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Did Jake kill Simon in One of Us Is Lying series

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Season 1 of “One of Us Is Lying” ended on a massive cliffhanger where we saw that the members of the so-called Murder Club got an anonymous “Simon Says,” text sent from the “About That” app. One of the students at Bayview High School, Simon Kelleher, designed this gossip app to expose the secrets of rich and pretentious students in order to reveal their true identity to the world.

However, things took a tragic turn when Simon died mysteriously, and by the end of Season 1, it was revealed that his death was staged by his childhood best friend, Jake Riordan, who wanted to take revenge on his cheating girlfriend, Adelaide “Addy” Prentiss, by framing her for Simon’s murder. The Murder Club tried to gather evidence against Jake, but in doing so, they accidentally shot him in the woods on the day of his Halloween party.

In a very rushed ending, we witnessed how conveniently the Murder Club proved to the authorities that Jake had run away to Mexico before his crimes could be exposed to the world. Miller, the investigating officer, discovered Simon’s XBOX, on which he had recorded all of his conversations with Jake, establishing that Jake planned Simon’s murder with him in order to frighten the kids at school.

In “One of Us Is Lying” Season 1, we all believed that it was Jake who had been using Simon’s “About That” app after his death, but as we all knew, Jake had never been so tech-savvy, which brought us to the conclusion that someone else had been helping him all along. Apparently, this mysterious person was the one who sent “Simon Says” text messages to the members of the Murder Club at the beginning of the Season 2 in order to take revenge for Jake’s murder.

The end of “One of Us Is Lying” Season 2 not only revealed the identity of this new blackmailer but also ended on another cliffhanger that set the stage for Season 3. So, without further ado, let’s expose the killer and explore what mystery lies ahead.

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Who killed Jake at the end of one of us is lying

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Deaths –

# (episode) Victim’s Name Episode/Date Killer and Motive Moment of Death
1 Simon Kelleher ” Pilot ” AbouThat user / Jake Riordan * He died as a result of anaphylactic shock caused by his allergy to peanuts. Simon had planned the prank with Jake to come in and save him, but Jake let him die as he wanted to prove to Simon that he could not play with him. N/A
2 Jake Riordan ” One of Us Is Dead ” Addy Prentiss * Addy shoots Jake in the chest in self-defense after Jake attacks her, Janea, and Cooper in the Woods. The four of Bayview decide to keep the secret and throw Jake’s body into the river. N/A
3 Giselle Ward “]” Simon says / Fiona Jennings * Simon says he murders Giselle by throwing from a roof in the aquatic park to frame Addy and the four of Bayview. N/A
4 Fiona Jennings ” Simon Says Game Over ” Unknown * When Fiona is taken to prison, she takes water from the glass, which must have some substance and then proceeds to die on the ground. N/A
5 Unknown ” Simon Says Game Over ” Unknown * The final scene reveals that on graduation day, someone was killed, while Bronwyn’s necklace serves as evidence. N/A
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Is Simon really dead in One of Us Is Lying Season 2

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One of Us Is Lying season 2 ending explained: who was Simon Says? What was the major cliffhanger? (Image credit: Matt Grace/Peacock) *Warning! Contains spoilers for Only One of Us Is Lying season 2 * One of Us Is Lying season 2 returned with more twists and turns as The Bayview Four fought to keep their violent secrets hidden once again.

Think The Breakfast Club but with a murderous twist as teen stereotypes Bronwyn, the ‘brain’, Nate, the ‘bad boy’, Addy, the ‘blonde beauty’, Cooper, the ‘jock’ and Simon the ‘outcast’ all end up in detention together — but Simon ends up dead, launching a huge murder investigation. Once again, season 2 ended with a huge cliffhanger and they finally discovered the identity of “Simon Says” after being terrorized by the mysterious person.

So, if you’re wondering who was Simon Says? And what was the major cliffhanger? You can read below.

One of Us Is Lying season 2 cast: who’s who in the teen murder mystery

Is Jack guilty of killing Simon?

Is Jack Guilty of Murdering Simon and Piggy? PDS 7th and 8th graders engage in a mock trial of Lord of the Flies and arrive at a verdict. By guest blogger, Andrea Tufts, Advancement Communications Coordinator The 7th and 8th grade English classes enter the courtroom after being “scanned” by security Head of School Josie Holford.

Here they will play out the drama of William Golding’s Lord of the Flies during a mock trial in which charismatic and controlling Jack is tried for the murders of Piggy and Simon. The trial is the culmination of active reading, annotating, making inferences, and lively classroom discussion. Each student, playing a witness, defense or prosecution attorney, has prepared a written persuasive argument for his or her position and must speak publicly.

The jury is made up of the 8th grade class, who studied the novel and put on their own trial, last year. “You are now in a courtroom and you must behave accordingly, or our Bailiff Molly will remove you,” announces Judge Rinaldi. She then proceeds to explain the protocols involved in a court of law – when to use objections, the role of the jurors and witnesses, and closing statements.

