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Why Rhys killed Malcolm

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Rhys killed his friends, who were a liability in his campaign – Penn Badgley | Netflix Season 4 continued with “Best of Friends.” Rhys breaks into Joe’s apartment to confront him and explain his murders. “Malcolm was blackmailing me over my not-so-little gambling habit,” he said. “Simon’s exploitation of women was about to leak.

  1. Couldn’t be associated.
  2. Gemmadrunken shag, or four, back when I was still married.
  3. She was bound to open that big hole in her face at some point and embarrass me, f*** my image, ruin my campaign.” Rhys admits he wants the power that comes with being mayor.
  4. He offers Joe a chance to make things right by finding someone to pin his murders on for him.

Or else he’ll attempt to frame Joe again.

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How did Joe kill Malcolm

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You’s Malcolm Dismemberment Mirrors A Season 2 Murder – After a night of heavy drinking, Joe wakes up to find Malcolm with a knife in his body. After first, old habits die hard and begins to dispose of the body. Eerily, the way Joe disposes of the body is parallel to how he killed Jasper in season 2. In You season 2, Joe killed Jasper in self-defense by stabbing him in the stomach.

Joe then disposed of the body by cutting him into pieces and putting the parts into a meat grinder. Like with Jasper’s body, Joe performs the task in a routine fashion that shows how bloodthirsty he’s become. Malcolm’s disposal is gory and potentially even more haphazard, and this could be because Joe did not have the same tools as he did in You season 2.

Yet, it also reflects how unstable Joe is. However, Joe did not kill Malcolm; he’s being framed by the “Eat the Rich” killer. So it possibly also marks character growth, in a bizarre way. Except for Adam’s bodyguard Vic, Joe hasn’t killed anyone else as Jonathan Moore in You season 4, part 1, which is progress for Joe.

Who was the killer in Season 4 of you?

What does the end reveal about Joe’s intentions for the future, and what can we expect to see in You season 5? From Netflix Joe Goldberg is back at it again in season 4 of Netflix’s original series You, Starring Penn Badgley as our fictional serial killer, Joe crosses the ocean this time to hunt down his newest love obsession, Marienne. After finding her, Joe is desperate to prove his love to her and become someone that she could love in return.

And so begins his attempt to live a quiet normal life as Jonathan Moore, a literature professor at a London university. Unfortunately for him, it doesn’t take long for things to spiral out of control as he gets involved with a group of problematic wealthy social elites. Joe finds himself thrown into a classic whodunit murder mystery as a killer roams among the group, killing them off one by one.

And this killer knows all of Joe’s secrets. With his identity at stake, Joe resorts to his old antics and is determined to catch the “Eat the Rich Killer” and protect his new lover Kate. We find out in part 1 of season 4 that the killer is author and aspiring politician Rhys Montrose whom Joe has befriended.

  1. However, not everything is as it seems, and we discover in part 2 that the Rhys Joe has been interacting with is, in fact, just a figment of his own imagination.
  2. Joe Goldberg is the “Eat the Rich Killer,” and not only that, but he has Marienne hostage in his signature glass box.
  3. There is yet another twist in the season finale when Joe finally comes to terms with who he really is and reveals his identity to Kate.

Together we’ll dive into what this ending means for Joe.

Who did Joe kill Beck’s boyfriend?

Benji — Guinevere Beck’s boyfriend in Season 1, Joe killed Benji in Episode 2, using peanut oil and taking advantage of Benji’s allergy.

Was Rhys always a hallucination?

Apologies to everyone (including Joe), who was just getting used to knowing Rhys as the Eat the Rich Killer. Because he’s actually a figment of Joe’s increasingly splintered mind. It’s a surprise that leaves even Joe reeling — and his brain created ‘Rhys.’ So you definitely deserve an explanation.

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Was Rhys not the killer

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Surprise! Joe has been playing a cat-and-mouse game with himself the entire season because the Eat-the-Rich Killer is actually him, not Rhys Montrose (Speleers).

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Why does Rhys stalk Joe

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Who is Joe’s stalker in You Season 4, and what’s their plan? – There’s plenty of suspects, but the Eat the Rich Killer – and Joe’s stalker – turns out to be Rhys Montrose, a distant member of Joe’s new friend group. Article continues after ad Joe first meets Rhys on his last night out with Malcolm, where we meet a bunch of new characters.

Rhys is actually the only person Joe likes talking to, even if their time is brief, because Rhys actually seems like a decent person, a “good man in a cruel world.” Despite being just as rich as everyone else in Joe’s vicinity, Rhys grew up in poverty, so he is able to view the world around him with more humility.

