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Who are the 4 people dumped from Love Island

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Love Island said goodbye to another four contestants on Tuesday, July 18, as the 2023 final edges closer. The episode saw presenter Maya Jama return to the ITV dating show as the Islanders were partying at a location outside of the villa. Making her presence known, host Maya then asked the Islanders to line-up in their couples.

She then explained: “Well Islanders, the public have been voting for their favourite couple. We’re going to do things a little bit differently this time – you know we love a plot twist.” Revealing that Whitney Adebayo and Lochan Nowacki were the public’s favourite couple, Maya added: “I have some more news that might not be that great.

The three couples with the least amount of votes will be vulnerable and at risk of being dumped from the island tonight.” Read more: Married At First Sight UK bride and groom share baby update as fans react They were Amber Wise and Josh Brocklebank, Mitchel Taylor and Ella Barnes and Kady McDermott and Ouzy See. Amber Wise and Josh Brocklebank leave the villa (Image: ITV/REX/Shutterstock) Kady said: “When I came in I had the difficult decision, I had to couple up with someone on the same night, then Molly got dumped and it wasn’t great with me and Zach, then I came into Casa and didn’t even get a chance to speak to Ouzy and then I think our journey just started from when we got in the villa and I think everyone can see we do really like each other.” Ouzy added: “I think it’s clear to see that we have built a strong connection and obviously we’ve started talking about future and outside life which is massive and just proves the connection is real.” Ella then explained: “I came in and I took Mitch on a date, I’ve always wanted Mitch from day dot, it did get a little bit messy but we are on the right path and he’s made his decision and I feel like my journey is only just starting. Whitney Adebayo and Lochan Nowacki were voted favourite couple by the public (Image: ITV/REX/Shutterstock) As Mitch said: “I mean, I’ve always said tunnel vision and that’s why my head was scrambled when Ella came in because obviously from the day it clicked I panicked, head were gone, and it took a couple of days to clear my head but I’ve got clarity and I’m happy where things are going for sure.” After taking some time to think, Whitney and Lochan decided to save Mitch and Ella B, believing that Kady and Ouzy were solid enough to work on the outside while Mitch and Ella needed more time in the villa.

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Who has broken up from Love Island 22

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Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu and Davide Sanclimenti, 2022 – Relationship status: Back together After joining the Love Island villa on day one, Davide chose to couple up with Gemma Owen, but was eventually charmed by bombshell Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu. The pair had a bit of a bumpy ride in the villa, thanks to the likes of Jay Younger and Casa Amor, but eventually found each other again.

After saying ‘Ti amo’ and going exclusive in the villa, they won the Love Island 2022 final. Almost a year later in June 2023, Davide took to Instagram Stories to announce their break up. “Ekin-Su and I are no longer together,” the Islander wrote. “I am grateful for the memories and opportunities we shared together and I wish her nothing but the best.

“I would like for everybody to respect this decision during this difficult time. I will continue to support Ekin in any way possible.” However, it seems things may be back on for the couple after the pair both shared Instagram Stories last night (21st August) celebrating Ekin-Su’s birthday in Turkey.

Davide shared an Instagram Story which featured a picture of Ekin-Su at dinner and captioned it: “Despite all the storms, I wanted to make this day special for you.Enjoy the moment, make a wish, and blow hard ☺️ Happy birthday @ekinsuofficial 🎂.” Ekin-Su then reposted Davide’s Story onto her own Story and added the caption: “Surprising me like always, thank you for a good birthday 🎉☺️.” Um, does this mean what we think it does? So far the pair haven’t 100 per cent confirmed if they are back together, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for the news.

Cosmopolitan UK has reached out to Ekin-Su and Davide’s representatives for comment.6

Did Mitch sleep with Emily?

Mitch’s take on the situation – Prior to entering the Villa for a second time in 2022, Mitch spoke to 9Entertainment about what happened and confirmed that he did in fact hook up with Emily after the split. “It was after I’d broke up with Tina, there was something there briefly but it wasn’t anything too serious or anything like that,” he said. Mitch said there was no cheating involved after his split from Tina. (Instagram) “But yeah. there’s not much to say, but there was no cheating involved and we were both single. That’s just the way it happened. Drama follows me!” He added that his love life had been “non-existent” after his split, and was happy to get back “in the game” and return to the Villa.

