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Who is Amelia’s baby in Emmerdale

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Emmerdale spoilers follow. Emmerdale teen Amelia Spencer considers a big decision over her future tonight (March 23) as childcare issues start to hit home. Amelia is currently studying at college while bringing up her baby daughter Esther, who was born in October, In Thursday’s hour-long episode, Amelia considers quitting college because of the difficulties she’s facing finding care for Esther. Related: Emmerdale ‘s Paddy Dingle left devastated after his house move Amelia’s boyfriend Noah Dingle and father Dan Spencer are both opposed to the idea, not wanting her to miss out. Dan promises to sort things out for Amelia, but with the Spencer family continuing to struggle financially, there may be no easy solutions. ITV Related: Emmerdale ‘s Manpreet Sharma has frightening close call in Alex storyline When Samson’s latest exam results are celebrated by his oblivious father Sam, it leaves Noah resentful over the whole situation – and it’s only a matter of time before things will come to a head. ITV Related: Emmerdale to revisit Alex Moore’s kidnap story as Kim and Will are confronted When Noah is pushed to breaking point by Samson’s blackmail, he ultimately confides in his mum Charity and the truth is revealed to all. How will Amelia react to Samson’s deceit? Plus, will she also be annoyed with Noah for complying with his demands? Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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Does Amelia keep baby in Emmerdale

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Amelia’s child loss heartbreak as Sam collapses after Samson bombshell Emmerdale spoilers have revealed that Sam Dingle is struck down after his son Samson takes shocking action to get rid of baby Ester from under Amelia’s nose Emmerdale: Amelia gives birth after the storm

  • Emmerdale’s Amelia Spencer receives a visit from social services next week on the soap as she starts to doubt her abilities as a new mum.
  • Amelia (Daisy Spencer) has been left worn out after giving birth to the surprise baby during the soap’s special 50th anniversary episodes.
  • ITV spoilers for next week have now revealed how baby Esther’s future on the soap is thrown into question amid a sudden crisis.
  • The storyline first sees Amelia’s dad Dan Spencer ( ) reassuring his daughter that things will get better as Amelia struggles to find a babysitter – before Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) has a solution.
  • Lydia piles baby Esther onto dad Samson Dingle (Sam Hall), who is left fuming at being left holding the baby.

Baby Esther’s future on the soap is thrown into question

  1. In scenes later on the soap, Amelia is stunned when Samson suggests putting baby Esther up for adoption.
  2. Samson cruelly reminds Amelia of her abortion plans and is annoyed when his scheming backfires.
  3. Left utterly distraught, Amelia confirms she knows what’s best for Esther – to stay with her family.
  4. Noah Dingle (Jack Downham) meets with Amelia at Jacob’s Farm and reassures her she’s a great mum.

Samson sinks to a new low and calls social services, pleading with them to take Esther into care.

  • When he tells Amelia he’s set up a cot in his room for the baby, Amelia is touched by the sweet gesture.
  • Later scenes see the drama of the storyline ratchet up, as Noah and Samson have a heated confrontation over the situation, leaving Samson determined to take action.
  • The character sinks to a new low and calls social services, pleading with them to take Esther into care.
  • The following day a confused Dan opens the door to a social worker and a worried Amelia is shocked to learn there’s been a complaint made about baby Esther’s welfare.

Amelia is stunned when Samson suggests putting baby Esther up for adoption.

  1. Gutted to learn what Samson has done, Sam Dingle (James Hotton) pours his heart out, rationalising the sacrifice he made to make up for Alice’s death.
  2. Samson delivers a low blow, stating he doesn’t want to be anything like his dad – proving to be too much for Sam, as he collapses to the ground.

Will Sam be alright or is his relationship with Samson too far gone? And will Amelia be able to keep baby Ester after Samson’s rash actions? Got any theories or thoughts on the storyline? Let us know in the comments section below. airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV.

Who is Amelia Shepherd’s baby daddy?

Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) has a lot of explaining to do to Atticus “Link” Lincoln (Chris Carmack) on Grey’s Anatomy — for starters, the baby, you know, the one that she’s pregnant with and he thinks is his? Welp, it’s not his. Unfortunately, the timeline of their relationship doesn’t lie: The father of Amelia’s baby is actually Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd).

But on the Season 16 winter premiere of Grey’s Anatomy, Amelia just couldn’t work up the strength or find the right moment to tell Link the truth. Amelia has had one of the best character arcs on Grey’s Anatomy when it comes to growing, learning, and moving on from past trauma. Amelia has survived addiction, the deaths of her newborn baby, fiancé, and brother, and a brain tumor.

Grey’s Anatomy showrunner Krista Vernoff hinted at the beginning of Season 16 that Amelia’s experiences this season will continue to be “growing opportunities,” and boy, have they really lined up some big moments for her. Amelia and Link have fallen into a relationship that’s good and grown-up, but, given that this is Grey’s Anatomy, they can’t just ride off into the sunset.

In the Season 16 winter premiere, she was about to tell Link the truth about the baby’s paternity, but then Owen and Teddy (Kim Raver) swooped in to announce that they were engaged. Talk about the wrong time to throw a landmine into that situation. Advertisement ADVERTISEMENT Amelia knows that Owen will always “do the right thing” when it comes to his family and his children, so if Owen found out that Amelia’s baby was actually his, it could ruin this nice little engagement and happy ending that Owen and Teddy have set up for themselves after, I don’t know, a billion years of will-they-or-won’t-they-ing.

Amelia has to be cognizant of that fact — she and Teddy just talked about it. Amelia cares for these people, and she does want them to be happy. Admitting complicated truths can be cathartic to the person holding the secrets, but sometimes, it’s selfish.

Right now, Amelia telling Link and Owen about the baby’s paternity would maybe make her feel better and get it out in the open, but the cost is so much greater to everyone else. The stakes are higher. It would ruin Owen and Teddy’s newfound happiness, and it could also take Link away from Amelia — the most stable relationship she’s had, uh, possibly ever.

Granted, Amelia’s baby deserves to know who its father is, and Owen deserves to know that he’s expecting another little one. But Link is so excited! It’s a boy! He wants to name him Scout! And Owen and Teddy are so happy, finally! Just when things are starting to settle down at Grey Sloan — at least for these couples — Amelia’s paternity issues are about to really shake it up.

Who is the baby’s father in Emmerdale?

Probability: 75% – Many fans of the ITV drama can’t see it any other way – Mackenzie Boyd is DEFINITELY the father of Chloe’s baby. The heartthrob played by Lawrence Robb was at loggerheads with Charity Dingle ( Emma Atkins ) over their plans for a family.

While Charity was recovering from terminating an ectopic, and thus life-threatening pregnancy, Mack was still keen to get back on the horse and try for another baby. The Woolpack landlady re-evaluated her goals and made it clear to Mackenzie that children would be off the table. An argument broke out and Mackenzie left to drown his sorrows – which led him straight into Chloe Harris’ bed.

Weeks went by before the truth was revealed and viewers speculated many Emmerdale ladies to be Mack’s mystery woman. Jessie Elland’s character was confirmed to be the woman Mack cheated on Charity with and, to make matters worse, she was revealed to be pregnant with his child. 6 Mack’s pal Nate could be the father of Chloe’s baby Credit: ITV

Is Noah the father of Amelia’s baby?

Emmerdale spoilers follow. Emmerdale has confirmed Samson Dingle is the father of Amelia Spencer’s baby. The revelation came during Thursday’s (August 25) shocking double bill, as more people in the village found out that the 15-year-old is pregnant, While the soap initially hinted that Amelia’s older friend Noah Dingle may be the father, Amelia eventually confided in Charity Dingle the father was just “a boy from church”. ITV Related: 12 early spoilers for Emmerdale ‘s 50th anniversary episodes In the episode, Dan and Harriet tried comforting Amelia when she found she’d got mostly fours on A-levels — and even one ‘U’ for an incomplete. “I’m proud of you,” Dan assured his daughter.

  • The kids next had to get ready for the prom.
  • Noah stopped by to see Samson suiting up, and after some coaxing, Noah admitted him and Amelia were starting to become “a thing”.
  • Don’t take the mick,” he ordered his relative.
  • I reckon this could be something serious.” In a spiteful exchange, Samson revealed that he’d already slept with Amelia.

This revelation got the wheels turning for Noah, as he figured out Samson was probably the father of Amelia’s child. “She’s pregnant, mate,” a furious Noah spit out at a stunned Samson. ITV Related: Emmerdale ‘s Chas Dingle receives subtle warning over Al Chapman affair Samson raced off to confront Amelia in the village, callously accusing her of ruining his life by “saddling” him with a child. As Samson tried to convince Amelia to have a termination, Noah ordered him to “back off”.

  • This is when others in the village started overhearing the commotion — including Dan, Sam and Lydia! A furious Dan went after Noah until Amelia explained that Samson is actually the child’s father.
  • Dan took Amelia home to talk things through while Lydia warned Samson that “prom’s off”.
  • Back at home, Lydia gave Samson a reality check when he claimed that it was up to Amelia to sort it out, telling him: “You’ve got to face the consequences.” Dan was much more supportive of Amelia — his only concern is that she’d had to face so much on her own until now.

“I’m here for you now,” he promised. Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV and streams on the ITV Hub. Read more Emmerdale spoilers on our dedicated homepage,

What episode does Amelia find out who the father is?

How the Identity of Amelia’s Baby’s Father Will Affect the ‘Grey’s’ Couples Grey’s Anatomy finally revealed the identity of the father of Amelia’s () baby in the last moments of “Life on Mars.” Not knowing had divided Amelia and Link (), and while she still hadn’t told Owen (), Teddy () was grappling with the possibility and what that could mean for her relationship.

  • That led her to Tom’s () hotel room two episodes back, and she was left dealing with the fallout heading into Episode 17.
  • Related But in the end, it was happy news for Amelia and Link, as he realized he wanted to be with her no matter what and she shared, after they reunited, that the baby is his.
  • Still, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be all sunshine and rainbows for everyone going forward.

How will this affect the people directly involved or affected by the fact that the father’s identity was up in the air? We examine the couples below. (ABC)

What happened to Amelia’s baby with Link?

Private Practice storyline – As explained by Amelia in “In the Name of Love”, she and her brother Derek watched her father get shot dead at his store when she was merely five years old. Amelia comes to the show as part of a team of neurosurgeons visiting Los Angeles to do a consult in the season three episode “Eyes Wide Open”.

She joined the team despite knowing she would encounter her former sister-in-law, Addison Montgomery. However, Amelia is soon fired from the team after offering the patient’s family hope in the form of experimental surgery, but the patient’s husband requests Amelia to perform it despite the risks. Her boss, Dr.

Geraldine Ginsberg, does not believe that the surgery will work and neither does Derek Shepherd, Amelia’s older brother. Amelia later asks Naomi Bennett for a place at Oceanside as the primary neurosurgeon. In the season three finale, Amelia performs surgery on Maya, Sam, and Naomi’s pregnant daughter.

As soon as Amelia finishes surgery on Maya, she rushes to perform surgery to repair brain bleeds in Dell, another employee of the hospital. However, Dell dies on the table, and Amelia takes it very hard. A friend from college comes to visit, whose mother died from Huntington’s disease. Amelia pushes her friend to find out if she also has the gene.

When her friend’s results come back positive for Huntington’s gene, she asks Amelia to help her kill herself in assisted suicide, because she did not want to die the way her mother did. Amelia refuses which leads to her old friend taking matters into her own hands and completing suicide.

Amelia then ends up relapsing on drugs along with a man named Ryan whom she had met one night while grieving. They fall in love with each other and Ryan proposes to her, she accepts and in return gifts Ryan her father’s watch, which has much significance because her father lost his life while being robbed because he refused to give up the watch (it was present from Amelia’s mother to him and signified their love).

Addison then stages an intervention with her coworkers for Amelia. Amelia and Ryan start discussing their future, and children which lead to them deciding to stop doing drugs but not without one last final high. Unfortunately, Ryan overdoses and dies. Amelia wakes up next to her dead fiancé and later learns she is pregnant with his child.

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Is Emilia pregnant in Emmerdale

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Emmerdale is lining up huge scenes for pregnant teen Amelia Spencer next week, as the 50th anniversary episodes air Video Loading Video Unavailable Emmerdale: 50th anniversary special teased in trailer Emmerdale actress Daisy Campbell has spilled on dramatic scenes for her character Amelia Spencer, amid the show’s 50th anniversary stunt week. The pregnant teen will go into labour after making a “mistake”, just as a terrifying storm hits the village.

Amelia will be left trapped and all alone as a windstorm leaves her and her unborn baby in danger, just as she experiences contraction. Amid “death and destruction” and bosses promising “lots of tears”, actress Daisy has revealed her character’s bad decision to head off out of the village could leave her in danger.

