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What happened to the actor who played Carl King in Emmerdale

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Tom’s early life and career – The King family were a popular addition to the soap – Tom Lister, who played Carl King, is pictured far right The actor studied at Birmingham School of Acting (BSA) for three years. He graduated in 2001, before beginning his career making appearances in TV shows including Heartbeat, Doctors and The Bill.

In February 2004, Tom made his debut appearance in Emmerdale as Carl King, a role he maintained for eight years until his departure in October, 2012. It is believed that the star, who played scheming Carl on the soap is now working as a window cleaner after struggling to find work following his departure from the show.

It was reported last year that Tom has set up a company in Blackpool to bring in extra cash between jobs. Speaking on Coastal Radio DAB, he opened up about how he started cleaning windows during Covid and it progressed from there. He explained: “I am still working and I have done lots of things over the last couple of years but it’s probably one of the most tricky periods of my career.

  • I have been very fortunate, I have had over 20 years acting and worked quite solidly through that period, be it on television or I worked on the West End.
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  • When Covid hit, the work just wasn’t there so Steve Royal and me set up a production company, we made an online pantomime, which we sold to school’s locally.” He continued: “But that was only a really short period of time so I was just doing regular jobs like lost of other people.

So I started cleaning windows for my mate’s company and I was doing it for quite awhile and it was great to keep my head sane. “And then that has really just progressed and I have actually franchised that company and I am now kind of doing it myself. So I have got costumers down here in Blackpool.

What did Tom King do to Chas Dingle?

How did Tom King’s actions get discovered? –

  1. Tom King was eventually caught out after he was caught attempting to graffiti the wall of the pub.
  2. Gabby Thomas disturbed him and it was not long until Chas and Jimmy tried to apprehend him.
  3. Thomas shouted at Chas as he insisted he was hellbent on revenge for her ‘killing’ his father.
  4. Chas pleaded that she only acted out of self-defence but Thomas refused to forgive her.
  5. After persuasion from Jimmy, Chas forgot about Tom’s actions and Jimmy let his nephew move in, much to wife Nicola’s disapproval.
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What happened with Chas and Carl

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Carl King
Emmerdale character
Portrayed by Tom Lister
Duration 2004–2012
First appearance 6 February 2004
Last appearance 18 October 2012
Classification Former; regular
Introduced by Steve Frost
In-universe information


Carl Thomas King is a fictional character from the British ITV soap opera, Emmerdale, played by Tom Lister, The character and casting were announced in January 2004 when it was announced that producers were bringing “four new single ‘hunks'” into the show, one of them being Carl.

  1. Lister made his first appearance on the show on 6 February 2004.
  2. Throughout the course of his story arc, Carl establishes a relationship with Chas Dingle ( Lucy Pargeter ) – which contributes to his storylines that include the pair having an ill-fated wedding after Chas exposes Carl’s affair with her best friend Eve Jenson ( Suzanne Shaw ).

During his time on the show, Carl has accidentally caused the death of local postman Paul Marsden ( Matthew Booth ); killed his own father Tom ( Ken Farrington ) in the events surrounding the Who Killed Tom King? storyline, which he ultimately confessed to his brothers Jimmy ( Nick Miles ) and Matthew (Matt Healy) on the show’s 500th village anniversary episode – after the trio were acquitted for their father’s murder; formed a romance with DCI Grace Barraclough ( Glynis Barber ), the policewoman investigating his father’s murder, that culminated with her being killed in a hit and run – just as she prepared to take Carl into custody after he admitted to killing his father; sparked a business conflict with Matthew that concluded with the latter’s death, after Carl ruined Matthew’s ill-fated wedding to his business partner Anna De Souza ( Emma Davies ) by exposing his involvement behind the death of her father Donald ( Michael Jayston ); developed a feud with Chas’ niece Debbie ( Charley Webb ) upon clashing with her parents, Cain ( Jeff Hordley ) and Charity ( Emma Atkins ), respectively; embarked on a failed marriage with Lexi Nicholls ( Sally Oliver ); and became archenemies with Debbie’s ex-boyfriend Cameron Murray ( Dominic Power ) after discovering his affair with Chas and subsequently blackmailing the pair in repaying him the £30,000 that Chas previously swindled from his bank account.

