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Does Dana White own UFC

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How Much of the UFC Does Dana White Own? Whether it’s announcing the post-event rewards or notifying the UFC audience about the upcoming PPVs, the UFC boss,, does it all for the promotion. Throughout the years, White’s name has become synonymous with the UFC due to his immense contribution to the rise of the promotion.

The 54-year-old has boosted the valuation of the UFC to $12B today, after taking over as the president in 2001 when the company was worth a meager $2M. But, reports say that White didn’t pay the $2M himself. America’s Favorite Video Today He contacted his wealthy school friends Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta, who bought off the UFC and employed him as the president of the promotion.

But, the Fertitta brothers preferred staying out of the limelight most of the time, which promoted Dana White as the most important figure in the UFC. Although most fans are aware that the 54-year-old is the president of the UFC, his dedication has often made fans wonder whether he is also a co-owner of the promotion or not.

  1. ADVERTISEMENT Article continues below this ad The Fertitta brothers decided to give up their UFC ownership to the global entertainment company WME-IMG in the year 2016.
  2. During the valuation of the company, it was revealed that White owns 9% of the total ownership shares of the company.
  3. While the Fertitta brothers pocketed a massive $4.025B from their sale, White also earned an amount of $360M from his shares.

via Imago LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – SEPTEMBER 20: UFC president Dana White reacts to a fight during Dana White’s Contender Series season six week nine at UFC APEX on September 20, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC) The new deal with ‘WME-IMG’ revealed he would continue to serve as the president of the promotion.

Further, it also promised White an undisclosed share in the ownership of the promotion. However, ‘ESPN’ reported that White will be holding on to his 9% ownership shares of the company as per the new deal as well. But in 2021, the WME-IMG renamed to ‘Endeavor’, paid $1.7B more, and bought off the UFC entirely.

Reports reveal that currently ‘Endeavor’ is the sole owner of the UFC. Hence, it may be said that White probably gave up his ownership shares during the 2021 deal when Endeavor bought off the UFC completely.

Who owned UFC before Dana White?

UFC Holdings, LLC

Trade name UFC
Type Subsidiary
  • Mixed martial arts
  • Streaming media
Founded November 1993 ; 29 years ago
  • Art Davie
  • Bob Meyrowitz
  • Ryan Troutsdale
  • Campbell McLaren
  • David Isaacs
  • John Milius
  • Rorion Gracie
Headquarters Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Area served Worldwide
Key people Vince McMahon ( Executive Chairman, TKO) Dana White ( President and CEO, UFC)
  • Home video
  • Live events
  • Merchandise
  • Publishing
  • Streaming network service
  • TV
Services Licensing
Owner TKO Group Holdings
Parent TKO Group Holdings
Divisions UFC Apex UFC Fight Pass UFC Performance Institute

UFC Holdings, LLC, doing business as the Ultimate Fighting Championship ( UFC ), is an American mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion company based in Las Vegas, Nevada, It is owned and operated by TKO Group Holdings, a majority owned subsidiary of Endeavor Group Holdings,

  1. It is the largest MMA promotion in the world as of 2023.
  2. It produces events worldwide that showcase 11 weight divisions (eight men’s and three women’s) and abides by the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts,
  3. As of 2022, it had held over 600 events,
  4. Dana White has been its president since 2001.
  5. Under White’s stewardship, it has grown into a global multi-billion-dollar enterprise.

The UFC was founded by businessman Art Davie and Brazilian martial artist Rorion Gracie, and the first event was held in 1993 at the McNichols Sports Arena in Denver, Colorado. The purpose of the UFC’s early competitions was to identify the most effective martial art in a contest with minimal rules and no weight classes between competitors of different fighting disciplines.

In subsequent events, more rigorous rules were created and fighters began adopting effective techniques from more than one discipline, which indirectly helped create a separate style of fighting known as present-day mixed martial arts. The UFC was initially owned by the Semaphore Entertainment Group (SEG) until it had financial issues and it was sold to the brothers Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta in 2001, who formed the company Zuffa to operate the UFC, and placed Dana White as the president of the company.

In 2016, UFC’s parent company, Zuffa, was sold to a group led by Endeavor, then known as William Morris Endeavor (WME–IMG), including Silver Lake Partners, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and MSD Capital for US$4.025 billion. In 2021, Endeavor bought out Zuffa’s other owners at a valuation of $1.7 billion.

With a TV deal and expansion in Australia, Asia, Europe, and new markets within the United States, the UFC has achieved greater mainstream media coverage. It earned US$609 million in 2015, and its next domestic media rights agreement with ESPN was valued at $1.5 billion over a five-year term. In April 2023, Endeavor Group Holdings announced that UFC would merge with the wrestling promotion WWE to form TKO Group Holdings, a new public company majority-owned by Endeavor, with Vince McMahon serving as an executive chairman of the new entity and White remaining as UFC president.

The merger was completed on September 12, 2023.

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Is Dana White a billionaire

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Dana White is one of the most recognizable entrepreneurs in the world. He is believed to have a net worth of approximately $500 million. According to reports, White is also believed to receive a salary of $20 million per year.

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Who is the CEO of MMA

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Greg Stuart is the CEO of MMA Global (MMA), the leading global media trade group focused on architecting the future of marketing. Over the past 7+ years, Greg has transformed the once-bankrupt association, attracting major marketers and media/tech company leaders to lock arms and advance the marketing industry.

Is Dana the CEO of UFC?

UFC CEO Dana White took to his social media channels to make some high-magnitude announcements regarding the final two pay-per-views of 2023.

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Why did Dana sell UFC

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Dana White owned 10% of the UFC. ZUFFA and Dana White sold the UFC to IMG for several $Billion. Why? Probably because they thought that the monetary offer made by IMG was a good one and perhaps they didn’t want to be responsible for running the UFC anymore.

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What is UFC worth?

UFC, WWE combine to form a $21.4 billion sports entertainment company WWE and the company that runs Ultimate Fighting Championship will combine to create a $21.4 billion sports entertainment company. A new publicly traded company will house the UFC and World Wrestling Entertainment brands, with Endeavor Group Holdings Inc.

  • Taking a 51 percent controlling interest in the new company.
  • Existing WWE shareholders will hold a 49 percent stake.
  • The companies put the enterprise value of UFC at $12.1 billion and WWE’s value at $9.3 billion.
  • The new business, which does not yet have a name, will be lead by Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel.

Vince McMahon, executive chairman at WWE, at the new company. Dana White will continue as president of UFC and Nick Khan will be president at WWE.

  • “Together, we will be a $21+ billion live sports and entertainment powerhouse with a collective fanbase of more than a billion people and an exciting growth opportunity,” McMahon said in a prepared statement Monday.
  • He also provided some idea of where the focus of the new company will be, saying that it will look to maximize the value of combined media rights, enhance sponsorship monetization, develop new forms of content and pursue other strategic mergers and acquisitions to further bolster their brands.
  • Ties already exists talent wise between WWE and UFC, with stars such as Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey crossing over between the two businesses.

The deal between Endeavor and WWE catapults WWE into a new era, after functioning as a family-run business for decades. McMahon purchased Capitol Wrestling from his father in 1982, and took the regional wrestling business to a national audience with the likes of wrestling stars such as Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

  1. The company, which changed its name to World Wrestling Federation and later World Wrestling Entertainment, hosted its first WrestleMania in 1985.
  2. McMahon, in an interview with CNBC, addressed the notion that there was doubt among some WWE fans and industry experts that he would ever make a deal for the business.

“It’s the right time to do the right thing. And it’s the next evolution of WWE,” he said.

  1. The announcement of the WWE sale arrives after McMahon, the founder and majority shareholder of WWE, returned to the company in January and said that it could be up for sale.
  2. Rumors swirled about who would possibly be interested in buying WWE, with Endeavor, Disney, Fox, Comcast, Amazon and Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund all in the mix.
  3. McMahon acknowledged to CNBC that there were several suitors for WWE, but that combining with Endeavor is the right move.
  4. “It makes all the sense in the world for all these synergies that we have to extract all of the value that we can out of the marketplace,” he explained.
  5. Media industry analysts viewed WWE as an attractive target given its global reach and loyal fanbase, which includes everyone from minors to seniors and a wide range of incomes.

The company held its marquee event, WrestleMania, over the weekend. Last year, WWE booked revenue of $1.3 billion. The company is also a social media powerhouse. It surpassed 16 billion social video views in the final quarter of last year. It has nearly 94 million YouTube subscribers and has more than 20 million followers on TikTok.

Its female wrestlers comprise five out of the top 15 most followed female athletes in the world, across Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, led by Ronda Rousey with 36.1 million followers. WWE had more than 7.5 billion digital and social media views in January and February of this year, up 15 percent from the same time frame a year ago.

The new company plans to trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the “TKO” ticker symbol. Its board will have 11 members, with six being appointed by Endeavor and five being appointed by WWE. “We like the assets of UFC and also WWE in a world where linear TV is losing market share to streaming, thus live sport content is in high demand,” wrote Jeffries analyst Randal Konik said in a note to clients.

  • The transaction, which was approved by the boards of Endeavor and WWE, is targeted to close in the second half of the year.
  • It still needs regulatory approval.
  • Shares of World Wrestling Entertainment Inc., based in Stamford, Connecticut, are up 33 percent this year, but fell 5 percent at the opening bell Monday.

Shares of Endeavor, based in Beverly Hills, California, slipped less than 1 percent. : UFC, WWE combine to form a $21.4 billion sports entertainment company

What’s bigger UFC or NFL?

Last year, UFC president Dana White created some headlines when he stated the UFC’s popularity is bigger than the NFL. “Globally, we’re already bigger than the NFL,” White told the Wall Street Journal, “We’re neck-and-neck with soccer. Soccer isn’t huge here in the United States, but all over the world it is. The only other thing that could work is fighting. ” While many questioned White’s statement, it still holds true. While the NFL is bigger in the U.S., it doesn’t compare to the popularity the UFC delivers worldwide. Ever since Zuffa LLC, headquartered in Las Vegas, purchased the UFC in 2001, worldwide expansion has always been a part of their master plan.

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Does Joe Rogan own UFC

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The answer to this question may be given in just a word. It’s ‘No’. Even though Rogan was undoubtedly one of the most tenured persons in the organization, he decided to stay content with just commentator duties in the promotion.

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How does Dana White pay his fighters

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Dana White clarifies stance on fighter pay, says UFC made ‘big mistakes’ with Shane Burgos UFC president Dana White hadn’t had a great rant in a while, but that changed on Tuesday during a 23-minute interview with Yahoo Sports. White erupted when asked about comments he made about fighter pay during a video last week with GQ.

  1. For the interview, GQ gave White questions from Twitter and he answered them.
  2. Most were innocuous — one asked if he ever had hair — but the fighter pay one touched a nerve.
  3. He was asked why the issue of fighter pay keeps arising.
  4. It’s a sensitive topic for White, who is being sued by a group of fighters over that and other issues.

When he answered the question, he went to several familiar themes, noting that boxing is struggling because it overpays its fighters in his opinion. “Fighters always want to make more money,” White said in response to the tweet. “Boxing has absolutely been destroyed because of money and all the things that go on.

  1. It’s never gonna happen while I’m here.
  2. Believe me, these guys get paid what they’re supposed to get paid.
  3. They eat what they kill.
  4. They get a percentage of the pay-per-view buys and money is spread out amongst all the fighters.” The line where he said, “It’s never gonna happen while I’m here,” got the most attention.

ESPN, which is the UFC’s television partner, had a story summarizing the interview under the headline, “UFC president Dana White not planning fighter raises: ‘These guys get paid what they’re supposed to get paid'” Dana White did not appreciate his ‘fun’ interview with GQ being taken out of context. (Photo by Amy Kaplan/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) (Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) White blasted reporters who did a story on his interview and was adamant that he didn’t mean fighters would never get raises.

  • He said the GQ spot was edited and was meant to be a fun, light-hearted piece.
  • I’m doing a f***ing GQ piece,” White told Yahoo Sports.
  • I wasn’t sitting down with f***ing ‘60 Minutes’ talking about fighter pay.
  • It was a fun, edited video piece — edited.
  • That wasn’t the full f***ing interview.
  • It wasn’t a serious interview.
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It was a fun, f***ing edited piece, and ESPN, the leader in sports, is going to write a story on fighter pay based off that f***ing video? Give me a f***ing break.” White later said of the ESPN piece, authored by highly respected reporter Marc Raimondi, “I didn’t see the story.

  1. I don’t even know who wrote it, but you’re not a journalist.
  2. You’re a f***ing scumbag.” White was also upset that his line — “It’s never gonna happen while I’m here.” —was interpreted as him saying fighters weren’t going to get raises.
  3. He clarified he was saying he would never allow the UFC pay structure to be like boxing, where as a result of the huge purses paid to the stars, most shows lose money and other fights aren’t able to be made.

“Fighter pay has gone through the roof since the sale in 2016,” White said. “Fighter pay continues to go like this, Yes. Do you think I’m going to sit here and say, ‘Fighter pay will never go up while I’m here.’ That’s the dumbest f***ing thing I’ve ever heard.

How much is Dana White salary?

Dana White net worth at a glance –

Net worth $500 million
Born July 28, 1969
Nationality American born in Connecticut
Became a millionaire at 46
Occupations President of the UFC
Sources of wealth Ultimate Fighting Championship
Asset classes Stocks, real estate, and luxury cars

Dana Frederick White, Jr. is an American businessman and president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Born in Manchester, Connecticut, White attended Hermon High School, where he first met Lorenzo Fertitta. After dropping out of college twice, White moved to Las Vegas where he began training jiu-jitsu under John Lewis.

White was perfecting his tiger muay Thai in the gym when he, Lorenzo Fertitta, and Lorenzo’s brother Frank purchased the UFC in 2001 for $2 million, subsequently appointing White as president. Since then, the UFC has become one of the most successful sports organizations in the world, worth a reported $7 billion.

Dana White’s wife, Anne, and their three children, Savannah, Aiden, and Dana III, live in Las Vegas. Dana White started out as a mixed martial arts coach and, with the help of the Fertitta brothers, was able to acquire the UFC. Today, he’s an extremely successful businessman and entrepreneur with an approximate net worth of over $500 million as of 2023.

  • Dana White’s annual salary as UFC president is $20 million.
  • White is known to invest his money in luxury cars, real estate, fine art, and other collectibles,
  • Dana White is worth an estimated $500 million thanks to his $20 million salary as president of the UFC and his portfolio of real estate, art, and cars.

It’s unclear whether his blackjack winnings have contributed to his net worth.

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Who is the CEO and founder of UFC

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Dana White
White in 2015
Born Dana Frederick White Jr. July 28, 1969 (age 54) Manchester, Connecticut, U.S.
Known for President and CEO of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)
Spouse Anne Stella ​ ( m.1996) ​
Children 3

Dana Frederick White Jr. (born July 28, 1969) is an American businessman who has served as CEO and president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), a global mixed martial arts organization. In August 2019, White’s net worth was estimated at $500 million.

Who is the owner of Syndicate MMA?

Meet the Owner: John Wood – John Wood is the owner and head coach at Syndicate MMA. With over two decades of experience coaching professional MMA fighters, he is one of the most in demand coaches in the world. He has worked with several top UFC athletes including Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, Khalil Rountree, Ramona Pascual, Nicco Montaño, JoJo Calderwoood, Roxanne Modaferri, Forrest Griffin, Frank Mir and dozens more.

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Did Dana buy the UFC

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A lot of people don’t know this, but Dana White rescued the UFC when it was in trouble. On stage at 10X Growth Conference, Dana White shared how he and Lorenzo Fertitta acquired the UFC for $2 million. At the time, Dana was managing Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell, who were both employed by the UFC. Then, he got in a huge battle with the old owner of the UFC about Tito’s contract.

Who owns Dana Corporation?

Top 10 Owners of Dana Inc

Stockholder Stake Shares owned
The Vanguard Group, Inc. 10.31% 14,885,941
Icahn Associates Holding LLC 9.90% 14,286,505
Dimensional Fund Advisors LP 6.09% 8,788,695
AllianceBernstein LP 3.66% 5,279,415
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How much is the CEO of Dana worth

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What is James K. Kamsickas’s Net Worth? – The current estimated net worth of Dana Inc’s Chairman & CEO, James K. Kamsickas, is estimated to be about $15.04M, James K. Kamsickas owns about 354,728 units of Dana Inc common stock. In the last 8 years at Dana Inc, James K. Kamsickas has sold an estimated value of $24.1M worth.

Does the WWE own the UFC?

The group holds both global live-event sports promotors. According to ESPN, Endeavor, the company that owns the UFC, will own 51% of the shares, while the WWE shareholders will own the remaining 49%.

How much does Joe Rogan make for UFC?

Joe Rogan’s UFC Involvement and Compensation – Joe Rogan’s presence in the UFC has been quite significant. His role as a commentator and interviewer brought a fresh perspective to the sport. Additionally, his compensation per fight has been a matter of curiosity. He earns $50,000 for every UFC event he works on. What adds to this are bonuses, depending on the event’s success. People Also Read:

Are WWE and UFC merging?

Why the UFC-WWE Merger is a One-Two Marketing Punch With two of the most prominent combat sports properties—WWE and UFC—now united under one belt, eyes are on parent company TKO Group Holdings for its plans to continue growing the brands moving forward.

  1. While the challenge of maximizing the adjacent brands’ marketing potential is seemingly difficult from the outside looking in, the University of Maryland’s Robert H.
  2. Smith School of Business’ doesn’t expect TKO to struggle in grappling with the task.
  3. She says there are plenty of examples for TKO to draw inspiration from.

Procter & Gamble’s Tide and Gain have successfully co-existed for years. The same goes for Unilever with its Magnum, Wells and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream lineup. “The goal is to have brand positions that attract complementary target markets,” says Furst, a clinical professor and associate area chair of marketing at the Smith School.

“Each brand has to be clear on the value and points of difference it offers customers.” In Unilever’s case, each brand has a distinct identity that attracts different consumer demographics within the same product space. Ben & Jerry’s playful and environmentally focused approach appeals to customers who factor sustainability into their purchasing decisions.

On the other hand, Furst says that Magnum’s position as a super-premium brand “with a decadent and indulgent identity” lends itself well to customers looking to buy a special treat. Those examples should give TKO reason enough to believe that both WWE and UFC can complement each other to grow the overall market of viewers in the combat sports and entertainment space.

The partnership may prove to be a boon for each side in securing media rights deals in the near future. UFC’s exclusive seven-year, $300 million contract with ESPN expires in 2025. WWE’s deals with FOX and NBC for its two notable programs—SmackDown and Raw—are up even sooner in 2024. Disney, Amazon and FOX are reportedly entering the ring—or octagon—to strike a broadcast deal.

One primary motivator for locking down the broadcast rights is because it would secure an audience of fans who “are enthusiastic, dedicated supporters who will purchase streaming on multiple platforms,” says Furst. Other future growth opportunities for the brands under TKO might include enhancing live events—both are known for live shows that travel to major cities worldwide—developing new forms of content and increasing sponsorship and licensing opportunities.

  • Perhaps the most compelling aspect of the merger lies in the cross-promotion potential for athletes and personalities.
  • It creates a “win-win” situation because athletes can increase their profiles by switching from one sport to another, while TKO will reap the viewership benefits of those decisions.
  • That trend has already informally occurred, with numerous UFC fighters transitioning to the WWE as they become less dominant.

Now, Furst says that TKO can officially lean on that strategy to market fighters in the entertainment space of WWE if they sense it’s a good fit, and the same can be true for the inverse. “Having a relationship with the athletes that extends their careers across multiple combat sports will strengthen the relevance of TKO,” says Furst.

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Does Dana still own part UFC

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Dana White is the president of the UFC; What does that mean? – Image used with permission by copyright holder Dana White is a name synonymous with the UFC but does he own it? Well, in a word, no. He’s the current president as well as a shareholder of the UFC but he isn’t technically the owner of the MMA organization.

Back when Dana White was a manager for Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell, he met Bob Meyrowitz, the owner of Semaphore Entertainment Group, the parent company of the UFC, and heard that Meyrowitz was looking to sell the organization. White went on to contact his childhood friend Lorenzo Fertitta, a co-founder of Station Casinos, suggesting he acquire the company.

That led to Lorenzo and his older brother Frank to pick up the UFC for $2 million back in 2001, installing Dana White as the company’s president. Related Content

What is UFC? What is UFC Fight Night? Live Stream UFC

Back then, the UFC was basically a brand name and an old octagon, according to White, with the company having been stripped back to avoid bankruptcy. It also had a fairly poor reputation, with the Athletic Commission unenthusiastic to consider it a legitimate sport.

Over time, White developed the business into the hugely successful name we all know and love, legitimizing it by introducing a set of standardized rules and managing to get it on TV via a reality TV show, The Ultimate Fighter, which followed aspiring fighters. He owned 9% of the company in time for it to be sold off to a consortium of investors led by WME-IMG for just over $4 billion in 2016.

Since that sale, Dana White has continued to be president of the UFC and has a net worth of about $500 million as of 2019. So, while he might not own the UFC outright, he has a huge role in its success. He turned its fortunes around by focusing on advertising, the return to cable pay-per-view, and also through home video and DVD sales to make the sport much more accessible to those unable to attend in person.

Do UFC Fighters Wear Cups? How Long Is a UFC Fight? How Much Do UFC Fighters Get Paid? How Many Rounds Are There in a UFC Fight? What Does No Contest Mean in UFC?

At the time of its acquisition, White announced that he was given a fresh stake in the business by its new owners although that figure hasn’t been announced. In 2019, he also signed a new seven-year contract to remain president of the UFC until 2026. Right now, it’s uncertain what his future plans are after this date.

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Did Dana buy the UFC

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A lot of people don’t know this, but Dana White rescued the UFC when it was in trouble. On stage at 10X Growth Conference, Dana White shared how he and Lorenzo Fertitta acquired the UFC for $2 million. At the time, Dana was managing Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell, who were both employed by the UFC. Then, he got in a huge battle with the old owner of the UFC about Tito’s contract.

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What sports does Dana White own

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Dana White: UFC president Dana White is one of the most recognizable faces in combat sports right now. The charismatic owner of By 4 months ago Tuesday – May 23, 2023 6:12 pm Dana White explains why he loves Abu Dhabi Dana White: UFC president Dana White is one of the most recognizable faces in combat sports right now. The charismatic owner of the UFC has grown the company from a debt-ridden organization to a multi-billion-dollar company.

  1. But what about his own journey? Let’s look at what Dana White did before becoming UFC president.
  2. For more combat sports news, follow Insidesport.IN.
  3. READ ALSO: UFC: Why is Dana White loyal to former US President Donald Trump? Dana White and the UFC go hand in hand.
  4. He is the face of the UFC.
  5. And although the UFC has changed ownership and is now part of the Endeavor group, White remains the focal point.

The American bought the UFC back in 2001 for $2 million, along with his childhood friends. And while the UFC’s journey is nothing short of brilliant, the UFC president has his own great story. What Did Dana White Do Before Becoming the UFC President? White has spoken openly about his struggles before the UFC. Despite two attempts at succeeding in college, Dana White dropped out. He then started working as a bellman in different hotels in Boston. White also said he worked as a bouncer at the Black Rose in Boston and worked laying pavement.

However, it was at this time that Dana White started giving boxing lessons to earn some money. The future UFC president took up the sport because he loved it. And business soon picked up. However, after getting on the wrong side of Boston gangsters, White had to flee the city. The American then fled Boston and set up his business in Las Vegas.

He joined up with former Golden Gloves boxing champion Peter Welch, and the two continued their business. One thing led to another and Dana White then became manager of some of the UFC fighters. So there you have it. These were the different jobs Dana White worked before becoming the UFC president.

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Does the WWE own the UFC

Answered By: Henry Miller Date: created: Apr 06 2024

The group holds both global live-event sports promotors. According to ESPN, Endeavor, the company that owns the UFC, will own 51% of the shares, while the WWE shareholders will own the remaining 49%.