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Why do I need a DBS check

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A DBS check is a way for employers check your criminal record, to help decide whether you are a suitable person to work for them. This includes deciding whether it is suitable for you to work with children or vulnerable adults. DBS stands for Disclosure and Barring Service.

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How much does a DBS cost UK

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How Much is A DBS Check in 2023?

Type of DBS check 2022 fee Revised Fee
Basic DBS check £23.00 £18.00 (£5 reduction)
Standard DBS check £23.00 £18.00 (£5 reduction)
Enhanced DBS check £40.00 £38.00 (£2 reduction)

How much is a DBS check?

Total (inc. VAT where applicable) – Basic DBS Disclosure Online Application £12.00 £18.00 £32.40 Standard DBS Disclosure Online Application £12.00 £18.00 £32.40 Enhanced DBS Disclosure Online Application £12.00 £38.00 £52.40 Volunteer DBS Disclosure Online Application (Standard and Enhanced checks only) £12.00 Free £14.40 Basic DBS Disclosure Paper Application* £20.00 £18.00 £42.60 Standard DBS Disclosure Paper Application* £20.00 £18.00 £42.60 Enhanced DBS Disclosure Paper Application* £20.00 £38.00 £62.00 Volunteer DBS Disclosure Paper Application* (Standard and Enhanced checks only) £20.00 Free £24.00 DBSAF Check (Previously ISAAF) £4.00 £6.00 £10.80 ID Check (for applications processed through DDC which do not satisfy the Route 1 identity conditions) £5.00 – £6.00 Fingerprint Route (for those with insufficient identity documentation) £10.00 – £12.00 Basic Disclosure Check Disclosure Scotland – Online £12.00 £25.00 £39.40 Joining the PVG Scheme (Scotland) £20.00 £59.00 £83.00 PVG Scheme Update (Scotland) £20.00 £18.00 £42.00

For paper applications, the administration fee includes DDC checking, verifying and returning original identity documents. Get started today – Registration is quick, easy and FREE

How do I find out if someone has DBS?

1. Visit the DBS online account website at 2. Select View DBS certificate from the left side menu.

How do I look at my DBS online?

1. Log in to your DBS online account at 2. Select Manage DBS Check from the left side menu.

What is a basic DBS check?

A basic DBS check is a criminal record check that you can request for yourself. You may also be asked to request a basic check by your employer. Is a basic DBS check for me? A basic DBS check can be used for any position or purpose, however for certain roles, you may need a higher level of criminal record check.

  • Find out if you need a basic DBS check or ask your employer if you’re not sure.
  • How do I apply for a basic DBS check? You can apply directly to DBS for a basic check using our online application route,
  • There are other ways to apply,
  • How much is a basic DBS check and how do I pay? All basic checks, including volunteer applications, are £18.
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Payment can be made with a debit or credit card. Google Pay or Apple Pay can also be used. Who is paying for your DBS check? If you are paying for your own basic check, payment can be made during the application process. If someone else, for example an employer is paying for your basic check, you will be given the option to pay later.

  1. Payment must be completed within 10 days of your application.
  2. You will receive a payment link via email, which can then be forwarded to someone else to complete payment.
  3. For example, you may want an employer or relative to do this.
  4. You can also use this option to pay later.
  5. Your application will not be processed until payment is made.

How long will my basic DBS check take? Most basic checks will be processed within 14 days. What information is disclosed on a basic DBS certificate? A basic check will contain details of convictions and conditional cautions considered to be ‘unspent’ under the terms of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974,

  • The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 aims to give those with convictions or cautions the chance – in certain circumstances – to wipe the slate clean and start afresh.
  • Under the Act, eligible convictions or cautions become ‘spent’ after a specified period of time known as the ‘rehabilitation period’, the length of which varies depending on how the individual was dealt with.

A table of rehabilitation periods for the most common sentences and disposals can be found here, along with some example scenarios. DBS basic check results If you apply directly to DBS for your basic check, using our online application route, and provide us with your mobile number, we can use this to text you a security code that will allow you to view and share the result of your check online if it does not feature conviction information.

  • viewing your own basic certificate online
  • giving consent to third parties to view it
  • getting in touch via webchat
  • sending an enquiry
  • withdrawing your basic check application

To access these services, create a DBS online account or if you already have an account, log in here, How do I withdraw my basic DBS check application? You can ask to withdraw your application online if you are logged in to your DBS online account, Alternatively, if you do not have a DBS online account, you can contact us on 03000 200 190.

  • personal information is incorrect, such as a name or place of birth
  • incorrect information regarding conviction details
  • the conviction details do not belong to you

To raise a dispute, use your DBS online account, DBS Update Service The Update Service is not available for basic DBS checks. Other ways to apply You can also apply for your basic DBS check through a Responsible Organisation – these are organisations registered with DBS to submit basic checks on your behalf.

