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Who got put out the jungle last night

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Chris Moyles has become the sixth contestant to be eliminated from I’m A CelebrityGet Me Out Of Here!, The 48-year-old DJ received the fewest votes from the public and left the ITV reality show after 19 days in the Australian jungle.

Who got voted out of I’m a celebrity last night?

Mike Tindall – eighth out – Mike Tindall (Image: ITV/REX/Shutterstock) Mike Tindall became the eighth celebrity to have been voted out by the public, leaving Jill Scott, Owen Warner and Matt Hancock to battle it out for the crown of Jungle King or Queen.

Who has left celebrity Jungle 2023?

Former Home And Away star Debra Lawrance has been eliminated from I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! The Logie-winning actor quickly became a fan favourite during her time in the jungle and fans are devastated she’s leaving so soon.

Who was the 2nd person to leave the jungle?

‘Gutted’ viewers have reacted with surprise after Scarlette Douglas became the second contestant to be evicted from the jungle in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! However, some viewers think they know why The A Place In The Sun presenter failed to win enough votes to stay.

Scarlette, 35, become emotional after hearing the result of the public vote on Sunday night. She was announced as the celebrity with the fewest votes on Sunday’s show by hosts Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly. On leaving the Australian jungle, Douglas told the Geordie duo: “I’m absolutely gutted I’m not even going to lie about it.

“I know that some people wanted to leave and I was like ‘I’m not ready to go yet’. I wanted to stay for as long as possible because those people are amazing and the jungle is incredible.” On Twitter, @MissDonnaCoooke said: “Did not see Scarlette going then, my money was on Sue or Seann.

  1. Final 3 for me, Owen, Mike and Chris but I’m new to the game so my judgement might be way off.” Craig Moir said: “Poor decision tonight booting Scarlette off.
  2. I liked her, a happy go lucky person.
  3. It’s Sue that should’ve got the heave.
  4. She just sits on her arse all day.” Gareth Roberts commented: “No way Scarlette should of gone! She was lovely!” And John Salmon Tweeted: “Scarlette wasn’t the most entertaining, but she was one of the loveliest people in there, and I didn’t think I wouldn’t miss her if she went – unlike Charlene, George, Sue, Matt, Babatunde, Chris and Mike, I have thought that.” Karen Roberts said: “How on earth is Scarlette out? She was such a powerhouse and a positive energy in camp.” But @AnfieldRdYNWA has theory about the shock eviction.

They said: “Gutted to see Scarlette go in # ImACeleb, The problem is, other have a bigger fan base, also celebs eg Chris, Sue, Boy George have been around for years so they will have their own fans plus new. I’ve never heard of Scarlette, Charlene, Baba, Owen (or Sue) until this programme.”

What do you think about Scarlette’s eviction? Let us know in our comments section.

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Who are the 3 finalists in I’m a celebrity?

Matt Hancock, Jill Scott and Owen Warner have been confirmed as the I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! 2022 finalists. The final three were revealed on Saturday after Mike Tindall became the eighth celebrity eliminated from the hit ITV reality show. The former health secretary (44), ex-England footballer (35), and Hollyoaks actor (23), will vie to be crowned the winner after fending off eight fellow contestants.

  • Mike has been the Camp dad, offering a shoulder to cry on and his award-winning hugs.
  • 🤗 His striking budgie smugglers will go down in Camp history, but it’s time for @MikeTindall13 to leave the Jungle #ImACeleb — I’m A Celebrity.
  • Imacelebrity) November 26, 2022 Loose Women star Charlene White was the first to be eliminated from the competition, followed by Scarlette Douglas, Sue Cleaver, Boy George, Babatunde Aleshe, Chris Moyles, Seann Walsh and former England rugby player Tindall (44).

During Saturday evening’s show, the contestants reflected on their time in the Australian jungle after enjoying their final dinner together. Warner sparked the conversation, saying: “I couldn’t have asked for anything more, honestly. “I could tear up just thinking about it.