He’s a big memoir and political writer, which is how Joe first comes across his name. And he’s even planning to run for Mayor of London, which granted does make the logistics of him being able to murder people undetected a little fuzzy, but it’s certainly interesting to watch.

  1. Article continues after ad Rhys reveals himself as the killer to Joe in Episode 5, after Joe is almost killed by a rich kid, Roald, who believes Joe to be the killer.
  2. Rhys then knocks Joe out and locks him in the dungeon of the manor they are all staying in.
  3. Rhys stalked Joe because he believes they’re both on the same page, plagued by troubled childhoods and surrounded by people far too privileged for their own good.

As described by Rhys, wealth inequality in the UK has become far too dire, and he understands “what the great people of this city need: Change brought on by someone who truly sees them. I plan to take matters into my own hands.” Article continues after ad Despite Joe stating that he doesn’t want to be a killer anymore, Rhys leaves him and Roald alive in a burning dungeon, after encouraging Joe to kill Roald and join him in his plight if he manages to escape the flames.

  1. Season 4 Part 1 ends with Joe escaping, and being uncertain of what to do now that the Eat The Rich Killer is running for Mayor.
  2. We’ll have to see how things wrap up when Part 2 drops in March.
  3. Article continues after ad You Season 4 Part 1 is currently available to watch on Netflix.
  4. You check out the rest of our You coverage,

: You Season 4 Part 1 ending explained: Who is Joe’s stalker? – Dexerto

How evil is Joe?

Netflix – Joe successfully kills Rhys Montrose. As soon as he does so, who shows up but Rhys Montrose. Joe had read his book, A Good Man in a Cruel World, likely the sort of phrase Joe would use for himself. He’d watched all of Rhys’ videos, listened to his voice, but had never actually spoken to the man once.

  • It turns out that Joe did kill Rhys—the real Rhys, who was telling the truth when he insisted that the two had never met.
  • Joe’s psyche has chosen Rhys Montrose as the persona for Joe’s evil half, locking his worst impulses away inside an imaginary friend who has been dictating his every action.
  • Very Jekyll and Hyde—Joe is a book-lover, after all.

What, then, has Joe been doing when he’s “Rhys”? Making Marienne’s life hell, for one thing. After he allowed his former lover, played by Tati Gabrielle, to escape him during their encounter in Paris earlier this season, he returned, kidnapping her and ultimately trapping her inside his glass box he set up in an unused section of the London Underground.

She’s been there this whole time, only visited by Joe when he’s “not Joe,” hypnotized by voice recordings of Rhys, until he stops showing up at all. The Joe on the surface is completely unaware. The final episodes of the season chart Joe’s realization of the horrors of what he’s done, while Marienne, helped by Joe’s precocious student Nadia (Amy-Leigh Hickman), makes her escape.

The final episodes of the season take the show back to basics, reminding us of the status quo via an inspired, if ludicrous split-personality twist. Joe is an awful, scary person, and not even his clear horror at what he has done can stop him from continuing to perpetrate violence on those closest to him in the name of saving himself.

  • He murders Kate’s father to give her (and himself) control over her life.
  • When he finds Marienne’s body after her death (faked, but he doesn’t know), he makes it look like a drug overdose.
  • He sends Nadia to prison for her trouble, and kills her crush to make sure she doesn’t talk.
  • When he attempts to kill himself, he, of course, survives, and emerges from the hospital with renewed vigor for continuing to inflict himself on the world.

Still, Joe remains the narrator, forcing us to see his actions from his perspective. He cleaned the whole situation up in the only way he knows how: by dispatching anyone who could be considered a loose end. We experience all of the desperate reasoning behind everything he does.

We believe that he believes this is the only way to “fix” things. We’re in his head, watching as he continues to trap himself in a hell of his own making. Taylor Swift’s screwup anthem “Anti-Hero” plays over the season’s gleefully triumphant ending, its layered lyrics echoing Joe’s own warped self-perception: “It’s me, hi, I’m the problem, it’s me.” Yes, we agree.

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Why does Rhys not know who Joe is?

Rhys was a red herring for a darker secret. – Credit: Netflix While Part 1 of You Season 4 led us to believe that Rhys Montrose (Ed Speleers) was the eat-the-rich killer murdering London’s elite, Part 2 completely turned that revelation on its head with a Fight Club -esque twist. Although Rhys is actually a real person in the You -niverse, he’s never met Joe.