She explained: “Amelia is on her way to meet Noah at Wylie’s farm for a picnic as he is working there with Marcus. Emmerdale is lining up huge scenes for pregnant teen Amelia Spencer next week ( Image: ITV) “She ends up taking a short cut and she gets shifted by a strong gale of wind.

She slightly falls but is not hurt but she then starts to feel her first contraction. “There’s a lot of wind going on and heading towards the village is a very bad storm.” Daisy went on: “The weather isn’t looking good at all, she panics for a bit as she doesn’t really know what is going on. And by now she’s having quite regular contractions.

Amelia is pregnant with Samson Dingle’s baby ( Image: ITV) “She knows deep down she’s made a mistake coming out here on her own with the weather turning for the worst, so she calls her dad to tell him before she might not be able to get hold of him. “Amelia ends up in a barn in the middle of nowhere, as it’s the only place she can find to shelter.

Emmerdale actress Daisy Campbell has spilled on dramatic scenes for her character Amelia Spencer “She’s really worried at this point as she’s only 16 and is stuck in a raging storm in the middle of nowhere and has no one to help her out. She also can’t get in touch with anyone as all phone signals have been totally cut off due to the storm.

“I think at this stage her anxiety is through the roof!” Whether Amelia is found in time, and whether her and her baby will be okay, remains to be seen. Got any theories or thoughts on the storyline? Let us know in the comments section below Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7:30pm on ITV and ITV Hub, with an hour-long episode on Thursdays.

Is Olivia pregnant in Emmerdale?

Is Dawn from Emmerdale pregnant in real life? – Olivia is not pregnant in real life. She is wearing a prosthetic bump for the storyline, which will see Dawn and Billy face some challenges as they prepare to become parents. Olivia confirmed this on her Instagram account, where she shared a picture of herself with her fake bump and wrote: “Bump watch.

Is Owen or Link the father of Amelia’s baby?

The answer to the question Grey’s Anatomy fans have been asking for months – besides what is up with Karev ( Justin Chambers )? – was finally revealed in Thursday’s episode. Teddy ( Kim Ravers ) cracked and told Owen ( Kevin McKidd ) that Amelia’s ( Caterina Scorsone ) baby might be his (probably to avoid telling him she slept with someone else) and that forced Amelia to face a truth she’s been avoiding since Link ( Chris Carmack ) couldn’t confirm he’d be with her no matter who the baby’s biological father is.

  • After a lot of tension and drama, it turns out.the baby is Link’s! However, the news came after Teddy started a full-blown affair with Tom ( Greg Germann ) and Owen declared that the results would never change his feelings for her.
  • Yeah, Teddy imploded her own life before getting the answers she needed, and it is only going to get messier before it gets better.

Discover your new favorite show: Watch This Now! Meanwhile, Link and Amelia had a saccharine sweet reunion outside of the Grey house as Seattle rain poured around them. He declared that he didn’t care whose baby it was because he loves Amelia and wants to feel all the things she makes him feel.

  1. They are going to do this thing together so at least someone got some good news in this episode.
  2. On the other end of the spectrum, Bailey ( Chandra Wilson ) and Meredith ( Ellen Pompeo ) are reeling after Richard ( James Pickens Jr.) officially announced he’d be stepping down from surgery.
  3. DeLuca ( Giacomo Giannioitti ) crossed another line by hitting on Jo ( Camilla Luddington ), despite knowing she was still grieving the end of her marriage.

She promptly threw a drink in his face and told him to get some help (all the applause goes to Jo, forever and always). Now, we’ll get to see how they clean up the rest of this mess because we are definitely going to see some more hearts break. Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC. Caterina Scorsone, Grey’s Anatomy Christopher Willard, ABC

How many kids does Amelia have?

Amelia Shepherd Amy Hurricane AmeliaShepherdessThe JunkieBlack Sheep The Other (Dr.) Shepherd James Peterson – Ex-fiance – Ex-husband (m.2017, div.2018) Atticus Lincoln – Ex-boyfriendDr. Kai Bartley – ex-parter – son, with Ryan (born/died 2012) Scout Derek Shepherd Lincoln – son, with Atticus (born March 2020)

Mr. Shepherd – father (née Maloney) – mother

Adam Maloney – Uncle and – Two nieces via Derek (b.2010 & 2016) – Nephew via Derek (b.2013)Nine additional nieces and five additional nephews (via Nancy, Kate & Liz)

Attending NeurosurgeonHead of Neuro Grey Sloan MemorialSeaside Health and Wellness (formerly)

GA: Superfreak PP: Eyes Wide Open

PP: In Which We Say Goodbye

GA: 7-8 (guest), 10 (recurring), 11-present (main) PP: 4-6 (main) 3 (recurring)

Amelia Shepherd is the mother to two sons, the late (died 2012) and (born 2020). She is also the Head of Neurosurgery at Grey Sloan Memorial in Seattle, as well as the girlfriend of Kai Bartley. Amelia was born the youngest child of the late and his wife,,

Her older siblings are the late neurosurgeon, (December 29, 1966—April 23, 2015), and older sisters,,, and, She became employed at Seaside Health and Wellness, a private practice in LA, and also had privileges at St. Ambrose Hospital. She is the surrogate sister and ex-sister-in-law to, She later relocated to Seattle and took over Derek’s job as Head of Neuro as he relocated to Washington, DC.

While in LA, she was engaged to until his death, and later to James Peterson, until she moved to Seattle. After moving to Seattle, she had a short-lived marriage to, She was later in a relationship with Atticus Lincoln, with whom she has a son,,

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Who is Amelia to Owen

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Storylines – Before his regular appearances on the show, Owen Hunt was a United States Army surgeon, specializing in trauma surgery, He held the rank of Major. The character makes a dramatic first appearance when he performs a tracheotomy on a man with a pen, winning the admiration of resident Cristina Yang ( Sandra Oh ).

  1. He is offered a job by former chief of surgery Richard Webber ( James Pickens, Jr.), but declines, explaining that he has not completed his tour in Iraq.
  2. His appointment as the new head of trauma surgery at Seattle Grace Hospital was not well-received initially.
  3. By his first week he manages to irk both Derek Shepherd ( Patrick Dempsey ) and Mark Sloan ( Eric Dane ), head of neurosurgery and plastic surgery, respectively, who view his treatment of some of the patients as crude, and also rebuffed by resident Izzie Stevens ( Katherine Heigl ) when he stabs a set of pigs and then orders the residents and interns to save their lives, in order to teach them medicine on “live tissue.” Hunt eventually embarks on a relationship with Yang, but it comes to a sudden close when his PTSD gets the best of him, and he unconsciously strangles her.

Soon after the breakup, he begins therapy with the hospital psychiatrist, Dr. Wyatt. Some time later, a soldier visits the hospital for treatment, and his presence influences Owen to contemplate returning to the US Army. When he shares this with Cristina, she disagrees with his decision, stating that she doesn’t want him to die, and the two eventually rekindle their relationship.

  1. Owen brings in Teddy Altman ( Kim Raver ), his best friend and colleague from when he was in the army, as the new head of cardiothoracic surgery,
  2. When it is revealed that Hunt and Altman may be potential lovers, Hunt and Yang’s relationship is challenged, and eventually concluded by Yang.
  3. During a hospital shooting, Owen is shot and injured, attracting the sympathy of Cristina, who subsequently restores their relationship.

Due to the emotional reverberations of the shooting crisis, Owen and Cristina decide to wed one another shortly after their reconciliation, not wanting to risk separation. There are some concerns from Cristina’s friends that Owen is taking advantage of her PTSD to rush her into marriage, which she had previously decided against.

When Cristina discovers she is pregnant, Owen is displeased with her desire to abort the baby, and the two separate from each other. One of the major, recurring points of conflict in their relationship are Owen’s strong desires for children and a traditional wife, and Cristina’s equally strong conviction that she never wants children.

In the fallout of resident Meredith Grey ( Ellen Pompeo ) tampering with Derek Shepherd’s Alzheimer’s trial, Owen is promoted to Chief of Surgery after Webber steps down. After substantial thought, Owen reluctantly decides to accompany Cristina to the abortion, uniting the two.

Owen’s friendship with Teddy ends when Owen lies to Teddy about her husband’s sudden death, due to Owen wanting her to finish a surgery she was currently performing and Teddy blaming Owen for her husband’s death. Feeling abandoned and disconcerted after an altercation with Cristina, Owen has a one-night stand with a patient’s friend.

Cristina consequently finds out, terminates their relationship, and their marriage is tested. After Cristina passed her medical boards, she reconciles with Owen, but reveals to him that she is leaving Seattle to go to Mayo Clinic, Teddy and Owen eventually became friends again.

  • She had been offered a position at the United States Army Medical Command but chose to stay at Seattle Grace Mercy West out of loyalty.
  • After Teddy’s husband Henry dies she wallows in her grief and it affects her colleagues and residents, causing Owen to “fire” her so that she can have a fresh start elsewhere.

He also fires April Kepner ( Sarah Drew ) because the hospital cannot afford to keep her due to her not being Board certified. Months later, Hunt visits Kepner and rehires her as he realized he made a mistake. In later seasons, Owen and Kepner become close friends due to her choice to sign up with the military, a decision Owen helped prompt and encourage, and a decision which leads to the eventual end of Kepner’s marriage to Avery.

  • In season 9, Cristina and Owen’s marriage is again very strained.
  • Cristina is working at Mayo Clinic and Owen is in Seattle but she eventually returns and then Owen asks for a divorce.
  • He later shows that he is still in love with her and only asked for a divorce so Cristina and the others involved in the plane crash could get the money.

Cristina and Owen reconcile in episode 9 before Bailey’s wedding. In season 10, Cristina decides to accept a job to run a state of the art clinic in Switzerland. Owen supports her decision as he realizes no good could come from him asking her to stay. He requests that Cristina not to leave him until she has to leave him for good, and they spend the two weeks leading to her permanent departure together.

  • While saying her farewell to her colleagues of the last seven years, there is a possible act of terrorism in Seattle, which later turns out to be just a gas main explosion.
  • Cristina has a quick but emotional goodbye hug with Derek, Bailey, and Webber; leaves her shares of the hospital to Alex; and dances it out with Meredith one last time to an old favorite song.

Owen, however, is busy saving a patient in the operating room so they share a silent goodbye through the gallery’s glass. In Season 11, Owen develops a relationship with Amelia Shepherd, This is off-and-on throughout Seasons 11 and 12 until the end of Season 12 where he and Amelia get married, after Amelia proposes to him.

  1. Owen is attracted to Amelia’s desire for a “real family” and children.
  2. In Season 14, after going through a series of marital issues, Owen decides to pursue a divorce from Amelia, citing Amelia’s reversal on wanting to have children and her increasingly erratic behavior.
  3. Owen listens to Amelia when she, in a fit of pique, tells him to go be with Teddy.

As a result, he flies to Germany to be with Teddy, but, after they spend the night together, Owen reveals he is there at his wife’s suggestion. Teddy is insulted he made her a last choice, citing his inability to be alone, and Teddy breaks it off. Owen returns to Grey Sloan alone.

It is later discovered that Amelia’s behavior was caused by a brain tumor. In a reversal of blame, Amelia is angry that Owen placed sole blame on her for their marital issues, as well as committing adultery with Teddy, since he ignored all of her tumor symptoms as selfishness and poor character. Despite pursuing their divorce, they continue sleeping together.

Owen decides to pursue his lifelong dream of fatherhood alone and begins fostering Leo, a baby who was given up by his teenage mother. When Amelia finds Leo’s mother, Betty, homeless and addicted to drugs, Amelia takes Betty in, and, together, Owen and Amelia take care of Leo and Betty at Owen’s home, reconciling and deciding to stay in their relationship and renew their marriage.

  1. In Season 15, Owen and Amelia have a strong relationship, which is interrupted by the news that Teddy is pregnant with Owen’s child.
  2. Teddy did not tell Owen at first, because she knew he would leave Amelia for the chance to be a father, and Teddy does not want to be with Owen after he made her his alternate choice.

Owen is upset because he would not have reconciled with Amelia or fostered Leo if Teddy had told him earlier that he was expecting a biological child. This causes additional tension with Amelia, who knows Owen would have left her without trying to salvage their marriage.

In light of Teddy’s disinterest, Owen tells Amelia he chooses her. However, Owen continues to exhibit possessive and obsessive behavior over Teddy and her pregnancy, causing Amelia to permanently split from their relationship. Owen then adopts Leo as his son and welcomes his newborn daughter, Allison, with Teddy, whom they named after Teddy’s best friend Allison Brown, who died during the collapse of the second tower on September 11, 2001,

Teddy has a change of mind and decides to try a relationship with Owen. In Season 16, Owen is in a relationship with Teddy, whom he had previously given his position as Grey-Sloan’s Head of Trauma to keep her in the country. Owen has a contentious relationship with the new Chief of Surgery, Koracick, whom Teddy had dated during her pregnancy.