  1. After getting jilted by Chas on their ill-fated wedding day at Christmas 2010, Carl became the show’s main antagonist upon alienating himself from his family and friends – which ultimately led to the character being killed-off in the show’s 40th anniversary episode,
  2. This involved Carl fighting with Jimmy over their problematic brotherhood; spoiling Chas’ wedding to her fiance Dan Spencer ( Liam Fox ); and then nearly raping her after she rejects his efforts to recoup their broken relationship, up to the point where he confesses to killing his father for her.

The seduction ends with Chas hitting Carl on the head with a brick, though he survives and ends up exposing her affair with Cameron to Debbie – shortly before Carl is then murdered by Cameron after the latter arrives in a failed attempt to stop him from destroying their lives.

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What did Thomas do to Chaz in Emmerdale

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James Chase plays the grown-up Thomas King, now just called Tom (Picture: ITV) A decade ago, a young Thomas King was terrorising Chas Dingle ( Lucy Pargeter ) as her stalker – sending her threats following the death of his killer father Carl. After 10 years away in Saudi Arabia, the not-so-youngster (now called Tom) is making a comeback to Emmerdale in scenes set to air from April 27 – which is sure to leave Chas reeling.

Playing Tom this time around is newcomer James Chase, who will pick up the role from Mark Flanagan. And James has confirmed that the chilling storyline is set to be revisited, as Tom seeks to make amends. Acknowledging the ‘darkness’ in Tom’s life back then, James says in a new chat that Tom’s actions ‘definitely affected Chas’.

James adds: ‘He was awful to her, he really was. We are definitely going into that again. He’s turned over a new leaf. ‘He was very young, obviously, and full of emotion when he was dealing with all of these issues and I don’t think he really knew how to deal with them.

He’s definitely going down the route of trying to build those bridges up again that he’s burned and I think with Chas he will try to apologise to her and just try to build that friendship again.’ Chas isn’t the only one Tom will be looking to reconnect with, though, as he returns following a new job opportunity as a vet in Leeds.

He’ll also be looking to catch up with former flame Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) – but will he be hoping for a romantic reconciliation? Will Tom be able to make amends with Chas, his family – and get childhood sweetheart Belle back? (Picture: ITV) Belle and Tom reunite in upcoming episodes of Emmerdale after 10 years apart (Picture: ITV) James goes on: ‘They were childhood sweethearts and they loved each other. ‘Even though there was a lot of drama going on in his life at that time, she was a real shining star for him, the one good thing he could remember that gave him hope and love ‘That’s definitely something I think he wants And just the rekindling of his family, Jimmy (Nick Miles) and Nicola (Nicola Wheeler).

Why did Carl leave?

Chandler Riggs (Carl Grimes) – AMC Carl Grimes made his debut in The Walking Dead ‘s pilot episode and met his demise in season eight after being bitten by a walker. Considering he was just a kid, his death was one of the show’s most controversial. Later speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about his departure, actor Chandler Riggs shut down rumours that he had left the show to focus on his education, explaining that the decision to leave was not his.

  • I’m taking a gap year right now to focus on acting for a while,” he said.
  • Leaving Walking Dead wasn’t my decision.
  • It was all story-related.
  • It made sense story-wise for it to happen for Rick and Michonne and all the other characters.” A year later, Riggs admitted that leaving “sucked” at the time – but added that he was “really happy with how it turned out”.

“It wasn’t just Carl dying. It was also me leaving the show and kind of moving on to other things,” he shared at San Jose Fan Fest.

What happens to Carl in Emmerdale?

How did Carl King die in Emmerdale? – After an eight-year stint on Emmerdale and after becoming one of the show’s main antagonists, Carl was murdered by his enemy Cameron Murray (Dominic Power). The live episode began with Carl’s ex Chas – who jilted him on their wedding day in a ploy to get revenge for cheating on her – marrying Dan Spencer (Liam Fox).

  • However, Carl knew she was having an affair with Cameron, and had been blackmailing the pair to repay the money she’d taken for their ill-intentioned nuptials.
  • He confronted her, and later went toe-to-toe with Cameron in a church, with the pair insulting each other.
  • After another confrontation, Carl tried to rape Chas in the back of a campervan – so she smashed a brick over his head in a bid to escape.

