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Is Tommy Lee Royce a psychopath or sociopath

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Tommy Lee Royce is eighteen months into serving a life sentence in a Category A prison, Gravesend. He’s in decent shape compared to when we last saw him – when he looked squalid and weak on the narrow boat. Prison life, it seems, suits Tommy. He’s been spending time in the prison gym, and a crucifix tattoo on his neck and head indicate his foray into religion – an attempt at redemption perhaps.

But if there’s one thing we know about Tommy, it’s that you can never take him at face value. He may look different, but a leopard doesn’t change his spots and inside, he’s still a narcissistic psychopath. Tommy’s prison sentence has earned him a notoriety common with murders and he’s accrued a fan club of women who want to save him and will stop at nothing to please him – such as regular visitor Frances.

This thought is disturbing enough without thinking about what would happen if he was to succeed in fulfilling his twisted fantasy of putting Catherine out of her misery and claiming back what’s hishis son Ryan.

Is James Norton’s hair real in Happy Valley?

The actor wore bonded hair extensions in Happy Valley’s third and final season – When Happy Valley returned to BBC1 for its third and final season this year, few could have predicted that Tommy Lee Royce’s hair would prove such a talking point. James made his Happy Valley debut as Tommy with a bright blonde short back and sides in season one, which he shaved into a tattoo-baring buzzcut for Tommy’s prison stint in season two. Speaking exclusively to Grazia, James explained that hitting on Tommy’s look each season was a collaborative process that writer Sally Wainwright was very much a part of. ‘Sally was always really keen for Tommy to have a really strong look,’ he says, ‘and that’s one thing I’ll miss actually – getting to the first episode of a new series and deciding what Tommy’s look should be this time around.’ Season three’s transformation required hair extensions,

‘I grew my hair for a long time and I grew the beard in the lead-up to filming,’ reveals James, ‘and then they burnt in -‘ burnt?! ‘well no, not burnt, they melted in these little plastic things that held the hair and I had long hair for a month or so while we shot.’ James had a head of pre- bonded hair extensions,

It’s a form of hair extension that involves melting a small keratin bond directly onto hair with a heat gun. The bond fuses to the hair and the extensions are held in place. Applied well they can be close to undetectable – a must when it comes to filming a high-profile TV series like Happy Valley, 1 of 7 CREDIT: Instagram @jginorton

Who is the new actor for Tommy?

Tommy played by Gabriel Luna | Official Website for the HBO Series.

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Could Neil be Tommy’s dad in Happy Valley

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TV & Showbiz *SPOILERS AHEAD* ‘Want to issue a public apology to this man because I have talked sh*t about him a lot’ Happy Valley viewers have all been publicly apologising to Neil Ackroyd, a central character in the hit BBC drama, after several fan theories fell completely flat. Once again, if you haven’t watched last night’s finale, please walk away now – spoilers lie ahead.

  • To recap – Neil Ackroyd, played by the brilliant Con O’Neill, made his first Happy Valley appearance in the show’s second series.
  • He was a recovering alcoholic whose wife had left him, and took up a position working in the local corner shop.
  • It was there that he met Clare Cartwright (Siobhan Finneran), who is the sister of the drama’s main character Catherine Cawood ( Sarah Lancashire ).

The pair quickly strike up a romantic relationship, which carries on throughout the show. Neil really landed himself in trouble during this final season, when it emerged that he had been taking Ryan to visit his convicted criminal father Tommy Lee Royce in prison – a decision that nearly broke Catherine and Clare’s sisterly bond. Clare and Catherine almost fell out for good in this season of Happy Valley, with Neil at the heart of the drama. Credit: BBC The whole time, he’d seemed like a relatively minor character who just facilitated the relationship between Ryan and his dad.

  1. But it left many fans questioning why he would actually help Tommy – a bona fide Bad Man – to build a bond with Ryan.
  2. Fan theories have been flying around ever since Neil joined the Happy Valley cast, one of which was that he was secretly Tommy’s father.
  3. Someone else hypothesised : “Tommy is not Ryan’s father after all it’s actually Neil and he was the one who raped Becky all those years ago.” Another person shared a clip of Neil’s reaction the first time he realised he was dating the sister of a police officer.

But after the series wrapped up at last last night, it turned out that Neil was just a normal bloke after all – albeit a normal bloke with a few brain cells missing. It’s led to hundreds of viewers publicly apologising to the fictional character. One person said: “Sorry for talking sh*t about you Neil xoxo.” Another said: “A f*ck tonne of us all silently apologising to Neil.

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Who visits Tommy Lee in Happy Valley

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Five theories on who took Happy Valley’s Ryan to see Tommy Lee Royce in prison After a long, long wait, is back on our screens. That can only mean two things: people are making some very bad life decisions. But also: Sergeant Catherine Cawood is on the case.

  1. When we rejoin Cawood’s (Sarah Lancashire) world in episode one, things seem to be going pretty well.
  2. Almost suspiciously well.
  3. Her fragile sister Claire (Siobhan Finneran) has moved in with her partner.
  4. Her grandson Ryan (Rhys Connah), who she has always had a challenging relationship with, seems to be growing up and becoming a young man.

And after surviving the trauma of losing her daughter Becky to suicide, Cawood’s extended family seem to have mended bridges with each other. But this is Happy Valley, so, of course that’s not the whole story. In episode one, Cawood found out that Ryan has been making secret visits to his father Tommy Lee Royce () in prison.

