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Is Enid a furry in Wednesday

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It turns out that at least one of the jokes in Wednesday centering around the struggles that Enid faced growing up was based in the real world. Since the new Tim Burton series, Wednesday hit Netflix, it has built up quite a cult following. There are those who always loved the original Addams Family show and were interested in seeing how that series has jumped into the 21st century with Jenna Ortega taking the titular role,

there are also some fans who just love any kind of show like this they can get. The Netflix original had a kind of Harry Potter vibe to it with a school that was geared entirely towards students who have certain powers or are actually offshoots of well known legendary creatures. That included Wednesday Addams’ best friend and roommate in Enid, who just happened to come from a long line of werewolves.

However, Enid’s backstory was a bit tragic as it turned out that she wasn’t able to transform into her wolf form. That she went through some real struggles growing up and even sought help was a consistent story point throughout the Netflix series. It turns out that at least one of those story beats is actually based in the real world.

Is Enid older then Wednesday?

Wednesday’s roommate, Enid Sinclair, is likely the same age as her, 16, while Emma Myers is 20 years old. – Emma Myers as Enid Sinclair on “Wednesday.” Courtesy of Netflix, Michael Tullberg/FilmMagic via Getty Images Enid is a young werewolf on the series. Myers started acting at 16 and will next appear in Netflix’s upcoming film “Family Leave,” starring Jennifer Garner.

Is Tyler the monster?

Who is the monster in Wednesday? Source – Hunter Doohan Instagram Tyler Galpin is the monster aka the hyde in the series Wednesday. Disclaimer: The information below consists of major spoilers for the Netflix series Wednesday. In episode seven “If You Don’t Woe Me by Now”, it was revealed that the hyde is none other than Wednesday Addams’ love interest, Tyler Galpin.

  • As the episode begins, the Jericho police first arrest Xavier Thorpe, who Wednesday believes to be the monster.
  • After Xavier’s arrest, Wednesday kisses Tyler Galpin who she goes on a date with, and during their kiss, Wednesday has a vision of Tyler as Hyde and realizes that he’s the Monster.
  • Wednesday and her friends kidnap Tyler and take him to the jungle to torture him and seek confession.

Wednesday gets arrested by the Jericho police for torturing Tyler but while at the police station, Tyler confirms that he is the real monster.

What is the twist in Wednesday?

A history of Addams past and present – Credit: Screenshot Netflix There are two major timelines casting a shadow on the mystery and Wednesday’s time at school: Jericho’s founding in the 17th century, and Morticia and Gomez’s high school years, 30 years before Wednesday itself. As Wednesday unravels, we learn that Jericho was in fact founded by an absolute bigot named Joseph Crackstone, a pilgrim who was determined to take over native land and rid it of outcasts that looked a whole lot like Wednesday’s peers at Nevermore.

His biggest opponent was Wednesday’s own Mexican ancestor, Goody Addams (also played by Ortega), who managed to survive Crackstone’s attempt to burn all outcasts and executed her revenge by poisoning and killing him with nightshade. Our queen Goody then proceeded to build Nevermore as a safe haven for all outcasts in the town.

And while Jericho’s council continuously attempts to whitewash its own history and paint Crackstone as a savior, Wednesday (and other key players) know the true story of what went down. Flash-forward hundreds of years later, and we’re at Nevermore in the ’90s watching Gomez and Morticia fall in love.

  • But there’s trouble in paradise, thanks to Garett Gates, the son of Ansel Gates and one of Jericho’s last remaining families directly tied to Crackstone through ancestry.
  • The Gates may have acquired wealth and respect from their legacy, but they’ve also acquired a hostility toward outcasts and are determined to destroy everything about Nevermore once and for all.

Garett is madly in love with Morticia but on a mission to spike the drinks at their Rav’n prom with nightshade, a twisted take at poetic justice, to execute his family’s lifelong dream of killing all outcasts. Instead, Garett’s case of nightshade cracks while still in his pocket and poisons him instead, with Morticia and Gomez bearing the brunt of his death many years later.