  • It’s just a beautiful, beautiful thing to be here, and it’s ceremonious.” Hancock said: “My highlight was definitely getting the 11 stars and the octopus.
  • I was really bricking it and I wasn’t expecting to be worried but then I saw the alligator and, really, I nearly lost it.
  • And I was new to camp as well so I didn’t know everybody very well, so to come back in with 11 stars, that was pretty good.” We’ve been waiting all series for this one 😭 #ImACeleb — I’m A Celebrity.

(@imacelebrity) November 26, 2022 Speaking to Hancock, Scott said: “The time that I’ve celebrated the most in the jungle was when me, you and Scarlette finished off the challenge that we’d all started and everybody got the letter from home. “It seemed impossible but then just by us helping each other that was an incredible feeling.

That’s got to be one of my highs, definitely.” Speaking in the Bush Telegraph, she added: “My heart is just so full, it really is.” Warner added: “I feel like I’ve grown up a lot in here. I definitely started out kind of in awe of a lot of you, and comparing myself like, mate, what am I doing here with these incredible people.

“And instead of thinking like that, I just switched my mindset and think, actually, I’m with these incredible people. Let me learn as much as I can. “I know for a fact I’ve made friends for life.” Before Tindall’s departure, the celebrities triumphed in the much-loved Cyclone challenge, which saw them fight their way up a slippery, obstacle-ridden slope while trying to win stars for camp for one last time.

Celebrity Cyclone 2022. completed it mate ✔️ #ImACeleb — I’m A Celebrity. (@imacelebrity) November 26, 2022 Hancock appeared thrilled at the prospect of taking part in the challenge, saying: “I never thought I’d make it to the Cyclone. It’s going to be absolutely brilliant, I can’t wait.” Warner said: “I’m just absolutely buzzing, can’t believe I’m here, can’t believe I’m doing this.

I’m speechless. I’m just literally speechless.” Scott, 35, added: “To get the opportunity to do this, honestly, it’s like the icing on the cake.” The finale of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! will air on Virgin Media One on November 27th at 9pm.

Who is left in the jungle 2023 South Africa?


Celebrity Known for Status
Myleene Klass Former Hear’Say singer & presenter Winner on 12 May 2023
Jordan Banjo Diversity dancer & Kiss FM presenter Runner-up on 12 May 2023
Fatima Whitbread Former Olympic javelin thrower Third place on 12 May 2023
Phil Tufnell Former England cricketer Eliminated 11th on 12 May 2023
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Who left the jungle 6th

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Chris Moyles is the sixth star to leave I’m A Celebrity. Get Me Out Of Here! 24 November 2022, 22:30 | Updated: 24 November 2022, 22:54 The Radio X DJ was the first to enter the villa at the start of the new series. Picture: ITV/Shutterstock The Radio X presenter has left the jungle after 20 days in camp. Chris Moyles is the latest campmate to leave the jungle on I’m A Celebrity. Get Me Out Of Here! Chris Moyles is the sixth campmate to leave I’m A Celebrity.

Get Me Out Of Here! after 20 days in the jungle. He told presenters Ant and Dec as he made his way out of camp: “On the day that I thought I’ve got this! I just said this morning, I really fancied doing the Cyclone.” The Radio X presenter said: “I’m scared of everything and I know that now. I’m an anxious scared man and I’m only comfortable in a radio studio.” “I’m gutted that Matt Hancock is more popular than me,” he went on.

“Why am I out and he’s still in? What the bejeesus is going on?” Chris admitted he had issues with the public figure of Matt Hancock, MP, but revealed that he respected Matt as a campmate. Asked who he’d like to win, Chris predicted: “Jill, Owen and Mike in the final three – and either Owen or Jill to win. Chris and Owen take on trial In his final episode, Chris joined forces with Hollyoaks star Owen Warner to play Savage Sorting Office, which saw Chris operating a crane blindfolded and Owen suspended through a harness, while sorting through “post” including offal, snakes and creepy crawlies.

