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Is Vecna and 001 the same

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Stranger Things 4 introduced the mysterious Vecna, the big bad who terrorized Hawkins residents, but there were several clues to his true identity. Vecna was introduced as the new big bad in Stranger Things 4, Terrorizing Hawkins residents through the Upside Down, Vecna proved to be the toughest opponent of the heroes yet. Throughout the season, everyone wondered about Vecna’s true identity. Vecna could have just been another monster that Eleven and her friends needed to deal with to save Hawkins, but it turned out that he was something even more sinister.

Who is Vecna in Stranger Things Season 1?

Stranger Things season 4 retconned Vecna into the show’s history, and in doing so finally explained a subtle mystery from season 1’s Demogorgon plot. One detail in Stranger Things season 1 only makes sense because of Vecna. Stranger Things season 4 introduced viewers to Vecna, a powerful psychic revealed to be the show’s true villain all along. Banished to the Upside Down by Eleven, Vecna, a.k.a. Henry Creel and Number One, lies at the center of its hive mind.

He is the one responsible for every evil that has befallen Hawkins over the years. Vecna is an obvious retcon, albeit a smart one that can be woven into the history of Stranger Things without any apparent contradictions. The Duffer Brothers have confirmed they had planned to use Hawkins Lab’s Number One as the principal antagonist since beginning work on season 1 — which is why comic book writers were allowed to develop other Hawkins children but not to go near Number One.

This explains how Vecna fits so well with the overarching narrative, which had literally been written with gaps in mind for him to fill. Curiously, though, one specific detail in Stranger Things season 1 only makes sense because of Vecna. According to Vecna, the Demogorgon in Stranger Things season 1 was essentially an advance scout, sent through the gate to explore Hawkins Lab and then the surrounding area.

  1. It was seen by Will, and it presumably went after Will either to kill the witness or to bind him into the hive mind instead.
  2. Will avoided all the classic horror movie mistakes, rushing home and even bolting himself in.
  3. This led to a chilling scene in which the bolt slid open, an apparent display of telekinesis that the Demogorgons have never shown since.

The most logical explanation after Stranger Things season 4 is that Vecna was watching over the Demogorgon psychically and used his own telekinetic powers on that bolt.

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Why did 001 become Vecna

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Personality – Henry Creel was deeply egocentric, misanthropic and nihilistic. At some point during childhood, Henry grew resentful of other people, deeming the whole of humanity to be a race of corrupt, deluded parasites, and “a unique type of pest”. He condemned human society as an artificial, pointless construction which denied the underlying order of nature.

  1. Although Henry understood humankind to be deeply imperfect, he failed to accept or understand that he, too, was imperfect.
  2. Indeed, Henry used his philosophy and worldview to justify his own irrational acts of violence.
  3. Henry deemed powerful creatures to be inherently superior and better than the weak, a perspective reflected in his admiration of black widow spiders,

Upon discovering a nest of black widows, Henry became obsessed with the spiders, viewing them as the “gods” of the animal kingdom. In his view, the predatory black widows brung “balance and order to an unstable ecosystem”. Henry saw himself in a similar light due to possessing special abilities, and decided he’d rather become a ‘predator’ than a well-adjusted member of society; he hungered to reshape the world to his own liking.

  • Henry dismissed all aspects of society – specifically mentioning units of time, like “seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks months” – as nothing more than elaborate lies.
  • Similarly, sufferers of Vecna’s curse would see the Creel grandfather clock eerily imposed upon their surroundings, unusually embedded in the side of a tree, or in the side of a wall.

Through this subverted image, Henry articulated his disdain for the concept of ordered time, and the constructed nature of human society, more broadly. Furthermore, Henry possessed a sadistic and cruel nature; he would go out of his way to torture and torment his victims, forcing them to re-live their trauma.

After Henry transforms into the being known as Vecna, he becomes even more malevolent, delighting in the torment he inflicts upon others. In his mindscape, corpses of his victims are displayed in a horrific fashion, showing that Vecna prides himself on his unspeakable actions. Henry would prove to be highly manipulative and cunning when he convinced Eleven to remove the ‘Soteria’ neck chip suppressing his powers.

