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Which brand made CUPRA

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CUPRA is part of the Volkswagen Group and is best-known as the high-performance arm of trusted Spanish automobile manufacturer SEAT. The name ‘CUPRA’ owes its origins to SEAT’s successful involvement in motorsport and stands for ‘Cup Racing’.

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Is CUPRA a premium brand

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Being a niche, sporty brand, it’s perhaps surprising Cupra has yet to offer a sports car. That could change, with CEO Wayne Griffiths leaving the door open for such a model for the young Volkswagen Group brand. “If we had to do new models on top of the range that we’ve got, those new models either have to allow us access into real global markets, such as the US or do something very, very special for our brand,” said Mr Griffiths.

Cupra Leon

If approved, this would give Cupra one of the few sports cars in the Volkswagen Group stable. The Volkswagen, SEAT and Skoda brands have none, for example, while Audi is ending production of its TT, It would also give the sporty brand a halo model. Given Cupra has already confirmed its last new combustion-powered vehicle launch will be that of the Terramar in 2024 and has committed to going EV-only by 2030, any sports car it launches would almost certainly be an electric vehicle.

Tavascan, Terramar and UrbanRebel concepts

“We have plenty of brands in the Volkswagen Group that do luxury and premium cars. We’re not about luxury, or premium, or big,” said Mr Griffiths. “And I mean, that’s getting us into a real trap and an overlap with other brands that we don’t need.” Cupra has been busily expanding its model line-up since being spun off from the SEAT brand in 2018.

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Cupra Formentor, Ateca and Leon

It has also indicated there’s room above the Volkswagen Tiguan -sized Terramar for a larger SUV should it launch in the US market, something it has already been conducting market research for. Cupra sold a record 152,900 vehicles globally in 2022, with 1111 of those sales in Australia.

Is CUPRA made in China?

The upcoming Cupra Tavascan electric crossover won’t be built in Europe, with production instead confirmed for China. “The Anhui factory was the plant with the right capacity and technology at the time of production planning,” the Volkswagen Group said in a statement published by Automotive News Europe,

2022 Tavascan concept

The Group’s software division, Cariad, has experienced significant growing pains that have led vehicle launches, like the upcoming Porsche Macan EV, to be delayed. The lack of European production indicates the Tavascan will also be exported from China to Australia.

First Tavascan concept

Since then, multiple Chinese brands have entered the Australian market but non-Chinese brands have also exported vehicles from there. These include the likes of Tesla and Volvo. The Tavascan will be the second EV sold by Cupra, and like the Born – due here next year – it’ll use the Volkswagen Group’s dedicated EV architecture, called MEB.

Cupra Born

The sporty Spanish brand – which sits alongside Skoda, Volkswagen, and Audi in the Volkswagen Group – wants to sell 1600 cars in Australia in 2022, and plans to grow that to 7000 cars per year by 2025, For context, that’s more cars than Land Rover sold here last year, and about as many as Renault did.

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Cupra Formentor, Ateca and Leon Cupra Tavascan, Terramar and UrbanRebel

Using Australia as a beachhead, Cupra wants to expand its global presence and reach 500,000 annual sales worldwide in the medium term. Cupra started off as a trim level of SEATs, with models like the Ibiza Cupra and Leon Cupra boasting sportier looks and extra performance. The SEAT El-Born concept became the production Cupra Born, and the Tavascan and Terramar have been revealed exclusively as Cupras with no SEAT versions planned. SEAT does continue to offer its own exclusive models, however. The Ibiza, Arona and Tarraco are the Spanish brand’s counterparts to the Volkswagen Polo, T-Cross and Tiguan Allspace, respectively.

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Is the CUPRA made by Toyota

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– Cupra is the high-performance offshoot of mainstream Spanish car maker Seat – an acronym, it must be noted, not the English synonym for chair – owned by the Volkswagen Group, The first road-going model to wear the Cupra name, the Ibiza GTI 16V Cupra, launched in Europe in 1996, as a street-legal version (if in name only) of the three-time World Rally Cup-winning Seat Ibiza Kit Car.

When did VW buy CUPRA?

upra is a Spanish automotive brand that was spun off from SEAT, a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, in 2018. Originally launched in 2016 as the high-performance division of SEAT, Cupra became a standalone brand in order to focus exclusively on producing sporty and luxurious vehicles.

Is the Seat Leon and CUPRA the same?

The Cupra Leon is supposed to differ from the Seat Leon by being the hot hatch version exclusively available with more powerful engines. The waters have been muddied more recently by the introduction of less potent engines, like the 1.5 TSI 150, which is available in the Seat car for less money.

What are CUPRA cars like?

What’s the verdict? – ” Neatly engineered and competent, the Cupra Ateca is a practical and swift family car ” The Cupra Ateca is a quick and capable crossover in the oversized mould of a hot hatch. Neatly engineered and competent, it’s a practical and swift family car.

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Not the most engaging, but fun enough to pedal along a B-road once you’ve dropped the kids off at school. We like it. It’s pretty subtle, too, with few clues beyond the big wheels, quad exhausts and badge (which the British public still seem to struggle with) that it has almost 300bhp and will do 0–62mph in under five seconds.

But that subtlety could prove problematic. Unlike the Ateca there is no Seat version of the newer Formentor, so its silhouette will be a rarer sight on Britain’s roads. Plus it’s sleeker, feels more modern inside, is still plenty practical and costs less.

Is Cupra born a Volkswagen?

Cupra Born Review 2022 The Cupra Born is, for all intents and purposes, a Volkswagen ID.3 with a racier look inside and out, plus more of a focus

Is a SEAT just a VW?

Are SEAT and Volkswagen engines the same? – Due to the fact that they are owned by the same parent company, SEAT and Volkswagen do share a number of components, but this doesn’t mean that they are identical when you open the bonnet. In fact, the difference in maintenance costs and reliability scores proves that these two car brands are more like cousins than twins.

Why did CUPRA split from SEAT?

Cupra has been removed from Seat to chase its own destiny, but without each other’s support both companies face questions about who and what they actually are The news that Cupra is now its own brand with freer reign to do what it wants (sort of) is more interesting than you’d think.

Is Cupra Leon same as Seat Leon?

The Cupra Leon is a performance version of the SEAT Leon family hatchback. But it’s not called a SEAT Leon Cupra, like it used to be.