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What happened to Tom in Emmerdale

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The true killer revealed – On 17th May 2007, nearly five months after the murder, the true killer was finally revealed. Matthew King, who was convinced his brother Jimmy was their father’s killer, threw Jimmy through the glass of a cabinet and threatened to impale him on the shard of glass unless he confessed, however, Jimmy was innocent but the incident led brother Carl to confess that he was the one who killed their dad.

  1. Carl had gone to his dad’s bedroom to argue with him about Tom’s attempt at paying Carl’s girlfriend Chas to split up with him.
  2. Tom gave him an ultimatum, split up with Chas or lose his multimillion-pound inheritance.
  3. In a fit of frustration, Carl hit him over the head with a bronze horse’s head statue, and as Tom clung on to him, he pushed him away.

This made him fall out of his bedroom window to his death. Carl was never prosecuted for killing him, as there was not enough evidence to prosecute one particular brother. When all three brothers were charged for conspiracy to murder, their trial collapsed when it was revealed that two key witnesses had lied in their statements for money, and there was insufficient evidence to find the brothers guilty without the statements.

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Who is Tom King’s wife in Emmerdale

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1939-2004 – Born on the 11th May 1939 into a family of successful businessmen, Tom King grew up in Emmerdale where his father Albert King ran a successful business. Tom knew the Verney family. As an adult, Tom grew away from the family business and founded his own haulage firm, becoming familiar with fellow businessmen such as Frank Tate and Alan Turner,

Tom fell in love with a woman named Mary McSween, and he went onto marry her, sometime before 1965, From their marriage, they produced four sons: Jimmy, Matthew, Carl and Max, When his sons grew up Tom began running his haulage firm with them (with the exception of Max who became a vet), renaming the firm King & Sons,

Mary became ill with a terminal Brain tumour and Tom hired a nurse Carrie Nicholls, to look after her. Mary eventually died in 1986 and Tom and Carrie began an affair. In 1991, Carrie gave birth to Tom’s illegitimate child Scarlett, Tom decided to keep Scarlett a secret from his sons, but he kept in touch with Carrie, offering her financial support by sending her letters containing money in them which Carrie discarded.

Who is the mother of his son in Emmerdale?

Gail Loman’s (Rachael Gill-Davis) big secret was revealed to Emmerdale viewers tonight (21st September) – she has a secret son, and his father is none other than her boyfriend Ryan Stocks (James Moore)! After some furtive phone calls, Gail met a woman called Sophie (played by Martha Cope).

The woman admitted that, although it’s against the rules, she had tracked Gail down on social media because she was desperate. Sophie, the adoptive mother of Gail’s son, 13-year-old Oscar, explained that he has been diagnosed with a rare type of aplastic anaemia. When Gail questioned if there was treatment available, Sophie revealed that Oscar needs a bone marrow transplant as soon as possible.

Sophie wasn’t a match, and Gail realised that Sophie was asking her to get tested. By entering your details, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and privacy policy, You can unsubscribe at any time. Although in shock, Gail agreed, but when Sophie spoke about tracking down Oscar’s biological father, this was the moment we learned that Ryan is on the birth certificate.

  • Gail made out that she wasn’t in touch with Ryan, and urged Sophie to hold off looking for him until they knew whether Gail was a match.
  • Sophie later contacted Gail to tell her that her bone marrow test was booked for the following morning, and Gail lied to both Ryan and her boss Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) that she had a dentist appointment.

But with the stakes so high, will Gail be forced to tell Ryan the truth? And how will he react? You can find help and support concerning aplastic anaemia here:, Read more:

Emmerdale cast: who is leaving, returning to and joining the cast? What happened to Sadie King in Emmerdale? Patsy Kensit role explained

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Who was the mother of Carl Kings son in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale is set to reintroduce Thomas King after a decade away from the village. Most recently portrayed by Mark Flanagan, the role of killer Carl King ‘s son has already been played by two other actors, Jack Ferguson and Connor Hill, who appeared as younger versions of the character. Related: Emmerdale ‘s Paddy and Chas Dingle reach a turning point after their split Apparently, Emmerdale viewers should prepare for an “explosive” and potentially chaotic return for Tom, as his uncle Jimmy King questions the motives behind his reappearance in the village. ITV Related: Emmerdale finally reveals Alex Moore’s evil plot Conveniently, Eden Taylor-Draper’s character Belle is said to be in the mood for love in the near future too, which may coincide with Tom’s comeback. “We’ve got a bit of summer lovin’ for Belle,” Hudson shared.

