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How was Ginny the heir of Slytherin

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Who is the Heir of Slytherin in Chamber of Secrets? – Warner Bros Pictures As revealed in the closing moments of “Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets,” the Heir of Slytherin who returned to Hogwarts and unleashed the Basilisk was none other than Tom Marvolo Riddle (Christian Coulson), known in later life as Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes).

While attending the school in 1942, Riddle released the Basilisk and used it to kill a Muggle-born girl named Myrtle (Shirley Henderson) and later framed Rubeus Hagrid (Robbie Coltrane) for the incident, resulting in Hagrid’s expulsion. Like his ancestor Salazar Slytherin, Riddle took measures to ensure that the Chamber of Secrets would be opened again many years after he had left Hogwarts.

He did so by sealing a memory of his 16-year-old self in an enchanted diary, which had the ability to possess and manipulate those who used it. This younger part of Riddle’s soul possesses Ginny Weasley (Bonnie Wright) during “Chamber of Secrets,” and through her body, he is able to unlock the Chamber and control the Basilisk.

Is Hermione the heir of Slytherin?

Hermione had just finished the war and found out that her muggle parents weren’t her real ones. Her real parents were Daneel and Dean Novak, Pureblooded wizards. Turns out Daneel was Tom Riddles younger sister, Daneel Riddle. Of course, the Riddles were related to Salzar Slytherin himself, and this made Hermione the living heir of Slytherin.

  1. The problem with being a female Slytherin heir, is that they’re cursed.
  2. Once they reach a few months before the age of eighteen, they body starts to convulse, and change into what their mother looks like.
  3. Another issue is that they must find a mate before their eighteen, or they’ll die.
  4. Hermione keeps this secret between McGonagall and herself.

But then to make matters worse, she starts to grow feelings for Draco Malfoy, her enemy since her first year. What will happen when he is found out to be her mate? Will she die? Or will she survive? All Rights Reserved

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Who is Gryffindor’s heir

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I am taking “related” in the widest sense of the word, which means I will take – the obvious ones where Harry is clearly the Heir of Gryffindor (or another Founder) – fics where it is mentioned that Harry is related to one of the Founders even though he is not the Heir, – fics where Harry himself is one of the Founders, either through timetravel or reincarnation, – fics where the relationship is due to a blood-bond, marriage or adoption, – fics where Harry is not blood-related to any of the Founders but is their magical Heir.

– The only kind of relationship I do NOT take is if it’s purely sexual (without marriage). – No badly written stories, WIPs with less than five chapters written or short abandoned WIPs. (I am willing to take abandoned stories for this list, provided they are lengthy.) 1) Harry is related to Godric Gryffindor 2) Harry is related to Salazar Slytherin, Rowena Ravenclaw or Helga Hufflepuff 3) Harry is related to more than one Founder 4) Harry is one of the Founders, by timetravel or reincarnation When you rec stories for this list, please don’t leave just a link.

To put them up in this list I particularly need a summary and what Harry’s relationship to the Founders is. Status (WIP, Complete, Hiatus, Abandoned or One-shot), pairings (if there are any) and Rating would help as well!!! Thanks. 🙂 And thank you everyone who contributed to this list.

## I absolutely love this fic. It’s really outstanding and original. # Great fic, definitely worth a read. NR I haven’t read the fic new Fic has been added recently.1) Harry is related to Godric Gryffindor The Ancestor’s Call by Naia. NR With Voldemort rising, Harry is busy trying to stay alive. But what would happen if the hope of the wizarding world disappeared? Where is he gone to? New powers, friendships, discoveries.

Harry is in for an interesting year! Abandoned. PG-13. Harry is called back in time to train with various ancestors, after going through two of them, he gets to the Founders time and finds out that Gryffindor is one of his ancestors. At the Heart of the Matter by haymak.

  • Harry/Multi.
  • After the events of the DOM, Harry starts to slowly reevaluate his life and with truths revealed and a new perspective, he gets at the heart of the matter and sets of on his own path to becoming the man he was destined to become.
  • Darker/Independent/Political!Harry.
  • Manipulative Dumbledore.

