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Who is Hyde in Wednesday

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Who Is The Hyde Monster In Wednesday? – In season 1, episode 7 of Wednesday, “If You Don’t Woe Me By Now,” fans learn that Tyler Galpin (Hunter Doohan), is the Hyde monster. While Wednesday is one of the best horror TV characters, Tyler is great too, as he takes an interest in her and seems to understand her in a way that no one else does.

This is a shocking and fun reveal that proves why the Netflix series became so popular so quickly. Since Tyler’s mother was a student at the memorable school Nevermore Academy as well and she was a Hyde, it seems like Tyler had no choice in the matter, as this is part of his dark and gruesome family history.

This is an important detail that suggests that perhaps Tyler didn’t want to hurt or kill anyone, but he couldn’t help it as this has been predetermined. Wednesday makes changes from The Addams Family movies, and that includes adding a vicious monster to the series.

The monster serves two important purposes: gives Jenna Ortega’s character a purpose and also adds a compelling layer to her growing feelings for Tyler. While Wednesday isn’t sure that she will like Nevermore, she wants to learn more about her connection to her ancestor Goody Adams and save as many students as she can.

And even though it’s fair to say that this famous and iconic character never needs a love interest, it’s still interesting watching the chemistry between these two characters since it adds something new and different.

How is Tyler the Hyde in Wednesday?

Biography – When Tyler was young, his mother, whom he was very close to, suddenly died of a mysterious illness. This caused an emotional change in Tyler, to which the Hyde part of him began taking over his mind, making him a delinquent. He harassed the Jericho children and some Outcasts from the school Nevermore Academy.

His father, the Sheriff of Jericho, decided to send him off to a military school to change his behavior, where Tyler became much more in control of his emotions and became a kind, helpful, and somewhat introverted, young man. He even got a job as a barista at a coffee shop called the Weathervane. Sometime after getting this job, however, Tyler begins talking with a regular at the shop named, a teacher at the local Nevermore Academy for children with magical abilities.

Unbeknownst to him, Laurel was the presumed dead daughter of the outcast hating Gates Family, who kept tabs on all the monsters of Jericho, including Tyler’s own mother. Laurel had plans to use Tyler’s powerful Hyde form to gather body parts for a necromancy séance.

  • Laurel used a plant chemical to brainwash Tyler slowly but surely to be able to mentally weaken him, eventually reveling to Tyler that he and his mother were Hydes.
  • Tyler also discovered that his mother died because the Nevermore Academy doesn’t accept Hydes and doesn’t teach them how to control their powers.

This proved to be enough of a mental trauma attack that it unlocked Tyler’s Hyde form, which makes the user transform into a huge, violent, powerful, humanoid werewolf-like creature that bonds and obeys a master. Unlocking his Hyde form, Laurel kidnapped Tyler, locked him up in a cave, and tortured him until he allowed Laurel to be his Hyde master, and he started to serve her voluntarily.

  • The unlocking of Tyler’s Hyde made him more aggressive in nature, causing his father to hire a psychiatrist named Valarie Kimbott to meet with him.
  • Every night, Tyler would consistently shift into a Hyde and prowl the woods, killing anybody who would wander around or approach him.
  • From there he would gather the necessary body parts from his victims and return them to the old Gate’s house, where Laurel would store them.

He would also attack outcast children, as those were the people that both he and Laurel hated the most. One day while working at the Weathervane, he encountered Wednesday, a new student at Nevermore. She had escaped from a meeting with Dr. Kimbott, Tyler’s same psychiatrist.

  1. After fixing a faulty coffee machine, Tyler took interest in her, and went to Nevermore that night to see her.
  2. However, Wednesday encounters a vision of her friend Rowan being killed, so she runs after him into the woods, with Tyler turning into a Hyde shortly afterwards.
  3. In actuality, Rowan was attempting to kill Wednesday, so Tyler in his Hyde form kills Rowan, saving Wednesday.

