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What is the luxury brand of Hyundai in the UK

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New ‘Genesis’ brand will compete with the world’s leading luxury car brandsSix-model line-up begins roll-out from December catering for ‘new luxury’ customers, delivering personalized and human-centered experiencesRefined performance, athletic elegance in design and human-focused innovation will elevate the Genesis brand

Hyundai Motor has announced an all-new global luxury brand – Genesis – Hyundai Motor has announced an all-new global luxury brand – Genesis – that will deliver ‘human-centered’ luxury through a range of new models that feature the highest standards of performance, design and innovation.

Created for a new generation of discerning consumers, Genesis will be a stand-alone brand that operates alongside the company’s popular Hyundai marque. Capitalizing on its success in the fast-growing global car market, Hyundai Motor will launch six new Genesis models by 2020 and will compete with the world’s most renowned luxury car brands.

The Genesis brand seeks to create a new definition of luxury, one that will provide a new platform for future mobility centered on people. By anticipating human needs at every touch point, Genesis models will embody four key aspects: Human-focused innovation, refined and balanced performance, athletic elegance in design and hassle-free customer experience. We have created this new Genesis brand with a complete focus on our customers who want smart ownership experiences that save time and effort, with practical innovations that enhance satisfaction. The Genesis brand will fulfill these expectations, becoming a market leader through our human-centered brand strategy.

Genesis models will boast outstanding driving dynamics and design, with innovations tailored to closely-meet the needs of customers. The new model line-up will distance itself from the traditional technological overload of brand-focused competitors, concentrating instead on a personalized, hassle-free customer experience.

Continuing the customer-oriented approach that flows through every Genesis model, sales and service staff will provide rapid and attentive service to customer’s requests. To elevate and differentiate the Genesis brand from Hyundai, a distinct design identity, emblem, naming structure and customer service offering is being established.

Genesis models will be badged with a new wing-type emblem, redesigned from the version used on the current Genesis model to create an even more luxurious look. This emblem firmly cements the Genesis models as a collective family of luxury models under the Genesis nameplate. The Genesis brand will also adopt a new alphanumeric naming structure.

Future models will be named by combining the letter ‘G’ for Genesis with a number, 90, 80 or 70 etc., representing the segment. Woong-Chul Yang, Head of Hyundai Motor R&D Center and Vice Chairman of Hyundai Motor said, “The Genesis models will provide technological innovation, excellent driving performance and luxury to customers. To develop a distinctive and differentiated design for the new Genesis brand vehicles, Hyundai Motor has created a Prestige Design Division. From mid-2016 Luc Donckerwolke, who was previously responsible for the design of Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini, SEAT and Skoda models at the Volkswagen Group, will lead this new division alongside his role as Head of the Hyundai Motor Design Center.

The work of the new Prestige Design Division will be overseen by Peter Schreyer, as part of his group-wide design responsibilities as President and Chief Design Officer (CDO) of Hyundai Motor Group. In creating the design signature of Genesis brand cars, we set out to display confidence and originality, creating highly desirable products that present new charm through innovative styling and proportions.

Peter Schreyer President and Chief Design Officer at Hyundai Motor Group The name ‘Genesis’, which also means new beginnings, hints at the new values and standards that the brand will bring to the global luxury car market. Initially on sale in the Korean, Chinese, North American and Middle Eastern luxury car markets, the Genesis brand will expand its reach to Europe and other parts of Asia as the model range grows to full strength.

Setting the brand’s cars apart from competitors, innovation will begin with the consumer, with customer requirements directing development. This philosophy echoes the vision of Hyundai Motor to be a ‘lifetime partner in automobiles and beyond’, with the ‘Modern Premium’ brand direction of Hyundai reinterpreted for the new Genesis marque.

Since the launch of its first cars in 1967, Hyundai Motor has grown quickly to become one of the world’s leading automakers. The strategic decision to create an all-new luxury car brand is recognition of the company’s strengths and its global ambitions.

  1. By introducing new customers to Hyundai Motor and elevating its competitiveness, the new Genesis brand will enable more people to experience the premium value of Hyundai Motor.
  2. The Genesis brand will bring a new approach of human-centred luxury to a savvy generation of lifestyle-orientated, convenience-loving customers.
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For this new target group, we will deliver on their expectations for innovation, performance and design that displays confidence and originality. It’s an important strategic step and another milestone for Hyundai Motor. Jochen Sengpiehl Vice President Marketing at Hyundai Motor Europe We are using Cookies.

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Is Genesis luxury or premium

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The Genesis G70 is almost the total entry-luxury sedan package, with dynamic looks, a fine cabin, potent power and handling, and value pricing. Refinement is the name of the game in the luxury-sedan class, and the 2024 G80 delivers plenty of it—from elegant styling to an effortlessly chic cabin.

Which Genesis models to avoid?

On The Flip Side, This Is The Best Used Hyundai Genesis Model Year To Buy – Hyundai Hyundai Genesis can also be a reliable full-size sedan with luxury tendencies, offering great safety attributes. However, it’s not all flowers and roses for the Hyundai Genesis. The 2012 and 2015 model years feature many problems varying from engine issues to interior dilemmas.

  1. So, staying away from those models is better if you’re looking to buy a used Genesis.
  2. But if you still want to own one of the most luxurious Hyundais, the 2016 Genesis is the best model to buy used,
  3. As per Car Complaints, it takes second place with the least number of complaints, just after the 2014 model.

But the 2016 model is the last Hyundai Genesis year. This gives it an edge in terms of comfort and technology.

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Avg. Yearly Maintenance Costs: $583 (RepairPal) Est. Maintenance Costs During First 10 Years: $8,714 (CarEdge) Recalls: 2 (NHTSA) Best Hyundai Genesis Year To Buy Used: The 2016 Genesis is the best model to buy used as it has just under 60 consumer complaints and no investigations to date.

What is the average age of Genesis owners?

78 percent for the segment), and the median age of a new Genesis buyer is 73 years (vs.63). As part of the APEAL Study, owners rated the Genesis G80 in 10 primary categories.

Which Genesis is most reliable?

Is the Genesis G80 Worth It? – Given the above information, the Genesis G80 is only really worthwhile if you pick up a used vehicle made in 2019 or later. Even then, you might be better off going with a Genesis G90, which has a better overall reliability rating.

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Is Genesis a good luxury brand

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Are Genesis Cars and SUVs Good? – Genesis vehicles have received numerous accolades. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety named every model in the 2022 lineup a Top Safety Pick+, which is its highest rating,J.D. Power also thinks highly of the brand, with the 2021 G80 earning the company’s quality and dependability awards for the midsize premium class. Genesis The automotive press has praised Genesis for its affordable pricing and well-designed interiors made of high-quality materials that coddle passengers in comfort and often outshine those of Lexus and Acura. The brand has also received good reviews for its responsive powertrains that deliver a sporty driving experience while preserving the smooth, calm ride expected of a luxury vehicle. Genesis This site is for educational purposes only. The third parties listed are not affiliated with Capital One and are solely responsible for their opinions, products and services. Capital One does not provide, endorse or guarantee any third-party product, service, information or recommendation listed above.

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Is Genesis really Hyundai?

Who Owns Genesis? Genesis, or Genesis Motors, LLC., is the luxury vehicle manufacturing division of the Hyundai Motor Group. So, the Hyundai Motor Group is the owner of Genesis Motors.