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How many actors have played Martin Fowler on EastEnders

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Martin Fowler (EastEnders)

Martin Fowler
Portrayed by Jon Peyton-Price (1985–1996) James Alexandrou (1996–2007) James Bye (2014–present)
Duration 1985–2007, 2014–present
First appearance Episode 49 6 August 1985
Classification Present; regular

Why did they change Martin Fowler?

What happened to EastEnders’ original Martin Fowler as James Bye joins Strictly As James Bye shows off his moves on Strictly Come Dancing, many EastEnders fans are remembering the original Martin Fowler – so here’s what James Alexandrou is up to these days Strictly: James Bye announced as 2022 contestant

  • may have played Martin Fowler on since 2014, but the show’s fans know the character goes back way further – and the star only got the chance after the original actor refused to go back.
  • was just 11 years old when he landed the job on the iconic soap.
  • The actor played the market stall holder from 1996 until 2007 – and he decided that he wanted to pursue different things and told execs he was calling time on his Albert Square stay.
  • James’ alter-ego wasn’t killed off when he left the show 15 years ago and it left the door open for Martin’s return.
  • But bosses really wanted him bring the character back to life but he just couldn’t let nostalgia take over.

James Bye plays market trader this days. ( BBC / Kieron McCarron),but James Alexandrou was the first Martin we all remember ( Getty Images Europe)

  1. The 37-year-old, who appeared in a whopping 707 episodes, made the incredibly tough decision not to return to the place that made him famous.
  2. Handing over his role to another James, he could at least watch the troubled favourite’s big return.
  3. Pauline and Arthur Fowler’s son was the first baby ever born on EastEnders in August 1985, as part of a major storyline into late pregnancies.
  4. Following the departure of Jon Peyton-Price, he took over the role with Martin transforming from a shy lad into a trouble maker.
  5. He was part of some explosive storylines while playing Martin, including a stalker plot, giving his baby with on-off girlfriend Sonia up for adoption and killing Jamie Mitchell in a horrific car crash.

He left the show to explore other opportunities in 2007 ( BBC)

  • When James decided to leave – bosses realised they could not kill off a character from an original family.
  • Soap bosses decided that Martin would go travelling with wife Sonia Fowler, so James and on-screen partner Natalie Cassidy left in February 2007.
  • Their exits tied in with the departure of EastEnders legend Wendy Richard after the tragic death of Walford matriarch Pauline Fowler, who Martin found lying dead in the snow in the middle of the Square.
  • James wanted to experience more opportunities and other acting jobs – but vowed to return one day if the option was available.
  • “I’ve decided to leave the show to experience other aspects of my industry,” explained James after leaving in 2007.

He was offered his job when bosses wanted to bring Martin back ( TV Grab) “Having turned 21, I felt it was a good time to leave. I owe everything to the show and would love to come back one day – that’s if EastEnders would have me.” James was in a real-life relationship with co-star Kara Tointon when he left EastEnders – but it wouldn’t last.

He started dating the Dawn Swan actress in April 2006 and opened up on their relationship after they were spotted looking very cost together in public. “Kara and I are very much together. Yes, we are dating and seeing how things develop between us,” he told the Sunday Mirror. “It’s early days, but I’ve been seeing Kara for a couple of months now.

And we are really enjoying each other’s company.” Keeping coy on the details, he added: “I’m not the kind of celebrity who flaunts my relationships. As far as I’m concerned it’s just between me and Kara.” Martin went travelling after things got too tough on the Square James Alexandrou said no to a return – and James Bye got the role instead ( PA)

  1. Sadly, the pair decided to call off their 18-month relationship in November 2011, having realised they had drifted apart after his EastEnders exit.
  2. They were said to be spending far less time together while Kara’s commitments on the show grew bigger with more intense storylines.
  3. However, a spokesman told the Sunday Mirror that their break-up was “all very amicable”.
  4. Despite stating he would love to come back, when James did not make a comeback when Martin returned to Walford in 2014.
  5. When the fruit and veg seller returned seven years later there was a new actor on-screen – James Bye.
  6. Bye became the third actor to take on the role of Martin after extensive auditions and was said to have received Alexandrou’s blessing.