She becomes determined to discover the monster’s identity after this incident. From then on, Tyler by day would meet with Wednesday, and by night would transform into a Hyde to prowl the woods. On the night of the Rave’N dance, Tyler seemingly becomes hurt after Wednesday asked out fellow Nevermore student Xavier Thorpe (although she did this because she thought he was the Hyde, not out of romantic interest).

  1. After Xavier finds out that Wednesday was only using him, he cancelled and Wednesday decided to steak out the Hyde’s cave with her friend Eugene Ottinger instead.
  2. But Wednesday’s friend Thing writes an invite to the dance from Wednesday to Tyler, forcing Wednesday to go to the Rave’N dance.
  3. Eugene meets Wednesday and Tyler at the entrance of the party and asks about the plan to steak out the Hyde’s cave but understands that Wednesday had decided to go to the Rave’N dance and leaves to spy on the cave alone.

Upon hearing about this plan, Tyler texts Laurel to warn that the Hyde hide out was found out, so Laurel goes to the woods and sets fire on the cave. After a prank set off by local delinquents, Tyler leaves dance to turn into a Hyde while Wednesday encounters a vision of Eugene being attacked.

Wednesday runs into the woods to look for Eugene, but Tyler attacked him first, leaving him heavily injured, but not dead. Wednesday and Tyler continue to meet and discuss information about the Hyde killings, when one night, their information leads them to the Gates’s House, where the two, along with Wednesday’s roommate Enid, investigate the house.

Enid and Wednesday go upstairs while Tyler stays downstairs and transforms into a Hyde. He begins chasing the two throughout the house, but they escape. To look innocent, Tyler scratches himself and transforms back into a human. Xavier shows up and he, Wednesday and Enid go back to Tyler’s house to heal him.

  • Suspicion from Wednesday leads her to believe that Xavier is the monster, and after seeing forged evidence planted by either Tyler or Laurel, she reports Xavier and gets him arrested.
  • She also suspects Dr.
  • Imbott of being Laurel Gates, but Laurel commands Tyler to kill her before she can get a confession out of her.

Later that night, Wednesday visits him in the Weathervane, where they kiss. This instantly causes Wednesday to experience another vision, this time of Tyler killing Dr. Kimbott, confirming that Tyler was the Hyde all along. She rushes out of the store and later confronts him with several other Nevermore students.

They kidnap him and chain him to a chair, then Wednesday nearly tortures him to see if he will transform. The police arrives and Wednesday gets caught and arrested for this. At the police station, Tyler privately confesses everything to Wednesday, saying that he actually gained control over his Hyde form after some time (maintaining his awareness while transformed) and takes pleasure in his killings.

He also looks satisfied with the current outcome of Wednesday’s defeat and Laurel’s win. After Wednesday gets expelled, Tyler waits at the train station, hoping to intercept her there and kill her, but Wednesday never goes to the station because she discovers Laurel’s true identity as Marilyn Thornhill.

Tyler returns to Nevermore and meets Wednesday in chains after she had been captured by Laurel. He teases Wednesday about the fact she is the one who is now in chains. Laurel tells him to wait in the woods and conducts the seance with the harvested body parts and revives her ancestor,, who begins attacking the school with magic.

Later, Wednesday escapes and Tyler attacks her in the woods. Before he can kill her, however, he is suddenly attacked by Enid in her werewolf form. The two fight, with Tyler being stronger and nearly killing Enid, but Sheriff Galpin shoots at Tyler, distracting him long enough for Enid to knock him unconscious.

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Why did Tyler pretend to like Wednesday?

The Development of the Love Triangle Between Wednesday, Tyler, and Xavier Is Lacking – Image via Netflix Over the course of the season, the love triangle continues on with both boys vying for Wednesday’s affection and developing a healthy rivalry with one another. Xavier uses their place as outcasts to bond with Wednesday, especially after his relationship with Bianca ends.

Tyler, on the other hand, becomes something somewhat forbidden after his father forbids him from seeing Wednesday due to the trouble she’s managed to get herself into while investigating the mysterious monster and murders in the area over the previous few weeks. Tyler doesn’t listen, nor does Wednesday, and the Sheriff grows angrier as he believes Wednesday’s father got away with murder when he attended Nevermore.

