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Why did Matt Lucas quit

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Why did Matt Lucas leave The Great British Bake Off?

Gogglebox fans had some strong words about the latest episode, but not everyone was against the show in question Pair danced a tango to The Human League’s ‘Don’t You Want Me’ during week one of ‘Strictly’ This Morning dental expert Dr Uchenna Okoye sadly passed away on Friday 15 September and her cause of death has been confirmed Naga Munchetty looked sensational during a recent episode of BBC Breakfast that saw the star wearing a stunning white dress that showed off her never-ending legs Recent controversies surrounding BBC presenters and radio hosts may leave you questioning why you should bother with a TV licence and where exactly taxpayers’ money is going here. Now is the time to make the most of your TV licence before things drastically change. After reports circulated that a TV drama about Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield’s rumoured fall out – fans have been sharing their thoughts online Strictly’s Anton Du Beke opens up on co-star Craig Revel Horwood’s possible exit, saying he hopes Craig stays forever Gardeners’ World star Monty Don was inundated with fan support at the weekend after he made an incredibly exciting announcement. Discover more here. Actor David McCallum, who became a teen heartthrob in the hit series The Man From U.N.C.L.E. in the 1960s and was the eccentric medical examiner in the popular “NCIS” 40 years later, has died. He was 90. ITV’s My Mum Your Dad came to an end earlier in the week after a group of middle-aged single parents went on a quest to find love. Home and Away’s Felicity Newman keeps quiet about some unexpected news on UK screens next week. Kylie Minogue stunned fans at the weekend in a jaw-dropping lime green mini dress adorned with glittering crystals. Discover her sensational ensemble here. EastEnders has won big at the Inside Soap Awards 2023, with the BBC show dominating the major categories. Gary Lineker opened up about his love life after his two divorces in a new interview with the Sunday Times, saying he has ‘the odd date here and there’ but isn’t seeing anyone seriously Pam & Tommy actress Lily James was pictured in romantic ruffles at Michelle Dockery’s wedding with Jasper Waller-Bridge – see her £3k wedding guest dress. Love Island host Maya Jama turned heads at Milan Fashion Week as she watched the Dolce & Gabbana show in a skin tight bodycon dress – photos There’s only one reason viewers will be tuning in to watch the latest series of Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins (which begins on Channel 4 on Tuesday September 26). And that’s for its customarily nuanced dissection of modern masculinity. Only kidding – everyone is here to watch Matt Hancock, the former health secretary, get beasted by special forces types. And to give credit to Channel 4, it knows its audience. Could a former EastEnders character be the Christmas murder victim as they return for revenge? Holly Willoughby has been trying out yet another new co-star.and this one’s a hit. The Strictly star was not partnered up for the 2023 series

: Why did Matt Lucas leave The Great British Bake Off?

Did Noel Fielding quit Bake Off?

Prue Leith makes awkward confession about Noel Fielding after Matt Lucas exit has confessed that she’d never heard of her The Great British Bake Off co-star until he appeared on the show. The popular judge on the baking series appeared on today (Tuesday 20 December), where she shared some anecdotes about her early days as a cook, as well as her thoughts on ‘ recent exit from Bake Off.

The comedian shocked fans earlier this month. He explained that it had become too much of a struggle juggling his various TV commitments. “Farewell Bake Off !” he wrote in a statement. “It’s been a delicious experience and I can’t imagine a more fun way of spending my summers. But it’s become clear to me that I can’t present both Fantasy Football League and Bake Off alongside all my other projects.

“So, after three series and 51 episodes, I am cheerfully passing the baguette on to someone else.” Asked who she’d like to replace Lucas on the show, Leith paused before sharing her thoughts. “I don’t know any young comedians. I’d never heard of Noel Fielding when he came on,” she admitted.

” someone I know, preferably!”Fielding appears on Bake Off with Leith alongside her fellow judge, Paul Hollywood. Lucas’ replacement has yet to be announced by Channel 4 or the series’ producers, but many are for Fielding.He has served as a core member of the Bake Off team since 2019, when he took over from Sandi Toksvig as Fielding’s co-host.He is scheduled to appear in two forthcoming Bake Off Christmas specials, which will air on Channel 4 on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day.

: Prue Leith makes awkward confession about Noel Fielding after Matt Lucas exit

What was the biggest Bake Off scandal?

The custard thief – The year 2013 proved to be controversial for bake-off, after Paul was accused of showing favouritism towards contestant Ruby Tandoh, viewers were angered by an apparent theft of custard. During one of the weeks on the show, the bakers were tasked with making a trifle. If, like us, you love a good dose of celebrity gossip then we’ve got you covered. From Lorraine Kelly and Janey Godley to Gordon Ramsay and Sir Rod Stewart, our is packed with the latest news on your favourite stars from Scotland and beyond. Signing up couldn’t be easier! Simply enter your email address in the box further up the page or,

Who was kicked off Bake Off?

