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Why was Billy the Killer in Scream

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1 No Motive — Scream – Dimension Films Billy Loomis gives two reasons for his actions in the original Scream, The first (as previously mentioned) was anger and bitterness over Sidney’s mother breaking up his family. The second is he has no motive. He just wanted to do it. Writer Kevin Williamson has mentioned that this came from discussions with people who were divided on the nature of motive.

Some folks want there to be a clear, understandable motive, while others thought it was scarier to have no motive. So, he did both. Of all the killers on this list, Billy Loomis feels the most dangerous, He is elusive and difficult to figure out. We start off the first film convinced he’s the killer, then we see him get murdered.

Turns out the attack was faked, however. He planned his attacks perfectly and thought through everything to keep Sidney, and us, guessing to the very end. Keeping his motive vague only adds to his mystique. Clearly, something’s wrong with him, but he’s so brilliant and two-faced, making it virtually impossible to completely understand him.

Who did Billy Loomis get pregnant in Scream?

In pt-br: Billy Loomis William “Billy” Loomis is the main antagonist of Scream (1996 film) and the original Ghostface killer. As a horror film fanatic, he pressures his best friend, Stu Macher, into helping him commit a killing spree in Woodsboro, While he states it is “scarier when there is no motive”, he reveals to Sidney, and Stu, that the killing spree is an elaborate revenge attack against Maureen Prescott,

  1. Billy’s anger stems from his mother ‘s abandonment, following his father ‘s affair with Maureen, his girlfriend ‘s mother.
  2. He blames Maureen and her well-renowned promiscuity for ruining his family structure.
  3. In revenge, he kills Maureen, and successfully frames her other lover, Cotton,
  4. One year later, he tortures his grieving girlfriend, Sidney, in an elaborate revenge plot, hoping to frame her father for the killing spree he commits with Stu, following their success with framing Cotton.

However, Billy fails this time around, as Sidney ultimately defeats and kills the psychotic pairing inside Stu’s house,25 years after his death, it is revealed that Billy had an affair with Christina Carpenter, and she gave birth to his illegitimate daughter, Samantha, who later faces a similar killing spree to the one Billy orchestrated.

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Who is the killer in Scream 3

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Scream 3 (2000) – Moviestore/Shutterstock Scream 3 is the only film in the franchise where only one identity is revealed as Ghostface: Roman Bridger played by Scott Foley, Roman is the main antagonist of the third installment and the fifth Ghostface murderer unmasked overall.

Roman is a music video director, tasked with the gig of helming Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro, The fictional film is the concluding film in the trilogy and is based on the true events of the 1996 Woodsboro and 1998 Windsor College Murders that went down in the Scream franchise’s first two installments.

It is revealed that Roman is Sidney’s older half-brother, first born of Maureen Prescott. Not only is he her secret maternal sibling, but he is her arch-nemesis. Jealous of her successes, he seeks revenge against her. Additionally, it is revealed that Roman was the architect behind the aforementioned killing sprees.

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Who is the killer in Scream Season 1

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Emma Duval –

Portrayed by Willa Fitzgerald, Karsyn Darby (young; season 1) and Madison Wolfe (young; season 1) Appeared in: seasons 1–2

Emma Duval is the main protagonist and is a student at George Washington High School. She is the daughter of Maggie (Daisy) and Kevin Duval. Originally a popular girl with no inhibitions, she is soon stalked by a killer, who threatens her and her friends.

In the first-season finale, the killer is revealed to be Emma’s half-sister Piper Shaw, who began to terrorize Emma because of her perfect life. Emma manages to put an end to the rampage by shooting Piper in the head, killing her. In the second season, Emma returns after leaving Lakewood to get psychological help and develops PTSD as a result of the first season’s events.

She has frequent hallucinations before again being targeted by a new killer. Willa Fitzgerald’s character was originally named Harper but was changed when the official pilot script was written. Fitzgerald was nominated at the Teen Choice Awards for Choice TV Actress: Summer but lost to Ashley Benson,

Why did Billy hate Sidney?

Trivia –

Billy was unfaithful to her with Christina Carpenter, and she became pregnant with his daughter, Samantha Carpenter, Sidney finds out about his child much later on and figures he wasn’t “patient” with her after all and being unfaithful to her. It is revealed that Billy held hatred inside for Sidney, but stayed in the relationship to stay close to her to execute his plan of revenge for his mother abandoning him. Meanwhile, he cheated on Sidney with other gi rls at and around school. He is also seen flirting with other girls at the Video store where Randy worked. He May have flirted with more other High School Girls after he died.

Did Billy have a kid in Scream?

Family –

Hank Loomis : is the father of Billy Loomis, the grandfather of Samantha Carpenter, and the ex-husband of Nancy Loomis, Hank is best known for his secret affair with Maureen Prescott, causing Nancy to leave Hank and Billy. It is because of this that Billy, blaming Maureen, killed Maureen and set off a chain reaction of events. Hank did not care much for his son or his ex-wife. After both of them died, Hank is not shown in the series again in person. It is due to his sleazy actions that the events of the films took place.

