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Who piggybacks on O2

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There are currently four significant MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) using O2’s network, namely Giffgaff, Virgin Mobile, Sky Mobile, and Tesco Mobile. By choosing one of O2’s MVNOs you can save money and get extra features, while still enjoying the excellent network coverage provided by O2’s mobile network.

Who does Tesco piggyback off?

The virtual networks – While there are only four operators who own their own network and sell their services directly, there are now many so-called virtual networks (MVNOs). Virtual networks don’t own their own mobile transmitters. Instead they use one of the main networks’ masts to get their customers signal and then provide the rest of the service themselves.

Is EE linked to Vodafone?

The retailers featured on this page may compensate us when our readers follow links to their websites and make a purchase. More We compare EE and Vodafone head-to-head to see which has the better mobile network, extra perks and pricing on SIM only and phone contracts. Last updated: 17th July 2023 Which network provides more widespread 5G/4G/3G/2G signal? EE and Vodafone are two of the four main mobile networks in the UK (O2 and Three are the others) and as such own and operate their own networks. Each has its pros and cons. Vodafone have the joint-largest amount of the UK’s landmass covered for call signal (3G/2G) and provide better coverage for calls than EE, indoors and out.

  1. Total signal blackspots are rarer on Vodafone than on EE.
  2. In terms of 4G data, this is flipped around.
  3. EE hold a narrow advantage for rural 4G, providing it in some pretty surprising locations.
  4. In large towns and cities there’s basically no difference between them.
  5. It’s worth using either networks coverage checkers below to see which network provides better coverage near you.

Check at home, along your commute, at work and anywhere else you’ll use your phone. Useful link : EE’s geographical 4G expansion plans

Is EE coverage better than O2?

So, EE’s coverage is technically quite a bit better, especially for 5G – but for most of us, there won’t be much difference. Both networks reach a similar breadth of the UK, with only a few areas not served by one or the other. Our guide to the best 5G networks goes through it in more detail.

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Why is EE the best network

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EE review: Coverage, reliability and speed – The main reasons to use EE are its excellent coverage and performance.4G coverage extends to over 99% of the UK population, and its 5G services are now in reach for over 50%. It has also upgraded 5G services in 14 locations to use the 5G 2,100MHz spectrum to improve performance and add capacity in areas of high usage.4G performance is the best in the business, and RootMetrics’ lists EE’s UK-wide median download speed at 66.2Mbits/sec, over twice that of the second-placed at 29.9Mbits/sec.

  1. In metropolitan areas, EE won more of RootMetrics’ RootScore performance awards (111) than, Virgin Media O2 and combined.
  2. RootMetrics recorded median download speeds of over 70Mbits/sec in 15 out of 16 cities, with 100Mbits/sec in one of those.5G median download speeds were over 100Mbits/sec in every one, and the UK-wide 5G median download speed was approximately 150Mbits/sec, second only to Three with 200Mbits/sec.

That excellent 5G performance explains EE’s lead for 5G in our Mobile Network Awards survey. On this front 64% of its 5G users are satisfied or very satisfied with their 5G services and only 11% are dissatisfied. That puts EE 7% ahead of its nearest rival,, on satisfaction, with most of the other networks hovering around 50%.

  • Where users are dissatisfied, the biggest reason for most (58%) is the network’s 5G coverage, which should improve with time.
  • That said, around a third of dissatisfied users (34%) say that they don’t notice any real speed improvement.
  • Surprisingly, EE’s scores for reliability aren’t quite as impressive.86% of users think it’s mostly or always fast enough for web browsing, which is a fairly average result, and while the figure for audio streaming is higher than average, at 68%, only 58% of users say it’s always or mostly fast enough for video streaming, which is lower than, and,

This may reflect higher expectations of EE, but EE still has work to do here.

Do Vodafone and O2 use the same network?

