hedgehog on masked singer

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THE MASKED SINGER Warning: This article contains spoilers from The Masked Singer season 8 premiere. The Masked Singer season 8 is off to the races, and it’s already full of surprises. As EW previously revealed, the show got a major overhaul to its format, where each week only one person is left standing to go on to the next round, meaning everyone else goes home.

In the premiere, this meant Harp, Hedgehog, Hummingbird, and Knight each got to share a clue package and perform their song of choice before the newly massive in-studio audience voted on their favorites. Though all the performances were lively and entertaining, Harp’s impressive pipes proved to be the fan favorite, which meant everyone else had to unmask.

The judges started the new season off strong, with at least one person guessing each of the eliminated contestants right. First up was Knight, who was revealed to be Star Trek icon William Shatner (kudos to Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg for guessing him). Then, it was Hedgehog’s turn to reveal himself, and under that thorny mask was none other than actor, comedian, musician, writer, and Monty Python star Eric Idle,

  1. Robin Thicke revealed himself to be a huge Monty Python fan and correctly guessed Idle.
  2. In a bit of a plot twist, we will unfortunately have to wait until next week to find out Hummingbird’s identity.
  3. In the meantime, EW caught up with the 79-year-old comedy legend, who revealed that he secretly beat pancreatic cancer, and opened up about why he wanted to prove he could do the show.
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Plus, Idle talked candidly about why he has no plans for another Monty Python reunion. The Masked Singer Hedgehog performs on season 8 of ‘The Masked Singer’ | Credit: FOX ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What convinced you to do The Masked Singer ? ERIC IDLE: Well, it was odd. I had just arrived in Europe, and I’d been gone for three years. And so I got here, and then suddenly out of the blue, they said they wanted me to be on The Masked Singer,

And I went, “Oh, gosh, I have to go all the way back to LA. I just got here.” Then I thought to myself, actually, this is in my wheelhouse. I played all sorts of singing animals. I’ve been a singing moon. It is a silly show, but I have been in a few silly shows. This would be fun. And then I had a sort of secondary reason, which I kept secret until afterwards, which was that I have been very lucky to have survived pancreatic cancer.

And I thought to myself, well, you better see if you can still do it, if you can still sing and dance. If you can actually go in front of a large audience and do something daft in costume. And so that, for me, became the motivation to do it. Plus, they were very nice and very sweet on the phone and on their Zoom calls.

Very early on, I chose an avatar, I became Hedgehog. And every time they call me, they would say, “Morning, Hedgehog. Hello, Hedgehog. Nice to meet you, Hedgehog. How are you?” That just made me giggle. See, I still giggle. I miss it now. I’m gonna ask everybody to call me Hedgehog, because I really enjoyed it.

So I thought, well, this is good, I like these people, I’m gonna go back and I’m gonna do my best and see if I can get through it. And they’re a great team, and they’re so supportive of you, when you’re the person. They make it much easier for you than it would normally be, because you are standing around in a huge costume and you have to dance and sing.

  • So it was kind of interesting and a wonderful experience.
  • That’s wonderful news about the cancer.
  • Thank you for sharing that.
  • When I got back home, and I was thinking about the experience and what I’ve learned, I thought well, actually, normally, if you’re asked to do interviews you go and you promote your book or your film or whatever and you plug it away.

And I thought no, no, I’m going to do something. I felt this was a chance for me to come out to cancer publicly, and thank the people who saved my life, but more than that, to start raising money, so that other people who find themselves in my position can survive as well.

And so that’s what I’m doing, I’m going to go and spread the word and we’re going to raise money. Me and my daughter, we’re working with Stand Up To Cancer, we’re going to particularly target pancreatic cancer and early testing and early research. And also just really to cheer people up, spread the good word that we have some good news for a change.

It was a big decision, you know, because you keep your personal life quiet, and I thought, this is a good thing: I can make them laugh, and now I can make them cry. There’s more money in crying. So that’s what I’m doing. I’m gonna in England, I’m gonna do it in America, and I’m gonna do it in Australia, I’m gonna just be the person who says, I’ll sing, “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” and give us some money,

  • We’ll make sure it’s spent properly and pointed directly at the research and the early testing things and screenings we want to emphasize.
  • That all happened because of The Masked Singer,
  • That whole experience was an epiphany for me, and was very, very important in my life.
  • And I’m very glad to have done it, and learned that.

