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Who was the first person to leave Love Island 2023

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Who has been dumped from Love Island? – Mitchel Taylor – dumped Mitchel Taylor was dumped from Love Island the day before the final. Picture: ITV2 After a whirlwind experience in the villa, Mitch and Ella B were dumped just before the Love Island final. But it might not be the last we see of him in the iconic villa after he was asked in his exit interview if he’d go back on the show if given the chance, to which he responded: “If I did, It would have to be within the next year or two, I’m 27 now.” Ironically, reports have just emerged claiming an All Stars series is on its way in 2024. Ella Barnes and Mitchel Taylor were dumped at the end of Love Island. Picture: ITV2 Ella B arrived as a bombshell in the villa, wasting no time in coupling up with Mitch who she eventually left with. She said after she left: “It’s a bittersweet moment for me. Scott van-der-Sluis was dumped from Love Island. Picture: ITV2 Scott arrived as a bombshell just a couple of weeks into Love Island series 10 and soon coupled up with Catherine. However, he was left heartbroken when Catherine re-coupled in Casa Amor and he got to know Abi – who he was eventually dumped with – instead.

  • Asked what he learnt about himself in the villa, Scott said: “I don’t regret anything I’ve done.
  • In hindsight, maybe I should have gotten to know Gabby better at Casa Amor but I stayed honest with myself and enjoyed every moment of it.
  • I’ve learned that I put situations to bed really quickly and I’m comfortable with seeing things that affected me a day ago and moving on from them quickly – I think that will help me in the outside world.

Also, I feel like I’ve stood up for what I thought was right in there.” Abi Moores – dumped Abi Moores was dumped days before the Love Island final. Picture: ITV2 After arriving during Casa Amor ad coupling up with Mitch, Abi was dumped a few weeks later with partner Scott following a public vote. She said of her exit: “I’ve been on a journey in the Villa and I’m happy to be leaving because I didn’t find the connection I wanted, not for any other reason. Ouzy See was dumped from Love Island. Picture: ITV2 Ouzy entered during Casa Amor as a bombshell and was brought into the villa by Ella before she swiftly decided to rekindle things with Tyrique. He then coupled-up with Kady but they were eventually both booted off the show by Whitney and Lochan who were forced to pick between them and Mitch & Abi to be sent packing. Kady McDermott – dumped Kady McDermott was dumped from the villa. Picture: ITV2 Weeks after entering to shake things up in the villa, Kady was dumped from the island with Ouzy in a shock twist which saw Whitney and Lochan select which couple to be sent packing. Amber Wise – dumped Amber Wise was dumped from Love Island. Picture: ITV2 Just a few weeks after entering the main villa with Sammy during the Casa Amor re-coupling, Amber was axed from the island with Josh as they were voted the least compatible couple by the public. Josh Brocklebank – dumped Josh Brocklebank was dumped from Love Island. Picture: ITV2 Josh was dumped from the villa just days after entering as a bombshell after he and Amber were voted as the least compatible couple in the villa. Leah Taylor – dumped Leah Taylor was dumped from Love Island. Picture: ITV2 Leah Taylor was savagely dumped from the island alongside Montel McKenzie after being picked by the public as one of the least compatible couples in the villa. She said during her exit interview that she was glad to be leaving with Montel, however, and said of her favourite moment in the villa: “The friendships I’ve formed will last a lifetime and the romantic connection I’ve built with Montel are both my highlights. Montel McKenzie was dumped from Love Island. Picture: ITV2 Montel left the villa alongside Leah after the public voted for the least compatible couples. Their exit came soon after Catherine and Elom were sent packing. Catherine Agbaje – dumped Catherine Agbaje was dumped from Love Island. Picture: ITV2 Catherine was savagely dumped alongside Elom after fans had been voting for the least compatible couples. She and Elom received the brutal news that they had been dumped while the islanders were enjoying drinks, rather than the usual suspenseful gathering around the fire pit – which left the villa in shock. Elom Ahlijah Wilson – dumped Elom Ahlijah Wilson was dumped from the villa alongside Catherine. Picture: ITV2 Elom and Catherine were sent home in a very savage dumping after the public voted them as the least compatible couple. Their exit shocked the villa as they were brutally dumped without warning and were sent packing immediately. Six bombshells were dumped after Casa Amor. Picture: ITV2 Following the very dramatic Casa Amor re-coupling, six bombshells were dumped from the villa after not finding connections with the OG islanders. The Casa contestants who were dumped were:

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Ben NoelZachary AshfordKodie MurphyTink ReadingGabby JeffreyDanielle Mazhindu

Mal Nicol – dumped Mal Nicol was dumped from Love Island days after entering. Picture: ITV2 In a savage double-elimination, new bombshell Mal Nicol was dumped from the island just days after joining with fellow bombshell Montel Mackenzie. She was coupled up with Sammy Root but was sadly sent home alongside Mehdi after the public had been voting for their favourite boys and girls, meaning Mal and Mehdi got the boot. Mehdi Edno was dumped from the villa. Picture: ITV2 Mehdi Edno was brutally dumped from the villa in a savage dumping alongside co-star Mal Nicol following a public vote. The public was tasked with voting for their favourite boys and girls, leaving Mehdi and Mal to be sent packing. Charlotte Sumner – dumped Andre Furtado was dumped from Love Island. Picture: ITV2 Charlotte Sumner was sent packing from the villa alongside Andre Furtado following a brutal double elimination. She was in the bottom three girls and her fellow islanders were tasked with picking which two contestants should remain in the villa and which one should leave, sadly meaning that Charlotte was dumped. Andre Furtado – dumped Andre Furtado was dumped from Love Island. Picture: ITV2 Andre Furtado was brutally dumped from the villa alongside bombshell Charlotte Sumner following a double elimination. Andre was amongst the boys in the bottom three and his fellow islanders were forced to decide which islander to dump from the series, and which two to save, sadly leaving Andre packing his bags. Ruchee Gurung – dumped Ruchee Gurung was dumped from Love Island. Picture: ITV2 Ruchee Gurung became the second islander to be dumped from the villa after a brutal twist left her and Ella Thomas vulnerable and in the bottom two. The contestants were forced to pick which girl they had to say goodbye to and landed on Ruchee after deciding that Ella had grown close to Tyrique, therefore leaving room to explore their connection. George Fensom was the first contestant to be dumped from Love Island. Picture: ITV2 George Fensom became the first islander to be dumped from series 10 after he was the last man standing following a re-coupling, which saw his partner Jess Harding re-couple with bombshell Sammy Root, This meant that George was sent packing after a week in the villa after not finding love. Re-couplings have been shaking the villa. Picture: ITV2 Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX. > Here Are All The Ways You Can Listen To Capital

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Was Maya Jama ever a Love Island contestant

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Maya Jama reveals why she would never be a Love Island contestant

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, the host of ‘s dating show Love Island, has revealed why she would not be a contestant on the series.The presenter is regularly seen confidently striding into the villa and delivering news of recouplings and dumpings, but she doesn’t think she would be well-suited as an Islander.Jama, 28, is currently presenting the 10th series of the dating show, following her successful stint as the presenter of the Love Island South Africa winter edition in January.In a new interview with British for her August 2023 cover, when asked if she would ever go on the show as a competitor, Jama said: “I would not be able to, at any age, strut out of the house in a bikini in front of men that are judging me based on just one sentence and what I look like.” She went on to praise the courage of the contestants for going on the show to find love.

“The confidence of the people that go on! They’ve got a different kind of juice,” she said. The dating show has, with accusations of racism, misogyny, ageism and on-screen bullying. Scrutiny intensified when two former contestants – Sophie Gradon and Mike Thalassitis – died by suicide.

The show’s former presenter Caroline Flack, in circumstances unrelated to the show, died by suicide in 2020. Last week, Jama asked fans in the live audience at Love Island’s sister show Aftersun, Maya Jama hosting ‘Love Island’ In the photos shot by Steven Meisel for her Vogue cover feature, Jama modelled clothes from designer brands including Valentino, Prada, JW Anderson and Miu Mui.

Elsewhere in the interview, Jama reflected on the with her ex-boyfriend, British rapper Stormzy. “None of us really knew the level of importance it held to a certain group of people, us being together,” the TV presenter, who is half Swedish and half Somali, said of her relationship with the “Vossi Bop” rapper.

