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Who is playing Wednesday in Addams Family

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Summary –

The Addams Family has been adapted multiple times, with seven actresses playing Wednesday Addams, including Lisa Loring, Cindy Henderson, Christina Ricci, Debi Derryberry, Nicole Fugere, Chloë Grace Moretz, and Jenna Ortega. Christina Ricci’s portrayal of Wednesday Addams in the 1990s movie duology established the character’s iconic sardonic and dark persona, while Jenna Ortega’s performance in the 2022 Netflix series brings a gothic and socially awkward take to the character. Jenna Ortega’s portrayal of Wednesday Addams has been highly successful, making history as the most-watched English television series on Netflix in its first week and earning critical acclaim, including nominations for a Primetime Emmy Award, SAG award, and Golden Globe. Ortega is now known as the new face of the beloved character.

The Addams Family returned to the screen in Tim Burton’s Netflix series, with a new actress who played Wednesday Addams — here’s every Wednesday Addams Family actress explained. The classic characters are originally based on the 1938 single-panel New Yorker cartoons by Charles Addams, but it wasn’t until the 1960s sitcom that The Addams Family would become pop culture staples.

  • Since the sitcom, The Addams Family has been adapted on numerous occasions for the big and little screens, with seven actresses having the opportunity to play Wednesday Addams in these projects.
  • Wednesday Addams is the daughter of Gomez and Morticia, and has inherited her parents’ fascination with homicide and torture, which she often practices on her (usually) younger brother Pugsley.

With her deadpan tone and dark wit — particularly in Christina Ricci’s version of the character — Wednesday is often a highlight of The Addams Family movies and TV shows. Since The Addams Family characters have been around for nearly 85 years, who played Wednesday Addams has varied.

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Who plays Morticia now

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia “Morticia” redirects here. For the winner of a 2017 Thoroughbred horse race, see Soaring Softly Stakes, For the corpse flower which bloomed in 2018, see Amazon Spheres § Flora,

Morticia Addams
The Addams Family character
Carolyn Jones as Morticia Addams in the 1960s television series
Created by Charles Addams
Portrayed by Carolyn Jones (1964) Anjelica Huston (1991, 1993) Daryl Hannah (1998) Ellie Harvie (1998) Bebe Neuwirth, Brooke Shields (2010) Samantha Womack (2017) Catherine Zeta-Jones (2022) Gwen Jones (2022)
Voiced by Carolyn Jones (1972) Janet Waldo (1973) Nancy Linari (1992) Charlize Theron ( 2019, 2021 )
In-universe information
Family Fester (originally maternal uncle, brother-in-law in the modern versions) Grandmama Addams (mother-in-law) Ophelia Frump (sister) Cousin Itt (cousin-in-law) Debbie Addams (née Jellinsky) (sister-in-law, Addams Family Values ) Grandpa Droop (maternal grandfather) Grandma Droop (maternal grandmother) Hester Frump (née Droop) (mother) Grandpa Frump (father) Uncle Tic (maternal uncle) Aunt Phobia (aunt by marriage) Cousin Blob and Creep (maternal cousins) Clump (maternal uncle) Aphasia du Berry (aunt by marriage) Cousin Catastrophia and Melancholia (maternal cousins) Aunt Trivia (maternal aunt) Father Addams (father-in-law) Delilah Addams and Mooma (grandmothers-in-law) Mortimer and Slurp (grandfathers-in-law) Diandra Addams (step-grandmother-in-law) Millicent con Schlepp (aunt-in-law) Unnamed (uncle-in-law) Cousin Balthazar (cousin-in-law)
Spouse Gomez Addams (husband) Rupert Styx (ex-fiancé)
Children Wednesday Addams (daughter) Pugsley Addams (son) Pubert Addams (youngest son, Addams Family Values ) Wednesday Jr. (youngest daughter, Halloween with the New Addams Family ) Pugsley Jr. (youngest son, Halloween with the New Addams Family )

Morticia Addams (née Frump ) is a fictional character from the Addams Family multimedia franchise created by American Charles Addams in 1933. She plays the role of the family’s reserved matriarch. Morticia Addams has been portrayed by several actresses in various Addams Family media, including Carolyn Jones in the television series The Addams Family (1964), Anjelica Huston in the feature films The Addams Family (1991) and Addams Family Values (1993), and Catherine Zeta-Jones in the streaming television series Wednesday (2022).