  • The Rhys Joe’s been talking to this entire time is a hallucination, or more accurately, a manifestation of Joe’s murderous side.
  • Rhys is Joe.
  • They’re two sides of the same person, with Rhys being the devil on Joe’s shoulder morphing into someone he can talk to.
  • Joe’s actually the one doing all the killings.
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Not only that, but he’s imagined every conversation he had with Rhys, and he’s been blocking it out of his memory because, as imaginary Rhys puts it, he’s “full fat, extra sugar, deep-fried fucking insane.” Joe’s inability to accept that he’s a murderer has caused him to compartmentalize, splitting his bad side off into an entirely separate person to relieve himself of the guilt he feels.

  1. But why was he imagining Rhys and not someone he actually knows? It turns out, Joe is real Rhys’s #1 fan.
  2. He’s read Rhys’s memoir over and over again.
  3. He’s listened to its audiobook version on repeat.
  4. He’s watched every Rhys interview available on the internet.
  5. He’s basically formed a parasocial relationship with the real Rhys where he’s conflated his obsessive knowledge of Rhys with actually knowing him.

And when Joe finally kills the real Rhys, all the while thinking he’s putting a heroic end to the eat-the-rich killer, every bit of the facade he’s built comes crashing down. Joe was already a dangerous person, but now we see how deeply he’s in denial — which harrowingly explains what actually happened to Marienne (Tati Gabrielle).

Was Rhys really the Eat the Rich Killer?

Who’s the killer in season 4 of You ? The ending explained – In season 4, episode five, the ‘Eat The Rich Killer’ was revealed in a very dramatic scene. it’s Rhys Montrose (as we said, kinda)! Rhys is an author from the elite friendship group’s wider circle, and it turns out that he is the one who has been stalking and harassing Joe since he arrived in London.

  1. He unveils himself as the murderer after he captures Joe and Roald and imprisons them in the dungeon of Lady Phoebe’s country manor.
  2. The successful author rose to prominence after detailing his history of poverty in his famous memoir, he then began the ‘Eat The Rich’ murders out of resentment towards the upper class.

Rhys reveals his plan to frame the killing spree on Roald and asks Joe to kill him in a bid to join forces, Joe is appalled by his behaviour (much like he was in the season two finale with Love) and tries to bluff his way out. Joe attempts to escape with Roald, choosing not to kill him as Rhys instructed or leave him for dead, they make it free with the help of Kate. Joe and Rhys struck up a friendship in season 4. Picture: Netflix After the chaos that ensued at Hampsbridge Hous (part of it was burnt down after Rhys set the dungeon on fire), the group head back to London. Upon his arrival home, Joe discovers that Rhys Montrose is using the publicity of the murders to run for Mayor of London. It all takes a great turn in part 2, however, as it turns out that confession from Rhys was only half true as it turns out the Rhys we know as the Eat The Rich Killer is actually not real. As it turns out, and going hand-in-hand with many fan theories ahead of the new episodes arriving on Netflix, Rhys is actually just the embodiment of half of Joe’s split personality. It was so believable that Joe even thought he was a separate person until it turned out that he actually murdered the real Rhys in an attempt to find Marienne – as he didn’t realise he was the real reason Marienne went missing. Joe later continues his killing spree of characters including Kate’s dad and billionaire Tom Lockwood before eventually attempting to take his own life. However, he later wakes up in the hospital after he was rescued and admits his wrongdoings to Kate, who decides to accept his monstrous past and the trail of murders he managed to worm himself out of. Joe also happily accepts his own past and moves on with Kate as they build an empire together – not the ending any of us were expecting, right? > Here Are All The Ways You Can Listen To Capital

What mental illness does Joe Goldberg have?

In later seasons, currently being season 4, Joe is a murderer on the run and it was revealed that he has erotomania although it was obvious in the earlier seasons that the character is troubled, more so for his troubled childhood and his need for affection.

Who is the real killer in you?

Rhys Montrose, one of friends among the elite group, reveals he is the killer and Joe’s stalker. Rhys tells Joe he planned to pin all the murders on Roald and kill him to make it look like a suicide so he can’t protest his innocence.

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What happens to Paco

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Biography – Paco was the young next door neighbor of Joe. With his mother in an abusive relationship, Paco found a friend in Joe who often gave him books to read or advice on how to deal with his problems at home. When his mother Claudia was deep into her drug addiction, Joe and his girlfriend Karen, who worked with Claudia, took her to the bookstore basement to detox and Paco stayed with Joe.

Later, angry after his mom’s abusive boyfriend Ron hurts his mother again, Paco attempts to steal a gun from the bookstore to avenge his mother. He is caught and confronted by Joe. Instead, Paco drugs Ron and hits him with a bat. Ron wakes up to Joe who is trying to revive him and brutally beats him. Ron later returns looking for Paco, who hides from him.

Joe arrives and kills Ron to protect Paco and Paco emerges from his hiding spot. Joe tells him that everything is going to be okay and Ron won’t hurt him or his mom anymore. Joe takes care of the disposal of Ron and tells Paco not to ever tell anyone what happened.