NC-17. Complete. Harry is Gryffindor’s Heir, Neville is Ravenclaw’s. The Awakening of a Magus by the-dreamer4. ## Post-GoF. Mostly gen. Harry’s powers suddenly awaken. PG-13. WIP. Harry is Heir of Gryffindor (as are several others in the fic), Neville is Heir of Hufflepuff, Hermione Heir of Ravenclaw, Draco and Snape are Heirs of Slytherin.

  • The Father by black-phoenix-warrior.
  • NR Harry/Hermione, Lily/Godric.
  • Harry learns the truth about his heritage and not in the way he imagined.
  • Lily has timetravelled and Godric is Harry’s father.) R. WIP.
  • Harry Potter and Dumbledore’s Army by Cat Calls.
  • In his 6th year, Harry has to come to grips with his lot in life.

He’s awoken during the summer by horrific visions, forcing him to realize that he must train himself not just physically but mentally as well. Complete. PG. WIP sequel: Harry Potter and the Founder’s Sword, Harry and the Weasleys are descendents of Gryffindor, Dumbledore a descendent of Ravenclaw and after Dumbledore’s death both Hermione and Luna get “adopted” as descendents to Ravenclaw.

Harry Potter and the Manipulator of Destiny by Wheezy1. # Harry/Hermione, Neville/Luna. Post OotP. Harry finds that Dumbledore has been less than honest or helpful with him, takes control of his own life and finds the training he needs from others. Complete. PG-13. Harry is the magical Heir of Gryffindor (and he’s also a descendent of Godric), Neville of Hufflepuff, Hermione of Slytherin and Luna of Ravenclaw.

(It was due to Dumbledore’s manipulations that Neville and Hermione hadn’t been put into the correct House.) Harry Potter and the Secret Sanctuary by Farfumsane. ## Harry/Susan, Harry/SallyAnn Perks, Harry/OFC, and (eventually) Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione.

  1. Harry and Co’s 6th year is filled with new powers, places, experiences and faces.
  2. HighPower!Harry. WIP. PG-13.
  3. Harry is the Heir of Gryffindor.
  4. Harry Potter and the Sword of the Hero by joe6991.
  5. NR A thousand-year-old oath stands to be fulfilled.
  6. The war between Good and Evil has been raging on for a millennium.

It has a chance to end, but has the hero of the side of good lost the will to live? Harry Potter returns to the Dursleys care for the summer, but he finds the loss of Sirius hard to bear. He blames himself for his death. Voldemort doesn?t let him rest though, and soon Harry is flung back into his world.

  • The war escalates, and more people die or join Voldemort.
  • The fear of the Dark Lord reaches beyond the wizarding world and into the Muggle one.
  • Both worlds will collide, as Harry will have to make the ultimate choice between what is right and what is easy.
  • For in this war, some things are more important than life or death? R.

Complete. Sequels Harry Potter and the Defiance of the Hero and Harry Potter and the Soul of the Hero, Godric Gryffindor once swore an oath that his descendants always would fight the descendants of Salazar Slytherin. Harry is the Heir of Gryffindor. Harry Potter and the Year of Discovery by dbzdragonlanceman.

  1. Harry/Ginny.
  2. Sixth year. PG-13. Complete.
  3. Sequel Harry Potter and the Spirit of Time,
  4. Harry is the Heir of Gryffindor.
  5. Harry Potter, Heir of Gryffindor by Brent Braten.
  6. Harry/Ginny.
  7. Harry’s sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Complete. PG.
  8. Author is considering a sequel but won’t write it before book 7 is out as he wants to use parts of it, staying as close as possible to canon while integrating his own ideas.) Living With Danger by whydoyouneedtoknow.
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## Sirius/OFC, Remus/OFC, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Luna/Draco, Neville/OFC, Charlie/Tonks. AU. A few months after Voldemort’s first fall Remus (with the help of two OFCs) finds out where Harry lives and how the Dursleys treat him. They also find out that Pettigrew was the traitor and that Sirius is innocent.