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After Owen accidentally electrocutes his genitals, Koracick takes out a restraining order against Owen, requiring him to be 500 feet away. Teddy has been finding motherhood overwhelming and hating her maternity leave, so Owen decides to take paternity leave to allow her to return to work. His paternity leave turns into a resignation.

Owen eventually accepts an offer from Karev to become Chief of Trauma at Pac-North after he finds stay-at-home parenting overwhelming and boring, though when Pac-North merges with Grey Sloan, Owen returns to Grey Sloan. At the end of the season, Owen discovers that Teddy is cheating on him with Koracick after Teddy accidentally sends Owen a voicemail of her and Koracick having sex.

  • In Season 17, Owen confronts Teddy about her affair and ends their engagement.
  • He and Teddy butt heads at work, as Owen is unable to forgive Teddy, but he eventually offers her friendship after she falls in a catatonic state from overworking herself in the COVID-19 pandemic frontlines.
  • Owen and Teddy start sleeping with each other again, and in the season finale, Owen proposes to Teddy, which she accepts.

In the beginning of Season 18, Owen and Teddy got married at the Emerald City Bar after their wedding at the Park was interrupted by a bicycle accident.

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Who has just had a baby in real life from Emmerdale

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Emmerdale star Michelle Hardwick has given birth to her second child with wife Kate Brooks. Michelle Hardwick, 46, shared the news of their new baby in a heartwarming Instagram post. The post includes a black and white shot of her and her daughter moments after the birth, as well as a close up of the baby.

Michelle wrote in the post: “Introducing Betty Brooks to the world! Betty made a cheeky early appearance on Tuesday 15th November weighing 5lb 10ozs. We all love you so much our beautiful Betty B.” Read more: ‘Everybody needs a friend like Kevin’ says Lindsay Burrow in emotional tribute to Leeds Rhinos star Michelle, who has played Vanessa Woodfield on the ITV soap, already shares two-year-old son Teddy with her wife who is a producer on Emmerdale.

Her close friends and Emmerdale co-stars were seen commenting on the post with messages congratulating the pair on their newest arrival. Lisa Riley, who plays Mandy Dingle, said: “Yipppeeeee!!! Congratulations to you allBetty is going to be loved beyond words, especially by her big bro Teddy. Betty Brooks born on Tuesday 15th November (Image: Michelle Hardwick) Natalie Anderson said: “Aaah soooo gorgeous! Such a beautiful name too! Congratulations you guys.” Googlebox star Izzi Warner added: “Omg absolutely LOVE her name. Congratulations.” Read more:

Rob and Lindsay Burrow on incredible response to MND documentary as they launch powerful new exhibition at Leeds train station Doctor’s slurred speech led to motor neurone disease realisation – now she can’t talk and wakes up choking Rob Burrow’s daughter tells him ‘you will always be in my heart’ in emotional speech Rob Burrow fans ‘in tears’ as Rhinos legend vows ‘I’m not giving up’ in heartbreaking documentary Get breaking news by email by signing up to our newsletters

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What happened to Chloe’s baby Emmerdale?

Emmerdale horror as Chloe’s baby diagnosed with bacterial meningitis Emmerdale aired some heartbreaking scenes on the ITV soap as Chloe Harris’ newborn baby Reuben was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis Emmerdale: Chloe is told by doctors what’s wrong with her baby aired some heartbreaking scenes tonight as Chloe Harris’ newborn baby was diagnosed with bacterial,

Chloe is leaving the village and was booked on a plane to Scotland today, but was forced to change her plans when her son Reuben fell unwell. She felt he was burning up and Victoria, who was with her at the time, suggested they called the GP to find out what might be wrong, with Dr Liam Cavanagh showing up in minutes to check on the baby.

Concerned, he sent them to hospital as a worried Chloe and Victoria stood by to find out what was wrong with the little one. Mack and Chloe are the parents of newborn baby Reuben ( ITV) The doctors then revealed the heartbreaking news to Chloe that the baby likely had bacterial meningitis and they quickly stepped in to treat the little one and do their best to save Reuben.

Charity is set to find out Mack’s secret in shocking scenes coming soon.”There’s a moment in the village where we bump into each other and Mackenzie doesn’t know that Charity knows and that is magical,” Emma told the Mirror and other press of what’s to come for the pair when Charity finds out.

Charity soon realises ( ITV) Lawrence added: “Then there’s a scene immediately after that, that we all shot together and that was a learning experience for us all. When it all comes out, hopefully we’ve done it justice but I don’t think it’s ever been done in soap before, what we did.” Explaining more about the scene, Emma said: “It just breaks a few of the boundaries of normal soap filming.” Actress Emma Atkins – who plays Charity – also teased to The Mirror that the love triangle could carry long into the future.

She said: “I think in the future we have been told that towards the end of the year, there is something we are not allowed to know yet. Another triangle I believe, unfinished business perhaps, but the three of us aren’t being told anything.” On the future for the couple, she teased: “I have loved working with this guy and Jessie and I don’t think that’s gonna end anytime soon, because they’re so well connected.

Okay, maybe the relationship is in tatters at the moment but the beauty of soap is you have always got to bump into those people because you are in the same village.” You can find this story in Or by navigating to the user icon in the top right. : Emmerdale horror as Chloe’s baby diagnosed with bacterial meningitis

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Who are the twins parents in Emmerdale

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Emmerdale spoilers follow. It’s a busy time for Bob Hope on Emmerdale this week, as he finds himself playing referee between his children Cathy and Heath. Tuesday night’s episode (January 24) saw Cathy lose her temper with her family during a row at the café, which led to her smashing up her brother Heath’s guitar as her anger escalated. Amazingly, Gabrielle and Sebastian – who are now 16 – have been part of the Emmerdale cast since they were just a few weeks old. They were supposed to play Cathy and Heath from the characters’ births, but stand-ins had to be brought in for the initial episodes as Sebastian stayed in hospital for a week longer than planned. ITV Louise told the Huddersfield Examiner in 2007: “You don’t get opportunities like this every day and it will be something for them to look back on when they are older. “I was a bit dubious at first because I wasn’t sure what my husband would think about it. ITV “I’ve been in the soap since I was 4 weeks old so it’s second nature to me. It’s one big family, everyone gets on and it’s a great atmosphere to work in. “The studio and village have been a huge part of my life along with my brother’s. Having celebrated birthdays on set allowed me to feel close with the people around me and showed me how much of a family we are.” A few years ago, it became a long-running joke among Emmerdale fans that Cathy and Heath had disappeared, as they were rarely shown on screen while they were growing up. ITV This week’s episodes will see Cathy confide in Bernice Blackstock about how she has been struggling with heavy periods. Cathy’s heart-to-heart leads to her getting the support she needs as she books an appointment with doctor Manpreet Sharma, who writes her a prescription for the pill.

Why did Noah break up with Amelia?

Emmerdale confirms reunion story for Amelia Spencer and Noah Dingle spoilers follow. Amelia Spencer and Noah Dingle can’t live without each other in Emmerdale, as they decide to give things another go. The couple’s relationship after Amelia discovered that her boyfriend had known about,

Related: Noah reassures Amelia that her breast lump probably isn’t malignant, but she still feels concerned that daughter Esther will end up with Samson should anything happen to her.He admits that he still wants them to be together, but an overwhelmed Amelia is clearly unsure of her feelings.Later on, Noah is on cloud nine when Amelia tells him that she’s missed him, and they share a kiss.

Related: from Noah, exclusively telling us: “It’s one of those situations where you know that it’s bad for you, but you want them still. “There’s such good points to Noah, so it hurts Amelia deep down to walk away. But I think she’s also very headstrong and she knows what she wants.

Especially now that she’s got a child – she doesn’t want that negativity or those lies to come between her and her daughter, because she’s got someone else to think about now. But it was definitely a hard decision for her to make.” Campbell’s prayers for them to reunite have been answered, too, as she’d also said: “I hope they can get back together, because they definitely come across great on screen – well I think they do anyway!” Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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Is Sebastian really Amelia’s dad?

Love & Pies includes examples of: –

Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder : The day after Joe leaves for his two-day baker’s retreat, Amelia worries that he might hook up with someone else, which is partially why she calls Yuka over three hours earlier than the latter’s usual wake-up schedule to talk about him. Abusive Parents : Sebastian Corps, CEO of Global Megacorp and by extension, Clean Bean Café, raised Edwina with “hard discipline”, and demoted her from her position at his company to force her to claw her way back up. He’s as cold and ruthless in his personal life as he is in business, sending Edwina an email telling her that he was Amelia’s father instead of telling her in person, then criticizing Amelia’s running of the cafe while framing it as “lessons”. Accidental Misnaming : On Day 14, Joe accidentally calls Sven “Steven”, but quickly waves it off as him getting a headache because he’s actually his twin brother Sam masquerading as him. Actually Pretty Funny : While Joe’s puns often elicit groans from his friends, there’s one time that he actually gets a chuckle out of them, like when Eve thinks of writing an article on the café’s electricity. Eve : Mmm, don’t you feel it, Yuka? I could write a story on the electricity in here! Joe : Electricity in the air? WATT a SHOCK that would be?! Eve : Haha! That was almost good, Joe. I just feel like there’s a juicy story in here. Adam Smith Hates Your Guts : The price for extra storage space increases every time you buy a new slot. It starts at 50 gems, then 57, etc. The cost of refilling your energy also doubles with every consecutive refill, starting at 10 gems, then 20, then 40, etc., but the cost resets to 10 every day. Added Alliterative Appeal : Eve likes to come up with alliterative headlines for her articles on the Appleton Times.

Her article on the café arson is entitled “Deluded Daughter in Desperate Denial!” When Eve tries coming up with a title for the news that Amelia rightfully owns the café, she suggests “Deluded Daughter Gets the Deed!” and “Kooky Café Cooks Up Conundrum!” However, they’re declined in favor of Joe’s: “Born and Bread for Success in the Café!” Eve comes up with “Fruitcake Seeks Fake Fortune!” when Amelia tells her about the treasure hunt, albeit jokingly. After the treasure is found, she writes, “Precious Painting Found in Precious Pastry Café!” Amelia suggests “Crash Chaos Can’t Curb Café!” for Eve’s article about Esme’s van crash into the café.

Ad Reward : In addition to the free daily gift, you can watch an ad to get a free energy box. You can also watch an ad to speed up a timer, get 15 units of energy after you run out of it, pop bubbled items for free, or refresh the marketplace. Age-Gap Romance :

Joe went on a date with Edwina, who is the same age as Amelia’s mother, long before Amelia returned to Appleton. Amelia and Joe were in high school together. After Joe quit his job at Clean Bean Café, his twin brother and replacement, Sam, is rumored to have started dating Edwina. On Day 26, Sebastian tells Amelia that he is her father. Amelia is a bit skeptical of this at first because of his age; he is also Edwina’s father and is 30 years older than Freya, making him old enough to be Amelia’s grandfather. Sebastian says that her mother didn’t care about the age difference. Esme is disgusted, calling him a creep and a slimeball,

The Alibi : All of the suspects on Amelia’s list give alibis for where they were on the night of the arson attack. Some of them even have pictures of them with the burning cafe in the background. In fact, Raj has three : 30 minutes before the fire, he finished a triathlon, then he and his wife had a picture with his trophy outside Global Megacorp 10 minutes before, and finally, he went to the dentist 5 minutes after.

When Joe reveals to Amelia that he canceled his second date with another woman and broke up with her because of his rekindled feelings for Amelia, they almost share a kiss, only for Edwina to burst into the kitchen. After Joe proves that he was innocent of the fire by showing Amelia the picture his mom took of him and his dad at another restaurant that night, they nearly kiss, only for the pie in Amelia’s oven to catch fire and set off the sprinklers. On their first date, Joe leans in on Amelia for a kiss, just when the real Joe comes home from his baker’s retreat. He and Amelia are shocked by his twin brother Sam pretending to be him to seduce her. Joe and Amelia almost kiss after installing the toilet before they are interrupted by Yuka and Eve, who make fun of them for almost kissing in the bathroom. After hanging pictures in the “romantic date room”, Joe and Amelia almost kiss before they are interrupted by Esme and Kate. Kate: Eww, Mommy, were you going to KISS Joe?!

Amateur Sleuth : Amelia isn’t a professional detective because she only learned the skills from watching The Mysteries of Miguel, but she conducts investigations in the café to catch the criminals who are out for it and her family. Ambidextrous Sprite :

Kate draws with both her left and right hands because her drawing animation gets flipped depending on where she is. The Choice Chests are marked with question marks, which get flipped along with them.