Who does Joe love after Beck?

Episodes –

No. overall No. inseason Title Directed by Written by Original air date U.S. viewers(millions)
1 1 “Pilot” & September 9, 2018 ( 2018-09-09 ) 0.82
Bookstore manager meets aspiring writer Guinevere Beck, and an internet search about her leads to Joe following Beck around, monitoring her social interactions, and even entering her apartment while she is out. Joe is nearby when a drunken Beck falls onto the subway tracks, and he saves her. Joe takes Beck home but steals her phone, giving him full access to everything she does with her new phone due to it automatically synchronizing with her old one. Beck later stops by the bookstore to thank him for rescuing her, and he asks her out. Joe lures Beck’s philandering boyfriend Benji to the basement of his shop, hits him in the head with a mallet, and locks him in a plexiglass book vault.
2 2 “The Last Nice Guy in New York” Lee Toland Krieger Sera Gamble September 16, 2018 ( 2018-09-16 ) 0.77
Joe is not sure what to do with Benji, who is a drug-addicted trust fund baby and desperate to be freed. Meanwhile, when Beck rejects her professor’s advances, he threatens to take away her teaching assistant job and consequently, her housing. Beck’s wealthy friend Peach is suspicious of Joe. Beck turns the tables on Professor Leahy by threatening to expose his sexual harassment of her and six other women. After obtaining a video of Benji a fraternity pledge to death, Joe gives him a coffee laced with peanut oil, and Benji dies from an allergic reaction.
3 3 “Maybe” September 23, 2018 ( 2018-09-23 ) 0.57
Joe plans how to get rid of Benji’s body, while Beck is intimidated by Blythe, a rival graduate student. Joe doubles down on his efforts to convince Beck that he is “the one” for her after finding out that she is still having sex with other men in order to get over Benji. Joe overhears Beck telling her friends that she is not completely sure about Joe, calling him a “maybe”. Beck opens up to Joe about her addict father, but their attempt at lovemaking is interrupted by Peach, who needs to be taken to the hospital for a chronic ailment. Joe is almost caught by hikers while he is burning Benji’s body in the woods as he is talking to Beck on the phone. She invites him over to her apartment and they finally have sex, but he prematurely ejaculates.
4 4 “The Captain” Michael Foley September 30, 2018 ( 2018-09-30 ) 0.56
Beck surreptitiously messages her friends about Joe’s disappointing lovemaking, which he sees via her old phone. Still monitoring her texts, Joe sees that Beck has made weekend plans with an older man she calls “The Captain” and lies to her friends about it. A jealous Joe follows her to a Charles Dickens festival in and soon learns that the man is her father, Edward, who she had previously said was dead. Meanwhile, Peach has learned that Joe is in Nyack, which forces him to reveal himself to Beck. They go to lunch with Edward and his new family, but Beck explodes at her critical and disapproving stepmother, Nancy. Beck explains to Joe that her father left her family after a drug overdose, and although he has overcome his addiction, she has kept him at a distance. Joe and Beck have sex again, this time much to Beck’s satisfaction.
5 5 “Living with the Enemy” Marta Cunningham Neil Reynolds October 7, 2018 ( 2018-10-07 ) 0.57
Peach continues to be suspicious of Joe, who seeks a way to neutralize her. Peach makes a show of introducing Beck to a famous literary agent, but when he hits on Beck and tells her the negative things Peach said about her, Beck blows up at Peach. Joe sees through Peach’s subsequent faked suicide attempt, and in accessing her laptop comes to realize she is infatuated with Beck. Knowing that Peach will always win Beck’s attention, Joe follows Peach on her morning run in and hits her over the head with a rock. Joe arrives home to find that Paco has drugged Ron to protect his mother. Joe saves Ron, but the unhinged Ron beats him. Joe learns that Peach is alive.
6 6 “Amour Fou” Marcos Siega Adria Lang October 14, 2018 ( 2018-10-14 ) 0.71