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Are Abbie and Scott still together

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After many days in the Love Island villa, deciding whether to continue their relationship Welsh footballer Scott van-der-Sluis and Abi Moores have finally decided they are better off as friends, They were then dumped from the show after being voted among the least compatible couples in the villa and sent home by their fellow Islanders.

  1. Abi, who was originally coupled up with Mitch after coming into the main villa during Casa Amor, moved on to Scott after Mitch had his head turned by bombshell Ella B.
  2. There had been many doubts surrounding their relationship as the other Islanders questioned why they didn’t get to know each sooner and only once they were both single.
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After days of their relationship being on and off, Scott finally decided to end it. Pulling Abi for a chat he said: “I’m just not there. It has to come naturally. I just feel like I’m not at the stage of really liking you yet. That is just me being honest about it.

  1. I need to commit one way or another.
  2. I can’t just leave it in limbo we’ve been letting this drag on way too long and I feel like it would be better for us to be friends.” READ MORE: Love Island’s Samie Elishi issues health update from hospital after surgery The couple then found themselves in the bottom three couples, after they were voted to be one of the least compatible couples by the public, and were not saved by their fellow Islanders.

The Islanders decided to send home Abi and Scott after Molly and Zach and Mitch and Ella B were the other two couples at risk. Scott and Abi’s dumping means they will not make it to the Love Island final which is expected to air on Monday, July 31. You can keep up to date with the latest TV and showbiz news by signing up to the newsletter here,

Are Ella B and Mitch together?

Ella Barnes and Mitchel Taylor: SPLIT However, the pair took to their Instagram Stories in August 2023 to announce their split, with Mitch stating that their ‘busy lives’ and living far apart made it ‘extremely hard for it to work.’

Who slid into Tyler’s DMs Love Island?

Tigerlily Cooley says there was an unaired moment from Love Island USA’s reunion where an islander tried to beat up Casa Amor bombshell Gabby Kiszka. According to Tigerlily Cooley, a lot went down at the Love Island USA reunion that fans didn’t see, including one islander attempting to beat up Gabby Kiszka. Tigerlily and Gabby both joined the show during the Casa Amor episodes as two of six bombshells.

Unfortunately, neither of them were taken back to the villa despite having made connections with the male islanders. Tigerlily recently came out about her negative experience on the show, saying she was edited out of many of the episodes after turning down sexual advances from a certain islander. Fans believe the islander was Jeff Christian, but he denies the allegations.

Gabby made a strong connection with Chazz Bryant, and the two were the only ones to take advantage of Casa Amor’s hideaway. Gabby even admits that Chazz told her he was going to take her back to the villa. At the reunion, Chazz admitted to telling her this.

  1. However, when it was time to go back to the villa, Chazz walked in with Bella Barbaro on his arm, and fans were shocked.
  2. Chazz claims he also liked Bella, and after telling Gabby he would take her back, he realized he actually had stronger feelings for Bella.
  3. Gabby made a surprise appearance at the reunion where she expressed how hurt she felt that Chazz made her think he liked her only to rapidly change his mind and leave her behind without explanation.

Apparently, this wasn’t the only drama that went down at the Love Island USA reunion, but fans didn’t have the chance to see one of the craziest moments. Reddit user therealteaspiller reshared a clip from Tigerlily’s recent Instagram story where she told fans about the moment that didn’t make the edited reunion episode.

” Speaking of the reunion tonight, what they did not show was one of the cast members trying to beat up my friend Gabby, ” Tigerlily revealed. ” I don’t know when they’re airing that, but that’s what I’m tryna watch, The Casa Amor bombshell, whose time was sadly cut short, did not say who the islander was, but that didn’t stop fans from trying to figure it out.

” The only person I could think of is Sereniti, ” one fan replied. During the reunion, Sereniti addressed her current relationship with Tyler Radziszewski, adding that some people had been sliding into his DMs knowing that he was with her. She didn’t name names but suggested the islander was at the reunion.

  • Contestant Valerie Bragg also claimed after her elimination that one of the girls in the villa made her cry, and fans believe it was Sereniti.
  • After what Sereniti said at the reunion, fans are theorizing that Gabby was the one to slide into Tyler’s DMs, which may have led to a confrontation at the reunion.
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One fan even claims that Deb Chubb and Zeta Morrison confirmed it was Gabby. Despite the possibility, Sereniti remains a fan favorite. That scene certainly would have made for an entertaining reunion, and it’s unfortunate it was edited out. Despite fan theories, it’s still unclear who the islander was, and Sereniti may be completely innocent.

