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What mental illness does Curtis have in Coronation Street

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Coronation Street fans have finally found out what Curtis Delemare has been hiding since he arrived on the famous cobbles. Viewers of the ITV soap have been dubious of the Bistro waiter ever since he arrived on the scene earlier this year. And now their suspicions have proved to be correct.

READ MORE: Corrie’s new Max star reveals how he felt taking over the role and teen’s new ‘rebel’ side Curtis, played by Sam Retford, suffers from factitious disorder – a serious mental disorder in which someone deceives others by appearing sick, by purposely getting sick or by self-injury – and not the serious heart condition fiancee Emma Brooker thought he was suffering from.

It may also be known as Munchausen syndrome. Curtis revealed in July that that he had a life-threatening heart condition. Curtis with his fiancee Emma (Image: ITV) But in Wednesday night’s double bill (December 1) he went to see a specialist, leaving a worried Emma in the waiting room. And as he headed in to see the doctor there was a bombshell moment as the doctor told him there was nothing that could be done for him. Get a weekly round-up of Coronation Street news, spoilers and fan chat direct to your inbox. The newsletter will land in your inbox on a Friday and bring you the highlights of everything we’ve written about Weatherfield that week. It will include the latest action both on and off the cobbles, what you thought about the soap’s top storylines and what the stars are up to away from the set.

Plus much more! So you’ll never have to miss a thing. To sign up simply follow this link and tick the box next to MEN Coronation Street. @RuthWal66772187 tweeted: “Omg!!!! what have we just heard! he’s always looking dodgy but didn’t expect that!” The news was revealed after Curtis was thrown by the arrival of his dad, Neville, in Weatherfield.

His appearance came as a shock to Emma as Curtis told her his dad was dead. But he told her it was his stepdad. Corrie viewers are now fully aware of Curtis’ very real mental illness – while Emma is still none the wiser as she plans for their Christmas wedding.

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Who is the new child in Coronation Street

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Coronation Street spoilers follow. Coronation Street introduces a new child star in Friday’s episode (August 11) as the role of Ruby Dobbs is recast. Ruby features in a new storyline as she shows off her talents in the Little Big Shotz auditions, but she’s looking a little different. ITV Macy Alabi, who played Ruby from the character’s birth in 2012, has left Coronation Street and her final episode aired at the end of June. Digital Spy understands that Macy has bowed out to concentrate on her studies, as she’s starting high school this September. ITV In Friday’s episode, Ruby watches on as her confident older sister Hope rehearses for the Little Big Shotz summer spectacular, fully expecting to land the lead role. Hope is in for a shock at the community centre later on, as Glenda Shuttleworth announces that Ruby has secured the lead part instead.

Ruby is delighted by her success, but Hope isn’t amused by the realisation that she’ll have to be her younger sister’s backing dancer. Next week, Ruby and Hope also play a role in the big revelation that newcomer Cassie Plummer is Tyrone Dobbs’ long-lost mum, Ruby and Hope express excitement over having a new grandmother in their life, but a wary Tyrone must decide whether he’s willing to let a recovering addict be part of their upbringing.

Check out more of our Coronation Street coverage: – 11 huge Coronation Street spoilers for next week – Coronation Street star Claire Sweeney explains Cassie’s huge new decision – Coronation Street films Stephen Reid’s next shocking murder plan – Coronation Street lines up new issue-based storyline for Ryan Connor – Coronation Street ‘s Cait Fitton shares her childhood dream of being on soap – Coronation Street ‘s Lucy Fallon returning to Bethany Platt role – Coronation Street star Todd Boyce reveals why Stephen Reid could be killed off Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1 and streams on ITVX. Daniel has been writing about soaps on Digital Spy since 2004 and took over as Soaps Editor in 2010. He has interviewed hundreds of soap stars over the years, from Bill Roache to Lacey Turner, and regularly visits the sets of Coronation Street, EastEnders, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks for behind-the-scenes trips and press events.