  • Jurors, your job is to find Jack either guilty or not guilty of killing Piggy and Simon, two separate murders.” Witnesses Take the Stand The trial begins as Piggy is sworn in, laying his hand on a spare copy of Lord of the Flies.
  • I swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me Golding,” he repeats after the bailiff.

Piggy gives his opening statement, citing evidence from the book to support his arguments. “Jack is not directly responsible for killing Simon. Everyone in the hunting circle is responsible for killing Simon. It would be unfair to prosecute Jack. ” And then speaking to the second charge, “I believe Roger is responsible for my death.” Then bright-eyed Simon takes the stand. “I believe Jack is responsible for my death on the island. I believe Jack is also the killer of Piggy,” he says. During his argument, he cites evidence from the book to persuade the jury. The jury listens attentively while fervently taking notes.

Judge Rinaldi calls other witnesses: Roger, who enjoys being cruel, civilized Ralph and the Little ‘uns. Each character has prepared a written statement with carefully cited evidence from the book to support their arguments. “Roger leaned all of his weight on the lever. He did not call out to warn Piggy when the boulder fell.

Roger is fully responsible for the actions leading up to the death of Piggy. He had a thirst for blood,” says Ralph. Roger defends himself by saying, “I am in strong belief that Jack is responsible. He went completely crazy and I was under the influence of Jack. I am not loyal to him. The only way I would follow him was out of fear.” The Little’uns point out that “everyone helped to kill Simon.

  1. It was the chant.” The trial intensifies when Jack, the defendant, takes the stand.
  2. I would like to plead not guilty for the murders of Piggy and Simon.
  3. I had no reason to kill Piggy and Simon was my friend.
  4. I have no motive.
  5. I had the boys perform the hunting dance because they were afraid of the storm.

I was part of the hunting circle for killing the beast. I should not be charged for killing Piggy or Simon.” The Defense and Prosecution Speak The prosecution argues that Jack is guilty of both murders. “His behavior worsened on the island. He disliked Piggy and Simon.

  • He had a hatred in his eyes.
  • He should not be able to come back to England.” The defense tells the jury that this is not a case for delusion or insanity; it is a case for murder.
  • Jack’s hunting obsession is a theme throughout the book.
  • Since the boys in the hunting circle thought the creature that came out of the woods was a beast and not a boy they add, “But killing a pig is not the same as killing a human.

Although it is violent, it is meant to provide food. Jack is not guilty for reason of insanity due to lack of adults, food, and good health. We recommend psychological testing.” The Jury Deliberates After deliberating about where to deliberate, the jury jumps into discourse as they analyze the facts of the case. “He wasn’t killing Simon on purpose. He thought it was the beast.”

“There is no real evidence that the circle was formed before Simon came out of the woods.””Jack was the one that got them to start dancing.””But they weren’t dancing to kill someone.”

Teachers Shirley Rinaldi and Jake Lahey observe the students from the background, allowing them to take ownership of the process. “It is good you are getting a bit loud. It means you care about the case and the process,” says Jake. “It’s great to see how mature you can be when discussing thing,” notes Shirley.

The Verdict The 7th graders are called back from an outdoor recess. Two foremen approach the front. The judge asks Jack to rise. “Jack is not guilty of murdering Simon,” states one foreman. “And not guilty for murdering Piggy,” states the other. Jack does a victory dance. The verdict on learning at PDS: It requires students to synthesize information creatively, awakens the imagination, and is collaborative in nature.

Note: This blog post introduces the newest member of the PDS community, Andrea Tufts. Andrea works in the Office of Advancement, with particular responsibilities in the area of communications. Welcome to Andrea! The annual Lord of the Flies trial was an excellent introduction for you, to our education practice! : Is Jack Guilty of Murdering Simon and Piggy?

Do all the boys kill Simon?

Simon regains consciousness, investigates the dead parachutist and, realising what it is, sets off to tell the others that there is nothing to fear. A storm begins as a weary and weakened Simon returns. Back at the beach, another ritual dance has begun – the noise from this and the storm is deafening.

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Why did Simon hate Bronwyn

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Summary: Chapter Twenty-Nine – The next evening, Addy remembers that Jake carried her backpack for her on the day she was sent to detention. He would have been able to plant a phone. Realizing that Janae, another student the “murder club” was interested in, hasn’t been in school all week, Cooper and Addy drive to Janae’s house.

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Janae is clearly on edge and is very surprised to see Addy. Instead of asking a careful series of questions as Bronwyn coached her to do, Addy pulls Janae in and hugs her. Janae begins to cry. After Addy asks if Simon orchestrated his own death, Janae hands Addy a stack of papers: Simon’s manifesto. Simon, having been depressed for a while, planned to exact revenge on his peers for not giving him the attention he felt he deserved.

Simon’s app allowed him to frame those who he thought of as his enemies and rivals: Bronwyn, Nate, and Cooper. Simon resented Bronwyn for cheating her way into being valedictorian. He hated Nate for ruining his chances to be with Keely. He hated Cooper for humiliating him by asking Vanessa to exclude Simon from parties.

