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Who was The Mole in season 1 Netflix

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How did the Mole sabotage the missions? – After revealing that Kesi is the Mole, host Alex Wagner sat the reunited cast down and played Kesi’s video diary, which she’d been keeping all along. As Kesi revealed, she didn’t start sabotaging right away. She helped out in the first mission so as to not draw any attention.

Then during the prison mission, she stalled as long as possible; she totally saw the key outside her door right away but didn’t mention it. During the bank heist mission, she absolutely knew that K. Midas and L. Dorado were clues — which is why she never read those names to her team. She couldn’t resist throwing the mail run mission by missing her bag of cash while speeding by on a train.

For the chained up mission, she took exemption because she wanted the people who suspected her to think that she was a player in need of exemption (remember, the Mole was guaranteed a spot until the end). And in the last missions, especially the snowy mountain one, she just plain sabotaged right in the light of day. : Who Is ‘The Mole’ on Netflix Season 1? The 2022 Winner Revealed

Who is The Mole in the show?

At the end of the show, the mole was finally revealed as Kesi Neblett by the season’s winner, Will Richardson.

Who is The Mole Netflix answer?

Who is The Mole on Netflix? – The final episode revealed that Computer Software Analyst Kesi was The Mole, sabotaging tasks throughout the entire competition. According to Netflix fan site Tudum, Kesi was asked three times to be The Mole before she accepted.

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Who is The Mole in the night agent

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Diane Farr Is The Mole In The Night Agent Season 1 – In a shocking twist, it’s revealed that Diane Farr is the White House mole and the reason why Peter and Rose can never go far without being caught. Diane was Peter’s boss on The White House side of his job, and they are shown to be close, with Diane being the one who hired him for the Night Action program.

  • Trusting Diane, Peter keeps her updated on his and Rose’s movements, as well as filling her in on their discoveries.
  • Although Rose is wary, Peter is adamant Diane is not the traitor in The Night Agent, and he remains unaware she is blocking his information from going to the President.
  • Via a flashback, the series shed light on how and when Diane was brought into the plot within the White House.

Diane was not originally part of the metro bombing, but Redfield and Wick brought her in to clean up their mess after the fact. Diane was enraged by their actions, but when Wick and Redfield claimed the administration and the president’s reputation would be under threat, Diane reluctantly agreed to participate in the cover-up.

Who is the mole Netflix Season 3?

Episode 6 – The final episode revealed Kathy as the winner and Frederique as the Mole. To reveal the results, the players were put behind three locked doors and placed their hand on a scanner. The first player to come out was the winner and the second was the Mole.

In this episode it was revealed that both Kathy and Erik had tied for the lowest score with Stephen on the second quiz. Also, Kathy and Corbin had the low score in the third quiz. Since Stephen and Corbin were slower in the respective quizzes, they were executed. Furthermore, had it not been for the exemption in Episode 4, Erik would have been executed, not Michael.

The remainder of the episode was focused on the ways the Mole sabotaged games and explaining the hidden clues that pointed to the Mole’s identity to the viewers.

Who is The Mole in The Mole on Netflix?

The most important factor, of course, is casting the Mole — the player chosen to sabotage their competitors as those same competitors try to uncover their identity. As revealed in the finale — THIS IS YOUR LAST SPOILER ALERT! — Goldman Sachs analyst Kesi was the titular traitor.

Does The Mole get paid?

Does the Mole win any money? – The Mole cannot and does not win any money, but it’s entirely possible that they are paid money. Contestants on reality TV are often paid for their time, which makes sense considering that people pause their lives — including their jobs — in order to appear on these shows for a brief window of time.

  • With that in mind, yes, it’s likely that the Mole was paid to sabotage the other players’ gameplay.
  • However, it’s unknown what they — or any contestants — were paid.
  • The only money amount we know is the money amount that the season’s overall winner walked away with for correctly identifying the Mole.
  • And just for the record: this is a question that Mole fans way, way back in 2001.