Who left The Great British Bake Off last night? – The Great British Bake Off semi final on November 8, 2022, saw the remaining bakers compete in Patisserie week. It kicked off with the Signature Challenge where the bakers made four identical mini Charlottes – although Sandro’s were judged too big.

  1. Judge Paul Hollywood declared Janusz’s offering too “untidy”, while Abdul and Syabira nailed it with their flavours.
  2. Next was a tricky Technical of a vertical tart with Syabira getting the No1 spot, and Sandro left trailing at the bottom.
  3. It all came down to the final showstopper, a Krokan which had to stand at least 60cm high.
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With the judges raving about Syabira’s helix design and Abdul’s intricate space ship, it was down to a choice between Sandro and Janusz, with the latter’s Brighton Pride deemed messy. After much deliberating Paul and fellow judge Prue Leith sent home early favourite, Janusz,

  • The two-time star baker said: “‘It doesn’t surprise me.
  • I am just leaving the tent, I am not upset.
  • The best bakers are left clearly: it was an amazing time, with amazing people.” The Polish-born baker posted on Instagram: “I DID IT! Being chubby, gay and the first Polish national contestant on GBBO I knew I had a lot to represent walking into the tent.

“I wanted to do this by being myself but also set myself a little challenge to wear a colour of the pride flag each week and hope that I could tick them all off mission accomplished! “I love being able to be a part of so many different communities and Great Britain is a home that’s allowed me to do that.” He signed off with “Janusz has left the tent”.

Who is the girl with one hand on Bake Off?

Briony May Williams British celebrity chef Briony May Williams Born1984 or 1985 (age 37–38)Occupation(s)Television baker and presenterYears active2018–presentKnown for

Briony May Williams (born 1984 or 1985) is a British and presenter. She appeared on in 2018, finishing fourth. She presents the cooking show and the reality housing show, and writes recipe columns for BristolLife and the supermarket ‘s Good Living,

Who left GBBO Week 6?

What happened in week 6? – Episode 5 was a spooky special, as the contestants were asked to create some Halloween themed bakes. Sadly, the baker to leave the tent in Halloween week was Dawn, a 60-year-old IT Manager from Bedfordshire. This week’s showstopper saw the contestants create a hanging lantern, which could be smashed like a piñata, out of whatever bake they fancied.

Why did Noel leave Bake Off German Week?

His hosting partner Matt Lucas informed the eight remaining bakers that Fielding had taken ill overnight.

Who went home on bread week?

The Great British Baking Show Recap: Swede, Swede Victory Welcome to Bread Week, or as I like to call it, Paul Hollywood Is Even More Insufferable Than Usual Week. Actually, I have come around to liking Paul, but I still reflexively think he’s insufferable.

But he was not on this season’s Bread Week, and that might be because, well, they didn’t do much bread baking. Also, no one went home. What is even happening this week? The first thing we find out is that Rebs and Abdul are feeling “under the weather” and can’t compete this week. Yeah, that sounds like English COVID.

English COVID is just like American COVID, but it encapsulates the great British solution to any problem: ignore it until it goes away. That’s sort of the government policy at the moment. There’s no testing, no masks, no restrictions; everyone just takes a test if they get a runny nose, doesn’t tell anyone that they have COVID while they stay home for a week, and then emerge back into life as if nothing happened.

Or maybe they were just sick. I don’t know. Also, doesn’t it seem a little early in the season for the tent to be this empty? It’s eerie. The first challenge is to make a pizza. What kind of pizza? Oh, any kind. Really? I mean there is the New York slice, the grandma style, Chicago deep dish, Detroit style with cheese to the edge, and whatever monstrosity it is that Poopa John’s delivers to your door.

But know what all of these kinds of pizza are not? Bread! Yeah, I guess it has a bread base, but it’s not bread, it’s pizza. Sorry, I can’t do it. I cannot think of pizza as bread. Also, all of these varieties are mostly American inventions, because the two things we’re good at are pizza and wars we shouldn’t be involved with in the first place.

At one point Prue dings someone’s pizza as being “too American,” as if that’s supposed to be an insult. American pizza is delicious. A true delight. English pizza is all wet, soggy, Neapolitan-style with not nearly enough toppings on it. I don’t want to be a cultural imperialist, but America could teach these people a thing or two about pizza.

I don’t know about all of these pies on offer, though. Both James and my lover Sandro are putting pineapples on their pizza, which is a nonstarter for me. Dawn is putting sour cream and guacamole on her Tex-Mex-style pizza and that makes me want to bury myself at the California Pizza Kitchen.

