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Is Scott still in Love Island

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Love Island’s Scott van-der-Sluis has been booted out of the USA villa after only a few days. The professional footballer joined Love Island USA earlier in August, entering as a bombshell just weeks after appearing in the UK version of the show, where he failed to find love.

  • However, things once again took a turn for the worse as he was eliminated alongside Johnnie Olivia after only a week in the villa after the couple received the fewest amount of public votes.
  • Speaking about his surprise exit and his connection with Olivia, he said (via The Mirror ): “My time in the villa was short, sweet, but worthwhile.

I’m excited to see how the connection with this one goes. I like being around her.” During his time in the UK villa, Scott formed a close bond with Catherine Agbaje, before her head was turned in Casa Amor and she chose to re-couple. Love Island’s Scott van-der-Sluis. ITV/Lifted Entertainment Scott’s Love Island USA stint came as a shock to many, including some of the season 10 islanders. In a now-deleted Tweet, Kady McDermott – who starred in both season 2 and 10 – responded to a fan asking about Scott joining the USA series.

  • She said: “I wasn’t going to comment on this but I’m probably getting thousands of messages on this.
  • Scott actually messaged me the other day and was like, ‘Kady, I’m doing a you’, I was like, ‘Elaborate, what do you mean you’re doing a me?’ And obviously said he’s going on Love Island USA.” She continued: “Best of luck to him and I said that to him.

You’ve got to do, what you’ve got to do but, people say and think what they want about me but one thing is that I never lie. I never lie.” By entering your details, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and privacy policy, You can unsubscribe at any time.

  1. Sammy Root also weighed in on Scott’s Love Island USA appearance during a TikTok live.
  2. What do I think of Scott in Love Island USA? You’ve got to rate it.
  3. He’s working hard,” he said.
  4. Season 5 of Love Island USA is available to stream on ITVX.
  5. All episodes of Love Island UK series 10 are available to watch on ITVX and BritBox – you can sign up for a 7-day free trial.

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Who left Villa last night?

Leah Taylor – Leah Taylor has been dumped from Love Island. Picture: ITV Leah and Montel were dumped from the Love Island villa in another dramatic episode of the show. It was the second part of the double elimination the decision was announced that Leah and Montel had been voted the least compatible couple.

Who wins Love Island 2023?

Love Island 2023 winners Sammy Root and Jess Harding return to UK Love Island 2023 winners Sammy Root and Jess Harding return to the UK, © PA Wire/PA Images 03/08/2023 | 06:37 AM By Mike Bedigan, PA Los Angeles Correspondent

  • Love Island winners Sammy Root and Jess Harding have arrived back in the UK after their successful stint on the ITV reality dating show.
  • The couple were pictured kissing at London Stansted airport, alongside some of their fellow finalists.
  • Sammy and Jess were crowned champions of the 2023 series during Monday’s final episode, hosted by Maya Jama.

Winners of this year’s Love Island, Sammy Root and Jess Harding share a kiss outside Stansted airport (Doug Peters/PA) Whitney Adebayo and Lochan Nowacki were runners-up, with Ella Thomas and Tyrique Hyde third and Zachariah Noble and Molly Marsh fourth. Tyrique, Ella, Zachariah and Molly were also welcomed home at Stansted. Tyrique Hyde and Ella Thomas were voted into third place (Doug Peters/PA)

  1. Sammy and Jess said being on Love Island had allowed them to mature, with Sammy saying it had “made me a man”.
  2. They met when Sammy arrived at the villa as a “bombshell” later entrant and chose to take Jess for a date in a hot tub.
  3. Their relationship faced some bumps and the pair often found themselves coupled with other islanders.
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Molly Marsh and Zachariah Noble finished fourth after their time on Love Island (Doug Peters/PA) But following the final episode, figures posted on Twitter showed they had won 34.57 per cent of the public vote. Love Island: The Reunion will air on Sunday, August 6th at 9pm on Virgin Media One and Virgin Media Player. Topics

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Did Mitch and Ella B get dumped?

Mitch and Ella B have narrowly missed out on the Love Island final as they are dumped from the villa. Tyrique and Ella, Mollie and Zach, Sammy and Jess and Whitney and Lochan are the final four couples and the public will vote for who they want to win.

The Love Island final will be hosted by host Maya Jama. Greeting the Islanders, Maya says: “Hi my hunnies!” Maya asks: “Please can we gather around the fire pit? Here we go!” As the Islanders gather at the fire pit, Maya says: “Islanders. As you know, whilst on your romantic dates you were asked to vote which couple you thought were the least compatible.

I’m now going to reveal who each of you voted for.” Mitch and Ella B were dumped from the villa after they were voted least compatible couple by Tyrique and Ella, Mollie and Zach, Sammy and Jess and Whitney and Lochan and the public. After Maya Jama told them they were dumped from the villa the duo had to pack their bags.