Nancy Loomis : was the mother of Billy Loomis, the grandmother of Samantha Carpenter and ex-wife of Hank Loomis, When her husband had an affair with Maureen Prescott, Nancy moved out, leaving Hank to raise their son Billy on his own. After Sidney defeated and killed Billy as a result of Billy’s vengeful murder spree, Nancy swore revenge. She changed her appearance and identity, under the alias “Debbie Salt” to pose as a journalist, and recruited serial killer, Mickey Altieri to help her kill Sidney and Gale Weathers for their involvement by orchestrating a copycat Ghostface murder spree. They killed many people close to Sidney, including Randy Meeks because he badmouthed Billy, but was unable to kill Sidney ultimately. Nancy betrayed and shot Mickey to frame him as the sole killer, but right before she could exact her revenge on Sidney, Cotton Weary held her at gunpoint. Nancy attempted Cotton to help her and to let her kill Sidney and he’ll get what he wanted, when he refused to help her, she reminded him that Sidney sent him to death row in prison for a year. Still refusing, Cotton shot her in the chest. After Sidney and Gale kill Mickey, Sidney shoots Mrs. Loomis in the head to make sure she’s dead.

Billy Loomis : was the son of Hank and Nancy. Billy met Roman Bridger, a young music video director, one fateful day and Roman showed Billy a tape of an affair between his father, Hank, and the mother of Billy’s girlfriend, Sidney, Roman manipulated an enraged Billy into killing the mother, Maureen Prescott, alongside his best friend, Stu Macher, They framed Maureen’s lover Cotton Weary for the murder. A year later, Billy and Stu masterminded a killing spree in Woodsboro, the ultimate target being Sidney, for unknown reasons. They planned to kill Sidney and frame her father, Neil Prescott, Using a Halloween costume, a voice changer, and a knife, they executed a killing spree as planned, up until the “grand finale” at Stu’s house. Billy was about to finish his plan by killing Sidney when local reporter, Gale Weathers, shot him. Billy survived the gunshot but feigned death, and made a second attempt moments later. However, just as Billy opened his eyes and grunted, Sidney shot her psychotic boyfriend in the forehead, killing him for good.25 years after his death, it is revealed that Billy had an affair with another student and she gave birth to his illegitimate daughter, Samantha Carpenter, who later faces a similar killing spree to the one Billy orchestrated. Billy appears as a hallucination to his daughter, multiple times whilst she is on her medication. He initially tries swaying her into using her serial killer genes to attack residents of Woodsboro and to embrace her dark side. Samantha is able to fight against the hallucinations and eventually sublimates her darkside when she has to murder her boyfriend, Richie Kirsch, who is revealed as one of the Killers.

Samantha Carpenter : is the illegitimate daughter of Billy Loomis and Christina Carpenter, the granddaughter of Hank and Nancy Loomis, the elder sister of Tara Carpenter and ex-girlfriend of Richie Kirsch, Sam always believed her legal father Mr. Carpenter was her biological father. One day, when she was 13 and Tara was 8, she was searching the attic for Christmas presents and she found her mother’s diaries, which revealed that she was actually born to another man whom her mother had an affair with in high school. This man was none other than Billy, the original Woodsboro Ghostface killer, Sam was shocked by this revelation and demanded an explanation from her mother, unaware that her father was listening and as a result of the confrontation, he left the family in anger. Mr. Carpenter abandoned the family around Tara’s eighth birthday. At the age of 19, she left town, until she receive a phone call from Wes Hicks about Tara was attacked by Ghostface, while their mother was in London for work. After arriving at the hospital, Sam apologises to Tara for leaving her and agrees to stay in town. Later on, Sam is taking a break at the hospital and when she looks in the mirror she hallucinates a vision of Billy who taunts her for unknown reasons. Sam’s phone rings and when she answers it’s the Killer who claims to know her secret. Ghostface jumps out from behind the door and tries to attack her, however she is able to escape and she then reveals to Tara the reason she left town, when she was 13 she founds their mother’s diaries which reveal that her father wasn’t her father, and r Tara the real reason why she left town about the reason their father left and her real father’s identity. Tara became upset and asked Sam to leave. Later Ghostface begins to attack Richie and Tara again at the Hospital, Sam arrives with Dewey Riley, but Dewey was killed trying to save the girls. Sam meets with Dewey’s ex-wife Gale Weathers and longtime survivor Sidney Prescott, who recognized her as Billy’s daughter. Sam decides it’s time to leave Woodsboro and ignores Sidney’s request for help. While Sam and Tara decide to leave town, Tara forgot her inhaler and they rushed to her friend Amber Freeman ‘s home, unaware it’s Stu Macher ‘s old home. While the group recovered from being attacked it was revealed the killers were Amber and Richie and the reason is the toxicity of the Stab mobves. Sidney and Gale kill Amber by setting her on fire, and Samantha repeatedly stabs Richie and then slits his throat, killing him. Sidney warns her that the Killer always comes back, so Samantha shoots him three times. A burnt Amber comes running at them from the kitchen with a kitchen knife and Tara shoots her through the head, finally killing her. Sam thanks Gale and Sidney for their help before leaving with Tara. As Sam prepares to leave with Tara in the ambulance, she hallucinates Billy standing behind her once more, indicating that he still is, and will continue to, haunt her.