  • Simon’s plan expanded to include a fourth victim when Jake discovered that Simon had rigged the votes for junior prom court so Simon could be on it.
  • Simon used his information about Addy and TJ’s affair to convince Jake to help him—never caring if Jake got caught.
  • Janae tried to stop Jake, but Jake threatened to implicate her if she went to the police.

Jake tried to harass Janae into framing Addy for Simon’s “murder,” but because Addy had been nice to her, Janae instead planted the evidence in Nate’s locker and home and then tipped off the police about it. Warned by a text from Cooper that Jake has just driven up to Janae’s house, Addy hides and sets her phone to record the conversation between Jake and Janae.

  1. When Jake arrives, Janae begs him to abandon Simon’s plan.
  2. Jake reminds Janae that there isn’t any evidence tying him to Simon’s plan, but just then, Addy’s phone rings.
  3. Addy emerges, then flees into the woods behind Janae’s house, but Jake catches her.
  4. As they struggle, Addy falls, hitting her head on a rock, and Jake stands over her and begins to choke her.

Addy is starting to lose consciousness when Cooper pulls Jake away from Addy. An ambulance is called.

How do they find out that Jake killed Simon?

How were the other One Of Us Is Lying characters involved? – When Simon’s best friend Janae assumed one of the Bayview Four were guilty of his murder, she released their secrets on his gossip app. It was only when she was locked out (by Jake) that she realised they weren’t guilty, and joined the investigation. Maeve, meanwhile, hacked into Simon’s laptop to look for clues over why he ghosted her, and instead discovered Jake’s About That hacking, eventually handing over what she’d found to the police.

Did Bronwyn get killed?

One of Us Is Lying season 2 ending explained – The final moments of season one saw Addy (Annalisa Cochrane), Cooper (Chibuikem Uche), Bronwyn (Marianly Tejada), Nate (Cooper van Grootel) and Janae (Jessica McLeod) receive a sinister text from someone named ‘Simon Says’, who claimed to know who pulled the trigger on Jake (Barrett Carnahan). Peacock However, the Murder Club learn that Jake was the one who told Simon about Fiona stabbing a teacher at her previous school. They come up with a plan to frame her for Jake’s death by using this as her motive and getting her fingerprints on the same gun Addy used to pull the trigger. Peacock Later on, Jake’s brother Cole pays Fiona a visit in prison. She reveals that she knows why Jake was in rehab (still a mystery to us) and tells him about the video of the Murder Club attempting to dispose of his body. When Fiona goes back to her cell, she’s poisoned and dies.

Did Bronwyn get into Yale?