  1. 6 April 2022 Fee updated from £23 to £18.
  2. 20 February 2020 Payment information updated to reflect that someone else is now able to pay for an individual’s basic check.
  3. 1 October 2019 Fee information updated.
  4. 4 July 2019 First published.
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Are DBS checks worth it?

Advantages of DBS Checks –

Higher Quality Applicants – Companies and organisations that request DBS checks as standard procedure report an increase in the quality of applicants. The fact that a DBS check is requested deters applicants from hiding things about their past during the interview process, thus preventing potential problems later on in their employment.

Employer Security – DBS checks give employers peace of mind that they are hiring staff that don’t have any convictions related to the role. This also protects employers against liability if accusations are made against an individual by clients or other organisations.

Safety – The safety of the workplace is improved when employees have undergone DBS checks. This is especially true in roles that involve working with vulnerable groups, handling sensitive information, or dealing with finances. DBS checks can also help employers to avoid hiring people with violent tendencies.

Improved Staff Retention & Cost Savings – DBS checks help to reduce staff turnover as employers are more likely to hire people suited to the job position. This will save money in the long run as longer term employees are more productive, are less likely to be absent from work, and are less likely to cause problems in the workplace.

Regulation Compliance – Some positions, especially those working in contact with children and vulnerable adults, legally require employers to hire people without relevant convictions. Companies that hire ineligible can be prosecuted and, in many cases, fined. If this happens, companies may also incur additional losses through increased insurance premiums.

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Do you need a DBS check for security

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Who needs a DBS check in the security sector? – Everyone operating in a frontline security position is subject to a DBS check. This includes security guards, door supervisors and bodyguards etc. The level of check will depend on who the security guard will be working around.

Standard DBS Checks For Security Roles The majority of security-related roles will require a standard DBS check unless the role involves any regulated activity. That type of role will require a higher level check. Enhanced DBS Checks For Security Roles In Hospitals Any security guard roles requested by a medical centre or hospital will require a Standard DBS check.

Enhanced DBS Checks For Security Roles In Schools If a security guard accepts a job to work in a school working within school hours they are considered to be working in a regulated activity. This makes them eligible for a higher level check, which may include checking the children’s barred list.

How long does it take to get a DBS check?

How long it takes – It usually takes around 14 days but it can take longer if:

  • the details given for the check are incorrect
  • several police forces need to be involved in the check
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You cannot pay more to get a faster check. If you’re registered with DBS you can use the tracking service to track multiple applications,

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How do I get DBS from outside UK

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Checking via DBS – DBS cannot access criminal records held overseas, but it is possible to submit an application while the applicant is overseas. In a small number of cases, overseas criminal records are held on the Police National Computer (PNC) and these would be revealed as part of a criminal record check.

Is DBS mandatory in UK?

Which jobs require which level? – As said in the previous section, certain levels will allow certain roles and people to apply for DBS Check certificates. Enhanced DBS Checks are mandatory in any workplace where employees or volunteers are most probably going to be involved with monitored activity involving young people or vulnerable adults.

Who needs a DBS UK?

Enhanced with Barred Lists DBS check – An Enhanced with Barred Lists DBS check is also suitable for people working with children or adults in certain circumstances such as those in receipt of healthcare or personal care. An Enhanced with Barred Lists certificate will contain the same information as an Enhanced DBS certificate, but will also include a check of one or both Barred Lists.

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Will I pass a DBS check

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The Main DBS Check Misconception – Let’s start by dispelling the most common myth about DBS checks. DBS checks are NOT a pass or fail test. In other words, if you have a minor conviction for something unrelated to the role you’re applying for, you won’t necessarily be disqualified.

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How do I get my DBS in UK

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Basic DBS checks If you’re unable to validate your identity online, you can get verified by visiting a Post Office branch instead. To apply for this option, start your online application on the GOV.UK DBS check application page and select ‘Prove your identity in person’.

How long do you have to be in the UK to get a DBS?

DBS Checks For People Who Live or Previously Lived Abroad – DBS Checks DBS Checks are most often used to vet people for certain job roles. Employers use them to make sure that the people they are recruiting (or are working within roles already) are safe and suitable for the job.

  • It’s pretty straightforward to apply for a DBS Check if the applicant has always lived in the United Kingdom, as you simply provide ID and address details for the previous 5 years.
  • But, if the applicant is, or has been, living overseas, then the process is a bit more involved than that for a UK-based resident.
  • In this brief guide, we’ll describe how the DBS process works for people that currently live, or have previously lived, overseas.