What languages does Morticia speak?

The Addams Family are famous for being creepy and kooky, but they’re also great role models for building self-confidence. Ok, some of you might not know who the Addams Family are, but you should! There is the original 1960s TV series as well as a couple of movies that can probably be found on one of the streaming services.

Play with trains. Gomez understood that play time is important for both children and adults. It’s cool to hold onto your train set or work on your yo-yo tricks even when you’re grown up. Pursue your own interests. Both Gomez and Morticia used their free time to become more accomplished. You may want to raise roses instead of carnivorous plants. Study languages. Morticia was best known for speaking French, but the happy couple could express themselves in many languages. Sometimes they’d converse in Yiddish, Spanish, or Italian. Expand your vocabulary so you’ll have the right word for any occasion. Keep romance alive. The chemistry between Gomez and Morticia was a big part of the appeal. A loving family provides a strong foundation for happiness and success.

Confidence Lessons from the Other Characters

Bond with your siblings. Wednesday and Pugsley could always count on each other. They kept each other safe even when they were playing with dynamite and spiders. Feel comfortable with your size. People sometimes worry about being smaller or bigger than average. Lurch the butler was one of the family despite being almost seven feet tall. He also excelled at his job by instantly producing whatever the family needed. Enjoy your life. Cousin Itt was covered with hair and had a squeaky voice, but that didn’t stop him from being a charmer. Real beauty comes from within. Recognize that you are complete. For a creature who was a disembodied hand, Thing led a remarkably full life. He could walk on his fingers or communicate in Morse code. Remember that when you feel limited. Stay young at heart. Grandmama and Uncle Fester were two feisty seniors. You may want to take a pass on wresting alligators, but you can still enjoy outdoor sports and time with your friends. Light up a room. Speaking of Uncle Fester, who could forget his light bulb trick? Generate your own energy by tackling challenging projects and teaming up with others.

Confidence Lessons from the Whole Family

Follow your own fashion sense. Develop your personal style. Wear clothes and accessories that you like. Make your house a home. Create an environment that is comfortable and enjoyable for you and your family. Consult others for ideas but adapt them to your own lifestyle and preferences. Welcome guests. People were always dropping in on the Addams Family and often trying to rush away just as quickly. At the same time, the family always managed to remain hospitable. Treat your guests warmly even if they’re beatniks or truant officers. If you feel sure of yourself, you can be tolerant of any opposition and open to different points of view. Know your own worth. Today, the Addams Family is more beloved than ever as an example of a healthy and happy family. Assess whether the criticism you receive is valid. If you sincerely believe you’re on the right course, you may still be headed for success.

Let Addams Family values into your heart. Have the confidence to be true to yourself even if you have the only house on the block with a bed of nails and a two-headed sea turtle. You’ll get more out of life and your increased confidence will lead the way to success. Be you! Be Fearless in your confidence!

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Are the Addams Family French or Spanish

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Gomez Addams – The patriarch of the Addams family, Gomez Addams is of Spanish / Latin origin (depending on the version) and is often seen wearing suits. He is usually portrayed as a Latin Lover, and his love for Morticia is conveyed in his use of foreign language phrases. He is known as Homero Addams in the dubbed versions in Spanish (Latin American).

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Is Addams family European?