Carl arose wounded, and viewers saw him send a picture of Chas and Cameron together on his phone. Cameron, meanwhile, witnessed Chas running away – and went to investigate. He found Carl, and after a tense exchange hit him again with the same brick, in the same place, killing him.

  1. Famously, Carl’s last words were: ‘Because I’m indestructible!’ Chas’ marriage to Dan didn’t work out after the affair was revealed – and she initially believed she was responsible for Carl’s death, but later discovered it was Cameron’s doing.
  2. Cameron killed again twice, before holding the patrons of The Woolpack pub hostage at gun point in 2013, where he was electrocuted to death.

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When did Tom King leave Emmerdale?

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Tom King
Emmerdale character
Portrayed by Kenneth Farrington
Duration 2004–2006
First appearance 29 February 2004
Last appearance 27 December 2006
Classification Former; regular
Created by Steve Frost
Spin-off appearances Emmerdale: Text Santa special (2013)
In-universe information


Tom King is a fictional character from the British ITV soap opera Emmerdale, who appeared on the show from 29 February 2004 before being killed off on 25 December 2006 in a long-running ” whodunit ” storyline dubbed, “Who Killed Tom King?”. He was last seen on 27 December 2006 as a dead body in a morgue.

What did Chas do to Paddy?

Emmerdale spoilers confirm new Paddy and Chas twist days after surprise reunion Emmerdale spoilers reveal that next week, Paddy Kirk comes to a big decision that leaves estranged wife Chas Dingle stunned Emmerdale: Paddy uses Eve as a pawn against Chas

  • dashes for one couple next week, as Paddy Kirk makes a big decision about his marriage with Chas Dingle.
  • It seemed the pair were set to reunite, despite things heating up with Mandy Dingle, as spoilers confirmed the pair could kiss.
  • Spoilers also revealed Chas would ask Paddy for another chance, with him left contemplating whether to move back home.
  • However new teasers for next week have revealed his decision is one that leaves Chas reeling, and it isn’t what she thought.
  • Spoilers confirm Paddy will announce he’s been in touch with a solicitor about their divorce, after their split late last year.
  • Chas is taken aback as she realises he wants to go through with it, and he explains that he doesn’t see the use in prolonging things.

Emmerdale dashes hopes of a reunion for one couple next week ( ITV)

  1. He soon makes his feelings clear as he asks Chas if she’d like to make a joint divorce application – but how will she react, and is it really over for good?
  2. Chas cheated on Paddy for months with Al Chapman, and even planned to flee the village with him and her daughter Eve.
  3. She was prepared to flee in secret with Paddy’s daughter, later confessing she was in love with Al when the truth came out.
  4. Al was murdered in October and Chas tried to stay with Paddy and deny everything that happened, only for Belle Dingle to confess all as she knew the truth.

It seemed the pair were set to reunite ( ITV)

  • Paddy confronted Chas before Christmas, taking her to the house she almost moved into with Al and revealing he knew everything.
  • Chas was disowned by most of her family as Paddy sought comfort from those around him, while things soon took a devastating turn.
  • Paddy struggled with his mental health and fled the village, before returning only to plan to take his own life.
  • He was found in time and has since been seeking help for his mental health, with him and Chas back on civil terms.
  • There was a possible reunion on the cards too, with upcoming scenes seeing the pair kiss.

Chas is taken aback as she realises he wants to go through with it ( ITV)

  1. It’s the closest they have been since the affair that tore them apart, with Chas claiming at the time she loved Al, not Paddy.
  2. But this week she has a change of tune, and tells Paddy she wants her family back together again and under the same roof.
  3. After things get charged and they kiss, the news gets out leaving villagers surprised, but Chas uses it as motivation to win back Paddy.
  4. He’s left feeling the pressure when Chas asks him to forgive her, keen to give their marriage another go.
  5. Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7:30pm on ITV1 and ITVX, with an hour-long episode on Thursdays.

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Who did Chas marry in Emmerdale?

