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Who plays Peter Townsend in The Crown Season 5

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Timothy Dalton plays Group Captain Peter Townsend.

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Who is Peter Townsend in The Crown

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Biography – Townsend is a former Group Captain in the Royal Air Force and fought in WW2. He worked as equerry to and was married with two children, but entertained an ongoing affair with, Eventually, he got a divorce and planned to marry Princess Margaret.

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Did Margaret and Peter ever see each other again

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Did Princess Margaret & Peter Townsend Really Meet Again In 1992? – The Crown season 5 takes liberties with accuracy, and it often imagines how conversations might have gone, to such an extent that Netflix was even pressured to add a disclaimer. However, it was true that Margaret and Peter really did meet again in 1992 after living separate lives and having gotten married to other people when they encountered one another at an official function.

They also shared a walk in the gardens of Kensington Palace, after which they parted ways, with Margaret remarking to a friend that Townsend had changed remarkably little. A similar scene occurs in the series when the two encounter one another at a veteran’s reception in The Crown season 5, The two long-separated lovers share an emotional dance where it becomes clear just how much they still feel for one another.

They later walk through the gardens at Kensington Palace, reminiscing about the past and the many happy moments they shared together several decades prior. However, there is also a shadow as Townsend informs Princess Margaret that he is dying, making it clear that their love is again fated to be foreclosed upon by forces neither of them can control.

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Who played Townsend in The Crown Season 1

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Former James Bond star is portraying Peter Townsend on season 5 of the Netflix drama. TheCrown_208_Unit_02094_R_CROP The name’s Dalton. Timothy Dalton, And, yes, that is the former James Bond franchise star playing Princess Margaret’s old sweetheart Peter Townsend on the new season of The Crown, Diehard fans of the Emmy-winning series will recall that Townsend was played by Ben Miles on season 1 of the show.

Claire Foy ‘s young Queen Elizabeth forbade Vanessa Kirby’s version of Margaret from marrying the RAF flying ace and member of the royal family household staff because he was divorced. Alas, the season 5 reunion of Townsend and the Princess, now played by Dalton and Lesley Manville, proves bitter-sweet.

The Crown Season 5 Lesley Manville and Timothy Dalton Lesley Manville and Timothy Dalton on season 5 of ‘The Crown’ | Credit: Keith Bernstein/Netflix “Timothy plays Peter Townsend, who obviously was the man who was supposed to be marrying Princess Margaret when they were much younger,” says Manville. “He did come back into her life when they were about the age that we are in episode 4, but obviously it’s been dramatized for the purposes of the series.

Timothy Dalton just very, very, very good casting I think. He looks great. He’s got those dashing good looks still, and it was really, really, really lovely doing those scenes together, and it serves as a springboard into the feelings that Margaret has about being deprived the man that she wanted to marry juxtaposed with how the Queen’s children are being allowed a new kind of freedom within the royal family to marry who they want, separate if they have to.

Obviously that becomes therefore what drives her to go and confront the Queen about what she urged her to do 40 years earlier.” Timothy Dalton The Living Daylights – 1987 Timothy Dalton in ‘The Living Daylights’ | Credit: Keith Hamshere/Danjaq/Eon/Ua/Kobal/Shutterstock While Dalton is best known for playing Bond in 1987’s The Living Daylights and 1989’s Licence to Kill, the British actor has many credits outside the 007 franchise including 1980’s Flash Gordon, 1991’s The Rocketeer, 2007’s Edgar Wright-director Hot Fuzz, and the TV shows Penny Dreadful and Doom Patrol,

Who is playing Peter Townsend in The Crown season 6?

Timothy Dalton : Peter Townsend Jump to: Photos (3)

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Did Princess Margaret like Peter Townsend

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Princess Margaret was reportedly plagued with a ‘deep sadness’ on her deathbed over her forbidden romance with Peter Townsend Princess Margaret returns to Clarence House after a weekend in the country where Group Captain Peter Townsend was also a guest Derek Berwin/Getty Images had a ‘deep sadness’ on her deathbed after she called off her engagement to her first love,, a new documentary claims.