Cultural Background – The Addams family are always portrayed as Americans, living in either New York, New Jersey, or Iowa. Ethnically, they are a complex mix of cultures. From The Addams Family (TV Series), it is clear that from Gomez’ paternal side of the family, they are Spanish, specifically Castillian as they are mentioned as coming from Madrid, and for various generations, they seem to go back and forth between America and Spain until the main branch settled in the former.

Why are Morticia’s eyes always lit?

Morticia’s Eyes Always Got Special Lighting – It’s hard not to be inspired by Morticia after watching both Addams Family movies — even the recent animated movie! Aside from her glowing personality that’s self-assured, confident, and intoxicating, her looks are just stunning. Morticia keeps it simple in black clothing, red lipstick, and, enticing eyes.

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Is Wednesday Addams 13 years old

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Appearance and personality – Wednesday Addams is a typically young girl (in the original series, she is about six, in the two original movies and animated movies, she is 13, in the Netflix series, she is 15 and 16) who is obsessed with death and is described as brilliant, with a penchant for doing odd scientific experiments.

Wednesday does most of her experiments on her brother Pugsley Addams for “fun” or for punishment. Wednesday has been shown to care for Pugsley, but is often hostile towards him, and has tried to kill Pugsley many times. She enjoys raising spiders and researching the Bermuda Triangle, She has a tendency to startle people due to her gothic personality.

Wednesday’s most notable features are her pale skin and long, dark braided pigtails, She seldom shows her emotions and is generally bitter, often sporting a stare forward with blank, emotionless eyes, and seldom changes her expression. Wednesday usually wears a black dress with a white collar, black stockings, and black shoes.

In the TV series, her middle name is “Friday”, and in the Netflix series, she retains this middle name, because she was born on Friday the 13th. In the 1960s series, she is sweet-natured and serves as a foil to the weirdness of her parents and brother; although her favorite hobby is raising spiders, she is also a ballerina,

She is stated to be six years old in the television series pilot episode, Wednesday’s favorite toy is her Marie Antoinette doll, which her brother guillotines (at her request). She also paints pictures (including a picture of trees with human heads) and writes a poem dedicated to her favorite pet spider, Homer.

  • Wednesday is deceptively strong; she is able to bring her father down with a judo hold.
  • Although she is obsessed with death, the macabre, and enjoys being miserable, she is also good-natured, smiles and dances often, and with a slight distaste for torture.
  • In the 1991 film, she is depicted in a darker fashion.

She shows sadistic tendencies and a dark personality and is revealed to have a deep interest in the Bermuda Triangle (which has remained an integral part of her interests throughout the adaptations) and an admiration for an ancestor (Great Aunt Calpurnia Addams) who was burned as a witch in 1706.

In the 1993 sequel, she was even darker: she buried a live cat, tried to guillotine her baby brother Pubert, set fire to Camp Chippewa, and (possibly) scared fellow camper Joel to death. In the animated series and Canadian TV series The New Addams Family from the 1990s, Wednesday retains her appearance and her taste for darkness and torture; she is portrayed as having her parents’ consent to tie Pugsley to a chair and torture him with a branding iron and ice pick,

In the 1990s animated series, no one is allowed to touch Wednesday’s pigtails. In The Addams Family Broadway musical, Wednesday is 18 years old and has short hair rather than the long braids in her other appearances. Her darkness and sociopathic traits have been toned down, and she is in love with (and revealed to be engaged to) Lucas Beineke.

In the musical, Wednesday is older than Pugsley. In the parody web series Adult Wednesday Addams, Wednesday recovers her dark, sociopathic and sadistic nature (although as in the originals any actual horrific acts are only implied and may or may not occur off-camera) and her long braids, connecting with the events and the depiction of the movies and the original cartoons.

This Wednesday deals with being an adult after moving out of her family home. In the 2019 animated version of the same title, Wednesday retains her emotionless nature and sadistic tendencies, trying to bury Pugsley and tormenting a bully at school. However, despite her gothic strangeness, she’s also bored with her macabre and sheltered life, wanting to see the world despite Morticia’s objections.