Season 2 (2022) –

No. overall No. inseason Title Directed by Written by Original release date
9 1 “Simon Says Game On!” Michael Weaver Erica Saleh October 20, 2022 ( 2022-10-20 )
After receiving the text from Simon Says, Bronwyn, Nate, Addy, Cooper, and Janae—dubbed “Murder Club”—agree to ignore it. Nate decides to move out of his house after coming home to find his mother furiously drinking. In an attempt to restore the school’s good name, Principal Gupta has Nate start tutoring with Fiona, the girl Simon revealed to have stabbed her teacher for unknown reasons. The next day, Simon Says sends Addy the gun they used to kill Jake; Janae tells her she will get rid of it but keeps it instead. Simon Says tells the group to meet at the Hollywood Cinema, their old meetup spot, where they find name tags for each of them on the front row seat. In a video, Simon tells the group that they want them to pay for hurting Jake. If Murder Club do not listen to Simon Says, a video from Halloween night, proving they were in the woods the night Jake disappeared, will be sent to the police. Later, Addy has a hallucination of Jake.
10 2 “Simon Says Tick Tock” Michael Weaver October 20, 2022 ( 2022-10-20 )
Addy is still haunted by her hallucination of Jake. Simon Says asks the five to bring Jake’s watch, which he was wearing the night he died. Janae reveals that his body is in the freezer on her parents’ yacht. Addy then admits she pulled the trigger that killed Jake and offers to turn herself in, but the rest of the group agree that it is too late. After the group retrieve the watch, Simon Says tells one of them to wear it. Cooper puts the watch on, but takes it off later. As punishment, Simon Says sends a photo of Jake with the watch to Vanessa, who raises suspicion about why Cooper now has the watch. The five decide to attend Vanessa’s #JusticeForJake rally to figure out who sent her the photo. After learning that Maeve knows what is happening, Janae apologizes to her, and the two kiss. Maeve tricks Vanessa into revealing the username of the person who sent her the photo, but the information is not useful. Meanwhile, Addy has an outburst where she asks Jake not to come home, drawing significant attention to the group. Cole, Jake’s brother, gives the watch to Wheeler.
11 3 “Simon Says Let’s Get Personal” Shannon Kohli Molly Nussbaum October 20, 2022 ( 2022-10-20 )
Simon Says’s demands become personal as each of Murder Club receive different orders: Bronwyn to skip her ; Nate to kiss Fiona at lunch; Addy to wear a black dress to school; Cooper to post on Instagram that he has received a text from Jake; and Janae to graffiti Simon’s grave. The kiss causes tensions between Bronwyn and Nate; unbeknownst to Bronwyn, he later kisses Fiona again. Cooper’s phone is taken by Wheeler to investigate the text he claims to have received. Janae is caught while graffitiing Simon’s grave, leading her parents to return home. Murder Club subsequently dispose of Jake’s body in the ocean. Janae opens up to Addy about being, Meanwhile, Vanessa introduces her followers to Giselle, who claims to have dated Jake over the summer. Addy speaks to Giselle and comes to a conclusion that she did know Jake.
12 4 “Simon Says Gotcha!” Shannon Kohli Anthony Johnston October 20, 2022 ( 2022-10-20 )
Murder Club works to find the truth about Giselle, who they suspect to be Simon Says. Simon Says tells Addy to smash Giselle’s car, and she is suspended as a result. Nate is told to steal all the money from the cashier at Victor’s (where he works). Janae is told to plug a USB into a school computer, which causes to show on the rest of the computers; Maeve uses a timer Simon Says put on Janae’s phone in an attempt to track them down. Vanessa leads a search at the woods where Jake was killed, at which Giselle finds a bullet casing. At Giselle’s apartment, Nate and Bronwyn find the money he stole and conclude she must be Simon Says. Maeve finds she can send messages to Simon Says and claims they are Giselle. Murder Club later find Giselle dead.
13 5 “Simon Says Ho Ho Ho!” Rick Montano & Vincent Ingrao October 20, 2022 ( 2022-10-20 )
Murder Club decide to turn themselves in at midnight. Bronwyn lies to her parents and tells them she has been accepted into Yale when in fact she has not opened her acceptance email. During the night, she decides to face her biggest fear and sings karaoke. She and Nate later have sex during which she tells him she was not accepted into Yale. Cooper, Janae, and Addy go to a warehouse party, where he reunites with Kris. Addy wants to solely take the blame for Jake’s death, but Janae convinces her otherwise. Meanwhile, Maeve attempts to learn more about Simon Says through the USB Janae had and finds that it was a virus. At midnight, Murder Club learn TJ has been arrested for Giselle’s murder.
14 6 “Simon Says You Better Pray” Roxanne Benjamin Kyle Warren October 20, 2022 ( 2022-10-20 )
After learning of TJ’s arrest, Vanessa begins investigating Murder Club. Simon Says threatens to reveal her relationship with Evan if she does not stop investigating. After Cole tells her that Jake was in rehab during the summer and did actually kill Simon, she finds herself lost. A priest tells her to start from the beginning and let the truth guide her. She begins to go through pictures of Halloween, finding Bronwyn, Nate, Janae, and someone in a bear costume who she thinks is Maeve were at the party. Afterwards, she and Keely speak with Zach, the latter’s ex-boyfriend, who reveals he saw Cooper’s car tailing Jake’s. Vanessa, Evan, and Keely follow a path that ends at a cliff, where Vanessa finds Jake’s license plate. A photo of Vanessa and Evan kissing is posted on Instagram, but she is unfazed. Vanessa agrees to appear on a local talk show to reveal where she found the license plate, but Simon Says threatens to kill her if she does. On the day of Vanessa’s interview, Evan finds she is missing from her dressing room. Later, Vanessa wakes up locked in a car trunk.
15 7 “Simon Says Time Out” Ben Semanoff Molly Nussbaum & Corey Dashaun October 20, 2022 ( 2022-10-20 )
Murder Club are revealed to be Vanessa’s kidnappers, doing so to figure out why TJ was arrested and prevent Simon Says from reaching her. They confess to killing Jake, and she agrees to help them. Maeve and Kris later arrive after she traces Janae’s text messages. Vanessa reveals that Jake was in rehab; Murder Club deduces that it was an emotional wellness rehab called Wild Awakenings. After the talk show’s host hands over the license plate, Jake’s body is found. Vanessa meets with Wheeler and asks her to look into the rehab. Bronwyn, Maeve, and Janae go to Wild Awakenings, where they find Fiona went to rehab with Jake. Fiona discovers Murder Club are soon going to realize she is Simon Says. She then asks Nate for help with a delivery
16 8 “Simon Says Game Over” Ben Semanoff Erica Saleh & Rick Montano & Vincent Ingrao October 20, 2022 ( 2022-10-20 )
After being outed as Simon Says, Fiona asks for the person who killed Jake. The group decide to find evidence that Fiona killed Giselle instead of handing Addy over. When they fail to find any, they decide to frame her for Jake’s death by planting his hair on her bear costume; uploading a hard drive of Simon’s laptop onto her dad’s computer; and putting the gun in her car. Maeve mentions that the gun lacks Fiona’s fingerprints and she has a video of the five in the woods, but they dismiss her. While on Janae’s yacht with Addy, Maeve reveals she took the gun. She gives it to Fiona, who deletes the video. Fiona unsuccessfully attempts to kill Addy; Maeve reveals it was a ploy to get Fiona’s fingerprints on the gun and delete the video. Fiona then sets the boat on fire. Murder Club hurry to help and escape the boat, but Cooper is gravely injured. Bronwyn chases Fiona but is stabbed before the police save her. They express resentment towards Maeve. Fiona is arrested and subsequently dies in prison. Later, Nate gives Bronwyn a necklace. On graduation day, another disaster occurs, and Bronwyn’s necklace is collected as evidence.
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Does Bronwyn end up with Nate?

One Of Us Is Lying fans are all saying the same thing about Nate and Bronwyn Netflix’s latest drama One Of Us Is Lying clearly ticks all our boxes; a teen-, adapted from an unputdownable book, perfect for binging. Triple tick, right? Well, while we’ve all been getting our teeth into the new series there are a few things about the show fans couldn’t ignore. It’s a Netflix murder drama, so obviously we’re all really into it. However fans of the original novel had a about the series, especially when it comes to the relationship between Nate and Bronwyn. In McManus’s book the whole drama ends on a pretty cute note. However, in the Netflix Bronwyn and Nate don’t end up together, despite Bronwyn saying she loves Nate and posting his bail. Given their reunion is such an integral part of the original book, it’s safe to say that fans weren’t too happy about this change to the storyline.

We’ll just have to hope they follow up with a second series and redeem themselves.You can watch One Of Us Is Lying on Netflix now. You Might Also Like

: One Of Us Is Lying fans are all saying the same thing about Nate and Bronwyn

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Why did Addy cut her hair

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Physical Appearance – Addy’s first appearance was in chapter 1 when Bronwyn describes her in detention. She had long, “shampoo ad” blonde hair which many people, including herself, believe was her best feature. After she breaks up with her boyfriend, Addy suddenly decides she needs a change and cuts off most of her hair.

Who was posting after Simon died?

Simon Kelleher has a particular talent for uncovering the secrets of his fellow students at Bayview High School. He uses a gossip app he created called About That to spread these secrets as well as rumors and nasty comments about his peers. One September afternoon, Simon and four other seniors find themselves in detention.

Addy Prentiss, Bronwyn Rojas, and Cooper Clay are rarely mentioned on Simon’s app, but Nate Macauley, who is often in trouble and who sleeps with a lot of girls, appears frequently. A teacher, Mr. Avery, has given all five students detention for having their cell phones in class—phones which they all claim were planted.

When a car crash occurs outside, Mr. Avery leaves to go make sure no one was hurt. Moments later, Simon takes a drink of water and collapses almost instantly. After a frantic search for an EpiPen comes up empty, Simon is taken away by paramedics and soon is later pronounced dead.

Addy and her boyfriend, Jake, are friends with Cooper and his girlfriend, Keely. Bronwyn, whom Nate has known since kindergarten, has been an overachiever ever since her younger sister, Maeve, survived leukemia. Speculation about Simon’s death quickly takes over Bayview High School as the police seem to be treating it as not having been an accident.

The four students who were in detention with Simon are approached by the police when someone makes an online post claiming to be Simon’s murderer. The police also discover unpublished About That content queued up by Simon implying that Addy, Bronwyn, Cooper, and Nate each has a secret to hide.

The police believe that each benefited from Simon’s death because that prevented these rumors from being posted. Jake and Addy have been together since their freshman year, but Addy fears what will happen when Jake finds out that she had sex with someone else last year. That is her secret. Although generally a top student, Bronwyn once stole chemistry exam answers off her teacher’s computer.

She fears what will happen if this becomes public knowledge. The police also confront Bronwyn with an old About That post. Simon wrote a humiliating account of her sister Maeve’s first high school party and made light of her bout with cancer, which obviously angered Bronwyn.

  • Cooper is a pitcher with a bright future playing baseball, has a popular girlfriend, and is widely liked.
  • The rumor Simon had queued up, that Cooper used steroids, is untrue.
  • However, the police discover a file Simon had encrypted, containing another rumor about Cooper, and this one actually is true.
  • Despite protests from Cooper’s lawyer, Cooper is pressured into revealing his secret to his family: he is gay, and he has been cheating on Keely with a guy named Kris.

As the only member of the Bayview Four with a criminal record, Nate seems to be the leading suspect in Simon’s murder. Nate has always had feelings for Bronwyn, feelings that seem to be mutual as they grow closer during the investigation into Simon’s death.

However, Nate worries that Bronwyn just sees him as a project she can manage. Nate was known to have used and sold drugs in the past, and Simon’s unpublished post alleges that he is doing so again—which is, in fact, true. But since Simon’s death and the events following it, Nate has walked away from selling and taking drugs—at least partly because he knows that Bronwyn deserves someone whose life is less complicated.

When the police seem focused only on pinning Simon’s death on one or more of the “Bayview Four,” Maeve begins an investigation of Simon on her own, and shares what she finds with her sister Bronwyn. Maeve is able to access Simon’s About That admin page and she also looks into Simon’s past.

  1. Maeve discovers some unsettling information about Simon, including some terrible comments he wrote and posted after a nearby school shooting.
  2. In spite of their lawyers and parents discouraging the Bayview Four from speaking with each other, they agree to work together as the investigation intensifies.

Aided by Ashton and Maeve, they continue to dig into Simon’s past. After Addy reaches out to Janae, Simon’s only friend, Janae starts spending time with Addy and Bronwyn. Addy finally confesses to Jake that she had cheated on him, and she is bullied and ostracized at school by her former friends—who, it turns out, were just Jake’s friends and not hers.