Amicable Exes : Amelia is initially embarrassed when her high school ex Joe applies to work part-time at her café to help rebuild it, but her lingering feelings for him after her divorce lets her consider hiring him full-time to try repairing their lost relationship.

  1. Joe then finishes raising enough money for his father’s medical bills to quit his job at Edwina’s cafe to work at Amelia’s not only to help save it, but also to try reciprocating his feelings for her.
  2. In fact, they have always been on good terms with each other since they dated a few times in the past before drifting.

Anti-Frustration Features :

Items on the board that fulfill a customer’s orders are automatically highlighted in green and the customer who ordered them moves all the way to the left, letting you know which orders are finished. If there are any leftover roses by the time Yuka’s Date Dash Event ends, she collects them and gives you the next reward if there are enough roses for it. To prevent the game from becoming Unintentionally Unwinnable, certain items can’t be removed if you don’t have any other means to acquire more of them. To help the player avoid accidentally spawning the wrong items, a cursor appears around the selected generator (except for those that automatically spawn items such as the Functional Beehive and its upgrades) since it needs to be double-tapped to spawn them. This also works on item boxes, coins, gems, and energy boosts since they can be merged to spawn better items and give bigger rewards, and the cursor helps the player avoid opening or collecting them by accident.

Bait-and-Switch Silhouette : After Esme tells Amelia the story of the Pie Ghost, the latter sees an eerie silhouette peering into the romantic date room muttering “pies, pies, pies.” just like them, but it turns out to be Edwina. Befriending the Enemy : After Amelia discovers that Edwina is her half-sister, she decides to invite her to the café for a hangout to know her as a sister rather than an enemy.

  1. Edwina rejects her activity ideas first, but slowly warms up to her and gives her relationship advice.
  2. By the end of the day, Edwina tries to be a good older sister to Amelia and hopes that Sebastian would improve his relationship with the latter.
  3. However, this doesn’t mean that their business rivalry would end.

The Big Damn Kiss : After returning from the baker’s retreat and shooing out his twin brother Sam for deceiving Amelia into thinking it was him, Joe asks Amelia out for their first date since high school 15 years ago. She says yes, and they finally kiss without getting interrupted.

  1. Unlike the other cutaways, the scene is partially animated with a flashy fade-in and a pink heart background as they move in for the kiss.
  2. Big Entrance : Whenever Edwina dramatically storms into the café, her face is lit by evil green light and lightning striking behind her.
  3. Big Guy, Little Guy : Sven is the tallest character in the game, towering over everyone else.

His husband, Angus, is very short, barely coming up to his waist. Bread, Eggs, Breaded Eggs : When Amelia asks Eve if she suspects that Yuka started the arson, she breaks the ice like this: Amelia: So, um, how are things? Yuka? How are things with Yuka? Bribing Your Way to Victory : The game can be completed without spending real money, but you can purchase gems to speed up timers, buy more storage, refill the energy meter, pop bubbled items before they turn into coins, and buy new items from the marketplace.

  • The Bus Came Back : On Day 12, Joe leaves for the two-day baker’s retreat, but comes back the following day earlier than expected because he didn’t like it.
  • The trope gets double-subverted because while it was actually his twin brother Sam masquerading as him, the real Joe returns as scheduled, just in time to see Sam about to kiss Amelia.

Caligula’s Horse : In the Rival Season Pass, Betty mentions that Brumhilda the goat was once made mayor of Appleton. Calling Card : The Purple Fox always leaves a purple fox figurine after they rob a place. This makes them a suspect of the arson, but since their motive is to steal and then return the stolen goods afterwards, Eve rules them out.

After discovering that her mother is The Purple Fox, Amelia tries keeping it a secret from her friends. Joe is most concerned by her and he tries assuring her that she can tell him anything and that he won’t judge TPF for whatever reason for their crimes, but she still refuses to tell him. Sebastian has always wanted to tell Amelia since the day she returned to Appleton that he is her father, but he got worried about her mother when she went missing on the night of the arson.

Character Tics : Mayor Mei tends to wink at the camera or at other people whenever she comes up with a plan. Cheerful Child : Kate is always smiling and is excited to see her mom refurbish the café. She’s often seen scribbling or playing with her toy T-rex while Amelia’s working.

  • Chekhov’s Gunman : Benny Benson is first mentioned as a low-ranking crook that Eve’s trying to write a new article about.
  • It’s later revealed that she was writing about him on the night of the fire, proving her innocent, and a previous headline about him has him denying that he knows The Purple Fox.
  • This gives Amelia a new lead on who might be the culprit behind the arson since she theorizes that they set Freya’s café on fire as revenge for her robbery as TPF.

Childhood Friend Romance : A flashback scene showing Joe giving Amelia a giant teddy bear when they were kids reveals that besides Yuka, Amelia knew Joe since childhood. They then dated a few times in high school before drifting, and they’re trying to rekindle their relationship when they meet again as adults.

  1. Childhood Friends : Amelia and Yuka have been friends since they were kids, and Yuka gives her a new dog as an apology for suspecting that Freya started the arson.
  2. Collective Identity : Yuka believes that The Purple Fox is an identity shared by multiple people, but Eve shoots it down because TPF always leaves a purple fox figurine at the crime scene.

It turns out that Yuka lied about her theory because she already caught Freya as TPF. Comically Missing the Point : When Amelia prepares to investigate if Sebastian was the one who cut the brakes of Esme’s van, she discusses with her why she suspects him as such: Amelia : Obviously Global Megacorp is ‘the enemy’ of the cafe.

He seems like a really ruthless businessman — and he knew Benny Benson. But why would he try to hurt you? Esme : Maybe I beat him in an online game? Amelia : Focus! Community-Threatening Construction : In the Rival Season Pass, Edwina destroys Appleton’s historic gatehouse, where Mayor Mei Hong’s great-grandmother lived 70 years ago, to build Global Megacorp MegaWarehouse under her father’s contract, and Amelia has to help the mayor rebuild the gatehouse.

Cool Old Lady : Amelia’s great-aunt Esme may be a kooky, dirty-minded Fortune Teller who used to be a circus performer, but she’s happy to help fix up the café after her van crashes into it. Her old age also doesn’t stop her from playing online games such as Battle Dwarves with Kate.

Corrupt Corporate Executive : Sebastian Corps, CEO of Global Megacorp, is described by the Windmill Café patrons as a ruthless businessman. He doesn’t care how he runs the company as long as he makes a profit, and he tries to manipulate the employees who resigned into returning to work for him. When he offers Amelia “lessons” on how to run Windmill Café, he tries indoctrinating the rules he has for Clean Bean Café such as requiring payment for outside help such as Sven, changing the café’s marketing strategy without Amelia’s input, and convincing her to fire Joe to streamline profits.

He also offers her to sign the documents to make Windmill Café part of the Global Megacorp brand. Crush Blush : Amelia and Joe, who have a mutual crush, can’t help but blush at each other whenever they’re together. Crush Filter : Amelia tends to imagine Joe as a Hunk whenever he helps her out at the café.

  1. Defrosting Ice Queen : Edwina starts out arrogant and haughty towards Amelia, hoping to drive her mother Freya’s café out of business, but over time, she can’t help but miss the café because that’s where she used to play with Freya.
  2. When Amelia finds out that Edwina’s actually her half-sister, she invites her over for some sisterly bonding.

Edwina rejects her activity ideas at first, but she still watches her fix up the vegetable garden. Edwina then decides to sit with Amelia for the afternoon, and when she realizes that Amelia only thought bad about her, with her past relationship with Joe being the last straw, Edwina slowly warms up to Amelia and tries being a Cool Big Sis to her by advising her that Joe is truly the one for her.

Destroyable Items : Low-level items can be thrown away to free up space, while some generators such as the Basket of Bread are automatically destroyed after spawning a certain number of items. Did I Just Say That Out Loud? : On Day 29, Amelia reminisces out loud the wonderful date night she had with Joe the other day, but quickly says, “Oh no, did I say that out loud?!” because they’re at the café courtyard.

Joe assures her that he enjoyed the date and hopes to go out on another one soon. Did Not Get the Girl : When Eve announces her plans to propose to her long-distance partner, Yuka, who had been crushing on Eve for more than a week, leaves the café, heartbroken.

She moves on from her the next day by storing away her mementos of her in her “Eve box”. Differing Priorities Breakup : Amelia and Joe broke up in high school because the former wanted to study while the latter wanted to travel the world. They didn’t consider a Long-Distance Relationship, even if Joe sent Amelia a postcard.

Dirty Old Woman : Esme is too “interested” in Amelia and Joe’s first date and assumes that the birds and the bees happened between them. Amelia reprimands her for wanting the dirty details right in front of Kate, when the date itself was actually innocent.

  1. When Joe tells Esme that he wore nothing to the date, she immediately assumes that he and Amelia had “the birds and bees” going on when Joe meant that he wore “nothing important “, meaning that he didn’t dress fancy for the date.
  2. Esme also thinks that Edwina is “intelligent, successful, and pretty sexy” when she finds out that the latter once dated Joe, to Amelia’s disgust.

Disappeared Dad :

Amelia divorced her husband (Kate’s father) prior to the events of the game because he cheated on her more than once, and he remains unseen. He also wasn’t present for Kate’s birth, and Sven and Angus visited her instead. Amelia herself knows that her mother is alive because the latter called her a week after she ran away, but she doesn’t know who her dad is. All she knows is that Freya never told her about him because people wouldn’t be approving of their marriage, and that all that mattered to her was that she had Amelia. Subverted when Sebastian finally shows up at the café to tell Amelia personally that he is her father.

Eating Contest : According to Sven’s public records, he was featured in the news for eating the most apple pies in an hour in a contest. Eek, a Mouse!! : Joe jumps into Amelia’s arms after mistaking a burnt piece of paper Amelia’s dog was holding for a mouse.

  • It turns out to be the receipt of Freya’s boat trip the day before the arson, proving her innocent.
  • Election Day Episode : The Rival Season Pass is about Acting Mayor Mei running for the mayoral election against Edwina, who tries sabotaging her campaign by destroying the town’s historic gatehouse, spreading lies about Mei, and leaking her old video of her crying over her gymnastics routine being rated 7 out of 10.

Edwina wants to get her revenge on her since the former’s father Sebastian used to be the mayor, and she also wants to build Global Megacorp MegaWarehouse as per his contract. However, Mei stands up to her and makes her campaign push through with the player’s help.

  • Embarrassing Old Photo : The treasure that Amelia and Joe find in the café basement turns out to be an old painting of what seems to be themselves reenacting the story of Adam and Eve, complete with Scenery Censors,
  • When they pose with it for a picture for Eve’s new article, Joe covers the painting with his frying pan while Amelia covers Kate’s eyes.

Enhance Button : Yuka runs the photo of Amelia’s mom working with Benny Benson and a mysterious silhouetted figure through several apps, revealing the figure’s identity: Sebastian Corps. Even Evil Has Loved Ones : Despite her hatred for Amelia, Edwina misses Amelia’s mother, Freya.

  • She used to play with her at the patio of Windmill Café as a kid, and Freya used to call her “Weeny” because they were best friends.
  • After she fell out with Freya, Edwina used to babysit Amelia when she was a child, and Freya’s aunt Esme still calls Edwina “Weeny”, having known her for a long time.
  • Esme also describes her as an “old softie”.

As much as Edwina wants Amelia’s café to fail, she’d never hurt any of her family members, making her innocent of the sabotage on Esme’s van, which crashed into the back of the café. Even Evil Has Standards : Sam may be the manipulative brother of Joe, but he wouldn’t hurt anyone physically.

It turns out that he was blackmailed into impersonating him to try seducing Amelia away from Joe, and that he didn’t sabotage the brakes of Esme’s van. Even the Guys Want Him : When Amelia worries that Joe might hook up with someone else at the baker’s retreat, her Imagine Spot shows both male and female chefs admiring him.

Everyone Has Standards : Despite being a Dirty Old Woman who finds Edwina sexy, Esme calls the latter’s father, Sebastian, a Slimeball for dating Freya because even if they were both adults when they first hooked up, he’s still 30 years older than her.

  1. Everyone Is a Suspect : Yuka gives Amelia a list of everyone who she says could have possibly been behind the arson attack on the cafe.
  2. This list includes all the main characters, even Amelia’s family and friends like Yuka herself.
  3. The real culprit wasn’t on the list.
  4. Evidence Scavenger Hunt : Amelia searches the cafe for clues about the arson, eventually finding a lighter with the culprit’s initials.
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Evil-Detecting Dog : Amelia’s new dog barks at the door and runs away whenever Edwina drops by the café and also growls at Joe when he returns from the baker’s retreat earlier than expected because it doesn’t like his new beard, and Kate agrees. This is because it’s actually his twin brother Sam masquerading as him.