Although his kind demeanor proved to be a facade, he seemed to show genuine interest in furthering his friendship with Eleven; however, Eleven had no interest in helping Henry and quickly turned against him. Despite his hatred of humanity, Vecna begrudgingly developed a shred of respect for his defiant victim, Max Mayfield, even describing her as “brave”, and “much braver” than her ‘brother’ ; nevertheless, Vecna remained dead-set on killing Max, viewing her death as a means to an end to achieve his goals, as with his other victims.

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Why does Vecna hate humans

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How Vecna Created & Controlled the Mind-Flayer – Stranger Things season 4, volume 2 built upon this, revealing Vecna created the Mind-Flayer, Apparently, he spent years exploring the realm that would become known as the Upside Down, until finally, he stumbled upon mysterious shadow particles that he was able to use to his advantage.

  1. He used these particles to create the Mind-Flayer, an act that undoubtedly made him feel more like a god than ever before, and then spread them across the Upside Down.
  2. Anything that ingests these particles becomes a part of the hive mind, thrall to Vecna’s will.
  3. There is, of course, a deep sense of irony to this particular strategy.

Vecna hated humanity, believing human beings had imposed an artificial order upon the natural world. He is entirely ignorant of the fact that is exactly what he has done to Stranger Things ‘ Upside Down, establishing the ultimate order – a hive mind that embraces all life within that dimension.

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How does Eleven know Vecna

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Who is Vecna? – The Vecna the internet speaks of. Credit: Courtesy of Netflix Vecna is to Stranger Things 4 what the Demogorgon was to Season 1. In other words, he’s the big, scary monster wreaking havoc on Hawkins. Vecna lives in the Upside Down and preys on people’s past traumas and guilt.

The monster curses its victims, making them relive their trauma in progressively more gruesome ways until it violently kills them. (And we mean, like, really violently.) Vecna slaughters its targets by levitating them in the air, breaking all their bones, and making their eyes and skull implode. And like its predecessors (the Demogorgon, the Mind Flayer), Vecna is named by the Party after a Dungeons & Dragons character.

Tweet may have been deleted In the final episode of Stranger Things 4 Volume 1, it’s revealed that Vecna isn’t native to the Upside Down, but was banished there by Eleven after he gruesomely massacred the Hawkins National Lab. Vecna was the original child studied by Dr.

Brenner and the son of Victor Creel. He’s the infamous Number One, but had his powers blocked and worked as an aide in the Hawkins National Lab. He befriended Eleven at the lab and not knowing Vecna was evil, Eleven restored his powers resulting in the massacre and his expulsion to the Upside Down. Before coming to the Hawkins National Lab, Venca had a classic villain origin story — he became obsessed with black widows, tortured his family, and brutally killed his mother and sister pinning it on his father.

One/Vecna had his powers blocked and was working as an aide at Hawkins National Lab where he befriended Eleven. Not knowing that One was evil, Eleven restored his powers which he used to gruesomely massacre the entire lab. Eleven banished One/Vecna to the Upside Down where he’s been attacking the Hawkins teens from.

Vecna notably targets Max (Sadie Sink), and the Hawkins gang discovers that the only way for her to avoid being killed by his curse is to play Max her favorite song, which happens to be “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” by Kate Bush. As a result of its inclusion in the show, the 1985 track has skyrocketed in popularity and currently sits at No.2 on Spotify’s top 50 U.S.

chart and No.4 on its top 200 global chart. Max’s obsession with “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” sparked a larger conversation on social media about discovering music through a television show. Some gatekeepers stuck up their nose at people finding the track through Stranger Things, while others celebrated the iconic song beguiling a new generation.

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Tweet may have been deleted Tweet may have been deleted Tweet may have been deleted Tweet may have been deleted While the ending of Episode 4 — in which Max runs from Vecna in the Upside Down trying to reach a portal to the real world while listening to “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” — is the standout scene of the season, it hasn’t been Vecna’s only viral moment.