In the end, Wednesday’s relationship with Tyler seemingly wins out. She chooses to go to the Rave’N with him, and any feelings she had for Xavier are temporarily wiped away when she suspects him of being the murderous monster. She even has Xavier arrested for the murders, putting a damper on his feelings for her as well.

  • At the end of the seasons’ penultimate episode, Wednesday decides to finally act on her growing feelings for Tyler and share her first kiss with him, which is when it all falls apart.
  • One of Wednesday’s psychic visions reveals that Tyler is the monster, and he later confesses that his feelings for Wednesday were never real as he was compelled by his master — Marilyn Thornhill a.k.a.

Laurel Gates ( Christina Ricci ) — to get close to her. Image via Netflix So, when Xavier and Wednesday have their moment to start things over and Xavier “wins” the girl, it doesn’t feel earned or satisfactory. It’s simply due to the fact that Tyler is no longer a prospect regardless of the fact that Wednesday chose him in just the previous episode.

  • Plus, Xavier’s development on his own and in his relationship with Wednesday are nothing compared to Tyler’s.
  • The writers spent quite a bit of time on Tyler, detailing his past and working through the nuances of his relationships with others, because the grand betrayal was coming.
  • Xavier’s role pales in comparison, his feelings for Wednesday very two-dimensional and the centerpiece of the character as a whole.

Plus, Xavier hardly does enough to be worthy of being referred to as a love interest. He treats Wednesday terribly on many occasions, especially as Wednesday begins to aggressively suspect him of being the monster. In comparison to Tyler, who was doing it to worm his way into Wednesday’s life for villainous intentions, Xavier does little to actually get to know Wednesday.

Is Xavier also a Hyde in Wednesday?

So who is the monster on Wednesday — and who is the monster’s master? – Wednesday takes her theory all the way to the police and has Xavier arrested. Later when Wednesday kisses Tyler (Hunter Doohan), she gets a terrifying vision: Tyler is actually the Hyde, not Xavier. VLAD CIOPLEA/NETFLIX It turns out that Tyler’s mother was also a Hyde, and her beast was triggered by her postpartum depression. She passed the condition on to her son, Tyler. As for the monster’s master, it turns out that Nevermore teacher Marilyn Thornhill (Christina Ricci) is actually Laurel Gates, a relative of Garrett Gates — the man Gomez Addams was accused of murdering at Nevermore when he was a student.

Does Tyler’s dad know he’s a Hyde?

The photograph and the deadly flowers – Netflix Tyler isn’t the only one who gives himself away. When the sheriff develops a picture of the Hyde at the end of episode 3, he is not shocked by the image of the monster — he knows it well. He recognizes what the Hyde looks like because his wife was a Hyde.

From that moment on, he realizes that his son is behind the latest batch of murders he is investigating. Tyler actually hints at his mother’s true identity in episode 4. While he waits for Wednesday to get ready for the Raven dance, he looks into the trophy case at a photo of the fencing team — a photo of his deceased mother, who attended Nevermore as a Hyde.

Ms. Thornhill is less obvious about being the Hyde’s master than Tyler is about being the Hyde, which is why her identity is the ultimate mystery that Wednesday spends the finale episode unraveling. Ms. Thornhill is also a normie, like Tyler, which makes her unassuming.

  1. She has a greenhouse of carnivorous plants and says that “the most interesting plants grow in the shade,” suggesting that she is more intrigued by the darker sides of things.
  2. Since Wednesday and many of the other students at Nevermore have a similar penchant for the macabre, it’s easy for Ms.
  3. Thornhill’s more questionable qualities to go unnoticed.

Another clue lies in Thornhill’s casting. Thornhill is played by Christina Ricci, who played Wednesday as a child in “The Addams Family” and “Addams Family Values.” Thornhill definitely has a darker side that she doesn’t let on at first. She tells Wednesday that they are a lot alike (a wink at Ricci’s old role) but Wednesday doesn’t believe her.