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Who is Tom Kings father in Emmerdale?

Thomas King (Mark Flanagan). circa 2012-2013 Thomas King (Connor Hill). April 2010. Thomas King was a character in Emmerdale in 2004 to 2009, 2010 and 2012 and 2013. Born in 1996, he is the son of the late w:c:emmerdale:w:c:emmerdale:Carl King, He returned to the village in January 2013 and lived at w:c:emmerdale:w:c:emmerdale:Mill Cottage with Jimmy and Nicola King.

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Who is the father of baby Thomas in Emmerdale

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Storylines – Gabby is born on Christmas Day to Bernice Blackstock ( Samantha Giles ), and a DNA test later reveals Ashley Thomas ( John Middleton ) to be her father. Bernice does not take to motherhood easily and leaves the village as she divorces her father in 2002.

  1. Gabby occasionally visits her mother, who later marries a man named Charlie Willis in 2004 and has a second daughter, Dee Dee (Mia Gibson-Reed).
  2. Gabby and her half-brother Arthur ( Alfie Clarke ) both learn that Ashley has dementia.
  3. In Bernice’s salon, Gabby discovers a sex tape of Kerry Wyatt ( Laura Norton ) and Dan Spencer ( Liam Fox ) and she shares it online.

Bernice discovers Gabby is responsible for leaking the video and Gabby is forced to clean at the salon. When Bernice refuses to let Gabby get her eyebrows done, Gabby draws them on with permanent maker and Bernice does not allow her to go on a skiing trip.

  1. When alcohol is found, Ashley suspects it belongs to Laurel, but it is discovered that it belongs to Gabby.
  2. Gabby confesses to Ashley, who reacts angrily to her underage drinking.
  3. Gabby develops feeling for friend Jacob Gallagher ( Joe-Warren Plant ) and goes on a date with him.
  4. Jacob later tells his father, David Metcalfe ( Matthew Wolfenden ), that Gabby and Lachlan White (Thomas Atkinson) broke into Eric Pollard ‘s ( Chris Chittell ) house and took his ring.

When Ashley discovers what she has done, he tells Bernice that he wants Gabby to live with him full-time. Gabby overhears Ashley and his wife, Laurel Thomas ( Charlotte Bellamy ), discussing discipline methods, with Laurel suggesting boundaries. Gabby and Liv Flaherty ( Isobel Steele ) break into Victoria Barton ‘s ( Isabel Hodgins ) house and take her clothes.

Ashley and Laurel find out that Gabby is responsible for the robbery, as well as discovering that she has stolen Sandy Thomas ‘ ( Freddie Jones ) pension. Gabby fails to apologise and Ashley reports her to the police. Gabby admits to Ashley that she is scared that he will die and they make up and Gabby apologises to her family.

Laurel later gives birth to Gabby’s half-sister, Dotty Thomas (Tilly-Rue Foster/Ellerie Carroll). Laurel decides to move Ashley into full time care, upsetting Gabby and Arthur. Gabby accompanies Laurel to take Ashley to his care home and Laurel reassures Gabby she can still live with her as she still sees her as her daughter.

When Laurel is told that Ashley is not responding to treatment and that the family should start saying goodbye, Gabby stays with Bernice, struggling to come to terms with Ashley being set to die. She wants to say goodbye to Ashley, but he dies before she can. After Bernice receives a call about her ex-husband being ill, she makes the decision to leave the village to be with him in Australia.

She takes Dee Dee with her, but insists that Gabby should stay behind so that she can complete her education. Gabby begins to feel lonely, and feeling that Bernice’s boyfriend, Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson), and his new girlfriend, Leyla Harding ( Roxy Shahidi ) are responsible for Bernice leaving, she vandalises Leyla’s wedding planning business, Take a Vow.