He hasn’t changed much since leaving the programme behind ( Instagram)

  • Having previously claimed he would love to come back, the actor felt that returning to the role that made him famous would be “like someone asking you to go back to school”.
  • Explaining it wasn’t the right time in his life, Alexandrou said: “They were talking for a while about me going back.
  • “They made it very clear that they were bringing the character back and they would really like me to go back but it just wasn’t right for me at the time.”
  • The actor had fond memories of his decade on the soap – but it was not enough to drag him back to Albert Square.
  • “It’s the place where I spent 10 years of my formative years,” explained the actor.
  • “The attraction in it would be to see some of my old mates and have a bit of nostalgia, and that wasn’t enough at the time to do it.”

We all remember Martin’s romance with childhood sweetheart Sonia ( BBC)

  1. While many soap stars have struggled since leaving, James has managed to get steady work across a variety of roles.
  2. He carved out quite the career for himself on the stage, even playing roles in West End productions of William Shakespeare’s works, and a stint at the Globe Theatre as Romeo in 2009.
  3. That same year he also reunited with former EastEnders cast mates Natalie Cassidy, who played wife Sonia, and Nina Wadia, who starred as Zainab Masood, to star in comedy shorts for BBC Raw Words.
  4. James played Iago in The Grassroots Shakespeare London adaptation of Othello in 2014, then performed sonnets at Guildhall with Damian Lewis.
  5. Most recently in 2015 he was seen on screen as a police officer arrested for murder in a double episode of BBC crime drama, while also starring in one episode of Casualty in 2015 and The Prey in 2017.
  6. Aside from acting, James also has presenting talents and used to regularly host documentaries on BBC Three.
  7. In the last few years, James has moved into production behind the camera and is turning into a filmmaker, working as a scriptwriter for drama Myrtle and comedy The Show in 2015.
  8. He regularly posts updates of his work on short films on social media and his unrecognisable appearance – with him once shocking followers by dying his hair bright orange.
  9. Meanwhile, new actor James Bye had the unenviable task of making Martin his own without upsetting EastEnders loyalists.
  10. “It’s a huge opportunity for me to put my own stamp onto an iconic character and I can’t wait to get started,” said Bye when the news was announced.
  11. After the decision got some criticism, Bye pleaded with viewers to give him a bit of time to make the role his own as he praised his predecessor.
  12. “All I ask is give me a chance – give me a couple of months,” he asked during an interview on,

“They are enormous shoes to fill because James did such a great job. They (the viewers) are going to see him as Martin Fowler, I watch me and think ‘who is this guy?’.” James did manage to win round fans and now plays a much tougher and more fearsome Martin, who has been involved in gangs and violence.

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Who plays Martin Fowler in EastEnders now?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

James Bye
Bye in 2016
Born James Edward Bye 23 February 1984 (age 39) Basingstoke, Hampshire, England
Occupation Actor
Years active 2005–present
Known for Role of Martin Fowler in EastEnders
Spouse Victoria Bye ​ ( m.) ​
Children 4

James Edward Bye (born 23 February 1984) is an English actor who has portrayed the role of Martin Fowler in EastEnders since 2014. He competed in the twentieth series of Strictly Come Dancing,

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Why is Martin Fowler leaving EastEnders

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Fans know that Martin has been supportive of Lily and that her pregnancy has nothing to do with his decision. The market stall holder simply jumped at the opportunity of a well-paid job in Turkey. Though he’ll only stay away from Albert Square for a matter of weeks, he worries his absence may have an impact on Lily during such a delicate time.

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  • Meanwhile, the young girl’s unplanned pregnancy is set to wreak havoc not just on the Fowler and Slater households, who are still wrapping their heads around it, but also on the Brannings.

Upon discovering that Ricky Jr is the father and is helping Lily keep the baby, Jack (Scott Maslen) tries to push abortion as a solution, but Stacey (Lacey Turner) firmly rejects it, Will the families reach an agreement for their children’s sake? Read more:

Who are Lola Pearce’s mum and dad in EastEnders and how is she a Mitchell? EastEnders cast: Who is joining, leaving and returning to the soap?

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Who are the longest serving EastEnders actresses?