  1. This leads to her befriending Parker Needler and the two taking on several of each other’s traits, with Wednesday at one point wearing colorful clothes, though ultimately deciding she likes dressing in darker colors more; in the 2021 sequel, she is revealed to love science experiments as well.
  2. She also often feels disconnected from the rest of her family for her differences, later realizing that being different is “the most Addams-y thing to be” and growing to love her differences, and has a pet squid named Socrates.

Her braided pigtails end in nooses in the first film, and weights in the second. In the Netflix series Wednesday, Wednesday is the titular character and is interested in being a detective. She has an interest in writing novels, specifically gothic mysteries.

  1. She tries to publish her works, but they are seen as far too shocking and macabre to publish.
  2. Other than writing, some of Wednesday’s other hobbies are cello playing and fencing.
  3. She also knows German and Italian.
  4. It is mentioned that Wednesday is allergic to any color other than black, white, or grey.

She retains her generally emotionless nature, but opens up during the course of the series, having a best friend, the colorful werewolf Enid, having a love interest and showing her care for her brother more explicitly. Wednesday in the series has psychic abilities, she can see important things of a person’s past or future through touch.

  • Because of her abilities, Wednesday is a “Raven” as her visions typically are negative, which causes her to estrange herself from the others, thinking she cannot trust them, though she learns to trust over the course of the series.
  • Her mother, who has similar abilities, tells Wednesday that their psychic visions are based on their own attitude, and calls herself a “Dove” as her visions are usually positive, compared to Wednesday’s visions.

Wednesday also shares a similar appearance to her distant ancestor, Goody Addams, who is a “witch of great strength” and has the same psychic ability as hers.

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Is Wednesday Addams older than Enid

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Wednesday’s roommate, Enid Sinclair, is likely the same age as her, 16, while Emma Myers is 20 years old. – Emma Myers as Enid Sinclair on “Wednesday.” Courtesy of Netflix, Michael Tullberg/FilmMagic via Getty Images Enid is a young werewolf on the series. Myers started acting at 16 and will next appear in Netflix’s upcoming film “Family Leave,” starring Jennifer Garner.

Is Wednesday OK for kids?

Wednesday Age Rating – Wednesday is rated TV-14 for violence, fear, and profanity, which means it may not be suitable for children under 14 years old. Keep in mind that age ratings are simply suggestions — your child might be able to handle the show before age 14, or you may have a child older than 14 who finds it too scary. That’s where your discretion as a parent comes in.

How old is Wednesday?

How old the stars of ‘Wednesday’ are compared to their characters Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams in “Wednesday.” Matthias Clamer/Netflix, Michael Buckner/Variety via Getty Images

Warning: Spoilers ahead for “Wednesday.” The actors starring on Netflix’s breakout hit are older than their high-school characters. Hunter Doohan is 28 despite his character, Tyler, being in his late teens.