This isn’t a mystery with the Netflix revival. It’s part of The Mole’s central lore as a TV show. How much does a saboteur make for sabotaging? We may never know — and that seems appropriate, considering that The Mole is a show that’s all about questions and suspicion. : Does ‘The Mole’ Win Any Money from Netflix? Here’s What We Know

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Who is The Mole in season 6 of scandal

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Scandal’s Darby Stanchfield Laments the ‘Blood on Abby’s Hands,’ Breaks Down That Sick Olivia/Fitz Burn Warning, Gladiators: This article spoils the many twists and turns of Thursday’s, Proceed at your own risk A lot of words come to mind when reflects on this week’s Abby-centric, but “relieved” seems to top them all.

  1. Following last week’s revelation that, fans all but condemned her as a villain — only to discover that her strings are being pulled by a bigger, badder, more pony-tailed puppet master.
  2. As we learned Thursday night, the Shadowy Organization™ approached Abby during the election about her own political aspirations (#Whelan2020!), offering access to a $300 million fund to advance her position.

Of course, things took a pretty dark turn when the Shadowy Organization™ started making demands of Abby, including swapping out the bullets from Frankie Vargas’ corpse with three fakes provided by Meg. We also know now why Abby was so determined to keep Fitz and David from sending Cyrus to the electric chair — and why she remains determined to free him from captivity.

  1. I was relieved in that it makes sense for the character and the arc,” Stanchfield tells TVLine of Abby being the mole.
  2. For me, it’s more plausible than if we find out five-and-a-half seasons in that she’s been the axis of evil this whole time.
  3. It also makes sense how and manipulate everybody.
  4. They get under everybody ‘s skin.” Below, Stanchfield answers a few of TVLine’s burning questions from the episode, including, which Stanchfield says will be revealed soon: TVLINE | Abby seemed surprised when she was told how powerful she is.

Did she really not know that? It’s kind of like when someone says, “You don’t know how beautiful you are right now,” and it’s not for another 20 years that you realize how beautiful you were in that moment. I feel a little bit of that for Abby. Fitz tells her, “You have every option in the world after I’m done with my presidency,” but she doesn’t trust that.

  1. She doesn’t trust herself.
  2. Or maybe she’s just seduced by that large, shiny object that says, “You can have instant power! Here’s $300 million!” TVLINE | Do you think “President Abby Whelan” is really a possibility? I wrestle with that, and I love that Abby wrestles with it.
  3. There’s nothing easy about where Abby’s at in this place.

She makes a lot of difficult decisions, and not in her traditional moral compass kind of way. It’s also the first time we’re seeing blood on Abby’s hands. Ever. TVLINE | Literal blood on her hands! Was that fake Frankie corpse as gross as it looked? Oh my goodness.

  1. Let me tell you, the people who make these organs and this body do such a good job.
  2. I really, truly was gagging.
  3. It was pretty intense.
  4. We shot that scene at the end of a 17-and-a-half hour day.
  5. I was so tired and shaky.
  6. It was so easy to act because I really was grossed out.
  7. TVLINE | Speaking of corpses, though I hope that’s not the case, can you offer any insight on Huck’s condition? He’s in trouble.
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He’s a mess. I’m really looking forward to that eventually coming out. It’s pretty serious. TVLINE | Switching gears a little, there’s been a ton of time jumping this season. Like, more than usual. Are you having trouble keeping up? The producers and writers have been great about giving us the tools we need, and I personally love the way they’re playing with time.

  • They keep going back to this one night, this key moment in time, and drilling down on different characters’ points of view.
  • And a unique thing happened to me this season: Shonda told the head writer to give me this week’s script, even an early draft, before I shot the scene where you find out Abby’s the mole.

She wanted me to be informed about what happened in the past — and that never happens! We never get to look at scripts until the table read. TVLINE | I know how rare that is. You must have been so excited. I was like, “Wow, I’m an insider now! What’s going on?!” TVLINE | I’d like to know “what’s going on” with Cyrus and Abby.