Vecna’s weakness unsurprisingly became an opportunity for viewers to share what song would save their life.

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What does Vecna want with Will

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Stranger Things fans can’t wait for Season 5, and this theory shows how Will and Vecna’s connection might be the main focus of the final installment. The following contains spoilers from Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 2, streaming now on Netflix. In the first three seasons of Stranger Things, the last few minutes are very important. The series wraps up its world-bending drama with a few minutes of calm – before something damning happens to keep fans excited about the next installment.

  • In Season 1, Will was safe, but he coughed up a slug from the Upside Down.
  • Season 2 ended with the Snowball Dance, but the Mind Flayer was lurking over the school.
  • Finally, Season 3 showed “the American” in Russia.
  • All of those endings heavily hinted at what was coming in the following season.
  • So, it’s worth looking at the end of Season 4 to try and predict what’s coming in Stranger Things ‘ final season.

Some things are obvious. Vecna will be back to exact his revenge on Eleven with more power than ever, and the city-sized fissure that led to the Upside Down is sure to be a problem. However, there was one subtle scene that gave fans a massive hint about what’s coming – and it involves Will Byers. The scene in question happened right after Hopper and Eleven’s meaningful reunion at the cabin. Everything is happy, but all of a sudden, something is very wrong. Will touches his neck; the Stranger Things main theme begins to play, and “snow” starts to fall.

  1. On the surface, the Upside Down was starting to assimilate with the Right Side Up, and that will be a focus of Season 5.
  2. However, it’s interesting how Will touching his neck was the catalyst that shifted the scene’s tone.
  3. In previous seasons, Will touching his neck always implied that something bad was going to happen.

Because he was possessed by the Mind Flayer in Season 2, he could feel the various evil creatures – almost like his “spidey sense” for something Upside Down-related. At the tail-end of Season 4, he confirmed that he can still do that. Just before Hopper and Eleven’s reunion, Will told Mike that he could remember what and how Vecna thought.

  • Quite a few fans took note of Will touching his neck in the super-sized finale, and a lot of them have hypothesized that Will’s former connection to the Mind Flayer will be a big part of Season 5.
  • One such theory was posted to Reddit by user u/StrangerWill.
  • The theory predicts that Vecna wants to regain his human form, and he will use Will to do so in Season 5.

Knowing that Vecna singled out Will in Season 1, it’s a reasonable theory, but it might go too far. After all, Vecna already has a human form, and he has vowed to eliminate humanity. Even if that specific theory isn’t correct, the idea that “what began with Will, will end with Will” still holds a lot of weight. In an interview with Collider, the Duffer brothers teased that Will has a big part in Season 5. Ross Duffer said that Will’s journey is “setting up us coming full circle back to Season 1.

  • I think you’ll see that with a couple of the character arcs, not just with Will.
  • The characters have maybe made steps, like in the case of Will, but that journey isn’t over yet.
  • All of that is going to play a huge role as we try to wrap this thing up next season.” From Ross Duffer’s comments, it’s clear that Season 5 will address Will and Vecna’s connection.

Vecna probably won’t take Will’s body as his own, but is likely that Vecna will try and utilize Will in some capacity. Maybe he’ll try and make Will his lieutenant. Maybe Will has dormant powers. Maybe Will has to die before Vecna can be killed. The possibilities are endless, but regardless, it’s clear that Will’s connection with Vecna will be the focus of Season 5 when it kicks off at 100 mph.

Is Vecna a human?

Character biography – Vecna was born as a human, centuries ago as a member of the untouchable caste in the Flan city of Fleeth on Oerth, He was initially trained by his mother, Mazzel, in the art of magic, before she was executed by the government of Fleeth for practicing witchcraft.

Vowing revenge, Vecna eventually assumed a mastery of the dark arts achieved by no mortal before or since. Some say this achievement was due to direct tutelage by Mok’slyk the Serpent, believed to be the personification of arcane magic itself. Nearly one thousand years after his birth, Vecna, now a lich and ruler of a great and terrible empire (in the Sheldomar Valley, centered near the modern-day Rushmoors ), laid siege to the city of Fleeth with an army of arcane spellcasters and undead.

