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Are Marcus and Maxine twins in real life

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Sara Waisglass – Maxine – Age in real life: 24 via Netflix Max is Marcus’ twin sister, and in season one became besties with Ginny at school. She’s played by Sara Waisglass who is 24 and was born on July 3rd 1998. So, she’s only a couple of months younger than her on-screen twin.

Who is Marcus Baker’s GF?

Ginny Miller – At first, Marcus and Ginny keep their casual flings and meetings a secret. Both of them climb and enter through each other’s bedroom windows to hang out. When their friendship and romance comes to light, Maxine feels betrayed. However, after realising that Ginny and Marcus love each other, she relents.

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What is Marcus real name

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‘ ‘ Marcus ( Felix Mallard ) and Ginny (Antonia Gentry) comfort each other throughout Season 2. ‘That’s my guy,’ Gentry says of Marcus being Ginny’s rock. In the first season, Marcus tells Ginny about the painful period he went through after his best friend’s death.

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What is Marcus Baker’s personality type

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Marcus Baker: ISTP He is more focused on the present and doesn’t appreciate being told what to do – a classic ISTP trait. Like other ISTPs, he is practical, analytical, and enjoys problem-solving. Marcus is a good listener and he is the only person that sees Ginny for who she is.

What mental illness does Marcus have?

How ‘Ginny & Georgia’ Dives Deeper Into Mental Health in Season 2: ‘Everyone Is Fighting a Battle You Can’t See’ SPOILER ALERT: This story contains spoilers from Season 2 of “Ginny & Georgia,” now streaming on, Netflix’s coming-of-age mother-daughter drama “” dove in a bit deeper with Season 2.

The series, which dropped on Jan.5, picked up with Ginny () and her little brother living with her dad, Zion (Nathan Mitchell) after leaving town at the end of Season 1 when she learns her mom () killed her stepdad. Season 2, however, focused less on the many crimes of Georgia and more on the mental health challenges that so many high-school kids are going through.

“Everyone’s fighting a battle you can’t see,” showrunner Debra J. Fisher says. “It’s really hard to human overall, which I think really translates into a lot of our arcs this season.” During Season 1, Ginny is shown using a lighter to burn her legs. The writers worked closely with Dr.

Taji Huang and Mental Health America to ensure responsible storytelling — something that continued in the sophomore season, during which Ginny enters therapy after confiding in her dad instead of her mom, Georgia (Brianne Howey), about her self-harm. Her dad convinces her to enter therapy. “We always wanted to have Zion be much more a part of the conversation.

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We didn’t want to fall into a trope of him being a bad dad. We also wanted Ginny to get into therapy. And those were really important to Dr. Taji, as well as us just to show that other parts of mental health with you know, her being supported in that way,” says Fisher.

“We’re not a teen issue of the week show. We don’t move on to the next problem. We really wanted to tell these stories over the course of several seasons It was always about the long game, and just being able to approach mental health, self-harm and depression in a really realistic, grounded way that we hope really resonates with the kids.” Ultimately, Georgia learns of her daughter’s self-inflicted burns, and makes her show her the scars; the markings were revealed in Season 1, but never shown in Season 2 — a deliberate decision made by the writers.

“We didn’t have to see to see it again,” says Fisher. “I think that was the right decision to play it that way. We know that Ginny is still self-harming, but we just didn’t need to gratuitously see it.” The latest episodes also depict a rare storyline: 16-year-old Marcus (Felix Mallard) shutting out his friends and family due to depression — but ultimately, welcoming help and taking medication.

  • During Season 1, Marcus mentioned his depression briefly when talking about the death of his best friend.
  • For Season 2, with the two of them being together, we always had discussed where Marcus was — in terms of his anxiety and depression — that that would be the reason that he and Ginny broke up.
  • That was always something that we were working toward, and we don’t often see anxiety, depression and mental health in a young man, a 16-year-old boy, and we really wanted to highlight that,” Fisher says.