Jane Slaughter (actor) British actress Jane Slaughter Born1961 (age 61–62), United Kingdom EducationOccupationActressYears active1975–presentKnown forRole of in (1985–present)Children2 Jane Slaughter (born 1961) is an English actress. She is known for portraying the background role of in soap opera,

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Who joined EastEnders 2002

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Gus Smith. Gus Smith, played by Mohammed George, first arrives in Walford in May 2002, and soon begins a relationship with Sonia Jackson (Natalie Cassidy).

Who is the original Martin Fowler?

The OG Martin Fowler left EastEnders in 2007 – The original Martin Fowler from EastEnders has made somewhat of a comeback into our collective consciousness after he appeared in the newest series of BBC hit drama Call the Midwife playing an expectant dad. We couldn’t believe our eyes and clearly we were not alone, as fans took to social media to share their shock at seeing James Alexandrou on our screens once more. James Alexandrou in call the midwife ©BBC Another wrote, “Just realised from the credits that one of the ‘new dads’ in this week’s #CalltheMidwife was Martin Fowler (#2 I think?) in EastEnders. How is it I can retain useful information like that?!” A third joked, “I’d keep an eye on Martin Fowler in that van. james first joined the show in 1996 ©BBC He had a right time of it during his stint in Albert Square so we thought we’d take a look back at the character’s history and what the soap star has been up to for the last 16 years.

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Why did James Alexandrou not return to EastEnders

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Farewell to Albert Square – Martin left Walford in 2007 with his wife, Sonia Flower (played by Natalie Cassidy ), seeking new adventures and they went to travel around the world. As the character wasn’t written off in a dramatic soap death, many fans were left wondering if Martin would ever return. James as Martin Fowler in EastEnders with Natalie Cassidy as Sonia Fowler in 2004 (Image: BBC) “They made it very clear that they were bringing the character back and they would really like me to go back, but it just wasn’t right for me at the time. “The attraction in it would be to see some of my old mates and have a bit of nostalgia, and that wasn’t enough at the time to do it.” James went on to explain that he decided to leave the show “to experience other aspects of my industry” but he didn’t rule out returning to the soap one day.

Why did Martin stop acting?

Martin Lawrence Finally Reveals He Ended ‘Martin’ After 1997 Sexual Harassment Lawsuit is finally speaking about the real reason he ended his hit series Martin, explaining that he walked away from the show after co-star Tisha Campbell filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against him in 1997.

“Well, how can I say this? It just was time to end,”, initially hesitant to open up. When asked if his reason involved the lawsuit brought forth by Campbell, who played Lawrence’s onscreen wife Gina in the series that ran from 1992 to 1997, the actor confirmed it was the reason he walked away from the show.

“Yeah, because none of that was true. It was all a lot of bullshit and, just whoever’s side it was, it was bulls–t,” he said, adding that the two never spoke about the lawsuit. “We don’t need to talk about something that just didn’t happen. So I just decided to walk away from the show.

  • I just decided to end it.
  • People said that I got canceled, but that wasn’t the case.
  • I decided to just leave the show.” Article continues after video.
  • Campbell, who left the show in November 1996, charged Lawrence with “repeated and escalating sexual harassment, sexual battery, verbal abuse and related threats,”,

The suit was settled out of court. Lawrence said that he’s since bumped into Campbell and there’s nothing but love between the two. “I love Tisha. I’ve seen her then and now, now and then, always with nothing but love. I have nothing but love for her, and I always have.” Campbell confirmed that the two have since made up, saying on that Lawrence reached out after the actress split from her longtime husband, Duane Martin. Tisha Campbell and Martin Lawrence as Gina and Martin on his hit series. Campbell called the reunion a part of her “healing.” During the GQ interview, the actor also revealed that he stepped away from Hollywood for sometime due to suffering from a coma and having to relearn how to talk.

People reported back in the 90s that the actor’s then-wife accused him of drug abuse along with violent behavior. “I had to step back a little bit and get some time for myself. I was getting worn down a little bit. Scripts were just coming and coming and coming. I couldn’t do anything,” he recalled. “And I went through a coma and all that stuff.” He added that the experience taught him that “God is great.