  • He is Cawood’s arch nemesis, who she blames for raping Ryan’s mother and driving her to suicide.
  • The last time we saw Royce, he was masterminding Cawood’s downfall from prison.
  • Who could have betrayed her like this? Cawood launches her own investigation into who could be taking Ryan to see his dad (who is now facing a murder charge) behind her back.

Who could it be? We’ve tried to figure it out.

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Is Tommy in Season 3 of Happy Valley

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Tommy Lee Royce managed to escape custody. but what happened to him? (Image credit: BBC/Lookout Point/Matt Squire) The Happy Valley ending has now aired on BBC One (and the series is coming AMC+ in the US), and it’s certainly made an impact on fans all over the country with millions tuning in to see the hugely anticipated conclusion.

Throughout Happy Valley season 3, we were all on the edge of our seats as Tommy Lee Royce (James Norton) orchestrated a successful plan to escape custody, Faisal Bhatti (Amit Shah) killed troubled Joanna Hepworth (Mollie Winnard), and Catherine Cawood (Sarah Lancashire) and Clare Cartwright (Siobhan Finneran) had a huge falling out over Ryan’s (Rhys Connah) prison visits to see Tommy.

There was certainly a lot going on, and it all came to a head on Sunday, February 5 when the big finale aired on BBC One. It was a packed episode with lots of important moments, so let’s break things down. Here’s everything you need to know about the Happy Valley finale.

Is Grantchester a real place?

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show_featured_image: 0 hide_title: 0 suppress_modal: 0 mp_sf_type: None flipcard: 0 interview: 0 letter_format: 0 listicle: 1 question_answer: 0 related_content_module: 1 timeline: 0 show_numbers: 0 mp_sf_list: a:6: closing_paragraph: mp_sf_list_0_mp4_video: mp_sf_list_0_image: 16877 mp_sf_list_0_title: Grantchester, England is a Very Real Town mp_sf_list_0_description: Grantchester is an actual historic village about an hour from London where many scenes are filmed for the TV series. Its handsome country homes, thatched-roof cottages, and quaint streets appear in every episode. “It’s a small, very pretty, quiet little village, probably about 300 houses and a church. It doesn’t even have a shop, actually,” says Halstead. Even so, “it did have four pubs—down to three now—and its own gin distillery, which has come in handy!” The hamlet was first noted in the 1086 Domesday Book and today boasts only about 600 residents. Though the town appears humble, it has the world’s highest concentration of Nobel Prize winners according to the UK’s Daily Mail —perhaps because of its proximity to the University of Cambridge. mp_sf_list_1_mp4_video: mp_sf_list_1_image: 16878 mp_sf_list_1_title: Church of St. Andrew and St. Mary mp_sf_list_1_description: Scenes in the church sanctuary and the churchyard are all filmed at this ancient church, which sits at the southern end of Grantchester. Most of the building dates to the 14 th and 15 th centuries and features a tower, nave, and a chancel as light-filled and bright as it appears on the show. The cast seem to especially feel at home inside the space. “They particularly settle in there; they quite like the church. It’s got a good feel to it, very atmospheric,” says Halstead. These days that peaceful space also welcomes tourists. “It gets a lot of people coming to look for it. There are people there every day of the week, wandering around. And when come through the doors, there’s a life-sized cut out of our lead actors Tom Brittney and Robson Greene, I think it’s left up during church service, always on watch, just in case!” (Should fans be interested in attending a service, they can check out a monthly streaming of worship,) mp_sf_list_2_mp4_video: mp_sf_list_2_image: 16879 mp_sf_list_2_title: The Vicarage mp_sf_list_2_description: TV viewers get the authentic exterior of the Grantchester vicarage, which sits directly adjacent to the Church of St. Andrew and St. Mary. “The interior, anything past the door, is shot in an old building on a farm site in a little village called Lemsford, about an hour’s drive from Grantchester,” says Halstead. “It was a private residence, but it’s been empty. We’ve rented it on an annual basis. The shape of it is very similar to the proper vicarage. And the fact that it’s ours, we’ve left it dressed for six or seven years.” The current vicar’s residence is a structure that is about 300-years-old. Poet Rupert Brooke lived in Grantchester while attending King’s College in the early 1900s and his famous poem, ” The Old Vicarage, Grantchester ” recalls his time renting accommodations there. mp_sf_list_3_mp4_video: mp_sf_list_3_image: 16886 mp_sf_list_3_title: Grantchester Meadows and the River Cam mp_sf_list_3_description: Scenes of romantic walks, picnics, serious conversations, (and dead bodies!), have all been filmed in the Grantchester Meadows along the River Cam. And while this location is a cast favorite, it’s apparently a challenge for the crew. “It’s quite popular with university students picnicking and partying—tricky place to shoot because it gets so busy,” says Halstead. “We tend to start very first thing in the morning. In summer, it’s quite often mist coming off the river absolutely stunning, I mean really visually fantastic.” But the crew can’t get vehicles close enough to where scenes are filmed. “It’s a bit of a hike for them. We park as near as we can and then it’s a push down what can be a muddy hill to the riverbank.” The beauty of the spot has inspired many artistic souls; the Meadows feature in Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, in Sylvia Plath’s poem Watercolor of Grantchester Meadows, and in the track ‘Grantchester Meadows’ for Pink Floyd’s album Ummagumma. And it’s said Lord Byron often took a dip in the Cam while attending Trinity College. mp_sf_list_4_mp4_video: mp_sf_list_4_image: 16890 mp_sf_list_4_title: The Green Man Pub mp_sf_list_4_description: Grantchester’s historic pub, The Green Man, still serves as an exterior filming location for the series, even though COVID has forced its closure. The Green Man was first recorded as a public house in 1847. If you visit, there are still three active pubs in the village: The Blue Ball Inn, The Rupert Brooke and The Red Lion, but none are used for filming. (While Geordie and his vicar pals mention The Red Lion, it’s not a location for the show: “”It’s quite a modern gastro pub, not suitable for us,” says Halstead.) Interior scenes of beer and backgammon are filmed across numerous out -of-town locations including The Eagle in Cambridge, The Windmill in Chipperfield, and a defunct, empty pub in Hammersmith, west London. The shuttered Hammersmith location “had been our ‘go to’,” says Halstead because of its two small bars, where the crew had its own space while filming happened in the other. But during COVID, shooting wasn’t allowed there. “We had to measure the room and divide the square footage to tell us how many people would be allowed,” says Halstead. “We could only get three people in the bar! So, we had to recreate the interior in an old stately home—just took a corner of the home that had a bit of a bar in it and turned it into a pub!” mp_sf_list_5_mp4_video: mp_sf_list_5_image: 16881 mp_sf_list_5_title: The Historic City of Cambridge mp_sf_list_5_description: Cast and crew typically visit Cambridge each season to film scenes. They set up on the King’s College campus and in streets that don’t require much ‘dressing’ to fit the 1950s storyline. “We change some shop frontages, put in our own phone box, cover the yellow lines in the road, but it’s not massive,” says Halstead. “I mean there are great streets in Cambridge that you can make feel like the 1950s in minutes. We use King’s Parade quite regularly. Also, Trinity Lane and Senate House Passage.” He adds the bigger issue for filming is cyclists. Given that a big part of the population consists of students, bicycles are exceedingly popular. “You nearly get killed every time you try to film there. They refuse to stop for anybody. They just ring a bell and charge at you. Happens every time we go there!” related_content_intro: related_content_links_0_title: Sign up for the limited-series MASTERPIECE Mystery! Insider email newsletter related_content_links_0_url: related_content_links_0_open_in_new_window: 0 related_content_links: a:1: related_content:

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Did Will marry Bonnie in Grantchester?

What can we expect from Grantchester season 8? – When first confirmed that fans would be getting Grantchester season 8 it was announced that the focus of the latest season would be “faith, forgiveness and redemption” and that Geordie and Will would be pushed to the “limit”.

This certainly came through in the Grantchester season 8 trailer and episode 1 where huge potential changes were already in motion following on from season 7. Geordie and Will in Grantchester In the opening episode of Grantchester season 8, the idea of early retirement was put to Geordie who wasn’t at all on board despite being told it was him simply being afraid of change.

Meanwhile, the honeymoon period was well and truly over for Will and Bonnie – who was now heavily pregnant with their first child together. In the season 7 finale she told Will she didn’t necessarily believe in god and now she’s a vicar’s wife this hasn’t changed.

It was made clear in episode 1 that she hated attending church groups and perhaps this will start to cause friction between her and Will. But as they very nearly lost each other in season 7, fans might well be hopeful that they’d be able to work through their differences. Ernie had also been acting up in season 8 and Will struggled throughout episode 1 to discipline him.

Towards the end of the episode Bonnie decided to go and look after her mother who’d had a stroke and argued with Will for treating her like she’s fragile, just because she’s pregnant. Will continued to be tormented by the fear that he will be just as terrible a father to his child as his own father was to him.

Alone and eager for a bike ride, things took a dramatic turn ahead of episode 2 as the tragic “accident” teased by ITV took place. Will hit a man who stepped into the road when he was out riding his bike and his fate is left in the balance. Robson Green in Grantchester season 8 trailer Having spent a lot of Grantchester season 7’s finale considering the idea of forgiveness it remains to be seen how Will will respond and whether the man will survive.

Geordie and Will’s bond was reaffirmed in the final moments of the Grantchester season 7 finale and now they are officially family thanks to Will’s marriage to Bonnie. But with him now potentially responsible for a death, will Geordie be able to help him or could an investigation drive a wedge between them? As season 8 continues, more will come to light and now you’ve explored our Grantchester season 7 recap you know exactly what plot-threads have implications for the latest series.

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Why didn t Sidney marry Amanda in Grantchester

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hide_title: 0 mp_sf_type: None flipcard: 0 letter_format: 0 listicle: 1 question_answer: 0 show_numbers: 0 mp_sf_list_0_mp4_video: mp_sf_list_0_image: 10467 mp_sf_list_0_title: Where We Left Off mp_sf_list_0_description: It’s been nearly two years since MASTERPIECE last visited Grantchester, so let’s take a stroll back to 1955, when Sidney Chambers wrote his letter of resignation and broke Mrs. Maguire’s heart in order to follow his own. He’d intended to give up his vicar-and-sleuth duties, marry Amanda, and raise baby Grace together in London. But he never did submit that letter, and it was Amanda’s and Sidney’s hearts that broke; Sidney ultimately couldn’t desert his calling, his congregation, and his makeshift family. For that family, the season ended on an up note: Mrs. Maguire married and became Mrs. Chapman, Geordie and Kathy made up, and Leonard embraced honestyand Daniel! mp_sf_list_1_mp4_video: mp_sf_list_1_image: 10468 mp_sf_list_1_title: Where We Pick Up mp_sf_list_1_description: It’s 1956, and Elvis Presley has Geordie grumbling about the decline of decency, while mold in the vestry has Mrs. Chapman grumbling about baking soda vs. vinegar. But it’s action, not grousing, that Sidney craves, and when an African American reverend arrives to speak about religion’s role in the civil rights movement, Sidney finds inspirationand perhaps something more! mp_sf_list_2_mp4_video: mp_sf_list_2_image: 10470 mp_sf_list_2_title: Farewell, Sidney Chambers, farewell, James Norton! mp_sf_list_2_description: Season 4 marks James Norton’s final episodes as Sidney Chambers. As the in-demand British actor who’s helmed not just Grantchester, but McMafia and War and Peace departs the series, so too must Grantchester ‘s jazz-loving, crime-fighting vicar. Norton cites the tying up of the Amanda storyline and the natural conclusion that came with Sidney’s choosing the church as a good point for departure. Telling Radio Times that “there are other vicars, other conflicted souls to explore”, he cites the opportunity for a “fresh injection of energy” into the series. Perhaps MASTERPIECE’s Executive Producer, Rebecca Eaton, says it best: “It’s a bittersweet time for Grantchester fans, who will be cheering the return of the series but crushed to say goodbye to James. We want to assure them that the series they love will continue—with brilliant new episodes and a captivating new vicar.” mp_sf_list_3_mp4_video: mp_sf_list_3_image: 10469 mp_sf_list_3_title: Hello, Will Davenport, hello Tom Brittney! mp_sf_list_3_description: Which brings us to said captivating new vicar, Will Davenport. As chaplain at Cambridge’s Corpus Christi, he’s considered, like Sidney, a “boat-rocker” and a “liability” by the Dean. But unlike Sidney, Will wears his rebellion on the outside as well, arriving in Granchester clad in leather, on a motorcycle. A fan of rock-n-roll, Will is younger than Sidney, meaning that he never fought in the war and is free of the kind of post-war demons that torment Sidney. That’s not to say that Will doesn’t have a dark past of his own Playing Will Davenport is Tom Brittney, whom American audiences may recognize from his role as villain Roger Lockwood on UnReal and Lieutenant Jeremy Foster in Outlander, Stepping into James Norton’s shoes as vicar, Brittney told MASTERPIECE and PBS, was “a fun and exciting, but also daunting experience,” one made easier by virtue of Grantchester being “the happiest set. It’s got a reputation in Britain of being just a wonderful set for every actor to step on to.” As for working with Robson Green, Grantchester ‘s Geordie, Brittney describes it as “a dream—it was a dream come true. I’ve never worked with someone quite so wonderful as him. And I miss every day that I don’t get to work with him. He’s become a best friend of mine and made going to work—if I can call it that—a joy, every day.” But fans of a bromance, beware: Will and Geordie’s relationship doesn’t start off as smoothly as Tom Brittney and Robson Green’s! Solving crimes just isn’t on Will’s radar when he first dismounts his motorcycle in Grantchester mp_sf_list_4_mp4_video: mp_sf_list_4_image: mp_sf_list_4_title: How & When to Watch mp_sf_list_4_description: Grantchester Season 4 premieres Sunday, July 14 at 9/8c on MASTERPIECE on PBS. Don’t miss Sidney Chambers’ final episodes and Will Davenport’s first ones! Watch the Season 4 trailer now, and share it with a friend who loves a good mystery (or a #hotpriest). mp_sf_list: a:5: closing_paragraph: show_featured_image: 0

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What condition has Tommy got

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Tommy Mallet has told how he went from being ‘unable to read and write’ and ‘tortured’ by his mind due to undiagnosed ADHD to a multi-millionaire on the Forbes 30 Under 30 rich list. The former TOWIE star, 31, also explained that his life is now ‘completely different’ compared to last year, following his diagnosis with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder,

In an exclusive interview with MailOnline, the Mallet London footwear founder – who has son Brody, two, with reality star fiancée Georgia Kousoulou, 32 – said he is on the ‘right path’ and finally feels stable for the first time in his life. He said: ‘For me ADHD is a super power, it just needs to be understood properly.

If you can understand it and work with it, it can be the best tool you’ll ever get in your life as I can out perform most people in most things. ‘When I was undiagnosed, I couldn’t read and write, I wasn’t able to express myself properly and now I can express myself really really well.

I can do meetings with billionaires or sit down with a kid at school who’s in a unit. Incredible journey: Tommy Mallet has told how he went from being ‘unable to read and write’ and ‘tortured’ by his mind to a multi-millionaire on the Forbes 30 Under 30 rich list Inspiring: In 2015, the former TOWIE star, 31, channelled his passion for trainers into his own footwear line, Mallet London, and the business clocked £11.8 million in sales in 2020 ‘I live a very uncomfortable life because I’m constantly chasing after the next thing and I don’t know the feeling of what being content is.

‘The money side is one part of my life but I also want to be a dad and be present as a partner. I’ve really got that balance in the first time in my life. ‘When you’re sitting there, thinking and trying to be the best all the time, it’s very hard to do that but then sit at home and get up late.

I have to get up in the morning, I have to train to be half stable. ‘Those who are struggling with ADHD, if you can tap into it like I have and give yourself a routine, it could be so good for you.’ The reality TV star, who left school with no GCSEs after struggling with dyslexia, worked as a carpenter before becoming a reality TV star on TOWIE.

In 2015, Tommy then channelled his passion for trainers into his own footwear line and the business clocked £11.8 million in sales in 2020, with Mallet London shoes and apparel stocked in over 150 stores around the world. The businessman father-of-one also detailed the mental ‘torture’ he went through during his time on TOWIE, prior to his diagnosis.

  • Tommy told MailOnline: ‘I’m successful so nothing matters to me any more.
  • I’m past that stage of being a reality TV star.
  • ‘I’ve got this thing where I’m impulsive and where it affected me the most is being so worried about people selling stories or me being involved in something at the wrong time.
  • Now I’m at the stage at my life where I’ve got success the worry has gone.

‘I had so much torture in my head of being thrown off the show or doing something wrong. ‘I did miss out on a lot with having ADHD on TOWIE because I didn’t trust myself in a lot of situations so it did make my journey a bit tougher. Last year, Tommy unveiled his ADHD diagnosis on his ITVBe series Georgia and Tommy: Baby Steps.

He got emotional as he and fiancée Georgia recalled his troublesome school years living with undiagnosed ADHD, Tommy is now involved in a campaign to help young children who are in the same position as he was. The father-of-one is the face of Superdrug’s new apprenticeship campaign Rise Up To Level Up and hopes to raise awareness around the support needed for young people to gain valuable life skills.

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He added: ‘I left school with no GCSEs, which I’m quite open about, and when I left school my mum pushed me into architecture and I took an apprenticeship scheme doing it. Family: Tommy told MailOnline he is on the ‘right path’ and finally feels stable for the first time in his life with son Brody, two, and reality star fiancée Georgia Kousoulou, 32 (pictured) ‘I always say that if it wasn’t for doing those three apprenticeship schemes I wouldn’t have ended up being where I am today.

‘As a businessman now I try to do as much as possible and do my bit, I hire a lot of young kids and try and show them the ropes and put them in the right direction. ‘I’m very passionate about helping kids who are in the same position I was in.’ Tommy also detailed how he went through a difficult time in his life and was ‘praying’ for his ADHD diagnosis to point out what was wrong with him.

He told MailOnline: ‘When I went to get diagnosed I was praying that I was going to get told I actually had it, because I was going through such a hard time in my life and I didn’t know what I had wrong with me. ‘I always knew my mind was so erratic and so intense.

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Who was supposed to play Tommy in Peaky Blinders

Answered By: Leonars Smith Date: created: Nov 04 2023

The Big Picture –

Steven Knight initially chose Jason Statham for the role of Thomas Shelby in Peaky Blinders, attracted by his physical presence, but later realized that Cillian Murphy’s ability to transform and embody the character was unparalleled. While Statham excels in likable action star roles, his portrayal wouldn’t have been suitable for the complex character of Thomas Shelby, who is a calculating, emotionally closed-off anti-hero with strategic methods. Murphy’s acting prowess and his past performances as imposing characters made him the perfect fit for the role of Thomas Shelby, as he could effectively convey the character’s depth, murderous drive, and ability to manipulate others.

When renowned screenwriter Steven Knight set about formulating what would become one of his best creations, the modern gangster classic television series Peaky Blinders, he had a very important choice to make. He already had his main character fully fleshed out: Thomas Shelby, an ambitious, emotionally shut off war veteran who conducts himself like he’s already dead and living on borrowed time.

  1. Night was deliberating between two very different actors when deciding who best had the skills to embody Shelby.
  2. One of these men was an icon of the Irish acting scene, able to be in almost any kind of film you can imagine.
  3. The other was an icon of the rough and tumble action film scene, equally capable of fighting off sharks and jump-kicking down doors.

It was the matchup nobody could have foreseen, Cillian Murphy vs. Jason Statham,

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Why didn’t Jeffrey Pierce play Tommy

Answered By: Horace Peterson Date: created: Oct 18 2023

Jeffrey Pierce On Returning To ‘The Last of Us’ As Perry, Gabriel Luna’s Tommy, & How The Show Reignited His Love For Acting | Geek Culture He might not have gotten the role he intended for when he auditioned, but somehow, American actor Jeffrey Pierce can always count on the hit video game The Last of Us to change his life in ways he could not have imagined.

  • Back before the release of the 2013 video game, the 51-year-old actor auditioned for the role of game lead, Joel, but didn’t get it.
  • Instead, game creator Neil Druckmann was so impressed by his audition that Druckmann offered the role of major supporting character Tommy, Joel’s brother, which Pierce took and reprised in the 202 sequel.

That year, Pierce was nominated for the BAFTA Award for Performer in a Supporting Role in what would be his most famous and well-known role to date. And a decade later, Pierce would be one of the few voice and motion capture actors from the game to make the leap from video game, to the live-action series adaptation of the game for HBO.

Actress Merle Dandridge, who voiced the role of Marlene in the original game, is the only legacy actor from the original video games to play the same role in the HBO series. “One of the things that I’ve talked about a little bit before is that before I came in and read for Tommy, I auditioned for Joel in the game and I was great but Troy Baker came in and he was Joel! So when they called me in to play Tommy, that was something completely different and I loved every moment of crafting that character, sort of almost in response to what Troy was doing,” said Pierce in an interview with Geek Culture.

Actor Gabriel Luna now plays the role of Tommy, across Pedro Pascal’s Joel, in the HBO series The Last of Us, whereas Pierce has returned to play an original character, Perry. Introduced in episode 4 ‘Please Hold to My Hand’, Perry is an ex-militant who together with, Kathleen (Melanie Lynskey), had overthrown the Kansas City branch of FEDRA, aka the Federal Disaster Response Agency, regarded as an antagonistic faction in the franchise.

Truth be told, Pierce was hoping he would be able to play the role of Tommy when he first heard news of the adaptation, since it’s a character he holds dear to his heart. But after witnessing Luna’s take on the character and seeing how well Luna and Pascal worked together, Pierce could not find a more perfect pairing.

“They were looking at Mahershala Ali to play Joel at one point. I was like ‘Well then there’s no way I’m playing Tommy’ and when they cast Pedro, it’s like ‘Yeah, there’s definitely no way I’m playing Tommy’,” said Pierce. “But you know, 20, 30 people gave feedback on Tommy before I saw any of his lines and after I got off the stage 2 or 300 people at Naughty Dog took my performance and digitised it and repainted it, so Tommy belongs to a lot of people before he belongs to me, and Gabriel took all of those different facets and brought them to the show.

  1. I don’t think you’re going to find a handsomer, more charismatic Tommy, so I’m honoured by his performance.
  2. I get to sit back and say that I was part of his creation of that character.” Pierce added, “But as soon as was greenlit, I told Neil ‘Anything, I’ll stand in the background with the spear.
  3. It would be my absolute joy to help this thing come to life in any way!” shared the actor.

“And then I got to be this character who to me is every iconic thing that I would ever want to do in a role, and then gets his great ending, it is just sort of perfect.” In the series, Perry and Kathleen might be new characters, but the duo have established an important presence in the show.

His relationship with Kathleen isn’t as drawn out as viewers, nor Pierce, would’ve liked but the recent new revelations have certainly caused a stir and mass interest, especially with the recent release of episode 5 too. “I know that Perry is absolutely in love with Kathleen, and we never talked about whether or not their relationship had any sort of consummation but in terms of what his feelings are for her, they’re as deep as you can go for another person.

In one aspect, she is in charge but in terms of capability and capacity for violence, Perry has a lot more of that inside of him and a lot more experience with that than she does,” shared a passionate Pierce on his take on the duo. “He is physically, I think in many ways, her protector.

The idea that these things that you do for love are not necessarily positives and that the worst things that we can do as human beings are often done for love as well is very much alive in Perry and Kathleen’s story.” For Pierce, it was important to him that his portrayal of Perry would be like a playable character in the game.

After all, the actor is a fan of the Naughty Dog games, having played both The Last of Us and its sequel multiple times, and would love to be able to play Perry and Kathleen’s story in a video game format should the opportunity arise. “If I could do something from the series in the game, I would want to play Perry and Kathleen’s story.

  • I would want to know what happens in Kansas City that led to the overthrow of the FEDRA government.
  • That would be an amazing story.
  • It’s 12 or 15 hours of gameplay right there that I would really enjoy playing,” said the 51-year-old actor.
  • When I thought about Perry I thought about him from a practical level and a character level.

I also wanted to honour what he would be in a game so when we talked about his wardrobe, when we talked about his weaponry and talked about what he would carry with him, I wanted it to be a character that would be a playable character within the game.” Given the positive response he has had from fans of the game and series, Pierce is grateful for the opportunity, even claiming that his role of Perry helped him fall in love with the craft of acting once more.

The actor also has fond memories of shooting the action scenes and working together with Lynskey. “In many ways, doing The Last of Us and then doing the games that I’ve done, has helped me fall back in love with the craft of acting because it demands more of you than just you know, a standard episode of television.

My heroes growing up were the classics of De Niro and Daniel Day-Lewis and Marlon Brando, and being able to do that level of work on the HBO stage I should retire now,” joked Pierce. “Every moment with her (Lynskey) was amazing because there’s a life and uniqueness to every take that she does.

  • Being able to sort of ride that wave was amazing but my favourite thing was sitting in the warming tents and just chatting about life and our kids, and getting to know her as a person.
  • She just is such an extraordinary person.” Perhaps, the biggest takeaway for Pierce in his years of voicing Tommy in the video games and now, playing Perry in The Last of Us, is that art – be it film, games, or a painting – should leave an impact on the world and inspire change in its audience.

“I hope that like all great art, The Last of Us holds a mirror up, that it moves people, that it upsets people because I think that art has to do that. We have a lot of things that we need to solve as a species in order to get to a place where we’re actually going to survive.

The metaphor of the apocalypse is an apt metaphor because we’re looking down the barrel of it. We can’t get past racism and misogyny and clash of religions. If we can’t get past those things, we don’t deserve to keep going and I think that stories like this, give us an opportunity to look in the mirror and change,” said Pierce.

“I hope that kids who were 12 years old when The Last of Us came out are in their mid-20s and that story is part of the way they look at the world. When I meet fans of the game who have had their lives impacted by it, it’s impacted the way that they think and the way they look at the world and I think that the idea that 20 million people a week are going to have that same opportunity to be affected is really really important.” When asked what he would need to survive a zombie apocalypse Pierce gave a simple answer.

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How long did Tommy Lee Royce get in jail

Answered By: John Smith Date: created: Aug 14 2023

Series 1 – Recently released from prison after serving eight years for drugs related offences, the seemingly quiet and unassuming Tommy finds himself a job working for Ashley Cowgill, a property developer with a successful drugs dealership on the side.

  • Before spending time in prison, Royce was seemingly in a relationship with troubled teenager, Rebecca “Becky” Cawood, daughter of Catherine and Richard, who he is believed to have raped, resulting in an unwanted pregnancy, and Becky’s eventual suicide.
  • Tommy was never reported for this crime.
  • Through Ashley, Tommy becomes involved in the kidnap and abduction of Ann Gallagher, the daughter of millionaire businessman Nevison Gallagher – an uneasy plan cooked up between Ashley and Nevison’s employee Kevin Weatherill, who rents one of Ashley’s caravans as a weekend retreat for himself and his family.

Once Ann Gallagher has been abducted, Tommy quickly reveals his true colours when left alone with Ann, while she is being held captive in a basement and menacingly asks her if she is a virgin before raping her. This is later realised by Lewis when he finds her underwear on the floor.

After 3 days of her being held captive, Ashley agrees with Tommy, and believes they should kill Ann because she knows too much. Tommy takes on the responsibility of killing her, the others involved not wanting to know any details; with this freedom, Tommy takes Ann to his mother’s cellar, where he plans on keeping her as a sex slave before killing her.

Following up on Tommy because his Mother’s address is down as his release address, Sergeant Catherine Cawood visits Lynn’s house and after becoming suspicious, discovers Ann tied up in the basement. Catherine sets about freeing her just as Tommy returns.

A fight breaks out, Tommy viciously beats Catherine, Ann frees herself and attacks him and Catherine puts pepper spray in his eyes. Ann drags a near-fatally injured Catherine out of the cellar, leaving Tommy blinded. He later escapes the scene before Catherine’s colleagues can find him. Royce turns to Lewis after he is cut loose by Ashley.

Lewis organises for them to hide out in the flat of his mate, Brett McKendrick. Things turn ugly following a sudden house to house by the police searching for them in connection with the murder of P.C. Kirsten McAskill, after hearing Lewis begging Brett to come with him to turn Royce in, a fight presumably breaks out between Tommy and Lewis, as when Brett returns to his flat later, he finds Tommy in the bathroom with stab wounds.

When he offers to give Lewis a doing over as punishment, Tommy is confused that Brett thinks Lewis is asleep in the living room. Concerned, he goes to check and finds Lewis lying in a pool of blood, having had his throat slit. Tommy comes out of the bathroom to check Brett isn’t going to be a problem, but when he becomes hysterical with shock, Tommy wrestles him to the floor and strangles him before taking his clothes in order to escape the flat.

Finding wanted posters of him and Lewis everywhere, he slips into a charity shop and emerges in a simple disguise. He then boards a bus to Hebden Bridge, narrowly missing a nearby Catherine and Ryan. Having been watching his son Ryan at a distance, Royce catches him outside a local shop and takes his chance to approach him.

  • As they chat, he convinces Ryan to go with him to a boat on the canal he has broken into and is taking refuge in.
  • Ryan makes an error of judgement by bringing his friend Chesco to meet his dad, infuriating him.
  • Believing he will soon be caught and suffering with septicemia, Royce plans suicide for him and Ryan as an act of revenge and on Ryan’s next visit he pours petrol over himself and his son, seeing too much of himself in him and believing that neither of them will ever be able to live a normal life.
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Before he can light the two of them on fire, Catherine is alerted by Clare that Ryan has been visiting his Dad and they go to find the boat and when Ryan screams out, Catherine runs to save him, getting him out. She severely batters Tommy, who is already weak from his injuries, despite him begging her to kill him, she sprays him with foam before kicking him again, having to be pulled off by her colleagues before she does kill him.

What did Tommy Lee Royce do to Anne?

Ann Gallagher Occupation -Police Officer works along side Sgt Catherine Cawood (Sarah Lancashire). Ann Gallagher (Charlie Murphy) is the daughter of billionaire businessman Nevison Gallagher (George Costigan) and his wife Helen (Jill Baker). She is the target of a kidnap plot by Nevison’s disgruntled Accountant, Kevin Weatherill (Steve Pemberton) after Nevison refuses to give him a pay rise in order to send his daughter, Melissa (Sydney Wade), to a better school.

  1. Evin makes a deal with local thug Ashley Cowgill (Joe Armstrong) to kidnap Ann and blackmail Nevison for the ransom money, which will be split between them.
  2. Ashley then instructs two of his male employees to kidnap Ann for a cut of the money.
  3. The kidnap is carried out by the recently released from prison, notorious, drug dealing rapist, Tommy Lee Royce (James Norton) and Lewis Whippey (Adam Long) who follow Ann as she drives in her Mini, purposely banging into her, resulting in her getting out to confront them.

Whilst talking to Lewis she is hit and grabbed from behind by Tommy, she yells and kicks out as she is bundled into a Transit van by Lewis and Tommy. She is then taken to the basement of one of Ashley’s houses. When Lewis returns to Ashley, he leaves Ann at the mercy of Tommy, who rapes her.

  1. Lewis works out what Tommy has done when he returns after he spots Ann’s underwear on the floor, he then calls Ashley to check if that was part of the plan telling Ashley that he believes Tommy’s had Ann and that he hopes the same isn’t expected of him because he’s no rapist.
  2. Lewis refuses to leave Tommy alone with Ann again.

They go to the basement to take a photo of Ann to be sent to her father as proof she’s alive, but when Tommy goads Ann by putting his hand between her legs, Lewis steps in to stop him, is viciously beaten by Tommy and left in the basement with Ann. When Tommy returns he orders Lewis to leave, which he does in fear of another beating.

  1. Having received a tip-off of Tommy’s whereabouts, Sgt Cawood goes to the house where Ann is being held.
  2. Ann tries to get her attention as she knocks at the door, her police car is spied by Tommy from a window and of the assumption the police know Ann is there, Tommy calls Ashley asking why there’s a policewoman knocking on the door, Ashley is oblivious and he tells Tommy to get Ann ready to be moved.

Lewis is driving Ann to the new location in the van as Tommy drives Ann’s car, but things get out of hand when Lewis is stopped by PC Kirsten McAskill (Sophie Rundle) because he is speeding. Tommy is watching on in the mirrors of the car as PC McAskill is talking to Lewis.

  1. She also tells Lewis he has a tail light out and asks him to come and look for himself so he can see how dangerous it is.
  2. Ann starts making noise to get the attention of PC McAskill, but Lewis tells her it’s his Labrador, when she asks what it’s called he says “Tommy”.
  3. Ann starts screaming through her gag.

PC MCAskill realising it’s a person then insists Lewis opens the door, to which Lewis still insists it’s a dog. Tommy then turns the car around and drives to the back of the van. PC McAskill, clocking the car, asks Lewis if the keys are in the ignition and tells him to wait there whilst she retrieves them.

On returning she asks Lewis if he knows the person in the car to which he responds “no”, she then hands him the keys instructing him to open the back of the van. Realising Lewis is a liability about to blow it by opening the van, Tommy reverses the car straight at them, Lewis quickly moves out of the way while PC McAskill is crushed between the van and the car.

As she falls to the ground she uses her radio to alert her police colleagues of the danger she’s in. Tommy responds by reversing over her as a horrified Lewis looks on. Sgt Cawood and other police respond to the call immediately as Tommy runs over her again.

He then gets out the car and tells Lewis to get the van off the road “as if you’re arse is on fire”. Lewis responds by calling him a “nutter” before leaving while Tommy looks down at PC McAskill, whose bloodied and battered body lies in the road. Tommy returns to the car, callously running over her again as he is turning the car to drive away from the scene to catch up with Lewis in the van.

Ashley arrives at the van where Ann has been taken and tells Tommy vehicles have been crushed and to take the van and the car and to dump Ann somewhere. Tommy thinks he means kill her, much to Ashley’s horror, but Tommy insists she knows too much thanks to Lewis and he’s not going back to prison because of this and insists they ask for more money.

At the same time, Ann, realising that Lewis is not like Tommy tries to reason with him into helping her get away, but he insists he can’t. Sgt Cawood breaks into the house where Tommy was seen and finds evidence of a hostage situation, but is oblivious to Ann’s kidnap. Instead of disposing of Ann as instructed by Ashley, Tommy moves her to his Mother’s cellar where he intends to keep her a sex slave.

Sgt Cawood finds Ann captive when she visits Tommy’s Mother’s house after Tommy turned up to her Grandson Ryan’s school and told him he’s his father. Tommy returns before Ann can be freed and a vicious fight ensues between Sgt Cawood and Tommy. Although they both manage to escape, Sgt Cawood is badly injured and Tommy flees before the police arrive.

  1. As the police treat her attack as attempted murder, in hospital, Ann confides in her that Tommy Lee Royce raped her and asks her to tell Nevison, but not Helen, who is dying of cancer.
  2. Ann eventually recovers and joins the police.
  3. She also enters into a relationship with Daniel, whose wife divorced him, and by season 3 is happily married to him.

: Ann Gallagher

What is Tommy Lee Royce in jail for?

Few fictional villains have engrossed British audiences as much as Tommy Lee Royce. Happy Valley ‘s handsome but unhinged principal baddie, played by James Norton, may be facing the rest of his twisted life behind bars. But it’s unlikely the series’ creator Sally Wainwright would have placed him at the centre of Series 3 if he no longer posed a threat to our heroine Sgt Catherine Cawood (Sarah Lancashire) and her grandson Ryan (Rhys Connah).

  • To understand why Catherine rightfully fears and loathes Royce we need to look at his back story.
  • Here be spoilers.
  • Read more: Happy Valley’s Ann Gallagher star Charlie Murphy’s life from Peaky Blinders fame to famous boyfriend Born to heroin addict Lynn Dewhurst and an unidentified father, Royce is damaged from the start.

He develops psychopathic traits such as compulsive lying, manipulation of others, fanciful ambitions and a lack of empathy or remorse. Royce also exhibits narcissistic tendencies, such as an obsession with his appearance, which often go hand-in-hand with psychopathy.

He is a misogynist and is violently abusive towards women, including his mum. As a young man, he has a relationship with Catherine’s troubled teenage daughter Becky, Royce is said to have raped her – although in his deluded mind, Royce claims they were ‘in love’ – resulting in the birth of Ryan. Overwrought by her ordeal, Becky kills herself.

Judging by his subsequent crimes, Royce probably did rape Becky but he never faces justice for it. Royce is involved with organised crime early on. He’s suspected of murdering Gary Gackowski on the orders of the Knesevic gang. Gary’s body, partially encased in concrete, is later found in ‘Baitings’ reservoir, Unhinged: Tommy Lee Royce Royce murders PC Kirsten McAskill (Sophie Rundle), a young officer investigating Ann’s kidnap. Kirsten stops Royce and his associate Lewis Whippey (Adam Long) for a background check on their van. He runs Kirsten over and reverses over her to make sure she’s dead.

  • Royce rapes Ann while guarding her and having been given the order to kill her, takes her to the cellar of his mum’s house where he intends to keep her as a sex slave before murdering her.
  • When Catherine finds Ann, Royce begins to beat Catherine savagely.
  • Catherine saves herself by blasting Royce with pepper spray while Ann escapes.

The kidnap plot foiled, Royce murders Lewis and Brett McKendrick (Adam Nagaitis), a friend of Whippey’s who has lent Royce his flat as a hideout. Finally, he kidnaps Ryan and douses the boy and himself in petrol in an attempted murder-suicide. But Catherine saves Ryan and Royce is returned to the can.

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