Wednesday Addams celebrates her 16th birthday during the events of the show. In real life, Jenna Ortega is 20. Wednesday turns 16 on episode six of the series’ first season. Matthias Clamer/Netflix, Michael Buckner/Variety via Getty Images Ortega plays the lead character on Netflix’s hit series about the Addams’ oldest child as she gets sent to the Nevermore Academy for monsters and outcasts. Her younger brother, Pugsley, is about 13 or 14 on the show. Actor Isaac Ordonez is 13 in real life. Isaac Ordonez is likely the closest in age to his fictional character. Vlad Cioplea/Netflix, Gregg DeGuire/WireImage via Getty Images On the series’ pilot, Pugsley and Wednesday are shown attending the same public school. Since Wednesday is a sophomore, Pugsley is likely either in eighth or ninth grade, depending on how many grades are included in the school. Emma Myers as Enid Sinclair on “Wednesday.” Courtesy of Netflix, Michael Tullberg/FilmMagic via Getty Images Enid is a young werewolf on the series. Myers started acting at 16 and will next appear in Netflix’s upcoming film “Family Leave,” starring Jennifer Garner. Eugene Ottinger is likely 14 or 15 at the start of the series. Moosa Mostafa is actually 14. Moosa Mostafa as Eugene Otinger on “Wednesday.” Vlad Cioplea/Netflix, Michael Tullberg/FilmMagi via Getty Images Eugene is one of Wednesday’s few friends and has the power to control bees. Wednesday becomes rather protective of Eugene, who reminds her of her younger brother, Pugsley. Hunter Doohan as Tyler Galpin on “Wednesday.” Vlad Cioplea/Netflix, Marc Piasecki/WireImage via Getty Images Tyler’s a barista and the sheriff’s son who develops romantic feelings for Wednesday. Xavier Thorpe is supposed to be around 16. Percy Hynes White is 21. Percy Hynes White as Xavier Thorpe on “Wednesday.” Vlad Cioplea/Netflix, Frazer Harrison/WireImage via Getty Images Thorpe can bring his own works of art to life using his psychic abilities. He’s also a skilled archer. We know Xavier and Wednesday are around the same age because they both met when they were 10 at a funeral for Xavier’s godmother. When the series filmed, Joy Sunday was 25. Vlad Cioplea/Netflix, Robin L Marshall/WireImage via Getty Images Barclay is Xavier’s ex-girlfriend and one of the most popular kids at Nevermore. Wednesday’s main rival during the season, Bianca’s a siren who can use her voice to manipulate others. Georgie Farmer as Ajax Petropolus on “Wednesday.” Vlad Cioplea/Netflix, Gregg DeGuire/WireImages via Getty Images Ajax eventually becomes Enid’s boyfriend on season one and can turn others into stone. He wears beanies to hide the fact that his hair is made up of snakes. Yoko Tanaka is around 16 on the show while Naomi J. Ogawa is 23 years old. Though Yoko appears 16, she could be older, since she’s a vampire. Vlad Cioplea/Netflix, Karwai Tang/WireImages via Getty Images Yoko’s close friends with Enid and is an immortal vampire. Read the original article on : How old the stars of ‘Wednesday’ are compared to their characters

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What does Gomez say when Morticia speaks French

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I believe you may be thinking of ‘ Cara mia! ‘, which he usually said whenever Morticia said anything in French. ‘Tish! (or Morticia), you spoke French! I adore you, cara mia!’ ‘Cara mia!’ is actually Italian for ‘My darling!’

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Are the Addams Mexican or Italian

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Are The Addams Family Confirmed to Be Hispanic? – United Artists Releasing Yes, they are! It was first brought up in “Art and the Addams Family,” aired on December 18th, 1964. Gomez is depicted in this episode as someone of Castilian extraction and Spanish ancestry. Though it is not mentioned again elsewhere, this little moment provides a basis for the Addams family being seen as Hispanic in the modern day.

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How did Gomez meet Morticia?

How Morticia and Gomez’s Meeting Differs in Other Versions – “Morticia’s Romance” would in many ways be the more iconic version of how the Addams Family truly came to be, with the storyline even being remade in the 1998 series The New Addams Family, Later episodes of the original show would somewhat contradict “Morticia’s Romance,” making mention of the love notes that Gomez supposedly sent to Morticia when they were courting.

  • Given that the episode showcasing their betrothal gave no such time for a courtship, it’s likely an example of an attempt at humor, even at the expense of continuity.
  • In the ‘1990s Addams Family movies, Morticia and Gomez met each other at a funeral, with the latter’s morose sense of flirtation noting that his future bride was so beautiful that it distracted from the sight of the corpse.