A recovering Peach is staying with Beck and she banishes Joe. Joe explains to Beck that Peach is in love with her and trying to keep Beck dependent on her. Joe secretly follows when Peach whisks Beck off to the Salinger family estate in, but he hits his head and begins hallucinating his ex-girlfriend Candace. Peach invites her and Beck’s old friend Raj over. They all ingest and Peach attempts to initiate a with Beck and Raj. Beck turns down her advances and leaves the room to text Joe. Beck confronts Peach about the kiss and leaves, after which Peach discovers Joe in the house and pulls a gun on him. She accuses him of stalking her, and Joe reveals all that he knows about her. They wrestle for the gun, and Peach is killed. Joe types a suicide note on Peach’s computer, leading detectives to believe that Peach shot herself.
7 7 “Everythingship” Kellie Cyrus April Blair & Amanda Zetterström October 21, 2018 ( 2018-10-21 ) 0.62
Joe makes an appointment with Beck’s therapist, Dr. Nicky, using the alias Paul. He talks about how his relationship with “Renaldo”—really Beck—was going well after Peach’s death a month before but slowly deteriorated. With Beck becoming increasingly moody, distant, and secretive, Joe jealously follows her, but she catches him. He accuses her of cheating on him with her therapist, and she breaks up with Joe. In the present, Joe listens to one of Beck’s therapy sessions on Dr. Nicky’s computer, which makes Joe realize Beck is better off without him right now. He tells her what she wants to hear and lets her go.
8 8 “You Got Me, Babe” Erin Feeley October 28, 2018 ( 2018-10-28 ) 0.49
Three months after his and Beck’s breakup, Joe is happily dating Karen, and Beck’s story about Peach’s death has landed her a book deal. Beck begins to miss Joe and begins texting him after running into him at a food truck. Both Beck and Joe confide in Dr. Nicky: Beck denies flirting with Joe but is sure that Karen is wrong for him, while Joe is starting to compare his new love “Brad” (Karen) with his ex, “Renaldo” (Beck). Joe and Beck reconnect while helping Blythe move in with Ethan, and Joe and Beck later have sex. A tearful Beck admits to Joe that she now knows how good he was for her, but she was afraid to need him. Joe breaks up with Karen and rushes over to visit Beck, who agrees to get back together with him. Karen confronts Beck, leading her to become suspicious of Joe’s past.
9 9 “Candace” Kelli Breslin & Michael Foley November 4, 2018 ( 2018-11-04 ) 0.47
Joe recalls Candace’s cheating on him with Elijah, whom Joe subsequently impulsively pushes to his death from a bridge after confronting him. Meanwhile, since Joe will not talk to her about Candace, Beck begins her own investigation to learn what happened between them and why no one ever heard from Candace again. When her efforts lead to a dead end, Beck confronts Joe, who explains everything to Beck’s satisfaction. Joe takes Beck to meet Mooney (who has had a stroke and is unable to communicate), Joe’s father figure and the original owner of the bookstore. Joe discovers that Beck did have an affair with Dr. Nicky, which she finally admits before telling Joe she loves him. Clued in by something Paco says, Beck discovers Joe’s hiding place in the bathroom ceiling. She is horrified as she finds her old cellphone as well as Benji’s and Peach’s, in addition to other disturbing mementos which he has kept. When Joe realizes what Beck has found, he locks her in the book vault.
10 10 “Bluebeard’s Castle” Marcos Siega Sera Gamble & Neil Reynolds November 11, 2018 ( 2018-11-11 ) 0.53
Joe learns from Annika and Lynn that Peach’s family have hired a private investigator to look into her death. Imprisonment prompts Beck to write about her own actions which have brought her to her current situation, and she suggests to Joe that he use Dr. Nicky as a scapegoat for his crimes. Ron’s abuse puts Claudia in the hospital, and Joe kills him to protect Paco. Joe explains to Beck his reasoning for murdering Benji and Peach, and relates it to his childhood mental abuse at Mooney’s hands. She appears to empathize with Joe and seems grateful for his actions. Beck lures Joe into the vault and manages to lock him in, revealing that it was all just an act to get him to open the door. Still trapped in the basement, she calls out to Paco, who thinks she knows about Ron and leaves. Joe escapes the vault and kills Beck. Four months later, Joe has used Beck’s writing to frame Dr. Nicky for all of Joe’s murders. Claudia and Paco move to, Joe is stunned when Candace comes into the bookstore, telling him they have unfinished business.
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Why does Joe kill Beck’s