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Is Billy the bad guy in Scream

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1. Billy Loomis (Scream) – Image Via Miramax The O.G. Ghostface killer, Billy Loomis was the first man to directly torment Sidney Prescott, not to mention the rest of Woodsboro. Alongside Stu Macher, Billy slashed through all of their high school pals, but not before murdering Sidney’s own mother a year prior in a revenge-fueled rage.

Billy might be the scariest of all the Ghostface killers because even when he was out of costume he was something of a freak, and was very clearly the killer from the beginning. Billy’s legacy would haunt the rest of Woodsboro (and the franchise) for years to come, directly inspiring future Ghostfaces and adding even more bloodshed to his name.

Even Sam Carpenter, the latest final girl and Billy’s long-lost daughter, channeled her inner-Loomis (after having visions of him in her head, yikes) to brutally kill Richie before he could murder her. This isn’t even to mention the years of therapy Sidney had to go through after Billy revealed himself as Ghostface.

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Did Sidney have a baby with Billy Loomis?

Billy Loomis – Just as notorious as Sidney in the Scream movies is Billy Loomis, her ex-boyfriend and the original Ghostface mastermind who was inspired to kill Maureen Prescott by Roman. Billy is the son of Nancy and Hank Loomis, the former of whom abandoned Billy after discovering that the latter was having an affair with Sidney’s mother.

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How is Billy Sam’s dad

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Scream 6 ‘s Sam Carpenter is the daughter of Billy Loomis, but Sam and her sister Tara’s mother may have also appeared in the original Scream film. In the first Scream, Neve Campbell starred as Sidney Prescott, a high school student coping with the death of her mother and being taunted by a Ghostface killer.

At the end of the film, Sidney learns that her boyfriend, Billy Loomis, alongside his friend Stu Macher, were the killers the whole time, and they were after Sidney because her mother had an affair with Billy’s dad. The affair tore Billy’s family apart, so he killed Sidney’s mother and went after her next.

Scream 5 introduces Sam as Ghostface’s new victim and reveals original Scream character Billy was her father. At some point in high school, her mother hooked up with Billy, resulting in Sam’s birth. It remains unclear whether Billy was with Sidney at the time,.

3/25/2023by Gina Wurtz

When did Billy get Christina pregnant?

Early Life – Christina’s high school sweetheart was Mr. Carpenter the biological father of Tara Carpenter, Sometime in August 1996, she cheated on her boyfriend with Billy Loomis, one month before his mass killing spree as Ghostface, Scared, she convinced her boyfriend that he was the biological father.

  1. She gave birth to Samantha Carpenter in May 19th 1997,
  2. Around six years later, she became pregnant with her second child, her husband’s first biological child, unbeknownst to him.
  3. She gave birth to Tara on December 14, 2002,
  4. In December 2010, Samantha was age 13 and her younger sister was 8.
  5. She was looking for Christmas gifts in the attic (if they were leftover gifts, this may have been January) and found her mother’s diaries instead.

Thinking they were going to be romantic, she read the diaries and confronted her while her legal father (and Christina’s husband) was standing nearby and overheard the entire conversation. As a result, her husband had abandoned her and their two daughters sometime within a short time frame.

Who killed Kieran Scream?

Maggie Duval – Piper and Kieran’s killing spree made Maggie guilt-ridden, both because she knew she has a part at turning Piper into a bloodthirsty killer and because she indirectly hurt her beloved daughter Emma. She wanted to fix her mistakes, close the cycle of blood and made pace with herself, so she decided to kill Kieran.

Who killed Sydney’s mom in Scream?

Sidney Prescott – Neve Campbell (pictured) won the Saturn Award for Best Actress for her role in Scream,

  • Portrayed by Neve Campbell
  • Appeared in: Scream (1996), Scream 2, Scream 3, Scream 4, Scream (2022)

In Scream, a year after the murder of her mother Maureen, she is stalked by a killer, later revealed to be her boyfriend Billy Loomis and his friend Stu Macher. These two prove to have been Maureen’s murderers, Billy being motivated by Maureen’s affair with his father, which caused his mother to leave home.

  • Sidney kills both of them in self-defense.
  • In Scream 2, while attending college, she again becomes the target of a masked killer, this time her boyfriend’s friend Mickey Altieri and the mother of Billy Loomis, seeking revenge for the death of her son.
  • Once more Sidney manages to survive the attempts on her life.

During Scream 3, she is drawn to Hollywood by yet another killer. She discovers that this one is her half-brother Roman Bridger, who wants to kill her out of anger at his abandonment by Maureen. In Scream 4, she returns to Woodsboro to promote her new self-help book about overcoming the tragedies of her life, but is targeted once again by a new Ghostface, who turns out to be her cousin Jill Roberts who is envious of Sidney’s fame and wants to become the new “Sidney Prescott”.