That there is a God. And to value my life. I want to be here. And to a positive light. And that’s where I’m at. I give all praises to God.” Lawrence is now starring in the highly-anticipated Bad Boys sequel, Bad Boys for Life, out January 17. : Martin Lawrence Finally Reveals He Ended ‘Martin’ After 1997 Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

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Who is the new Vinny in EastEnders

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Shiv Jalota – Wikipedia British actor (born 1993) Shiv Jalota Born Shiv Jalota ( 1993-12-26 ) 26 December 1993 (age 29),, England OccupationActorYears active2015–presentTelevision Shiv Jalota (born 26 December 1993) is an English actor, known for portraying the role of on the soap opera since 2019.

Has Steve McFadden quit EastEnders?

EastEnders’ Phil Mitchell exits soap as actor Steve McFadden bows out after landing new role – Published: 14:45 BST, 29 May 2023 | Updated: 14:55 BST, 29 May 2023 He has been a staple of EastEnders since his first appearance way back in 1990. However actor Steve McFadden, who plays hard man Phil Mitchell, is bowing out after landing a new role.

The soap icon, 64, will be treading the boards this festive season and will appear in pantomime at Dunstable’s Grove Theatre. No stranger to the stage, Steve will be starring in Jack and The Beanstalk throughout December, meaning his character will be taking time away from Albert Square. It is not yet clear how Phil’s absence will be explained of if the exit will be a permanent one.

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Exit: Eastenders’ Phil Mitchell will be exiting the soap as actor Steve McFadden, 64, bows out after landing new role Change of scene! The soap icon will be treading the boards this festive season and will appear in pantomime at Dunstable’s Grove Theatre However Lucy Benjamin is set to return to EastEnders as Lisa Fowler more than 20 years after her character shot his character.

  • The actress, 52, will make a Walford comeback with her granddaughter Peggy in tow.
  • Lisa’s return is set to cause trouble for Peggy’s father Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) when he is shocked by their presence.
  • Soap star Lisa was last on the BBC soap for a short time four years ago when she fell pregnant by Keanu, with Lisa’s ex Phil discovering Keanu was also having an affair with his wife Sharon (Letitia Dean) at the time.

Lucy told the Mirror : ‘I can’t wait to return as Lisa after leaving for Portugal with Louise and Peggy in 2019. ‘No doubt, in true Lisa fashion, she will bring plenty of drama for many of the characters, which is why playing her is such a delight.’ In 2019, during Lisa’s brief return, her character Lisa helped her daughter flee Albert Square for Portugal after she became convinced she was responsible for Keanu’s murder.

However, while Keanu did not die, it was actually Phil to tried to see him off after Keanu got both his wife and daughter pregnant. Actor: No stranger to the stage, Steve will be starring in Jack and The Beanstalk throughout December, meaning his character will be taking time away from Albert Square (pictured in 2003) Woes: Lucy Benjamin is set to return to EastEnders as Lisa Fowler (played by Lucy Benjamin) more than 20 years after her character shot his character Lisa and Louise have since been living with Phil’s granddaughter Peggy in the Portuguese sun and Louise has remained unaware Keanu is actually alive.

It comes after it emerged Michelle Collins is returning to EastEnders 25 years after her character was killed off. The 60-year-old actress starred as Cindy Beale on the BBC soap opera from 1988 until 1998 and is reportedly due to make a return to screens along with her on-screen husband Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt), who is also heading back to the soap after a two-year break.

Cindy’s return will come as a surprise for most as the character was said to have died in childbirth off-screen whilst serving time in prison for attempted murder. Back with a bang: Michelle Collins, 60, is returning to EastEnders 25 years after her character was killed off (Michelle pictured in 1989 as her character Cindy Beale alongside Adam Woodyatt, who played Ian Beale) Comeback: The actress starred as Cindy Beale on the BBC soap opera from 1988 until 1998 and is reportedly due to make a return to screens (pictured this month) A source told The Sun: ‘This has been done so secretively but it’s going to be an absolute bombshell — an unbelievable twist.

‘Ian and Cindy are one of the most memorable couples in soap history. ‘But Cindy has been dead for 25 years — and nobody will see this coming. ‘The biggest surprise is that Michelle has so often said there’s no chance she’d come back.’ Since her time on Albert Square, Michelle has carved out a successful career on both stage and screen, having enjoyed a stint as Rovers Return landlady Stella Price in rival soap opera Coronation Street and has appeared in stage productions of musicals such as Thoroughly Modern Millie and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Why did Jim Branning leave EastEnders?