The pair met in 2014 and dated from 2015 to 2019. “We were both super ambitious. We were both from similar upbringings and we were both just little grafters that have made something good of ourselves. “It was lovely when it was lovely, and then you move.” Maya Jama and Stormzy attend the Glamour Women of The Year awards 2017 This isn’t the first time Jama has opened up about her relationship with Stormzy.

Earlier this year, the presenter shared details about her experience with the then-unknown rapper. “We were so young when we met, just beginning our careers,” Jama told in January. “I was starting at MTV. He’d not even released a single at that point. We were just little babies.” Jama started her career working as a DJ on Rinse FM, and presented on MTV (in Topshop clothes she’d return the next day) and BBC Radio 1.

How old is Lana Love Island?

How old is Lana Jenkins and where is she from? – Love Island’s Lana is 25-years-old and is from Luton. Opening up about her past relationships, Lana said: “I fall in love quickly. I tend to know quite soon if I could fall in love with that person and then, as long as everything is going well, I’ll probably tell them I love them in about a week.” She added: “I don’t mind people texting me all the time but if you send me question marks if I’ve not replied to you in a while, you’re gone. Lana Jenkins and Ron Hall are ending the Love Island experience as boyfriend and girlfriend. Picture: ITV2 Lana Jenkins has joined the Love Island 2023 cast. Picture: ITV

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Will Love Island 2023 couples still together?

Jess Harding and Sammy Root – together – Love Island winners Jess and Sammy (Image: ITV) Love Island viewers will be pleased to know that this year’s winners are still together. Jess and Sammy were crowned 2023’s champions during the live final on Monday, July 31. The pair made things official and have been going from strength-to-strength, with Sammy recently telling his followers: “What an adventure it has been! I never thought I would grow as a person so much in such a short amount of time, or end up leaving the villa with a girlfriend and dropping L bombs in a love letter but when you find the one unusual things happen.”

Can I rent the Love Island villa?

Can You Stay In The Love Island Villa? – Yes, but it’ll set you back £5,000 per week. Plus, because the villa is totally transformed by the ITV team, it won’t look anything like the iconic house we see on TV, with all of the colour, neon decals and slogans and plethora of beds removed.

  • But perhaps that’s a good thing.
  • In fact, the rustic villa is almost unrecognisable on its Fincallorca listing, with wooden sunbeds overlooking the infinity pool, exposed natural stone and shady wooden pergolas.
  • In case you get your hopes up: there’s also no firepit, the outdoor kitchen is very different, and the terrace is constructed by the ITV team for the series.

Even the stairs are different, with a minimalist white set constructed atop the real villa’s wooden steps with iron bannisters. BOOK IT: Naturally, the villa isn’t available to book right now – and we’re unfortunately uncertain as to when it will be listed again for rent.

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Is the Love Island villa real

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The actual villa is located on the green and rugged landscape of the island’s east coast near the town of Sant Llorenç. The residence has an estimated worth of £2.7m and includes a bedroom, lounge, make-up room, bathroom, beach hut, balcony, outdoor kitchen, swimming pool and fire pit.

Has there ever been an 18 year old on Love Island?

Who are the youngest Love Island contestants? Amelia Peters is a teaching assistant who was the youngest ever Love Island contestant. She was just 18 when she appeared in season three, and was only on the show for two days after entering on day 28.

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Who is the oldest person on Love Island

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Love Island’s oldest contestants throughout the years Jordan Ring from series one, Marcel Somerville from series three and Paul Knops from series four were all 31 when they took their chances for a summer of love, reports The Metro. So far, they are the oldest contestants since the show began in 2015.

How old is Lana from Love Island 2023?

How old is Lana? Lana is 25 years old, making her one of the oldest islanders left in the competition alongside Ron Hall. Lana was one of seven 25-year-olds on the season of Love Island, with Ron, Bayley Mummery, Cynthia Otseh-Taiwo, Ellie Spence, Aaron Waters and Zara Lackenby-Brown also that age.

Has someone been kicked off Love Island 2023?

Who has left Love Island 2023? All eliminated contestants A number of islanders have been dumped from the Love Island villa in the summer 2023 series. Here are all the contestants that have been eliminated. Season 10 of hit reality show UK kicked off on June 5, and there has been plenty of romance and drama keeping fans glued to their screens every night.