It gives me something, rather more than usual, important to hang on to, which is, this is life and death stuff. So now we can help people. Because my song “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” is still the number one funeral song in England. So now, we can use it, and it reminds you that we can look on the bright side.

  • We’ve got some good news, and let’s share it.
  • And that’s all I decided I would do.
  • Does this make you want to do any more Monty Python reunions per chance? Oh, no.
  • Oh, no, no.
  • They’re all dead anyway.
  • No, they’re not.
  • But Python reunion was like in 2014, I directed that show.
  • And it was a wonderful experience, and Terry Jones was still alive, you know.

So we’re in that category now where we’re heading towards the exit. We can’t make people laugh now. We made people laugh then, you know what I mean? We don’t address times as they are, we addressed times as they were, Python is very satirical, when it started in 1969.

  • I’m really proud that it survives, and people still watch it and refer to it and see it even on YouTube and things like that.
  • That’s great.
  • And there’s a huge body of work.
  • Obviously, I’m proud of what I did with the Holy Grail, which made Spamalot, which was the best musical on Broadway in 2005.
  • I love that that show goes on.

And you make people laugh, but I think trying to make people laugh now about contemporary times, there’s a million people that do it better, because they’re the the inheritors of us — you pass it on. And I think Python had a huge effect on American comedians.

  1. I knew lots of them.
  2. Robin Williams and Steve Martin and Garry Shandling, they all referenced Python as a great encouragement for them to become funny.
  3. And I remember the same thing happened to me with Peter Cook in Beyond the Fringe, I just thought, “This is what I want to do now.
  4. I’m going to try to be funny, and write and perform comedy.” And so there we are.

So this is full circle now. I’ve got a useful function to fulfill, I think, which is just spreading some good news and some cheering up stuff. Because people need a bit of cheering up, you might have noticed. Eric Idle Eric Idle | Credit: John Lamparski/WireImage Yes, and The Masked Singer can be good for that. The Masked Singer is that, yeah. I think it cheers people up and you know that people will dress up and do these silly things. It’s all so very human and encouraging.

I can’t say any of the names because I don’t know when they’re revealing everybody, I only know a couple, but it was a very extraordinary and interesting experience. And I’m very grateful to them for both supporting what I’m doing now but also asking me in the first place, because it was a sort of life changing thing for me.

I’m very grateful. Speaking of other contestants, were you aware that William Shatner had been revealed before you? Did you get a chance to catch up with him? Yeah, I mean, when he was revealed, I sat next to him. I’ve known him for many years. He’s wonderful.

I was once in production and he’s a brilliant actor. But anyway, he leaned over, and said, “Wasn’t that the most difficult thing you’ve ever had to do in your entire life?” And I said, yes it was, because your mask — you’re blinded, you’re hobbled, you’re standing around trying to dance and sing. It’s quite hard.

But I was thrilled he said that, because it made me feel a lot better. Yes, it was very hard, but you always feel good that you actually got through it. That’s I think what showbiz is, you set yourself silly tasks and see if you can pull them off. And sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t.

(Hedgehog also wanted to share the following statement: “We need ways to find pancreatic cancer early and ground-breaking treatments that will help make long-term survival possible. Stand Up To Cancer is transforming pancreatic cancer into a treatable disease. Give now to support Stand Up To Cancer’s research at ” ) The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m.

ET/PT on Fox. Watch Idle’s unmasking below: Related content:

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Who has left The Masked Dancer 22

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Pig – 9 Pig was revealed to be Joanna Page Credit: ITV Pig was unfortunately eliminated from the ITV competition after being in the bottom three with Cactus and Pearly King. To many people’s surprise, the second famous face to be unmasked was Gavin and Stacey star Joanna Page.

Speaking about her time on the show as she revealed herself, the Welsh actress said: “I had a fantastic time, it’s been absolutely amazing. “The children don’t know or anything so I am very excited because this is their favourite programme.” Pig’s clues were all given in or around their bright pink countryside cottage, which happened to be number 47 – the same as Stacey’s house number in the famous comedy.

The final clue was: “I once made a right pig’s ear of meeting someone I really admired,” which the star later explained was a reference to meeting Dame Emma Thompson on the set of Love Actually.

Who is the pink flamingo in The Masked Singer?