However, she finds new freedom once she is outside Jake’s influence. After Cooper tells his parents about Kris, he confides in Addy, as well. Nate comes to Cooper’s defense when the school learns that Cooper is gay. By now, everyone’s secret is out, and each of the four is increasingly intent on finding Simon’s real killer so they can move forward with their lives.

For Addy and Cooper, the urgency briefly lessens when Nate is arrested. Acting on an anonymous tip, the police have discovered incriminating items in Nate’s possession, including Simon’s EpiPen and water bottle. Nate’s fingerprints don’t appear on any of the items, however.

Bronwyn enlists Addy and Cooper to help clear Nate, as well as a pro bono lawyer named Eli Kleinfelter. Since she is deeply involved in the investigation, Bronwyn has been warned not to contact Eli, who has officially taken on Nate’s case, so she feeds Eli information through Ashton. When the Bayview Four discover that Simon hired someone to stage the car crash, they conclude that Simon orchestrated his own death.

However, the group don’t believe that Simon acted alone. Simon must have had an accomplice: whoever has been posting anonymously about the case. Jake soon becomes their prime suspect, which saddens Addy. Addy goes to Janae’s home, and Janae confirms that Simon did indeed orchestrate his own death.

He used his knowledge about Addy’s infidelity to persuade Jake to help him, including planting the fake cell phones that led the group being assigned to detention. After Simon’s death, Jake wrote the anonymous posts and forced Janae to plant evidence that would implicate his ex-girlfriend Addy—or so Jake thought.

In the end, Janae couldn’t bring herself frame Addy because Addy had been so kind to her after Simon’s death, so she framed Nate instead. The framing of Nate was a deception that the police were all too willing to accept as fact. Confronted by Jake in her home, Janae tries to stand up to him and get him to admit to his role in the framing plot while Addy hides and records their conversation on her phone.

But when Addy’s phone rings at this inopportune moment, she is chased from the house by Jake. Addy falls, hitting her head on a rock, and Jake begins to throttle her. Cooper suddenly appears just in time to pull Jake off Addy and save her life. The authorities are called, and Jake is taken into custody.

Addy recovers from Jake’s attack, Nate is released from jail, and the Bayview Four, now exonerated, move forward with their lives. Nate decides that Bronwyn is better off without him, but she Bronwyn is hurt by his coldness toward her. A few months later, members of the group gather to watch Bronwyn perform in a recital.

Who is the villain in One Of Us Is Lying 2?

‘One of Us is Lying’ Struggles to Find its Footing in Season Two | Arts | The Harvard Crimson This review contains spoilers for Season Two of “One of Us Is Lying.” Simon says you should never try and cover up a murder. The main characters in “One of Us is Lying” — also known collectively as “murder club” — learn this lesson all too well in Season Two of the Peacock show.

Starting right where Season One’s cliffhanger left off, murder club deals with the aftermath of murdering Jake, the antagonist from the previous season. Audiences see them attempt to cover up the murder through a series of quick decisions: dump the body, return the gun, and get rid of the car. They even make up the rumor that Jake (Barrett Carnahan) fled to Mexico after he got caught for Simon’s (Mark McKenna) murder.

But unbeknownst to the group, someone was watching as they hatched their plan — and they planned to make murder club pay for it. Meet Simon Says, the main anonymous antagonist of Season Two, who has video proof of the club’s involvement in Jake’s murder.

Throughout the entire season we see Simon Says blackmailing the crew, making them commit several heinous (and often illegal) acts. From making Cooper (Chibuikem Uche) wear Jake’s engraved watch to forcing Janae (Jess McLeod) to vandalize Simon’s grave, Simon Says makes the crew look more and more suspicious as the season goes along.

This unfortunately doesn’t go unnoticed as Vanessa (Sara Thompson), a wannabe social media influencer, immediately points fingers at the crew. Not believing that Jake killed Simon or that he would flee, she starts a #justiceforjake campaign, determined to find out what happened to him and how the crew was involved.

Vanessa isn’t the only one desperate to find Jake, as his older brother Cole (Joe Witkowski) comes back into town, questioning what the crew knows about Jake’s disappearance. Although the show gears up to deliver a classic whodunnit mystery formula, it struggles to find its footing at the start of the season, adding in several useless plots that don’t add anything to the story.

Perhaps the biggest error is the love triangle between Bronwyn (Marianly Tejada), Nate (Cooper van Grootel), and newly-introduced character Fiona (Doralynn Mui). Even when Nate and Fiona’s brief romance is revealed to Nate’s girlfriend Bronwyn, she’s barely fazed and immediately forgives him for it.

  1. This entire arc adds little to the season; rather, it detracts from the show’s character building, cheapening the relationship between Nate and Bronwyn.
  2. Fortunately, the slow pacing of the season allows for some heartwarming character moments, as we get to see Janae grapple with their gender identity, for example.

