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Who plays the worst football

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Legacy – Dia has regularly featured in lists of bad players or bad transfers. He was named at Number 1 in a list of “The 50 worst footballers” in The Times newspaper and on ESPN ‘s ranking of the 50 worst transfers in Premier League history.

Who is the lowest rated player in FIFA 23?

Devansh Dabas (GK, Chennaiyin, 46 OVR) – (Image credit: EA) Chennaiyin’s 21-year-old back-up keeper carries the honour of being the worst in the game. Harsh, but somebody has to. Dabas started out at Punjab FC, before spells at Minerva Academy, Roundglass and Lonestar led him to his current club. What individual ratings does a 46-OVR goalie have, you might wonder? 51 Positioning, 42 Handling, and 48 Reflexes. Ouch.

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Who is the best football player that never played

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Carlos “Kaiser” Henrique Raposo was a professional footballer. But he never actually played a game. By convincing others of his abilities (with help from journalist friends) he moved from cl. Read all Carlos “Kaiser” Henrique Raposo was a professional footballer. Review The best story you’ve never heard A superb film about a Brazilian who conned a 26-year career as a football superstar. It looks stunning, has great interviews and a brilliant twist.

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Is Messi better than Ronaldo

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Who is better Messi Or Ronaldo? Ronaldo has scored a record number of international goals and appearances, but Messi has won more Ballon d’Or awards (7). Messi has spent most of his playing career in Spain and France, while Ronaldo has played in Portugal, England, Spain, and Italy.

Which country plays the worst football?

Reputation – San Marino has the smallest population of any UEFA country. As of 26 March 2023, the team has never won a competitive fixture. A 1–0 friendly win against Liechtenstein in 2004 remains their sole victory. The national side is mainly composed of amateur players.

Only a small number of players are at least semi-professionals, as many hold second jobs outside of the sport. Their 13–0 defeat at home by Germany is a European Championship record and they have conceded ten goals on seven other separate occasions. In the, San Marino traditionally have the lowest rank of any UEFA country.

Since the creation of FIFA rankings in 1992, San Marino’s average position has been 176th. In 2001, manager resigned after failing to beat San Marino in a World Cup qualifier. The ‘s 2–1 win over San Marino in February 2007 (from a last-second goal) resulted in scathing press criticism for the Irish team.

  1. San Marino held the record for the fastest goal in FIFA World Cup qualifying history for 22 years when they stunned England with a goal after only 8.3 seconds in 1993.
  2. England went on to win the match 7–1.
  3. San Marino set a European record when they went over 20 matches without scoring between October 2008 and August 2012.

On 8 September 2015, San Marino scored its first away goal in 14 years when scored against Lithuania in, An interesting result of San Marino’s weaknesses is that many people see them as football’s biggest ; as a result, they have gained a substantial following online from across the world.

Is there a 99 rating in FIFA 23?

Cristiano Ronaldo spearheads the FUTTIES Week 1 roster in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team – FUTTIES is a fan-favorite promo that arrives at the end of the game cycle every year. It is characterized by overpowered players released as pink cards, with special versions from previous promos being added to packs as well.

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What is the lowest FIFA

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This article contains affiliate links, we will receive a commission on any sales we generate from it. Learn more After years of partnering up on the FIFA video game series, EA Sports and world footballing organisation FIFA recently confirmed plans to split after the release of FIFA 23.

  • Both companies will move on without each other after this year’s release, with EA Sports FC taking over from the FIFA series.
  • With the surprise news still fresh in the minds of fans, now seems like a good time to rank all of the games in the long-running franchise.
  • Using data gathered from IMDB, the folks over at have put together a list of the best and worst rated games in the FIFA franchise.
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According to the user ratings, FIFA 13 is the highest rated game in the entire series, having racked up a score of 8.1/10. FIFA 13 is followed by FIFA 12 and FIFA 14 in joint second, while FIFA 11 takes the third spot. This era of FIFA ushered in many of the popular game mechanics and online modes that remain to this day.

  • Unfortunately, however, things have started to go downhill in recent years, with FIFA 21 and FIFA 22 occupying the bottom two spots on the list.
  • The earlier games in the series also fall short in the rankings, with the first game listed at number 15, behind both FIFA 95 and FIFA 96.
  • The full list can be seen below.