Who is the Flamingo on The Masked Singer ? – From the first episode, fans pointed out that the Flamingo was likely a professional singer — specifically Adrienne Houghton (né Bailon), a former member of the girl groups 3LW and Cheetah Girls. During the two-hour finale, the Flamingo came in third, and her mask came off to reveal the truth. She was indeed Adrienne Houghton. Rodin Eckenroth // Getty Images Even though fans were on that track from the beginning, Houghton tried to throw them off.The day after The Masked Singer premiered,,

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Who is Monster in Masked Singer Season 3

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‘The Masked Singer’ revealed: Every unmasked celebrity contestant on season 3 Credit: Michael Becker/FOX (3) season 3 has come to an end, and it was, Scroll through to see which celebrities were revealed throughout the season, and who took home the top honor. Advertisement Advertisement Credit: Michael Becker / FOX; FOX The post-Super Bowl premiere kicked the season off on a high note, but one singer came up a little short on votes. Fans and panelists alike were in for a huge surprise when superstar rapper, Credit: Greg Gayne/FOX Advertisement Credit: Michael Becker/FOX (2) Miss Monster’s run on the show was, It was evident from her first performance that the celeb under the mask was a pro. And indeed, she turned out to be none other than Queen of Funk ! The legendary she “just wanted to experience” doing the show, but plans to sing unmasked from now on. Credit: Greg Gayne/FOX (2) When the six contestants from Group B finally got to take the stage,, When the trunk came off, he was revealed to be skateboarding legend, it gave him a “boost of confidence” that he made it further than actual musicians like Lil Wayne and Chaka Khan. Credit: Greg Gayne/FOX Mouse just couldn’t squeak through the competition. The adorable rodent to reveal yet another legendary singer:, The Grammy winner on the show after seeing fellow songstresses Gladys Knight and Patti LaBelle do it in earlier seasons. “I said, ‘Well, two of my buddies did it, why not me?'” Advertisement Advertisement Credit: Michael Becker/FOX (2) Competition in the Group B finals was as tough as the Taco’s shell and the spicy competitor just couldn’t take the heat. The crunchy crooner was, it was especially bizarre for him to stay in disguise on set because many people who work on The Masked Singer have worked on DWTS, “Some of the gang was stunned when I took the mask off.” Credit: GREG GAYNE/FOX(2) Group C kicked off with the when the cuddly tie-dyed teddy was revealed to be a rapping, The judges were blown away, although they did get kind of close by guessing Tina Fey. Credit: Michael Becker/FOX (2) Time for a Swan song. The graceful bird was the second celeb to go from Group C, but only after, The Swan was unmasked to reveal former Disney star, who costarred with Jeong in 2015’s The DUFF. she wanted to do the show to test herself, “I like doing things that I’ve never done. I like getting over my scariness, you know?” Advertisement Credit: Michael Becker/FOX(2) T-Rex just couldn’t dino-soar above the of the Group C finals. The fierce creature turned out to be YouTube sensation and former star, The 16-year-old told EW that she wasn’t nervous at all about doing the show. “Nobody knew that it was me performing, but I just pretended like they did.” Advertisement Credit: Michael Becker/FOX He awkwardly rapped his way into the Top Nine, but TV’s other Tiger King’s reign has come to an end.

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The gentle beast was, but it was no joke that New England Patriots tight end was under the mask. The three-time Super Bowl champ, “You get a little shakiness going, your nerves are rumbling right before you get up on stage and before a big game. It’s definitely different conditioning. It’s just opening up a whole new aspect in your body.

It feels good when you’re done.” Advertisement Credit: Michael Becker/FOX (2) The first Masked Singer smackdown episode knocked out a worthy contender when fan-favorite, The singer whose voice packed a serious punch was revealed to be model and reality star Jordyn Woods, Kylie Jenner’s former BFF and Life of Kylie costar, who had a falling out with the Kardashian clan after being caught kissing Tristan Thompson, who was dating Khloe Kardashian at the time.

  • Although she was not a singer before the show, after the elimination, that all of the show’s panelists had encouraged her to keep making music.
  • Even after I got kicked off the show, the judges were saying the same thing.
  • ‘This is going to be life-changing for you.
  • I hope you’re ready and I hope you keep making music or you start making music.'” Advertisement Credit: Greg Gayne / FOX(2) The second smackdown episode took out another a peel ing contestant.

The to reveal Poison frontman and Rock of Love reality star, With a voice any fan would be able to recognize, that he tried to disguise his signature style throughout the season. “I was hoping I threw everybody. But even from word go, the fans figured it out.