Gabby begins attending university, but comes to the conclusion that she does not enjoy it, and would rather be working to earn money. Leyla later discovers that Gabby is behind the vandalism, and rather than reporting her to the police, she feels sympathy for her situation, and gives her a job at Take a Vow.

Gabby grows a strong affection for Leyla and ensures that she is in her company as much as possible. Gabby sees Liam chatting with his colleague Meena Jutla ( Paige Sandhu ) and decides to set the pair up. She orders a bouquet of flowers to Meena’s house, with a note signed from Liam, in order to trick Leyla into believing that they are having an affair.

  • Leyla initially believes that Liam has cheated on her with Gabby’s encouragement, but the pair later reconcile.
  • Liam suspects that Gabby is behind the prank, and contacts a flower shop, who confirm his suspicions.
  • He then begins to blackmail Gabby into spending less time with Leyla, threatening to tell Leyla the truth.

Leyla then sees the pair in a heated discussion, and assumes that he is grooming her, which Gabby does not respond to. Liam pleads with Leyla to see the truth, and when she realises that Gabby has become obsessed with her, she fires her from Take a Vow.

Liam’s daughter Leanna ( Mimi Slinger ) vows to make Gabby’s life a “living hell” due to her nearly ruining Liam’s life, and attempts to get her fired from her new job at the Hide restaurant. Gabby’s boss Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) defends Gabby, and Gabby develops a crush on Jamie. The pair later have sex, but after Jamie insists that it meant nothing and that he likes Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley), she decides to take revenge.

She hides Bear Wolf ‘s (Joshua Richards) wallet in Dawn’s bag, which gets her fired from the Hide. Other Hop boss Kim Tate ( Claire King ) sees what Gabby has done on CCTV, but decides to mentor Gabby, since she dislikes Dawn and sees a spark in Gabby.

Who did Donna Windsor marry in Emmerdale?

Donna Windsor

In-universe information
Husband Marlon Dingle (2006–2009)
Daughters April Windsor
Aunts Lucy
Nephews Elliot Windsor
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What is Mack secret in Emmerdale

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Emmerdale spoilers follow. Emmerdale ‘s Charity Dingle faces heartbreak next week when Mackenzie Boyd’s secret is finally exposed. Charity is unaware that her new husband Mack betrayed her by sleeping with Chloe Harris and is the father of her baby son Reuben. ITV Related: Emmerdale ‘s Caleb Miligan to betray the Dingles in shock story twist In follow-on scenes next week, Mack confides in Nate Robinson about his desire to be there for Reuben, but Nate thinks Mack is deluded to think he can maintain a secret relationship with his son while married to Charity, ITV Related: Emmerdale star Natalie J Robb opens up over “terribly shy” past As Charity desperately tries to get in touch with Mack, she’s unaware he’s outside the hospital but can’t bring himself to go in. Meanwhile, Chloe fears the worst when Reuben’s condition doesn’t improve, and the consultant tells her he’ll need a further scan. ITV Related: Emmerdale ‘s Chloe left devastated over Reuben in 25 new spoiler pictures When Charity finds Mack sharing a moment with Reuben, the pieces instantly fall into place, and she realises that Mack is Reuben’s dad. Will this be the end of their marriage? Emmerdale ‘s executive producer Jane Hudson teased the big reveal, speaking to Digital Spy and other media at a recent Emmerdale press event.

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She commented: “The big choice for Mack is going to be: does he want to be a dad and does he want to be a husband? Can he be both, or can he not be both? How is Charity going to respond? We know she is fiery. “And can Chloe remain in the village when this secret comes out? Because it’s not going to be nice when you’ve got the wrath of the Dingles.” Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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What is Mac’s secret in Emmerdale

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Mack’s spiralling behaviour concerns Charity (Picture: ITV) Secrets are set to come tumbling out in upcoming episodes of Emmerdale, and one huge secret which has been simmering along for nine months is that Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) is the father of Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland)’s newborn baby, Reuben (Sebastian Kenneth Downes).

  1. Reuben was conceived after a one night stand that happened when Mackenzie and Charity (Emma Atkins) very temporarily split up after Charity lost the baby she was expecting.
  2. In a rage of grief Charity shouted at Mackenzie that he should ‘go and scatter his seed elsewhere’ – and the foolish man did exactly that.