  1. She’s also using stew beef and is worried it won’t be tender enough.
  2. I have seen this show enough to know it will not be.
  3. But the most disgusting of all has to be Janusz’s “full English” pizza, which includes all the staple of the nation’s favorite morning meal: sausage, bacon, baked beans, mushrooms, and blood sausage, which, as the name suggests, is literally congealed blood in a sausage casing.

What is this, some kind of Survivor challenge where they have to eat gross things? Shockingly, when Paul finally tastes it he says it lacks flavor. I don’t know how that is possible considering it has about 19 different dishes on top of it. The only two I would try are Syabira’s, which is based on a Malaysian shrimp dish I’m not familiar with but sure sounds good enough to try, and Kevin’s, which has figs, balsamic glaze, and haloumi, something Great Britain loves even more than it loves electing Tories.

  • There are no real disasters in the first round, except maybe for Compost Carol’s pizzas, which kind of look like someone threw up clam chowder all over an Amazon delivery box.
  • But they say it tastes great, so I believe them.
  • Sandro the Amazing probably gets the best critique for his stuffed-crust pizza (America says you’re welcome for that invention) that he made in the shape of a heart to prove that he really loves me as much as he thinks he does.

Next up is the technical, where they have to make pain au raisins, or as they’re called in my household, “pannos.” Yes, there may be bread right there in the name, but this is a pastry. You do not buy this next to the Wonder Bread or even in the same bakery cabinet as sourdough rolls at your local supermarket.

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You buy these with the croissants, pain au chocolat, and other morning treats. That makes them a pastry. I could excuse this, but you know an entire week of pastry is coming. Let them make it then. Struggling the most is Kevin, who seems resigned to the fact that he is going to come in last. He cares so little, he doesn’t even put them in a proofing bag because he says the runny crème patissiere he slathered them in will keep them from drying out.

I sympathize with Kevin on this. If it were me, at some point during these technicals, when I see it all going more south than the dangly tip of Florida, I would just throw my hands in the air and tell Prue Leith, right to her face, to suck it. That’s essentially what he does when he sits there watching the butter run out of his dough, totally ruining the non-bread.

The best part of this whole challenge is when Noel goes over to talk to Sandro while he’s rolling out dough and starts chatting about his very shapely arms. Sandro gives us a little bicep flex, and I had to call a plumber because all of the basements on my whole block simultaneously flooded. Was there a rainstorm? Nope, just GBBO,

Shockingly, the judges rate Compost Carole in the bottom because she put her non-breads of raisins too close to each other so they stuck together. Don’t worry, Kevin is just after that. The top is Janusz, followed by Maxy, and if these two aren’t the front-runners for the entire competition at this point then I don’t know what show it is you are watching.

  • The showstopper is a smörgåstårta, which I am only typing out once because the option key on my Mac is lazy.
  • It is Swedish, which is good news for Maxy, since she was born there, and is basically a sandwich that looks like a cake.
  • Sandwiches and cakes are two of my favorite things in the world, but if you show me a cake and it tastes like a sandwich there is gonna be a rumble at the combination Sprinkles-Jersey Mike’s Subs.

At least this is a challenge where they actually have to bake some bread, though, even if it seems like it is the fillings who are the real stars here. There seems to be the usual level of tension in the tent, but drawn out because they have ample time to both bake bread and make fillings, and no one seems to be buckling under the pressure.

Is this just a very talented crop of bakers or are they just especially chill? Sandro My Darling even finishes with enough time to clean and wipe down his entire bench. Sure, we saw some bicep earlier, but this is a flex. As soon as the judges start going around, you can tell who is in trouble. Paul finds out that Dawn is making a Greek-inspired smörgåstårta (damn, I was only supposed to type that once!) and that she’s not using ground beef, cilantro, or other traditionally Greek flavors.

Naturally when she gets up there with a simple white cake with some rolled-up cucumbers on the top, Paul tells her that she should have used all the things he told her to. Just take the note, Dawn. Janusz is first to the judging table and his offering looks amazing.

  1. It’s covered in a curry sauce and sort of looks like if the yellow part of a deviled egg became an entire birthday cake.
  2. He combined cod, mushy peas, and fried potatoes to make a fish-and-chips–inspired dish and also had the inspiration to put it on top of a cone of newspaper, the traditional way the dish is served in the U.K.

The judges, of course, love it. Compost Carole’s creation is sloping a little bit on the sides, but it is white and covered in flowers and vegetables and looks quite delicious. Prue loves the filling and this basically catapults her out of the bottom. James’s Chinese-inspired pork dish with red sauce on the top looks cool but not appetizing.