Legend has it that Vecna was nearly slain in this battle by clerics channeling the power of Pholtus, the god of light. The clerics unleashed a great burst of light, which hit Vecna primarily on his left side. Vecna was rescued and brought to safety by one of his wizard generals, a cambion named Acererak (who would one day himself become a mighty demilich ).

Vecna eventually recovered. On the verge of conquering Fleeth, the officials of the city came before him to beg for mercy. They offered up the entire city and her wealth if only Vecna would spare the lives of her citizens. When Vecna was not satisfied, the officials offered their own lives. Vecna gave one of their number, Artau, and his family, over to his lieutenant, Kas, who spent the entire day torturing and murdering them before the other officials.

Still unsatisfied, Vecna slaughtered all within the city, and had their heads stacked before the officials, with those of their family members prominent. Vecna then granted his mercy, granting the officials leave to depart, and promising them his protection for the rest of their lives.

At his empire’s height, Vecna was betrayed and destroyed by his most trusted lieutenant, a vampire called Kas the Bloody-Handed, using a magical sword that Vecna himself had crafted for him, now known as the Sword of Kas, Only his left hand and his eye survived the battle, perhaps because of the previous events in Fleeth.

Vecna did not stay gone forever, and rose as a demigod of magic and secrets in the world of Greyhawk, In 581 CY, his cult helped set events in motion that would have granted him the power of a greater god, but the plan was ultimately foiled. After these events, Vecna ended up imprisoned in the demiplane of Ravenloft, but broke free again later, emerging with the power of a greater god, after absorbing the power of Iuz,

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He then broke free into the city of Sigil, where he came perilously close to rearranging all existence to his whims. (Vecna’s multiverse shattering campaign in Sigil is used as an in-universe way to explain the differences between the 2nd and 3rd editions of Dungeons & Dragons.) When Vecna was ejected from Sigil by a party of adventurers, Iuz was freed and Vecna returned to Oerth greatly reduced in power, though still a lesser god.

In the events of the Living Greyhawk campaign setting, Vecna’s machinations allowed him to reappear on the prime material plane and retake his place in the Oerth pantheon.

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Does Vecna hurt Max

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Stranger Things Season 4 put Max through some hard times – especially in Volume 2. So, here’s what really happened to her in THAT climactic moment. The following contains spoilers for Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 2, streaming now on Netflix. Stranger Things fans were repeatedly warned that Season 4, Volume 2 was going to be filled with carnage. They even knew ahead of time that multiple characters were going to die and had braced themselves for the inevitable.

That notwithstanding, what fans saw left many of them devastated, The death and destruction in Volume 2 was unparalleled by any of the series’ previous three seasons. During the super-long finale, Nancy, Steve and the rest of the Hawkins gang tried to kill Vecna before he could execute his plan. Eleven ( who was Max’s best friend ) even joined the fight remotely, but they all failed.

Vecna shredded the town of Hawkins, as he opened four massive gates between the Upside Down and the Right Side Up. Eddie Munson was an unfortunate casualty during those events, and many fans were devastated with his death. However, the biggest talking point is what happened to Max. From the very beginning of the season, it was obvious that something was wrong with Max. She hadn’t recovered from Billy’s death in Season 3, but it was deeper than that. Her guilt was supernaturally fueled because Vecna had placed a target on her. Midway through the season, Vecna made his move and tried to make Max his fourth victim.

  1. Luckily, Lucas was able to save her by playing Kate Bush’s “Running Up that Hill.” Going into Volume 2, Max was alive, but she was still marked by Vecna.
  2. So, when the Hawkins gang decided they needed someone to act as bait, Max volunteered.
  3. At the agreed-upon time, she removed her headphones and allowed Vecna to enter her mind, where they (and Eleven) waged battle.