Chas Dingle

In-universe information
Half-sisters Gennie Walker
Husband Gordon Livesy (backstory) Dan Spencer (2012–2013) Paddy Kirk (2020–present)
Sons Aaron Livesy
Daughters Grace Dingle Eve Dingle
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Why did Chas and Dan split up

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Emmerdale spoilers follow. Emmerdale airs a throwback to a past relationship in Monday’s episode (August 14), as Chas Dingle and Dan Spencer have a heart-to-heart. As Dan prepares himself for the likelihood that he’s heading to prison later this week, he turns to his ex-wife for some moral support. ITV Dan explains to Chas that Lloyd’s funeral is taking place that day, which has left him feeling more guilty than ever. Chas takes the opportunity to offer Dan some advice, suggesting that he needs to focus on how best to spend his last few days with his daughter Amelia. ITV Following his night with Chas, Dan feared that he’d lost a friend as he assumed that she would want nothing more to do with him. Chas claimed to have no regrets – partly because she wanted to prove a point to Cameron – and soon left Dan stunned by publicly announcing him as her new boyfriend.

  • Things went even further as Chas proposed to Dan in a subsequent episode.
  • Dan was sceptical, until Chas protested that she truly loved him.
  • This inspired Dan to pop the question himself and Chas happily accepted, right in front of shocked punters at The Woolpack.
  • Lucy Pargeter, who plays Chas, told All About Soap magazine at the time: “Chas sees everything in Dan that she saw in Paddy – security and a complete selfless devotion.

“He’d never dream of cheating on her, or treat her the way Carl and Cameron did. Chas is starting to wonder whether she could settle down with Dan full time.” She added: “It’s all a bit awkward to be honest, especially as Cameron sees the whole thing. ITV Liam told Soaplife magazine at the time: “We all know who is and isn’t in our league, but we don’t like admitting it. But Dan just wants to ignore it. He thinks, ‘Why the hell not?’ “I know that at some point his heart will be broken.” The storyline came to a head in Emmerdale ‘s 40 th anniversary week in October 2012, which saw Chas tie the knot with Dan.

  • Even though the wedding went ahead, the couple’s happiness lasted for a matter of minutes as they hit the rocks in the memorable Emmerdale Live episode which followed their exchange of vows.
  • Scared as her ex-lover Carl King was blackmailing her over her affair with Cameron, nervous Chas suggested to Dan that they should flee the village together.

Dan took this the wrong way, assuming that Chas was already trying to find ways to leave him, so their relationship broke down in the hour-long live episode. Things only got worse when the shock death of Carl led to the truth coming out about Chas’ affair with Cameron, so there was no going back for her and Dan. ITV Liam Fox recently said: “When I read the scripts, I thought: ‘Wow, this is awesome’. “Dan is taking it all in. He realises that he’s going, but he’s getting support from other people in the village. “There’s some lovely stuff before he goes, in The Woolpack.

Man Club are there supporting Dan. Those scenes are really well-written – really nice stuff. It made me cry a few times reading it. I feel very lucky to get that sort of script for this story.” Check out more of our Emmerdale coverage: – Emmerdale confirms sad goodbyes for Dan Spencer in emotional scenes – Emmerdale star Liam Fox left tearful over Dan Spencer goodbye scenes – 9 huge Emmerdale spoilers for this week – Emmerdale revisits Lydia Dingle’s past in 22 new spoiler pictures Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

Read more Emmerdale spoilers on our dedicated homepage Daniel has been writing about soaps on Digital Spy since 2004 and took over as Soaps Editor in 2010. He has interviewed hundreds of soap stars over the years, from Bill Roache to Lacey Turner, and regularly visits the sets of Coronation Street, EastEnders, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks for behind-the-scenes trips and press events.

How old was Chas when she got pregnant?

With Aaron being 27-years-old, this would now mean that Chas was just 14 when she gave birth to him.

What happened with Chaz and Paddy in Emmerdale?

Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) was given some hope for a reunion with estranged husband Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) in tonight’s Emmerdale (Wednesday 12th April), after the pair shared a surprise kiss. Paddy ended his marriage to Chas last year after discovering that she was having an affair with the late Al Chapman (Michael Wildman), and that she planned on setting up a home with him.

  1. Since then, Paddy has endured a tough time with his mental health, but later moved out of the Woolpack after beginning his recovery.
  2. But Chas and Paddy’s young daughter Eve has been missing having her dad around at home, and tonight the pressure was getting to stressed Chas as she juggled daily chores with reassuring Eve.