  1. We also know that during that time, the first occurrence of hydes was documented by a mysterious Nevermore student named Nathaniel Faulkner.
  2. And the mother of Wednesday’s classmate, Rowen (Calum Ross), had a vision that a young girl in identifiable braids was going to fight against a greater evil on Nevermore’s grounds.
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All these pieces tie together and unravel during Wednesday’s time at school, informing her struggle with a present-day duo trying to revive a history of bigotry through an outcast-killing monster.

Who ends up being bad in Wednesday?

Who Exactly Is Laurel Gates? – Image via Netflix The investigation strains Wednesday’s relationships with friends like Enid ( Emma Myers ) and Eugene ( Moosa Mostafa ), makes for an uncomfortable love triangle with Xavier ( Percy Hynes White ) and Tyler ( Hunter Doohan ), and gets Wednesday some negative attention from authority figures Principal Weems ( Gwendoline Christie ) and Sheriff Galpin ( Jamie McShane ).

  1. Given her determination and relentless need to prove herself right, Wednesday continues on, causing quite a bit of mischief and putting those who care about her through an emotional rollercoaster with her ignorance of and attitude about their feelings of the situation.
  2. Eventually, Wednesday discovers the monster is actually a Hyde, which changes quite a bit about what she thought she knew as a Hyde only acts on orders from a master.

A Hyde is, usually, not responsible for their actions while they’re transformed. Meaning, there’s someone even bigger pulling the strings. Wednesday continues on the path of investigating the missing Laurel Gates, descendant of anti-outcast leader Joseph Crackstone ( William Houston ), and accusing her therapist Dr.

Why did Tyler turn evil Wednesday?

Tyler Was Manipulated by Ms. Thornhill – Netflix In the Wednesday Season 1 finale, it is revealed that Tyler was coerced and tormented by Marilyn Thornhill, a.k.a. Laurel Gates (Christina Ricci) until his mind was corrupted to such an extent that he developed a taste for murder. That not only serves to highlight Thornhill’s status as a villain, but it also serves to paint Tyler as a victim due to the fact that he had no control over how he turned out.

Even though Tyler may be a polarizing character, Wednesday nevertheless makes it plain that he deserves some sympathy. As a result of this manipulation, it needs to make more practical sense to emphasize Tyler’s negative behaviors since Thornhill was the motivation behind them from the very beginning.

Tyler’s situation is reminiscent of that of Bucky Barnes in the MCU, He is also not at fault for the murders he committed as The Winter Soldier while under Hydra’s brainwashing. And Wednesday’s Tyler is also essentially innocent of the wrongdoings he committed while under Ms.

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Why Tyler betrays Wednesday

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How Did Laurel Transform Tyler Into The Hyde Monster? – Wednesday met Tyler for the very first time when she was trying to run away from Nevermore Academy and, by chance, found herself in a coffee shop asking for a quad. Principal Larissa Weems had taken her for her counseling session at Dr.

Valarie Kinbott’s clinic, and finding the opportunity, Wednesday had climbed down using the pipe and escaped from the scene. Tyler seemed like an under confident and shy teenager who had a lot going on inside his mind. He spoke less, but he observed everything. Wednesday repaired his coffee machine, and Tyler was surprised to see that she knew how to do that.

Wednesday told him that she wanted to decapitate her dolls more efficiently, which is why she had one of those machines at home, too. Tyler realized that he was probably dealing with the uncanniest of all of the outcasts he had met till then. Tyler’s father, Donovan Galpin, considered Nevermore nothing less than an abomination.

He had a prejudice against Wednesday’s whole family, especially her father, Gomez Addams. He considered him responsible for the murder of Garrett Gates, even though his guilt hadn’t been proven by the authorities. When he saw that his son was hanging out with Wednesday, he was not very pleased and told him to steer clear of her.

Tyler was intrigued and interested in Wednesday from the very first day they met. He tried his best to woo her, but he couldn’t find a way around Wednesday’s curt mannerisms. Though Wednesday wasn’t the kind of girl who would have any sort of feelings, she did have a soft spot for Tyler.