Evil Twin : Sam is everything but his identical twin brother Joe. Joe is kind and caring to Amelia, while Sam is obnoxious and arrogant, and he enjoys rubbing his accomplishments as a worker at Clean Bean Café in Joe’s face. Joe respects Amelia’s boundaries and assures her that he wouldn’t leave her for another woman, while Sam constantly harasses her even after he was exposed when he pretended to be Joe to try seducing her.

Family Business : Windmill Café has been run by Amelia’s family for at least 150 years. Its ownership has been passed down through generations, with Amelia inheriting it from her mother in the present. Family Eye Resemblance : Everyone in Amelia’s family has blue eyes (save for her great-aunt Esme, who has Black Bead Eyes instead), even Sebastian and Edwina.

Amelia is disgusted at the thought of Joe once dating Edwina, the latter who’s around Amelia’s mother’s age. She imagines them kissing on the beach in their swimwear, but can’t get the mental image of Edwina in a two-piece swimsuit out of her head. Sebastian’s proposed changes to the Windmill Café posters show a sexualized Amelia lying seductively on top of an apple pie. Amelia and Betty both agree that the design doesn’t suit the former, although Joe still likes it.

Firemen Are Hot : Some of the firemen rescuing the victims of the café fire are shirtless Hunks, Fitness Nut : Attorney Raj always goes for a run in his fitness clothes whenever he drops by the café. One time he visits, he’s in the middle of a 5k run, with 2k more to go.

  1. Foot Popping : Amelia raises one of her feet when she kisses Joe during their date night after her sisterly bonding with Edwina.
  2. Fortune Teller : Esme is a traveling fortune teller who can predict bad things in their future if “they meet “.
  3. Freemium Timer : Gems can be spent on instantly clearing the timers on the energy meter, which slowly refills with 1 unit of energy every 2 minutes until it reaches 100 note ; item generators, which have a cooldown after spawning a certain number of items; and item boxes, which take time to be opened to get rewards.

Freudian Slip : When Joe mentions the places he traveled to learn how to cook, Amelia gets smitten by him and says that she’d love to travel with him, but quickly backtracks and corrects herself that she’d love to travel in general. Frying Pan of Doom : When Sam tries seducing Amelia after serenading to her that he’s better than Joe, she whips out her frying pan, presumably to hit him for it, just when Joe walks in on them.

Joe’s special order to find Freya’s cat, Marshmallow, can still be completed even while he’s at the baker’s retreat, and Amelia wouldn’t notice the difference between him and his twin brother Sam if completed while he’s visiting during Days 13-15, only doing so when the real Joe comes back just when Sam is about to kiss her. After Amelia’s friends leave the romantic date room, she and Joe remark that it’s been a while since the last time they’ve been alone together, and they decide to open it to customers the following day, after their date, even if there are guests in the room.

Gene Hunting : Amelia has always wondered who her father is since she was a kid, and inspired by The Mysteries of Miguel, one of her first investigations involved finding him. She’s overjoyed when Sebastian finally drops by her café to tell her that he’s her father, despite her family and friends’ suspicions that he’s behind all the attacks on the café.

Gentle Giant : Sven is a huge, Viking-looking man who towers over every other character. He’s also a very nice and friendly guy who makes toys for needy children. Get Your Mind Out of the Gutter : When Esme tells Amelia that the former had a “particularly memorable evening” in what used to be the café’s stockroom (which is now a romantic date room) when she turned 20, Amelia asks if it’s an “inappropriate story” about her love life.

Esme says it’s not and she reprimands her for having a dirty mind. Ghost Story : Esme tells Amelia the story of when the former met the Pie Ghost on her 20th birthday, who was eating the family’s very first pie in the café’s former stockroom (which is now a romantic date room).

  • Amelia doesn’t believe her, but Esme warns her that she might hear a ghost say “pies” three times in the date room.
  • Gigantic Gulp : Clean Bean Café’s quadruple shot latte with extra sugar syrup is twice the size of Esme’s head.
  • Girlish Pigtails : A flashback scene shows Amelia wearing pigtails as a child.

Graceful Loser : If the player wins Edwina’s Cash Dash Event, she smiles at them, accepts defeat, and gives them the highest rewards, but says that she’ll try beating them next time. Grew a Spine : Sebastian tries making Amelia more assertive as part of his “lessons” for her on how to run her café : Sebastian : You say ‘um’ too much.

You need to be more assertive! Amelia : I am assertive — I’m just shy. Sebastian : Shyness is weakness! Amelia : I’m not weak. Sebastian : Of course not. Now — onto lesson two. Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold : Sven has long, flowing blond hair and is more than willing to help his niece Amelia in restoring the café.

He’s such a kindhearted man that Amelia feels bad for him since he’s one of the suspects of the arson. Hairpin Lockpick : Esme uses her decorative her pins to pick a lock on a treasure chest. Half-Sibling Angst : Edwina finds it hard to connect with Amelia after finding out that the former’s father Sebastian married her former best friend Freya and had Amelia.

Edwina also mentions a half-brother who’s around Amelia’s age, but they never bonded as much as siblings. Despite this, Edwina tries to be a good older sister to Amelia and hopes that Sebastian would improve his relationship with the latter. Things change later on when it’s revealed that Sebastian lied about being Amelia’s father,

Happily Married : Sven mentions being in a happy marriage with Angus for a few years despite having a few bumps in the way, and Amelia teases that they have been together for 21. Harassing Phone Call : An anonymous caller who claims to be Amelia’s frenemy occasionally calls her to try stopping her investigations, threatening that she’ll be in more trouble if she continues it.

  • Haunted House : In the Rival Season Pass, Yuka mentions that the Corps Family Mansion is haunted when Edwina claims that the “true” mayors of Appleton live there.
  • Heartbreak and Ice Cream : On the day of the fire, Eve stayed at home crying and eating ice cream because she was robbed by The Purple Fox.

Hello, : Amelia’s new dog given as a gift by Joe (but was actually an Apology Gift from Yuka that he passed on to her) can be named by the player anything, even a traditionally masculine name. Heroes Want Redheads : The redheaded Amelia’s high school ex Joe falls for her over the course of the game.

When Amelia answers Freya’s call and tells her that she caught the culprit of the arson, Freya warns her that they’re “just a puppet” and that someone else is “pulling the strings”. However, Freya doesn’t tell her their identity because she believes that it would put Amelia in danger. The anonymous caller who claims to be Amelia’s frenemy and was the one who sabotaged Esme’s van refuses to reveal their identity because it would be “a lot less fun”. While it’s not Edwina because she was in the same room as Amelia when the latter received the call, Yuka at least knows that they’re from Global Megacorp because the threat letter they sent to Eve was made of high-quality paper, had “beautiful” ink on it, and had the company’s logo ripped from its top.

His Name Really Is “Barkeep” : Raj’s dentist is named Dr. Lady Dentista, Holiday Mode : During Halloween, Edwina makes her mostly-white hair frizzier and wears fangs and fake stitches for her Cash Dash Event. She also gives out Spooky Chests as rewards.

House Fire : The plot begins with Amelia’s childhood home being mysteriously burnt down. Amelia and her friends turn the house into a bakery and gradually remodel it as time goes on. I Am Not My Mother : After learning that her mother is The Purple Fox and that she ran away from her café because of her mistakes, Amelia declares that she won’t repeat them and that she’ll refurbish the café without letting the haters get to her.

Identical Twin ID Tag : Sam has pierced ears and a mustache, while his identical twin Joe does not. I’m Standing Right Here : When Sebastian tries convincing Amelia to fire Joe to streamline the café’s profits, Joe tells him that he was standing near him when he said that.

  • Infinite Stock For Sale : Averted,
  • The marketplace sells six different items at a quantity of five each (with the exception of generator upgrades, of which there’s only one in stock per upgrade), all which are bought with gems.
  • The market refreshes every day, but you can refresh it instantly with gems or by watching an ad.

Insists on Being Suspected : When Amelia is looking for clues about the arson attack on the cafe, Yuka gives her a list of possible suspects. She includes herself on the list because Amelia has to suspect everyone. When Yuka then asks Amelia to investigate her if she’s the culprit behind the fire, she claims that she either started it so Amelia could come home, she wanted to look for aliens in the basement, or she wanted to attract Eve’s attention so she could write an article about it.

Yuka then confesses that she was busy setting up a trap for The Purple Fox when the fire happened, proving herself innocent. Intergenerational Rivalry : Edwina is around Freya’s age and they knew each other in school, but Edwina expresses her resentment towards Freya’s daughter Amelia, wanting her to lose just like Freya.

Amelia likewise stands up to Edwina’s insults, hoping that she can save her mother’s café. This turns out to also be a Sibling Rivalry after Edwina’s father Sebastian tells Amelia that he is her father. An Interior Designer Is You : After raising enough money at certain points in the story, you can choose between three different customization options for each part of the café as you help Amelia rebuild it.

Eve is tired of writing articles about Global Corp Clean Bean Café and hopes to write more interesting ones. She gets excited when Amelia finds the treasure, so she cancels her article about Clean Bean Café’s Zero Muffin to report on it. Eve’s coworker Yuka describes her job as “basically stalking people with camera, which isn’t cool at all.”

Inventory Management Puzzle : You can have up to 63 items on the 7×9 grid, and the primary way of clearing them is by merging them and serving them to customers. You can also store up to 30 items in the fridge, but you start with five free slots, with additional ones costing gems, which can be bought with real money.

  1. Additionally, you can sell high-level items for a small amount of coins or throw unneeded items away.
  2. Item Crafting : The gameplay involves merging materials to create item generators, and then merging ingredients spawned by them to make products, mainly food and drinks, to serve to customers.
  3. Items can be merged in chains to create higher-tiered ones.

I Want My Beloved to Be Happy :

When Sam tells Amelia that Joe once dated Edwina, Amelia get worried that Joe might cheat on her for Edwina like what her ex-husband did to her. When Amelia tells Edwina about her relationship worries, Edwina, who’s just slowly warming up to her, advises her that she should let go of her past because Joe is truly the one for her and Edwina trusts him that he won’t cheat on Amelia. While it’s true that Joe dated Edwina, it was long before Amelia returned to Appleton, and it was just a short fling. After Amelia’s ex returns, Joe breaks up with her thinking Kate should be with her real dad. Thankfully, she wins him back a few days later.

Jerkass :

Edwina revels in putting Amelia down and making sure the latter’s mother’s café goes out of business. A few days before he leaves for the baker’s retreat, Joe tells Amelia that his twin brother moved into his house and played loud music in his bedroom, to his annoyance. After Joe leaves, Sam pretends to be him to seduce Amelia, and after he gets caught by the real Joe and leaves, Joe says that it’s the worst that Sam had done so far. Sam then moves out of Joe’s house the next day, not wanting to face him for what he did, but he occasionally drops by the café to continue harassing Amelia.

Kick the Dog : In the Rival Season Pass, Edwina prepares her slingshot to hit a bird’s nest, but Mei stops her because it’s illegal to harm Appleton’s animals. Edwina then claims that she was just going to scare them away before she can build Global Megacorp MegaWarehouse on where she destroyed the town’s historic gatehouse, but Mei fixes up the clocktower and relocates the nest there instead, frustrating Edwina.

Id Detective : When Kate loses her toy, she becomes a detective like Amelia and investigates where it is. She also makes Amelia’s dog her sidekick. Kids Love Dinosaurs : Kate always wears a dinosaur costume and is sometimes seen playing with her toy T-rex at the café. Lack of Empathy : Sebastian never claimed to be a sentimental man because he believes that sentimentality “keeps people back in life”.

He doesn’t care how he runs his company as long as it’s making a profit and is cold towards his daughter, Edwina, only sending her an email telling her that he’s Amelia’s father instead of telling her in person like Amelia herself. Lame Pun Reaction : When Joe’s puns are acknowledged, it’s usually about how bad they are.

Joe: I thought this waffle maker would be WAFFLEY GOOD for the cafe! Yuka: That joke was so bad that I’m going to leave. See you later! Large and in Charge : When Sebastian finally shows up in person, he’s roughly as big and broad-shouldered as Sven, showing that he’s the boss of Global Megacorp. Last-Second Word Swap : Esme wants to give whoever cut the brakes in her van a “swift kick in the b— well.” Limited Wardrobe : Everyone wears the same clothes all throughout the game, and Kate notably wears her detective outfit on top of her dino costume.

Esme has also been wearing the same head feather, glasses, and purple-and-blue outfit since Sven was a kid. Locked Out of the Loop : Amelia’s close friends and family already know that her mother is the infamous thief, The Purple Fox, but they didn’t tell her sooner about it for various reasons.

