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Who is left in the masked dancer final

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Video Loading Video Unavailable ITV’s crazy dancing competition The Masked Dancer on ITV has crowned Glee star Heather Morris as winner. Heather, who performed as Scissors on the show was announced as the champion on Saturday, October 22. Hosted by Joel Dommett, the show sees 12 characters take to the stage in a bid to be crowned the Masked Dancer 2022 winner.

Judges Davina McCall, Jonathan Ross, Oti Mabuse and Peter Crouch along with the viewers try to guess “who is behind the mask” using the clues the characters give. Earlier in the series, Welsh actress Joanna Page was unveiled as Pig, Gareth Malone as Cactus and Liam Charles as Candlestick, among others.

You can read all of those who unmasked here. READ MORE: A comedian just got naked on Friday Night Live and viewers can’t get over it In the final only three characters remained – Scissors, Pearly King and Onomatopoeia. Pearly King came third place and was revealed as Bruno Tonioli, Onomatopoeia came second and was unveiled as Adam Garcia, with Heather being crowned winner.

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Who is the couple in The Masked Dancer

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Now we know! (Picture: PA) First ever masked duo Pillar and Post have been revealed on The Masked Dancer due to a medical injury which forced Pillar out of the competition. Husband and wife duo David and Frankie Seaman were revealed to be the couple behind the masks.

  • It was nerve-wracking,’ David admitted afterwards, despite the pair being ‘gutted’ to go due to Frankie’s leg injury.
  • From all the clues so far, fans had been guessing it was the Dancing on Ice duo, although, Rochelle and Marvin Humes, and Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden’s names had also been thrown into the mix.

Sorry, this video isn’t available any more. Host Joel Dommett explained on tonight’s episode: ‘Sadly, Pillar took a tumble during rehearsals and I am absolutely gutted to tell you that on medical advice they have had to withdraw from the competition.’ After the panel – Jonathan Ross, Oti Mabuse, Davina McCall and Peter Crouch – had shared their final guesses as to who they thought was behind the masks, Pillar and Post were revealed to be the goalkeeping legend and ice skating star. David and Frankie were behind Pillar and Post! (Picture: ITV) Fans had been guessing the goalkeeper and ice skater (Picture: ITV) In a statement, Frankie said of leaving the competition: ‘ We were gutted as we absolutely loved every minute! It was great fun but a tumble meant our Masked journey came to an end too soon, we had such a blast and we were sad that we had to hang up our masks without being able to share our final dance with you all! ‘We have loved being part of this series and we wish the other competitors the best of luck as we continue to watch at home and try to guess who all the other celebrities are!’ The husband-wife duo were unmasked! (Picture: PA) An ITV spokesperson confirmed: ‘Due to an injury sustained during rehearsals Pillar has had to withdraw from the competition, we wish her a speedy recovery.’ The last star to be unmasked on the show was 46-year-old choirmaster Gareth Malone, who was sent home by judges Peter Crouch, Davina McCall, Oti Mabuse and Jonathan Ross last week. Gareth Malone was unmasked as Cactus (Picture: ITV) Despite his musical background, Gareth confessed to being out of his ‘comfort zone’ on the show, and added: ‘I’m never doing it again. I was sick with nerves. I’m so out of my comfort zone. I don’t know how to dance, I don’t have that thing.’ Earlier in the second series of the hit show, Desperate Housewives actor Jesse Metcalfe was the first contestant to be unmasked having performed as Astronaut.

Elsewhere, Joanna Page was unveiled as Pig and Stacey Dooley was Prawn Cocktail, The Masked Dancer continues next Saturday at 6.30pm on ITV. Got a story? If you’ve got a celebrity story, video or pictures get in touch with the entertainment team by emailing us [email protected], calling 020 3615 2145 or by visiting our Submit Stuff page – we’d love to hear from you.

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Who was the third place masked dancer?

Who won The Masked Dancer 2022? – At the end of the eighth and final show before being unmasked as actress, dancer and singer Heather Morris, She beat, with his identity revealed as actor, dancer and singer Adam Garcia,, unmasked as Strictly Come Dancing star Bruno Tonioli., The Masked Dancer: SR2: Ep8 on ITV and ITV Hub. Pictured: Heather Morris. ©Bandicoot TV In the episode, the remaining celebrities started their fight for the crown with a brand new performance each before reprising a favourite dance from the series. After every dance, the panel gave their opinions on both the performance and their best guesses on who was behind the mask.

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Who is the Macaw on The Masked Singer 2023

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THE MASKED SINGER Warning: This article contains spoilers from the season 9 finale of The Masked Singer, After a whole season of heartbreakingly good performances, the colorful parrot brought two more to the season 9 finale on Wednesday, where he sang “Hold Back the River” by James Bay and “All by Myself” by Eric Carmen.

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Macaw was unmasked to reveal bestselling recording artist and American Idol season 7 finalist David Archuleta, Ahead of his big reveal on Wednesday, EW caught up with Archuleta to hear more about his emotional journey before, during, and after the show, and what fans can expect from his new music. THE MASKED SINGER: Macau in the “Season Finale” episode of THE MASKED SINGER airing Wednesday, May 17 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

CR: Michael Becker/FOX. ©2023 FOX Media LLC. Macaw on ‘The Masked Singer’ | Credit: Michael Becker/FOX ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: From the beginning of the show, you seemed to have a special connection with panelist Nicole Scherzinger. Tell me about that and what that meant to you. DAVID ARCHULETA: Yeah, I think Nicole, she’s a singer, but not just a singer, she’s a vocalist and an emotional singer as well.