Verdict: Who is the best mobile provider, Vodafone or O2? – Overall winner: O2 tick more boxes than Vodafone and their SIM only deals are often much cheaper. O2 and Vodafone both operate their own mobile networks and they offer a comprehensive range of tariffs, handsets and extras that could overwhelm customers. Yet a closer look shows O2 are ahead on many key points:

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Cheaper SIM only deals Less of a premium for taking 1-month deals Flexible contracts up to 36 months Slightly better coverage Better customer service record

One of the major issues with O2 is, of course, their lack of speed in comparison to Vodafone. However, their average speeds are perfectly serviceable and investment in mast infrastructure alongside the rollout of 5G will continue to improve coverage for customers.

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Who does Virgin piggyback off

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Network coverage – Virgin Mobile uses the O2 network, which covers 99 per cent of the population with its 4G signal. O2 5G is growing at a rapid rate and is currently available in 750 towns and cities. To find out whether you can get 5G with Virgin Mobile in your area, visit the provider’s mobile coverage checker.

Simply enter your postcode and it will tell you if your area has coverage of 3G, 4G or 5G and how strong the signal is for each. Virgin Mobile customers seem reasonably happy with the signal they get. Ofcom’s service quality report states that 78% of customers were happy with their Virgin Mobile phone reception.

Check Virgin Mobile coverage

What is the most reliable network?

Verizon’s 5G network most reliable for customers says national testing company NEW YORK – More and more U.S. customers continue to benefit from Verizon’s 5G network, the most reliable in the nation, according to RootMetrics® State of Mobile Union Report*.

Verizon is ranked most reliable 5G network for the fourth consecutive testing period. Verizon showed a 31% increase in download speeds in metro tests throughout the year. Verizon took home 85% of awards in major metropolitan markets (747 awards out 875).

“We know customers count on us, and we work everyday to ensure we deliver for them,” said Kyle Malady, EVP and President, Global Networks and Technology for Verizon. “We will not slow down. In fact, since this testing period we have ramped up our network deployments and enhancements and now cover more than 175 million people with our 5G Ultra Wideband service, and we expect to reach 200 million by the end of March.” Verizon’s network successes underscore a relentless focus on innovation and continued investment to provide the very best for Verizon’s customers.

  1. Verizon’s award-winning network is grounded on best-in-class,, and the incorporation of deployed from the core to the edge.
  2. The company’s multi-purpose, network-building formula enables reliable, robust, secure, and high-performing connectivity that can accommodate a variety of use cases including mobility, private 5G networks and business solutions, and fixed wireless access broadband for consumers, businesses and public sector alike.

The results of this national test capture a moment in time of an ever-changing network continuously evolving in this fast-paced environment. Since testing for this report began, Verizon has been deploying a full 100 MHz of C-band spectrum in many markets and continues deploying mmWave in the areas with the densest population (now covering 40,000 cell sites).

Additionally, the company has started moving traffic onto its 5G core, connected approximately 50 percent of its cell sites with its own fiber backhaul, began the overhaul of its fiber IP core network that will allow quadruple the data to flow through it, and deployed VRAN on more than 10,000 cell sites.

Reliability and security don’t happen by accident and Verizon is focused on continuing to enhance its network. In addition to making 5G more accessible to more people, Verizon continues to focus on building out the advanced technologies that provide increased security, reliability and customized experiences for customers.

fully deploying the 5G core with Verizon’s proprietary cloud platform built specifically for telco workloads, advancing the fiber network to handle exponential increases in data traffic, continuing massive virtualization of the network to add programmability and flexibility into the network, using artificial intelligence to drive reliability and performance, continuing to develop edge computing capabilities to drive down latency, and continuing to advance antenna configurations to drive speed and efficiency.

* Based on most first place rankings in RootMetrics® 2H 2022 assessments of 125 metros. Experiences may vary. Not an endorsement. ** Verizon is #1 for Network Quality in the Northeast (tied), Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, North Central, West regions. Verizon has also received the highest number of awards in network quality for the 30th time as compared to all other brands in the J.D.

  1. Power 2003-2022 Volume 1 and 2 and 2023 Volume 1 U.S.
  2. Wireless Network Quality Performance Studies.
  3. Network Quality measures customers’ satisfaction with their network performance with wireless carriers. For J.D.
  4. Power 2023 award information, visit for more details.
  5. Rankings based on the RootMetrics® State of 5G in the US Report: 2H 2022.