Jim Branning Fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders Soap opera character Jim Branning EastEnders character Portrayed byDuration1996, 1999–2011First appearanceEpisode 1282 29 April 1996 ( 1996-04-29 ) Last appearanceEpisode 4218 26 May 2011 ( 2011-05-26 ) ClassificationIntroduced by

  • (1996)
  • (1999)
  • (2008)

Spin-offappearances Pudding Lane (1999)

In-universe information
Other names James Archibald Branning
Occupation RetiredPotman
Wife (until 1999) (2002–2015)
Other relatives

Jim Branning is a fictional character from the, played by, first appearing on 29 April 1996 and became a regular character in 1999. He remained in the series until 2011. Jim was temporarily written out of the show in August 2007 due to Bardon suffering a, and a storyline was created in which his character also suffered a stroke.

  • Bardon returned to film four episodes in the latter half of 2008, and returned permanently from the episode broadcast on 20 August 2009.
  • On 1 April 2011 it was reported by the that Bardon had filmed his final scenes and had left.
  • He departed on 26 May 2011, and, although it was said the character may re-appear in the future if Bardon’s health improved, this did not happen and the actor died on 12 September 2014, more than three years after leaving the series.

Following Bardon’s death, it was announced in March 2015 that EastEnders would pay tribute to him and the character by staging a funeral for Jim.

What is the most watched EastEnders ever?

It’s a sign of the quality of the programme that looking back through EastEnders history for the most dramatic episode is a near impossible task, with murders, break-ups, affairs and reappearances down the years that have all left audiences floored. Despite so many absolute classics to sift through though the most watched of any episode in the soap’s history came all the way back in 1986 on Christmas Day when 30 million people tuned in to see the chaos unfold. Den’s relishing of the shocking act made him even more hated among fans and the press (Image: BBC) The explosive scene came on the back of Den finding out that Angie had lied to him about having six months to live to try and get him to stay with her, Den hitting her with the shock divorce as revenge.

  1. The pair’s marriage had been doomed for months after Den’s incessant cheating and Angie’s desperate lie spun out of control throughout that year, Den overhearing her confessing while the two were on their second honeymoon months earlier.
  2. It all culminates in Den serving Angie with a vicious glee in his face and finishing off his speech with ‘Happy Christmas Ang’.

Another one of the most watched episode of all time came on Christmas Day in 2010 when 11.4 million people flocked to their TV sets to watch Stacey Branning’s secret murder of Archie Mitchell exposed by Janine Butcher. Want more from MyLondon? Sign up to our daily newsletters for all the latest and greatest from across London here.

EastEnders fans all say same thing as Elaine Peacock returns What happened to the original Elaine Peacock actress as EastEnders recast character EastEnders fans ecstatic as they spot 90s hunk who played Beppe di Marco in new Netflix show

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Do EastEnders actors get paid a lot?

No wonder some particular cast members have stuck around so long 😬 – We’ve got loads of unanswered question when it comes to BBC soap EastEnders – why does no one seem to own a washing machine or a tumble dryer in 2022? Why does one little corner of London produce so many murders, gangsters and illicit affairs? One question we’ve always pondered is how much the actors get paid. jacqueline opened up on sam and billie’s podcast ©YouTube Thanks to another former EastEnders star, Rory Jennings, who played Craig Dixon in the soap in 2007, the actors get paid a VERY tidy amount. Speaking on The Fellas podcast, Craig was asked how much he was paid to star in the soap.

It worked out I was on a £1000 per episode but remember this was way back in the day so you had the Sunday repeat, do you remember the Sunday repeat? “You had the omnibus on Sunday, so they would do, basically for people who were hungover, I think from 12pm until 3pm they’d do all the EastEnders through the week on a Sunday repeat.

And you’d get 80% of your fee again. So you’d get a grand an episode and they 80% of that for the Sunday. So in theory you could be in four episodes a week, which would be £4000 and then you’d get 80% per episode.” The host then replied, “That’s like six grand a week!” Now, we don’t know if there’s any truth to Craig’s comments and if they still stand today, but that is A LOT and could be why Ian Beale has stayed around for so long, right? EastEnders fans know that Ian has now left Walford and he’s not the only big star to the leave the show.