  • I was like, damn it.
  • I tried everything I could do to throw them off.” Advertisement Credit: Michael Becker/FOX Despite some out-of-this world performances, Astronaut just couldn’t stick the (moon) landing and was,
  • The spaceman was revealed to be country star,
  • After his elimination, he may have bent the truth a bit to score a spot on the show.

“I won’t say I lied, but I didn’t really tell them about the potential for claustrophobia,” Hayes said. “Thank God it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I had an advantage with my mask. I could see almost everything.” Advertisement Credit: Michael Becker/FOX (2) After giving purr-fect performances all season long, Kitty’s nine lives came to an end during the quarterfinals.

The friendly feline was to be singer and former America’s Got Talent finalist, After her elimination, (Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black”) that did her in. “I didn’t have a really good song that hyped up the audience, got them excited. I think ultimately, that’s why I got kicked off. If I had a different song, I probably would have still been on the show.” Advertisement Credit: Michael Becker/FOX(2) The final four were fierce competitors, but the Rhino just couldn’t shoehorn his way into the finals.

The giant crooner was uncovered to reveal former, After his elimination, the famed athlete how his wife had gone into labor just hours after one of his final performances. “I had to jump on a plane right at 11 p.m. after I sang ‘You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling.’ We had our baby hours later.

So it was pretty gnarly. Two days after we had the baby and I was up for two days straight in the hospital, I got back on a plane and flew back out for my last performance before I got unmasked.” Advertisement Credit: Michael Becker/FOX (2) The sauve Frog who had us hippety-hopping week after week was the first to croak during the,

Under the amphibian mask was a whole other animal:, The rapper, actor, and former 106 & Park host told the panel he knew he didn’t have the vocals to match some of his competitors, but he knew he had what it takes to be a crowd-pleaser. “I knew I wasn’t going to outsing or outballad anybody,” he said.

“So I say, ‘You know what, I’m going to come with the swag, I’m going to add a little of this a little bit of that, and I want the people behind me.'” Advertisement Credit: Michael Becker/FOX (2) Fans were shell-shocked to see Turtle get so close to the crown and come up short. The leather-clad crooner with a sweet set of pipes turned out to be singer and actor,

The that some of the clues about his identity were so tricky that he had to search Twitter and Reddit to figure them out. Advertisement Credit: Michael Becker/FOX (2) The Masked Singer crowned its first female champ in season 3: Night Angel. The purplicious contestant with the voice of an angel turned out to be, former Xscape singer and star.

Who was the masked dancer last night?

During last week’s semi-final, it was Olympic heptathlete Denise Lewis and Girls Aloud singer Kimberley Walsh’s turn to reveal themselves from beneath their colourful costumes, setting the stage for a dramatic last push for ultimate glory from Pearly King, Scissors and Onomatopoeia.

All three contestants performed one last time for the night’s judging panel – Peter Crouch, Davina McCall, Oti Mabuse, Dawn French and John Bishop. But in the end, though, there could only be one winner, and that was. Scissors! Related: BGT ‘s Amanda Holden responds to rumours she’s appearing on The Masked Dancer Following her victory, Scissors was then unmasked as Glee star Heather Morris,

She told presenter Joel Dommett : “I can’t believe I won! Oh my gosh!” “You’ve been amazing this whole time. You’ve been genuinely incredible,” Joel said. “I have had the best time. Seriously, this has made my heart so full,” Heather added. “My kids at home, I have two boys, we are huge Masked fans. Clues to Scissors’ identity this series included a bowl of Cheerios (a nod to her Glee character) and a clip where she was seen holding a star cushion backstage was a reference to Heather’s time as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars in 2017. All three Masked Dancer finalists were unmasked during tonight’s show. Bandicoot TV // ITV Clues to Bruno’s identity included the ‘King of the Hill’ slogan on the back of his costume – a reference to Notting Hill in London, where he first lived when he moved to the UK. The dancer and choreographer joked that he thought the show was The Masked Singer when he signed up to it, remarking: “I said: ‘Singer, oh yeah I’ll do it.

Dancer?? You’ve got to be kidding me!’ You should always read your contract.” He praised his experience at “doing something so out of your comfort zone”, particularly the “swagger” of his character. This series’ runner-up was Onomatopoeia, who was revealed to be star of stage and screen Adam Garcia,

Adam, who’s currently appearing in historical drama The Serpent Queen, said: “I always step away from dancing and then something brings me back – and I realise, that’s right, I LOVE dancing it brings joy.” The Masked Singer and The Masked Dancer air on ITV.