When the washing machine broke down she reached boiling point, which was when Paddy walked in hoping to find some fishing equipment. By entering your details, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and privacy policy, You can unsubscribe at any time.

  1. After letting out her frustrations, Chas was embarrassed once she had calmed down, assuring Paddy that she knew it was all her own fault that they were in this situation.
  2. But as Paddy offered his support, and Chas explained how much Eve missed him, Chas was given a boost when he suggested they spend time together as a family.

Smiling to herself as she watched Paddy reading to Eve, Chas headed away to do laundry at Charity Dingle’s (Emma Atkins) house. When she returned, Paddy was cooking dinner, while Eve was having a nap. He reminded Chas that she didn’t have to cope on her own, before playfully instructing her to muck in with the cooking.

7 Emmerdale spoilers for next week: will Charity and Mack get married? Emmerdale’s Nicky and Caleb are ready to bring “fireworks” in Tate-Dingle clash

Chas then let slip that Eve wasn’t the only one who needed Paddy, leading him to offer her a hug. But before they knew it, they were kissing – only to be interrupted when Eve shouted out for her daddy. As Chas mulled over what had just happened, will she and Paddy have a romantic reunion?

Why did Adam Thomas leave Emmerdale?

Why did Adam Thomas leave Emmerdale? – Adam Thomas left Emmerdale in 2018 after playing Adam Barton for 9 years. The actor released a statement upon his departure stating: “I’ve had an amazing eight years working on Emmerdale and I’ve loved every minute of it.

Inside Emmerdale star Charlotte Bellamy’s life away from Laurel Thomas Adam Thomas reveals moment he told son Teddy he’d been cast in Waterloo Road

Adam Thomas played Adam Barton in Emmerdale. Picture: ITV

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Has Chaz left Paddy in Emmerdale

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Emmerdale spoilers follow. Emmerdale ‘s Chas Dingle faces a difficult day next week as she’s forced to reflect on the breakdown of her marriage to Paddy. The former couple reach another milestone moment in the fallout from their split, as they prepare to tell their young daughter Eve that Paddy has moved on. ITV Related: 8 huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week Joined by Bear Wolf for moral support, the trio speak to Eve about how Paddy is now in a serious relationship with Mandy. Chas tries to put on a brave face during the conversation, but it’s clear that she’s jealous over Paddy being so happy without her. ITV Related: Emmerdale ‘s Jacob Gallagher shocks Victoria Barton as his feelings are revealed Marlon assures Chas that she’s a great mum and Eve will always love her. Chas risked her marriage to Paddy by having an affair with Al Chapman last year. Paddy discovered his wife’s betrayal a few weeks after Al’s death and decided to end things between them. Check out more of our Emmerdale coverage:

Emmerdale reveals new baby drama for Chloe Harris in 18 spoiler pictures Emmerdale confirms engagement for Mackenzie Boyd and Chloe Harris Emmerdale ‘s Charles Anderson attacks Tom King in dramatic scene Emmerdale star Joe-Warren Plant responds to Matthew Wolfenden exit news Emmerdale ‘s Lydia Dingle confronts Craig Reed in new scenes

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX. Read more Emmerdale spoilers on our dedicated homepage Daniel has been writing about soaps on Digital Spy since 2004 and took over as Soaps Editor in 2010. He has interviewed hundreds of soap stars over the years, from Bill Roache to Lacey Turner, and regularly visits the sets of Coronation Street, EastEnders, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks for behind-the-scenes trips and press events.

Why did Carl go to jail?

Personality – Carl is seen as the trouble maker in Season 1, after almost facing expulsion. In Season 2, his love for selling drugs starts when his grandmother Peggy convinced him to get prescription drugs to make meth. Carl’s delinquent side is somewhat on hold in Season 3, but he does end up shaving his head due to Frank convincing him he has cancer.

We see Carl’s first love interest, Bonnie, in Season 4, but their relationship ends when Bonnie disappears with her family to an unknown fate. Carl’s interests include drinking, weapons, explosives, and death. Carl does seem to actually be a relatively good child, however he is heavily affected by a completely dysfunctional childhood and family.

Nonetheless, he cares deeply about his family, including his father Frank, despite the latter’s complete and utter failure as a parent and role model. In his adolescence, he detaches from Frank though he continues to love and show concern for him at times even when angry with him.