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According to different reports, EastEnders’ biggest earners are said to be paid a salary. In 2013, Danny Dyer was cast 2013 as Mick Carter, and the channel listed annual salary in 2017 as between £200,000 – £249,999, making him the show’s highest paid earner in its history. Steve McFadden, who plays the iconic Phil Mitchell, is rumoured to be earning between the £200,000-£300,000 mark.

Piers Morgan also leaked Ian Beale’s salary in 2017, when he tweeted, “BBC SALARIES (Soaps) Highest paid actor: Adam Woodyatt & Danny Dyer: £200k-£249k.”

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Who has the highest body count in EastEnders

Answered By: Carter Brooks Date: created: Oct 09 2023

A list of killers who have appeared in EastEnders and have committed any form of murder, EastEnders is widely known for its high death rate with fifty eight killers so far and is the soap with the second highest death count only behind Hollyoaks, This list is only taking into account murders that we know of as characters such as Johnny Allen, Aidan Maguire and Jack Dalton were all killers long before appearing on the show. Johnny Allen, the top killer in EastEnders

Who was the first person seen on EastEnders?

EastEnders ‘ logo A photo of most of the main characters and animals who first appeared in EastEnders in 1985 The following is a list of characters that first appeared in the BBC soap opera EastEnders in 1985, by order of first appearance. They were all introduced by executive producer Julia Smith,

  1. The first episode of EastEnders was broadcast on 19 February 1985, and twenty-three main characters were already created for their first appearance.
  2. The first character to be seen was Den Watts, followed by Ali Osman and then Arthur Fowler, all of whom find Reg Cox dying in his flat.
  3. Ethel Skinner, Harold Legg and Pauline Fowler appear, after Den alerts them of Reg’s death.

With Ethel is her pug Willy along with Lou Beale, Saeed and Naima Jeffery are seen working in the local shop whilst Angie Watts is seen in The Queen Victoria, Walford ‘s local pub. Nick Cotton and Sue Osman are next seen, whilst Pete and Kathy Beale work at the fruit and veg stall and Hassan Osman is seen with his parents in the café.

  • Sharon Watts, Ian Beale and Michelle Fowler are next seen and Mark Fowler is seen going into the bookies.
  • Lastly, Roly the dog is seen in the pub when a fight breaks out.
  • Lofty Holloway is introduced on 26 February along with Terry Rich, and Tony Carpenter is introduced on 28 February.
  • Mary Smith and her daughter Annie are introduced on 5 March.

Tony’s son Kelvin is introduced on 12 March. Andy O’Brien is introduced on 21 March along with Debbie Wilkins, Chris Smith was introduced on 7 May and Mehmet Osman was introduced on 13 June as a recurring character. Hannah Carpenter arrived on 25 June as Tony’s wife and Dot Cotton was introduced on 4 July followed by Ernie Mears on 16 July.

Are any original cast members still in EastEnders?


Character Actor When they left
Kathy Beale Gillian Taylforth Ongoing
Ian Beale Adam Woodyatt Ongoing
Sharon Watts Letitia Dean Ongoing
Mary Smith Linda Davidson 2022
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Who was in the first ever scene of EastEnders

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13 million viewers watched the first episode of EastEnders, broadcast on 19th February 1985. It began with a bang as, Arthur Fowler, Ali Osman and Den Watts forced their way into Reg Cox’s flat and found Reg near death. Several weeks later Nick Cotton was revealed as Reg’s murderer.

Poor old Reg” was written by Gerry Huxham. EastEnders was created by Julia Smith and Tony Holland as a soap opera to rival Coronation Street and draw big audiences to BBC One. Set in the fictional Borough of Walford, E20, it dramatised the lives of working class east end Londoners. Introducing the soap in the Radio Times Tony Holland wrote that “gossip, intrigue and scandal are high on the list of daily events”.

Clever casting was important to EastEnders success. Many faces were unfamiliar, but the inclusion of Wendy Richard – famous as the glamorous Miss Brahms in Are You Being Served? – playing against type as dowdy cardigan clad Pauline Fowler, was an imaginative move.