Chris valiantly put himself forward for the trial and was backed by Jill, who said: “I think Chris should go as he wants to have a good memory of a Trial.” After Mike suggested Chris pick a partner, the DJ mused: “I’m tempted to pick Owen because of our amazing team work the other day. And, no offence, we’re both the best looking dudes in here.” Sadly, the pair were only able to secure one out of six possible stars during the trial, with Owen blaming himself for their overall performance.

Returning to camp, the actor and model declared to his celeb pals: “One star and I take full blame. It was my fault.” Chris, however, did manage to see the funny side, joking that they’d achieved one star: “Merely by the fact that I was just here” Chris Moyles shares his experiences with Elton John and John Cleese The Radio X presenter had an eventful time in the jungle, and was the first to enter the luxury villa at the start of the series. When presenters Ant and Dec revealed that viewers had been voting for one celebrity to become a Jungle VIP – Love Island star Olivia Attwood was told she would receive the special treatment and chose Chris as her partner to enjoy a luxury feast.

However, the pair were both tasked with parachuting out of a helicopter 10,000 feet above the Australian beach, an experience which prompted Chris to say: “I’m so happy to be on the ground. Seriously, I’ll eat a sheep’s anus any day rather than do that again.” He told Ant and Dec: It feels like a bizarre dream.

I don’t like heights. But the free-falling bit was amazing.” Chris Moyles skydives into the jungle on I’m A Celeb During his time in the jungle, Moyles opened up about how he left his job at Radio 1 and started a new life with girlfriend Tiffany Austin and hosting the breakfast show at Radio X, plus the full story of his amazing weight loss journey. Chris Moyles talks about how he met his girlfriend Chris took part in a number of Bushtucker Trials, but only managed to take home one meal on the task Boiling Point, in which the presenter had to unscrew plastic stars located around a subterranean, underwater room. Chris Moyles gets a bit panicky during bushtucker trial Returning to camp Chris told the other celebrities: “It’s really not good news and I’m really sorry. This is so awkward. I didn’t and I’m not joking, I got one star.” When MP Matt Hancock entered the jungle with comedian Seann Walsh, Chris was initially quite light-hearted about the situation, asking the former Health Secretary: “You’ve got to get it out of the way for me. Chris Moyles admits he’s not buying Matt Hancock on I’m A Celeb However, Moyles had some issues with Hancock’s reasons for taking part in the show, later admitting to property expert and TV presenter Scarlette Douglas, “He said, ‘I think I’m here for forgiveness’. Chris Moyles is warming up to Matt Hancock : Chris Moyles is the sixth star to leave I’m A Celebrity. Get Me Out Of Here!

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Who is the first person to leave I’m a celebrity

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Charlene White first to be eliminated from I’m a Celebrity Charlene White has become the first contestant to be eliminated from I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! after a public vote.

  • The Loose Women presenter accrued the fewest votes on Friday night after 14 days in camp.
  • After being voted out, White told presenters Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly: “It’s been a journey and I absolutely loved living with those guys, they were brilliant.”
  • On her questions to about him breaking coronavirus rules by having an affair with a colleague last year, she said: “I have to remain impartial as journalism is my first job.”
  • She admitted this was difficult due to the public’s anger towards Hancock, who resigned as health secretary after the affair emerged.
  • Olivia Attwood, the former Love Island contestant, withdrew from the ITV reality show on medical grounds earlier this month after appearing in the first two episodes of the series set in the Australian jungle.
  • On Thursday night’s episode White and Culture Club singer worked together in a challenge called Watery Grave.
  • The pair had to move stars from one side of a maze to the other while standing in two tombs of rising water, attempting to unlock stars to earn meals for the camp.
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  1. George has previously been vocal about his frustrations towards the ITV news anchor, which began with tensions over her dominating the cooking for campmates.
  2. The trial was White’s first in the series, having been picked to be ‘s deputy when he was named camp leader last Sunday after facing his fifth consecutive trial.
  3. Hancock has said being voted leader of the I’m a Celebrity campsite “more than makes up for” losing the 2019 Tory party leadership election.
  4. The 44-year-old Tory MP was among those who threw their hat into the ring to replace Theresa May, but the contest before putting his support behind the eventual winner, Boris Johnson.