Tested with best commercially available smartphones on three mobile networks across all available network types. Your experiences may vary. The RootMetrics award is not an endorsement of Verizon. : Verizon’s 5G network most reliable for customers says national testing company

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Who is better EE or Vodafone

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In terms of 5G, a 2022 study by RootMetrics found EE to be the fastest network in the UK. In fact, EE consistently comes out as one of the speediest 5G networks, along with Three. Vodafone is no slacker, either. In the same tests carried out by RootMetrics, it finished second behind EE for 5G speeds.

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Who is 3 merging with?

Three and Vodafone are merging. Here’s what that means for your phone

  • A long-awaited merger of Vodafone and Three will bring “the biggest shake-up in the UK mobile market for over a decade,” experts say – with significant consequences for all anyone in Britain using a device.
  • The £15bn deal will see the two firms combine to make one of Europe’s biggest operators, with about 27 million customers and more than 11,500 staff.
  • Margherita Della Valle, chief executive of Vodafone, called the deal a “game-changer” that will create a more sustainable business that supports the cost of rolling out upgrades to 5G.

But will it benefit customers or harm them? Here’s everything you need to know about how the deal might shake up the mobile market. Vodafone and Three – both relatively small phone networks in the UK – will merge, with Vodafone owning 51 per cent of the combined business. It’s not clear yet what the new company will be called.

  1. Regulators still have to approve the deal, so the merger is not guaranteed.
  2. If it goes ahead, it will be completed before the end of 2024, the companies said.
  3. “This long-awaited megamerger represents the biggest shake-up in the UK mobile market for over a decade,” said Kester Mann, director of consumer and connectivity at CCS Insight.
  4. Trade union Unite said the government “must step in and stop this reckless merger”, arguing it will lead to job losses and push up bills.

The companies are looking to position the deal as great for their customers. They say that it will immediately lead to a “better network experience with greater coverage and reliability at no extra cost, including through certain flexible, contract-free offers with no annual price increases, and social tariffs”.

  1. Over the long term, it is not clear how the new company intends to bring those customers together.
  2. When EE and T-Mobile merged into EE, for instance, the two customer groups initially stayed separate and then gradually became integrated.
  3. Paul Carter, CEO of mobile intelligence provider GWS, said Vodafone and Three are “both lagging in terms of internet performance between broadband and mobile services,” while “Virgin Media O2 are currently leading the way in terms of the overall combined connectivity consumers’ experience.” He added: “On paper, this merger makes sense for two companies looking to close the gap on competitors.

However, it remains to be seen whether it will bring success.” Those behind the merger argue that it will help everyone else, too. Della Valle insisted the merger is “great for the country and great for competition”, thanks to the £11bn investment the new company has promised for the UK, to help “create one of Europe’s most advanced standalone 5G networks”.

It is argued that the mobile market will become more competitive with the presence of another large operator. In theory, that could lead to better prices and deals for everyone – though there is, of course, no guarantee of that. It’s difficult to know this far out. Bigger companies have more power, which they can use to try and drive prices higher – but they also have more scale, which they can use to be more efficient and reduce prices.

Both companies have recently increased prices significantly, above inflation, which might be a clue to how they intend to behave in the future. But they may argue that the deal would allow them to avoid similar rises in the future. This will be the question that regulators grapple with as they decide whether the deal should go ahead.

  1. If they cannot be convinced that the merger will lead to better conditions for customers, then they will look to stop it.
  2. Rocio Concha, director of policy and advocacy at Which?, said: “Reducing the number of network providers from four to three risks reducing the choices available to consumers, raising prices and lowering the quality of services available.

“The Competition and Markets Authority needs to conduct a thorough assessment to determine whether this merger will be harmful to consumers.” There is still a good chance that regulators will stop the deal from going ahead. They did the same when Three attempted to take over O2 in 2016, citing the risk that the deal would lead to higher prices.

“This will be a hard sale, given that both companies have been outperforming the market for the last year or so,” said Paolo Pescatore, from PP Foresight. “Let’s see if the authorities have a change of heart. Both parties need to demonstrate that this is genuinely in the interest of UK plc, the economy, and consumers for it to have a chance of getting over the line.” : Three and Vodafone are merging.