On Day 12, Sven confesses to Amelia that he didn’t tell her about the debt she inherited from her mother and that she was The Purple Fox because he once caught her returning to him the golden axe trophy that she stole, because he didn’t want Amelia to think badly of her, no matter what she did. On Day 13, Yuka admits to Amelia that she also wanted to solve the mystery behind The Purple Fox, so she spread a rumor that she hid a “super valuable” gemstone in the former’s house to lure them into her trap. When she took a photo of them in the act, she was going to use it for her article, but was reluctant when she saw that TPF was Freya.

Lost in Transmission : When Freya calls Amelia for the first time since the fire, she uses the payphone because she lost her phone. She warns Amelia not to investigate The Purple Fox, but is suddenly cut off before she could tell her what else to do due to poor reception.

  • Love Confessor : On Day 10, Amelia calls Yuka over to admit to her that her old feelings for Joe resurfaced.
  • Yuka tells her that it’s okay since she was bad at hiding it, anyway, and also reveals that she herself can’t hide her feelings for Eve either,
  • Yuka then advises Amelia against having a Workplace Romance with Joe since “it’ll end in doom and gloom.” Luke, I Am Your Father : Amelia gets an anonymous letter from someone claiming to be her dad and asking to meet.

The title of the task where they finally meet is actually called “I am Your Father”. It’s Sebastian. Subverted later when Freya reveals it’s not the case. Ma’am Shock : Esme hates being called “Great Aunt” Esme, and she’ll sic her pet turtle Randy on anyone who addresses her as such.

Malicious Misnaming : Edwina deliberately calls Amelia “Anya”, “Annie”, or “Andrea” to try convincing her to give up the “dump” that is her café. Man in a Kilt : Sven’s husband Angus wears a kilt. Manly Gay : Sven is a hairy, Top-Heavy Guy who partakes in woodwork, a traditionally masculine hobby, and is Happily Married to Angus.

Mayor Pain : In the Rival Season Pass, it’s revealed that Sebastian Corps, the corrupt CEO of Global Megacorp, was the former mayor of Appleton before Mei. He approved of the construction of his company’s warehouse, not caring if it means destroying the town’s historic gatehouse first.

  1. Mega-Corp : Windmill Café’s competitor Clean Bean Café is owned by Global Corp, which uses underhanded marketing tactics to try driving Windmill Café out of business.
  2. It serves food that is deliberately bland such as the Zero Muffin, claiming that they have zero calories, and its CEO abuses its employees and tries manipulating those who resigned such as Joe to return to working for the company.

Miniature Senior Citizens : Some of the elderly characters such as Betty and Esme are half as tall as the adults, only reaching up to their waists. Missing Mom : Amelia’s grandmother, who is Freya and Sven’s mother (and by extension, Esme’s sister and Kate’s great-grandmother), is long dead before the events of the game.

Mistaken for Cheating : Raj’s wife, Gita, hires Yuka to follow Raj’s movements because she thinks he is cheating on her. It’s later revealed that Raj was acting strange because he was secretly building a two seater bike for him and Gita. Never the Obvious Suspect : When Amelia decides to investigate if Edwina was behind the fire, Joe (actually his twin brother Sam masquerading as him ) lampshades the trope by saying that “the real villain is NEVER the person it’ll be.” He was right, Edwina didn’t start the fire because she believes that Windmill Café is already falling behind, so she didn’t feel the need to sabotage it.

In fact, she and Sebastian were at a board meeting for their company when the fire happened, also proving the latter innocent, and Edwina also phoned the fire department out of legitimate concern. Never Trust a Trailer :

The “All Kinds of Love” ad shows Kate being a Bratty Half-Pint on her highchair and throwing her mac n’ cheese at the camera. She’s nothing like this in the game itself. One ad is done in the style of Gardenscapes ‘ ads, where the player hilariously fails at picking the right utensil to help Joe bake a chocolate cake for Amelia. It then shows a short clip of the actual gameplay at the end. One ad shows the actual gameplay, but instead of the player helping Amelia rebuild the café by merging ingredients to cook for her customers, it shows them rescuing her from being imprisoned by a villain, when this doesn’t happen in the story proper.

Nice Guy :

Amelia’s uncle Sven is the nicest person to have a main role in the game. He is always happy to help Amelia with restoring the café. He and his husband make toys for children in need, and Eve describes him as a “sweetheart”. Amelia feels awful that she has to even consider him a suspect in the fire, and when she subtly interrogates him about it, he reveals that he knew that Freya was The Purple Fox, and that he loaned her his money for the café but she ran away and never paid it back, He helps Amelia rebuild the cafe because he wants her to succeed, not to get his loan back, Joe means well when he checks in on Amelia’s café despite working at Edwina’s because he needs the money to pay for his father’s medical bills. Once he’s done, he quits his old job to work full-time with Amelia to help save her café and prove her mother innocent of the arson. In fact, he used to hope that Amelia’s café would fail, which was why he was a suspect, but he quit after paying for his father’s medical bills. He also cancels his second date to help Amelia find the treasure to pay off all her debts.

No Animals Allowed : Sebastian hates pets running around in establishments, so he tries convincing Amelia to get her dog out of the café. Obnoxious In-Laws : Implied when Raj says that he’s lucky that he and his wife live near his parents, but “maybe less lucky” that his in-laws live near them, too.

Obviously Evil : Edwina, the owner of Global Corp Clean Bean Café and rival of Amelia, is arrogant and snobbish, and often insults her to crush her in the business competition. She wears a white suit to go along with her mostly white hair and dark eyeshadow, and Amelia’s new dog runs away from her whenever she visits Windmill Café.

She also laughs evilly at the player whenever they fail her Cash Dash event. Off to Boarding School : Sebastian suggests that Amelia send Kate to boarding school, claiming that she’d do well there. Amelia objects because Kate’s just four, but Sebastian claims that it’s “never too early” for her to start.

Esme, on the other hand, wishes that Sebastian was sent to boarding school when they were kids so she wouldn’t have had to look at him during sports class. Old Shame : Yuka admits that she had a fight with Amelia when they were 13 because Amelia lost Yuka’s favorite Mysteries of Miguel book. Yuka still regrets it and believes that she was a “terrible” friend to her, but Amelia reassures her that she’s long gotten over it.

On the Rebound : On the first day of Joe’s full-time job at Amelia’s café, she struggles with her rekindled feelings for him because it has only been a week since she signed the divorce papers. She tells herself to focus on her work and try not to let romance distract her in the meantime and insists that she and Joe are in a Strictly Professional Relationship,

  1. She also worries about rushing into the relationship after nearly falling for Sam when he pretended to be his twin brother Joe. O.O.C.
  2. Is Serious Business : After Amelia catches Edwina helping Kate find the latter’s lost toy, she notices that Edwina called her by her real name instead of deliberately misnaming her and didn’t flirt with Joe, hinting that Edwina is more than just her rival who wants to put her down.

Out-of-Character Alert : Joe leaves at the end of Day 12 for the two-day baker’s retreat, but returns the next day because he didn’t like it. Amelia’s family and friends then start noticing how weird he’s been acting: Sven points out that he didn’t wave back to him when he saw him, while Amelia notices that he isn’t good in massaging as he normally is.

On their first date, Joe criticizes The Mysteries of Miguel as a “juvenile” show, to Amelia’s dismay; dodges Raj’s questions about the message Joe sent to him from the bus home and the prize he told him that he wanted to win; and declares that family is “overrated”. It’s then revealed that he’s actually Joe’s twin brother Sam masquerading as him, and the real Joe arrives just in time to see him about to kiss Amelia.

Parental Substitute : Because Amelia never knew her father, she was raised by her uncle Sven besides her mother, and she’s glad to have him in her life. Parental Title Characterization : Edwina used to call Sebastian “daddy” as a kid, but he insisted that she calls him “father” instead for formality’s sake.

He also insists that Amelia calls him “father” when she calls him “dad” for the first time. Parent with New Paramour : Kate is happy to see her mother fall in love with Joe and sometimes teases them about it. Permanently Missable Content : The generators that produce items for special orders such as Joe’s order to find Marshmallow the cat are automatically destroyed after the orders are fulfilled.

This means that if they’re not fully upgraded when the orders are completed, then you’ll never see what their final upgrades would look like since their components will no longer be in stock at the marketplace. Perverse Sexual Lust : Amelia and Yuka both have a huge crush on Miguel, the eponymous protagonist of The Mysteries of Miguel, to the point that Yuka requests a cardboard cutout of him for her special order.

Despite her hatred towards Amelia and her café, Edwina helps Kate find the latter’s lost toy and gives her a dinosaur balloon as a gift. Amelia doesn’t understand why Edwina’s being nice towards the former’s daughter but not her. Edwina’s father Sebastian gifts Amelia a cherub statue for her romantic date room, even if Yuka initially suspected that it was a trap. Amelia finds this strange, but she accepts it, anyway. This is because Sebastian wanted to reach out to Amelia, his daughter.

Player Nudge : If you don’t make a move in a few seconds, the game will hint on which items to match or store in the fridge and which item boxes you haven’t opened yet. Play Every Day : The marketplace gives you a free gift every day, which gives you some low-tier items.

Its stock also refreshes every day, but it can be refreshed instantly with gems or by watching an ad. A Plot in Deed : Amelia discovers that Freya had always planned to pass the café on to her, and Raj confirms that the deed was legitimate and that she’s the true owner after Freya ran away. However, this means that Amelia also inherited her debts.

The Pollyanna : Amelia keeps her chin up as she works to maintain her mother’s café, and despite the looming mystery behind the arson and the debts she inherited from her mother, she doesn’t give up. Premium Currency : Gems are used to speed up timers, buy more storage, refill the energy meter, pop bubbled items before they turn into coins, buy new items from the marketplace, and instantly refresh its stock.

After listening to Sven’s story about his craftsmanship and home life with Angus, Eve says that “That’s. the. cutest. story. EVER!” After Yuka suggests starting a Mysteries of Miguel fan club with Amelia for her special order, Amelia says that “That. would. be. AMAZING.”

Pungeon Master :

Joe constantly makes puns. They’re usually terrible. Edwina makes Halloween-themed puns during her Halloweeny’s Cash Dash Event. “I suppose you think you’re pretty fangtastic ?”

Put on a Bus : Towards the end of Day 12, Joe tells Amelia that he’d be going on a two-day baker’s retreat. She gets worried about how the café would do without him, but he tells her that he’ll only go if she’s alright with it. He reassures her that her friends and family will take care of her while he’s out, and he hugs her before he leaves.

  • Queer Colors : In the “All Kinds of Love” ad, the Progress Pride flag can be seen behind Eve as she has a video chat with her long-distance partner, who goes by they/them pronouns and whom she’s planning to propose to.
  • Randomly Generated Loot : Item generators can be upgraded to spawn more than one kind of item, and sometimes, it’s the only way to get certain items.

Rapid Hair Growth : Joe returns from the two-day baker’s retreat earlier than expected and sporting facial hair and says that while his hair has always grown quickly, this is the fastest it has grown. This turns out to be a lie made by his twin brother Sam while masquerading as him.

  • Read the Fine Print : In the Rival Season Pass, Edwina shows Mayor Mei the contract to build Global Megacorp MegaWarehouse, which was approved by the former’s father.
  • Amelia points out that there’s fine print underneath that says that Appleton’s historic gatehouse would have to be destroyed in order for its construction to proceed.

Repetitive Name : The low-ranking crook that Eve’s struggling to write an article about is named Benny Benson. The Reveal : Benny Benson is the culprit behind the fire. Amelia finds the lighter with his initials on it and turns it in, and after he’s arrested, he confesses to all his crimes, including the arson he committed as revenge for getting food poisoning from Freya’s pies.

  • Rewards Pass : The game hosts one-time events that run for 30 days and have unique story arcs.
  • The player progresses with the story by completing sidequests to earn points, reaping the rewards along the way.
  • They can buy a golden ticket with real money to receive additional rewards and exclusive storylines.

Rugged Scar : Benny Benson, a low-ranking criminal, has two scars on his face: one on his left cheek and another running down the left side of his lips. Screw This, I’m Outta Here : When Raj wants to get out of an awkward situation, he makes an excuse to tend to one of his children, but when Amelia tells him that she felt creeped out by Sam massaging her while pretending to be his twin brother Joe, Raj uses the same excuse, but changes his mind halfway through and just says he wants to leave, and then gets out of the café.