The FIFA games ranked from best to worst (according to IMDB ratings).1. FIFA 13 (2012) – 8.1 2. FIFA Soccer 12 (2011) – 8 2. FIFA 14 (2013) – 8 3. FIFA Soccer 11 (2010) – 7.9 4. FIFA World Cup 98 (1998) – 7.8 5. FIFA 07 (2006) – 7.7 5. FIFA 09 (2008) – 7.7 6.

  1. FIFA 10 (2009) – 7.6 7.
  2. FIFA 99 (1998) – 7.5 8.
  3. FIFA Soccer 06 (2005) – 7.3 8.
  4. FIFA 17 (2016) – 7.3 8.
  5. FIFA Street 2 (2006) – 7.3 8.
  6. FIFA Soccer 08 (2007) – 7.3 9.
  7. FIFA Football 2005 (2004) – 7.1 9.
  8. FIFA 16 (2015) – 7.1 9.2006 FIFA World Cup (2006) – 7.1 9.
  9. FIFA 15 (2014) – 7.1 9.
  10. FIFA 18 (2017) – 7.1 9.
  11. FIFA 2000 (1999) – 7.1 10.2002 FIFA World Cup (2001) – 7 10.

FIFA Street (2005) – 7 10. FIFA Soccer 2002 (2001) – 7 10. FIFA 2003 (2002) – 7 11. FIFA Soccer 2004 (2003) – 6.9 11.2010 FIFA World Cup: South Africa (2010) – 6.9 12. FIFA 2001 (2000) – 6.8 13.2014 FIFA World Cup: Brazil (2014) – 6.6 14. FIFA Soccer 96 (1995) – 6.5 14.

Who is the 1 rated player in FIFA 23?

FIFA 23 ratings: The best players in FIFA 23

Rank Player Name Club
01 Karim Benzema Real Madrid
02 Robert Lewandowski FC Barcelona
03 Kylian Mbappe PSG
04 Kevin De Bruyne Manchester City
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Who never lost a football game

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Other NFL perfect regular seasons – Apart from the 1972 Dolphins, three NFL teams have completed undefeated and untied regular seasons: the 1934 Chicago Bears, the 1942 Chicago Bears, and the 2007 New England Patriots, In 1934, the Bears played a 13–0–0 regular season and became the first NFL team to complete an undefeated regular season without tied games, but lost the 1934 NFL Championship Game against the New York Giants,

Despite losing several players and head coach George Halas to military service in World War II, the 1942 Bears finished 11–0–0 but again lost the NFL Championship Game, this time against the Washington Redskins, The 2007 Patriots became the first and only team under the 16-game schedule used from 1978 to 2020 to finish the regular season undefeated.

The Patriots then won their divisional and conference playoff games, but were upset by the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLII in dramatic fashion, giving them a final record of 18–1.

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Team Wins Losses Playoff results Final result
1934 Chicago Bears season 13 Lost NFL Championship Game against New York Giants 13–1
1942 Chicago Bears season 11 Lost NFL Championship Game against Washington Redskins 11–1
1972 Miami Dolphins season 14 Won three playoff games including Super Bowl VII against Washington Redskins 17–0
2007 New England Patriots season 16 Won two playoff games before losing in Super Bowl XLII against New York Giants 18–1

Who is the No 4 player in football history?

Top 10 football players of all time

Rank Player Trophies
1 Lionel Messi 42
2 Pele 26
3 Diego Maradona 12
4 Cristiano Ronaldo 34

Is any soccer player a billionaire?

Question: Who is the richest footballer in the world in 2023? Answer: While Kylian Mbappé earned the most money of any footballer during the 2022-2023 season, the title of the richest footballer in the world, as of March 2023, goes to Faiq Bolkiah who has a net worth of a whopping USD 20 billion.

What footballer is a prince?

Faiq Bolkiah

Personal information
Full name Faiq Jefri Bolkiah
Date of birth 9 May 1998
Place of birth Los Angeles, California, United States
Height 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)

Which country is No 1 in football?