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Beck (Season 1) – (Netflix) Beck (Elizabeth Lail) is literally a victim of stalking and complete violation and realizes it too late. And while she was annoying as well as dysfunctional, it didn’t mean she deserved to die. Essentially, she’s killed because she won’t accept Joe being a stalker who murdered people she knew.

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Is Rhys pretending to be Joe

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You Season 4 has come to an explosive end, following a huge twist for lead character Joe Goldberg, played by Penn Badgley, in the second part of the season. The Netflix thriller aired the first five episodes of its fourth installment back in February, with the next five then premiering on March 9, Rhys Montrose and Joe Goldberg in the final episode of “You” Season 4 on Netflix. The thriller series’ fourth installment came to a dramatic conclusion in the last episode, which was released on March 9. Netflix In a surprise turn for Joe, he didn’t harm Marienne when he found her and instead let her go,

Even when a hit man named Elliot asked him to kill Marienne in order for him to be able to continue living in London safely, Joe pretended that he had done the job and allowed her to, seemingly, board a Eurostar train back to Paris, where her daughter Juliette was waiting for her. Not everything was at it seemed, however, as when part two of You Season 4 was released, it was revealed that Joe had not really changed at all and while the viewers were made to believe that Marienne had boarded her train safely, he had actually poisoned and captured her.

After transporting Marienne to one of his infamous glass boxes in an abandoned underground station in London, Joe smacked his head off the wall of the box, splitting his personality into two; one being Joe Goldberg, and the other being Jonathan Moore. At the end of Season 3 of ‘You’, Joe Goldberg travelled to Paris, France, in search of his most recent love interest Marienne Bellamy, played by Tati Gabrielle. In the first half of Season 4 it appeared that he had let her live but all was not as it seemed.

Netflix Joe then began living his life in London as Professor Jonathan Moore, teaching literature at Darcy College and becoming friends with Kate Galvin, played by Charlotte Ritchie, and her Oxford-educated circle, The friendship group began being targeted by a serial killer dubbed the “Eat the Rich Killer” who, simultaneously, was harassing Joe with information about his past.

At the end of the first half of You Season 4, Joe appeared to realize that Kate’s friend, and politician, Rhys Montrose, was the Eat the Rich Killer. But during the second part, it was revealed that while Rhys is a real person in Kate’s life, the killer version of the character was a figment of Joe’s imagination and Joe, who became obsessed with Rhys after reading his autobiography, was the real Eat the Rich Killer. In the second half of “You” Season 4 it was revealed that the serial killer version of Rhys Montrose was a figment of Joe Goldberg’s imagination. Joe killed the real Rhys thinking that he was a murderer when, in fact, the real Rhys had never killed anybody.

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Is Joe Goldberg a serial killer?

Joe Goldberg

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Bookstore manager Bookstore clerk at AnavrinLibrarian at Madre Linda Library University Professor (all formerly) Billionaire Reading. Reforming books.Stalking on social media. Dating women.

Hello, you.
~ Joe Goldberg’s famous phrase when he finds the next woman he sees as the one.

Joseph “Joe” Goldberg is the main protagonist of the Netflix thriller series, serving as the main antagonist of the first season, the main protagonist of the second and third seasons, and the protagonist/main antagonist of the fourth season. He will return for the fifth and final season.

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Is Joe Goldberg a sociopath

Answered By: Nathan Harris Date: created: Apr 02 2024

“You” season 2 suggests Goldberg has an attachment disorder – Season 2 of “You” gets deeper into Goldberg’s past and uncovers clues that suggest he actually has an attachment disorder, according to Scott. Not all people with antisocial personality disorder or an attachment disorder will act violently like Goldberg did. Netflix Attachment disorders typically develop in early childhood when a child has unhealthy or difficult relationships with family due to emotional or physical abuse or neglect, according to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Symptoms include difficulty managing their emotions, being overly friendly, irritability, and refusing to engage in social situations. “Joe would be a good example of misdiagnosis,” Scott said. “If he was my patient in season 1, sure, he could be diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder, but upon further excavation, his behavior reveals itself as a trauma symptom versus antisocial personality disorder.” According to Scott, this shift in understanding his diagnosis makes “You” feel like a more realistic portrayal of mental health.

“Mental health relies on nuance because it is nuance,” Scott said. “A diagnosis is almost never clean-cut and disorders overlap. It’s not like a strep test with ‘yes, you have strep,’ or ‘no, you don’t.'” At the same time, Scott said it’s important to note that not all people with antisocial personality disorder or an attachment disorder will act violently.

“You don’t have to kill someone to get that diagnosis,” Scott said. “You can do it in a non-physical way. It can come out in parenting and using your child to meet your own needs in a way that is massively detrimental to your child’s needs,” like Goldberg’s mother is seen doing in flashbacks during season 2.

These flashbacks help viewers better understand the root cause of Goldberg’s behavior and, according to Scott, these scenes led her to believe Goldberg acts how he does not because he lacks empathy and has antisocial personality disorder, but because his violent and turbulent childhood caused him to develop an attachment disorder.

” was attached to someone, his mom, who was unresponsive to his needs, inconsistent, and not a safe person to him,” Scott said. “He’s positioned as alone in the world, abused and neglected by his mom.” That’s why later in life Goldberg becomes obsessively attached to women he believes can give him what he needs and is motivated to get the love, or idea of love, he craves by any means necessary while still showing glimpses of empathy.