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Was Tyler always evil in Wednesday

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Tyler Was Manipulated by Ms. Thornhill – Netflix In the Wednesday Season 1 finale, it is revealed that Tyler was coerced and tormented by Marilyn Thornhill, a.k.a. Laurel Gates (Christina Ricci) until his mind was corrupted to such an extent that he developed a taste for murder. That not only serves to highlight Thornhill’s status as a villain, but it also serves to paint Tyler as a victim due to the fact that he had no control over how he turned out.

Even though Tyler may be a polarizing character, Wednesday nevertheless makes it plain that he deserves some sympathy. As a result of this manipulation, it needs to make more practical sense to emphasize Tyler’s negative behaviors since Thornhill was the motivation behind them from the very beginning.

Tyler’s situation is reminiscent of that of Bucky Barnes in the MCU, He is also not at fault for the murders he committed as The Winter Soldier while under Hydra’s brainwashing. And Wednesday’s Tyler is also essentially innocent of the wrongdoings he committed while under Ms.

Was Tyler always the Hyde in Wednesday?

And it all leads to Wednesday’s shocking discovery that her pseudo-boyfriend, local barista Tyler Galpin (Hunter Doohan), has been the Hyde all along — with her ‘dorm mom’ and science teacher Miss Thornhill manipulating him as his master.

Why is hyde in Wednesday?

This article contains spoilers for Wednesday, On Wednesday, Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) sets out to distinguish herself from The Addams Family, and extinguish anything standing in the way. Tim Burton’s take on Charles Addams’ perennially ooky characters is unique.

They don’t refract the broken mirrors of regular people. Wednesday neuters that possibility in the opening sequence, and is tossed off into a very alternative school, filled with cryptic coeds. The outcast among outcasts spends the semester trying to solve the mystery of the Hyde. Created for the mythology of the series, the Hyde is enigmatic, symptomatic, and symbolic.

Nevermore Academy’s founder, Nathaniel Faulkner, cataloged all the outcast communities of the world which would be welcome at the school, and contains a chapter on the Hyde. According to the diaries, Hydes are “artists by nature, but equally vindictive in temperament.” That could describe Nevermore’s most famous graduate, Edgar Allan Poe.

Much of Wednesday draws heavily from Poe’s works. The school dance is called the RaveN, obviously a tribute to his poem, “The Raven.” Poe also created literature’s detective genre. The Murders in the Rue Morgue was the first mystery to include a character who solved case by analyzing clues and facts, which is what Wednesday Addams does.

The Hyde, however, does not originate from a Poe story or poem. It is a loving homage to the featured secondary character in Robert Louis Stevenson’s 1886 novella The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The book is about the handsome, wealthy, and erudite chemist, Dr.

Henry Jekyll, a community pillar and a living saint who treats the poorest in Victorian London, and takes no pay. He is engaged to a society lady. Dr. Jekyll takes one walk on the wild side and gets hooked on transformation. He becomes a beast who calls himself Mr. Hyde, who is wanted by the authorities for abuses around the city.

The series casts him as a literary hybrid, a mythological monster who only exists in the Wednesday universe. “Born of mutation, the Hyde lays dormant until unleashed by a traumatic event or unlocked through chemical inducement or hypnosis,” Faulkner’s diary reads in Wednesday,

In Stevenson’s book, the doctor concocts a serum, which unlocks suppressed desires. After experiencing temptations he denies himself as a doctor, his chemically enhanced alter-ego, Mr. Hyde, gives in to them all, allowing Jekyll to return to his professional practice when the potion wears off. In Wednesday, the Hyde is a lone entity who shares its identity, and receives unfair representation.

Nevermore Academy is not quite the beacon of outsider inclusivity it boasts. Lycanthropes may compete against the siren rowing team, but neither would throw an anchor to a Hyde. One of its kind killed Nevermore’s founder. The Hyde is the only kind of creature banished from the school, 30 years before the start of the series.

