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What happened to Shauna’s baby boy

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YELLOWJACKETS Finally Reveals What Happened to Shauna’s Baby Yellowjackets episode five ended with a moment many fans have been waiting for: the birth of Shauna’s baby. Her child with Jeff has been the center of celebrations, arguments, and fears among the wilderness crew. How would they keep a child alive when they were on the brink of starvation? What happens if Shauna has birth complications? They had many questions on their teenage minds, indeed. Kailey Schwerman/Showtime Before we go into the wilderness, the show looks back a few months to their normal teenage lives. Interestingly, Shauna, Tai, Misty, Van, and Jeff are all in a health class together watching a video about pregnancy and childbirth.

Jeff passes Shauna a note commenting on their, ahem, study session before she walks out of the classroom. This seems to be not too long before the plane crash, so it is very likely that Shauna is already pregnant and doesn’t know it yet. Then, we are back to the action as everyone panics around Shauna’s labor.

Shauna realizes that something feels off while Akilah tries to step into Misty’s place as the makeshift midwife. Things get very bloody and the group discovers that the placenta is coming out first but they try to keep poor Shauna calm through the process.

  1. Things go dark from Shauna’s perspective before she regains consciousness with Misty handing her a baby boy.
  2. This is interesting considering how Lottie referred to the baby as “him” in previous episodes.
  3. We follow Shauna’s early days of motherhood as she struggles to get the baby to latch on and breastfeed, fearful that her body isn’t producing milk.

She talks to her baby, saying that she cannot wait to see him grow up and saying that it is her and him against the whole world before finally breastfeeding him successfully. Things take a dark turn when she wakes up and finds that her friends are eating the baby.

Thankfully, this is a dream but it is not the only thing that isn’t real. Showtime It turns out that everything with Shauna’s baby happened in her mind, as we see her come back into consciousness. The entire Yellowjackets team looks shaken and forlorn as they inform Shauna that her baby died at birth.

She is distraught and keeps asking why no one else can hear him crying. It is a truly sad yet not shocking fate for this child. We knew that Shauna’s daughter isn’t old enough to be the wilderness baby and she didn’t appear to have any other living children.

  1. And, with the group barely getting enough sustenance, it would have been very hard for Shauna to be able to produce breast milk to feed him.
  2. We already know that the but they will have to bury his remains eventually.
  3. Everyone will also have to deal with this traumatic situation.
  4. It could send Shauna into a dark mental place once again or perhaps shake the faith of Lottie and her followers who believed the wilderness would protect Shauna’s baby.

This situation also brings up a question about Shauna’s diary, which Jeff has presumably read in its entirety. Did she put anything about her pregnancy in it? Does Jeff know that Shauna gave birth to their stillborn son in the wilderness? Perhaps we will learn more about this in adult Shauna’s life.

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Are Shaughna and Paige still friends

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Paige Turley reunited with her Love Island co-stars Shaughna Phillips and Demi Jones for a sweet baby shower celebration. The West Lothian stunner looked gorgeous at the event as she showed her support for Scots fashion brand Dula Label, founded by influencer Jilly Isabella,

Paige, 26, wore a half-light blue half-white blazer dress with lace trim on one side which was paired with black heels. The trio stunned in glamorous outfits as they cradled Shaughna’s growing baby bump. The Scots influencer captioned the sweet snap: “celebrating this gorgeous gal becoming a mama soon.

she’s officially a milf!! What we thinking. boy or girl?” Fans took inspiration from Paige’s outfit as many thought this could be a hint towards the baby’s gender. One guessed: “Boy the fact your wearing blue.” Another commented: “Bump sitting fairly low, so going with boy!” A third added: I think boy definitely.” “Looks like a boy bump,” someone else wrote. Paige and Demi supported Shaughna at her baby shower (Image: Instagram) This comes shortly after Paige gushed over her pals upcoming birth and buzzed over being an aunt. Shaughna, whose boyfriend was recently charged with possession with intent to supply Class A drugs, revealed that Paige was one of the first people she told about her baby news.

During an Instagram Q&A session, she said: “I facetimed Paige and Fin about 15 minutes after I found out and had the camera pointing onto the test. I wish I recorded all of these moments but I was in such shock it didn’t even cross my mind. It was so magical though, I can’t wait for Paige to meet the baby! We have some stories to tell them when we are older.” Shaughna and Paige have remained close pals since their time in the villa in 2020, as she reposted Shaughna’s story and added: “CAN’T wait to be the mad aunty and uncle.” Get the latest celebrity gossip and telly news sent straight to your inbox.