Secret-Keeper : So far, Sven, Amelia, and Yuka are the only ones who know Freya’s identity is that of the Purple Fox. Secret Room : Amelia, Joe, and Kate discover a trapdoor hidden under the old oven while cleaning it out. It leads to the café basement, where they believe the treasure is, but it turns out to be an embarrassing old painting of what seems to be Joe and Amelia reenacting the story of Adam and Eve, complete with Scenery Censors,

Serenade Your Lover : Sam sings a love song to Amelia when she calls him over to interrogate him about the sabotage on Esme’s van. She’s not impressed because he just bragged about how “better” he was than Joe in song. Shipper on Deck : Yuka is supportive of Amelia and Joe’s relationship when Amelia tells her about her crush on him, and towards the end of Day 13, Yuka tells her that she and Joe need a kiss after the stressful days she’s had.

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On Day 7, he somehow ends up burning his shirt by thinking back to his date night. Luckily, he always brings a spare one in case that happens. When Amelia’s Great Aunt Esme crashes into the back of the café, Joe rescues her from her van, getting his shirt ripped in the process.

Shout-Out : In the Rival Season Pass, Edwina comes in like a wrecking ball by riding on it with her legs raised to destroy Appleton’s historic gatehouse. Show Within a Show : Amelia and Yuka loved reading and watching The Mysteries of Miguel when they were kids, and inspired by it, they work together to investigate the arson.

  1. Amelia, especially, is such a big fan of the show that she used to decorate her bedroom with posters of the eponymous character when she was in high school.
  2. Joe teases her if she just likes Miguel’s abs, but she claims that she just admires his detective skills.
  3. Freya was also a fan of Mysteries of Miguel and ran the Miguel fan club in town, and for Yuka’s special order, she thinks of starting her own with Amelia, hoping that the actor for Miguel would visit if they attract enough fans.

Sibling Seniority Squabble : Joe takes offense to being called “baby brother” by Sam, even if the latter’s two minutes older than him. Sibling Triangle : Amelia falls in love with her Childhood Friend Joe after she divorced her husband. They rekindle their lost relationship over the course of the game, but Joe’s twin brother Sam pretends to be him to try seducing her while the real Joe is at the two-day baker’s retreat.

  1. Sam still tries pursuing her after he’s exposed because he claims that fell in love with her for real, but she’s having none of it.
  2. Sickeningly Sweethearts : Amelia and Joe have always been sweet towards each other, but back in high school, they used to kiss right in front of Yuka, to her disgust.
  3. Single Parents Are Undesirable : Upon learning from Amelia’s phone call with Eve that the latter is a single mother like the former, Amelia’s friend Yuka, who has a crush on Eve, decides to leave them alone.

Slimeball : Esme describes Sebastian as one since she knew him as a bully and a creep in school. She says that he’s still scummy to this day, and Amelia has every reason to suspect him for attacking her café because he acts unusually nice to her while abusing his daughter, Edwina, and running his company with an iron fist.

  1. Amelia is also shocked to find that Sebastian’s in cahoots in her mother while Esme thought they hated each other.
  2. Strictly Professional Relationship : Yuka believes that dating a fellow co-worker is awkward and inappropriate, so she initially advises Amelia against dating Joe.
  3. This is because Yuka is projecting her own insecurities on her since she herself is reluctant to ask Eve out.

Strong Family Resemblance : Kate is like a miniature version of her mother Amelia, sporting the same hot pink hair and blue eyes as her. Suspiciously Specific Denial : When Raj drops by during Amelia and Joe’s first date, he apologizes for interrupting their picnic.

Edwina’s Cash Dash and Yuka’s Date Dash Events are two recurring events that run for three days each. They involve raising as much money and collecting as many roses from completed orders, respectively, within the time limit, and then reaping the rewards based on how much you’ve gained. The Tip Jar, which was introduced in the v0.14.4 update, gets filled with gems each time you complete an order. Upon reaching 150 gems, you can buy them with real money, but you can fill the jar all the way up to 300 and pay for them at the same price. However, once the jar’s full, you only have two weeks to buy the gems before it empties.

Terrible Artist : Kate’s drawings are what one would expect from a kid: simplistic and not properly colored in. Thinker Pose : One of the statues Amelia can decorate the patio with is a statue of a customer eating a slice of pie while sitting exactly like The Thinker.

Too Smart for Strangers : Parodied when Amelia catches Edwina helping Kate find her toy. Amelia tells Kate not to talk to strangers and she retorts that Amelia talks to Edwina all the time. Treasure Hunt Episode : Day 9 focuses on Amelia and her friends finding the treasure to pay off her debts after she found the map while cleaning the kitchen.

Yuka and Eve leave halfway through to document Clean Bean Café’s Zero Muffin, while Joe nearly does the same since he scheduled a second date with another woman, but he cancels it at the last moment to support Amelia in finding the treasure. Amelia then opens the trapdoor under the old oven and finds an old painting of what seems to be herself and Joe, and while they’re embarrassed about themselves being naked in it, they call Yuka and Eve back to have it donated to the local museum for its appraisal.

  1. Treasure Map : Amelia finds one of Appleton while cleaning the walls, gives it to Sven, and asks him to find the treasure with it, hoping that it’ll pay off all her debts.
  2. Sven is concerned that the treasure hunt might fail just like when his father (Amelia’s grandfather) tried to find it, but Amelia is confident that she and her friends can do it.

Trickster Twins : Twins Sam and Joe used to pull pranks on others when they were kids. This carried on to Sam’s adulthood, when he pretended to be Joe to trick Amelia into kissing him. True Craftsman : Sven describes himself as “a simple expert craft maker and woodsman”.

  • He lives in a cottage in the woods that he hand-built with Angus and once whittled his own canoe and won a golden axe trophy from a crafting contest.
  • He also uses his craftsmanship to help Amelia rebuild the café.
  • Twin Switch : While Joe is off at a baking retreat, his identical twin brother Sam pretends to be him to go on a date with Amelia.

He claims that he recently grew his facial hair and got ear piercings to throw her off, and Amelia was fooled because she didn’t know much about him since he went to a different high school from Joe’s and hadn’t lived in town for years. Twin Test : When Joe arrives to see his identical twin brother Sam impersonating him to date Amelia, Sam claims that he’s the real Joe while Sam was out at the baker’s retreat.

Amelia then quizzes them on where they have been for the past three days, and the real Joe proves himself by showing her the prize he won at the retreat. Uncatty Resemblance : Esme’s pet turtle Randy has the same color scheme as Esme. He also wears the same head decoration and pink glasses. Unpleasant Parent Reveal : While cleaning the kitchen, Amelia discovers that her mother, who went missing on the night of the arson and whom she believes is innocent of it, is the infamous thief known as The Purple Fox.

Amelia theorizes that while Freya is still innocent despite this, the culprit set her café on fire as revenge on her for robbing them. Used to Be a Sweet Kid : Edwina used to be a Nice Girl in her childhood, playing with Freya and Sven and giving them flowers and presents, respectively.

She was best friends with Freya growing up, but had a falling out as adults, which is why she’s antagonistic towards Freya’s daughter, Amelia. Vehicular Sabotage : The brakes to Esme’s van are cut, causing her to crash into the walls at the cafe. It was the anonymous caller, who read Eve’s article about the crash, who did it.

Verbal Tic : Mayor Mei tends to address people with “hun”, hun! Villain Respect : Sebastian, Corrupt Corporate Executive of Global Megacorp, praises Amelia for doing well in the business competition between her mother’s and his daughter’s cafés. He also offers to help Amelia because he cares about her mom, no matter his job title or if Edwina acts callous towards Amelia.

Despite Amelia refusing to believe her, Edwina makes it clear that she knew Freya in school, and she’s not as innocent as Amelia believes since she used to do anything to beat Edwina, even with dirty tactics. Amelia then starts questioning if Edwina was right after discovering that Freya was The Purple Fox. When Amelia confronts Sebastian for being the corrupt CEO of his company, he apologizes for hearing that and admits to her that he never hid his identity and has been always open with her.

Wide-Eyed Idealist : Amelia usually remains hopeful throughout her investigations, but she suspects that Sebastian sabotaged the brakes of Esme’s van. Her suspicions fly out of the window when he tells her that he’s her father, and she refuses to believe if he’s actually the culprit.

When Joe and Amelia are having a romantic moment, they get hearts in their eyes. Yuka gets heart-eyed in her Date Dash Event whenever you receive a reward from her. Joe’s brother Sam gets heart-eyed whenever he tries flirting with Amelia.

Working with the Ex : Despite his lingering feelings for Amelia, Joe finds it awkward to work with her because he already arranged for a date night with another woman beforehand. This causes tension for Amelia, who likewise has feelings for him, but she reluctantly helps him prepare for the date, anyway. Joe then falls in love with Amelia for real and breaks up with the other woman to be with her. Wrong Genre Savvy : As she investigates the fire and interrogates the suspects, Amelia thinks that she’s acting out her favorite episodes of The Mysteries of Miguel because she recognizes the plot beats, but sometimes, the endings don’t turn out to be just like them. You Are Better Than You Think You Are : Yuka feels insecure of herself after finding out that Eve is already planning to propose to her partner and tells herself that she’s “nosey, secretive, and should never have fallen for her “. Amelia cheers her up by telling her that she’s “spontaneous, inquisitive, and fun to be with”, and that she and Kate love her as a friend. This helps Yuka move on from her crush the next day.

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Is Leo Amelia’s baby

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Familial – Leo’s birth father is a drug dealer. His birth mother became addicted to drugs after receiving opioids for an ACL repair. She ran away from her parents, who did not know about her pregnancy. Leo was fostered by Owen Hunt until the birth mother’s parents found out about Leo’s existence.

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Who is Amelia’s girlfriend in season 18

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Caterina Scorsone Feels ‘Privileged’ to Be Part of Amelia and Kai’s Love Story on ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ Teases Characters’ Future MediaPunch/Shutterstock She’s a fan! revealed what it’s like playing Dr. Amelia Shepard on — and why she’s team Kaimelia. “Pick me, choose me, love me.” Grey’s Anatomy has made an art form out of bringing fictional couples together and tearing them apart.

In real life, the cast’s romantic ventures are not always so dramatic. Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey’s Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd are the most beloved duo in the ABC drama’s history. Since the show began in “I think one of the things that I’m so excited about with is that we do touch on issues that that need to be unpacked for people who maybe don’t have tons of access to information or all sides of the story,” Scorsone, 41, told Us Weekly on Sunday, April 2, at 2023 PaleyFest in Los Angeles.

“One of the stories that I feel very passionately about, obviously, is right now the country is so polarized, and,” The noted that last season, the ABC drama introduced viewers to the first non-binary doctor with Dr. Kai Bartley, played by, Grey’s Anatomy gang! Caterina Scorsone and more cast members of the ABC show have been raising families off camera.

The actress became a mom in 2012 when her daughter Eliza was born, followed by Pippa and Lucinda in 2016 and 2019, respectively. While quarantining at home with her and then-husband Rob Giles‘ little ones amid “We got to present to the world, like, the full humanity and depth of someone in that community,” Scorsone said of the addition of the complex character.

“I feel so privileged to be a part of that story line.” The alum, however, confessed: “We haven’t gotten a lot of Amelia and Kai this season together on screen.” Fans first met Kai in 2021. At that time, Kai struck up a romance with Amelia and the duo were dubbed “Kaimelia” by supporters.

  • At the end of the season, Kai relocated to Minnesota, which resulted in the pair trying to do long distance.
  • Throughout season 19, which premiered in fall 2022, viewers have barely gotten to see the couple together.
  • Ai did make a brief cameo on episode 9, which aired in March, via a FaceTime call with Amelia where the twosome planned to reconnect in person soon.

“I think one of the things that thrills me is that that ship, like, exploded when it came on screen. People kind of saw chemistry there from the beginning and became huge champions of that relationship,” Scorsone told Us and other reporters on Sunday.

  • And so we haven’t seen tons of it this year, but every time we’ve seen it, there’s been a lot of excitement about it.
  • And so that makes us feel really good.” While the didn’t give an update as to when fans will get more Kai and Amelia, there will be plenty of time for romance since,
  • Last month, the ABC series was renewed for season 20.

Love is love! Shows like Schitt’s Creek, Modern Family and The Fosters have put LGBTQ romances front and center — and made audiences swoon over their characters’ love stories. In the beloved Pop TV series Schitt’s Creek, writer and producer Dan Levy illustrated the complexities of coming out and finding love in a small town.

As long as the audience is there, we have story.,” Scorsone explained at the TV festival. “I think the audience has deep relationships with each of the characters. So just like a friend or a family member, you’re not, like, ‘Oh, it’s been five seasons, I think we’re done.’ Like, you really wanna see these people move through life.

So that could be, you know, 80, 90, 100 years. We’ll see!” When it comes to OG star ‘s season 19 finale cameo, Scorsone didn’t want to give too much away. (Pompeo’s Meredith Grey said — but the 53-year-old actress has remained the voiceover star all season.) “I actually haven’t read the final installment of the finale.