The new series Wednesday, however, makes it clear that a young Gomez and Morticia met at Nevermore Academy. This school is a haven for misfits and outcasts, and it’s where the couple’s daughter would later attend school. No matter how it was that the two met, Morticia and Gomez are a disturbingly healthy example of a great marriage, showing that even the coldest, blackest hearts can beat for another.

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Why did Morticia like Gomez

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The Addams Family Is Made Stronger By Their Love For Each Other – Even apart, Morticia and Gomez speak highly and lovingly of each other. Gomez, in particular, will work his wife into conversations with others so that he can gush about Morticia and how much he loves her. While other TV couples in comedies and otherwise (and, unfortunately, many real-life relationships) take the opportunity to bash their significant other behind their back given the chance, the Addams operate in the opposite way.

Their comedy is positive rather than negative, in that the humor comes from everyone else’s reactions to their over-the-top sensual natures, or even just the fact that a couple could be so in love. This juxtaposition between the common sitcom couple and Morticia and Gomez Addams highlight their openness with each other even further.

Both know that their partner would never speak ill of them behind their back, so the level of trust between them is astronomical. They always tell each other the truth and expect the truth in return. Their relationship works primarily because of this trust, as well as their openness, honesty, and a generous amount of shown affection.

Morticia and Gomez’s romance works because they share a passion that forges a deep connection between them. And, if properly stoked, this connection will only deepen and grow. Their generosity to each other and genuine joy in showering each other with praise and affection help keep their romance fresh and engaging, and they actively keep the sensual element of their relationship going strong.

Their openness with each other is the secret behind their successful romance, making them one of TV’s most iconic – and healthy – couples. In the end, we could all learn a thing or two from TV’s kookiest, spookiest couple.

What happened to the original Morticia?

Carolyn Jones, who played matriarch Morticia Addams, died in 1983. John Astin, who played charming paterfamilias Gomez Addams, is still a working actor.

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Why isn t Pubert Addams in Wednesday

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Why Wednesday Probably Won’t Include Pubert Addams – Pubert Addams likely won’t physically appear in Wednesday season 2 if Wednesday’s age is any indication. Regularly depicted as older than Pugsley, Wednesday’s age in The Addams Family movies varies, Wednesday celebrates Wednesday’s sixteenth birthday in “Quid Pro Woe.” Pugsley is younger and though his exact age is unclear, “Wednesday’s Child is Full of Woe” shows him stuffed into a locker at the high school.

  1. Thus, Puglsey is likely a young teenager on Wednesday,
  2. However, in the 1964 The Addams Family series, Wednesday is younger than Pugsley.
  3. While it’s possible, it’s highly unlikely Gomez and Morticia will bear more children while parenting two high schoolers.
  4. Though Pubert is unlikely to physically appear in Wednesday season 2, it is still possible he could be mentioned as another chilling story in the family’s history similar to Addams Family Reunion,

The Addams family isn’t regularly featured in the Netflix series, but Wednesday season 2 can fix this “mistake” to feature the family dynamics and reveal any possible hints at Pubert. Since Pubert Addams is not included in the original comic strip or TV series, Wednesday probably won’t include the youngest Addams.

Who plays Morticia Addams in the new Netflix series?

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Luis Guzmán take on the roles of Morticia and Gomez Addams in the Netflix series, with Jenna Ortega and Isaac Ordonez as their macabre children.

How old is the girl who plays Wednesday Addams in the new series?

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams – Netflix 20-year-old Jenna Ortega stars in the leading role as Wednesday Addams. Born in 2002, the California native’s character is 16 years old during her time at Nevermore Academy.

Has Cher played Morticia Addams?

She and Barbra Streisand are the only two female performers in the United States to have had a #1 hit and won a competitive Oscar. Her legal name has changed numerous times throughout her life. She was born as Cherilyn Sarkisian, and in 1961 her legal name was changed to Cheryl LaPiere after her stepfather formally adopted her. After her two marriages she had up to four last names, Sarkisian LaPiere Bono Allman, though accounts differ whether she was still using her birth father’s last name and if her legal first name was Cherilyn or Cheryl. In 1979 she legally shortened her name to Cher, with no surname. She lives by her mother Georgia Holt ‘s rule-of-thumb life lesson: “If it doesn’t matter in 5 years, it doesn’t matter”. Beat out Céline Dion ‘s “My Heart Will Go On” for the best-selling single of 1998 with “Believe”. Is the only certified female performer in music history to have had a US #1 single in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Holds the record for oldest female artist with a #1 hit (“Believe”). When she first heard Diane Warren ‘s demo for “If I Could Turn Back Time”, she detested the song and firmly rejected it. It was only after much encouragement and badgering from the songwriter that she agreed to record it. The fact that Warren agreed to fund the recording session also helped clinch the deal, and Cher nailed the recording after just two takes. Her parents married and divorced three times. Mostly lived in London, England in the late 1990s and early 2000s. She now lives in Malibu, California. Cher’s father was of Armenian ancestry. Cher’s mother had English and German, with more distant Dutch, French and Irish ancestry. Cher’s mother reportedly had Cherokee ancestry as well, but it is not clear if this ancestry has ever been verified or documented. When she appeared on Graham Norton ‘s show in October 2013, shortly after the death of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Norton pointed out the hashtag – #nowthatchersdead – that referred to Thatcher, but had been misconstrued as Cher’s death. She was the subject of an episode of The X-Files (1993) called “The Post-Modern Prometheus” (5X06; first aired November 3, 1997). This episode concerned a deformed man who adored Cher because of her role in Mask (1985), in which her character cared for her deformed son. Several Cher songs appeared on the soundtrack of this episode, including “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves” and “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore”. At the end of the episode, Mulder and Scully take the Cher fan to a Cher concert, where they hear her sing her cover of “Walkin’ in Memphis”. Cher, a huge fan of “The X-Files”, was asked to play herself in this scene but declined the producers’ offer. However, she revealed on The X-Files Movie Special (1998) that once the episode aired, she regretted not having appeared in it. Prior to giving birth to her son Chaz Bono, she suffered four miscarriages. From 2002-2005, she has had an immense success with her “Living Proof Farewell Tour”, spanning the globe, making her the world’s top diva. She also holds the record for longest-running tour and most money grossed than any female artist in history. Although her music video “If I Could Turn Back Time” is often cited as the first video to be banned by MTV, this is not true. The Rolling Stones (“Neighbors”), Ramones (“Psychotherapy”) and Laura Branigan all had videos banned several years beforehand. She won a Grammy Award in 2000 for the song “Believe” and an Emmy Award in 2003 for a special on her farewell concert tour. Spoke the eulogy at ex-husband Sonny Bono ‘s funeral. She has had rhinoplasty and other cosmetic surgeries and occasionally refers to herself as the “Poster girl for plastic surgery”. Has appeared solo on the cover of People magazine a near record 13 times. Considers her performance as Rusty Dennis in Mask (1985) to be her finest work onscreen. A 2002 Rolling Stone article estimated her wealth at over $600 million. Since then she has embarked on a hugely successful farewell tour that is still going and released a greatest hits CD that has spent weeks in the the Billboard Top 10. In a recent poll, A&E’s Biography Magazine ranked her as people’s Number 3 favorite actress of all time behind her two Hollywood idols, Katharine Hepburn and Audrey Hepburn, The singer’s video “If I Could Turn Back Time” (1989) (by Diane Warren ) was filmed aboard the (now decommissioned) USS Missouri (BB-63) (“Mighty Mo” or “Big Mo”) in Long Beach (California) and featured (in cameos) Cher’s son Elijah Allman and (his father/her ex) Gregg Allman as backing guitarists. Directed by Marty Callner, Her 1999 hit single “Believe” was ranked #60 on VH1’s 100 Greatest Dance Songs. She and Sonny Bono were among many of the celebrities who made regular weekend visits to Ralph Helfer ‘s Africa U.S.A. Exotic Animal Ranch in Soledad Canyon, California to pitch in with the chores and to play with the animals. Was in consideration for the role of Lilly Dillon in The Grifters (1990) but Anjelica Huston, who went on to receive a Best Actress Oscar nomination for her performance, was cast instead. In her 1974 divorce from Sonny Bono, he was ordered to pay her $25,000 per month for 6 months, $1,500 per month child support and ordered to pay $41,000 for her attorney’s fees. Their liquid assets were otherwise split 50/50. She received their Bel Air mansion, Bono received an Aspen condo, Palm Springs house and another Los Angeles dwelling. She was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Television at 7020 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California on May 15, 1998. Ranked #43 on VH1’s “100 Greatest Women of Rock N Roll”. Cher has admitted having a lesbian affair in her mid-teens. Holds the record for the the longest gap between #1 hits (“Dark Lady” 1974, “Believe” 1999). Cher has had 4 Barbie dolls made in her likeness: Timeless Treasures Cher released in 2001, Blonde Ringmaster Cher, 70’s Native American Cher, and 80’s Cher, the latter three all being released in 2007. All four dolls were designed by Bob Mackie.