READ MORE: Love Island’s Kady McDermott responds to ‘fake’ stories after post-exit interviews After finding out they had been dumped Mitch gave each boy a speech where he told them “I couldn’t have asked for a better bunch of lads”. He also told Jess he wanted her and Sammy to win, saying “I f**king love you two to bits”.

You can keep up to date with the latest TV and showbiz news by signing up to the newsletter here. Earlier in the episode Tyrique and Ella had a pointless argument over what the other Islanders deemed as “nothing.” Tyrique called Ella “selfish” while Ella said angrily said: “f**k you” before both stormed away from each other.

Do they drink in Love Island?

Can Love Island contestants drink? – ITV/Lifted Entertainment Yes, the contestants can drink, However, there is a restriction imposed by the show that limits islanders to two glasses of alcohol each day. This rule is strictly enforced to prevent any potential incidents that could arise from excessive drinking.

Article continues after ad Former Love Island contestant Amy Hart revealed that the type of beverage is also carefully considered. “So it’s definitely one drink in the night and you have to order it in the afternoon. You can have like white wine, red wine, beer,” she told, “I think for every one glass of wine you can get two beers because they are little cans.

That was it. There was no spirits or anything. You could have a glass of prosecco actually. But it’s like Spanish prosecco. It’s one drink and if it’s a particularly long night you get a second drink.” Article continues after ad In 2016, a spokesperson for the show said: “We provide our islanders with all of the necessary precautionary measures and all alcohol consumption is strictly monitored by our production team.” Sign up to Dexerto for free and receive Fewer Ads | Dark Mode | Deals in Gaming, TV and Movies, and Tech

Do Love Island contestants get waxed?

What do the islanders eat? – A catering station is set up in the grounds of the villa with chefs on hand to make food for the production team and the Islanders. We were treated to a meal in the villa and it was a delicious array of salads, barbecued meets and local wines.

  • The cast cook their own breakfast, however.
  • Whilst we never really see the cast sitting down for meals, viewers went into meltdown after spotting what they deemed to be a McDonald’s McFlurry in the fridge of the villa last summer.
  • The unexplained moment came when Ovie opened up the freezer to retrieve his hat, which he’d left in there to cool it down.
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Fans immediately took to social media to question why on earth it was in there. And now, Belle and Anton have given us an explanation. Speaking to Heat Magazine about the mysterious ice cream, Belle said: “Yeah, we needed that. We really did,” with Anton adding: “I think it was about once a week we were getting them.

  1. Are the Love Island cast given contraception?
  2. Love Island have their own branded range of condoms – there are over 200 in the house and they will be replenished as needed.
  3. How many cameras are there in the Love Island villa?

There are 80 cameras dotted around the villa this year – more than ever before, which makes sense as the Cape Town villa has far more nooks and crannies. They are mostly hidden so the contestants will forget they are being filmed. Joe Lanario

  • Is the Love Island grass real?
  • The grass and flowers are all fake in the villa.
  • Are there cameras in the Love Island toilet?

There ARE cameras in the toilet just in case but the footage isn’t monitored. They have it for health and safety reasons.

  1. Are there clocks in Love Island?
  2. Just like Big Brother, there are no clocks in the villa meaning the Islanders never know what the time is.
  3. Do the cast get beauty treatments?
  4. Fans took to Twitter in their droves one year to comment on seemingly different hair colour in the final week.

As viewers may have noticed, Dani’s hair appeared to transform from light brown to a deep hue overnight. ITV People were quick to take to social media to comment on it. This content can also be viewed on the site it from. This content can also be viewed on the site it from.

  1. And it seems they were right.
  2. A spokesperson for ITV2 told GLAMOUR: “All the girls had hair and beauty treatments within the villa a few days ago.
  3. Dani’s hair is the main big difference.” Love Island podcast host, Arielle Free, also told us how the girls stay so preened, including the surprising person who cuts the girls’ hair.

“Waxing, they fake tan a lot too as they don’t want to sunbathe too much or burn. Laura was helping cut peoples’ hair (badly according to Kem’s well-trained eye). Sometimes they might be able to get their nails or hair done ahead of the final.” And Amy Hart shared on her TikTok how the girls usually spent around two hours getting ready.

How do the Love Island cast communicate with each other? The islanders are given phones that allow them to message each other. Former islanders Adam Collard and Zara McDermott told how they really communicate with each other away from prying eyes and ears of the producers and other islanders. “We used to write messages to each other when we were in bed so other people couldn’t hear what we were saying,” said Adam.

“We deleted our messages but the producers told me that they still have them all.” Ex-Love Islander Amy Hart, in a blog post for, gave a fascinating insight into the fun and boredom in the Love Island villa – and how the housemates on her series used to wind ITV producers up by texting each other posing as crew.