  1. While on the show, there seemed to be no fights between the female islanders at all, and everyone appeared to get along very well.
  2. Many of the islanders have even said that the girls they met on the show have become their best friends.
  3. However, this clearly wasn’t the case between someone and Gabby.
  4. Luckily, it seems producers stepped in and stopped the fight before it got worse.

Though, Love Island USA fans will likely spend the next week theorizing about the situation. Source: therealteaspiller /Reddit

Who are the last four couples on Love Island?

20 September 2023, 15:45 Jess and Sammy win Love Island 2023 Love Island series 10 may have come to an end, but which couples are still together? Love Island series 10 saw couples like Molly Marsh and Zach Noble, Sammy Root and Jess Harding, Ella Thomas and Tyrique Hyde and Lochan Nowacki and Whitney Adebayo reach the final, with Jess and Sammy taking the crown in the form of a £50k prize.

Along the way we saw a few other couples emerge from the villa, including Kady McDermott and Ouzy See and Leah Taylor and Montel Mackenzie, but the latter split shortly after being dumped after their relationship changed when Montel kissed one of the Casa Amor bombshells. Elom Ahlijah-Wilson and Catherine Agbaje were another couple to leave the villa hand in hand, after Catherine had her head turned by Elom while away from partner Scott Van-Der Sluis in Casa Amor.

Former couple Mitchel Taylor and Abi Moores recently fuelled speculation they’re back together, after being coupled up for a brief time in the villa, walking the red carpet together at the Who Cares Wins Awards.

READ MORE: Love Island’s Kady McDermott Responds To Rumour She Has ‘Secret’ Boyfriend READ MORE: All Of Maya Jama’s Love Island Series 10 Outfits & Where They’re From READ MORE: Love Island’s 2023 Summer Line-Up: All The Contestants

But which couples are still together and who else has split after leaving Love Island ? The cast of Love Island series 10. Picture: ITV2

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Is Timmy and Zeta still together

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Are Timmy & Zeta Still Together? – Love Island USA season 4 announced its winning couple in August 2022. Los Angeles native Timmy, a real estate agent and personal trainer, and Zeta Morrison, a model, babysitter, and author also from LA, took home the winning prize of $100,000.

Timmy was looking for a woman who would be just like his mother. Zeta, on the other hand, was looking for a partner who would impress her with his personality and one she would be sexually attracted to. However, according to Zeta, she and Timmy’s romance started going downhill after they left the villa.

Zeta announced her breakup with Timmy in a podcast interview with Murad Merali on YouTube. ” We’re no longer together, and the storyline is really what I would like to get out because I truly give about my fans and my supporters, ” Zeta revealed. According to Zeta, Timmy did not offer her a ride back home to LA and even made her walk home alone in downtown Los Angeles at 2 am one time.

He also started ghosting her. Zeta hinted that her Love Island USA popularity also created a rift between her and Timmy. She accused him of making insulting comments, repeatedly calling her ” entitled ” and mocking her spirituality too. Timmy made Zeta second guess herself, was inconsiderate, and failed to make her a priority.

Source: Murad Merali /YouTube

Are Davide and Ekin together?

Former Love Island star Davide Sanclimenti has all but confirmed that he’s back together with Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu, as he posted a video of them together on the beach in Turkey. The pair, who met on and won Love Island in summer 2022, split in June, but it appears they have patched things up. Davide walked along the beach solo, before meeting up with Ekin-Su Davide appeared to confirm he’s back together with Ekin-Su in his recent Instagram video (Image: Instagram/Davide Sanclimenti) He almost teased his fans, as an unknown person’s arm came into the shot, before it went on rewind to show just Davide. But then, Ekin-Su appeared next to Davide, as he put her arm around her and they both beamed at the camera. Ekin-Su also shared a video on Instagram, as the pair enjoyed a huge breakfast spread together, from eggs – which Davide was seen adding pepper to – to pancakes and fresh fruit, and plenty more. Davide and Ekin-Su enjoyed a huge breakfast spread together They celebrated Ekin-Su’s 29th birthday whilst in Turkey, where Ekin’s family is from, and they weren’t shy about letting their combined millions of Instagram followers know that they were spending it together. Davide and Ekin-Su split in June (Image: FilmMagic) Ekin-Su shared the post on her Instagram story and said: “Surprising me like always, thank you for a good birthday.” The couple’s many adoring fans will no doubt be thrilled that they seem to be back together, after they won millions of hearts during their time on Love Island last year.