Here’s what that means for your phone

What network does Lebara use?

Lebara uses the award-winning Vodafone network in the UK. Their 4G network covers more than 99% of the UK population and 96% of the UK’s landmass. Our customers experience a fast, robust and reliable 5G network with average data speeds of over 20mbps.

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Are piggyback networks slower?

Should I use an MVNO instead of a major network provider? – For most people, getting a SIM from Lebara, Tesco or one of the other piggyback providers will save you a lot of money and give you more freedom to switch whenever you want. Yes, you’ll miss out on the various incentives offered by major networks, but the money you save is almost certainly worth more.

  1. You’ll get the same coverage and speeds (many MVNOs offer 5G as standard now) and roaming options, too.
  2. As with any phone plan, you should check the latest deals from both the network operators, and those that piggyback off them.
  3. And as you might expect, we’ve rounded up the best SIM-only deals to save you time.

For more details, take a look at our roundup of the best phone network in the UK and best Pay As You Go network,

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Can I use my EE phone on another network

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We’ve been selling our devices unlocked lately, but if you bought yours from us a while ago – it might be “locked” to EE. This means it won’t work with another mobile network’s SIM card. No matter when you bought them – these devices are already unlocked :

  • All Google Pixel devices
  • All Oppo devices
  • All OnePlus devices
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What is the difference between EE and O2

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EE’s 4G service is faster than O2’s, with an average download speed of 32.5Mbps, according to Open Signal’s April 2019 Mobile Network Experience report. Average 3G speeds for the period measured were 5.8Mbps. O2 customers get an average speeds of 14.1Mbps and 4.9Mbps for 4G and 3G respectively, during the same period.

Will an EE SIM work in a O2 phone?

It will only work with a SIM card on that network, e.g. if a device is locked to o2, it’ll only work with an o2 SIM card. If a device is unlocked you’ll be able to use it with a SIM card on any network.

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Can I switch from O2 to EE

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Why Switch to EE ? – Switching to EE is likely to save you money! The EE network gives you the biggest 4G coverage in the UK and if you choose an EE 4GEE Max plan, you will also benefit from the fastest speeds. By 2020, EE hope to achieve 95% UK landmass coverage with their network.

EE also offer free Apple Music, giving you 6 months of Apple Music with access to millions of songs, playlists and recommendations plus the data to stream it – all on EE, You can also add your family to your account and dish out sprae EE data to whoever you want! EE are committed to keeping you connected in even more places so wherever there is WiFi, you can call and text using EE,

To prevent you going over your data allowance by accident, EE offer data caps so you will always be in control of your spending. If you take EE Home Broadband, then you can boost your EE mobile data by up to 20GB a month. EE Student Deal – If you are in full-time education you can get 20% off a phone, SIM-only or mobile broadband contract with EE,

On top of that, they will give you an extra 500MB of data for free, each and every month! EE are also bringing you the best live action with the BT Sport app – and letting you watch it on your TV as well as your phone. Simply cast the game from your EE phone to your telly using Apple TV or Google Chromecast.

Then you can enjoy some of the biggest footballing events, as well as BT Sport Fight Night Live boxing, MotoGP race days, cricket, American sports and lots more. Courtesy of EE, And best of all, with EE, you get the first three months of access to the app with casting free.

As mobile phone technology improves and becomes cheaper, and with increased competition among the mobile phone network operators, the result is cheaper mobile phone tariffs. If you want to move from your current mobile phone network to EE you will be able to keep your mobile phone number – you will need a PAC Code.

Take advantage of the latest EE mobile phone tariffs and take advantage of the fact that you can keep your existing mobile phone number, saving you money, time and effort updating contacts with a new number. We know your mobile phone number is important to you.

Who do O2 share their network with?

We’re proud of our network This includes our customers plus those of giffgaff, Tesco Mobile, Sky Mobile and Lycamobile, which all use our network. We’re investing in our network experience with 80Mhz of new spectrum to increase capacity and pave the way for 5G.