According to Scott, a season 2 scene when Goldberg looks distraught after he learns his landlord Delilah has been killed proves that Goldberg does indeed have empathy and therefore doesn’t have antisocial personality disorder. Another season 2 scene, when Goldberg says he won’t kill Forty even though he hates him because he means so much to Love, further suggests Goldberg has empathy, to an extent.

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Read more: Penn Badgley admits it’s ‘not entirely fair’ to blame ‘You’ fans for thirsting over Joe, despite slamming them in the past 6 things you probably didn’t know about the making of season 2 of Netflix’s ‘You’ Joe from ‘You’ is probably a love addict, and an expert says it’s more common than you might think

Did Kate know Joe killed her dad?

So, what actually happened in the You Season 4, Part 2 ending? – Netflix The actual chain of events that make up the ending to You Season 4, Part 2, is kind of a domino effect. Joe, constantly bickering and wrestling with his evil side (personified in his head as a deranged version of Rhys Montrose (Ed Speleers), still around even after Joe killed the real Rhys Montrose), has decided to kill himself after Marianne seemingly died as his prisoner.

But he’s got one last favor to do for Kate: he’s going to kill her father, the manipulative, kind-on-the-surface-but-oh-so-evil-inside billionaire Tom Lockwood (Greg Kinnear). We don’t even have to talk much about the back-and-forth; Tom thinks Joe killed Rhys just for him, Joe just wants to get rid of Tom because of how horrible he was to Kate (Charlotte Richie) and how much impact he’s seemingly had on her life (Whether he’s telling the truth is anyone’s guess.

But he probably is.). But anyway, Joe hears enough of Tom’s smooth-talking and kills him like he’s killed so many else. And he’s pretty easily able to set it up to look like his bodyguard did it to steal money. Loose end tied up. But Joe is also convinced, at this point—following a dream sequence where he saw both Guineivere Beck (Elizabeth Lail) and Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti)—that the only way to end his cycle that only ends in death and violence is by killing himself.

He walks out to a bridge where, after a heart-to-heart with his dark side, he throws Fake Evil Rhys over the ledge, following him in himself. A little of that typical Joe Goldberg internal monologue—he regrets his decision to jump, yada yada—and we fade out. It turns out that Joe doesn’t end up drowning.

He was saved from the water by police, and brought to the hospital, where he wakes up and Kate is there to see him. Joe tells Kate his real name, that he’s killed people, including Rhys. She tells him that her dad is now dead, she has all of his resources, and she can help him cover everything up and start new.

This seems bad for society! As we catch up with Joe’s university students, Nadia and Eddie, who had been onto his existence as Professor Jonathan Moore, we realize a few things. Most importantly (and in a twist that was fairly easy to see coming), Marianne’s “death” was an elaborate scheme set up by Nadia and Marianne; Nadia was the one texting Marianne’s phone as her friend about custody, and Nadia found drugs that were able to slow Marianne’s heartrate down to make it seem like she was dead.

The two of them also cooked up the fake suicide note to leave Marianne’s body in public so that she could be found; this was really so Nadia could give her an adrenaline shot and bring her back to life to make her great escape. Now, this ran the risk that Joe didn’t do what he’s done to Malcolm and others and, you know, cut Marianne up into tiny little pieces.

But that’s a risk they were willing to take! Marianne makes it home to her baby and all is well. For now. We can’t quite say the same for Nadia or her little boyfriend Eddie, who obviously were just watching a little too much Sherlock for their own good. Nadia makes her way into Joe’s flat, and finds a box of evidence—Rhys’ belongings—that he was keeping as a trophy of sorts.

She takes some photos, and tells Eddie that she did it. She comes downstairs, though, and who does she see but Professor Jonathan Moore himself. Joe tells her that he likes her, and that things can work out for everyone, actually. We then hear that Taylor Swift song— what else?—and jump forward a bit in the future.

Joe and Kate have a life together in New York and are extremely rich and powerful; Kate was able to pay off all sorts of people from police to journalists to get a new story published in The Cut that essentially makes Joe out to be a hero who escaped from his evil wife, Love Quinn, by faking his death and moving to England, where he met Kate, the love of his life.

The closing moments of the season are then intercut between New York Joe (now beardless, honestly looking much worse) and London Joe, talking to Nadia outside his flat. London Joe is scaring the absolute crap out of Nadia with a big smile on his face, telling her that his circumstances have changed.

He backs her down more and more until she sees that her pal Eddie has had his throat cut, and is very, very dead. Joe places the knife in her hand, and tells her what’s about to happen: he’s given an anonymous tip that Eddie killed Rhys, and has set it up so that Nadia looks like the person who killed Eddie—because she found out that Eddie “killed” Rhys.