: Charlene White first to be eliminated from I’m a Celebrity

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Who was the 4th person to leave I’m a celebrity

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Fourth contestant eliminated from I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! Cast of I’m A Celebrity. Get Me Out Of Here! 23/11/2022 | 06:26 AM By Connie Evans, PA Entertainment Reporter

  • Boy George has become the fourth contestant to be eliminated from I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!
  • The Culture Club singer, 61, was announced as the celebrity with the fewest votes during Tuesday’s show by hosts Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly.
  • After leaving the Australian jungle, Boy George told the Geordie duo: “I am sort of ready, I’ve had an amazing time, I’ve done a lot of things I never thought I’d do.”

He’s the king of calm, but ‘s *mostly* zen time in Camp has come to an end. 🧘‍♂️🪲 He’s the fourth Celebrity to leave the Jungle this year. — I’m A Celebrity. (@imacelebrity) He added: “I had to forget who I was for the whole time I was in here, I had to let it go. It was quite interesting to get over it. To just go ‘I’m in the jungle, I have no control.’

  1. “I’m so looking forward to getting back in control.
  2. “It wasn’t easy at all but after a while you kind of just float into it.”
  3. Reflecting on his campmate and former UK health secretary Matt Hancock, Boy George said: “Having Matt in here was really challenging for a lot of reasons
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“By the way, he’s just a person. In here he’s just a person, he mucked in, he was really really doing a lot to help everyone, so I can’t judge him on that.” Elsewhere in the episode, Hancock, 44, spoke about his childhood during a conversation with some of his campmates.

During a discussion about generational differences, the MP for West Suffolk spoke about difficulties faced by his family after his parents’ business ran into financial problems when he was a teenager. “When the wolf is at the door, I know how that feels!” — I’m A Celebrity. (@imacelebrity) He was asked by comedian Seann Walsh: “Did you have the bailiffs round yours Matt?” Hancock replied: “When the business nearly went bust we nearly lost everything.

“You know when you type your postcode into the internet and it brings up your address? My stepdad wrote that software. The business started in 88 and in the early 90s is when it nearly went bust. Because he had to write the software so that took ages.” He continued: “We were going to lose the house, both my stepdad and mum were going to lose their jobs.

  • To which Walsh, 36, said: “Bloody hell, kill the vibe Matt.”
  • Hancock said: “Well you said have you ever had the bailiffs round.”
  • The conversation started at the creek after actor and comedian Babatunde Aleshe asked Boy George: “What was your dad’s reaction when you made it?”

Boy George replied: “I was playing at the Albert Hall and it was kind of a big gig, it was kind of early on and my sister’s best friend’s husband said to my dad, ‘You must be really proud of him?’ My dad goes, ‘Yeah, he does what he does and I do what I do’.”

  1. He added: “Or my mum used to say, ‘You never say you love me’ and he’d say, ‘I’m here aren’t I?'”
  2. Speaking in the Bush Telegraph, Boy George continued: “I think that comment was about, ‘Don’t blow smoke up his arse because it’s not good for him’.”
  3. Aleshe said: “This generation, all we do is tell our children that we love them.”

😭😭😭 — I’m A Celebrity. (@imacelebrity) He added: “I smother my son. We’re soft but that’s a good thing.” Lioness Jill Scott said: “It’s so different There was a generation of ‘don’t show any weakness’.” Boy George continued: “My dad was a builder, owned his own firm. He was a gambler. He would take £10,000 and put it on a dog.”

  • He added: “Dad would say, ‘Don’t answer the door, the bailiffs, or the gas man was coming’.”
  • Elsewhere in Tuesday’s episode, the celebrities were also treated to an evening at the Jungle Arms – a pub in the jungle where they were served alcoholic drinks and bar snacks while they gave karaoke their best shot.
  • Hancock offered a rendition of I Want To Break Free by Queen, much to the delight of his campmates and Boy George got the celebrities dancing with a performance of his band’s 1983 hit Karma Chameleon.