Lucas was supposed to rescue Max by putting her headphones back on, but he couldn’t do that because he was fighting with Jason. So, Max was nearly murdered like Vecna’s three previous victims. Just before Max died, Eleven rallied her strength, defeated Vecna and freed Max – but the damage had already been done. A lot of fans have been freaking out that Eleven was able to save Max – as if Eleven used some kind of new power – but they need to pump the breaks. All Eleven did was restart Max’s heart like an AED. For a normal person, that would be impossible, but not for Eleven.

Her powers effect the electromagnetic field, and the human body runs on electricity. So, it makes perfect sense that she was able to restart Max’s heart. The real problem is that Eleven couldn’t find Max. Yes, she was in a coma, but Eleven still should have been able to enter her mind and find her consciousness there.

Yet, she couldn’t because there was nothing there. The reason that Eleven couldn’t find Max is actually pretty simple – Max had already died. That means her soul had already been absorbed into Vecna’s consciousness. So, while Eleven restarted Max’s heart and brought her body back to life, she was trapped inside of Vecna’s hive mind.

As terrible as that sounds, it offers the perfect segue into Season 5. Namely, the only way to save Max’s soul will be to kill Vecna. By doing that, all the souls Vecna absorbed should be set free. If that’s the case, Max will be in a coma for much of Season 5, but saving her would be an added motivation for Eleven to succeed in her fight with Vecna.

To see what happened to Max for yourself, watch Stranger Things Seasons 4, streaming now on Netflix.

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Why 001 killed everyone

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How did Henry Creel become Vecna? – Season 4 answered a lot of questions that were hovering in our minds. When Eleven underwent the training to regain her powers through project Nina, Dr. Brenner and Dr. Owens attempted to explore Eleven’s past comprising of her encounters with One. Twitter At the Hawkins National Laboratory, where Dr. Brenner was conducting his experiments on kids to enhance their telekinetic powers, Eleven befriends an elderly assistant we later discover to be Dr. Brenner’s first experiment – One. One is actually, Henry Creel, Victor Creel’s son who is the foremost victim of this demon.

Henry creel develops psychic powers as a child and infiltrates other creatures’ minds, he then kills his mother and sister and tries to kill his father as well, but loses his power in this attempt and falls into a coma, Victor Creel is falsely accused of the family’s situation. After waking from the coma, Henry finds himself in the hands of Dr.

Brenner who tries to replicate Henry’s powers. Unable to control Henry, Dr. Brenner implants a chip in henry to control his powers, which Henry removes from his body by tricking Eleven into believing him. Henry thus becoming Brenners’ first experiment is named ‘One’.

Netflix After being banished to the Upside down, Henry is struck by electromagnetic lightning which doesn’t kill him but disfigures him and then after discovering the hive particle and getting over the Mind Flayer, he tries to establish revenge with the real world through continual attacks we witness in previous seasons.He is thus on a mission to create four gates to the real world by prying over four targets who are consumed by their guilt and he almost succeeds in his plan till Eleven saves Max, who is Vecna’s fourth and final target of the curse but despite her best efforts, she couldn’t stop Vecna from creating the four gates and entering the real world.

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Why was Vecna killing kids

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Trauma fuels him – Vecna draws power from sad and angry memories and that is the main reason he targets traumatized teens. Those teens are a well of power just there to be absorbed. This is not just a theory, Vecna himself told Eleven about the power that angry and sad memories hold.

  1. Also in episode 8 of Season 4 named “Papa,” Dr.
  2. Brenner stated that Vecna consumes everything about his victims.
  3. The above might be a plausible explanation of why Vecna is going after traumatized people but it is still conspicuous why Vecna was targeting traumatized “Hawkins” teenagers.
  4. After going through a theory on Reddit which tried to shed some light on “Why Vecna why?” The theory was that they were present in Vecna’s Mindscape which makes their deaths more fruitful for Vecna.

Vecna also explained his motives in a villainous monologue in the episode ” The Massacre at Hawkins Lab”. He shared his distaste for the controlled structure of society. Vecna considers this to be a prime flaw in humanity. Although his hatred for humanity might have been his prime motive for the 1986 murders there is no denying his victims are fueling him.