In an honest conversation with Addy (Annalisa Cochrane), Janae opens up about how sometimes she feels like a girl and other times a boy. This conversation is not only handled very well, but also very relatable. Janae’s conversation with Maeve (Melissa Collazo) later in the season is truly one of the season’s best, as they come to terms with possibly being gender fluid.

  • A true standout moment is when Maeve says Janae is very handsome, and they break out into a smile.
  • Unfortunately, the wonderful character moments come to an abrupt pause as episode six takes the season’s pacing from inconsistent to bizarre.
  • Renaming the title screen, “All of Them Are Lying,” the entire episode is randomly from Vanessa’s perspective.
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Not only is the shift in perspective abrupt, but it also proves to be very boring as the entire episode follows Vanessa catching up on information the audience has known from the beginning of the season. This obvious attempt at a character revamp ultimately doesn’t work: The whole episode feels like a bathroom break, and its unnecessary change in structure causes the show to lose any grip it previously had on its audience.

Fortunately, the last two episodes pick up pace quickly as the mystery of Simon Says comes to a head. The crew, with the unlikely help of Vanessa, figure out the mysterious figure’s true identity. This revelation pays off. The reveal and aftermath of Simon Says lets the show bask in what it does best, pulling back the curtain and letting us see all the moving parts.

However, the finale also leaves the audience with many lingering questions, as another character mysteriously dies in prison in a way that clearly mirrors Simon’s death in season one. The season ends with yet another cliffhanger, though it’s unsure how it connects to the rest of the story.

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Do we find out who Simon says is

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The cliffhanger of Season 2 leaves us with questions, but with Season 3 being canceled we are left to speculate on what could’ve happened. Peacock The Peacock original series One of Us is Lying leaves off on a cliffhanger for the Season 2 finale, but unfortunately with the recent news of the show’s cancelation, this is one mystery that we won’t get any closure to. So, let’s speculate together about what could’ve happened in Season 3 of One of Us is Lying,

  • It is our turn to become Murder Club and figure out what went down on graduation based on what we know so far.
  • Season 2 finally reveals the other half of the identity of “Simon Says” as Fiona, a new student who transferred to Bayview and befriended Jake over the summer.
  • Together they plotted as “Simon Says” to blackmail and control the group, but after Jake’s death, Fiona is out for revenge,

After she is caught by the police, Murder Club is officially disbanded and all they have left to worry about is passing their classes and graduating. Or so they thought. The finale however reveals that graduation didn’t go down without another tragic incident,

Who is most responsible for Simon’s death?

In Lord of the Flies, Simon was crucified through a beating from the rest of the boys. He was on his way to tell the boys about his revelation that what they thought was the beast was actually a downed parachutist. The boys mistook him for the beast, causing them to beat him to death.

What does Jack say after Simon dies?

How does Jack excuse the death of Simon? He says that Simon was dressed in disguise as the beast himself. What is the significance of Jack punishing Wilfred? Why does Jack raid Ralph’s camp?

Why didn t Jack save Simon?

Simon’s Death – Image via Peacock The brains behind the whole mystery, Simon dies early in the story after ingesting peanut oil which he is allergic to. The book reveals the awful truth when it turns out that he had planned to die all along. He brought Jake ( Barrett Carnahan ) onboard intending to frame the Bayview Four.

  1. He had been obsessed with death and Janae confirms that he was depressed before he died.
  2. Simon gets a different treatment on the show when it’s revealed that his death is orchestrated by Jake.
  3. Though they planned to get the Bayview Four into trouble together, Jake is afraid that Simon would talk so he decides to let him die.

He removes the EpiPens from the nurse’s office which means Simon couldn’t have gotten the help he needed during his allergic reaction.

Who is Simon’s killer?

Who Killed Simon in the One of Us Is Lying Book? – In the show, Jake is the evil mastermind behind Simon’s death. In the book, things aren’t quite as twisted. Janae reveals that Simon was majorly depressed, and he was obsessed with death. In the book, Simon intended to commit suicide under the guise of the ill-conceived prank.

Simon wanted to use Jake to frame The Bayview Four for his murder, so Jake’s involvement wasn’t quite as sinister as the show’s version of events. Interestingly, Jake still pays for his involvement in Simon’s death when he gets arrested. The Bayview Four get a more positive ending, becoming free to live their lives without any more secrets.

This is a direction the show didn’t take to prep a compelling cliffhanger for the second season.

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What happens to Simon’s body

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Summary: Chapter 9 – Simon awakens and finds the air dark and humid with an approaching storm. His nose is bleeding, and he staggers toward the mountain in a daze. He crawls up the hill and, in the failing light, sees the dead pilot with his flapping parachute.

  • Watching the parachute rise and fall with the wind, Simon realizes that the boys have mistaken this harmless object for the deadly beast that has plunged their entire group into chaos.
  • When Simon sees the corpse of the parachutist, he begins to vomit.
  • When he is finished, he untangles the parachute lines, freeing the parachute from the rocks.

Anxious to prove to the group that the beast is not real after all, Simon stumbles toward the distant light of the fire at Jack ‘s feast to tell the other boys what he has seen. Piggy and Ralph go to the feast with the hopes that they will be able to keep some control over events.