The creature is shrouded in so much coverup, Wednesday is hard-pressed to even learn its classification. Uncle Fester (Fred Armisen) is the first to recognize the pedigree. He was quite enamored by a Hyde he’d encountered during a 1983 vacation at the Zurich Institute for the Criminally Insane. Her name was Olga Malacova, and she was everything a man like Fester could covet: brains, beauty, and a penchant for necrophilia.

In her mundane form, she was a renowned concert pianist. But art doesn’t merely imitate life in the world of the outcasts, it mocks it. Malacova transformed while performing a Chopin sonata, and didn’t just kill the critics, but about a dozen audience members.

  • In the series, the Hyde is Tyler Galpin (Hunter Doohan), usually a mild-mannered latte foamer.
  • Tyler’s mother was a Hyde, who attended Nevermore before the ban.
  • Her transformation was triggered by postpartum depression.
  • Sheriff Galpin is aware of his son’s condition, but, like everything else in his life, he is in denial.
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In series canon, unlocking trauma “causes the Hyde to develop an immediate bond with its liberator, who the creature now sees as its master,” the diary explains. “It becomes the willing instrument of whatever nefarious agenda this new master might propose.” Given the homicidal mood in the forest, Wednesday believes Dr.

  1. Valerie Kinbott (Riki Lindhome) is using hypnosis to bring out Tyler’s inner Hyde.
  2. Anyone willing to unlock a Hyde is a next-level sicko,” Fester says.
  3. While we can’t be sure if this is a hearty endorsement of the cutting edge effrontery, considering the source, it only feeds into the mythology of the Wednesday universe.

Join our mailing list Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! Miss Marylin Thornhill (Christina Ricci) is able to unlock Tyler’s Hyde instincts by being the first person to tell him the truth about his mother, As the botany professor at Nevermore, she knows how to solidify the bond through a plant derivative which produces the same chemical reaction as proscribed in the diaries.

Why did Xavier have a connection to the Hyde?

Wednesday season 1 showed how Xavier has psychic powers similar to Wednesday’s, but his drawings suggest he also predicted her arrival at Nevermore. The outcast students at Nevermore all have special abilities, some stronger than others, which is a new addition to the Addams Family universe.

  1. Wednesday’s psychic powers are hereditary, with Morticia referencing her own visions.
  2. Other characters set up in the show, including Xavier, have yet to have their abilities fully developed or examined.
  3. Xavier has psychic visions like Wednesday, but they’re more powerful, and they come to him in dreams, not by touching something.

It is not fully explained, but his visions have some connection to his drawings, which are what spurred his paintings of the Hyde, Xavier also spends a lot of time painting ravens in Nevermore’s quad, and this was focused on heavily throughout the first season of Wednesday but never explored.

12/13/2022by Jessica Smith

Why did Xavier have scratches on his neck?

Crossing Suspects Off the List – Image via Netflix Episode 4 begins as Wednesday and Thing ( Victor Dorobantu ) break into the coroner’s office to investigate the body of the monster’s latest victim. They are almost caught by the coroner and Sheriff Galpin ( Jamie McShane ), who also decide to make a late visit to the morgue and speed up the police investigation.

  • Even so, the trip is fruitful, as Wednesday uncovers new details about the creature.
  • While the beast form of the monster mauls and chews its victim, it seems like its human form is some sort of serial killer.
  • That’s because the monster used a saw to cut out two toes of the homeless man as if it was gathering trophies.

And in fact, all previous victims also had organs or body parts missing. In short, the monster’s attacks might not be random but carefully planned by a killer who can shapeshift into a beast. After the events of Episode 3, Wednesday has grown suspicious of Xavier ( Percy Hynes White ), the tormented painter who can bring his art to life.

Not only Xavier showed up right next to the last monster appearance, but he now tries to hide some ugly claw marks on his neck. Determined to uncover the truth, Wednesday follows Xavier to a shed in the woods, a place he carefully keeps locked. And as it turns out, Xavier has a reason for all the secrecy, as the shed is filled with paintings and drawings depicting the monster.