“Felix Mallard was just so willing to dive deep into that. I think he just gave such a beautiful, nuanced performance, and was just so relatable.” Because depression looks different on everyone, the writers wanted to make sure that was the case on screen, too. Katie Douglas as Abby in ‘Ginny & Georgia’ SOPHIE GIRAUD/NETFLIX The series also highlights other students who are struggling. One example is Abby (Katie Douglas), who tapes her legs to make them appear skinner — a storyline Fisher hopes to develop more if the show is renewed for a third season.

  • We had several people on our creative team with that lived experience” of taping, says Fisher.
  • We will get into it,
  • In Season 1, we did have several people that struggled with eating disorders; we wanted to highlight like this is something that you know your best friend is going through and you literally have no idea.

Everyone is fighting a battle you can’t see, even your best friends.” In the final episode, Abby hears Samantha (Romi Shraiter) vomiting in the bathroom, revealing that she’s also having problems. Again, if the show gets more episodes, they plan to dive into the “unlikely pairing” of the two young girls facing similar situations.

Is the ASL in Ginny and Georgia real?

And here’s a BTS tidbit – the. cast learnt ASL (American Sign Language) for their. scenes with deaf actor Chris Kenopic, who plays Clint.

Is the ASL in Ginny and Georgia correct?

Ginny and Georgia: Right Idea, Wrong Execution “Ginny and Georgia” aired on Netflix on Feb.24 and has since skyrocketed to popularity. However, not for the right reasons. Also tokened as a knock-off “Gilmore Girls,” “Ginny and Georgia” is the story of a mother-daughter duo navigating a new town.

  • At first, it may seem like a typical coming-of-age story with teenage romance and family disagreements.
  • However, it takes a dark turn when more and more secrets of a mysterious past are revealed.
  • It sounds interesting, what could be the issue? “Ginny and Georgia” is a great show, but it is undermined by its multitude of problems which can all be summarized into one word: misrepresentation.
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“I’m not going to lie, I did like it,” junior Sofia Corsaro said. “Even though it was problematic, I did think it was good.” Starting with the most blatant and harmful misrepresentation in the show, “Ginny and Georgia” has significant issues in regards to racism.

The show stars a biracial lead, yet it was written solely by white people; this is evident throughout the show. Firstly, Ginny is introduced as a tough and outspoken lead when she calls out her English teacher in the first episode. Yet, her character is undermined when she ignores the many racist comments that her friends make and allows their microaggressions to be normalized.

Additionally, Ginny and her boyfriend, Hunter, have a particularly disturbing conversation in the show which they refer to as the “oppression Olympics.” “But I’ve never seen you pound back jerk chicken,” Hunter said. “The last time I checked, Brodie twerks better than you.

  • And I liked your poem, but your bars could use a little more work, homie.
  • So really, how black are you then?” The discussion, which is crammed with stereotypes, perpetuates the idea that someone is less or more black based on their ability to twerk or the types of food they consume.
  • Something addressed poorly was the whole ‘racism Olympics’ thing,” Corsaro said.

“It was really problematic and they were shouting racist arguments at each other and the show never reflected on why that was wrong. They just moved on and never talked about it.” Moreover, another example of poor representation in the show is the depiction of sign language.

One of the characters in the show is deaf and communicates solely through American Sign Language, yet many people have pointed out that some of the ASL in the show is actually inaccurate. “If you’re going to set up a hearing character who has been married for, I’m guessing 20 years, to a deaf man who communicates solely using ASL, who signs with him, who interprets for him, who literally works as an educational interpreter in a school, you need to find an actress who knows sign language or actually take the time for them to actually learn sign language,” deaf TikToker Erin Rosenfeld said.

Furthermore, the show made a sexist joke about Taylor Swift when one character was shaming another for having many boyfriends in the past. Swift herself spoke out about this on Twitter which shed even more light on the problems of the show. “Something else I don’t like that they did was make a joke about Taylor Swift,” Corsaro said.