  1. In Scream (2022), Sidney is revealed to be married to Mark Kincaid, whom she first met in Scream 3.
  2. They now have two children together.
  3. Sidney returns to Woodsboro so that she and Gale can help Sam Carpenter and her sister Tara to kill the new Ghostfaces, avenging Dewey and the other victims.
  4. The character does not appear in Scream VI, but Gale Weathers states that Sidney and her husband, Mark, have gone into hiding with their children in response to the latest killings in New York.

Despite her absence, Campbell’s likeness is applied via drawings in the abandoned Stab cave, showcasing every previous killing including some visual references of those events. In the fictional films within a film Stab and Stab 2, based on the murders, Sidney is portrayed by Tori Spelling as herself.

In Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro, she would be portrayed by fictional actress Angelina Tyler; however, Angelina is killed by Ghostface. Neve Campbell won the Saturn Award for Best Actress in 1997 for her role as Sidney Prescott in Scream and the MTV Movie Award for Best Female Performance in 1998 for her role in Scream 2,

When she was cast in Scream, Campbell was starring in the television drama series Party of Five, It was previously unheard of to cast an established television actress in a horror film, but, following the success of this casting and that of Courteney Cox, the practice became common in many later horror films.

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Are there always 2 killers in Scream

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The Hidden Killer refers to a fan theory that there is often an additional, unseen killer in all Scream films. The Ghostface entity usually comprises of two people in all Scream films, so it is largely referred to as the ” Third Killer Theory “. The exception to this is Scream 3, where only one killer is unveiled.

  1. After the killer or killers’ reveal, many questions go unanswered, as it appears that both killers (or in the case of Scream 3, one killer), could not have been able to commit certain acts.
  2. Fans propose an additional killer may have been involved to tighten up some unexplained questions about what we know about the killers involved.

Though widely debunked by certain other attributes, fans maintain there is some credibility to be attributed to the prospect of a third (or second, in Scream 3′ s case) killer.

Who is the killer in Scream Season 4?

***SPOILERS for the finale of Scream: Resurrection *** – As revealed in the sixth and final episode of Scream: Resurrection, the killers are revealed to be Deion’s ( RJ Cyler ) step-brother Jamal ( Tyga ) and Goth-girl horror expert (and Resurrection ‘s Randy stand-in) Beth ( Giorgia Whigham ).

Jamal was upset because his father married Deion’s mother ( Mary J. Blige ) and began to treat Deion like more of a son than Jamal. When he met Beth, who reveals herself to be a sociopath, she fostered his jealousy into a murderous rage and used him to start a killing spree because, well, she just likes killing people.

Yes, out of all of the Scream films to rip off, Scream: Resurrection chose to rip off Scream 3, Jamal’s motive is essentially the same as Roman’s ( Scott Foley ): He’s upset because his daddy loved his stepbrother more than he loved him. It’s certainly a (boring) choice, but Jamal isn’t the problem with Resurrection ‘s finale.

You see, while Beth being the killer seems clever (unless you count Scream 4 ‘s Charlie, Scream has never had the Randy-type character be the killer before), Beth’s motive monologue is problematic to say the least. Her explanation is as follows: “I was born bad. Unlike you and your little “Deadfast” besties, I don’t lie to myself about it off, nothing changes! I always knew I was a sociopath.

I mean, why do you think I love horror movies so much? I watched every single one I could get my hands on until I realized it just wasn’t quite enough. Why should Michael Myers get to have all the fun when I could be a better monster because I’m not just some actor behind a mask.

  • This is who I really am on the inside.
  • C’mon, that was a killer monologue! Literally! Focus on that part in bold, would you? Because no other line of dialogue spoken in this finale matters.
  • In case you glossed over it, here it is again: “I always knew I was a sociopath.
  • I mean, why do you think I love horror movies so much?” Do you feel mocked? You should.

It’s a tiny line that takes up mere seconds of screen time, but screenwriter/showrunner Brett Matthews is being insulting at best and downright irresponsible at worst. That one bit of dialogue reinforces the stereotype non-horror fans associate with us all too often and because of it, Scream: Resurrection now has the distinction of not only being one of the most boring horror television shows ever created but also one of the most offensive.

Never before have I seen a television series disparage its audience to this degree. Did you know that sociopaths love horror movies? No? Well, Scream: Resurrection is here to school you on that subject. To top things off, the series suggests that horror films can be used to appease or tame sociopathic tendencies in its (sociopathic) viewers, but when they’re not hardcore enough to satiate our vicious bloodlust, we’ll go on a killing spree.

Alright. It’s as if no one on the creative team had ever watched a Scream film before. The films have always done an excellent job of distancing the sociopathic/psychopathic tendencies of their killers from horror fandom. While it is true that the two are not mutually exclusive (obviously, a sociopath can be a horror fan and vice versa), the films took great care to ensure that they were sending the proper message (i.e., horror fans aren’t automatically sociopaths).