  1. Speaking in The Real Crown: Inside the House of Windsor, which will air on 20 April, George Carey, who was the Archbishop of Canterbury from 1996 to 2002, opened about how he visited Princess Margaret on her deathbed in 2002.
  2. Recalling the intimate moment, he said, ‘She was sad.
  3. There were moments when she expressed that sadness.

Here is a woman who longed for love and commitment, and the love of her life was forbidden from her, and there was a deep human sadness in that.’ He continued, ‘I talked to her quietly and said a prayer, anointed her with the oil and she died soon after that.

It was a lovely moving occasion.’ The quotes have been reported by, Princess Margaret and Peter Townsend ullstein bild Dtl./Getty Images Princess Margaret fell in love with the dashing war hero when she was 22, but she was prevented from marrying him due to his status as a divorcé. In the documentary, the archbishop explains that he believed the Princess died with a ‘deep sadness’ about her relationship with Peter, adding: ‘We have to learn lessons from that.’ Princess Margaret and Peter Townsend’s romance was first made public knowledge when she was seen brushing lint from his shoulder at her sister Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953.

They had reportedly become engaged in April 1953 following Townsend’s divorce from his wife, Rosemary Pratt, Marchioness Camden, in order to commit to Margaret. Group Captain Peter Townsend Evening Standard/Getty Images However, in 1955, Princess Margaret officially announced the end of her engagement to Townsend on the radio, saying, ‘mindful of the Church’s teaching that Christian marriage is indissoluble, and conscious of my duty to the Commonwealth, I have resolved to put these considerations before any others’.

Townsend was a divorcé and so marriage to him would have been scandalous. Their relationship was depicted in Netflix series The Crown, Both Princess Margaret and Peter Townsend went on to marry others: Townsend married Marie-Luce Jamagne in 1959 and in 1960, Princess Margaret married, Their relationship between the princess and Armstrong-Jones was kept a secret until they officially announced their engagement on 27 February 1960.

Antony, who was made Lord Snowdon on their wedding day, was a photographer and – significantly – the first ‘commoner’ to marry a King’s daughter in over 400 years. England’s newspapers after the romance of Princess Margaret and Captain Peter Townsend chased everything else off the front pages Bettmann/Getty Images Armstrong-Jones proposed with an engagement ring designed to look like a rosebud; probably a reference to Princess Margaret’s middle name, which was Rose.

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Who plays Peter Townsend in The Crown season 2

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Ben Miles as Group Captain Peter Townsend, George VI’s former equerry and Princess Margaret’s ex-fiancé Michael C. Hall as John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States.

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Who is playing Princess Margaret in The Crown season 5?

‘The Crown’ Season 5: Lesley Manville on Portraying Princess Margaret & the Emotional Season Ahead As Netflix’s acclaimed drama series heads into its fifth season, the narrative is falling on darker times as the Royal family moves into the ‘90s. Inspired by true events, showrunner ‘s controversial depiction of Queen Elizabeth II’s ascension to power has intrigued audiences since its streaming premiere in 2016 with political dissension, romance, and luxury.

  1. In the series, the award-winning cast is constantly rotating as the decades progress.
  2. In Seasons 5 and 6, Academy Award-nominee is stepping into the role of the Queen’s younger sister Princess Margaret, taking over for Helena Bonham Carter,
  3. Manville is known for her work on screen, as well as on the stage, having done a number of theatrical productions.

During her interview with Collider’s Steve Weintrab, Manville shared her enthusiasm in joining The Crown, the exceptional set designs and departments involved with the series, and bringing her own portrayal of Princess Margaret to the show. She also shares her thoughts on moving into increasingly difficult times for the Countess of Snowdon in Season 5, emotional scenes to come and how Morgan’s series puts a “microscope on as human beings, so it humanizes them.” You can read the full interview below, or watch the video above. Image via Netflix One of the things about The Crown, is just every aspect of the production, from the lighting, to the acting, to the scripts, there’s no weak link. What is it actually like behind the scenes? Because you worked on many projects, and it just seems like this is just another level.

  • MANVILLE: To be honest, it is another level.
  • I have worked on many, many projects over many, many decades.
  • It is unlike any other.
  • It’s as if every single department is at the very top of their game.
  • The attention to detail is mind-blowingly phenomenal.
  • And that suits me down to the ground because I want every ‘i’ dotted and every ‘t’ crossed.

Yes, I want all of that done. And they do it absolutely with knobs on, on this production. It’s quite exceptional. And then of course, on top of that, not only do we have amazing sets that the design team build, but sometimes we film in these extraordinary stately homes.

And you are acting, and there’s a real Rubens on the wall behind you. It’s very, very, very, very brilliantly done. I always thought that watching it. The shots, they just do it so well. So obviously you then kind of think, “Right, I really mustn’t let the side down.” I’m curious what it’s like as an actor when you are not only playing a real person, but you’re also inhabiting a character that has been played by two other people in previous seasons.

What is it like for you stepping into the role? MANVILLE: I know exactly what you mean. I think that you have to put the other performances aside. Obviously, I watched them and marveled and enjoyed them hugely. What those two actresses did with Margaret was phenomenal.

But that can’t be my source. My source has to be the real Margaret. The other part of your question is that as actors, and I do a lot of theater work, you are always playing parts that other actors have played. I’m always pleased if I’ve never seen another actor do it because it can feed into you in a subliminal way that you maybe don’t want it to.

What’s the point? I’ve been employed to do my version of this part. And obviously, we have to have a cast change on The Crown every two seasons because all the characters are getting older. So my source was really Margaret, and there’s so much to find out about all of the characters. Image via Netflix I will say that I had an opinion of the Royal family prior to watching The Crown, And watching what Charles and everyone have gone through, I do have a different opinion because of the show. I’m just curious if your own opinion has shifted, being involved with the series.

Do you have a new appreciation for what they’ve gone through behind the scenes or if it’s changed you at all? MANVILLE: Well, I don’t know that it’s changed me, but it’s obvious that, of course, we look at these people through a very public lens. That’s our normal view of them, and through world events and British events.

But of course, they’re far more complex than that. We are all unbelievably complicated human beings. They may be royal, but they are individually complicated human beings that are going through all the kinds of emotions that you and I go through, that everyone goes through in their lives.

Love, loss of love, self-doubt, a myriad of things. So, I think what The Crown does very beautifully is put the microscope on them as human beings so it humanizes them. I don’t want to give spoilers for the season, I’ve seen the entire season, but you have a very meaty bit with Timothy Dalton and the previous relationship with Peter.

What was it like for you, reading that script and seeing the emotions you were going to be portraying? Because it’s really tying back to the very beginning. MANVILLE: Yes. Well, great. I mean, that’s why I do my job. That’s what I want to do, get to the nitty gritty of Margaret’s emotions and what’s making her tick.

There’s a woman who’s endured, relatively speaking, a lot of pain. She’s been through a lot, she’s made a lot of sacrifices, and she’s not quite had the life she expected in terms of love and relationships. So of course, that’s meat to me as an actor. I know that you guys are filming the final season right now.

What has it been like? Can you just talk about what it’s been like filming the final season? MANVILLE: Well, the scripts are not going to disappoint, they’re wonderfully written by Peter Morgan. The complications of the family continue and you get an insight into all of the family.

But obviously speaking from my perspective as Margaret, you get to see her final few years, how they were lived out, and what she went through. It’s very touching. There’s some very emotional scenes to come, inevitably, with what everybody knows happens. Who was the most excited of your friends and family when you booked this role? MANVILLE: Oh, that’s an interesting question.

Wow. Well, there was a girlfriend that I told, but I swore her to secrecy, and she did very well. She didn’t tell anybody, but she was incredibly excited about it. My family were as well, but we had to keep it quiet for a very, very, very long time, a very long time, because I knew almost two years before we started that I was going to play her. Image via Netflix Last question for you. If someone has actually never seen anything that you’ve done before, what is the first thing you want them watching and why? MANVILLE: Oh, for God’s sake. Were you up all night thinking of that? That’s a really hard question.

  • Oh, that’s like saying what’s my favorite job.
  • Oh my God, there’s too many.
  • I mean, I’ve done lots of great plays, but some plays that really have stayed with me.
  • I did Long Days Journey Into Night, I did Ghosts, great plays, great writing.
  • I know I’m going to be very fond of Margaret, and very sad to say goodbye to Margaret when I stop playing her.

I mean, it’s been enormous, and it’s been a privilege and a real treat to work on this series. But my work with Paul Thomas Anderson, my many films with Mike Leigh. Isn’t it great that I can say lots of the jobs I’ve done are up there? I mean, there’s probably a couple of duffers along the way, but we don’t need to mention those.

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Why did Margaret leave Peter

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6. The princess eventually put duty before herself. – After two years apart, the couple were reunited in 1955, and although Margaret had now turned 25, they were still denied the right to marry. The government, then led by divorced Prime Minister Anthony Eden, decided that if the princess insisted on marrying Townsend, she would be stripped of all her royal privileges as well as her income.

  • This left Margaret in an impossible position and on October 31 of the same year, the princess made her decision clear,
  • I would like it to be known that I have decided not to marry Group Captain Peter Townsend,” she said.
  • I have been aware that, subject to my renouncing my rights of succession, it might have been possible for me to contract a civil marriage.
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But, mindful of the Church’s teaching that Christian marriage is indissoluble, and conscious of my duty to the Commonwealth, I have decided to put these considerations before any others.” Princess Margaret with her husband Lord Snowdon and son Viscount Linley shortly after the birth of her daughter, Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones, 1964. Getty Images

Why didn t Margaret marry Peter Townsend?

Princess Margaret’s 3 great loves, as she and Peter Townsend reunite in The Crown Lesley Manville as Princess Margaret and Timothy Dalton as Peter Townsend in Season 5 of The Crown Keith Bernstein/Netflix Episode 4 of depicts the Queen’s annus horribilis, in which she is faced with the deterioration of the marriages of three of her four children – Prince Charles, Princess Anne and Prince Andrew – as well as the fire at Windsor Castle.

  1. One of the bright spots of the episode named after the infamous year is the reunion between Princess Margaret (Lesley Manville) and her former flame, Group Captain Peter Townsend (Timothy Dalton), who contacts her for the first time since breaking off their engagement some 40 years before.
  2. The episode shows the former lovers reuniting at a reception at London’s Caledonian Club, where Margaret dazzles in a scene-stealing hot pink gown and a glittering necklace from The Crown’s jewellery guru, Susan Caplan, who previously about sourcing the exquisite piece.

Full of her signature joie de vivre, Margaret charms guests, smokes a long cigarette and dances with Townsend, whose status as a divorcé prevented them from marrying when they first fell in love (as shown in the earlier seasons of ). As the night comes to a close, Townsend presents the princess, whose personal life had endured highs and lows in the years since their split, with the love letters she had written him.

In reality, Princess Margaret and Townsend also reunited in 1992, although it took place over lunch at Kensington Palace. Her relationship with Townsend was just one of several she enjoyed throughout her colourful life. Here, Tatler looks back at her lovers Group Captain Peter Townsend Princess Margaret and Captain Peter Townsend ullstein bild Dtl./Getty Images Born in 1914 in Rangoon, Burma (now Myanmar), Townsend was raised in Devon as one of seven children.