Who has been in the most EastEnders?

1. Adam Woodyatt. Coming in at the top is Adam Woodyatt, who plays one of EastEnders’ original characters Ian Beale.

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How many original cast members are in EastEnders

Answered By: Harry Powell Date: created: Aug 22 2023

Here remains a record of all the original characters and cast from EastEnders when the show initially premiered in February 1985, The listing is classified by departure date, with the most recent departure being at the peak of the list, and the first farewell being at the ground of the list.

Ian Beale is the longest serving character in the show and from the original cast, who has prevailed in the show for over thirty years without having any breaks in tenure. The second longest serving character is Kathy Beale, who was the first longest-serving cast member until 1998 when she took a skimpy departure but making several guest appearances between 1999 and 2000 before leaving permanently, and then after fourteen years it was announced that Gillian Taylforth was reprising her role in the show’s thirtieth anniversary in 2015 and ever since she has remained in the show.

From the original cast Nejdet Salih, Andrew Johnson, Peter Dean, Shreela Ghosh, Anita Dobson, John Altman, Gillian Taylforth, Letitia Dean, Adam Woodyatt, Susan Tully, Tom Watt, Oscar James, Linda Davidson, Paul J. Medford and Shirley Cheriton are still alive.

How many actresses have played Peggy Mitchell in EastEnders?

Peggy Mitchell
EastEnders character
Barbara Windsor as Peggy Mitchell (2008)
Portrayed by Jo Warne (1991) Barbara Windsor (1994–2016) Jaime Winstone (2022 flashback)
Duration 1991, 1994–2010, 2013–2016, 2022
First appearance Episode 650 30 April 1991
Last appearance Episode 6550 5 September 2022
Classification Former; regular
Introduced by
  • Michael Ferguson (1991)
  • Barbara Emile (1994)
  • Louise Berridge (2004)
  • Kate Harwood (2005)
  • Lorraine Newman (2013)
  • Dominic Treadwell-Collins (2014)
  • Chris Clenshaw (2022)
Spin-off appearances
  • The Mitchells – Naked Truths (1998)
  • Marsden’s Video Diaries (2010)
Jo Warne as Peggy Mitchell (1991)
In-universe information


Peggy Mitchell (also Butcher ) is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, Peggy was initially played by Jo Warne when she first appeared in the episode broadcast on 30 April 1991, featuring in 10 episodes. Peggy was reintroduced in 1994, recast to Barbara Windsor, who made her first appearance in the episode broadcast on 7 November 1994.

  • Peggy became a regular character, and Windsor played the role until she was forced to take a long break due to poor health and departed on 23 May 2003.
  • She returned for two episodes broadcast on 16 and 17 September 2004, before rejoining as a regular character on 8 September 2005.
  • Windsor announced in October 2009 that she would be leaving the show and departed on 10 September 2010.

Windsor returned to the show for guest appearances on 20 September 2013, 25 September 2014, 17 February 2015 (as part of the show’s 30th anniversary celebrations ) and 15 January 2016. She then appeared in six episodes between 9 and 17 May 2016, where the character was killed off.

Her voice is last heard in the following episode, on 19 May 2016. Peggy’s funeral aired on 4 July 2016. An archived recording of her voice was heard on 25 January 2022. On 26 July 2022, it was announced that Peggy would feature in a flashback episode set in 1979, alongside her husband Eric and their children Phil, Grant and Sam.

Jaime Winstone played the role of Peggy for this special episode, which aired on 5 September 2022. Peggy is fiercely protective of her family and the Mitchell name, and is famous for her catchphrase “Get outta my pub!”, used when ejecting people from The Queen Victoria when she was the landlady.

Her storylines have seen her embark on a series of failed romances, including marriages to colleague Frank Butcher ( Mike Reid ) and then brother-in-law Archie Mitchell ( Larry Lamb ). She has been central to several plot lines revolving around health issues, launching a hate campaign against the HIV positive character Mark Fowler ( Todd Carty ), and going on to make amends with him when she is later diagnosed with breast cancer, which she recovers from.

The cancer later returns, ultimately leading to her suicide in 2016.