It is an overused, sexist joke and they need to get over it If my girl T-Swifty was a man, that would not be in there.” Another, more trivial, misrepresentation in “Ginny and Georgia” is the way high school students act and talk. Many teenagers have commented on the cringy and unrealistic things that the younger characters do such as using old Snapchat filters, dabbing, and using jargon that is obviously written by middle-aged people.

Although it is inaccurate, it is great for a laugh. It was also unrealistic to many fans how much partying, drinking, drugs and sex were prevalent in the show amongst teenagers. “Some teenagers do go out and party a lot but not a lot of teenagers do that,” Corsaro said.

  1. I feel like they completely overdid it with the sex and drugs thing.” Overall, “Ginny and Georgia” had great potential but it is all wasted, for the show falls short in so many ways, especially when it comes to addressing racism, representing ASL, and relating to the younger generation.
  2. It’s safe to say that representation on screen isn’t enough, there should also be people of color behind the scenes and people who genuinely know how to speak ASL speaking ASL.
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: Ginny and Georgia: Right Idea, Wrong Execution

Why was Marcus depressed?

Her boyfriend Marcus Baker (Felix Mallard) finds himself in a deep depression in Season 2. ‘ Coming from that place of not thinking that he deserves love, Marcus doesn’t have the tools or the resources or even the belief that people will care enough for him,’ Mallard tells Tudum. ‘So he just goes into it himself.

Does Padma like Marcus?

Romances – She and Marcus Baker had casual relationship until she ended it in Check One, Check Other due to Marcus’ lack of commitment.

How tall is Marcus Baker?

Birthdate: Height/Weight: 5′ 9” / 150 lbs.

Are there any deaf voice actors?

The Simpsons Makes History with Deaf Voice Actors and the Use of ASL Season 33, episode 17 of the long-running hit animated sitcom The Simpsons titled “The Sound of Bleeding Gums” is noteworthy for its use of American Sign Language () (although the characters have only four fingers), and for its casting of Deaf actor John Autry II to voice the Deaf character Monk.

Through this role, Autry became the first Deaf performer to voice a character on the show. The episode also features a number of other Deaf performers, such as comedian Kathy Buckley and three youngsters, Kaylee Arellano, Ian Mayorga, and Hazel Lopez from No Limits, a nonprofit organization devoted to deaf children.

This fact reinforces the impact of “The Sound of Bleeding Gums” as a turning point in US entertainment history for the Deaf community.

Are there any deaf Youtubers?

Last updated: 25 Jan 2023

Rikki Poynter (born July 16, 1991 ) is a deaf YouTuber and activist, She began as a beauty vlogger and is now a lifestyle vlogger with a focus on Deaf awareness, accessibility, and the importance of closed captioning,

Are there any deaf footballers?

Boorman, who grew up in Hinckley, now sees being a role model as an important part of his own status as an international deaf footballer.

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Why does Max hate Ginny

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Ginny & Georgia Season 2 premiered a month ago on Netflix, but many fans are still reeling from the fight between Ginny and Max. Viewers have taken to social media to vent their frustrations as Max and her friends shut out Ginny completely in the first half of the season.

  • In a recent interview, Max actor Sara Waisglass addressed the backlash and defended Max, explaining the real reason why the teen is so angry at her friend at first.
  • Sara Waisglass as Max and Antonia Gentry as Ginny in ‘ Ginny & Georgia ‘ Season 2 | Amanda Matlovich /Netflix Many fans were frustrated at Max in ‘ Ginny & Georgia ‘ Season 2 At the end of season 1, Max finds out that Ginny (Antonia Gentry) secretly slept with Max’s twin brother, Marcus ( Felix Mallard ).

She becomes furious at Ginny and cuts her off as Ginny runs away to her father’s house in Boston.

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