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Did Shaughna gain weight on Love Island?

Love Island’s Shaughna Phillips says she’s been on a diet since she was 14 Reality TV star Shaughna Phillips valiantly reveales her struggles with her relationship with food and with her body, and how she has turned that around and now wants to motivate others Love Island’s Shaughna says she’s been on a diet since she was 14 as she talks battle with weight Former Love Island contestant Shaughna Phillips has opened up about her difficult relationship with food, revealing that she’s been on a diet ever since she was 14 years old.

  • Shaughna, 28, bravely revealed that from when her father Eddie sadly passed away in 2016 from cancer, Shaughna believed that food was her ‘obsession’ and found it very difficult to get out of unhealthy habits.
  • Talking with New magazine she said: ‘From a very young age I was taught that food is the enemy.” When she appeared on reality TV show Love island she reveals that she had gained around a stone, and gained a stone during the lockdown.

Shaughna also reveals how she got to a point where she realised she was ‘too skinny’ and realised that it wasn’t what she actually wanted and was very unhappy. The Love Island star shares her new positive mindset towards food and her body ( Shaughna Philips / Instagram) She shares holiday snaps in gorgeous pink and purple outfit ( Shaughna Philips / Instagram) Get the news you want straight to your inbox.

She also told New about her relationship with her body whilst on ITV’s : “I definitely had body dysmorphia on the show. I was so insecure”. She reveals that on reflection she was “absolutely fine” and had no reason to worry. Her mindset has now completely turned around and her relationship with exercise and food have improved, overall creating a more positive relationship with her body.

Shaughna is all smiles as she shares plans about her new app ( Shaughna Phillips / Instagram) Shaughna speaks about how she’s in a better place now ( Shaughna Philips / Instagram) She launched her very own wellness app in March called ‘Be You With Shaughna’, which encourages to imrpove yourself in three different phases; Be Fit, Be Healthy and Be Strong’.

Shaughna wants to encourage people to be “putting the fun back into working out”, whilst also improving peoples mindsets as well as their bodies as they affect each other. She gives some inspirational advice for people in similar positions and wanting to change: “People don’t realise you need to train your mind as much as you need to train your body.

I think that’s something there’s a huge gap for in the market.” Shaughna now makes it her mission to use her app to encourage people who have felt the same or in similar positions to her. You can find this story in Or by navigating to the user icon in the top right.

Was Tasha pregnant on Love Island?

Who would’ve thought? – Love Island fans have been left scratching their heads after a photoshoot of Tasha Ghouri has been doing the rounds on social media. The 23 year old is has swapped her modelling days for a chance at finding love inside the villa, but this photoshoot has definitely come back to haunt her. Stumbling across the maternity range on the site, fans were left baffled when they noticed it was Tasha in the pictures, baby bump and all. Immediately taking to social media, one viewer wrote: “Ok this may just be me seeing things but I was shopping for a dress and I’m convinced this model is Tasha with a fake bump? I know she’s a model, I was just more surprised to see her with a fake bump.” Another fan pointed out that this isn’t the first Love Island star to feature in a maternity shoot for ASOS as former islander Arabella Chi also did her fair share of modelling with a fake pregnant belly. “There was someone from Love Island not that long ago that was a fake maternity model,” someone recalled. “Arabella Chi,” someone else responded. “Also ASOS maternity.” It is understood that neither Tasha or Arabella were actually pregnant at the time of the shoots, instead both wearing fake baby bumps for the photos.

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How many kids does Shauna have

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In season one of ” Yellowjackets,” fans were shocked to learn that Shauna ( Sophie Nélisse as a teen and Melanie Lynskey as an adult), while trapped with her teammates in the woods, is pregnant. Before leaving on what was meant to be a trip to nationals, she had sex multiple times with Jeff, the boyfriend of her best friend Jackie ( Ella Purnell ).

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In the present day, Jeff (played by Warren Kole as an adult) and Shauna are married and have a teen daughter, Callie ( Sarah Desjardins ). But Callie was born in 2004, so fans always knew she wasn’t the baby Shauna is pregnant with in the woods in 1996. It takes 19 months for the Yellowjackets to be saved, so fans also knew Shauna was no longer pregnant when the rescue finally happened.

In episode six, released May 5 on streaming, viewers finally learn the baby’s sad fate. In the episode, Shauna goes into labor.

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Does Jeff know about Shauna’s baby

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Did Shauna’s Baby Survive in Yellowjackets’ Flashback Timeline? – The flashback sequence in Episode 6 details Shauna’s labor efforts in the remote cabin during a winter storm at the end of Episode 5, “Two Truths and a Lie.” While at first it appeared her baby boy survived his birth, it was later revealed he actually died.