They steal Harry and break Sirius out of Azkaban. Basically Harry, Draco and Hermione grow up together with Remus, Sirius and the wives of the two Marauders. PG-13. Complete. Sequels Living without Danger and Dealing with Danger (WIP). There are also a couple of One-shots, Alternate Endings and Crossovers,

Harry is the Heir of Gryffindor (though his powers have been bound by his father when he was a baby), Neville is the Heir of Hufflepuff, Meghan (OFC, daughter of Sirius) is the Heir of Ravenclaw. The Refiner’s Fire by Abraxan. # Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Remus/Tonks.

Sixth year. After a rare magical illness Harry becomes outstandingly powerful. He has to deal both with teenage-problems and more importantly with many plots by Voldemort and his Deatheaters to kill him.R. Complete. Sequel The Time of Destiny, ficlets taking place during the epilogue On Second Thoughts and A Fox’s Tale, one-shot sequel A Very Harry Christmas,

Harry is the Heir of Gryffindor, as is his great-grandfather Albus Dumbledore. Scion of Gryffindor by Crys. ## Harry/Tonks. On his sixteenth birthday Harry gets a surprising visitor: the ghost of his ancestor Godric Gryffindor. Harry doesn’t quite trust Dumbledore anymore due to everything that happened in OotP. capn_blackrose, NR Harry’s relatives have finally gone to all known levels of abuse. In the middle of the night, during an act of violence, a rescuer appears.R. Complete. (Mentions of rape and suicide.) Godric Gryffindor is Harry’s father.2) Harry is related to either Salazar Slytherin, Rowena Ravenclaw or Helga Hufflepuff Heir of Slytherin by rayama.

NR Voldemort needs to find a worthy Heir in order to assume the title of Lord Slytherin. Fortunately, he planned ahead, and his grandson Harry Potter is the perfect candidate. Sort of Severitus. Rating is for Sirius’ pottymouth. No pairings. WIP (most likely abandoned).R. Return of Ravenclaw by kiwithefruit.

NR Post HBP. Harry learns of his linage, another connection to voldemort, and another reason to hate Dumbledore. Some new powers but not super Harry; independent Harry, darkish but not evil Harry. WIP. PG. Harry is a descendent of Ravenclaw. (Author seemingly hasn’t grasped the existence of a fullstop.

  • His regular writing style certainly doesn’t include them.) Slytherin’s Gift by Angie Astravic.
  • Harry meets Salazar, Draco meets Godric, irony ensues. One-shot. PG. Humor.
  • Harry is Slytherin’s descendant, Draco Gryffindor’s.
  • You Broke Him, You Fix Him by teacherbev.
  • NR After a brutal Occlumency lesson has disasterous consequences, Dumbledore insists that Snape fix Harry and take his place at the Dursleys.R.

WIP. Harry is the Heir of Ravenclaw.3) Harry is related to more than one Founder Amulet of Time 1: The Age of the Founders by Luna the Moonmonster. # Harry/OFC, in later parts Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione. Post GoF. After Harry gets a strange birthday gift he and his friends end up in the time of the Hogwarts Founders.

  1. Complete. PG-13.
  2. Sequels Amulet of Time 2: Two Worlds, Two Wars, Amulet of Time 3: The Wolf and the Pelican, Interlude: Draco’s Two Months in Muggleland and Amulet of Time 4: There and Back Again,
  3. Concludes first story-arc.
  4. Amulet of Time 5: Sirius and the Sphinx Abandoned WIP.
  5. Harry is the descendant of both Gryffindor and Ravenclaw.

Crumbling Pedestal by Shivani grazhir, Or here # Harry/Snape. When Voldemort tries to force Harry to duel in the graveyard at the conclusion of the Tri-Wizard Tournament, things take an entirely different direction as Fate steps in to meddle: Harry travels to the times of the Founders where he spends twenty something years, Salazar bonds with him as his brother, after which he returns with super powers and a changed name (Heru Slytherin).