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Who is the new foster lady in Coronation Street

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Abi was overjoyed when, after a lapse which saw her mouth off to the judge, she was given the opportunity to prove herself as a mother. This meant she would be moving to the home of a care worker for a while to be supervised with her child – and the foster carer turned out to be Wendy Papadopoulos (Roberta Kerr).

Formerly known as Wendy Crozier, she was visibly uncomfortable when Abi revealed she was from Coronation Street; and tonight Abi learned exactly why! By entering your details, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and privacy policy, You can unsubscribe at any time. As the two women took Alfie for a visit, Abi embraced husband Kevin (Michael Le Vell), who remarked that Wendy seemed familiar to him.

Abi told him about Wendy’s odd behaviour since they arrived on the cobbles, but it wasn’t until Abi bumped into friend Tracy McDonald (Kate Ford) that the truth came out. Tracy unleashed her famous fury (ITV) Tracy was furious to see Wendy alongside her, and wasted little time in shouting abuse at her father’s former lover. Tracy warned Abi that Wendy was not to be trusted, before warning Wendy not to come back, issuing one last threat for good measure! Abi had no success in trying to calm the situation down as she stared at Tracy in shock; but she later quizzed Wendy once they were back at the flat.

What size is Glenda in Coronation Street?

The Biggest Loser – Prenger won the second series of The Biggest Loser in 2006, making her the first female in the world to win the show, starting the show a size 22 and weighing 115 kilograms (18.1 st). During the series, she lost over 51 kilograms (8.0 st).

  1. Her final weight was 61 kilograms (9.6 st) and she slimmed down to a size 10 before settling at a size 14/16.
  2. Prenger won £25,000 for winning the series.
  3. In 2006, Jodie Prenger was also featured on Charlotte Coyle ‘s Fat Beauty Contest on Channel 4, where Coyle searched for plus-sized models for a beauty pageant.

On 10 March 2009, Prenger appeared on The Paul O’Grady Show and spoke about her time on The Biggest Loser, On seeing a picture of herself after initially losing weight, she said that she believed she lost too much weight and became too thin at that time.

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Did Lily Collins actually have to lose weight

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How much weight did you have to lose for the role? – “They never gave me a number or a goal weight, but I ended up losing around 20lbs. My nutritionist put me on lots of supplements and I was eating every meal, just specific things. I was very proud of the fact that I was never overly tired, I never missed a day of work and I never forgot my lines.

We really made sure to maintain a semblance of control over the situation and also just to make sure my body was functioning the way that it should. I was reminding myself daily that I was hired as an actor, not because of the body I would have attained by suffering.” “I think it’s all situational. ‘Never say never’ is the mentality I’ve started to live by.

When I was young I said, ‘I never want to dye my hair’. Now I’ve done it so many times and in Okja I was this pink/red colour, so you never know until something slaps you in the face. This script came along and smacked me hard. I was like, ‘Wow this is something I need to do.'” This content can also be viewed on the site it from.

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What is the most weight someone has lost

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The most weight lost in a lifetime by a male is 2,268 kg (5,000 lb; 357 st; 2.2 tonnes) achieved by Michael Hebranko (USA).

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Did Lily Collins lose weight for her role

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Lily Collins has been continuously open about her history of dealing with an eating disorder, which is, in part, what drew her to the upcoming Netflix film To the Bone, The movie follows a 20-year-old named Ellen (played by Lily) as she undergoes inpatient treatment for anorexia, meeting other young people with eating disorders along the way.

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In order to prepare for the role, Lily had to lose weight – something that she was understandably worried about, given her own personal history. The actress told Refinery29 that it was a “scary process,” but she added: “I knew that, this time, I would be held accountable for it. I would be under the supervision of a nutritionist and surrounded by all these amazing women on set.

So, I knew that I would be in a safe environment to explore this.” Along with her weight loss, however, came comments from other people – some of which were pretty problematic. In a recent interview with The Edit, Lily revealed that she even received a compliment about her drastic decline in weight.