  1. But if you don’t know 1986 was not the first time Vecna struck.
  2. He was also responsible for the Hawkins Lab Massacre of 1979.
  3. But his first victims were his mother and sister whom he killed almost two decades ago.
  4. But not all victims were the same to him.
  5. Vecna did not just kill his victims he haunted them with their traumatic past before completing the deed but his 1986 victims were the only ones who were not tortured before their death.

The main reason could be that Vecna was powerless during that period and killing them was the only way he could escape. That is not all, before the ‘86 incident everyone Vecna killed he knew personally.1986 was the first time Vecna killed strangers. Is there any method to Vecna’s madness? I’m pretty sure we all will be debating about that till season 5 of Stranger Things drops but one thing’s for sure.

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Do they destroy Vecna?

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 ending explained: Vecna’s fate, major deaths, season 5 tease and more The fact that minutes after the release of Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 on Friday, proves the excitement with which fans were awaiting for its last two episodes to begin streaming.

  1. And we don’t blame them.
  2. The cliff-hanger ending of its first part ensured that the audience stays put keeping expectations soaring.
  3. And the finale did not disappoint either.
  4. The first seven episodes had their ups and downs, but it all fell into place in the last two.
  5. It was adrenaline rushing, fast-paced, dark, scary and edge-of-the-seat ride.

But does it end Vecna’s curse? Does it demolish the Upside Down and save Hawkins? Stranger Things Season 4 review | If you still have doubts about what conspired in the supernatural-horror series by the end of season four, here’s a breakdown of its ending. Stranger Things 4 revealed the main villain of the show – Vecna. (Photo: Screengab/Netflix) Eleven gets back her memories and the realisation that the Upside Down came into being because of her. Nancy, on the other hand, is stuck in Vecna’s realm. Will, Mike, Jonathan and Argyle are off to project Nina to rescue Eleven.

  1. Also, Hopper has reunited with Joyce in the Russian jail.
  2. SPOILERS AHEAD* takes off from here.
  3. Nancy is still in Mind Lair, an imaginary location inside Vecna’s mind.
  4. But the villain doesn’t kill her, rather makes her see the fate of her friends and her hometown.
  5. Nancy returns and makes a plan with her friends to deliberately enter Upside Down and attack Vecna.

Max, who’s been Vecna’s target all this while, offers to be the bait. They gather weapons and proceed to Eddie’s trailer which is also a portal to the other dimension. Also read | Actor Sadie Sink as Max is receiving a lot of praise for giving a power packed performance in Stranger Things 4 Volume 2. (Photo: Screengrab/Netflix) In the meantime, Eleven is taken captive by Doctor Brenner who refuses to let her go as she isn’t ready to fight Vecna yet.

Eleven and her Papa have a massive showdown. Just then, their secret lab gets attacked by US forces. Brenner helps Eleven to escape. She also realises her powers are back. Mike and Will arrive and take Eleven away, who later makes a plan to fight Vecna by entering Max’s memories. Hopper, Joyce, Murray, Enzo and Yuri escape the Soviet prison.

But before embarking on their US return, they get the information about Hawkins being under threat by a new supernatural force. They also realise that there are more Demogorgan and Demodogs held captive in the jail for experiments. The group returns to the jail to kill the demon creators to weaken Vecna, as all of them are connected. Eddie Munson, played by actor Joseph Quinn ended up becoming a fan-favourite character by end of Stranger Things 4 Volume 2. (Photo: Screengrab/Netflix) Nancy, Robin and Steve, who were tasked to destroy Vecna’s body when his soul is inside Mind Lair, also get trapped by his tentacles.

Eddie and Dustin need to stop the Demobats at the doorway. Eddie attracts the creatures’ attention by performing a Metallica number, dedicating it to Chrissy. But they eventually face difficulty, and try to escape the Upside Down. Pushing Dustin out of the realm, Eddie goes back with the pledge to not run away this time.