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Is Christina Ricci in the new Wednesday?

Christina Ricci returns as a new character in the new Wednesday Addams series. (Getty/Netflix) As new Netflix series Wednesday hits screens, one of the show’s creators has revealed how he managed to get the iconic Christina Ricci on board. Ricci played Wednesday in the cult classic 1991 film The Addams Family, and returns as a new character in the Tim Burton series.

  1. In the new series, we find Wednesday Addams, a homicidal teen, joining Nevermore Academy where she undertakes solving a supernatural case of a monstrous killer in a nearby town.
  2. While Wednesday is played by Jenna Ortega in the Netflix series, Ricci plays an original character Marilyn Thornhill, a Nevermore teacher and Wednesday’s dorm mom at Ophelia Hall who quickly adopts the gothic teen under her wing as a kindred spirit.

“We weren’t sure we could make it happen,” creator Al Gough tells TVLine, “because Christina was shooting Yellowjackets and she was pregnant. “We had to rejigger the schedule because she really wanted to do it,” said Gough. “She worked with Tim on Sleepy Hollow and she loves Wednesday and really loved the idea of the project.

“It was really important to us that we honour the legacy of what’s happened before.” Viewers are treated to the gothic Wednesday vibes, with cynical one-liners and biting morbidity. On Ortega’s casting, Gough added: “She had an intensity and she had an intelligence. She felt like an old soul, which really is what Wednesday is.” Ortega also reflected on what it was like working with Christina Ricci on Wednesday, telling Digital Spy it was difficult to “warm up” at first.

” are very different,” she explained, “which is interesting because I feel like a lot of the humour and a lot of the lines are similar. “We pull inspiration from the ‘90s film. But she’s a really wonderful, gifted actress. And obviously, it’s weird when I’ve grown up my entire life viewing her as Wednesday. Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams. (Netflix) Christina Ricci is also looking forward to the second season of the wildly popular queer show Yellowjackets. It was during press for Yellowjackets that she reflected on how it was her role in The Addams Family that confirmed she wanted to stay in the acting industry.

She told Collider : “I was 13 and spent seven months on the paramount lot and it was just such an incredible experience every day. “At that time when you were a child actor everyone know that when you were 13 you basically had to stop acting because they cast adults to play teenagers. “I was walking through the lot and thought ‘you know what I’m going to really try to make this go past 13.

If I could do this for the rest of my life, that would be really great.'” Wednesday is now streaming on Netflix. How did this story make you feel? Fired up Love Happy Meh Annoyed Sad Sending reaction. Thanks for your feedback! Thanks for registering! You can update your email subscriptions at any time in the My Profile section of your account.