  • Do I believe that this was an intentional message? No.
  • I just don’t think anyone put any thought into it (something that could be said about this entire season).
  • Scream is smart.
  • This isn’t smart.
  • In Scream, Billy ( Skeet Ulrich ) says “Movies don’t create psychos.
  • Movies make psychos more creative.” In Scream 2, Mickey’s ( Timothy Olyphant ) motive is to blame the movies for his killing spree, all the while noting that that isn’t the real reason he is killing.
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It’s just the reason that will make him the most famous. The same applies to Jill ( Emma Roberts ) in Scream 4, She doesn’t like horror movies because she is psychotic. She just wants to be famous and uses the original Scream (er, Stab ) as a blueprint for her master plan.

The distinction is important, and Scream: Resurrection does not make that distinction. At the end of the day, Resurrection delivers an extremely problematic message to its viewers and goes against everything the film franchise stood for. The films respected horror fans. Scream: Resurrection shits on them.

At least we now know that whatever the next entry in the Scream franchise is it can’t possibly be worse than this dreck. To hear more of my thoughts on Scream: Resurrection, check out this week’s bonus episode of the, in which and I read the series to filth: : The Killer in ‘Scream: Resurrection’ Makes a Mockery of Horror Fans Everywhere

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Why was Rachel killed in Scream

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Trivia –

She is the first character to appear on the series along with Audrey Jensen, Similar to Cici Cooper, she was thrown off a balcony and her death was believed to be a suicide until further evidence showed it was a murder.

Also, both girls were the third victims of their respective killing sprees.

She is the first person to fall victim to Kieran Wilcox, and also his first female victim. She attended Saint Mary’s Catholic School for girls. Like Casey Becker, she is found hanging.

The way she is hung from the ceiling fan is very similar to the deleted scene of Marnie Cooper in Scream 4, Rachel telling Audrey (not her but the Lakewood Slasher) that her mom would be home soon when she heard a noise, is reminiscent to when Casey told Ghostface that her boyfriend, Steven Orth, would arrive to her aid, albeit the roles and scenarios similar in theme yet reversed (seeing as Audrey is being impersonated by the killer, supposedly going to visit Rachel, unbeknownst to her it isn’t Audrey; while for Casey it is established she is being taunted), likewise.

Rachel is the first LGBTQ+ female character to be killed in the Scream franchise and to be killed by falling, albeit she was hung, and was thus dropped (who is the first character, regardless of sex, to be killed this way in both the franchise and the TV series ).

She would be succeeded in-universe 8 years and 4 weeks plus a day after her death by Anika Kayoko and her death in Scream VI, and also killed by being dropped, albeit different killers (Rachel by the Lakewood Slasher, Anika by Ghostface ). Both females were the respective partners of LGBTQ+ female protagonists (Rachel to Audrey, Anika to Mindy ), who were devastated by their deaths, in which one wasn’t present for (but whose voice was manipulated as if to implicate, Audrey) while the other was (but couldn’t aid in time, Mindy).

Despite Nina being the series’ “opening victim”, Rachel shares more similarities to Casey Becker, receiving a call from the killer and ending up hung somewhere, only to be found by their mother (although Nina is found dead by her mother in the morning in the pool, while Rachel’s discovery by hers occurs off-screen).

Albeit reversed, since the call Rachel receives by the Lakewood Slasher is using a voice modifier impersonating Audrey, and who never drops the voice while on call.

This is a nod to the voice changer which could copy people’s voices used by the fifth Ghostface killer, Roman Bridger, in Scream 3,

Like Arthur Himbry they both were found hanging and their “murder” was first known to the main protagonists via phone call.

Also both were the third victims of their respective killing sprees.

As written in the original script for ” Pilot “, Rachel was intended to die in the first episode. At the beginning of ” Hello, Emma “, we see numerous cuts on her arm as a result of her history with self-abuse and depression. She is the second person in the series to get a call from the killer.

The killer disguised their voice as Audrey using the voice changer app to convince Rachel to come outside for the kill.

She and Audrey met online on a Film Geek site.

This is a nod to the killers in Scream 2 meeting, although reversed, as Rachel and Audrey weren’t killers.

Her death may have been staged as a suicide so that Piper Shaw could make Emma feel Rachel’s death was her fault because of her part in the video. After the season finale, many fans believed that Audrey was the one that killed Rachel.

This turned to be false due to the fact that in The Vanishing Audrey mentioned that Piper Shaw was with her the night Rachel died.

Rachel is played by Sosie Bacon, the daughter of Kevin Bacon.

Her father Kevin starred in Friday the 13th (1980) which the movie is mention several times in both the movies and in the show. Kevin himself was referenced in Scream 2,

She appeared as a hallucination to Audrey in Happy Birthday to Me, In The Vanishing, it was revealed that during the time of Rachel’s death, Piper and Audrey were at Crescent Palms Motel, meaning that Piper wasn’t her killer. She shares her name with Rachel from Stab 7, from Scream 4,

They ironically have similar appearances (shoulder length blonde hair) and are technically the third person to die in their respective series.

It is revealed in When a Stranger Calls that Kieran Wilcox was her murderer. Her death bears many similarities to Cassidy Spilker’s death in the 2015 found footage supernatural horror film, The Gallows :

Both Cassidy and Rachel are killed by a masked murderer whose identity is presumed to be deceased. Both Cassidy and Rachel are hung from a noose, but are later found dead in a separate location. Ironically, her death scene in Hello, Emma aired just 3 days before the release of The Gallows, on July 10th, 2015.