His early reaction to discovering that Chloe was pregnant with his baby was that he didn’t want anything to do with it, but as time has gone on and the thought of being a dad became a reality to him his feelings have changed. As soon as Chloe gave birth to the beautiful little boy on the day of Mack and Charity’s wedding, it was only a matter of time before the secret of who Reuben’s father was would come tumbling out – not least because Mackenzie had trouble coping with his emotions.

A massive health crisis for the baby is the catalyst that finally changes everything, after Reuben is admitted to hospital and Chloe is told he might have a bleed on his brain. When the news reaches the Woolpack, Mackenzie tries to hide how worried he is but he’s distracted by Dan (Liam Fox), who keeps bringing the subject up and is trying to stay positive about Reuben’s chances.

Charity is appalled when Mack, overcome with emotion, punches the well-meaning Dan in what seems like an unprovoked attack. Mack storms out of the Woolpack and off into the night. Mack attack! (Picture: ITV) He heads for the hospital but doesn’t dare to go in and instead lurks outside, ignoring calls from an increasingly worried Charity. As Charity tries to get some answers about why Mack behaved so violently, he eventually realises he has to be with his son.

What happened to Lexi in Emmerdale?

Reception – In 2009 Ruth Deller of entertainment website Lowculture praised Lexi’s exit storyline branding it as heartbreaking, being her favourite storyline of the time, also stating: “Another character bowing out this month, but this time doing so in heartbreaking style.

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What is Belle’s secret in Emmerdale

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Belle wasn’t prepared to listen (Pictures: ITV) Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) dumped new boyfriend Tom King (James Chase) in Wednesday’s (May 24) edition of Emmerdale after he failed to be understanding over a secret from her past. Said secret was that she killed her friend, Gemma, in 2014.

The death was accidental and happened after Belle pushed her friend to the ground, knocking her head on a rock as she fell. It led to Belle spending time in a young offender’s unit and ultimately was the catalyst for her mental health problems beginning. As Belle and Tom’s relationship has been progressing since his return, she decided to open up to him a little more tonight.

Belle explained to Tom that she went to prison after Gemma’s murder, but he reacted terribly, running off to the pub after claiming it was too much for him to take in. After Tom announced he would go back to Leeds soon, Lydia (Karen Blick) found Belle at home. Tom and Belle have been getting to know each other again (Picture: ITV) Finding Tom in the pub garden, Belle confronted him. Tom explained that he wouldn’t be going back to Leeds as he’s staying in the village for her and their relationship. Belle was confused, questioning why Tom would stay after his reaction to the news about Gemma and told him that it’s best if they finish things now.

Is the actress who plays Belle Dingle leaving Emmerdale?

Emmerdale’s Belle Dingle actress Eden Taylor-Draper has issued an emotional farewell to her “favourite” co-star. A series of dramatic episodes have aired in recent weeks to commemorate Emmerdale’s 50th anniversary, Much-loved characters such as Faith Dingle and Liv Dingle have been killed off in heart-wrenching scenes.

Tuesday’s episode of the long-running soap saw Al Chapman shot dead. Al, played by Michael Wildman, worked with Belle, meaning the two actors shared many scenes together. READ MORE: Emmerdale viewers ‘work out’ who shot Al Chapman and it isn’t Cain Dingle After the episode aired, Emmerdale shared a video of Michael saying thank you and goodbye to fans, on Instagram.

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Facing the camera, the actor said: “The time has come for Al Chapman to move on. I’ve enjoyed every single moment of playing this mischievous, complex character. “Thank you to the 95% of you that absolutely hate him, and the 5% of you that actually love him”.

Michael’s Emmerdale co-stars were quick to comment on the post. Marlon Dingle actor Mark Charnock said: “Adore this utter gent. X”, while Billy Fletcher star Jay Kontzle said: “Miss you already Michael “. Eden Taylor-Draper said: “My favourite man “. Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7.30pm on ITV and the ITV Hub Receive newsletters with the biggest and breaking TV and showbiz news by signing up here READ NEXT: Escape to the Chateau viewers ‘heartbroken’ minutes into new Channel 4 show Mum goes to Asda every day at 6am in search of Prime energy drink Holly and Phil stop ITV This Morning for ‘breaking news’ announcement Coronation Street Jude Riordan’s age, Emmerdale dad and Michelle Keegan link Martin Lewis issues £66 warning to those on pre-payment meters Story Saved You can find this story in My Bookmarks.