In Season 5, he uses his nephew, Chuckie, to deliver drugs but gets caught when his half-sister Sammi notifies the police. In his trial, Fiona wants him to grovel, but he instead insults the judge and doesn’t name his drug dealer, which lands him a year in juvenile prison. He didn’t mind as he wanted the experience to boost his reputation.

Due to his refusal to snitch, he is accepted by his dealer’s gang. After his release from juvie in Season 6, he adopts a thuggish attitude and believes he is too cool for most things. His new way annoyed his family and friends who told him to stop but he ignored.

He also tries to impress his new love interest Dominique Winslow though his ways cause her to rebuff his advances. Once his juvie friend Nick kills someone, Carl is then traumatized by the event and throws away his thug behavior, becoming more like old self though silent. Because of this, Carl ends up gaining the affection of Dominique and forms a relationship with her.

Following Dominique cheating on him, he bonded with her father and decide to better himself by joining military school. Carl became even more serious in his return from school, as seen when he cooked for his family and was respectful to his grandfather Bill Darrgen while taking his suggestion more.

Why did Carl get shot?

Actor Chandler Riggs portrayed Carl Grimes on The Walking Dead from season 1 until his death in season 8. Throughout his time on the series, Carl encountered several close calls. One of these incidents occurred in the season 6 midseason premiere of “No Way Out,” which aired on Valentine’s Day 2016.

Carl was a precarious child who would never stay wherever he was told to stay and often found himself in dangerous situations because of this. He wanted to prove to his dad and others that he was capable of handling himself in this new dangerous world he found himself in. The first time Carl was shot happened during season 2, “What Lies Ahead.” While trying to come upon a deer, Otis (Pruitt Taylor Vince) accidentally shoots Carl.

Viewers would learn that Otis was a farm hand of Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson), who would perform surgery on Carl and save his life. Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) group would then stay on his farm until it was overrun at the end of season 2.

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Does Carl come back

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Carl Grimes actor Chandler Riggs has a secret cameo in “The Walking Dead” finale. The character was killed off in season eight after getting bitten by a walker. Riggs said his appearance wasn’t planned, but he was very happy to be involved.

Loading Something is loading. Thanks for signing up! Access your favorite topics in a personalized feed while you’re on the go. After eleven seasons and 177 episodes, AMC’s “The Walking Dead” has finally come to an end. The survivors have come a long way since the original outbreak, but the series came to a close after the heroes clashed with the huge community called the Commonwealth.

The dramatic ending sees Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan), and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) finally stop Pamela Milton (Laila Robins) from killing the Commonwealth citizens. But one of the emotional final scenes at the Hilltop colony features a secret cameo from Chandler Riggs, who played Carl Grimes until his tragic death in season eight, episode nine,

No, the show doesn’t resurrect Grimes, but Riggs wanted to visit the cast and crew as filming came to an end. Director and executive producer Greg Nicotero told Entertainment Weekly that it was his idea to get Riggs involved while he was visiting the set for the day.

Nicotero said: “That was our last day of shooting and Chandler wanted to come visit. And I looked at him and I went, ‘Hey, you. Take that, go stand in the back of that shot.’ It wasn’t planned.” Riggs also spoke to EW about his experience on the day, explaining that the crew disguised him using a hat and put him in the background of Hilltop.

The actor said: “It was for one of their wide shots, and they were like, ‘Let’s get you in there. Here!’ I was just in this shirt and jeans that I came down there in. They grabbed a hat from wardrobe. It was like Father Gabriel’s hat!” Riggs added: “And they gave me a hoe and said, ‘Be a part of the background for one of the last shots.’ And they just tossed me back there, and I just did some hoeing in the ground in the background.

It was a lot of fun.” The star pointed out that it was the “first time” he’d been back since he left the show in season eight, but said it was “awesome” to be there for the end. Riggs added: “When they cut on the last shot, they blasted confetti, and everyone was cheering, and it was a really, really cool moment, and I’m really happy I got to be there for that.” Although fans might’ve missed Chandler’s surprise cameo in “The Walking Dead” finale, Norman Reedus said he was trying to point the audience to where the Carl Grimes actor was during the scene.