He tries to buy more time and cycles around to keep the Demobats distracted. The bats, however, attack and kill him. Dustin returns to Upside Down and Eddie dies in his arms. Chrissy’s boyfriend Jason Carver reaches Creel House and finds Max in trance. He gets into a scuffle with Lucas, asking him to wake her up right away. Stranger Things 4 Volume 2’s last shot showed Hawkins burning. (Photo: Screengrab/Netflix) Nancy, Steve and Robin get freed too. They rush to find Vecna’s body and burn it down. With this Vecna’s soul turns to ash in front of Eleven. Max’s dies in Lucas’ arms, thus getting Vecna his fourth kill.

The entire town opens up to Upside Down, with all portals dissolving. But, Eleven refuses to let Vecna win. Also read | After two days, Eleven returns to Hawkins to realise the government has declared Vecna’s attack as a massive earthquake. Her friends are helping out at the relief camp, but not revealing the reality.

Dustin has an emotional moment with Eddie’s uncle assuring him that Eddie wasn’t a serial killer, rather a hero who fought for his people. Eleven gets to know that Max, who died for ten-minutes, returned to life, but is paralysed and in coma. Hopper and Joyce return to Hawkins and reunite with their kids too.

  • Ends on a cliff-hanger again, as the audience doesn’t know how Eleven went back to fight Vecna to save Max.
  • The last scene shows snow-like ash falling all over Hawkins, something similar to what we have seen in Upside Down.
  • The entire group watches from a hill top as Hawkins burns post the so-called earthquake.

With the doorways opening up, it is but obvious that Vecna isn’t dead, and is expected to return in its fifth and final season. : Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 ending explained: Vecna’s fate, major deaths, season 5 tease and more

Why did Vecna want Eleven to join him?

What does Vecna want with El? – In his twisted mind, Vecna believes that he his helping the world by wiping out humans, as a “predator, but for good.” When Vecna asks for El to join him, it’s because he also sees her as a predator, “better” than humans.

Why is Vecna helping Eleven?

Why Vecna Wanted Eleven To Watch Hawkins Be Destroyed – Before turning his attention to Sadie Sink’s Max, Vecna admitted that he no longer thinks they can be on the same side and said, ” now I just want you to watch “. It would seem that even though Henry Creel genuinely wanted to enter the Upside Down and become Vecna, there was a part of him that still greatly resented Eleven for turning down his offer.

All those years ago, he felt a connection to Eleven because of their shared abilities and the pain that they had both endured at the hands of Dr. Brenner. But much to his disappointment, Eleven rejected him and his visions for the future. In the finale, Vecna wanted her to see with her own eyes what he was hoping to create by destroying Hawkins.

Fortunately, Vecna’s scheme was interrupted. By mustering enough power to fight him off, Eleven created an opening for her friends to make their big move. But since Vecna’s plan to bring the Upside Down to Hawkins is paying off, Eleven may ultimately have no choice but to watch as he gets what he wants anyway.

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Who created Vecna in Stranger Things

Answered By: Hayden Lewis Date: created: Jan 22 2023

They found it in Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower), a terrifying creature crafted by prosthetics and makeup designer Barrie Gower, who also worked on the Night King for ‘Game of Thrones.’ Here, he takes us through the making of the Upside Down’s newest (and scariest) nightmare.

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Why is Vecna so evil

Answered By: Alex Green Date: created: Feb 07 2023

Vecna Realizing He Was Wrong Wouldn’t Work – Stranger Things’ Vecna is inherently evil and doesn’t seem to have a personality outside his desire to eradicate living things (something that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.) As Henry Creel, he has always looked down on people and deemed that he is of a superior form.

Due to his innate supernatural powers, Henry abhorred humankind and its fragility so much that he instead found a liking towards psychological torture, specifically manipulating and intensifying a person’s deepest fears to the point of death. As Number One, Vecna is also a victim of Brenner’s experiments (much like Eleven) which may have been the perfect opportunity to develop a sympathetic angle towards his character.

However, his history as a kinslayer essentially destroys any rational reason for him to suddenly realize the error in his ways. Should Stranger Things provide Vecna with an epiphany on the moral ramifications of his actions, it would be character assassination to a well-written, completely evil villain.