Nadia is too stunned to speak, and, as Joe’s narration reveals, she hasn’t spoken since. New York Joe is also on an absolute high. While it felt like the season was going full Fight Club when Joe threw Evil Rhys over the side of the bridge, we get our first hint that New York Joe has decided to embrace the evil when he looks out the window and we see a reflection of Rhys in the glass.

Why did Joe imagine Rhys?

Why did Joe start imagining Rhys? – Joe’s relationship with the imaginary Rhys is complex. At once, he’s a confidante and accomplice, but he’s also a vessel for Joe’s dark side. By believing that he has become Rhys, Joe can separate himself from the crimes he’s committing, and exonerate himself of the guilt he might feel.

  • As for why Joe essentially split into two people in season 4, Gamble tells, “We started talking about it a couple of seasons ago.
  • In a certain way, we see the arc of the series as Joe getting a little bit more unhinged as each season goes along.
  • It’s one way that he’s accumulating consequences.” Gamble also notes that Joe’s body has faced some violence throughout the series, all of which has only added to his current mental state.

“He’s been hit in the head a couple of times,” she explains. “He’s spiked a high fever and hallucinated. He has a propensity to do this.” In fact, Joe’s duality goes all the way back to season 1, with Gamble noting, “In the first frames of the series in the pilot, his inner monologue is really distinct.

So we’ve always seen him as somebody who walks around arguing with himself, agreeing with himself a lot. So we knew this was something we were leading up to.” By season 4, Joe has survived so much. Not only has he murdered his wife, Love, but he’s also presumed dead, having chopped off his toes to leave his DNA at the scene.

Assuming a new identity has got to be wearing on him. Plus, when he tracks down Marienne, she’s scared of him and points out that he’s a murderer. Here, Joe’s identity seems to shatter, and he’s faced to confront his actions like never before. “We wanted to wait until it really felt like Joe was all the way cooked and ready to do this,” Gamble says of season 4’s Rhys storyline. Netflix

What did Kate do to the kids in you?

In Episode 7, Kate sits Joe down and confesses that she is actually the one responsible for those children getting cancer in the process of getting the pipeline built — not Tom. Kate was 19, a business prodigy, hungry for approval and unapologetic about the harm she caused.

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Is Rhys the Eat the Rich killer

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If you thought Joe was the ‘Eat the Rich’ killer all along, you were right – Joe is Rhys, Rhys is Joe – and Joe can’t help but be a killer. By the end of the season, Joe kills Kate’s father Tom (Greg Kinnear). He tries to take his own life. Instead, he wakes up in the hospital and finds that Kate fully accepts him. Becca Wood Becca Wood is a news and trending reporter for TODAY Digital based in New York City. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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What was Rhys secret

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Rhys Montrose, one of friends among the elite group, reveals he is the killer and Joe’s stalker. Rhys tells Joe he planned to pin all the murders on Roald and kill him to make it look like a suicide so he can’t protest his innocence.

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Why does Rhys not remember Joe

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Is Joe hallucinating Rhys? – Is Joe hallucinating Rhys? Picture: Netflix So, what is the truth, does Rhys have a twin? Well, the answer is no. As many fans had already theorised, Joe’s interactions with Rhys in You season 4 are all hallucinations. Rhys did exist but he never knew Joe personally.

On top of that, Joe is the Eat the Rich killer. He simply blacked out any memory of his murders and imagined that Rhys was behind them instead. In episode 8, it’s also made clear that Joe never let Marienne go back to Paris. When Joe stole her necklace, he kidnapped her and later found an abandoned place to trap her in his infamous glass box.

In season 4 part 2, Joe has to confront the crimes he’s committed head on and face the fact that there’s no one else to blame for his actions.

Why did Rhys Jones get killed?

Gangs – Residents in the Croxteth area have said that there were many problems which parents were warned about by local police anti-social behaviour ; in reaction to this, Merseyside Police made the area around the pub into a “designated area”, meaning that officers could disperse groups and move people away from the area.

Sean Mercer and the others convicted of involvement in the murder were known to be members of the Croxteth Crew, a criminal gang in Croxteth. The murder came the day before the first anniversary of the killing of Liam Smith, an alleged member of a rival gang, the Norris Green Strand Crew, who was shot dead by members of the Croxteth Crew as he walked out of Altcourse Prison on 23 August 2006.

Rhys’s murder was later revealed to be a result of Mercer’s failed attempt to shoot one or more rival gang members from the Strand Crew who had come into Croxteth, instead missing and hitting Rhys as he walked home from football practice. The youth gang phenomenon, and youth gangs of Liverpool in particular, drew high media attention after the murder.