She said: “I’m really enjoying this series. People love to hate Love Island, it’s like cool to hate Love Island, and that’s why people have been making a lot of noise about it. But sometimes people don’t realise the boredom in there as a contestant. “We used to text each other to wind everyone up, if it was a really boring day.

Their phone would go off and everyone would go, ‘Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, I’ve got a text.’ “Me and Tommy wrote them to each other one day starting it with, ‘Islanders’. Everyone thought it was a real one but it actually wasn’t and the producers were like, ‘Seriously, can you stop doing that now.’

  • “One day me and Amber were bored so we handed the phones out so it looked like someone was going to get a text but it never came!
  • “You can’t put the phones on silent and when you type it makes LOADS of noise.”
  • Do the Love Island cast get free clothes and makeup?
  • There’s plenty of and clothes on offer for the Islanders (from to ) in the glam room, while eBay is offering the Islanders clothes to supplement their own wardrobes and – Love Island’s own makeup range – is on offer, as well as beauty goodies.
  • Do the Love Island cast know each other?
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Producers go to some seriously extreme lengths to keep the contestants from meeting before the show. They are all flown over on different days and different flights. They also stay in different parts of the Island in a plethora of hotels. They have their own personal chaperone to keep them safe and from trying to find the other Islanders and even have their phones confiscated before they jet out.

Why did Kat leave Love Island?

Love Island USA season 4 contestants Kat Rose and Jared Hassim announce they have split after trying to make things work outside the villa. Another Love Island USA couple have gone their separate ways as Kat Rose and Jared Hassim announced they are no longer together. The news comes a few weeks after Mady McLanahan and Andy Voyen announced that they had decided to be just friends. The two met inside the villa when Mady entered as a bombshell and quickly coupled up with Andy after getting to know him.

  1. The two went through a rough patch when Andy went behind her back and kissed Sydney Paight before recoupling with her, but ultimately they got back together.
  2. Mady recently explained the odd situation that led to their split on the After The Island podcast.
  3. At and Jared entered the Love Island USA villa together with Nadjha Day as the last bombshells before Casa Amor.

Kat was coupled up with Chazz Bryant but felt a connection between her and Jared. Jared sadly returned from Casa Amor with Chanse Corbi, and Chazz returned with Bella Barbaro, leaving Kat single. However, she and Jared quickly reconnected, but since he was still coupled with Chanse, the two were voted off together.

  • At felt there were no opportunities for love left at the villa and self-eliminated to be with Jared.
  • The two were spending a lot of time together and documenting it on social media, but recently announced they are taking a break.
  • At explained the situation on her Instagram story, writing, ” I’ve been getting a few questions lately regarding Jared and I’s relationship and wanted to clear the air.

We’ve both decided it would be best to focus on ourselves and take some time apart from each other. ” The Love Island USA contestant reassured her followers that she and Jared are still very good friends and appreciate the support they’ve been getting from the Love Island USA fans. Before splitting, Jared was featured on Kat’s YouTube channel in a video titled My Boyfriend Tries ASMR, Jared also shared a photo of the two out to dinner on his Instagram page. The three final couples, Zeta Morrison and Timmy Pandolfi, Sydney Paight and Isaiah Campbell, and Deb Chubb and Jesse Bray, are still going strong.

Sydney and Isaiah have especially spent a lot of time together and have documented it on all their social media profiles. Sydney took some time away from Isaiah to go on a girl’s trip to Las Vegas but made sure to tag him in one of her Instagram stories, telling him she misses him. It’s sad to see another Love Island USA couple split, especially since Kat left the villa to be with Jared and was sure he was her person after failing to make a connection with anyone else.

Luckily, the two are still on good terms, and it’s possible they could find their way back to each other. Either way, there are far more love opportunities for them in the real world than there ever were in the Love Island USA villa, Source: Kat Rose /Instagram

Is anyone still together from Season 4 Love Island?

Season 4 runners-up Sydney Paight and Isaiah Campbell have managed to keep their relationship alive since leaving the island together, if their adorable comments on each others’ Instagram accounts are any indication!

Who gets dumped from Love Island episode 13?

499 episodes A collection of exclusive and unseen footage from the Love Island Villa as we look back at the week which saw David, Anna-May and Haris get dumped, plus the arrival of Bombshells Aaron, Jessie, Spencer and Ellie.

What happened to Leah and Montel?

Although Leah and Montel revealed they’d mutually agreed to just be friends, rumours have been rife in recent weeks that Montel actually ‘cheated’ on Maura Higgins’ bestie, after Leah responded to a video saying: ‘Yes I forgave once in the villa and was ready to move on from it but I don’t forgive twice.’