Shauna passed out from the trauma of giving birth, and during a temporary coma, she had a vivid dream where the baby survived. She struggled to feed him, and fought with Lottie about her spiritualism and connection with the infant. Shauna was overwhelmed and understandably stressed as she attempted to nurse and care for her baby despite the fact she was starving herself.

She genuinely loved her baby, and swore that the two of them would get through things together, and always be able to rely on each other. Unfortunately, when Shauna awoke from the coma, her friends had the burden of telling her the baby had tragically died.

Shauna ends the episode completely distraught over the loss of her child. Considering Shauna has never spoken about the baby in the present timeline, it makes sense that she left the memory of him behind with the other memories of her time in the wilderness. Since Jeff admitted he read Shauna’s diary detailing the specific horrors of her nineteen months in the wilderness, it’s likely he also knew she lost the baby he unknowingly fathered.

But whether the diary was the only way he knew that truth or not has yet to be explored. Shauna can add the trauma of losing her child to the list of horrors she experienced while being stranded with the other survivors of the plane crash,

Could Adam be Shauna’s son?

John Paul Reynolds in Yellowjackets (Photo: Kailey Schwerman/Showtime) In Hear Me Out, Primetimer staffers and contributors espouse their pet theories, spicy takes, and even the occasional galaxy-brain idea. Five episodes into Yellowjackets Season 2, the fate of Shauna’s (Sophie Nélisse in the 1990s timeline, and Melanie Lynskey in the present) baby remains one of the show’s biggest unanswered questions,

Last season, viewers speculated that Shauna’s baby was actually her lover, Adam Martin (Peter Gadiot), and while this theory is still in play, the timeline doesn’t exactly add up, as Adam was slightly too old to have been born in 1997. Lynskey also dismissed the idea outright, calling it “the creepiest thing ever heard.” She added, “Doesn’t make any sense.

Like why, what’s the plan here?” In Season 2, Lottie (Courtney Eaton) predicts that Shauna’s baby will be a boy, but otherwise, creators Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson have offered hardly any clues about the identity of Shauna’s baby. or have they? Episode 5, “Two Truths and a Lie,” suggests there’s a potential wilderness-born baby hiding in plain sight.

  • His name? Matt Saracusa (John Paul Reynolds), the undercover detective working Callie Sadecki (Sarah Desjardins) for information about her mother’s affair.
  • If Adam was too old to be Shauna’s baby, and Callie is too young, twentysomething Matt — who introduces himself to Callie as Jay — is just right.

A child born in 1997 would be 24 in the 2021 timeline, which tracks with both Matt’s physical appearance and Kevyn Tan’s (Alex Wyndham) offhand remark about him being just one year out of the police academy. Plus, when Callie meets Matt in “Edible Complex,” he’s drinking Fireball, the official drink of people who are able to quickly recover from a hangover (i.e., people under 25).

  1. Because we don’t yet know that Matt is a Wiskayok police officer, his encounter with Callie plays as a typical meet-cute (and Callie sure interprets it this way), but there’s a major red flag staring viewers in the face.
  2. Callie uses his crossword puzzle as an opening line, and when Matt asks for help with one of the clues, she offers an immediate response: “Satanic.” In an episode that sees the teenage survivors enjoy a cannibalistic feast — a moment that suggests ancient god Bacchus is hunting the girls — this is anything but a benign remark.

It may very well hint at a connection between Matt and the supernatural threat that’s gaining power in both timelines with every passing day. When Matt next appears, in “Two Truths and a Lie,” he seems lighter. He dances at the bowling alley, quotes The Big Lebowski, and even agrees to a little wager with Callie, whom he nicknames “Gutterballs.” There’s a certain familiarity to Reynolds’ goofiness here, but it’s not just that he brought a similar energy to Search Party — it’s that viewers can see shades of Jeff Sadecki (Warren Kole), Shauna’s husband and the father of her wilderness baby, in his character. Jeff has long been Yellowjackets ‘ comedic relief, and Matt functions in a similar role in this episode. When Matt, working off bad intel from Callie, searches Randy’s (Jeff Holman) motel room for evidence of his affair with Shauna, he’s so sure that he and Kevyn have been played that he holds up a used condom and sniffs the white liquid inside.