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Who is Belle’s boyfriend in Emmerdale

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Emmerdale spoilers follow. Belle Dingle and Tom King have made a big decision about their relationship in Emmerdale, The couple have been on the rocks ever since Belle received news that her killer ex-boyfriend Lachlan White was being moved to another prison. ITV Related: Emmerdale ‘s Cain Dingle investigates secret in 26 new spoiler pictures Jimmy set up Tom to come to the café for a chat with Vinny. After Tom apologised for his suspicions, Vinny reminded him he’d never make a move on Belle even if he had feelings for her. ITV Related: 13 huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week ” won’t be leaving the house for a month,” Jimmy assured Belle. Jimmy encouraged Belle to give Tom another chance, reasoning that he was concerned for her wellbeing even if he didn’t act appropriately.

“The last thing he wants to do is hurt you or upset you, and not because he thinks you’re mad, but because he really, really likes you,” Jimmy insisted. At the pub later on, Jimmy, Leyla and Charity all watched as Belle turned up to chat to Tom. During an emotional chat, Tom admitted he’s been “useless” in their relationship.

Belle assured Tom that everything would be fine for them so long as they were “kind” to one another. Tom brightened as Belle shared her true feelings for him. ITV “I like you just as much today as I did yesterday. Even more,” Belle assured him. When Tom revealed he felt the same, the couple shared a loving hug as their friends and family cheered them on from the bar. Will it be smooth sailing for the pair from now that they are back together? Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX. Night News Editor Justin has been with Digital Spy since 2010, and in that time, has covered countless major news events for DS from the US. He has worked previously as both a reporter and sub editor for the brand, prior to taking on the position of Night News Editor in 2016.

Over more than a decade, he has interviewed a wide-ranging group of public figures, from comedian Steve Coogan to icons from the Star Trek universe, cast members from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and reality stars from numerous Real Housewives cities and the Below Deck franchise. As a US contributor to Digital Spy, Justin has also been on the ground to cover major pop culture events like the Star Wars Celebration and the D23 Expo.

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When did Tom Lister leave Emmerdale

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Tom Lister (actor) English actor Not to be confused with,

This needs additional for, Please help by adding, about living persons that is unsourced or must be removed immediately from the article and its talk page, especially if potentially, Find sources: – · · · · ( May 2011 ) ( )

Tom Lister Born Thomas Brown ( 1978-06-21 ) 21 June 1978 (age 45), England OccupationActorYears active1999–presentSpouse Jennifer Humpage ​ ( m.2004) ​ Children2 Tom Lister (born Thomas Brown ; 21 June 1978) is an English actor, known for his roles as in from 2004 to 2012, Harry Wainwright in and Rob Ingram in,

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Which character is leaving Emmerdale

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Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles) – Bernice Blackstock sits in thought on Emmerdale. ITV When is Bernice Blackstock leaving? 2023. Long-running Emmerdale favourite Bernice Blackstock will depart the soap again later this year. According to The Sun, Giles is calling time on her fourth stint on the show, with the actor set to depart at an as-yet-unspecified time before the year is out.

  • She has previously quit the show on three previous occasions, first in 2002, then again after a brief return in 2004, and most recently in 2019 after she returned to the Dales in 2012.
  • Bernice Blackstock has been in and out of Emmerdale village more than they change the barrels at The Woolpack,” a source was quoted as saying.

The comment continued: “She’s always welcomed back with open arms by ITV and fans alike, but it’s now becoming a bit of a running joke. “It wouldn’t pay to bet on whether Samantha will one day be back, but for now she will leave the soap later this year.” ITV declined to comment when approached by about this story.

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Does Wendy leave Emmerdale

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Emmerdale exit for Wendy Posner as fans ‘work out’ Bob Hope betrayal | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV |