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What information can you find on the vehicle registration

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Your car comes with a registration certificate. Here you will find information on the vehicle registration certificate such as: the different types that have existed over the years, the registration code, the details on the vehicle registration certificate and the authenticity marks.

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    Who has Gypsy number plate

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    ‘Now that’s a number plate to turn heads’ says Aaron Smith

      Aaron Smith, a “born and bred” Leicestershire Romany Gypsy, had an unexpected admirer of his ‘G0 GIPSY’ number plate last Tuesday when he parked his Range Rover outside the King Power Leicester City Football Club Stadium not long after his home team ‘the Foxes’ beat Everton 3-1,Leicester City Council Mayor, Sir Peter Salisbury, was on his way to join in the celebrations at the stadium when he spotted Mr Smith’s car and his attention was drawn to the unique registration number.Mr Smith, who was brought up “on the road” and started his working life as a rag and bone man “bred up to it by his Father and Mother,” and who “still does a bit of rag and bone now” – was quick to capture the moment on his camera.

    (Photo above – Leicester City holding the Premier League trophy – Photo credit The Leicester Mercury) Speaking to The Travellers’ Times, Mr Smith – also a Leicester City fan – said that he knew Sir Peter Salisbury well from his work as a planning consultant for Gypsy and Travellers wanting to develop sites in the area.

    • I’m the only Traveller I know who works as a planning consultant in the UK,” says Mr Smith, who is also a developer and whose company name is ‘Romany Homes’.
    • I tend to work for Gypsies and Travellers I know and I work in the local area, so I have often met the Mayor as part of my work.” Mr Smith was instrumental in getting the Brookside Fields Traveller site, Earl Shilton, development planning application, despite a High Court challenge from a well-resourced anti-site campaign.

    : ‘Now that’s a number plate to turn heads’ says Aaron Smith

    How do I find out the history of my car in the Netherlands?

    Netherlands – On the Website of the Dutch Vehicle Register, when entering the Dutch vehicle registration number, general information about the vehicle is available free of charge: technical (accounting) data; status (registered, exported, has/not advertised in search); inspection dates; registration dates; manufacturer’s withdrawals.

    Who has number one plate?

    Number plate rules in India – As per The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, all motor vehicles plying on public roads must obtain a registration number from the RTO and should have a licence plate. Below are the important rules related to vehicle number plates.

    The registration number lettering should be black on white background for two-wheelers and Light Motor Vehicles (LMV). All commercial vehicles must have a licence plate with black lettering on a yellow background. The number plate and lettering size should be as per the given pamphlet for each vehicle category. All motor vehicles should display the licence plate at the front and rear, and it should be clearly visible. The LMVs may fit the registration plate (number plates of cars, vans, taxis, etc.) in the centre with illumination. Two-wheelers should display the registration mark parallel to the handlebar on any vehicle part like mudguard. Transport vehicles should exhibit the rear number plate on the right side at a height not exceeding one metre from ground level. Transport vehicles also need to paint the registration mark on the left and right sides of the body. Stage and contract carriage vehicles need to paint the registration number on the partition between driver and passengers or on the front left side interior facing the passengers. One can also paint the registration number on the dashboard in case of a taxi or motor cab. The alphabets on the number plate should be in English and numbers in Arabic numerals. One must display the registration number in two lines, with state and RTO codes forming the first line and unique alphanumeric codes forming the second line. However, one can display the number in a single line at the front of all motor vehicles and two-wheelers that do not have sufficient space. The number plate should not display fancy lettering, pictures or other names.

    The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) recently brought in some changes to the existing number plate rules. The changes came into effect after the 1989 amendment. Below are the updated rules that are effective from October 1, 2020.

    Driving a brand new motor vehicle with a paper-printed temporary registration number plate is an offence. The temporary number plates will come with a new colour scheme: red lettering with a yellow background. The number plate cannot have characters in regional languages. Also, usage of fancy/VIP registration numbers sold/auctioned by states/Union Territories is banned. Using such fancy licence plates can attract hefty fines, As per the new rules, the size, thickness and spacing between the characters in the licence plate should be 65 mm, 10 mm and 10 mm, respectively. This rule applies to all motor vehicles except two and three-wheelers. BS-VI four-wheelers (petrol/diesel/CNG) should have a 1 cm green colour layer on the number plate. The BS-VI four-wheelers should also have stickers attached to the green layer on the registration plate. Diesel vehicles should have an orange colour sticker, and petrol/CNG vehicles will have a blue colour sticker.

    Who owns the most expensive number plate?

    Answer: UAE-based business tycoon Saeed Abdul Ghaffar Khouri owns the coveted No.1 car number plate.

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    What is the most expensive private number plate

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    World’s Priciest Private Number Plates – While not matching up to $24.5 million, exclusive personalised number plates have previously changed hands for vast sums of money. The previous most expensive plate sold publicly in the US was the number ‘6′ which went for $675,000 (£494,200) in Delaware.

    The world’s highest price publicly paid for a private plate was $14,800,000 (£101m) for the number ‘1′ in Abu Dhabi. The UK’s most expensive number plate to date was ‘25 O’ which was sold in 2014 for £518,480 and is now displayed on a classic Ferrari 250 GTO. Earlier this year, a New York seller advertised a 1998 Volvo V70 for $20 million.

    What made it special was the personalised number plate ‘NEW YORK’ which, along with the state identifier, gives you ‘NEW YORK, NEW YORK’, and we all know that tune. However, there seems to be some doubt as to whether the exclusive plate can be legally transferred to a new owner.

    The buyer might just end up with the world’s most expensive used Volvo. All previous prices could be eclipsed by one of the most sought-after personalised number plates – the iconic ‘F1′. In 2018 it had an asking price of £14.4 million ($20.5m), but an ultra-wealthy motorsports enthusiast could be prepared to pay much more.

    Of course, you could always search for a private number plate at CarReg ! Image Source; Google Images

    What do I need to buy a car in the Netherlands?

    Required documents – You will need to present proof of your ID which can be one of the following:

    A valid Dutch driving license; which is no more than 10 years old A valid EU passport or ID card; plus a residence certificate and copy of personal data from the municipal register, which is no more than three months old A valid foreign passport; plus a residence certificate and an original extract from the Personal Records Database (BRP) which is no more than three months old

    You will also need to show the Vehicle Registration Card ( kentekenkaart or kentekenbewijs ) and a certificate of car ownership ( tenaamstellingsbewijs or tenaamstellingscode ). Once the RWD has verified your identity and registration details, they will transfer the papers into your name, which is typically on the spot.

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    How do I check the history of a car in the UK

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    How to check vehicle history for free – You can do a free car history check at, which provides information from the DVLA. It’ll give you the basic info about the car – such as its make and model, colour and fuel type – plus, whether it passed its MOT and whether its taxed or not.

    1. Visit
    2. Click ‘Start now’
    3. Enter the car’s registration number
    4. Click ‘Continue’
    5. Check the details and select ‘Yes’ if correct
    6. Hit ‘Continue’ – and you’ll be shown the relevant info

    It’s that easy and definitely worth taking the time to do. There are additional online firms that offer free vehicle history checks too. These typically provide the same information as above, but with the option to purchase a more detailed car history check.

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    Can a 17 year old register a car in their name UK

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    Technically, there’s no legal age limit for owning your own car in the UK. But as we said above, before you can drive your own car, you must be at least 17 years old and in possession of a provisional driving licence.

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    Can you find someone from their license plate UK

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    Can you find out a car owner from a number plate in the UK – You can uncover the owner of a car via a vehicle registration online with the DVLA, but you need what it deems “reasonable cause” to do so. This includes situations when a motorist has caused an accident or a vehicle that appears to have been abandoned.

    1. If a vehicle has been illegally parked on private land, you can track down the owner with a DVLA request.
    2. If you work for a company that either issues trespass notices or parking tickets, you’re entitled to trace the keeper of a car via its plate.
    3. If your organisation tracks down individuals who have committed insurance fraud, you can acquire this information and if you’re tracking a car that drove off without paying for services or goods, such as petrol, the DVLA will also help.

    In this last instance, you can contact the police with your request instead.

    How do I find the owner of a car by registration number Ireland?

    Where to Find Information About the Owner of a Vehicle in the Republic of Ireland – If you are looking for information about the owner of a specific vehicle in the Republic of Ireland, you can use the website Vehicle Status Enquiry Search service.

    Whose number plate is this UK?

    If you’re seeking a specific number plate, you can do so online through the government website. There you can easily use the DVLA’s resources to track down a car number plate in use.

    What is the rarest number plate in the world?

    What is the most expensive number plate in the world? – The answer is that the Dubai number plate P 7 is the world’s most expensive confirmed sale of a car registration number to date. The UK market continues to grow and there are signs that top British prices could soon approach the levels seen in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

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    What is the most expensive 0001 number plate

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    Porsche 718 Boxster – K.S. Balagopal is a Keralan businessman who spent around Rs 31 lakh for KL 01 CK 0001. It is one of his cars’ most expensive registration numbers. His Porsche 718 Boxster was given the corresponding number.

    What is the oldest car number plate in the world?

    According to the latest edition of the Guinness Book of World Records, – the worlds oldest number plate was one issued to a Canadian vehicle in 1884, flying in the face of conventional wisdom, which states that plates were introduced by France in 1893.

    1. The discovery is causing quite a stir in Victoria, British Columbia, which is about to celebrate its 150th anniversary.
    2. Plate enthusiast, John Roberts, has the black enamel plate ‘6′ in his collection of artefacts.
    3. Collecting licence plates and selling them has been my hobby for 35 years,” he says.
    4. An old gentleman in his early 80s responded to a classified ad saying he’s got this black and white Victoria plate.

    I knew exactly what it was and I went around and bought it for $1,000 which he thought was outrageously high.” The registration was, indeed, one of a series issued to Victorian taxis in response to concerns about over-charging by operators, although some are questioning the authenticity of the plate itself, claiming it to be a reproduction.

    Furthermore, Canada’s claim to number plate posterity is hotly contested on the grounds that the 1893 taxis were, in fact, horse-drawn. Whether this necessarily disqualifies the claim depends on your definition of ‘number plates’ and whether they are exclusive to road vehicles powered by internal combustion engines.

    When the commonly accepted earliest registrations were issued in France, it just so happened petrol driven cars were in proliferation. The legislation could equally have applied to diesel or electric modes. Nevertheless, Roberts feels that this little piece of history should be exploited to the full and has urged the city council, who are said to be “jumping up and down” at the news, to issue a special commemorative series of plates numbered 1 to 2012 in the same style, to mark the anniversary celebrations. Comments will be approved before showing up.

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    What is the vehicle identification number

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    The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is the identifying code for a specific automobile. A VIN comprises 17 characters (digits and capital letters) that act as a unique identifier for the vehicle. A VIN displays the car’s unique features, specifications, and manufacturer.