He said: “They’re trying to hide him in the scene, and I kept trying to move my head like I’m looking at him to sort of draw the audience’s attention to, ‘Hey, there’s Chandler over there!’ Which I don’t think anybody really wanted me to do, but I thought it was funny so I kept trying to do it.”

Who ends up with the Woolpack?

The Woolpack today. The Woolpack is Emmerdale Village ‘s main public house. It is the main meeting place for villagers and a stop for tourists visiting the Dales and a stop gap for the hikers and ramblers that pass through the village. The longest serving landlord of the Woolpack was Amos Brearly who ran the pub from 1948 to 1991 with his business partner Henry Wilks,

Was Nicola pregnant with Carl’s baby in Emmerdale?

2001-2006: Arrival in Emmerdale – In January 2001, Nicola came to the village to finally meet her older half-sister, Bernice Blackstock and stayed with their father, Rodney, She met and became friends with Emily Kirk (then Dingle), a friendship that lasted until Emily left to train as a vicar.

  • Within months, Nicola became interested in chef Carlos Diaz, unaware that he was involved with Bernice.
  • She chased him for a while before they ended up in bed after Bernice dumped him, wanting to make her marriage work.
  • Scared she might lose Carlos, Nicola announced she was pregnant and was stunned yet elated when he proposed, which she accepted.

On her hen night, Bernice caught her drinking vodka and Nicola admitted that she was not pregnant and never had been. Bernice (who expecting herself) was horrified and insisted she tell Carlos before the ceremony. Horrified at the deception, Carlos told Nicola about his and Bernice’s affair and that she could be carrying his baby.

  1. Furious at Bernice’s hypocrisy and deceit, she attacked her with her bouquet before storming into the church to announce that the wedding was off, due to Carlos’s infidelity.
  2. She also told Bernice’s husband Ashley Thomas about Bernice’s affair and the fact that he might not be the father of Bernice’s baby.

Despite her mother’s suggestion that she go home with her, Nicola stayed with Rodney and eventually forgave Bernice. She became godmother to Ashley and Bernice’s daughter, Gabby Thomas, Nicola’s once kind and friendly attitude altered dramatically and she severed ties with Emily, although they later made up.

Nicola was a bridesmaid when she married Paddy Kirk in October 2002, She argued frequently with postmistress, Viv Hope, and local siren, Chloe Atkinson, and caused heartbreak when she seduced Robert Sugden, She dumped Robert by allowing him to see her having sex with builder Syd Woolfe in her living room.

Nicola had a brief relationship with Syd, which ended when she discovered that he was also having an affair with Chloe, who was dating Scott Windsor at the time. After successfully starting a cleaning business and employing Pearl Ladderbanks, Betty Eagleton and Laurel Thomas, Nicola met fishmonger Simon Meredith in November 2003 and after a bumpy start, they began dating.

  • However, there were many obstacles, such as his ex-fiancée Tash Abbott and his mother, Lesley Meredith,
  • Nicola was desperate to settle down and dreamed of the perfect marriage.
  • After they got engaged, Lesley constantly caused trouble and even stole Kelly Windsor ‘s credit card and eventually, her debts began mounting up.

This resulted in Lesley and Simon losing everything, forcing him and Nicola to postpone the wedding. Bored with Simon and their financial problems, Nicola hatched a plan to snare her half-brother Paul Lambert ‘s bisexual lover, Ivan, who was mates with Simon.

What happens to Trisha in Emmerdale?

2003-2004: Death – Tricia returned in November that year and Marlon constantly acted oddly around her, fearing that she will find out. Eventually, he told her and Tricia struggled to forgive her philandering husband. Tricia decided to leave Marlon. In response, Marlon wrote a list of 101 things he loved about her.

  1. Once she was ready to leave at New Year’s Eve, just as a severe storm arrived, Diane Blackstock gave her the list.
  2. As she reads through the letter whilst waiting in the bus stop and then in a phone box, she finally realised how much Marlon loved her and returned to the Woolpack.
  3. However, disaster struck when a nearby tree was hit by lightning, making Tricia stumble back, while another bolt hit the Woolpack roof and caused a window to collapse down on Tricia and sending the chimney to fall through the ceiling and into the packed pub.