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Is Chris Brown leaving I’m a celebrity?

Hold the phone! Has Dr Chris Brown’s I’m A Celeb replacement host finally been revealed?

After what feels like a 558-month wait (okay, five, but still), it’s finally been revealed who is kinda-sorta-maybe replacing Dr Chris Brown as co-host on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Australia. An insider has dished to that Australian comedian Sam Pang will be slipping into Dr Brown’s jungle attire to host the show alongside Julia Morris. The unnamed source told the publication that Pang is the “prime contender to fill the big boots left behind” by Brown.They added, “Pang could provide a fresh spin on the popular reality show with his comedic genius””Our viewers love a good laugh and Sam’s knack for making even the most serious situations hilarious is just what we need to bring a new dynamic to the show.”

Sam Pang. Channel 10. Pang’s media career has been going from strength to strength in recent times. He’s been announced as the host of the, and is a permanent panelist on the quiz show Have You Been Paying Attention?, From 2009 until 2017, he hosted Eurovision for SBS alongside Julia Zemiro. Dr Chris Brown. Instagram. “What I’ll miss the most? Just turning up for work and not really knowing what has happened overnight and just getting excited to bring the craziness of that jungle life to the forefront,” Brown told after announcing his decision to leave.

It’s been a very privileged front row seat to have and something that I’ll always treasure. And obviously standing alongside Julia has been amazing too.” “I feel like every year we go to Africa and in the back of your mind, you’re thinking maybe it’s the last one, so at least for me there’s a degree of certainty around that and I can really try to really focus on enjoying it.” Brown will be hosting Seven’s new series Dream Home, an inspiring new renovation competition that will see everyday Australians have their houses transformed, as well as a new, untitled adventure series.

Both shows will begin production later this year. Want to with us? Follow us on and for more entertainment news. : Hold the phone! Has Dr Chris Brown’s I’m A Celeb replacement host finally been revealed?

Who are the 2 new jungle mates?

All Buzz (ITV) Two new campmates are reportedly entering the jungle today. This piece is brought to you by Mike Murphy Insurance, Former Health Secretary Matt Hancock and comedian Seann Walsh are making their way into the jungle today, ahead of schedule. The two new campmates are due to arrive early due to Love Island star Olivia Attwood’s shock departure, (via Getty Images) According to The Sun, Matt and Seann will be teased at the end of tonight’s show before they make their way into camp on Wednesday. A source told the publication: “Matt and Seann will be arriving together into the camp which is away from the other celebrities. (via Getty Images) I’m A Celebrity.Get Me Out Of Here! continues tonight on Virgin Media One at the later time of 9:15pm. This piece is sponsored by Mike Murphy Insurance – simple and hassle free, the way insurance should be. New Sure Life Ltd trading as Mike Murphy Insurance is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

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Who was the fifth person to leave I’m a celebrity

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Fifth contestant voted off I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

  • has become the fifth contestant to be eliminated from I’m A CelebrityGet Me Out Of Here!
  • The 36-year-old comedian received the fewest votes from the public and left the ITV reality show after 19 days in the jungle.
  • After his exit, Aleshe told co-hosts Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly: “I loved it in there but I needed my freedom Living in it has been a whole different experience.

“Before when I used to watch this show I used to think to myself ‘Ah man, these guys are just playing, it’s all good in there’. And then you know spending two-and-a-bit weeks in there, it’s hardcore, it’s intense.” During his time in the jungle, Aleshe was the first to say “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!”, backing out of the first trial which involved walking along the show’s infamous plank 334ft in the air.

He also faced his biggest fear of toads having been picked out of the tombola to put his head inside a box of the amphibians during another trial. Aleshe said: “I have been dreading each and every trial. I feel like I am more scared of toads now than I was because you guys just sprang that on me. “I don’t like the way they look.

They look like they were birthed in the pit of hell, they’re demons.”