  • In June, Davide announced the shock split just 11 months after they had won the ITV2 dating show,
  • He said that he wished Ekin-Su “nothing but the best” but that they were “no longer together.” The Italian added: “I am grateful for the memories and opportunities we shared together, and I wish her nothing but the best.
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“I would like for everybody to respect this decision during this difficult time. I will continue to support Ekin in any way possible.” Davide wished Ekin-Su happy birthday (Image: Instagram) Ekin-Su opened up about the split a month or so later, During her BPerfect summer lunch event at 14 Hills in London, as she offered advice to this year’s Love Islanders coming out of the villa. The star told MailOnline : “If you’re in a relationship coming out of the villa you need to realise you’re in a relationship.

  • You need to realise there is a lot of eyes on you and live it privately, have your own space and trust your partner, communicate with your partner, don’t rush to live with them straight away.
  • You need to get to know each other, like in the villa you know each other but you don’t know each other really.” Given their recent displays on social media together, it appears that Ekin-Su and Davide have ironed out their differences and decided to give things another go.

OK! has contacted Davide and Ekin-Su’s reps for comment. Follow OK! on Threads here: Story Saved You can find this story in My Bookmarks. Or by navigating to the user icon in the top right.

Are Liam and Millie back together?

Love Island winning couple confirm they’re back together after surprising split Love Island winners Millie Court and Liam Reardon have confirmed they’re back together after splitting up in July last year, much to the delight of the ITV reality show’s fans Millie Court adresses rumours about her love life stars and are back together after a year-long break, much to the delight of their devout fanbase.

The VIP couple were crowned champions of the dating show in 2021 and moved quickly towards building a life together, even buying their own £1 million mansion in Essex. They broke up last July however, leaving shocked viewers speculating that the relationship had ended because of infidelity. Millie, 26, swiftly slammed the rumours as untrue, however, insisting that ‘no-one cheated’ and that they had simply decided their romance “wasn’t right for us.” She has now confirmed she and Liam have reconciled, taking to on Sunday to share adorable photos of them at the Victorious Festival in Portsmouth.

“Before and after my attempted disguise,” she captioned the summery post, adding that Liam had bought her a “girls version of what he was wearing” after she had sent him to find her a costume. In the outfit snap, Millie can be seen wearing a furry brown bucket hat with oversized sunglasses while flaunting the ‘peace’ gesture.

  1. In another photo, she’s cuddling up with Liam, who is indeed donning a pair of shades and a trilby cap that looks very similar to his girlfriend’s.
  2. Liam and Millie have rekindled their romance ( milliegracecourt/Instagram) Millie and Liam have relaunched their relationship ( milliegracecourt/Instagram) Fans of the couple were quick to share their reactions to their rekindled romance, with many taking to the comment section to send their support.

“YAYYYYYYY BACK TOGETHER!!!!!! Soooooo happy to see this post!!!!!!!” one escatic person commented, while another approving follower, “Love this, so glad you two are back together.” Chloe Burrows, who appeared alongside Liam and Millie on the ITV series in 2021, also acknowledged the post, writing, “Mum and Dad.” The Love Island star’s comment was quick to gain traction from the public, one of whom asked, “Is she pregnant?” in response to the cryptic remark.

  1. Fans of Millie and Liam’s relationship were sent into a frenzy yesterday, after the Essex native shared a photo of the two of them cuddling at the festival.
  2. Liam finally makes it back to the grid,” one person commented, while another said, “YESS MILLIE AND LIAM HARD LAUNCH.” Speculation that Millie and Liam had reunited first erupted in May, when the couple were spotted kissing in the airport of Barcelona.

The photos emerged after they enjoyed a week-long cruise on the Mediterranean, which included an overnight stay on the idyllic island of Ibiza. “Now they have got to know each other again away from the cameras and spotlight and have reignited the love they first found in the Love Island villa,” a source told the Millie also recently opened up about her sex life on the Chloe vs The World podcast, telling listeners that the best sex she’s ever had is with her “current boyfriend.” * Follow Mirror Celebs on,,,, and,