Strawberries,” he declares. Just as the scent confirms Matt’s suspicions that Shauna and Randy aren’t boning — a nervous Randy squirted lotion into the condom, despite Shauna’s instructions to masturbate into it — it offers additional evidence that the dogged detective is Shauna and Jeff’s child. Two episodes prior (“Digestif”), Jeff went on his own tangent about strawberries, lamenting that he could’ve saved his marriage if he had followed Shauna’s lead and embraced strawberry lube.

Coincidence? I think not. The placement of Matt’s condom-sniffing scene, his biggest moment of the season so far, may be the most significant indicator of his true identity. The motel room sequence is sandwiched between scenes of Shauna going into labor while outside with Taissa (Jasmin Savoy Brown).

As Shauna writhes in agony, the wind picks up and the woods begin to menacingly whisper, the surest sign that the supernatural presence lurking in the wilderness is making itself known. This satanic force shepherds Shauna’s baby into the world just as Matt, in the present, emerges as an adversary for her adult counterpart and her daughter.

“She might be good,” he says of Callie. “But I’m better.” “Two Truths and a Lie” ends right as Shauna and Taissa find their way back to the lodge, so we won’t know whether her baby survives childbirth until next week. But if the child lives and manages to hold on for another year, fans shouldn’t rule out the possibility that he’s turned into a capable, if somewhat goofy, detective with a secret connection to the woman he’s so determined to catch red-handed.

Are Callum and Sophie still together?

Sophie Piper and Connor Durman – SPLIT – Sophie and Callum posted this pic together on Valentine’s Day 2020 shortly after leaving the villa, but turns out they didn’t stay each other’s Valentines. The pair never made it official, and their relationship didn’t survive lockdown.

Are Molly and Callum still together 2023?

Related stories recommended by this writer: – • The Love Island couples who met during Casa Amor and stayed together the longest • Ranked: The longest Love Island relationships which still ended in a split • A brief history of Love Islanders who have been arrested or in trouble with the law Featured image via Instagram @mollysmith19,

What happened to Paige Turley?

Love Island winners Paige Turley and Finn Tapp split 2020 winner has confirmed her breakup from partner Finn Tapp after three years of dating. Appearing on Love Island: After Sun on Sunday evening (11th June) Paige confirmed to host the couple are no longer together but remain on good terms “We’re still really good friends.

  • At the end of April the pair were reported to have split with a source telling : “Paige and Finn had a really good run, but they are still super young and decided it wasn’t forever in the end.
  • “Paige is spending some time back in Scotland while she works out what she wants to do next.”
  • The Sun reported Paige had left the couple’s property in Manchester and was spending some time back home in Scotland.
  1. Paige and Finn met during the first winter Love Island in 2020, just a few months before the pandemic.
  2. Paige, who used to date, entered the villa on day one and after a few unsuccessful pairings, was soon smitten with bombshell Finn.
  3. The couple won the series and after returning to the UK moved into a flat in Manchester together.

Ever since the couple have seem very loved up and were frequently posting each other on their social media accounts. And the pair are still following each other on Instagram after their split. Here’s hoping both parties are doing OK following the breakup. : Love Island winners Paige Turley and Finn Tapp split

What has Shaughna Phillips done to her face?

Shaughna Phillips shows off new look after having lip filler dissolved Published: 17:06 BST, 11 February 2022 | Updated: 17:55 BST, 11 February 2022

  • Shaughna Phillips has showed off the results of getting her lip filler dissolved as she shared a new snap to Instagram on Friday.
  • The star, 27, previously got rid of her plumper pout and opted for a more natural look afterremarking she wanted to ‘separate her happiness from body image’.
  • And Shaughna certainly looked the picture of happiness as she displayed her thinner lips in a smiley snap while enjoying the trip to the cinema.

New look: Shaughna Phillips has showed off the results of getting her lip filler dissolved as she shared a new snap to Instagram on Friday The way they were: The Love Island star, 27, previously got rid of her plumper pout and opted for a more natural look after remarking she wanted to ‘separate her happiness from body image’ (pictured in January before the procedure)

  1. The reality star cut a chic figure, slipping into a crisp white shirt, which she teamed with ripped blue jeans and pink heels.
  2. Shaughna swept her caramel locks into a sleek ponytail, while she added an extra touch of glam with a rich make-up palatte including glossy lip-gloss to highlight her new pout.
  3. Her post garnered several complimentary comments from fans, with one writing: ‘Omg, your lips look amazing XXX.’
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While another shared: ‘Your new lips look gorgeous!!!! You look so fresh.’ With another adding: ‘Omg those lips are deadly, suit you so well Shauna ❤️❤️ your lips were nice as they were but go girlllll.’ Earlier this month, Shaughnadocumented having her lip filler dissolved, claiming she wants to ‘practice what she preaches’ after encouraging her fans to ‘separate their happiness from their body image’.