Will freeing him remain a priority for her? Oh yeah, the storyline with Cyrus isn’t over by a long shot. It’s all she has left, really. I mean, she literally had someone killed to get Cyrus out. Jeff Perry and I always talk about this relationship. It’s such a dark, twisted one, but there’s also a subtle mentor/mentee vibe.

They have each other’s back in a weird way. TVLINE | I also have to ask you about Abby telling Fitz that Olivia will never go to Vermont for him. Does she believe that? Abby’s trying to get what she wants out of the president in that moment, and she’s taking it personally that he wants to move to Vermont and do his own thing because it’s not what she wants him to do.

She’s definitely gotten caught up in the power and the fast lane that she’s in. It’s lashing out with a purpose. She’s trying to get him to wake up. TVLINE | And do you believe that? I always think there’s hope for Olivia and Fitz. It might be the optimist or the idealist in me, but this was set up as a true love story from the beginning.

To me, it’s still one of those relationships where they can never say goodbye. Are you relieved to learn that Abby isn’t acting of her own accord? And do you forgive her for trying to sink the show’s eternal ‘ship? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

Who are the top 3 in The Mole?

Warning: This story contains spoilers for the season finale of The Mole, streaming now on Netflix, Read at your own risk! – Apologies to William Richardson, who ended up winning the first season of the Netflix reboot of The Mole, but most of the audience had to be feeling what Osei White said in the finale: “I don’t even care who won.who the hell is the Mole?” The answer was finally revealed after one final mission that saw the three finalists — Kesi Neblett, Will, and Joi Schweitzer — running through an abandoned fort to try to receive three canisters, each containing $5,000.

They made it out of the fort in the allotted time, but only with one canister. That final amount brought the prize pot to $101,500. The three players had to take one final quiz, and perhaps surprisingly, there were still multiple questions on it. They couldn’t just answer, “Who is the Mole?” because if the two who were not the Mole both answered correctly, the show still needed to find a way to mark a winner.

(Technically they probably could have selected the person who answered the fastest, but where is the fun in that? Instead, in that case, the winner would be the person who got the most correct answers. Because even if they were not guessing, they may not remember every thing the Mole did or didn’t do and therefore would likely not get 100-percent.) However, that proved unnecessary because everyone ended up choosing a different person, denoting “a clear winner,” as host Alex Wagner put it.

  • Esi chose Joi, Joi chose Will, and Will chose Kesi and was ultimately proven correct.
  • All throughout the season, suspicious behavior was sometimes written off as “too obvious” or concern that someone was just intentionally trying to confuse their fellow players so they could get further ahead.
  • But the evidence of Kesi’s sabotage had been left in the final edit of every episode.

Read on for every piece of Mole-like behavior she exhibited over the 10-episode season. And click here to read our interviews with Kesi and Will.

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Who is the real mole scandal

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Episodes – See also:

No. overall No. inseason Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod. code U.S. viewers(millions)
8 1 “White Hat’s Off” September 27, 2012 ( 2012-09-27 ) 201 6.74
Quinn’s true identity is revealed to be the Molotov Mistress Lindsey Dwyer and as the Pope & Associates team digs deeper into her past they find that she may be their biggest scandal yet. Meanwhile, Cyrus and First Lady Mellie put President Grant in a compromising position during a live television interview and a Rhode Island requires Olivia’s help to fix his sex scandal.
9 2 “The Other Woman” Stephen Cragg Heather Mitchell October 4, 2012 ( 2012-10-04 ) 202 6.56
Olivia has to deal with the ramifications of the jaw dropping verdict of Quinn’s court case, and Abby continues to press Olivia for answers. Meanwhile, in the White House, Cyrus and President Grant deal with a foreign policy emergency. However, Fitz becomes agitated when he realizes that his team is trying to force him to make hard decisions about foreign policy, so he seeks Olivia’s help by calling her.
10 3 “Hunting Season” Matt Byrne October 18, 2012 ( 2012-10-18 ) 203 6.17
Olivia watches Kimberly Mitchell’s talk show discuss President Grant’s decision on whether or not to go to war with Libya over photo-shopped photos of dead Sudanese children. Olivia sees Senator Edison Davis on the talk show and calls him to tell him that his tie is distracting on screen. He is glad to hear from her, considering it’s been three years. When Olivia gets into her car a government official, named Artie Hornbacker, claims that the government is using a new technology called “Thorngate” to spy on U.S. citizens. He claims he knows about her late-night phone calls to the West Wing. Artie explains that while he was doing data entry he noticed some descrepencies leading to his discovery, and subsequently stealing, of “Thorngate” from the NSA. Abby, Harrison, and Quinn look into Artie and become convinced he’s crazy. They get “Thorngate” up and running and Artie reveals that he told someone else about “Thorngate.” Edison wants Olivia to ask him out but she asks him about “Thorngate” since he’s on the Senate Intelligence Committee. Cyrus informs Fitz that “Thorngate” has been stolen and Olivia is representing Artie. He tells Fitz that he is a ticking time bomb, faking being happy since Olivia won’t return his phone calls. Fitz finds out that Olivia’s former fiancee Edison is back in her life when a secret service agent gives him photos as proof. Fitz goes duck hunting with Hollis Doyle. Fitz summons Olivia to join him hunting where he reveals to her he that knows about Edison. They kiss against a tree, ignoring Tom and Hal standing a few feet away, but afterwards Olivia claims their relationship is over. When Fitz returns home Mellie tells him that if he sees Olivia again he won’t be re-elected. Olivia picks Kimberly Mitchell to do an interview with Artie. Fitz puts an injunction against the network, making it treason for anyone to go through with the interview, but Olivia gets them to do it anyway. Artie escapes from Huck’s house with the recently decrypted “Thorngate.” The NSA shows up at OPA looking for Artie, but Olivia improvises and gets the NSA to give her 12 hours to find him. Fitz realizes that Cyrus used “Thorngate” on him; that’s how he knew that Olivia wasn’t taking his calls. Huck finds Artie and greets him with a toolbox. David joins OPA to uncover the true story behind the Lindsay Dwyer case. Edison declares himself a client of OPA. David and Abby have sex. Huck vows that his torture issues are under control.
11 4 “Beltway Unbuckled” October 25, 2012 ( 2012-10-25 ) 204 6.11
Olivia and the team are on the case of a missing college student. They soon discover that the missing girl had been sleeping with senators and writing about the sex on a site called “Beltway Unbuckled”. The team discovers she was murdered and identifies her killer, leading to a fight with the White House over diplomatic immunity. Abby and David’s relationship continues to blossom, as President Grant and Mellie’s relationship continues to flounder. Olivia and Fitz meet for dinner where Fitz ends their relationship. David continues to dig deeper into the Cytron investigation.
12 5 “All Roads Lead to Fitz” November 8, 2012 ( 2012-11-08 ) 205 6.06
The people involved in the Cytron incident try to figure out how to keep David from uncovering the truth. Huck agrees to go on a date with someone he met at AA. Olivia continues to fight her attraction to Edison. Olivia and the team work on the case of a governor who murdered a man who was allegedly raping his wife. Cyrus becomes worried when his husband, James, goes back to work as a journalist after Cyrus tells him that they can’t have a baby. Olivia finds out about Abby and David’s relationship.
13 6 “Spies Like Us” November 15, 2012 ( 2012-11-15 ) 206 6.02
Abby and Harrison try to convince Olivia to give one of them Stephen’s office. Cyrus is furious at James for writing an article that will lead to Cyrus as the anonymous source. Olivia gets a letter that reveals more about Huck’s past, putting his tenure at the firm in question. Olivia orders Harrison to break up Abby and David, so he pays one of David’s ex-girlfriends to claim David abused her. OPA works on a case involving a group of spies.
14 7 “Defiance” Tom Verica November 29, 2012 ( 2012-11-29 ) 207 6.64
Harrison leads the team on the case of billionaire’s son who is worried about his father’s mental state. Olivia works with a senator who had an affair with a 21-year-old and is now resigning from his position. Cyrus and Mellie plan a birthday gala for President Grant. James digs deeper into an investigation into rigged voting machines using information given by David. President Grant is shot while entering the gala; his prognosis is unknown.
15 8 “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” Oliver Bokelberg December 6, 2012 ( 2012-12-06 ) 208 7.39
President Grant is rushed to the hospital following the attempt on his life. While hospital staff attempts to resuscitate him, Olivia finds an American flag pin covered in his blood. A flashback reveals that she gave it to him the day of his inauguration. After the inaugural ball, Fitz calls Olivia in her office and they meet in the oval office, where they have sex. In present time Sally Langston has taken the oval, bringing Olivia back to the White House as she works with Cyrus to keep Sally in check. Right after Fitz got elected he, Cyrus, and Olivia went to Camp David to set his first-100-days agenda. Secret service agent Tom reveals to Fitz that there are security cameras in the oval. Back to present time, Olivia gives a press conference addressing Fitz’s condition. Back in the past Olivia has been avoiding Fitz and Verna is sick of waiting to be nominated to the Supreme Court. Olivia and Fitz have an emotional conversation where Fitz tells her he loves her. During present time Sally schemes to get the cabinet to make her president. Olivia goes to get Mellie fresh clothes when she remembers the first time she told Fitz that she loves him. A series of flashbacks reveals more about Olivia’s time in the White House and her relationship with the president, and what led her to resign.
16 9 “Blown Away” December 13, 2012 ( 2012-12-13 ) 209 7.14
While working in the White House, Olivia helps Vice President Sally Langston; Cyrus stumbles across the truth about James’s secret investigation; and one of Olivia’s associates struggles to come to terms with a shocking betrayal. Huck’s girlfriend Becky framed him for the shooting on the president, but is able to persuade him to flee with her. But after Olivia talks to him, Huck wants to catch her. Becky finds out about Huck’s plan and massacres the happy family Huck liked to watch.
17 10 “One for the Dog” Steve Robin Heather Mitchell January 10, 2013 ( 2013-01-10 ) 210 8.37
While Huck is being held in an underground location and being tortured after being framed for shooting the president the president is still in a coma, but to save Fitz’s presidency Mellie forges his signature saying he is awake and ready to head back to office. Acting President Sally Langston isn’t buying it, so Olivia does what she does best and manages the crisis. She managed to release Huck, who tracks down and captures the real sniper. Then, while talking to Quinn, Olivia gets a call from Cyrus, who gives the phone to Fitz, revealing he is awake.
18 11 “A Criminal, a Whore, an Idiot and a Liar” Stephen Cragg Mark Fish January 17, 2013 ( 2013-01-17 ) 211 7.93