In February 1940, the dashing war hero, who died in June 1995, became the first pilot to bring down an enemy aircraft on English soil, later commanding No.85 Squadron from May 1940 to June 1941, during which he completed over 300 operational sorties.

  1. A year later, he assumed command of No.605 Squadron, and later R.A.F.
  2. West Malling and the Free French Training Wing.
  3. In 1944, Townsend was made equerry to King George VI and Comptroller to the Queen Mother’s household in 1953, with his royal appointments eventually sparking a ill-fated romance with the Queen’s only sibling, Princess Margaret.

Group-Captain Peter Townsend watching the horse racing at Ostend in Belgium Keystone/Getty Images The young Princess Margaret fell in love with her Group Captain Townsend, when she was just 22, and, despite her sister’s assertions to the contrary, she was finally barred from marrying him due to his status as a divorcé.

  • The doomed love affair was portrayed in the first season of, showing how Margaret (Vanessa Kirby) developed feelings for Townsend (Ben Miles), who was 16 years her senior, shortly after the death of her father, King George VI.
  • Their romance became public knowledge when Margaret was seen brushing lint off Townsend’s uniform at the Queen’s Coronation in 1953; the intimate act was a sign the pair were involved.

Netflix showed the Queen telling her sister that she could marry Townsend, only to retract her blessing on the advice of the Government and Church of England leaders. Margaret gained worldwide sympathy in 1955 when she publicly renounced their plans to wed.

  • Lord Snowdon Princess Margaret Rose with her fiance Antony Armstrong-Jones Hulton Archive/Getty Images The Queen’s younger sister had kept her relationship with the society snapper a secret until the announcement of their engagement on 27 February 1960.
  • The then Anthony Armstrong-Jones had proposed with a ruby engagement ring designed to look like a rosebud – likely a reference to Margaret’s middle name, Rose.

Margaret had previously been linked to a number of eligible bachelors, but no one had caught wind of Tony as a suitor until it was revealed they were to be wed. A few months later, and the pair were married at Westminster Abbey. After spending the night prior at Clarence House, Margaret arrived at the Abbey in the Glass Coach escorted by her brother-in-law, the Duke of Edinburgh, who was to accompany her down the aisle in place of her father, King George VI, who had died in 1952.

Margaret wore a silk organza dress designed by Norman Hartnell, the royal couturier who had previously created the Queen’s wedding dress some 13 years earlier. A relatively chic and simple design – with a v-neck and long sleeves – befitting Margaret’s petite stature, the gown nevertheless still featured 30 metres of fabric to make the full skirt.

Princess Margaret and her new husband Antony Armstrong Jones Hulton Archive/Getty Images As is traditional for royal brides, she wore a tiara for the occasion, yet she did not choose one already in the Windsors’ family collection. Instead, she wore the Poltimore Tiara, one she had bought at auction.

It had been created for Lady Poltimore in the 1870s by the jewellers Garrard. She even wore it on a number of occasions prior to the wedding: a very avant garde move. The ceremony was attended by 2,000 people, including European royalty, politicians and the social set. Margaret had eight bridesmaids, including her niece, Princess Anne, her goddaughter, Marilyn Wills and Annabel Rhodes, a cousin from her mother’s side of the family.

Armstrong-Jones’ best man was Dr. Roger Gilliatt, son of the Queen’s gynaecologist. Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones Central Press/Getty Images The couple’s honeymoon on board the royal yacht Brittania saw them travel around the Caribbean for six weeks.

They welcomed two children together, David Armstrong-Jones (now the Earl of Snowdon) and Lady Sarah Chatto, who both enjoyed a close relationship with their late aunt, the Queen. However by the 1970s, the couple had grown apart and both engaged in public love affairs. When her long-standing affair with Roddy Llewellyn, a landscape gardener 17 years her junior, was exposed in 1976, the princess faced public criticism.