Transformation: Shaughna certainly looked the picture of happiness as she displayed her thinner lips in a smiley snap while enjoying the trip to the cinema (right, with bigger lips in December) The former contestant admitted she was ‘nervous’ for the procedure as she took to Instagram on Monday to address her followers while walking through ‘s Marylebone in the video.

She began: ‘The real reason I’m sharing my lips dissolving journey is because I have been preaching about separating your happiness from your body image. ‘I’ve been putting this off for so long because I just can’t bear the thought of having lips anymore.

It will be all done in two weeks, all fresh and new so I’m trying to practice what I preach.’ Congrats: Earlier this month, Shaughna had her lip filler dissolved, claiming she wants to ‘practice what she preaches’ after encouraging fans to ‘separate their happiness from their body image’ Within her montage, she took her oversized sunglasses off in order to record herself inside the facility having a patch test before her pout was injected as she squinted.

Following the appointment, she announced: ‘I am done. My lips are a little bit swollen because of the treatment, they’ll be gone in about six hours and then I’ll have no lips so I’m gonna enjoy this six hours. ‘You know, what you build it all up in your head but it really ain’t nothing is it? It’s bloody lips, life goes on.

  • It really weren’t that bad.’ After: Following the appointment, she announced: ‘I am done.
  • My lips are a little bit swollen because of the treatment, they’ll be gone in about six hours and then ill have no lips so I’m gonna enjoy this six hours’ In her caption, she gushed: ‘I GOT MY LIPS DISSOLVED ‘My amazing @dermaplusaesthetics has been doing my lips 8 years now but it was time for a fresh start.

‘I had some lumps in my bottom lip and migration in my top lip, mainly from me still having lip filler while I had invisalign. Yes my dentist told me not to, no I didn’t listen, yes I am a t**t.’ ‘I was SO hesitant about having my lips dissolved because I honestly don’t remember what I even look like without them! But there’s more to life than what size your bloody lips are,’ she went on.

  • However, although the star has got her current lip filler dissolved, she revealed she’ll be back shortly to get a little bit added back in.
  • Shaughna added: ‘I’ll be back in 2 weeks time and will start from scratch, this time I’ll be doing a little here and there so I can really get the shape, I cannot wait.’
  • It comes after Shaughna took to Twitter on Monday to share a photo of herself taken in 2017 when she was ‘struggling with an eating disorder’.

Hooray: In her caption, she gushed: ‘I GOT MY LIPS DISSOLVED’ In a bid to raise awareness of lipoedema – a condition Shaughna suffers with – the reality star posted a photo of herself wearing a bikini while in Dubai. Alongside, she wrote: ‘I was underweight.

  • I was torturing myself in the gym.
  • Yet my legs were getting bigger and bigger.’ Shaughna underwent liposuction on her legs in September 2020 after discovering that she suffered with lipoedema.
  • Important message: Shaughna took to Twitter on Monday to share a photo of herself taken in 2017 when she was ‘struggling with an eating disorder’ She wrote in full: ‘Just found a picture of me from Dubai 2017 and it is such a clear example of what #Lipoedema looks like.

‘How anyone can accuse sufferers of being lazy/fat is beyond me. It is a medical condition that 1/11 women suffer with, often in silence, often misdiagnosed.’ Shaughna went on: ‘In this picture I was struggling with an eating disorder. I was underweight.

  1. She concluded: ‘So damaging to continue treating women as if it’s their fault.’
  2. In August, the media personality spoke exclusively to MailOnline about undergoing surgery after being diagnosed with lipoedema.
  3. She revealed that her mum, Tracy, followed her around with a mop during her ‘messy and long’ recovery from surgery on her legs.

Oh my! ‘It’s messy and it’s long. Your wounds are left open to leak. My mum was following me around with a mop. She was changing my dressing’ explained Shaughna Shaughna admitted that her confidence has skyrocketed since the surgery but she does worry that other people don’t think there’s any significant difference.

  • She said: ‘I had nothing to hide about the surgery.
  • I would have felt like a fraud if I’d have turned up four, five months later with slimmer legs, and girls with lipoedema be like: ”oh she doesn’t look like me anymore.” ‘I do feel more confident now, but when I go out I do worry that people are thinking ”ohh her legs don’t look that different”.

To me, they look completely different. ‘When I look at old clips, the difference is amazing. ‘If I’d had the money before Love Island I’d have had it done.’