Flashbacks reveal more about the rigged election and Fitz’s tense relationship with his father. To improve the polls Cyrus, Mellie, and Olivia tried to convince Fitz to bring his father onto the campaign. He eventually agrees, and “Big” Jerry joins the campaign. Olivia brings in Huck, Abby, and Harrison to gather dirt on Reston, per Jerry’s orders. In present time Fitz deals with side-effects of his brain surgery. Sally takes advantage of that by trying to convince the cabinet to deny Fitz’s reinstatement by questioning his mental capacity. Things get heated between Olivia and Edison after he makes a shocking accusation: he accuses her of being Fitz’s mistress and forging the President’s signature. In response, Olivia calls him sexist. A resting Fitz is visited by Mellie, who tells him they can do what ever he wants due to their increase of political capital. Fitz shocks Mellie by saying what he wants is a divorce. Meanwhile Edison apologizes and asks Olivia to marry him.
19 12 “Truth or Consequences” Peter Noah January 31, 2013 ( 2013-01-31 ) 212 8.09
OPA realizes that a quickly unraveling Olivia might not always wear a white hat when they discover the truth about the rigged White House election. In order to reel in Fitz, Mellie is forced to take extreme measures. David takes his investigation into the Cytron explosion to the next level and arrests Hollis Doyle. Flashbacks to the life Lindsay Dwyer and Jesse Tyler the weeks leading up to the explosion.
20 13 “” Tom Verica Mark Wilding February 7, 2013 ( 2013-02-07 ) 213 8.14
David learns the truth about the Cytron case; Olivia, Cyrus, Mellie, Hollis and Verna go to extremes to protect themselves. Verna tells Fitz she was the one who tried to assassinate him. She also reveals to him that she along with Cyrus, Olivia, Mellie, and Hollis rigged the election in his favor. Fitz removes Verna’s oxygen mask and holds her hands back, ultimately killing her. At her funeral, Fitz gives the eulogy and doesn’t say anything negative about Verna. Fitz also calls off the divorce after Olivia turns down Edison’s proposal so she can wait for Fitz’s divorce to be final.
21 14 “” Mark Tinker Matt Byrne February 14, 2013 ( 2013-02-14 ) 214 8.02
10 months later, after discovering the truth behind Defiance, Fitz is still struggling to figure out whom he can actually trust. Meanwhile Olivia is trying to move on with her life, and she meets a handsome stranger, Jake Ballard (), in a coffee shop who sparks her interest. Mellie tries to convince Fitz that Defiance was primarily Cyrus’ fault. Fitz and Olivia meet again at Cyrus and James’ baby christening, and end up having sex in an electrical closet. Afterwards, Olivia says that Defiance was a mistake, and Fitz tells her that he doesn’t want her and that their relationship is over. Meanwhile back at Pope and Associates, for the first time they are working with David Rosen and not against him.
22 15 “” Jenna Bans February 21, 2013 ( 2013-02-21 ) 215 7.68
Olivia and the team are hired by an up and coming politician, Peter Caldwell (), part of an in-universe ; but this time instead of fixing a scandal, they’re playing high-powered matchmaker. Meanwhile, David is trying to leave the past behind him, but when he feels like he’s being followed, he finally turns to the team at OPA for help. Back at the White House, Fitz is still struggling with whom to trust and how to handle a delicate hostage situation. Olivia figures out that Will is having an affair with his sister-in-law, and she tells him to break it off. Jake just won’t take no for an answer when it comes to dating Olivia.
23 16 “” Steve Robin Heather Mitchell March 21, 2013 ( 2013-03-21 ) 216 8.51
Olivia takes on the White House when her firm is hired by a new client, Sarah Stanner (), who has been accused of having an affair with a Supreme Court Justice nominee. Huck takes Quinn under his wing while looking for the mole, and Mellie and Cyrus continue to try to regain Fitz’ trust, but unbeknownst to them he has a new confidant, Jake Ballard.
24 17 “” Ron Underwood Raamla Mohamed March 28, 2013 ( 2013-03-28 ) 217 7.97
Hollis Doyle calls Olivia in when his daughter, Maybelle, is kidnapped under suspicious circumstances. Olivia and Jake continue their relationship whilst Quinn and Huck’s friendship strengthens. Problems at the White House spring up as Cyrus fights to be back in the president’s corner whilst Mellie confronts Fitz. It turns out that Maybelle faked her own kidnapping in order to get money from her parents. The mole is exposed and taken care of, though all is not as one might expect.
25 18 “” Tom Verica Chris Van Dusen April 4, 2013 ( 2013-04-04 ) 218 8.04