Diane and Marlon discovered Tricia lying under the rubble. The emergency services were called and Tricia was airlifted to hospital. Marlon followed suit in Diane’s car and him, Steph and Alan arrived at the hospital, where the doctor informed them that Tricia had sustained massive internal injuries and was in a critical condition.

Is Karl Davis coming back to Emmerdale?

Emmerdale boss reveals Karl Davies declined the chance to return as Robert Sugden The role was recast with newcomer Ryan Hawley after Davies opted not to return Karl Davies is pictured leaving the ITV studios following a guest appearance on the Lorraine show

  • declined the offer to return to as Robert Sugden.
  • The actor – who played the scheming Sugden from 2001 to 2009 – reportedly didn’t want to reprise the role according to the soap’s producer Kate Oates.
  • The show’s boss confirmed that Davies was originally offered the chance to return to the ITV soap but declined, forcing them to recast the role with

Speaking at the Emmerdale press conference, Oates said: “I spoke to Karl intermittently since arriving at Emmerdale. It just got to a point where this opportunity came up. Robert Sugden before and after ( ITV)

  1. “I wanted to bring the character back and asked if Karl was interested, and explained that if he wasn’t then we might have to look elsewhere.
  2. “I understand why – he’s doing other things and he’s doing incredibly well.

“At that point, I knew that we were recasting a really big character. I knew that I wanted Robert to get together with Aaron and that there’d be a big story for him.

  • “It was a big gamble, but I think it’s paid off.”
  • Robert will be involved in a high profile storyline which sees him embarking on an passionate affair with Aaron Livesy behind the back of his fiance Chrissie White.
  • Oates added: “We are seeing a Robert with a different side to him now, or certainly a side that is magnified from the old Robert – because I think that Machiavellian side has always been there.
  • “We’ve just expanded on that and the recasting was a good chance to do it, so I think it’s been a blessing really.”
  • A spokesman for Davies said: “Karl thoroughly enjoyed his time on Emmerdale but has been focusing on other projects since leaving and will continue to do so.”

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Why did Tom Lister leave Emmerdale

Answered By: Harry Brown Date: created: May 16 2024

Personal life – He is married to a primary school teacher, called Jenny. The couple have two sons, Benjamin Thomas Brown, born in September 2006 and Samuel Harry Brown born in October 2008. He is good friends with two of his on-screen brothers Nick Miles and Matt Healy,

He appeared on All Star Family Fortunes soap special with his onscreen girlfriend Lucy Pargeter and onscreen brother Nick Miles and sister Kelsey-Beth Crossley and brother Jimmy’s onscreen girlfriend Nicola Wheeler and beat Coronation Street family the Webster’s. He has worked with Christian-based anti-trafficking organisation Hope for Justice.

In 2012, Tom left the show, seeking roles in other shows. The character was killed off in the show’s 40th anniversary live episode on 17th October,

What happened to Cameron Murray Emmerdale?

Cameron Murray was the father of Harry and Dylan Murray and was also a former boyfriend of Debbie Dingle whom she met and had an affair with whilst she was living in Jersey, Cameron went onto murder three people – Carl King, Alex Moss and Gennie Walker – before Debbie turned against him, helping the police to nail him for his crimes.

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What is Luke tittensor doing now

Answered By: Ralph Smith Date: created: Oct 20 2023

Career – Tittensor and his twin brother, Elliott, appeared in the soap Brookside, In the first series of Channel 4 series Shameless, the Tittensor twins shared the role of Carl Gallagher. Elliott continued playing the role of Carl after Luke left the show.

Tittensor took the role of Daz Eden in Emmerdale, first appearing in 2003. He continued to act in Emmerdale until April 2009, when his contract was terminated due to a criminal conviction. In 2010, Tittensor played gay pupil Connor in Waterloo Road, He appeared in an episode of Casualty in January 2011 and played the part of Nathan in episode one of the BBC drama series The Body Farm in September 2011.

In 2012, Tittensor played the character of Liam in Holby City, Tittensor appeared in Our World War as Paddy Kennedy in 2014. Also in 2014, he played Hippolyte in the film Madame Bovary, Tittensor starred in an episode of Moving On in March 2014. Tittensor currently stars as Ser Arryk Cargyll in HBO ‘s House of the Dragon alongside his twin brother who plays the role of Ser Erryk Cargyll.