That is evidence enough for Wednesday, who snatches a couple of sketches to take them to the Sheriff. However, as Wednesday exits the premises, she stumbles upon Xavier, who questions her presence. After an awkward conversation, Wednesday is forced to ask Xavier to go to the Rave’N with her in order to cover her tracks. Image via Netflix At the police station, Wednesday proposes she and the Sheriff work together to catch the monster. At first, Galpin is unconvinced he’d need the help of a teenager, but when Wednesday shows the drawings of the monster, the Sherif realizes there’s some advantage in having a pair of eyes inside Nevermore.

So, he asks Wednesday to find hard evidence if she wants his cooperation. One of Xavier’s drawings is the key to the first piece of evidence. By looking at the drawing, Eugene ( Moosa Mostafa ) recognizes some mysterious circles as the entrance to a nearby cave. The two beekeeping allies visit the cave, finding an enormous amount of animal bones.

Inside the cave, they also find a pair of handcuffs chained to the stone wall, maybe as an early attempt of the monster to control its murderous impulses. More importantly, Wednesday finds a claw she can use to run a DNA test. To get a sample of Xavier’s DNA and compare it with the claw, Wednesday goes back to the boys’ shed, grabbing a tissue he used to clean his neck wound, which is now soaked in blood.

This time, Xavier catches Wednesday inside the shed, realizing she was after him the whole time and only used the Rave’N invitation as a cover. As he explains, he has been tormented by nightmares of the monster and has been using his art to process the images. One of the images inadvertently came to life the previous evening, scratching Xavier’s neck.

His story makes sense, but Wednesday keeps Xavier’s blood sample anyway. The boy is visibly heartbroken by Wednesday’s deception, and at that moment, we can even see some glimpses of regret in Wednesday’s eyes. The cruelest member of the Addams Family might have a heart, after all.

  1. Determined to avoid her feelings as much as she can, Wednesday delivers the claw and the blood sample to the Sheriff, promising to explain everything once they get the results.
  2. And since neither she nor Eugene have a date for the Rave’N, they both decide to stalk the cave at night to catch the monster and unveil his identity.

Unfortunately for Wednesday, destiny has a Thing for pushing her into forming emotional bonds.

Why does Xavier hate Tyler?

Plot – On Thursday, 7:23 p.m., Thing and Wednesday break in and assess the victims’ bodies. The corpse of Fabian, the homeless man from the Original Pilgrim Meeting House, appears to be missing his left foot. Wednesday pieces her evidence together on a board in her room, realizing that each victim has had one specific body part removed.

Enid faints on numerous occasions as Wednesday presents her roommate with the data, as shown when Wednesday tells Thing to fetch the smelling salts again. Wednesday concluded that this monster is collecting trophies as a serial killer would. In class, all the students are eagerly discussing the upcoming dance, but Wednesday couldn’t be less enthused.

She notices those deep scratch marks on Xavier’s neck and follows him to a mysterious spot. The building happens to be Xavier’s makeshift art studio, and inside, Wednesday discovers terrifying paintings of the monster, recognizable by those wide, piercing eyes.

  1. She escapes just before Xavier returns, but he is suspicious of her sudden appearance.
  2. Fearing her cover has been blown, she is instead pressured into asking him to the dance, which he accepts.
  3. Enid is ecstatic that Wednesday is going to the dance and drags her roommate on a shopping spree.
  4. Wednesday isn’t amused by the usual brand shops, but falters in her step when she sees a gothic dress hanging in the antique shop window.

On her travels, she bumps into her therapist and then heads over to the sheriff’s office. Wednesday proposes that they work together, but Galpin wants concrete evidence first. Meanwhile, Enid and Lucas decide to help each other out and plan to go to the dance together, with Enid using him to make Ajax jealous.

Meanwhile, Wednesday moves her evidence board into Eugene’s beekeeping quarters. He spots the drawing of the creature. In one of Xavier’s pictures, the monster is seen in a spiraling cave. Eugene knows the exact spot. They head over and discover the monster’s leftovers, bones, and carcasses—even a set of handcuffs and chains.