Her marriage came to an end two years later, marking the first divorce in the British Royal Family for 400 years. Roddy Llewellyn Princess Margaret and Roddy Llewellyn Hulton Deutsch/Getty Images The couple were introduced at the Café Royal in Edinburgh ahead of a party at Colin Tennant’s house by his wife, Lady Anne Glenconner, who was one of Princess Margaret’s ladies-in-waiting.

At the time, Roddy was a 25-year-old aristocratic gardener, while Princess Margaret was 43, and married to Lord Snowdon. An unlikely couple to say the least, they hit it off, and soon entered into a secret relationship. Two years into their romance, Margaret and Roddy both found themselves invited on the same holiday to Mustique (it was, after all, the island paradise owned by their friend Colin Tennant).

Despite the usual privacy afforded the Caribbean island’s A-list guests, the News of the World were somehow able to get a hold of pictures of the twosome swimming in the sea and otherwise enjoying themselves. After the release of these pictures, Lord Snowdon reportedly told Princess Margaret’s press secretary the marriage was over.

Perhaps hoping to monopolise on his newfound fame, Roddy launched a pop career in 1978, with his eponymous album. Sadly, his career floundered after the media insisted on only asking him about his relationship, rather than his songs. The relationship lasted almost a decade, but Roddy ultimately broke things off in 1981, when he married Tatiana Soskin.

He and the Princess remained friends, and she even gave the wedding her blessing. Roddy has three daughters, Alexandra, Natasha and Rosie. Roddy Llewellyn in his garden at his home in London Tim Graham/Getty Images to get 3 issues for just £1, plus free home delivery and free instant access to the digital editions.

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Who was Princess Margaret’s true love

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1959–60: They both marry other people. – Townsend marries Marie-Luce Jamagne in 1959. And one year later, on May 6, Margaret marries photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones, who later becomes the Earl of Snowdon. Margaret and Jones eventually divorce in 1978 due to their extramarital affairs, but maintain a friendship up until the end of Margaret’s life in February 2002. Sabrina Park is a Digital Fellow at where she covers news, fashion, and culture stories. When she’s not writing she loves hanging out with her cat, reading outdoors and scrolling the depths of TikTok. : Princess Margaret and Peter Townsend: A Timeline of Their Royal Love Affair

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Why did they change actors in The Crown

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Claire Foy Was Photographed Filming as Queen Elizabeth in The Crown Season 4 Splash News Claire Foy is stepping back into Queen Elizabeth’s sensible block-heeled shoes. The actress, who played the British monarch to much critical acclaim in seasons one and two of The Crown, was photographed last year filming what appears to be a flashback scene for, which premieres this weekend.

  1. While Foy was pictured in several photographs in season three, this will be her first appearance in the series,
  2. Showrunner Peter Morgan famously recast the show at the start of the third season, as his character were aging more quickly than the actors.
  3. I feel that when we reach 1963-64 we’ve gone as far as we can go with without having to do silly things in terms of makeup to make her look older,”,
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“She can’t help the fact she’s as young as she is.” Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth in The Crown. Netflix But Foy’s return to the Netflix drama shouldn’t come as a total surprise. Morgan’s dramatization of Queen Elizabeth’s reign has never been strictly chronological; he loves a flashback to provide historical context for the plot. Princess Elizabeth makes a broadcast in Cape Town, South Africa, on her 21st birthday. Topical Press Agency // Getty Images Foy’s appearance in season four is in a flashback to Princess Elizabeth’s 21st birthday, on which she gave a speech in Cape Town.

Her address was then broadcast, and featured the famous line: “I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong.” At this point, it’s unclear how this flashback ties in to the larger plot of the fourth season, or whether we’ll also see Matt Smith reprise his role as Prince Philip, but it could be a little while before we find out as a premiere date has yet to be set for The Crown season four.