“I was leaving my apartment one day and someone I’ve known for a long time, my mom’s age, said to me, ‘Oh, wow, look at you!'” the actress recalled. “I tried to explain and she goes, ‘No! I want to know what you’re doing, you look great!’ I got into the car with my mom and said, ‘That is why the problem exists.'” Part of the issue here, of course, is that society has wired us to view weight loss as something to compliment people on.

Thanks to unrealistic beauty standards, so many people view thinness as an “accomplishment,” like the person Lily encountered. These types of comments can be harmful to anyone, but especially to someone who has experienced an eating disorder in the past.

  • Praise over weight loss can easily be triggering to someone who has engaged in eating disorder behaviors, which is why the National Eating Disorders Association encourages friends and loved ones to avoid commenting on weight or physical appearance at all.
  • Instead, they advise to “focus on positive personality traits and other qualities that have nothing to do with appearance.” It’s a good rule of thumb for anyone; after all, you never know what someone might be struggling with internally.

If you are struggling with an eating disorder and are in need of support, please call the National Eating Disorders Association Helpline at 1-800-931-2237. For a 24-hour crisis line, text “NEDA” to 741741. Related:

Lily Collins Explains Why Recovering From Eating Disorder “Doesn’t Define Me” This Is What an Eating Disorder Expert Wants You to Know About Netflix’s New Movie

How old was Glenda when she died?

British actor Glenda Jackson in April, 1974. Evening Standard/Hulton Archive/Getty Images hide caption toggle caption Evening Standard/Hulton Archive/Getty Images British actor Glenda Jackson in April, 1974. Evening Standard/Hulton Archive/Getty Images Glenda Jackson has died at the age of 87, after a brief illness, according to her agent, Lionel Larner. “One of the world’s greatest actresses has died, and one of my best friends has died as well,” he told NPR.

Jackson died Thursday morning at her home in London, he said. In addition to a distinguished career that included Oscar, Tony and Emmy awards, Jackson represented her London district as a member of Parliament’s House of Commons for 23 years. Jackson lived her life in three distinct acts. The first, and longest act, was as one of the finest actors of her generation.

She blazed hot on the stage, first attracting notice in 1964 with the Royal Shakespeare Company when she played Charlotte Corday in Peter Brook’s production of Marat/Sade, set in a mental hospital. (She reprised her role in the 1967 film.) Jackson’s success on stage translated to film.

She starred in Ken Russell’s 1969 adaptation of the D.H. Lawrence novel, Women in Love and the romantic comedy, A Touch of Class, with George Segal. She won Academy Awards for both films. Other roles included Sunday Bloody Sunday and Mary, Queen of Scots, Jackson also entered peoples’ households as Queen Elizabeth I in the BBC series, Elizabeth R,, for which she won two Emmys.

Quite a trajectory for a woman who grew up among the working-class poor, outside of Liverpool, in a flat with an outdoor toilet. Jackson found her calling acting with an amateur group, and ended up with a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. New York University theater professor Laurence Maslon said Jackson was a working-class, female version of such British contemporaries as Albert Finney, Michael Caine and Alan Bates. “They were the angry young men, but she was sort of the angry young woman, I suppose,” he said.

  • She certainly had the looks and the skill to transition into film pretty quickly.” But despite great screen and stage success – she starred in Eugene O’Neill’s five-hour play, Strange Interlude, in London and on Broadway – Jackson admitted that her profession had its insecurities.
  • I think the longer you act, the more you realize you don’t know,” Jackson told Grimshaw.

“The possibilities for making the wrong choices are much greater than the probabilities of making the right ones. And that sort of fear is something that you probably learn to control better, but it doesn’t grow any less.” As she was settling into middle age, Jackson was already thinking about her second act. “Certainly, the life of an actress in films is very short. And in the theater, there’s a terrible trough when there are no parts worth playing,” Jackson explained. “I mean, until you sort of hit about 60 and then a few sort of cracking character parts.

  1. And I really can’t see myself hanging around for 20 years waiting to play an old biddy in something.” Always a supporter of the Labour Party, Jackson ran for Parliament in 1992 and won.
  2. When she stepped down, after serving for more than two decades, she told NPR in 2018, “I enjoyed the constituency responsibilities.

I was extremely fortunate. But I must be honest, I don’t miss Parliament itself. I mean, I saw egos going up and down those corridors that would not be tolerated for 30 seconds in a professional theater.” But in a moment of political theater, when Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was eulogized in Parliament in 2013, Jackson took the moment to vociferously criticize her and got roundly booed by Tories on the back bench, Glenda Jackson’s third act was her triumphant return to acting, in her 80s. She starred in Elizabeth is Missing, a television film about woman coping with dementia, as King Lear in both London and New York, and in Edward Albee’s Three Tall Women, for which she won a Tony Award in 2018.

Who is the oldest person in Corrie?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

William Roache OBE
Roache in October 2017
Born William Patrick Roache 25 April 1932 (age 91) Basford, Nottingham, England
Occupation Actor
Years active 1958–present
  • Anna Cropper ​ ​ ( m.1961; div.1974) ​
  • Sara McEwan Mottram ​ ​ ( m.1978; died 2009) ​
Children 5, including Linus and James
Military career
Allegiance United Kingdom
Service/ branch Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Years of service 1953–1956
Rank Captain

William Patrick Roache OBE (born 25 April 1932) is an English actor. He is best known for playing Ken Barlow in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street, Roache is the longest serving cast member in Coronation Street having appeared in the show since its very first broadcast on 9 December 1960. He is listed in the Guinness World Records as the longest-serving television star in a continuous role,

How old is Max in Corrie in real life?

Soap recast – Max Turner was originally played by Harry McDermott

  1. Max Turner has been played by two separate actors on Coronation Street, with Harry McDermott taking on the role in 2010.
  2. Harry was involved in some huge storylines for the character, including the deaths of his parents Callum Logan and Kylie Platt in separate incidents.
  3. However after 10 years of playing the role, Harry left in 2020 as soap bosses planned for the character to take on more mature storylines.
  4. A spokesperson for Coronation Street said: “We have all watched Harry grow up alongside Max Turner for the past 11 years and we want to thank him for everything he has brought to the character.
  5. “It is always a difficult decision to recast a role and we look forward to following Harry’s career as he continues with his acting studies and explores other opportunities.
  6. “We wish him every success for the future.”
  7. Since then, Max has been played by Paddy Beaver, who despite playing a teenager is actually 20 years old in real life.

Paddy Beaver took over the role of Max Turner in 2021 (Image: ITV) Paddy also revealed to the Manchester Evening News that he won the role while taking his A-Level exams. “I had an A-level the next day so I made the decision not to revise for the A-level and focus on the tape,” said Paddy.

  1. I then didn’t hear anything for a month so I presumed I hadn’t got it and then I got called for a screen test which was so exciting.
  2. I was so nervous but when I got there it just struck me that everyone was so lovely.
  3. I did my screen test with Jack Shepherd then a week later I found out I’d got the role which was amazing.

“I also somehow got an A in the A-level I didn’t revise for so it all worked out ok in the end!” Since then, Paddy’s portrayal of Max has seen him taking on a number of hard-hitting storylines, with the character’s recent arrest set to bring more drama to the cobbles.

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Is fiz leaving Coronation Street 2023

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Fiz Dobbs (Jennie McAlpine) – Fiz Dobbs leaves Coronation Street. ITV When is Fiz Dobbs returning? 2023. Fiz Dobbs will be temporarily off of the cobbles as actress Jennie McAlpine has announced the wonderful news that she is expecting her third child with her husband Chris Farr. “Alan was the first person I told,” McAlpine told OK! Magazine,

“I was thinking, ‘I might not be feeling brilliant and if you bring any butter near me I might feel sick’. We’ve been busy, so he’s really looked after me – and the bosses. They all know and they’re all really happy. We might have to start hiding Fiz behind a washing basket again!” It is unknown how long Fiz will be absent from the soap, but the character has left the cobbles to work in Norwick for six months.

However, we can expect her to stay in touch with her family back home while she is gone.

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Who is returning to Corrie 2023

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Bethany Platt – Lucy Fallon as Bethany Platt. (Image credit: ITV) Coronation Street favourite Lucy Fallon is reportedly set to return to the cobbles as Bethany Platt after a three-year absence. Lucy played Bethany for five years until her character left Weatherfield in 2020 for a magazine internship in London.

Now, it has been reported that Lucy will reprise her role as Bethany after giving birth to her baby boy, Sonny in January with her boyfriend Ryan Ledson. Filming is said to commence in the coming months and her first scenes will allegedly air after Christmas. A TV source told The Sun : “Lucy is one of soap’s most talented actresses who won lots of awards for her powerful portrayal of Bethany’s grooming storyline.

She was destined for big things and everyone was sad to see her go but the door was always going to be left open for someone of her calibre and popularity. “Bosses reached out to her a few weeks ago about the possibility of coming back, and told her everything they’d planned for Bethany if she agreed.

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Has fizz had her baby in real life?

Jennie McAlpine welcomes third child & shares their ‘very Corrie’ name Published: 09:20 BST, 28 August 2023 | Updated: 10:36 BST, 28 August 2023

  • has revealed she has welcomed her third child with her husband Chris Farr.
  • The star, 39, welcomed a baby girl in April, and held off from publicly announcing her birth so as to enjoy the newborn bubble for five months.
  • Now she has introduced her little one to the world in and explained the special meaning behind her name.
  • Her little girl was born just before midnight on April 4 at Manchester’s Wythenshawe Hospital, weighing 7lbs 11oz and was named Doris.
  • Jennie, who has played Fizz Dobbs on the show since 2002, already shares two children with Chris – Albert, eight, and four-year-old Hilda.

Congratulations! Jennie McAlpine has revealed she has welcomed her third child with her husband Chris Farr Baby joy: The Coronation Street star, 39, welcomed a baby girl in April, and held off from publicly announcing her birth so as to enjoy the newborn bubble for five months (pictured in Jan) As the couple decided to keep the gender a surprise until the birth, they had a list of both boys’ and girls’ names.

She told the publication: ‘It was a big conversation. There were a lot of boys’ names discarded, mainly because of football. Albert is a Manchester United fan and I think he left us with about two boys’ names to choose from.’ Jennie revealed that they finally settled on a name that had a personal connection to her.

She explained: ‘Doris is a family name and I love that it goes with Albert and Hilda. They’re also all very “Corrie”. The actress who played the first Rovers landlady, Annie Walker, was called Doris Speed so there’s obviously something in my DNA that means these baby names keep happening! ‘People have said before that Albert and Hilda sound like two childhood sweethearts writing to each other during the war.

  1. Her daughter’s name Hilda was also inspired by a Corrie character, Hilda Ogden, who was played by the late Jean Alexander.
  2. Before giving birth, Jennie confessed: ‘I can probably guarantee that whatever the name we choose, it will have been a character in Corrie – I don’t know how to avoid it!’
  3. She also revealed that Doris has already met several of Jennie’s Corrie co-stars, including Maureen Lipman and her on-screen husband Alan Halsall.

Adorable: Her little girl was born just before midnight on April 4 at Manchester’s Wythenshawe Hospital, weighing 7lbs 11oz and was named Doris Family: Jennie, who has played Fizz Dobbs on the show since 2002, already shares two children with Chris – Albert, eight, and four-year-old Hilda (pictured 2016) Jennie is currently on maternity leave from the soap, with her character Fiz going to Norwich for a new job to explain her absence, but she insisted that she would be coming back.

  • She explained how she discovered her baby news while enjoying a camping trip with Chris and their children.
  • Feeling nauseous, the former I’m A Celebrity campmate decided to take a pregnancy test, and soon realised she’s had a bun in the oven for about five weeks.
  • Appearing on Loose Women earlier this year, Jennie admitted she had been given some words of warning about becoming welcome a third child into the world.

She said: ‘When you have one, it’s nice, two is chaos, and three – no one wants to babysit. They say the chaos doesn’t treble, it just gets more chaotic.’ Jennie continued to work throughout her last pregnancy, and revealed the creative way producers managed to hide her growing baby bump on Corrie.

What illness does summer have in Coronation Street?

Diabetes and Coronation Street Coronation Street’s Summer Spellman, played by Harriet Bibby, found out last year that she has, Since then we’ve followed Summer as she has come to terms with her diagnosis and her struggles in managing her condition through her relationship with food and disordered eating, while juggling the added pressure of sitting her exams. Recently we have seen Summer being held against her will, and denied access to her insulin – which results in diabetic ketoacidosis, also known as DKA. DKA can occur when there is a severe lack of insulin in the body. This means the body can’t use sugar for energy, and starts to use fat instead.

  • When this happens, chemicals called ketones are released.
  • If left unchecked, ketones can build up and make your blood become acidic – it is a serious condition if not treated fast, so it’s important to be able to spot the symptoms.
  • Below is more information on DKA and these key symptoms, along with more content relating to the experience of Summer since her initial diagnosis.

We’re here if you need support, information, or just a chat. If you have diabetes or you’re a parent, partner, relative or friend of someone with diabetes, talking can help. Being emotionally ready to use diabetes technology is just as important as learning how it works.

Having diabetes can lead to negative thoughts and feelings about food. Take a look at our tips on how to deal with them. Some people with diabetes can develop an unhealthy relationship or fixation on food. Find out how to recognise this behaviour and get support. If you’re worried a friend or family member with diabetes has an eating disorder, here’s how to spot the signs and where to get support for you both.

Read about Lynsey’s struggle with the emotional impact of living with type 1 diabetes, her experience of diabulimia and what has helped her with her mental health and diabetes. Find out about how we’ve been working with the Coronation Street team to ensure that diabetes is accurately and sensitively portrayed in the media and on screen.

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Do people with Munchausen’s know they have Munchausen

Answered By: Alexander Wright Date: created: Aug 19 2023

Types of behaviour – People with Munchausen’s syndrome can behave in a number of different ways, including:

claiming to have physical symptoms – for example, chest pain or a stomach achemaking up medical histories – they may give loved ones, medical professionals or support groups a false medical history to indicate an illnessactively trying to get ill – such as deliberately infecting a wound by rubbing dirt into it

Some people with Munchausen’s syndrome may spend years travelling from hospital to hospital faking a wide range of illnesses. When it’s discovered they’re lying, they may suddenly leave hospital and move to another area. Some people with Munchausen’s syndrome may undergo painful and sometimes life-threatening surgery, even though they know it’s unnecessary.

What illness does Paul in Corrie have?

Coronation Street spoilers follow. Coronation Street will air a difficult week for Paul Foreman next week, as he experiences some distressing emotions alongside tough physical symptoms. Paul was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) in April and he has found experiencing the physical effects of the illness increasingly difficult over the past few months. ITV ITV Related: Corrie reveals how Ryan’s big story begins Billy later returns home with a walking aid for Paul to use, with Paul saying that the aid will take a little getting used to. But when Billy suggests that he could use a wheelchair instead, Paul is horrified, feeling that this isn’t what he wants. ITV ITV Related: Corrie villain returns for Cassie storyline Gemma suggests that Paul take her son Bryn outside for a runaround at the park, but when the pair are out together, little Bryn suddenly runs off. Paul tries to go after his nephew but he falls to the ground while catching up to him, with Peter Barlow coming to the pair’s aid. ITV ITV Related: Corrie ‘s Stephen betrays Peter over Rufus secret Later in the week, Paul gets into the spirit of Pride and wants to head out in some fancy dress. But he is later dismayed when his occupational therapist agrees with Billy that he would benefit from a wheelchair. ITV ITV ITV Related: Corrie films possible exit for killer Stephen Reid Paul gets a lift later on when three drag queens help him out of a taxi and carry him into The Rovers. As everyone rallies round him, Paul gets upset at the thought that this will be his last ever Pride.

  • It has already been confirmed by Corrie bosses that this storyline will lead to Paul’s death, although there will be some happiness for him and Billy in the near future as they become the first gay couple to get married on the soap.
  • Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1 and streams on ITVX.
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Coronation Street has been working on Paul’s storyline with support from the MND Association, which focuses on improving access to care, research and campaigning for people affected by motor neurone disease. The charity’s helpline MND Connect (0808 802 6262) is available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, and 7pm to 10.30pm. Reporter, Digital Spy Susannah is a freelance writer, specialising in the entertainment industry. She graduated in 2014, with a BA in English and American Literature and Creative Writing, and an MA in Creative Producing. She’s been writing for Digital Spy ever since, after first getting involved through work experience, and has written hundreds of stories for the site on a range of topics, from The Sims to Doctor Who,

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What size is Glenda in Coronation Street

Answered By: Malcolm Jenkins Date: created: Apr 09 2024

The Biggest Loser – Prenger won the second series of The Biggest Loser in 2006, making her the first female in the world to win the show, starting the show a size 22 and weighing 115 kilograms (18.1 st). During the series, she lost over 51 kilograms (8.0 st).

  • Her final weight was 61 kilograms (9.6 st) and she slimmed down to a size 10 before settling at a size 14/16.
  • Prenger won £25,000 for winning the series.
  • In 2006, Jodie Prenger was also featured on Charlotte Coyle ‘s Fat Beauty Contest on Channel 4, where Coyle searched for plus-sized models for a beauty pageant.

On 10 March 2009, Prenger appeared on The Paul O’Grady Show and spoke about her time on The Biggest Loser, On seeing a picture of herself after initially losing weight, she said that she believed she lost too much weight and became too thin at that time.

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Which coronation star loses weight

Answered By: Sebastian James Date: created: Mar 26 2023

Coronation Street’s Sue Cleaver reveals the secret to her incredible weight loss transformation after dropping three stone – Published: 17:44 BST, 22 August 2023 | Updated: 19:05 BST, 22 August 2023 Sue Cleaver has revealed the secret to her incredible weight loss transformation after she dropped three stone as part of a lifestyle overhaul.

  1. The Coronation Street star, who turns 60 next month, admitted she ‘over-did red wine’ during the pandemic and pilled on the pounds,’ which inspired her to give it up.
  2. Despite her character Eileen Grimshaw spending a lot of time in The Rovers, she admitted that pubs are her ‘idea of hell.’ Speaking Kaye Adams on her How to be 60 podcast, in quotes obtained by The Sun, Sue explained: ‘In the pandemic we all over-did things.

I spent a lot of it drinking lots of lovely red wine and I put on a lot of weight doing it. ‘Then I did dry January and I thought. “I wonder what life would be like if I stopped completely?”‘ Amazing: Sue Cleaver, 59, revealed the secret to her incredible weight loss transformation after she dropped 3 stone (pictured left this year and right in 2006) The actress added her husband Brian Owen, shares different views and ‘love pub culture.’ ‘It was my idea of hell when I drank and especially now that I don’t drink,’ she said.

  1. Last year, Sue insisted she’s ‘not obsessed over diets’ as she reflected on the unfair expectations placed on women while covering the March issue of Prima magazine.
  2. The Coronation Street star displayed her slimmed-down figure in a glamorous new shoot to accompany the interview as she declared she would never promote any weight-related products as women have ‘enough difficulties as it is’.

On not being embroiled in diet culture she told the publication: ‘I lost some weight in the jungle, but I’m not obsessing over diets: life is hard enough! ‘There’s always going to be outside pressure and unfair expectations placed on women, but I refuse to get pulled into it.

‘That’s why I’ll never promote anything weight-related, and it’s why I’d always rather compliment somebody on their smile or their outfit, rather than their weight.’ She continued: ‘Let’s just let women be women – we have enough difficulties and struggles as it is.’ Life style: She admitted: ‘I did dry January and I thought.

“I wonder what life would be like if I stopped completely?”‘ During the chat she also opened up about her stage of live as she nears her 60th birthday. She said: ‘My 50s have been the happiest decade of my life. I’m happy with me and where I am, so I’m looking forward to seeing what the next decade brings.

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Has the actor who plays George on Corrie lost weight

Answered By: Jackson Flores Date: created: Feb 05 2024

Coronation Street star Tony Maudsley has left fans stunned by his weight loss transformation. Tony, 55, has been playing the resident funeral director George Shuttleworth on the ITV soap since 2020, and recently fans have noticed that he has shed some pounds.

  • They took to social media to compliment the actor, remarking on how good he looked.
  • Underneath a photo of Tony with his co-star Gareth Pierce, who plays Todd Grimshaw on the soap, one person commented: “Looking very trim Mr M,” while another asked: “How did you shed weight?” Since arriving on the Cobbles, George has become one of the street’s most loved characters.

He runs the funeral parlour on Victoria Street called Shuttleworth’s Independent Funeral Services with the help of Todd, And it appears that George will be staying on the street for the foreseeable future after he signed a new contract with the show. Tony Maudsley has impressed fans (Image: MCPIX/REX/Shutterstock) Speaking enthusiastically, Tony revealed: “I only told her I’d signed a new contract, and this is what happens! “I thought she’d be pleased! That’s George keeping Eyelash on her toes until at least July 2024, and I couldn’t be happier.” In 2021, he also spoke about his future during a chat with Inside Soap as he said: “They can’t get rid of George, as there would be no one to bury him! I hope that doesn’t happen in the near future, as I’m happy on Corrie.” George has been in a relationship with Eileen Grimshaw since 2021, and the couple is one of the most dynamic duos on the street, and they appear to be going from strength to strength. George has become a regular on the show (Image: ITV) It appears that, Tony would like to see his character step things up with Eileen, as he revealed in an interview with TV Times that he would like them to tie the knot. He said: “I’d love George and Eileen to marry Sue, and I have lots of ideas about their wedding – it would have to be a big thing. George has been on the cobbles since 2020 (Image: ITV) Tony also explained that they would have Mary Taylor and his sister, Glenda Shuttleworth, would be bridesmaids on the big day. However, at the moment, George has been having a tough time of it, as he and Todd have clashed over work.

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How did coronation star lose weight

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Coronation Street star Sue Cleaver has hit out at accounts that are exploiting her recent weight-loss in order to scam fans. The star, who plays Eileen Grimshaw on the cobbles, took to her Instagram account to call out accounts which have been using her photos to advertise diet products, explaining that she hadn’t been on a diet or been using supplements to lose weight.

“I’m really, really sad that I have to actually make this video,” she said in the post, explaining that she’d received messages from fans about advertisements they’d seen with her photos. She continued: “I’ve had quite a lot of messages over the last couple of weeks asking me about keto dummies.” Related: Coronation Street : The walls close in on Stephen “There is obviously some scam going around saying that I lost weight using keto gummies, dummies – I dunno.

Well, it’s crap. It’s a scam. “It’s outrageous. And I just want you to know that I would never, ever, ever advocate anything like that. I’m absolutely incensed.” The actress then went on to explain that her recent weight loss wasn’t due to a diet, but instead a combination of giving up alcohol, her time on I’m a Celebrity and a recent illness. ITV Sue then revealed she’s had “women’s health issues” which contributed to the weight loss and was now trying to put weight back on after sorting out the problems. “Life’s too short to worry about dieting and finding quick fixes,” she concluded. “Just be happy with yourself.” Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1 and streams on ITVX. Reporter, Digital Spy Brenna Cooper is a freelance journalist, who currently specialises in entertainment reporting. She joined Digital Spy in 2022, writing TV and movies stories for the site. After graduating with an NCTJ accredited Journalism Masters from the University of Sheffield in 2020 she has since embarked on a freelance career.