Tyler knew more about the town of Jericho and its history as compared to Wednesday, who had recently moved there. He told her that the original pilgrim meeting house was in the Cobham Woods, and by going there, Wednesday learned about Joseph Crackstone and the atrocities he had inflicted on the outcasts through her psychic visions.

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The Hyde monster attacked Wednesday in the pilgrim meeting place, and she had a near escape. She followed the trail, and by seeing the footprints that Hyde had left on the wet mud, she realized that after a point, the big paws changed into human-like feet.

  1. It struck her that the Hyde monster was, in fact, a human, and it was quite possible that he was roaming freely in disguise.
  2. She met Xaviers, who was surprisingly present in the vicinity when the monster attacked.
  3. Wednesday doubted his intentions, but the lead was so cold that she also didn’t think much about it after that day.

Tyler became a bit jealous over the time of his nemesis, Xavier, who was also showing equal interest in Wednesday. She had asked Xavier to be her partner in Rave’N, not because she wanted to, but because she was caught in a compromising situation, and she just wanted to turn the conversation around.

  • But it didn’t matter what the motive was; Tyler just saw that Wednesday didn’t care to ask him and was going with another guy to one of the most happening nights of Nevermore Academy.
  • Xavier got to know that asking him for the Rave’N was just a coverup from Wednesday’s end, and so he refused to be her partner.

“Thing” wanted to set up Wednesday with Tyler, as he wanted her to go to the Rave’N. So, he, without informing Wednesday, asked Tyler to be her date. The tension could be felt in the air when Xavier came with Bianca, and Tyler came with Wednesday to the Rave’N night.

Over a period of time, Wednesday had become pretty sure about the fact that Xavier was the Hyde Monster, and she believed Dr. Valerie Kinbott to be Laurel Gates, the one who was controlling Xavier. Unable to find any sort of incriminating evidence, Wednesday planted it on her own, and Sheriff Galpin gladly took Xavier into police custody.

We say that, because deep down, he knew that Xavier was innocent, but he had an ulterior motive in putting the blame on him. Wednesday thought that she had caught the murderer and his master, but she was deceived. In the eighth episode, she shared an intimate moment with Tyler, totally oblivious to what she was going to witness after that.

  • As soon as she touched Tyler, she got one of her psychic visions, and she realized that Tyler was the Hyde Monster, and she was wrong in getting Xavier arrested.
  • Together with the members of the Nightshade Society, Wednesday took matters into her own hands.
  • She confined Tyler and was eager to take out every piece of information, even if it required taking harsh measures.

But Bianca and others turned on her and informed Principal Weems about it. Sheriff Galpin came to rescue his son, and the Hyde Monster was once again set free. In the police station, Tyler, finding an opportunity, almost threatened Wednesday and told her that she had no clue what was coming.

Francois, Tyler’s mother, was also a Hyde, and the traits had been genetically transferred to him. But still, his savagery had to be unlocked by someone, and that’s where Marilyn Thornhill, a.k.a. Laurel Gates came into the picture. Laurel’s father, Ansel Gates, kept tabs on all the outcasts, and through him, she got to know that Tyler had similar traits to her mother.

That side of him, hidden somewhere inside his subconscious, was brought to the surface by a plant-derived chemical that was used by Laurel. Tyler had been in a very fragile state of mind after his mother passed away. The sheriff probably knew about this, which is why he was hoping that he could protect his son from the world.

  1. Laurel manipulated him and told him that his mother was also a Hyde.
  2. Tyler was not a murderous monster from the beginning.
  3. He resisted his impulses.
  4. He told Laurel that he couldn’t be a part of the plan.
  5. But Laurel tied him in a cave for days and injected him with chemicals until he became her slave.
  6. The character of Tyler reminded us of the famous gothic novel, “Strange Case of Dr.

Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.” Nobody could have ever imagined that Tyler was capable of such things if they had seen him serving coffee and talking to his customers in the coffee shop where he used to work. But just like Mr. Hyde, he did things that even he couldn’t have imagined in his sane mind that he was capable of doing.