Olivia’s team looks for a mistake in their assumption of the CIA Director’s guilt as the mole, realizing their error could put them in grave danger. Meanwhile, Olivia and Jake’s relationship becomes intimate while Fitz and Mellie’s marriage hits a new low point. At Jake’s apartment Olivia discovers that he has been spying on her leading to her falling and hitting her head when she tries to run from him. Jake discovers Fitz’s romantic attachment to Olivia after her fall lands her in the hospital.
26 19 “” Mark Fish April 25, 2013 ( 2013-04-25 ) 219 7.90
Secrets from Huck’s life before Pope and Associates are revealed. Olivia and Fitz engage in an emotionally charged conversation, unaware of the fact that Jake could be watching. OPA looks into who attacked Huck and finds out that it is Huck’s former fellow assassin Charlie. Olivia’s team comes together to help one of their own. Meanwhile, Cyrus is becoming increasingly skeptical of Jake. Mellie makes a decision that could bring down the White House, she leaves Fitz for Blair House, taking Teddy with her. She gives Fitz 36 hours to choose her or she will go on national TV and reveal that he cheated on her.
27 20 “A Woman Scorned” Zahir McGhee May 2, 2013 ( 2013-05-02 ) 220 8.07
Jake is still protecting Olivia, per Fitz’s orders. The team continue their investigation into the mole and make a shocking discovery in the process. And back at the White House Mellie’s ultimatum forces Cyrus into the role of “fixer”. Fitz goes to Olivia’s house and tells her he chooses her over Mellie, and they have sex. Mellie does the interview with James, and Cyrus is furious that she picked his husband. She reveals that Fitz has been unfaithful to her, but she fails to mention who the mistress is.
28 21 “Any Questions?” Mark Tinker Matt Byrne May 9, 2013 ( 2013-05-09 ) 221 8.87
Cyrus holds a press conference in which he claims the alleged affair is a private matter. He goes to Olivia’s apartment to find Tom guarding the door. He gets Tom to open the door and walks in on Olivia and Fitz having sex. Olivia tells Fitz she is going to do everything she can to help with Mellie’s interview scandal, but Fitz tells her to stand down. Cyrus is at the center of a big scandal at the White House; Olivia is betrayed by someone close to her. After Olivia persuades him, Fitz announces his re-election campaign.
29 22 “White Hat’s Back On” Tom Verica Shonda Rhimes May 16, 2013 ( 2013-05-16 ) 222 9.12
While David was working with Billy Chambers he kept the Cytron card from Billy. At the White House Mellie, Fitz, Olivia, Hollis, and Cyrus discuss how to handle the Cyrton card, and they plan to get the card from Billy. Fitz tells Olivia that he is going to run for president, and wants Olivia to be at his side. He tells her to find a way to make it work, and Fitz kisses her. The mystery man tells Jake he wants to meet with Olivia. OPA and David figure out that Governor Reston is working with Billy Chambers to out Defiance. Cyrus meets the mystery man who tells him to show Fitz Olivia and Jake’s sex tape. Olivia calls Cyrus to warn him about Reston, leading to Cyrus’ heart attack. David gives the Cytron card to Billy. In Cyrus’ hospital room Olivia tells Fitz to pretend to put Reston on the ticket as his running mate in order to get Billy to give them the Cytron card. Later Mellie walks into Cyrus’ hospital room and Fitz tells her that he will divorce her and be with Oliva, and if she tries to stop him he will publicly call her a racist. A woman breaks into Olivia’s home and tries to kill her, but Jake saves her. He tells her that he slept with her as part of a B613 mission. Cyrus comes to check on Olivia, and she tells him that she and Fitz are planning to be together. Cyrus responds that Fitz killed Verna Thornton. Huck attempts to torture Billy for the Cytron card, but when he can’t bring himself to do it Quinn picks up the drill instead. Cyrus shows Fitz the sex tape of Olivia and Jake. The Cytron card David gave Billy turns out to be fake. David goes to Cyrus’ office with proof of Billy’s confession, leading to Billy going down and David getting a new job as the US Attorney of DC. Olivia gets a box with the confession and white hat, which she puts on. She then goes to the oval where she and Fitz reveal to each other that they know each other’s secret, and Olivia pushes Fitz to run with Mellie at his side. He goes to Mellie and puts his head in her lap, asking for forgiveness. As Olivia leaves for her morning run the press calls her the president’s mistress. She is pulled into a car with the mystery man in it. She looks at him, surprised, and says “Dad?”
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Is Night Agent a real thing?