Complete. PG. Harry is blood-bonded to Salazar Slytherin and becomes his brother. He is also a descendant of Godric Gryffindor. A Dream Come True. Or Not by Smorefan. NR Dumbledore reveals another secret that he has been keeping. Will Harry be able to accept it? Will Snape? And what is up with Harry’s powers? Severitus Challenge so obviously AU.

OoTP spoilers, HBP does not exist. also abused and powerful Harry.R. WIP. Harry is related to all four Founders. Forlorn Hope by Elssha. # Severitus. Harry/Hermione. Post-GoF. ‘I was lied to about James Potter, a liar, a cheater, a thief. I was lied to about Lily Potter, her family, her past.

  • Worst of all, I was lied to about Harry Potter, for no such boy existed’.
  • Horris Complete. PG-13.
  • WIP-Sequel Forlorn Prophecy,
  • Harry is related to all four Founders’ lines.
  • The Founders’ Heir by Renatus.
  • After OotP Harry gets attacked by Voldemort at Privet Drive and vanishes, only to reappear several months later.

He has spent those months in the time of the Founders, learning new magics and has been given a special duty, to deal with Voldemort. WIP. PG. Harry is pulled back in time to the time of the Founders and trained for a task by them. He is also blood-related to at least one but not the Heir of any single one.

  • Everyone who is pulled back to the time of the Founders, getting trained for a task is called a Heir.
  • Other Heirs are Albus and Aberforth Dumbledore and Tom Riddle before he became Voldemort.) Ghost of a Memory by Phoenix Boy.
  • Or here ## Harry/Severus.
  • Harry has died several years ago after his defeat of Voldemort.

Now James Evans applies for the post of DADA-teacher. (Second link leads to a more recent version where the author is currently working on reediting and correcting the story but it isn’t complete yet.) R. Complete. Harry is descended from both Salazar Slytherin (through his mother) and Godric Gryffindor (through his father).

Harry Potter and the Guardians of Power by teacherbev. # Starts mid-year during OotP. (Rest of OotP and HBP doesn’t happen.) Harry gets kidnapped by Voldemort and thinking “Merlin, save me” with all his power and magic behind it, manages to transport himself and Severus back in time to Merlin and the Founders.

Severus as mentor to Harry. Complete. PG-13. Harry is the descendant of all four Founders and Merlin. Harry Potter and the Heir of the Four Founders by Mione5. NRC It’s Harry’s fifth year and things aren’t going well at the Dursley’s or Hogwarts. New powers, a prophecy and Snape! Complete.

PG. Sequel Harry Potter and the Curse of Count Krutormvik, He’s the Heir of all Four Founders and therefore outstandingly powerful. Harry Potter and the Prisoners of the Dark Lord by La Luna Negra. NR Subtle Harry/Hermione. Post-OotP. Harry gains new powers, but which should be controlled, new mentors who are not easy going and a DADA professor who hates Harry’s guts, and a death to get over.

PG-13. Complete. WIP-Sequel Harry Potter and the White Magic, Harry is the Heir of the four Founders and Merlin. The Hogwarts Apprentices I: Gentry Green by lisa roquin. ## Snape/Lupin, Harry/Seamus. Harry and six other students are invited to apprenticeship studies.

Harry ends up learning a lot about his ancestry, most notably his mother’s heritage who wasn’t a Muggleborn. NC-17. WIP. Harry is the Heir of Slytherin (through his mother’s side) and also related to Gryffindor (through his father’s side) though the current Heir of Gryffindor is Neville. Honour Bound by Draeconin.

NR Harry/Draco. Lucius owes a life debt. Draco pays. NC-17. Complete. Harry is the son of Salazar Slytherin and Godric Gryffindor. If All Hope Were Lost by animalcrazy10102. NR Harry/Ginny.3 months after Harry and Voldemort vanish, everyone thinks they are both dead, but Ginny refuses to give up hope that he’ll return. kinsfire, Harry/Hermione/Tonks/statue of Lily/possibly Ginny. Somewhat manipulative Dumbledore. Post-OotP. Abandoned. NC-17. (Need to be registered and logged in to read.) Harry is the Heir of Ravenclaw (through his mother’s side) and chosen Heir of Slytherin (chosen by Slytherin’s vault which rejects Voldemort).