Wednesday also happens to find a claw, swiping that all-important proof. To provide a DNA match, she heads back to Xavier’s and pulls a bloodied rag from his bin. Xavier returns and argues with Wednesday over the accusations. He is adamant that the scratch marks came from his painting since he can bring his artwork to life.

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Wednesday is surprised that he too can’t control his powers. Xavier orders her to leave. Wednesday presents the sheriff with her findings, and he is baffled by her quick turnaround. Galpin sends the evidence off for analysis. Elsewhere, Eugene is turned down by Enid when he asks her to the dance. Meanwhile, Bianca and Xavier decide to go to the dance together.

With Wednesday no longer going with Xavier to the dance Thing decides to intervene in Wednesday’s love life. He types a note for Tyler and places the invitation in the coffee shop’s tip jar. Eugene and Wednesday planned to stake out the cave that night instead of attending the dance, but Thing’s meddling has put a pause on this.

Tyler turns up at Wednesday’s door, and she rushes to get changed. Thing has also bought her the dress she was eyeing earlier from Uriah’s Heap, and she throws the gothic outfit on. Tyler and Wednesday head to the dance, which upsets Eugene. He decides to go to the stakeout alone, despite Wednesday telling him not to.

At the dance, Weems hints at a little more of her bickering past with Morticia, and the students awkwardly interact. Everybody is stunned by Wednesday’s fashionable entrance. Xavier looks beside himself with envy. So does Ajax over Enid and her dance partner Lucas.

  1. Xavier decides to explain to Wednesday why he hates Tyler so much.
  2. It turns out that at last year’s Outreach Day, Tyler and his friends assaulted Xavier and destroyed his mural.
  3. Wednesday confronts her date about this accusation, and he admits that it’s the truth, but he regrets his actions.
  4. Wednesday isn’t put off by this news though, seeing Tyler’s remorse.

They go back out onto the dance floor, and she dances in an odd and unique manner. Meanwhile, Xavier upsets Bianca by asking her to siren away his feelings for Wednesday. Lucas and his friends, Jonah and Carter, cause blood to rain down from the sprinklers, destroying everybody’s outfits and fun.

Wednesday looks at home in the cascading blood but then remarks that it tastes like paint. The students slip and slide, fleeing the scene. Enid cries in front of Lucas, realizing she was just a pawn in his plan, but Ajax comes to her defense. Wednesday has another vision, this time of Eugene in trouble.

She rushes to his aid, but it’s too late. He witnesses a figure setting fire to the cave and is then chased by the monster. The monster mauls Eugene, presumably to death. With Wednesday finding her naïve friend coated in real blood on the leafy floor and her dorm mom asking Wednesday if Eugene is dead.

Did Wednesday choose Xavier?

Warning! This article contains Spoilers for Wednesday season 1.Wednesday does not end up with Xavier in Wednesday season 1 despite what seemed to be set up by the show. Although liking being alone is one of Wednesday’s defining traits in every Addams Family adaptation, Netflix ‘s Wednesday explores the idea that she can find happiness in friends after all.

  • From Enid to Eugene, Wednesday followed its titular character as she created bonds at Nevermore.
  • She also developed what appeared to be potential romantic relationships with Tyler and Xavier.
  • The mystery of the monster’s identity in Wednesday set the tone for the first season, and it created an atmosphere in which no character could be trusted.

That is why potential couples like Wednesday ( Jenna Ortega ) and Tyler ( Hunter Doohan ) or Wednesday and Xavier ( Percy Hynes White ) risked ending in tragedy — as it did. With Tyler revealed to be the monster right after kissing Wednesday,.

12/27/2022by Marcelo Leite

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What creature is Bianca in Wednesday

Answered By: Austin Nelson Date: created: Dec 15 2023

Qualities of sirens of Nevermore – The most striking ability of the sirens in ancient times was their persuasiveness. The sirens would sing enchanting songs to attract the sailors and hypnotize them to do things against their wishes. Persuasiveness is a prime quality of sirens (Image credit Netflix) The sirens in Wednesday can sing exceptionally well. This natural gift of music makes them the right choice for choirs and bands. As part of their extracurricular activities, most of them join the music club.