  1. Earlier in the episode, viewers saw Aleshe talk about giving up on comedy and taking up a nine-to-five office job before fellow comedian Mo Gilligan asked if he would support him on tour.
  2. He told McPartlin and Donnelly: “I remember the day I sat at my desk and thought, ‘This is going to be me forever, just get used to it.’
  3. “And then literally maybe a month or two months later, Mo Gilligan, a good friend of mine, called me up and said ‘Do you want to go on tour with me.’

“And everything changed. Doors just kept opening, then I landed here and I’m just like, ‘Man, like Ant and Dec.”

  • Wednesday’s episode also saw find a challenge involving word play “really hard” because of his dyslexia.
  • The former health secretary undertook the latest Deals on Wheels challenge with ex-rugby player in which they needed to solve an anagram.
  • The pair, both 44, found 99 red balloons strung up which they had to pop using a spike on top of their helmets.
  • Popping balloons earned them letters which they had to decipher before the sand time ran out to earn dingo dollars and a treat for camp.
  • Hancock said: “I’m terrible at anagrams, I’m dyslexic, so all the letters are already in an anagram, so it’s on you (Mike).
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“Being dyslexic I find anagrams really hard. All I could see was the word tiny.”

  1. After successfully completing the challenge spelling the word 99, their fellow campmates failed to correctly work out the combined total of Adele’s albums, missing out on the chance to win chocolate chip cookies.
  2. Earlier in the series, Hancock shone a spotlight on the learning difficulty by discussing his own dyslexia diagnosis with his campmates in the jungle.
  3. He previously opened up about being diagnosed as dyslexic, telling comedians Babatunde Aleshe and Seann Walsh: “The moment I was identified as dyslexic at university it was ‘Ahh so actually I am OK with language, it’s just my brain works differently and I can work on that’.”
  4. Hancock has introduced a Bill to bring in universal screening for dyslexia in primary schools, and a spokesperson for the politician has said: “By going on the show, Matt hopes to raise the profile of his dyslexia campaign and will use the platform to talk about an issue he really cares about in front of millions of people.
  5. “Matt is determined that no child should leave primary school not knowing if they have dyslexia.”
  6. Wednesday’s episode also saw former Lioness Jill Scott volunteer to take part in the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang-inspired Bushtucker trial renamed Critty Critty Fang Fang.
  7. The ex-football star, 35, had to search around for stars while hanging in the air on a flying car.

Scott said: “The car is amazing. I am actually scared of heights, I should have said that. “I’ve just got Owen’s face in my head and he’d kill us if I didn’t get these stars.” Having scored a full house of stars for her campmates, she added: “I did actually feel the pressure coming into this.

Who won the 5th I’m a celebrity?

Series 5 (2005) – Carol Thatcher – As unlikely winners go, you’d be hard pressed to find one more unusual than Carol Thatcher. It seems outlandish that the daughter of Margaret Thatcher would win a popular public vote to come out on top in a TV show, but that’s what happened and Carol was briefly a fond favourite of viewers.

  • In 2007, she travelled to the Falkland Islands and Argentina to examine her mother’s legacy in a documentary called Mummy’s War, and was a regular contributor to The One Show.
  • However, her popularity came crashing down in 2009 when it emerged that she had talked about tennis player Jo-Wilfried Tsonga using a racial slur in the programme’s green room.

When she refused to apologise for her language, she was told she would never work on the programme again.

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Is Domenica still in jungle

Answered By: Oswald Barnes Date: created: Apr 17 2023

I’m A Celebrity’s Domenica Calarco reveals her one regret during her time in the South African jungle: ‘I shouldn’t have spoken that way’ – Published: 10:24 BST, 25 April 2023 | Updated: 11:48 BST, 25 April 2023 Domenica Calarco was voted out of the jungle on Monday’s episode of I’m A Celebrity,

Get Me Out Of Here! Australia. The Married At First Sight bride, 30, told hosts Dr Chris Brown and Julia Morris that she felt revitalised after spending three tough weeks in the South African jungle. ‘I’m so proud, I’ve conquered so many fears. I am leaving the jungle a better person. This will change my life, from top to bottom,’ she said.