She is the first and only victim to date be killed with a noose in the franchise. Although many victims have been hung after being killed While technically Officer Richards in Scream 2 and Tom Prinze In Scream 3 predate her as the first victims not to be killed with a bowie knife or firearm, as Richards was impaled onto a pole after being trapped on a car when Mickey Altieri attempted to run him over and Prinze died in an explosion.

  1. Rachel is the first victim to directly be attacked and killed with something other than a firearm or bowie knife and throughout the series various different weapons would be used on victims.
  2. She is also the first character to be directly attacked and killed in a unique fashion without receiving any kind of injuries from a bowie knife.

Prior to her, several victims in the series were at least wounded with the bowie knife only to be killed in a different fashion, Rachel was just killed with the noose:

Will Belmont will be the next as he sliced in half when Emma Duval steps on a trip wire. Then Jake Fitzgearld when he steps on a bear trap and is finished off with a Scythe. Zoe Vaughn would be buried in a coffin and drown to death in Wren Lake.

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Is Brandon James still alive

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Brandon James
Biographical Information
Full name Brandon James
Age 15 or 16
Eye color Brown
Hair color Light Brown
Occupation Serial Killer High School Student (formerly)
Status Alive
Nickname TBA
Relationship Information
Family Cassie James (mother) Mr. James (father)
Friends Daisy (crush)
Enemies Everyone
Other Information
Interests Killing
Talent(s) Killing
Secrets Was obsessed with Daisy Murdered 5 students
Education George Washington High School
Death Shot in the Back
Series Information
Season(s) One (only in flashback/photo) Two (mentioned) Three (possibly)
Last appearance Pilot
Latest appearance Pilot

Brandon James is a minor character. He had an love obsession with his next-door neighbor Daisy Anderson in high school back in 1994. It was speculated snapped after being bullied for so long and started brutally murdering five high school students on Halloween night, however, later turned out to be framed for.

He agreed to meet Daisy at Wren Lake and told her, that he never meant to hurt anyone. However, it was a set up by the police, who shot Brandon in the back. His body falls into the water. However, we later learn that he did not die at the lake. Daisy and her young friend, Miguel Acosta, found Brandon injured, but still alive outside the lake.

They buried his knife and vowed not to tell anyone. Brandon left a note that said “Don’t forget me” and disappeared, never to be seen again for the next twenty years.

Does Sydney lose her virginity to Billy?

The (not-so) basics – 1996’s Scream establishes the fictional town of Woodsboro and our hero Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), a high school student whose mother was murdered one year before. Still justifiably haunted by what happened, Sidney is horrified to discover that dead bodies are piling up once again in Woodsboro.

To make matters worse, she’s a prime target herself. The suspect, who disguises their voice and is known only as Ghostface for the mask they wear, claims to have killed her mother, and they won’t rest until Sidney herself is dead. With some help from police officer Dewey (David Arquette) and reporter (Courteney Cox), Sidney manages to subdue and uncover the killer.

She’s devastated to discover that her very own boyfriend Billy Loomis (Skeet Ulrich) was behind the Ghostface mask. That’s right—the man who killed Sidney’s mother and tried to kill her was her boyfriend, a discovery she makes moments after losing her virginity to him.

That’s a lot! To make things wilder, there were actually two killers splitting Ghostface duties, the other being Sidney’s and Billy’s friend Stu Macher (Matthew Lillard). The two-killer reveal was a massive shock and lay the blueprint for the franchise. Since then, there are always two killers, making it twice as tantalizing to suss out who’s behind the mask.

The identity of Ghostface is also different every film, making the whodunnit aspect extra exciting every time. What you need to know about Scream 2, 3, and 4 is that they introduce the Stab movies, a (fictional) series of horror movies inspired by the events of the first Scream, which exist within the Screamverse.

The first one follows the events of the ’96 Scream, but they’ve taken on a life of their own ever since. The Stab series also inspires plenty of copycat Ghostface killers along the way. Scream 3 takes place on the set of Stab 3, creating a phantasmagoria of winking madness. By the time we reach 2022’s Scream, there have been eight in-universe Stab movies; the controversial nature of the latest Stab film becomes of great importance in the 2022 film.

Speaking of 2022’s Scream —it essentially reboots the franchise. It’s so similar to the original that it even has the same name, but it spices things up in some exciting new ways. This fifth entry does ignore a cardinal rule introduced in Scream 4, however: “Don’t fuck with the original.” But it’s such a satisfying ride that fans (myself included) are eagerly anticipating how the story will continue on in Scream 6,

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Does Sidney survive Scream

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Sidney’s Role In ‘Scream VI’ – Image via Paramount Despite Campbell’s hesitance to return, Sidney’s presence is still felt in Scream VI, Sidney isn’t killed off, as she is still married with three children following her move from Woodsboro at the end of Scream 4, Although the events of 2022’s Scream allowed Sidney to reunite with both Gale and Dewey, she doesn’t stay in Woodsboro for much longer.