  1. Overdosed on Love by Missi_Young.
  2. NR Harry/Draco/Severus/Remus.
  3. Three magical creatures wish to claim Harry as his mate.
  4. How will he cope? NC-17. WIP.
  5. Harry is the Heir of all four Founders.
  6. Parallels by Bobmin.
  7. Harry/Hermione.
  8. Harry has won the war and lost everything he held near and dear.
  9. In desperation he gambles everything on a dimensional jump.
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Can Harry find what he needs to heal and be happy again? Some changes are minor, others are profound. Massively AU, Not HBP Compliant.R. Complete. Harry is the Heir to all four Founders – though it’s not an important part of the fic. Red Bolt of Lightning by A.S.

  1. Leif. # Harry/OFC.
  2. Post-OotP.
  3. Harry has enough of Dumbledore’s keeping secrets and runs away, hiding in the Mansion he inherited from Sirius. Complete. PG-13.
  4. Sequels Power the Dark Lord Knows Not, Challenging the Darkness and First Light Comes After the Darkest Night,
  5. Harry isn’t related to the Founders by blood but he is their prophecied Heir.

Reign of Power by Fayr Warning. NR Post-OotP 7th Year. No one is entirely innocent. The lines between Dark and Light have faded into Grey and Harry must learn to fight for himself.7th year and the war is breaking. Lords, Heirs, Vampires,werewolves, magic and more.

  • PG-13. Complete.
  • Harry is descended of Gryffindor, Slytherin and Ravenclaw.
  • The Sleeping Dragon Wakes by AncientzDream.
  • Lily and James went to greater lengths to protect their son than even Dumbledore knew and, as Harry grows into his inheritance, the Wizarding world will find out just how deep one old man’s betrayal can run.

Will contain het/slash in later chapters. Dark/Independent/Powerful!Harry. WIP. NC-17. Harry is descended from both Slytherin and Gryffindor.4) Harry is one of the Founders, by timetravel or reincarnation H is for Helga by draegyn ## Harry/Salazar, Harry/Snape. Professor Potter’s first history lesson: the books are wrong and Hermione is going to be remembered as the dumbest best friend in history. PG-13. One-shot. Sequel S is for Slytherin, Harry is Helga Hufflepuff. How to Tell the Truth from Lies by Lady Azar de Tameran.

  • NR Very few HBP spoilers.
  • History books say that Salazar Slytherin was an evil wizard, but was he? One thousand years after his death, Salazar returns to save the Wizarding World. Complete. PG.
  • Harry is a reincarnation of Salazar Slytherin.
  • Me Again by I never stole a cookie in my life.
  • NR They tried to convince Godric that you are not a good person.

Fools.he already knew. WIP. PG. Harry as reincarnation of Salazar. The Other Side of the Mirror by darkcyan. NR On his fifteenth birthday, Harry Potter begins to dream of someone disturbingly familiar. As the weeks pass, the dreams continue. What will happen when he returns to Hogwarts? And are these changes he’s experiencing just puberty.

  • Or something more? Salazar Slytherin and his best friend reincarnate in Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy.
  • The fic answers Severitus’ challenge. WIP. PG.
  • Harry as reincarnation of Salazar.
  • Too Clever by Far by Ganama.
  • NR Harry finds out that he was Salazar Slytherin in a past life.
  • He learns to live with the knowledge while teetering between unfailing loyalty and the urge to tinker with fate.R.

WIP. Harry as reincarnation of Salazar. This list is closely related to lothy ‘s lists Fics where Harry is royalty or nobility, Fics where Harry owns or controls Hogwarts or its wards as well as painless_j ‘s list Hogwarts Founders, My other lists,

Is Harry Potter a true Slytherin?