The blonde beauty then confessed while she had ‘no regrets’ about her performance on the show, but she admitted she could have handled her feud with Kerri-Anne Kennerley differently. ‘I expressed all my feelings and I don’t regret them. but potentially I shouldn’t have spoken that way.

  • But I’ve been myself from “go to woah” and I’m proud of that.’ Domenica Calarco was voted out of the jungle on Monday’s episode of I’m A Celebrity.
  • Get Me Out Of Here! Australia.
  • Pictured Domenica got into a heated argument with veteran TV presenter Kerri-Anne, 69, earlier this month over the ‘special privileges’ Kennerley was granted.

These included being allowed to bring makeup into the jungle – which other contestants were not allowed to do. The former MAFS star was fuming over the TV personality’s special privileges, and how she managed to negotiate a special contract with Channel Ten before signing on to the show.

The Married At First Sight bride, 30, told hosts Dr Chris Brown and Julia Morris that she felt revitalised after spending three tough weeks in the South African jungle Dom complained to the rest of the participants in the jungle while Kerri-Anne wasn’t present and later called her ‘the most self-centred b**** she’s ever met’ in person.

Kerri-Anne subsequently quit the show after only three days following a fiery argument with Calarco. Domenica was a divisive contestant but many viewers saw her as a frontrunner to win. The brunette beauty then confessed while she had ‘no regrets’ about her performance on the show she admitted she could have handled her feud with fellow contestant Kerri-Anne Kennerley (left) differently Domenica got into a heated argument with veteran TV presenter Kerri-Anne, 69, earlier this month over the ‘special privileges’ Kennerley was granted Dom was up against Geordie Shore star Nathan Henry and AFL legend Adam Cooney but the men survived to see another day.

  • She looked disappointed with the decision but said her intuition told her that her time on the show was up.
  • Discussing her experience in her exit interview, Dom said: ‘Weirdly today I had a feeling my time was over.
  • I am leaving the jungle just a better person.
  • Maybe a few kilos lighter.’ Discussing her experience in her exit interview, Dom said: ‘I am leaving the jungle just a better person.

Maybe a few kilos lighter.’

Has anyone walked out of the jungle?

Gemma Collins – ( Rex)

  • After Jack, the most famous famous jungle victim is,
  • The TOWIE star lasted just three days before she dramatically walked out in a fit of tears last series – but she didn’t half pack the drama into her brief stint Down Under.
  • First there was THAT helicopter ride where she spent most of it crying, shortly after that she had the worst shower ever as she bravely took on the jungle’s washing facilities.

But possibly worse still was the “yellow pooh” and the worry that she may have Malaria. For the avoidance of doubt: she didn’t!

Who was the 3rd person to leave the jungle?

I’M A Celeb fans were all saying the same thing tonight as Sue Cleaver was the third person to leave the jungle. The Corrie legend, 59, didn’t hold back in showing her joy at leaving the camp, and was thrilled her time in the jungle was up. 3 Sue Cleaver was the third campmate to evicted from the I’m A Celebrity jungle Credit: ITV 3 Sue told Ant and Dec she was thrilled to be leaving camp Credit: ITV Speaking after being evicted form camp, Sue bluntly told hosts Ant and Dec : “You can stuff your trials where the sun don’t shine. “I’ve absolutely had enough. It’s having absolutely no control over your whole life and that is weird.” She added: “I had the ride of my life but I’m glad it ended there because you don’t want to see ‘bad Sue’.” Fans immediately took to Twitter, with one saying: “Sue screaming with happiness she’s leaving. While another said: “Right decision. With all due respect, Sue hasn’t done much.” This fan was shocked that she had left, saying: “Oh not sue! She was good fun, she’ll be missed.” While another joked: “At least she’ll get a good night’s sleep now after all of Mike’s snoring!” Throughout her time in the jungle some fans had criticised Sue for not doing any of the trials – she only took part in ones where all of the campmates were required to.