  • Lipoedema is a chronic condition typically affecting the legs and thighs.
  • The build up of fat is not caused through obesity, and diet and exercise have little impact on the condition.
  • Research suggests it is caused by hormonal changes such as those coming at pregnancy or puberty.
  • It is typically treated through liposuction.
  • Source: NHS lipoedema fact file

: Shaughna Phillips shows off new look after having lip filler dissolved

Are Shaughna and Callum still friends?

Umm.isn’t that against the rules, hun? – Winter Love Island legend Shaughna Phillips has exclusively revealed to Closer that she broke a major Love Island production rule prior to entering the villa – and got away with it. Congrats, hun. In the latest edition of Love Island Secrets, starring Shaughna plus Jack Fincham, she revealed that she actually ran into fellow Islander Callum Jones while on lockdown in South Africa (in a luxury South African hotel, so don’t feel bad for them whatsoever) in the week leading up to the series airing – and the pair coupling up.

  1. She said, “I actually bumped into Callum on my one week lockdown.
  2. Shaughna added that she already knew Callum was going on the show upon bumping into him.
  3. She added, “We was in South Africa we went to the gym, queuing up to get our little day pass he was there with his chaperone.
  4. And he’s like 6ft and his chaperone was like a small little boy and I said to my chaperone, ‘There is no way these two are friends’ and he looked English – he looked like a Brit abroad.

And I was like, ‘he is definitely on Love Island’.” Okay, so not strictly Shaughna’s fault, but Love Island rules are pretty clear; Islanders must not meet or even be in the same room as one another, prior to entering the villa. Who knows, this could’ve been the lightning bolt moment that set the wheels in motion for the couple’s blossoming, then suddenly doomed, romance.

  1. Shaughna and Callum coupled up on day one of Winter Love Island.
  2. Flash forward a couple of weeks and Callum left Shaughna for Casa Amor bombshell, Molly Smith on Day 26.
  3. The couple are actually still together today.
  4. But back to Shaughna, because that’s where our heart lies.
  5. We’re seriously considering inviting her to all future recordings of Love Island Secrets.

In fact we might just talk to HR and get her a desk at HQ. We can see the congratulatory email already – “Dear Shaughna. Congrats, hun”. Just so you know, whilst we may receive a commission or other compensation from the links on this website, we never allow this to influence product selections – read why you should trust us

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How did Lucie Donlan lose weight

Answered By: Rodrigo Evans Date: created: Jan 30 2024

Newquay-born Lucie Donlan has revealed how she lost two stone ahead of her stint on Love Island. The 21-year-old who is currently wrapped up on a love triangle with Tommy and Joe, revealed to OK! Magazine how she went from an already slim size 12 to a lean size 6 – losing nearly two stone. Surfer Lucie Rose Donlan aged 20, from Newquay, Cornwall, enjoys the hot weather at Fistral Beach (Image: © James Dadzitis © Her body transformation was given a boost when she joined her local gym KaPOW Fitness in Newquay, who she credits with helping her reach the weight that is right for her.

In her Instagram post from July 2017, she said: “I’ve been training with @kapowhealthyliving over a year now. “The first picture is when I first started, and the last one is where I am now. “In just over a year I have lost around about 2 stone, and I have now reached the perfect weight for me.for #mondaymotivation this is achievable through healthy eating and regular exercise!” And as a professional surfer, her active lifestyle help to keep her in shape.

Before heading onto the show, she said: “I’m more into sports as well as being glam. I can do both, which makes me stand out compared to other girls.” Lucie added: “I like the typical surfer look – blonde, long hair. Someone that has a sport so if they don’t surf, I’d love to have them boxing or snowboarding, motorcross, anything cool like that.

Did Maddie and Callum break up?

Callum and Madeline – Callum and Madeline were the dark horses of the season, with fans surprised they made it to the top three. Although they did appear smitten in the early stages of their relationship, fans were interested to see if they could make their relationship work outside the Villa!