Harry Potter – Harry Potter came very close to being sorted into Slytherin before he persuaded the Hat to sort him into Gryffindor. Yet the spectre of Slytherin haunted him for some time afterwards, becoming particularly potent in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, when he was rumoured to be the heir of Slytherin.

  • Speaking to a snake in front of his fellow students certainly didn’t help.
  • But was Harry ever really that close to Slytherin, or did the Sorting Hat merely sense a spark of Lord Voldemort inside him? After all, years later, Harry would discover that the reason he had so many links to Voldemort, such as being a Parselmouth, was due to his being an unintentional Horcrux.

There was also the fact that Harry could access the Sword of Gryffindor, which – according to Albus Dumbledore – only a ‘true Gryffindor’ could wield. But Harry did share some Slytherin traits: he was ambitious and cunning, always sneaking around after hours and cooking up plans with Ron and Hermione.

Who is the heir of Hufflepuff?

Heir of Hufflepuff (Ajrand) in:,

This article was written by, Please do not make any changes to this article without the consent of the author.

Cedric Diggory, the Heir of Hufflepuff The Heir of Hufflepuff was a person foretold by the Seer to bring great glory and honor to the House of Hufflepuff, considered boring and lackluster by most. The Heir of Hufflepuff was none other than Cedric Diggory, who was well on his way to fulfilling the prophecy of the Heir of Hufflepuff when he was tragically murdered by Peter Pettigrew.

Is Ginny Weasley a Slytherin?

Canon Divergence – In Harry Potter canon, Ginny is Sorted into Gryffindor, while Prince of Slytherin’s Ginny is Sorted into Slytherin. At the beginning of her first year, POS-Ginny is gifted a non-cursed journal by Harry, negating her desire to write in Tom Riddle’s diary.

Who is heir of Ravenclaw?

Who were the heirs of each of the four founders of Hogwarts? Ravenclaw heir is the Grey Lady; aka Helena Ravenclaw. We do not know if she has any other children or if Helena had any children. So we don’t know if there are any Ravenclaw heirs alive at the time of Harry’s hogwarts days.

Is Ginny a true Gryffindor?

Character development – Ginny is a pureblood witch born 11 August 1981, the seventh child and only daughter of Arthur and Molly Weasley. She attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and is sorted into Gryffindor house, along with the rest of her family.J.K.

Rowling says: The backstory with Ginny was, she was the first girl to arrive in the Weasley family in generations, but there’s that old tradition of the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter and a seventh son of a seventh son, so that’s why she’s the seventh, because she is a gifted witch. I think you get hints of that, because she does some pretty impressive stuff here and there.

Over the course of the series, Ginny becomes a strong witch who shows herself to be independent and capable, fighting alongside Harry on more than one occasion as he battles against the Dark Arts. In a joint interview with The Leaky Cauldron and Mugglenet, Rowling revealed that she “always knew” that Ginny and Harry “were going to come together and then part.” Rowling explained that, as the series progresses, Harry, and by extension the reader, discovers that Ginny is in fact the ideal girl for Harry.

Is Ginny Weasley a Parseltongue?

All of the Weasleys can speak Parseltongue but they keep it secret because of the bad reputation it has. Ginny could open the Chamber because she’s a parselmouth, not because she was possessed by Voldemort, and Ron was just pretending to do a bad imitation in Deathly Hallows.

Is Rose Granger-Weasley a Slytherin?

Rose Granger-Weasley was the daughter of Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. She attended Hogwarts for the first time in the same year as Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy. Unlike the boys, Rose was sorted into Gryffindor, following in the footsteps of her parents.

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Did Albus Potter get in Slytherin

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“Point me!” This article is about the person nicknamed the Cursed Child, You may be looking for the scriptbook or the play, ” Albus Severus Potter, you were named for two headmasters of Hogwarts. One of them was a Slytherin and he was probably the bravest man I ever knew.