In the meantime,, This content is imported from poll. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. Digital Director As the digital director for Town & Country, Caroline Hallemann covers culture, entertainment, and a range of other subjects : Claire Foy Was Photographed Filming as Queen Elizabeth in The Crown Season 4

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Who plays Kate Middleton on The Crown

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Netflix has released the first official images of the actors playing Prince William and Kate Middleton in the final series of The Crown. Pictures show newcomer Ed McVey in the role of a teenage William, and Meg Bellamy playing Kate Middleton. Image: Ed McVey. Pic: Netflix Image: Prince William arriving at St Andrew’s University in 2001 The actors – who will play a big part in the next season – shared the photos in a joint Instagram post, with the captions: “Here we go!” and “Meet Kate and Will”. The show will recreate the early days of their relationship, with an official description saying: “As The Crown enters a new decade, Prince William starts at university in St Andrew’s, determined to lead as normal a life as possible while he still can.

  • Also beginning life as a university student, is Kate Middleton from Berkshire.
  • As the pair meet for the first time on campus, a new romance and a new future for The Crown begins.” Appearing as a child in the last series, young William was played by Senan West, the real-life son of actor Dominic West, who plays the then Prince Charles.

Rufus Kampa will also play William in his younger years, before McVey takes over the part. The story of William and Kate’s young romance is expected to play a large role in the coming series. Season five of The Crown covered the 1990s – a tempestuous period for the royals – featuring the break-up of three marriages. Image: Meg Bellamy. Pic: Netflix Image: Kate Middleton at her graduation in 2005 As the show has neared the present day, there has been some criticism of its portrayal of the royal family, with actress Dame Judi Dench and former prime minister John Major both hitting out at the artistic licence used to depict real-life events.

  1. In response, Netflix said the programme “has always been presented as a drama based on historical events”.
  2. The streaming giant also added a label to the trailer, Twitter page and website, calling the programme a “fictional dramatization”.
  3. The Crown had been due to end after the fifth series – which aired two months after the death of Queen Elizabeth II – but creator and writer Peter Morgan later said it would be extended to include a sixth.

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You can change your settings at any time via the Privacy Options, Unfortunately we have been unable to verify if you have consented to Spreaker cookies. To view this content you can use the button below to allow Spreaker cookies for this session only. Click to subscribe to Backstage wherever you get your podcasts While this final season will cover the period of Princess Diana’s death, in Paris in August 1997 – when Prince William was 15 and Prince Harry was 12 – Netflix has said it will not depict the car crash that killed her.

It is understood the series will show the lead-up to the crash, as well as its aftermath, but not the crash itself. The final series of The Crown is expected to air towards the end of this year on Netflix.

Who will play Prince William in The Crown season 6?

These first-look photos from the series’ highly anticipated sixth and final season are taking us up to Scotland in the early 2000s. Prince William ( Ed McVey ) is entering university at St. Andrews, where he hopes to lead as normal a life as possible before taking up his royal responsibilities.

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Who will play Charles in season 5 and 6 of The Crown

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Imelda Staunton will play Queen Elizabeth. – Staunton played the Queen in season five, and Lesley Manville will play Princess Margaret, The Hollywood Reporter confirms they will continue in these roles in season six. Staunton spoke with T&C about season six saying, “I haven’t really thought about bringing the show to a close.

I will really miss being her, but there is a long way to go.” In June 2023, The Sun reported that previous Queen Elizabeth actresses Claire Foy and Olivia Colman will return to the final season for a special tribute to the late Queen. Additionally, Elizabeth Debicki ( The Great Gatsby, Tenet ) will play Princess Diana in the final two seasons of The Crown, following in the footsteps of relative newcomer Emma Corrin, who introduced the Princess of Wales to the series in season four.

For her turn as Diana in season five, she received an Emmy nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama, Jonathan Pryce will also continue to play Prince Philip, and Dominic West will play Prince Charles.