  1. Callum and Madeline spoke exclusively to WHO about where their relationship stands after leaving the Villa.
  2. They explained that they were keeping things “casual,” visiting each other a few times since filming wrapped.
  3. Since then, the pair has publicly confirmed they were not “together.”
  4. On March 14, 2023, Madeline confirmed she was in a relationship on Instagram via a loved-up hard launch.
  5. ” My favourite chapter yet ❤️‍🔥🔐” she captioned the post.
  6. As of late, Callum appears to be living the single life.
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Did Callum and Georgia stay together

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Television career – In 2018, Izzard joined the cast of the reality television series as assistant head rep. He later returned for the ninth and tenth series in 2019 and 2020 respectively. In October 2018, Izzard appeared on the fifth series of the dating series,

  1. In December 2019, Izzard was a cast member on, the spin-off of the series that was filmed earlier in the year, where he was joined by two of his former girlfriends, Megan Nash and Paris Decaro.
  2. During the show, he began a relationship with fellow cast member, whom he later proposed to on the set of the show.
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They split in April 2020, after seven months together. In October 2021, Izzard was a contestant on, the Halloween spin-off of, alongside his Ibiza Weekender co-star, David Potts. They reached the final day and were runners-up of the series, losing out to and her daughter Lilly.

Is Callie Shauna’s baby from the woods?

In season one of ” Yellowjackets,” fans were shocked to learn that Shauna ( Sophie Nélisse as a teen and Melanie Lynskey as an adult), while trapped with her teammates in the woods, is pregnant. Before leaving on what was meant to be a trip to nationals, she had sex multiple times with Jeff, the boyfriend of her best friend Jackie ( Ella Purnell ).

In the present day, Jeff (played by Warren Kole as an adult) and Shauna are married and have a teen daughter, Callie ( Sarah Desjardins ). But Callie was born in 2004, so fans always knew she wasn’t the baby Shauna is pregnant with in the woods in 1996. It takes 19 months for the Yellowjackets to be saved, so fans also knew Shauna was no longer pregnant when the rescue finally happened.

In episode six, released May 5 on streaming, viewers finally learn the baby’s sad fate. In the episode, Shauna goes into labor.

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Who is Shauna’s baby

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Warning: This post contains spoilers for the sixth episode of Yellowjackets season 2, From the moment teen Shauna (Sophie Nélisse) realized she was pregnant in Season 1 of Yellowjackets, viewers have wondered—and theorized wildly —about what was going to happen to her baby. Did the baby grow up to become Shauna’s now-six-feet-under lover Adam (Peter Gadiot) in season 1? Did the team members eat the baby after it was born? Is the baby hiding out somewhere, waiting to surprise the remaining survivors 25 years later? But in the sixth episode of season 2, audiences learned the baby’s fate is more commonplace than any of the most outlandish theories—although it is no less traumatic and tragic for Shauna. After a long and difficult labor that sees Shauna risk bleeding out and dying (even though viewers know she survived), her son is ultimately stillborn. But before this information is revealed in the episode, Yellowjackets delivers a fake-out sequence that ends in Shauna’s—and many fans’—worst nightmare. While giving birth, Shauna passes out and hallucinates her son being born alive and well. In her hallucination, she begins trying to care for him as best as she can given the dire circumstances. Then, after a few odd interactions with her teammates, Shauna finds them feasting on her baby, just like they did to Jackie (Ella Purnell) earlier in the season. Read more: Yellowjackets Finally Went There. Let’s Talk About It Only then does Shauna actually wake up, and realize she dreamed the whole thing. Her baby did not survive the birth. While the Yellowjackets writers considered having the team actually eat the baby, they walked away from the option pretty early on, according to co-showrunner Jonathan Lisco. “If the baby were to be born and then they were to use it for survival, it would be very, very hard to swallow,” he tells TIME. “Not just because it’s difficult to accept, but because it didn’t feel like the right Shauna story to tell.” Instead, Shauna losing the baby helps to better explain her character development. In its present timeline, Yellowjackets closely follows adult Shauna (Melanie Lynskey) and the difficult relationship she has with her daughter Callie (Sarah Desjardins). “Shauna can’t allow herself to fully love the child that she has in the present,” Lisco says. “It made a lot more sense that what has prevented her from getting close to and embracing the maternal relationship with Callie is the trauma she went through.” As for what went into the decision to trick the audience into believing that the team really did eat Shauna’s baby while she was desperately trying to keep him alive, Lisco says it fit with the show’s tendency to use an unreliable narrator to illuminate a deeper truth, “We felt it would be more poignant if she were to have that reverie of the baby actually surviving and then lose it,” he says. The guilt Shauna carries over the role she played in encouraging the team to eat Jackie’s corpse also influences her nightmare, according to Lisco. “She feels this great self-recrimination from eating her best friend,” he says. “And that’s so intense, that it made sense to us that when she passes out, she would have this terrifying, haunting vision that harkens back to what she went through with Jackie.” The events of episode 6 will mark a definitive turning point for the team as things spiral further out of control in Yellowjackets Season 2. “The death of the baby is also the death of something that everyone had pinned their hopes on, and that was distracting them from losing their minds and the idea that they’re not being rescued,” Lisco says. “That is grim. And it’s bound to be a catalyst for even darker choices that are going to be made in the wilderness.” Write to Megan McCluskey at [email protected],

Is Callie the baby Shauna has in the woods?