  • I’ve read the first part, I haven’t read the second part, but I know Ellen’s gonna be back for it and Ellen is still very much involved,” the November Man actress explained on Sunday.
  • She’s an executive producer and she’s still doing our voiceovers and so she could come back at any time.
  • I haven’t read the finale, but I’m hopeful that we will see more of Ellen Pompeo.” You have successfully subscribed.

Grey’s Anatomy airs on ABC Thursdays 9 p.m. ET. With reporting by Kat Pettibone : Caterina Scorsone Feels ‘Privileged’ to Be Part of Amelia and Kai’s Love Story on ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ Teases Characters’ Future

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Who does Amelia marry in season 12

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‘Family Affair’ features the wedding of Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) and Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd). Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) support Amelia on her wedding day.

Do Richard and Catherine divorce?

Thursday night’s “The Last Supper” drives home just how endangered love stories are in Grey’s Anatomy circa 2020. The episode tracks the unsalvageable disintegration of Catherine Fox (Debbie Allen) and Richard Weber’s (James Pickens Jr.) marriage. During last week’s “A Hard Pill to Swallow,” Richard tells his estranged-at-the-time wife that their broken relationship “isn’t going to work” if she doesn’t trust him.

  • Catherine shoots back, “Who said this is working?” So, “Supper” reveals that the Fox-Webers have decided to officially separate.
  • They host the episode’s titular supper to inform their respective children — now-exes/mortal enemies Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) and Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary), previously one of the most promising Grey’s pairings — of the upsetting news.

Advertisement ADVERTISEMENT The resulting “dinner party” becomes all-out war. The fissures in both relationships are impossible to ignore. Richard is emotionally mortally wounded by the fact that Catherine, the woman who owns Grey Sloan hospital, did not lift a finger to support her husband after season 15’s health insurance fraud disaster,

  1. Catherine is convinced Richard is cheating on her with his colleague and friend Gemma (Jasmine Guy),
  2. Richard is not having an affair, and Catherine’s anxiety likely stems from her insecurity over her icy marriage.
  3. Maggie is hurt by how quickly Jackson moved on from their very important relationship by dating Victoria “Vic” Hughes (Barrett Doss) — along with countless other careless actions from Jackson.

Jackson thinks Maggie is unnecessarily critical and mean. ” and Maggie are arguing. Can’t stand each other. They’ve been trying to be civil for our sake, which is a total joke, but you haven’t been around enough to notice, have you?” Catherine says toward the end of “Supper” summarizing most of the hostility at the dinner table.

Catherine’s words kick off an argument, as they were meant to. By the end of the verbal battle, Catherine publicly accuses Richard of having a girlfriend and abruptly announces the Fox-Weber separation. It’s a breakup that is all the more painful since it could have been avoided. At the midpoint of “Supper,” Catherine comes to Richard after an emotional story about their season 11 engagement stirs a little bit of true romance in her heart.

Richard is open to reconciling if his wife can apologize for leaving him out in the cold after the fraud fiasco. Catherine refuses, saying, “I’m sorry, but,” That “but” is too much for Richard to bear, since he knows any apology with a defense isn’t a true apology.

  1. They are done.
  2. By the end of the episode, Catherine is leaving the Fox-Weber home and plotting to buy Richard’s new medical home, PacNorth, just to spite him.
  3. Their children are also still bitter enemies.
  4. Advertisement ADVERTISEMENT Richard, Catherine, Maggie, and Jackson aren’t alone in the chaos of a Grey’s Anatomy relationship.

Just last week, the Shondaland drama put unnecessary kinks in the naturally dramatic coupling of Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) and Atticus “Link” Lincoln (Chris Carmack), The expecting pair’s problems are the kind that threaten full collapse if Amelia is actually carrying the child of her ex, Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd).

  • Owen’s engagement to on-again, off-again love interest Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) appears consistently shaky, particularly in the shadow of Amelia’s pregnancy — and the fact that Teddy lost her engagement ring days after getting it.
  • Amelia’s sister-in-law, Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) was blindsided earlier this season when her younger boyfriend Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) essentially broke up with her.

Even the strongest marriage on Grey’s Anatomy is doomed. Jo Karev (Camilla Luddington) may believe she’s in a flourishing relationship, but the man who plays her husband — Justin Chambers, aka Alex Karev — has already left the series. The Karevs are in the middle of a marital crisis and they don’t even know it yet.

There are just two strong couples still populating Grey’s Anatomy — and when it comes to Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and Ben Warren (Jason George), the latter isn’t even regularly on the show. At least, as “Last Supper” reminds us, Levi Schmitt (Jake Borelli) and Nico Kim (Alex Landi) are better than ever.

For that, we can be thankful.

What happened to Amelia’s baby with Link?

Private Practice storyline – As explained by Amelia in “In the Name of Love”, she and her brother Derek watched her father get shot dead at his store when she was merely five years old. Amelia comes to the show as part of a team of neurosurgeons visiting Los Angeles to do a consult in the season three episode “Eyes Wide Open”.

She joined the team despite knowing she would encounter her former sister-in-law, Addison Montgomery. However, Amelia is soon fired from the team after offering the patient’s family hope in the form of experimental surgery, but the patient’s husband requests Amelia to perform it despite the risks. Her boss, Dr.

Geraldine Ginsberg, does not believe that the surgery will work and neither does Derek Shepherd, Amelia’s older brother. Amelia later asks Naomi Bennett for a place at Oceanside as the primary neurosurgeon. In the season three finale, Amelia performs surgery on Maya, Sam, and Naomi’s pregnant daughter.

As soon as Amelia finishes surgery on Maya, she rushes to perform surgery to repair brain bleeds in Dell, another employee of the hospital. However, Dell dies on the table, and Amelia takes it very hard. A friend from college comes to visit, whose mother died from Huntington’s disease. Amelia pushes her friend to find out if she also has the gene.

When her friend’s results come back positive for Huntington’s gene, she asks Amelia to help her kill herself in assisted suicide, because she did not want to die the way her mother did. Amelia refuses which leads to her old friend taking matters into her own hands and completing suicide.

  • Amelia then ends up relapsing on drugs along with a man named Ryan whom she had met one night while grieving.
  • They fall in love with each other and Ryan proposes to her, she accepts and in return gifts Ryan her father’s watch, which has much significance because her father lost his life while being robbed because he refused to give up the watch (it was present from Amelia’s mother to him and signified their love).

Addison then stages an intervention with her coworkers for Amelia. Amelia and Ryan start discussing their future, and children which lead to them deciding to stop doing drugs but not without one last final high. Unfortunately, Ryan overdoses and dies. Amelia wakes up next to her dead fiancé and later learns she is pregnant with his child.

How many weeks pregnant was Amelia when she gave birth in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale spoilers follow. Amelia Spencer and Samson Dingle have clashed over her pregnancy in Emmerdale, The teens are now at odds because their families have found out that Amelia is 25 weeks pregnant with their first child. Samson was still complaining about why this had happened to him in Friday’s (August 26) episode, but Lydia once again reminded him Amelia was also going through all of this turmoil. ITV Related: Emmerdale ‘s Amelia Spencer makes exit plan in new scenes Over at the Spencer house, Amelia assured Kerry that her encounter with Samson was consensual and that she will not have a termination. “I’ve got no choice now, anyway,” Amelia admitted, acknowledging that she was too far along in her pregnancy.

  1. Samson dropped in to speak with Amelia about their situation, but the conversation turned into a row as he continued trying to convince her to have an abortion.
  2. Do the maths, Samson.
  3. I’m 25 weeks and the cutoff is 24,” she explained.
  4. Amelia added that she wouldn’t have a termination if she could, with Samson upsetting her again by accusing Amelia of trying to ruin his life.

In the village, Dan and Sam tried to discuss the practicalities of how everything would work until the argument between the kids carried out into the street. ITV “It’s not going away, Samson, just because you wish it would,” Amelia stressed. Samson kept callously yelling at Amelia to “just get it adopted”, but Dan heard enough and went after Samson when he insulted Amelia’s late mum. Sam angrily pulled Dan away and threatened to fight him, as Amelia begged for everyone to stop this chaos.

Why did Amelia call her baby Esther in Emmerdale?

AFTER fearing the worst for her baby as she faced a deadly storm, Amelia Spencer gave birth to a premature daughter. But the teen mum left Emmerdale fans scratching their heads as she revealed the new-born’s name during last night’s episode. 5 Amelia Spencer gave birth to a daughter prematurely Credit: ITV 5 She revealed her baby’s name last night Credit: ITV 5 But while Dan approved of the name, fans were baffled Credit: ITV The youngster played by Daisy Campbell gave fans a fright in recent scenes of the Yorkshire-based soap when she was left alone in the countryside as a storm ripped through the Dales,

  • She was eventually found by Lydia Dingle and taken to hospital, where she gave birth prematurely.
  • On Monday, Amelia went to visit her little girl before being joined by Noah Dingle (portrayed by Jack Downham ) who has been offering her support throughout her pregnancy.
  • At this point, Amelia kept her baby’s name a secret and only revealed it when her father Dan Spencer ( Liam Fox ) paid her a visit.

Amelia announced she had decided to name her daughter Esther as a nod to her strength as a premature baby. But while Dan approved of the name, Emmerdale viewers were baffled as they expected Amelia to pay tribute to close family friend Harriet Finch. “Totally expected her to call her after either her Mum Ali/StepMom Ruby or even Harriet”, one of them wrote on Twitter.

Another echoed: “Can’t believe Amelia called her baby Esther and not Harriet” while a third fan jumped in: “Was expecting the baby to be named Harriet.” One surprised viewer penned: “Esther?? Not Harriet or Ali??? What?” However, one of them was relieved, writing: “Phew I thought she was going to call the baby Harriet.” Emmerdale’s anniversary week included the deaths of several fan favourite characters in the likes of Harriet Finch, Liv Flaherty and Faith Dingle.

The vicar-turned-policewoman was killed off amid a quad bike accident as she was looking for Amelia in the wilderness. Liv Flaherty, on the other hand, died in her husband’s arms after being crushed by a caravan.

Who is the mother of Amelia Spencer in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale fans question Amelia and Archie’s forgotten DNA link ahead of ‘exit’ Emmerdale viewers were confused to see two characters barely interacting on the ITV soap despite their close family link, ahead of one of them fleeing the village Emmerdale: Fans slam ‘evil’ Samson Esther bombshell ‘blunder’ viewers were stunned this week as Victoria Sugden and Sarah Sugden finally acknowledg they were ‘related’, after years of not seeming to even talk to each other.

  • It’s been a long-running discussion amongst viewers as to why the pair never interact with each other, despite Sarah being Victoria’s niece.
  • Sarah’s dad is Victoria’s adopted brother Andy Sugden.
  • But Sarah and Victoria aren’t the only pair to forget each other exists, as there’s other characters on the soap who share a close DNA link but are never seen together.

Even during difficult times when one character could do with some support, their ‘secret’ family member is nowhere to be seen. This can be said for Amelia Spencer and Archie Breckle who are rarely, if ever, seen on screen together. To be fair to Archie he is only 11 years old, so he might not have been much support to Amelia during her family losses and her recent teenage as he was so young when a lot of this happened.

  1. Emmerdale viewers were confused to see two characters barely interacting ( ITV) But Archie recently lost his grandfather Rishi Sharma, while Amelia has been dealing with her dad’s possible prison sentence.
  2. Fans of the show have questioned if the pair have forgotten they are related.
  3. Archie’s late mother Rachel Breckle sadly died offscreen in 2019.

Rachel was the sister of Amelia’s late mother Ali Spencer who died a year before her in a car crash, again off screen. Amelia was devastated by her mother’s death, and also by the loss of her aunt Rachel the following year. Amelia is the first cousin of Rachel’s son Archie, but the pair don’t seem to acknowledge this.

Rachel and Amelia were close when they were in the village together, so some viewers can’t understand why Amelia wouldn’t be in Archie’s life. Taking to social media to discuss the link, one viewer posted: “Amelia and Archie are cousins I think which,” Archie (bottom right) is the cousin of Amelia ( ITV) Another fan said: “I’ve watched Emmerdale for many years, but I think old age is catching up with me because it’s only just struck me that Jai’s son Archie is Amelia’s first cousin,” while a third said: “Archie is Amelia’s first cousin but she doesn’t seem to have anything to do with him anymore.” A fourth viewer wrote: “So if Archie was Allies sisters child (her nephew) that would make Archie and Amelia cousins.

I dont remember that relationship being acknowledged.” Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7:30pm on ITV1 and ITVX, with an hour-long episode on Thursdays. You can find this story in Or by navigating to the user icon in the top right. : Emmerdale fans question Amelia and Archie’s forgotten DNA link ahead of ‘exit’