While Sidney had provided guidance to both Sam and Tara as they processed their trauma, she has clearly moved on. Despite rumors that Campbell’s dispute over pay was a stunt intended to hide the fact that Sidney was either the killer or would die in the opening scene, this is not the case. It’s mentioned in Scream VI that Sidney has returned to her quiet life, and is not present in New York City where the events of the film take place.

Gale mentions Sidney is content with her current trajectory, reflecting the writers’ respect for Campbell by giving the character a happy ending. However, since Sidney is still canonically alive within the Scream universe, there is more than enough room for her to return in a later installment.

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Why did Billy want Sydney dead?

Films – Sidney Prescott’s first cinematic appearance was in the film Scream (1996) as a 17-year-old high school senior in the fictional town of Woodsboro, California. During a spree of grisly murders, she begins to receive taunting and threatening phone calls from Ghostface, who claims to have knowledge of the brutal rape and murder of Maureen Prescott ( Lynn McRee ), Sidney’s mother, which occurred one year prior to the events of the film, a murder that is blamed on Cotton Weary ( Liev Schreiber ).

Suspicion falls on several characters before her boyfriend Billy Loomis ( Skeet Ulrich ) and his friend Stu Macher ( Matthew Lillard ) are revealed to both be the killers. Billy states his motivation as revenge following his mother abandoning him over his father’s affair with Maureen. With help from Gale Weathers ( Courteney Cox ), Sidney is able to fight back against Stu and Billy, even using the killer’s own tricks against them, and manages to kill them both and survive the events of the film.

Scream 2 (1997) picks up two years later. In her second appearance, Sidney is a student at the fictional Windsor College where a copycat series of Ghostface murders occur. The killers again taunt 19-year-old Sidney and murder her friends including fellow Woodsboro survivor, Randy Meeks before her friend Mickey ( Timothy Olyphant ) reveals himself as the killer and murders her new boyfriend, Derek ( Jerry O’Connell ), in front of her.

Mickey states his motivation as the infamy that will come from his exploits including the murder of Sidney. He is the accomplice to Mrs. Loomis ( Laurie Metcalf ), seeking revenge against Sidney for the death of her son Billy. However, Mrs. Loomis betrays and kills Mickey, intending to disappear without trace after killing Sidney, but before she can enact her plan, Cotton intervenes and shoots her, saving Sidney, who then shoots Mrs.

Loomis in the head, killing her. The third appearance of Sidney occurs in Scream 3 (2000), set two years after the events of Scream 2, Another murder spree begins in Hollywood, with the killer leaving photos of a young Maureen Prescott at the crime scenes.

Sidney, now a reclusive crisis counselor for women, has been in hiding following the events of Scream and Scream 2 but is drawn to the set of Stab 3, the film within a film based on Sidney and her experiences, after the new Ghostface discovers her location. Ghostface claims responsibility for the murder of Maureen Prescott and is unmasked as the thirty-year-old director of Stab 3, Roman Bridger, Sidney’s previously unknown half-brother.

Roman reveals that their mother was gang raped and impregnated with him during a two-year period where she moved to Hollywood to become an actress, before she met Sidney’s father, Neil Prescott (Lawrence Hecht). After being given up for adoption, an adult Roman sought her out over four years ago, only for her to reject him.

  1. Roman began stalking Maureen, filming her adulterous liaisons with other men, including the father of Billy Loomis, and used this footage to convince Billy to murder Maureen, unknowingly setting in motion the events of Scream and Scream 2,
  2. Sidney denounces Roman for his actions and manages to outwit and defeat him after a vicious fight, while Dewey Riley ( David Arquette ) ultimately shoots and kills Roman, and finally moves on with her life.

Sidney’s fourth appearance is in Scream 4 (2011), set eleven years after the events of Scream 3, After returning to the town of Woodsboro to publicize her new book, Out of Darkness —a self-help book about overcoming the events of her life—new Ghostface killings begin in the town and evidence is left in Sidney’s car.

Becoming a suspect in the murders, the 32-year-old survivor stays in town with her young teenage cousin Jill Roberts ( Emma Roberts ) and maternal aunt Kate ( Mary McDonnell ), but the family becomes embroiled in the Ghostface murder spree. Sidney tries to rescue Jill, who is staying at her best friend, Kirby Reed ( Hayden Panettiere )’s house for an afterparty, but is attacked only to discover that Jill herself is the killer.

Jill’s accomplice is her secret boyfriend, Charlie Walker ( Rory Culkin ), having left Kirby to bleed out. Envious of her cousin’s fame, Jill explains how she has remade and outdone the events of Billy and Stu’s murder spree to make herself the Sidney of a “new generation” with all the associated fame, including the act of filming her own killings.

Jill betrays and kills Charlie, and stabs Sidney, before brutalizing herself to appear as the “sole survivor”, but after arriving at the hospital, she discovers Sidney has narrowly survived, having received treatment in the ICU. When Jill attempts to finally kill her cousin, Sidney manages to outsmart her deranged cousin and eventually shoot her in the heart, killing her, while declaring that Jill forgot the first rule of horror remakes, which was never to mess with the original.