However, there are three milk bread pandas to decorate it, and someone should start selling those in a store immediately. Kevin’s dish is inspired by his wife’s fish pie and even features a darling cucumber fisherman on top, but it looks like, No, that’s wrong, it looks like Swamp Thing’s turd after only eating vines for a week.

It’s the only one that is a real disaster, but considering all the layers involved this week, it’s a shock that no one’s toppled altogether. Maxy makes a curved creation inspired by one from her youth and I love the shape of it, but everyone thinks it’s not as neat as it could have been.

Maybe that’s because she stuck some arugula on the sides so it looks like a pair of underpants with grass stains. The judges say it tastes delicious, though, so she is entirely forgiven. It is the opposite of Syabira’s, which is a marvel. The top looks like a city from Avatar, either the James Cameron movie or the superior cartoon about airbenders.

There are steps carved out of cucumbers, roses made out of carrots, and, my favorite touch, connected cucumber half-circles around the side to give a wave effect. The judges coo when they get inside to find another take on a Malaysian dish that looks great.

  1. Note to self: Get reservations at a Malaysian restaurant.) My lover Sandro’s could be called the leaning tower of pizza, but that was the first challenge.
  2. This time he’s all about sloppy joes and meat.
  3. Lots of meat.
  4. Huge, giant chunks of meat that will make you salivate all night long.
  5. Prue loves it, but Paul says it only tastes like barbecue sauce.

At the end it looks like Kevin will be the one taking the train ride of shame home, but he’s fighting it out with Dawn. Syabira looks like a shoo-in for the top spot, but the judges are also praising besties Janusz and Sandro. I was a little shocked that Janusz, now clearly the leader, takes his second win in three weeks, but then we get the real shocker: No one is going home.

  1. I guess that is the only fair way to do it, since two bakers were absent, but Prue does warn us that means that two bakers will be going home one week in the near future.
  2. The reality-TV critic in me would usually be pissed about this; what is the point of the episode if we’re in the same place at the end as we were at the beginning? But I can’t be mad at this show.
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It is where people do come to make friends and the real enjoyment of watching is seeing people succeed, not seeing who goes home. Some things are just so damn nice not even I can get upset about it. You know, as long as you don’t make me a cake that tastes like a sandwich.

Who was off sick on Bake Off?


“The Great British Baking Show” entered its third week, Bread Week, without two of its bakers. After it aired, Rebs Lightbody nixed claims that she faked sick to get out of the difficult bakes. Warning: This story contains spoilers for “The Great British Baking Show.”

Loading Something is loading. Thanks for signing up! Access your favorite topics in a personalized feed while you’re on the go. This week’s episode of “The Great British Baking Show,” also known as “The Great British Bake Off” in the UK, marked the return of Bread Week — but two contestants were notably absent. Host Matt Lucas opened the episode by announcing that Rebs Lightbody and Abdul Rehman Sharif were feeling “under the weather,” so the show sent them home to recover.

  • Many fans made jokes on Twitter about how they thought the bakers were actually pretending to be sick to get out of one of the show’s most difficult weeks of challenges.
  • On Tuesday — when the episode premiered in the UK — Lightbody took to Twitter to respond to these jabs, emphasizing how much she didn’t want to leave the tent.

Part of the post read, “Will say it once for the people in the back, I DID NOT want to miss bread week (it was probably my strongest week), I was forced to go home for the safety of all in the tent.” She replied to her tweet, adding, “No matter what you think of me and my bakes pls know I didn’t pull a “sickie”, I begged to stay and then I cried all the way back to Northern Ireland.” Sharif, who doesn’t appear to be as active on social media, hasn’t said anything about his absence.

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Who went week 2 Bake Off

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‘Great British Bake Off’: Which contestant was sent home in Biscuit Week?

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: ‘Great British Bake Off’: Which contestant was sent home in Biscuit Week?

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What was Week 7 in Great British Bake Off

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Which bakers will be the crème (anglaise) of the crop, and which will end up in custardy? elcome back to week seven of The Great British Bake Off and it turns out this week is Custard Week.

Who was Star Baker Week 7?

List of bakers

Baker Age (on show debut) Week the award was won
Syabira Yusoff 32 Week 6 (Halloween), Week 7 (Custard), Week 8 (Pastry)
Tamal Ray 29 Week 7 (Victorian)
Tom Gilliford 26 Week 3 (Bread), Week 6 (Botanical)
Victoria Chester 50 Week 1 (Cakes)

Who won Bake Off this week?

Who won Star Baker in Week 6? – Syabira won her first Star Baker accolade this week, as she wowed the judges with her bakes. Following the three challenges, host Noel Fielding revealed that Syabira had won the award, as Matt Lucas had the unfortunate job of revealing who was leaving Bake Off this week,