Shauna’s Yellowjackets Baby Shower Explained – The issue of Shauna’s pregnancy took center stage in Yellowjackets season 2, episode 3, when the girls decided to put on a makeshift baby shower for her. It’s an odd event to put on the day after they eat someone for the very first time, but it seems like a necessary distraction.

Each of the girls made a gift for Shauna, with Taissa and Akilah making her a crib, Van gifting a “peepee teepee,” and Lottie giving her a baby blanket with the mysterious Yellowjackets symbol embroidered on it. However, Lottie’s gift wasn’t the most controversial. For the Yellowjackets Shauna baby, Misty decided to perform a monologue from Steel Magnolias, in particular, the scene where M’Lynn loses it over her daughter’s death.

Taissa doesn’t miss a beat to point this out, but the moment is a mixture of Misty’s tactlessness and foreshadowing of what was to come for Shauna’s stillborn. It was clear at this point that the baby wasn’t going to survive. When the girls are all coming off the plane in Yellowjackets season 2, episode 1, Shauna wasn’t holding an infant.

Who is Shauna pregnant with Love Island?

Pregnant Shaughna Phillips ‘didn’t know what was happening’ amid hospital stay Love Island favourite Shaughna Phillips has updated fans on her pregnancy, as she revealed she spent the night in hospital thinking she was going to be induced, but now is back home and awaiting her baby’s arrival Shaughna Phillips day takes a turn as she goes into early labour

  • Pregnant Love Island star has revealed she spent the night in hospital on Friday thinking she was going to be induced.
  • Medics then decided inducement wasn’t needed, the TV favourite told fans, revealing she has ten days to go until her due date.
  • Last week, Shaughna, 29, was but she has since confirmed the baby has not yet arrived.
  • Sharing a picture of her bump on her story, the influencer wrote: “Thought I found a new stretch mark the other day but it turns out it was an imprint from my blankey.”
  • Going on to give fans an update, the winter star wrote: “I’ve not updated you all because things were up in the air and I didn’t know what was happening myself.”

Shaughna Phillips is preparing to welcome her first child ( shaughnaphillips/Instagram) The star told fans she’s ten days from her due date ( shaughnaphillips/Instagram)

  1. “I spent the night in hospital on Friday thinking I was going to be induced but thankfully it wasn’t needed and I was able to come and home and rest,” Shaughna said.
  2. The mum-to-be added she had a “sweep” on Sunday and this morning, “things are definitely moving along nicely.”
  3. Finishing her post, Shaughna said: “10 days until my due date so let’s see if I last.”
  4. Shaughna, who starred in winter Love Island in 2020, revealed in October that she and partner Billy Webb are expecting.
  5. However, Webb has since been arrested and charged with drug offences.

Shaughna is known for appearing in winter Love Island in 2020 ( ITV) The reality star is getting ready to welcome her first child ( Instagram/shaughnaphillips)

  • Webb was arrested on January 20 and has been charged with possession with intent to supply a Class A drug and being concerned in the supply of controlled drugs on 21 January.
  • A representative for Shaughna told the Mirror the reality TV star “had absolutely no knowledge of any activity involving the allegations against Billy”.
  • The spokesperson added: “Despite being in a long-term relationship with the defendant, Shaughna has no links with the address in question, and will be openly assisting the police with their enquiries.”
  • The star later revealed “the baby’s father isn’t around”.

She added: “Billy’s not around, but I don’t want to say that I’m doing it on my own, because I’m absolutely not – my family’s incredible. It’s going to be different, but I don’t want to say it’s going to be bad,” she told Magazine. Shaughna was taken to hospital after starting early labour ( INSTAGRAM) She has since returned home ( INSTAGRAM)

  1. Last week, Shaugna told fans she was in early labour, and shared a photo of herself lying in a hospital bed wearing a CTG belt to monitor her baby’s heartbeat.
  2. She wrote: “Sooo what started as a ‘come to work with me’ reel turned into a ‘come to the hospital with me’ reel.
  3. “I had my last job before baby this morning, an international women’s day panel, and just before my cab arrived, things took a turn and I was on the way to the hospital, and have been told I’m in early labour.”
  4. The star went on: “Home now, baby still tucked up nicely, and waiting for nature to do it’s thang.”

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