Is Peter Sutherland’s Night Agent Position Real? – Image via Netflix In short, the answer is no. We couldn’t verify anything substantial to indicate that there is a position known as a Night Agent. But Quirk again used a friend who works for the FBI as a sort of template for what Peter Sutherland would look like in an interview with The Real Book Spy, stating, “The plot was inspired by a friend of mine in DC who worked an overnight shift at the FBI.

  1. He didn’t talk much about his job back then, but from what I was able to pick up, he was part of a night watch, charged with staying on top of any breaking crises and if need be waking up the director.
  2. That idea really stuck with me: a young guy sitting by a phone all night every night, waiting for his moment.

What happens when the phone rings, and he’s suddenly dropped into the middle of an emergency, face-to-face with the most powerful people in Washington?” So we feel we can safely say that The Night Agent is loosely based on a similar government agency, but that is as far as it goes.

Who is the bad person in Night Agent?

The Night Agent is filled with baddies. Although they don’t make it to the final episode, Dale (Phoenix Raei) and Ellen (Eve Harlow) are the embodiment of cold-hearted killers, who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, whether it means murdering old women or kidnapping babies in order to get what they want.

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Does Peter become a Night Agent?

After realising that his father did in fact commit treason, but had been working to make things right before he died, Peter manages to put the past behind him. President Travers then promotes Peter to a Night Agent.

Who won the Mole Season 4?

The Mole (American season 4)

The Mole
Winner Dennis Rodman
Runner-up Mark Curry
Location Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico
The Mole Angie Everhart

Who is the Mole Season 5 cast?


Player Age Game Status
Kristen Willeumier 35 5th Executed
Victoria Garza 26 4th Executed
Bobby O’Donnell 25 3rd Executed
Ali Sonoma 24 Bribed

Who was the second person eliminated in the Mole?

Second Eliminated: Samara The 25-year-old Atlanta-based mental health counselor, who has a master’s degree in clinical psychology, hoped that background and her ‘strong communication skills’ would help her suss out the Mole.

Asked By: Kevin Roberts Date: created: Feb 18 2023

Who won Mole Season 1

Answered By: Lawrence Gonzalez Date: created: Feb 19 2023

More about The Mole winner William Richardson – Originally from Las Vegas, William wanted to be an athlete from a very young age. He used to play basketball in college and now works as a lifestyle brand manager for other athletes. According to his Netflix description, Will loves adventure, and his main strategy for the game was to never vote for just one person in his tests, which he did during his last test against Kesi. : How much money did The Mole season 1 winner William James Richardson win? Recap and more about the Netflix show

Why does Dom not like Will The Mole?

What happened between Dom and Will on ‘The Mole’? – Unlike Perfect Match, Netflix’s reality competition show The Mole is heavy on the physical competitions and mind games. Will and Dom were two of the strongest players in the game and they even worked together for a little while.

  • But, because The Mole is rife with paranoia, they were never totally trustworthy when it came to their friendship.
  • Their occasional truce was really tested when Dom was locked in a car and had to figure out the name of the city written on the back of it in order to be let out.
  • He had a radio to communicate with the other players and get clues from them, but no one helped him, since failing the competition meant Dom would be out and the rest of the players would be that much closer to the prize money.

Article continues below advertisement Will was among the players who didn’t help Dom. It’s hard to say if there’s any other beef between the guys, from the show or otherwise. But fans who watched The Mole on Netflix aren’t sure what Dom’s issue is beyond that competition.