And so I think she always kind of gives a nod to performers who are in that same space. So I did feel a connection with her in that aspect. One of the clues was that we both have a love for the Philippines. She’s part Filipino. I have a lot of ties to the Philippines. I’ve gone there a lot. I’ve done shows.

I’ve also done charity work over there, and have a lot of friends, and did a TV drama series over there, too. Nicole, it’s like she has a way with words. And she would say the exact thing that I needed to hear. I had a moment with Ken as well. Where they say things that kind of just make you feel like you’ve left a print on people.

  1. You’ve left an impact.
  2. And I don’t know.
  3. Whenever she would talk, it made me teary-eyed because you just feel valued.
  4. It’s like affirming therapy or something.
  5. They help you see the good qualities in you.
  6. And I was like, “Oh my gosh, I didn’t think I was gonna have a live therapy session with an audience,” but that’s what it felt like.
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It was a very healing experience. On the show, you talked about how you got to a place in your life where you almost walked away from singing and everything. Where are you at now with all that? I had done like two Christmas tours, and I almost did a spring tour last year before I had to get surgery and I couldn’t speak for three months.

  • So I had to cancel it.
  • But each time that I was going to each place, I was feeling so lost as a person and also just as an artist.
  • I was like, why am I still doing this? I don’t understand.
  • When I came out of the closet, I kind of felt like, who am I supposed to be now? Am I losing who I was? Is who I was even who I am? Was I just trying to appease to everybody the way I thought they wanted me to be? And I did feel a lot of that.

I felt like, okay, there are parts of me that are still there. But who am I? I don’t think I’d given myself a chance because I was always so afraid of myself. And I think it’s hard for me to watch American Idol, for example, because I was young, and I was very much terrified of myself.

And I was just like, well, if I do everything the right way, that part of me won’t come forward. I was trying so hard to, not just hide that part of me, but to just push it down. So that’s why sometimes when I look back, I’m like, oh my gosh, I see that I was exhausted, but I was also trying so hard to not be who I naturally was.

And I got used to that, up until my 20s. I didn’t come come out until I was 30. But in the process, I thought I don’t know who I really am because I’m so used to caging myself, and restricting myself, because I was so afraid of what would happen if I didn’t do that.

So now it’s like okay, here I am. I’m a bird now on The Masked Singer, I’m a bird with its wings spread out, outside of this cage, and free to be vibrant and colorful, but it’s gonna take me some time to learn how to do this. Because I’ve never put myself in a position to be free like this, the flying and being colorful.

But it’s a great starting place for me to move forward and just let my wings loose with my music. And I think it’s going to really reflect in this vision, these new songs, this new liberating feeling. LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – FEBRUARY 28: David Archuleta attends The Queerties 2023 Awards celebration at EDEN Sunset on February 28, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. David Archuleta | Credit: Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Tell me about that — the new music. What can people expect? So the first one I have coming out is “Up,” it comes out June 2, It’s kind of like the prelude. It’s meant to tie where I’m coming from, my past, my history — but it’s also coming from a place where I was at the bottom of that, at the end of that path.

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I’ve lived out the end of this, and I don’t know where else to go. This is continuing down a very dark place, and I need to get out of it now. So this is me saying, I’m accepting myself as I am, as a queer person, and letting myself be seen, every aspect of myself. I don’t even know what I am still, like, I’m still figuring it out — gay, bisexual, I don’t know — that’s why I just say queer.

And I’m just letting all of me be seen now. And not being so afraid of hiding myself and being afraid of what people will say if people find out. I’m just like, you know what, now they know! And now it’s just moving up, and I’m gonna have fun. There’s no need to hide anything anymore — just have a good time.

  1. There are some really fun songs that are gonna get people dancing as well, that I’m really excited about.
  2. And there are still some classic ballads.
  3. I feel like these songs are more about love, something that I always shied away from before because it was something I didn’t relate to.
  4. I don’t think I ever really experienced love the way everyone talks about in songs and novels and all that.

And I feel like I’m talking about what it’s like for me to experience it for the first time really and fully. I’m excited to share that, in fun ways, dance ways, and also in ballad-y ways. I’m excited to share this new chapter and these new songs with everyone.

  • The first ones will be out the beginning of summer, and I’m already setting up to release throughout the summer, leading to a full album release later this year.
  • What did your time on The Masked Singer mean to you, and did it surprise you? I was surprised.
  • You just never know what people are going to think of your performance or if they’re going to connect with it.

And I’m just really happy that it seems that from the beginning of my time on the show to the end of it, and being in the finale, I was really just happy that people enjoyed it. That’s what we want as entertainers, we just want people to enjoy watching the show.

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Who is on Strictly Come Dancing 2023

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We’re kicking off with several Cha Chas, some Samba and also some Ballroom, courtesy of EastEnders star Bobby Brazier, If you want the full breakdown of all the Strictly songs and dances, check out our guide. Read on for all the confirmed and potential names on this year’s confirmed Strictly Come Dancing 2023 line-up.