  • Because sirens have the power to affect people’s thinking, normal students and other creatures avoid getting too close to them.
  • They have a reputation for using people for their own gain and entering areas where they are not welcome.
  • Most sirens are recognized by their blue eyes that resemble water.
  • In Nevermore, Bianca, Divina and Kent are well-known sirens.

Queen Bee, Bianca, played by actor Joy Sunday, is rumoured to have gotten her admission by putting a charm on Principal Weems. Bianca’s mother is also a siren but her powers have weakened with age.

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Is Tyler The Hyde evil

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Tyler is a monster hiding in plain sight – Vlad Cioplea/Netflix Before the shapeshifting Hyde, aka Tyler Galpin, makes his evil intentions known to Wednesday Addams, he is already a monster hiding in plain sight. The old Jekyll-Hyde defense can be immediately thrown out in this case because Dr.

  • Jekyll was not deliberately a villain in Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel the “Strange Case of Dr.
  • Jekyll and Mr.
  • Hyde.” By comparison, Tyler is a foul, duplicitous antagonist, and one of the most abhorrent characteristics belying Tyler’s cleverly nice-guy persona is his art of deception.
  • He clearly deceives not only Wednesday in order to weasel his way into her life, but he fools the entire city of Jericho.

Tyler’s deception is premeditated and painstakingly planned out by both the Hyde and his master, Marilyn Thornhill (Christina Ricci). And the showrunners, Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, clearly concocted a character who fans would at first side with, or at least have conflicted suspicions about before they too learned the truth about him and Wednesday’s almost-romance with the Hyde.

  1. In real life, Doohan and Ortega get along famously.
  2. Off camera, it’s super easy because Jenna is so lovely,” Doohan revealed in an interview with Hollywire,
  3. Doohan then elaborated on his character’s motivations inciting the love connection between himself and Wednesday, so audiences would feel betrayed when the Hyde’s identity was revealed.

“Obviously, from Tyler’s point of view, he’s just trying to sell the lie,” Doohan said in the same interview.

Who is the killer in Wednesday Netflix?

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for Wednesday season 1Wednesday left the big reveal of who the killer was until the final episode, but there was a tiny detail that hinted at the hidden character. Wednesday has broken Netflix records with its adaptation of The Addams Family and brings a new twist to the popular family while paying homage to its predecessors.

Jenna Ortega stars as a teenage Wednesday Addams forced to go to boarding school at Nevermore Academy, a school for supernatural outcasts, and is quickly roped into a murder case. The murders revolve around a monster, The Hyde, and its master, but Wednesday takes a much darker approach when Wednesday herself is under attack.

Initially, Marilyn Thornhill ( Christina Ricci ) is the nice botanical science teacher in Wednesday. However, a small detail about Thornhill’s coffee order reveals she is the killer. In episode 3, “Friend or Woe,” the supernatural Nevermore.

12/6/2022by Jessica Smith

Was Tyler the monster in Wednesday?

Who is the monster in Wednesday? Source – Hunter Doohan Instagram Tyler Galpin is the monster aka the hyde in the series Wednesday. Disclaimer: The information below consists of major spoilers for the Netflix series Wednesday. In episode seven “If You Don’t Woe Me by Now”, it was revealed that the hyde is none other than Wednesday Addams’ love interest, Tyler Galpin.

  1. As the episode begins, the Jericho police first arrest Xavier Thorpe, who Wednesday believes to be the monster.
  2. After Xavier’s arrest, Wednesday kisses Tyler Galpin who she goes on a date with, and during their kiss, Wednesday has a vision of Tyler as Hyde and realizes that he’s the Monster.
  3. Wednesday and her friends kidnap Tyler and take him to the jungle to torture him and seek confession.

Wednesday gets arrested by the Jericho police for torturing Tyler but while at the police station, Tyler confirms that he is the real monster.