” — Albus’s fear of being sorted into Slytherin House Albus Severus Potter (b.c.2006 ) was an English half-blood wizard, the second son of Harry and Ginevra Potter (née Weasley) and the godson of Neville Longbottom, He was born two years after his older brother James Sirius and two years before his younger sister Lily Luna,

The TOP 5 Most Believable Harry Potter Theories

Albus was named in memory of Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape, two former headmasters of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and both great wizards that his father knew. In 2017, Albus began his education at Hogwarts with Rose Granger-Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy and was sorted into Slytherin House,

Why isn t Harry the heir of Slytherin?

Behind the scenes – Salazar Slytherin as a LEGO mini-figure Salazar Slytherin in LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7

  • Despite Slytherin ” only teaching those whose ancestry is purest “, Slytherin has long accepted half-blood witches and wizards into its ranks, such as Severus Snape and Tom Riddle, and in rarer cases, Muggle-borns,
  • Slytherin was the featured ” Wizard of the Month ” for June 2007 on J.K. Rowling ‘s website, where he was profiled: ” One of the four celebrated Founders of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Salazar Slytherin was one of the first recorded Parselmouths, an accomplished Legilimens, and a notorious champion of pure-blood supremacy “.
  • In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (film), the statue of Salazar Slytherin only covers his head, compared to the book where it was full-body. It was revealed in Page to Screen that the Chamber is flooded so that the rest of the statue below his head is submerged beneath the water.
  • Both pictures of Slytherin in the Wizard of the Month and at the Famous Cards depict Slytherin with steepled fingers.
  • Salazar Slytherin appears as a portrait in the “Forbidden Journey” ride at Universal Orlando, where he expresses his dislike for Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore, He is also the only one of the four Founders to appear in behind the scenes footage of the ride. A DVD extra shows the actor being dressed up on set.
  • Although it was briefly speculated in Chamber of Secrets, Harry is not, in fact, a direct descendant of Salazar Slytherin, though he is a distant cousin of Lord Voldemort, as both are descended from the Peverell family,
  • Slytherin built the Chamber of Secrets to allow his heir to purge the school of Muggle-borns. However, after the chamber’s failure, Voldemort accomplished Slytherin’s wishes with another method: by taking over the British Ministry of Magic and creating the Muggle-Born Registration Commission to purge Muggle-borns from the wider wizarding population.
  • Although it has been suggested that Salazar Slytherin was from the Fens in eastern England, it has not been confirmed. It would also make sense if Slytherin came from Ireland, as that would mean that the four founders of Hogwarts would have originated from the four main countries that make up a vast majority of Hogwarts students. Scotland ( Rowena Ravenclaw ), Wales ( Helga Hufflepuff ), England ( Godric Gryffindor ) and Ireland. However, Ireland does not have snakes, and it is unknown when and where Slytherin discovered his Parselmouth abilities. The Gaunt family, his descendants, have lived in both England and Ireland.
  • He is played by actor Ken Bones in Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey,
  • Since snakewood is not naturally found in what Muggles call the Old World, it is likely that Slytherin travelled to North or South America or to Australia to acquire the wood for his wand, as wizards were aware of the New World long before Muggles.
  • In 2019, a new species of pit viper discovered in Arunachal Pradesh, India was named Trimeresurus salazar, after Salazar Slytherin.
  • Although his only known descendant in 2020 was Delphini, Salazar may have had descendants in America via Martha Steward,
    • Martha, however, was a Squib, and she married a Muggle, so if there were descendants of hers in America, they most likely would be Muggle-born wizards, or Muggles. Ironically, Salazar Slytherin, may therefore have had descendants who were in the two categories of people he hated most.
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Who are the 4 heirs of Hogwarts?

Plot – As a flashback, is shown packing his bags and preparing to leave his house. As he does so, he pauses over a photograph of himself and three other students before abandoning it. In the present, Grisha McLaggen is attempting to break into a Auror warehouse, but despite defeating many of the guards is captured and fed an intravenous drip of Veritaserum while questioned by the General Makarov.