Leaders – FIFA World Men’s Ranking Leaders

No. Team Confederation Days at No.1
1 Brazil CONMEBOL 5,070 days
2 Spain UEFA 1,959 days
3 Belgium UEFA 1,442 days
4 Germany UEFA 1,148 days
5 Argentina CONMEBOL 0 938 days
6 France UEFA 0 483 days
7 Italy UEFA 0 188 days
8 Netherlands UEFA 00 28 days


  • ^ Jump up to: a b Belgium and France jointly led for 35 days.
  • ^ Current leader, correct as at 21 September 2023
  • When the system was introduced, Germany debuted as the top-ranked team following their extended period of dominance in which they had reached the three previous FIFA World Cup finals, winning one of them. Brazil took the lead in the run up to the 1994 FIFA World Cup after winning eight and losing only one of nine qualification matches, while on the way scoring twenty goals and conceding just four.

    Italy then led for a short time on the back of their own equally successful World Cup qualifying campaign, after which the top place was re-claimed by Germany. Brazil’s success in their lengthy qualifying campaign returned them to the lead for a brief period. Germany led again during the 1994 World Cup, until Brazil’s victory in that competition gave them a large lead that would stand up for nearly seven years, until they were surpassed by a strong France team that captured both the 1998 FIFA World Cup and the 2000 European Football Championship,

    Success at the 2002 FIFA World Cup restored Brazil to the top position, where they remained until February 2007, when Italy returned to the top for the first time since 1993 following their 2006 FIFA World Cup win in Germany. Just one month later, Argentina replaced them, reaching the top for the first time, but Italy regained its place in April.

    1. After winning the Copa América 2007 in July, Brazil returned to the top, but were replaced by Italy in September and then Argentina in October.
    2. In July 2008, Spain took over the lead for the first time, having won UEFA Euro 2008,
    3. Brazil began a sixth stint at the top of the rankings in July 2009 after winning the 2009 Confederations Cup, and Spain regained the title in November 2009 after winning every match in qualification for the 2010 FIFA World Cup,

    In April 2010, Brazil returned to the top of the table. After winning the 2010 World Cup, Spain regained the top position and held it until August 2011, when the Netherlands reached the top spot for the first time, only to relinquish it the following month.

    In July 2014, Germany took over the lead once again, having won the 2014 FIFA World Cup, In July 2015, Argentina reached the top spot for the first time since 2008, after reaching both the 2014 FIFA World Cup Final, as well as the 2015 Copa America Final. In November 2015, Belgium became the leader in the FIFA rankings for the first time, after topping their Euro 2016 qualifying group.

    Belgium led the rankings until April 2016, when Argentina returned to the top. On 6 April 2017, Brazil returned to the No.1 spot for the first time since just before the 2010 World Cup, but Germany regained the top spot in July after winning the Confederations Cup,

    In the summer of 2018, FIFA updated their rating system by adopting the Elo rating system. The first ranking list with this system, in August 2018, saw France retake the top spot for the first time after nearly 16 years, having won the 2018 FIFA World Cup, One month later, for the first time, two teams were joint leaders as Belgium reached the same ranking as France.

    This lasted only one month as Belgium regained sole possession of the top spot in September 2018 and kept it for nearly four years until the end of March 2022, with only Brazil and Spain ever holding it longer uninterrupted. On 31 March 2022, Brazil returned to the top of the list.

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    Which country is weak in football

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    Currently bottom of the FIFA world ranking table is lowly Bhutan, ranked 209. Why didn’t football (soccer) get popular in America when it was getting popular around the globe?

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    Which country is easy to play football

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    Portugal is considered one of the easiest countries. to turn pro as a footballer? Let me tell you why. Firstly, the cost of living is considerably cheaper, with affordable accommodation being widely available. Secondly, while it’s competitive, it’s less so than football powerhouses like England, Spain or France.

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    What was the most unfair game of football

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    Who had the worst season in football

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    Detroit Lions: 2008, 0-16 – 11 of 32

    Matthew Stockman/Getty Images SEASON AVERAGES POINTS FOR : 16.7 POINTS AGAINST : 32.3 Yes, the worst single-season performance from any one team in the history of professional football. The picture above sums the entire season up in a nutshell. First off, when it’s Dan Orlovsky there’s already issues, but unknowingly running out of the back of the endzone is hilarious. However, if you feel bad for Calvin “Megatron” Johnson, that’s OK. Because he is amazing.

    Who is the greatest player to play football?

    The list

    Rank Player Position(s)
    1 Jerry Rice WR
    2 Jim Brown FB
    3 Lawrence Taylor LB
    4 Joe Montana QB