  1. His personality oozed goodness and innocence on the outside, but there was a devilish fervor hidden somewhere inside him.
  2. When he was tied in a cave, he experienced a conflict just like Dr.
  3. Jekyll, where he constantly tried to crush his evil impulses.
  4. If, for the time being, we kept the supernatural aspects aside, we would have believed that Tyler had created an alter ego that was in stark contrast with his own real personality.
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Apart from the chemicals, the grief of losing a parent and the void that his father was unable to fill somehow aided in his transformation. Tyler had reached a stage where he had started deriving sadistic pleasure from killing people. He experienced an unrestrained power that he had over others, and the fear that he saw in the eyes of his victim made him even more greedy for blood.

Is Tyler a demon in Wednesday?

Using Gates family knowledge, Laurel identified Tyler as a Hyde and unlocked his powers with a plant-based chemical, becoming his Hyde master. ‘Tyler owed a debt to Laurel because she’s also the first person that tells Tyler the truth about his mom,’ Doohan says.

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Why did Wednesday think Xavier was the monster

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The Writers Of Wednesday Misdirects The Audience – Image via Netflix. There’s a murderer loose in the town of Jericho, home of the Nevermore Academy. Someone or something is killing people. And our very own Wednesday is on the case. She figures out that it’s a monster killing people, called Hyde. Her suspicions led her to another student at Nevermore, and one of her potential love interests, Xavier Thorpe (Percy Hynes-White).

  1. This is because she discovers that Xavier has been having dreams of Hyde, which he then put on canvas as paintings.
  2. Or so he claims.
  3. Wednesday suspects that the reason why Xavier is painting the Hyde, and the reason for his visions, is that he is the Hyde himself.
  4. This plot point remains consistent throughout most of the series.

The writers use it to misdirect Wednesday, and the audience, to prove that Xavier has to be Hyde. But he’s not, of course. It’s Wednesday’s other boy toy, Tyler (Hunter Doohan).

Is Xavier in Wednesday the killer?

Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) confirms her suspicions that Tyler (Hunter Doohan) is the Hyde terrorizing Nevermore Academy — and not Xavier (Percy Hynes White), who was first arrested for the monster’s crimes.

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Is Xavier the killer Wednesday Addams

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Who is the Hyde in Wednesday season 1? – Across the season, the writers do a good job of keeping fans guessing as there are several characters who viewers are led to believe is the Hyde. Like Wednesday, we’re led to believe that Xavier is the Hyde for good reason.

Xavier shows up shortly after several of the Hyde’s attacks but is never seen at the time of the monster’s attack. His studio is full of paintings of the creature, but the real piece of damning evidence is the trophies from the victims discovered in his procession. However, as we later discover, Xaiver is not the Hyde but rather the fall guy used to throw the police off the trail of the real killer.

The real Hyde is actually Tyler! That’s right, Tyler is not a normie and is actually a Hyde! In episode 7, Wednesday shares a kiss with Tyler which triggers a vision of him as the Hyde standing above the body of Dr. Kinbott. When confronted, Tyler reveals that his mother was a Nevermore student and shared his Hyde gene which was unlocked by a very unsuspecting individual!

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Why is Wednesday so mean to Xavier

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Wednesday Was Never Romantically Interested In Xavier – Wednesday was never focused on any kind of relationship with Xavier in Wednesday season 1. In fact, for most of her encounters with him, Wednesday believed Xavier was the Hyde, Wednesday was never romantically interested in Xavier, and even chances of a friendship between the two characters became remote once she began to suspect he was the monster.

Though Xavier obviously cared about Wednesday and tried to remain friends with her following the first accusations, there was no romantic connection between them. That said, Wednesday did toy with the idea of a love triangle between Wednesday, Tyler, and Xavier. Despite Tyler’s infamous ” mixed signals ” discourse, he and Wednesday eventually got closer, which also confirms that Wednesday was never romantically involved with Xavier.

Unfortunately, Tyler’s interest in Wednesday was revealed to be part of a complex ploy set by Mrs. Thornhill (played by former Wednesday actor Christina Ricci ), to manipulate her. The fact that Tyler’s interactions with Wednesday even before he was revealed to be the Hyde led many to dislike the character.