At the feast, the boys are laughing and eating the roasted pig. Jack sits like a king on a throne, his face painted like a savage, languidly issuing commands, and waited on by boys acting as his servants. After the large meal, Jack extends an invitation to all of Ralph’s followers to join his tribe. Most of them accept, despite Ralph’s attempts to dissuade them.

As it starts to rain, Ralph asks Jack how he plans to weather the storm considering he has not built any shelters. In response, Jack orders his tribe to do its wild hunting dance. Chanting and dancing in several separate circles along the beach, the boys are caught up in a kind of frenzy.

Even Ralph and Piggy, swept away by the excitement, dance on the fringes of the group. The boys again reenact the hunting of the pig and reach a high pitch of frenzied energy as they chant and dance. Suddenly, the boys see a shadowy figure creep out of the forest—it is Simon. In their wild state, however, the boys do not recognize him.

Shouting that he is the beast, the boys descend upon Simon and start to tear him apart with their bare hands and teeth. Simon tries desperately to explain what has happened and to remind them of who he is, but he trips and plunges over the rocks onto the beach.

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Does Simon kill himself

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Simon Kelleher Student “About that” blogger Mrs. KelleherMr. Kelleher (formerly) Simon Kelleher is a deceased 17-year-old male who attended Bayview High. He was known for his gossip app, About That, He died in chapter two, due to peanut oil in his water (he had nut allergies).

This led to the investigation of his peers; Adelaide Prentiss, Bronwyn Rojas, Nate Macauley, and Cooper Clay, otherwise known as – The Bayview Four, The real reason why he had died was suicide. He was depressed and so he spent months planning his death, in such a way to ruin the lives of others. He planned to tell everyone a year later by giving papers to Janae explaining.

He had brown hair and blue eyes. Before he died, his best friend was Janae. He hated his classmates, due to being deserted. So, he decided he wanted to ruin their lives by creating an app called About That,

What was Jake’s secret that Simon knew?

One of Us Is Lying season 2 ending explained – The final moments of season one saw Addy (Annalisa Cochrane), Cooper (Chibuikem Uche), Bronwyn (Marianly Tejada), Nate (Cooper van Grootel) and Janae (Jessica McLeod) receive a sinister text from someone named ‘Simon Says’, who claimed to know who pulled the trigger on Jake (Barrett Carnahan). Peacock However, the Murder Club learn that Jake was the one who told Simon about Fiona stabbing a teacher at her previous school. They come up with a plan to frame her for Jake’s death by using this as her motive and getting her fingerprints on the same gun Addy used to pull the trigger. Peacock Later on, Jake’s brother Cole pays Fiona a visit in prison. She reveals that she knows why Jake was in rehab (still a mystery to us) and tells him about the video of the Murder Club attempting to dispose of his body. When Fiona goes back to her cell, she’s poisoned and dies.

How do they find out that Jake killed Simon?

How were the other One Of Us Is Lying characters involved? – When Simon’s best friend Janae assumed one of the Bayview Four were guilty of his murder, she released their secrets on his gossip app. It was only when she was locked out (by Jake) that she realised they weren’t guilty, and joined the investigation. Maeve, meanwhile, hacked into Simon’s laptop to look for clues over why he ghosted her, and instead discovered Jake’s About That hacking, eventually handing over what she’d found to the police.

Why did Simon kill himself in the book one of us is lying?

Biography – Simon Kelleher was a student at Bayview High and was the creator of the app About That, He wasn’t very popular due to the app, as it basically ruined the other students of Bayview High’s lives. Making them prime suspects of the death, before it being confirmed a suicide Simon was depressed and decided to kill himself and take others with him.

He entrusted Jake and Janae with the truth and instructions. Hiding phones in Bronwyn, Addy, Nate and Cooper’s backpacks, Simon went to detention with the group. Relying on the fake car accident outside to make Mr. Avery leave, he then drank the water with peanut oil in it. After being taken to emergency services, he died in just one hour.

He blamed Cooper because he got Simon blacklisted from Vanessa’s after prom party; Nate, because Keely had tried with Nate, and Simon thought he still had a chance with her. Bronwyn, because she cheated in chemistry and told Simon the wrong date for Model UN finals.

What did Jake find out about Simon?

Page 2 – 17 (in One of us is lying) 19 (in One of us is back) Katherine Riordan (mother) Alexander Alton (biological father)Scott Riordan (step-father)Chelsea Alton (half-sister)Chase Alton (half-brother)Christopher Alton (half-brother) Cooper Clay (formerly)Simon Kelleher (formerly) Addy Prentiss Jake Riordan is a student at Bayview High.

  • He is Addy Prentiss’ ex-boyfriend and Cooper’s former friend.
  • Prior to the beginning of the book, Jake found out about Simon Kelleher rigging homecoming in order to win.
  • To keep Jake quiet about this, Simon told Jake that Addy had cheated on him.
  • Simon allowed Jake to pin his death on Addy with fake evidence, though Janae did not go through with this plan.

After Addy finds out about his involvement with Simon, Jake chases and attempts to kill her. He is stopped by Cooper and is sent to a juvenile detention center. : Jake Riordan