The character’s most recent incarnation is in the fifth film, simply titled Scream (2022). Set twenty-five years after the conclusion of the original film, Sidney—in her fifth appearance—is a 42-year-old married mother of three. She is revealed to have returned to her life away from Woodsboro, and in the ten years since the events of Scream 4, she reconnected with and started a family with her now-husband, Mark Kincaid ( Patrick Dempsey ), who she first met during the events of Scream 3, when he was a police detective investigating the murders in Hollywood.

  • She is phoned by her now-estranged ally, Dewey and warned to stay away from Woodsboro following the return of Ghostface yet again—now targeting relatives of Billy Loomis and Stu Macher.
  • Despite this, she returns to her hometown after hearing about Dewey’s murder, and consoles Gale in the hospital.
  • Billy’s daughter Sam Carpenter ( Melissa Barrera ) rejects their offer for help to bring down the killer once and for all, but a skeptical Sidney nonetheless places a tracking device on the car of Sam’s boyfriend Richie Kirsch ( Jack Quaid ), leading her and Gale to the former home of Stu, now housed by Amber Freeman ( Mikey Madison ).

They are met by a distressed Amber who reveals herself as one of the killers after an unsuccessful attempt to disguise herself as a stab victim. Sidney enters the house alone to find Amber and is taunted by the other killer, though she isn’t fazed at all by the taunting phone call and hangs up on him; the other killer is later revealed to be Richie.

Following a confrontation with the killers, Sidney is stabbed by Amber. However, with the help of an injured Gale, the pair subdue and light Amber on fire, before she is shot in the head by Tara ( Jenna Ortega ), Sam’s teenage half-sister. After Sam kills Richie, Sidney provides mental reassurance for her, as Sidney and Gale wait for the ambulance transportation to the hospital for her injuries.

Sidney does not appear in Scream VI, which features new Ghostface killings in New York; Gale explicitly states that Sidney and her family, who live somewhere else, have gone into hiding in response to the killings. Later, Ghostface stabs Gale several times before running away after being interrupted by Sam and Tara.

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Who killed Kieran in Scream 2

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The Third Killer is the secondary antagonist in the special episodes in Season 2 of Scream, The killer was responsible for the murders of Kieran Wilcox (a former murderer himself) and his Prison Guard and also appears to be involved in 1994 Lakewood Murders.

Who was the killer in Scream 2 and 3?

Who was the killer in Scream 3? – Scream 3 was actually a massive departure for the series, as it was the only movie (so far) to only feature one Ghostface. By the end of the killings, Roman Bridger was revealed as not only the killer, but Sidney’s half-brother, Article continues after ad YouTube: Miramax Bridger was revealed to have reached out to Sidney’s mother years earlier, but was rejected and became obsessed with getting his revenge. This led him to manipulate Billy Loomis and Stu Macher into killing Sid’s mother, sparking the events of the entire franchise.

Who killed Ghostface in Scream 2?

Victims –

  • Phil Stevens – Stabbed in the ear by Ghostface/Mickey Altieri through a bathroom stall with a knife.
  • Maureen Evans – Stabbed to death by Ghostface/Mickey Altieri with knife.
  • Casey “Cici” Cooper – Stabbed twice in the back with a knife then thrown off the 2nd floor balcony by Ghostface/Mickey Altieri.
  • Randy Meeks – Stabbed to death by Ghostface/Nancy Loomis in the news van.
  • Officer Andrews – Throat slit by Ghostface/Mickey Altieri with a knife.
  • Officer Richards- Impaled in the head by Ghostface/Mickey Altieri with a long pipe while on a moving car.
  • Hallie McDaniel – Stabbed to death by Ghostface/Mickey Altieri with a knife.
  • Derek Feldman – Shot in the chest by Mickey Altieri.
  • Nancy Loomis/Debbie Salt/Ghostface – Shot in the head by Sidney Prescott after being shot in the neck by Cotton Weary to make sure she was dead.
  • Mickey Altieri/Ghostface – Shot to death by Sidney Prescott and Gale Weathers.
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Who killed the black girl in Scream 2

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Scream 2/Death – Maureen is killed by Ghostface, who dresses in her boyfriend’s clothes and keeps the mask on to conceal his identity, as they come back to the theater, where Maureen is sitting. She believes him to be her boyfriend but, after having blood rub upon her hands from his clothing, discovers otherwise. Maureen stabbed in stomach Then Ghostface pulls up a knife while Maureen makes a loud scream. The knife strikes her in the stomach. Maureen looks at Ghostface, shocked. She moans while getting up. Ghostface looks at her as she walks down the aisle, clutching her bloody stomach. Maureen after being stabbed in back 3 times She is unable to scream and stumbles down the aisle. As Maureen attempts to flee, Ghostface snatches her and stabs her in the back, causing her to groan. As she tries to escape from him, the knife strikes her in the back twice. Maureen, dead She climbs onto the stage as the audience gets angry. Maureen emits a horrendous blood-curdling scream as the audience realizes what is happening to her. The audience is left speechless, shocked and watches with horror. Maureen whimpers while blood is seen dripping down her chin. She drops to her knees and falls onto the ground, dead with her eyes wide open.