In a mixture of flashbacks and present tense a Soviet reconnaissance team finds a chest filled with dark objects, including Riddle’s diary, but are killed soon after opening it. In the warehouse, Grisha explains that she was a student with Riddle at, who along with Wiglaf Sigurdsson and Lazarus Smith were the true heirs of the Hogwarts founders (,,, and, respectively).

The heirs formed a club dedicated to “making the world a better place”. When an argument occurred between Lazarus and Riddle over Grisha’s affections, they fell out. Grisha noted Riddle was becoming distant to them all and changed completely after the incident.

Over the last few years Grisha has become an Auror and dedicated herself to tracking down Riddle in the belief she can save him from himself and the dark path. Under further questioning and flashbacks, it is shown how Riddle stole both Hufflepuff’s cup and Slytherin’s locket from before killing her and framing her house-elf Hokey, and that Grisha believes he intends to create,

She thinks that Riddle’s diary – the artefact she was trying to retrieve from the warehouse – will give her a clue as to either his whereabouts, or his intent. She also explains that he has since killed both Lazarus and Wiglaf, and it is implied that he has already started using the name “Voldemort”.

  1. After deliberation, Makarov says that he believes her story because she was under the influence of Veritaserum when she told it – yet just because she believes it does not actually mean that it is true; she could be mistaken in her belief.
  2. However, he is not willing to take the chance, as the threat of is still a recent memory and so gives her the diary, saying, “it is a Brit problem”, and that they should deal with it.

Grisha is released, returned her personal belongings and allowed to leave. As she leaves, Makarov asks her how she knew they had the diary, and Grisha replies, “I didn’t – or maybe I did.” before transfiguring into Voldemort and killing Makarov and his assembled guards.

Is Harry Potter a pure Blood?

Half-blood – ” Half-blood ” is the term applied to wizards and witches who have both magical and Muggle ancestors in their family trees. They are the most common blood status, far outnumbering pure-bloods and Muggle-borns. Rowling has stated that, of the Hogwarts annual intake, fifty per cent are half-bloods.

  1. Pure-blood supremacists view half-bloods as inferior to them, although superior to Muggles and Muggle-borns.
  2. The Malfoy family, a family of wealthy wizards who showed disdain to Muggles, attempted to maintain blood purity but found it acceptable to marry half-bloods if there was a dearth of marriageable pure-bloods.

Voldemort is a half-blood, and his most guarded secret which few wizards know is that his father was Tom Riddle, a Muggle. Severus Snape is also a half-blood (he gave himself the nickname ” The Half-Blood Prince “), as his father Tobias Snape was a Muggle.

Is Slytherin rare?

Yet only a little more than 15 percent of people would be Gryffindor, and just over 5 percent would be Slytherin!

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Were all Malfoys in Slytherin

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Who Are the Malfoys? – Narcissa Malfoy (Helen McCrory) and Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton) look at one another in ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1’. The Malfoy family is one of the most prominent and wealthy families in the series. They are one of the Sacred Twenty-Eight, a group of wizarding families that were believed to have remained pure-blooded throughout the centuries, meaning that they had not been known to marry anyone of muggle ancestry.

  • As with most pure-blood families, they are related to other wizarding families such as the Blacks and Lestranges.
  • Some families in the Sacred Twenty-Eight, like the Weasleys, chose not to associate with the elitist view of blood purity.
  • However, the Malfoys were the premier example of people that took immense pride in their pure-blood heritage.

The Malfoy family also have strong ties to the Slytherin House, with the majority of its members being sorted into the group at Hogwarts. All the Malfoys seen in the films were sorted into this house, even in the epilogue. In fact, the family serves as a perfect example of the traits that Slytherins seek to embody.

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Is anyone from Slytherin good

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Phineas Black – Belonging to the Black family, Phineas is one of Slytherin’s loveliest members. Taking a greater moral standpoint than his other family members, who mostly believe in pure-blood supremacy, this good-natured wizard has shown himself to be an especially well-behaved member of the otherwise unruly Hogwarts house.