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Who is Wednesday’s boyfriend

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Who is Wednesday’s boyfriend? – Wednesday has two love interests over the course of the Netflix series, but neither actually becomes her boyfriend. Netflix Within her first week at Nevermore Academy, Wednesday reunites with Xavier Thorpe, who she actually knew from childhood. He’s the ex-boyfriend of Nevermore’s Queen Bee, Bianca Barclay, but becomes intrigued by Wednesday’s presence at the school. Their dynamic doesn’t really move into the romance department as she suspects he’s a monster for most of season one. Netflix Wednesday meets her other love interest Tyler Galpin at a coffee shop when she escapes her therapy appointment in Nevermore’s neighboring town, Jericho. They quickly bond as he offers to help her skip town and shows her the “horror movie” Legally Blonde. Assistant News Editor Sam is an assistant news editor at Cosmo, covering all things pop culture, entertainment, and celebrity news. She previously covered those same topics along with health, lifestyle, and beauty at Seventeen. When she isn’t draping her cheeks in blush, you can probably find her live-tweeting awards shows or making SwiftToks. : Who is Wednesday’s Boyfriend on the Netflix Series?

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Are Gomez and Morticia related

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Background – Morticia is the wife of Gomez Addams and mother of Wednesday, Pugsley and Pubert Addams. The character originated in the Charles Addams cartoons for The New Yorker magazine in the 1930s. In the cartoons, none of the family members had names.

When the characters were adapted to the 1964 television series, Charles Addams’ selection of her name was inspired by ” mortician “. Morticia’s maiden name is “Frump” and she has an older sister named Ophelia (also played by Carolyn Jones in the original TV series). In the television series, her mother is Hester Frump (played by Margaret Hamilton ).

Her mother-in-law is Grandmama Addams, In the 1990s Addams Family films, familial relationships are changed for the characters of Grandmama and Fester. Grandmama is actually Morticia’s mother, not Gomez’s, while Fester is Gomez’s brother, not Morticia’s uncle.

The real head of the family, low-voiced, incisive and subtle, smiles are rare.ruined beauty, contemptuous and original and with fierce family loyalty, even in disposition, muted, witty, sometimes deadly, given to low-keyed rhapsodies about her garden of deadly nightshade, henbane and dwarf’s hair,

—  Charles Addams Morticia is slim, with extremely pale skin and long flowing straight black hair. She commonly wears black hobble dresses to match her hair, tightly form fitting, with a fringe of octopus-like cloth “tentacles” at the lower hem. According to Wednesday, Morticia applies baking powder to her face instead of actual makeup.

In each episode, she easily allures her husband Gomez by speaking French (or any other foreign language for that matter). Morticia is musically inclined, and is often seen freely strumming a Japanese shamisen, She frequently enjoys cutting the buds off of roses, which she discards (keeping only the stems), likes cutting out paper dolls with three heads and making sweaters with three arms, collecting the mail from the hand-in-the-box Thing, and cooking unusual concoctions for her husband, including eye of newt.

Her personal pet is Cleopatra, a fictitious breed of carnivorous plant called an African Strangler, to which she feeds hamburgers and various other meats. She is described as a witch, In one episode, she wears a black pointed hat, Her family tree can be traced back to Salem, Massachusetts, and witchcraft is also implied at times in the television series.

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Is Gordon really Fester Addams

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The Addams Family (1991) – In the 1991 movie The Addams Family, Uncle Fester (played by Christopher Lloyd) is the long-lost big brother of Gomez Addams, He was believed to have been lost in the Bermuda Triangle for twenty-five years. A grifter named Abigail Craven (Elizabeth Wilson) conspires to steal the Addams fortune using her son, Gordon, who displays an eerie resemblance to the missing Uncle Fester.

  1. On the night that the Addamses hold a seance to contact Uncle Fester’s spirit, Gordon shows up at their door, posing as Uncle Fester.
  2. Although he is baffled and horrified by the Addamses at first, Gordon begins to take a liking to the family and their eccentric ways.
  3. In the end, he disobeys his mother and helps Gomez and his family get their house back.

It is later discovered that Gordon Craven is actually Uncle Fester, and that Abigail found him after his accident in the Bermuda Triangle, suffering from amnesia. In Gomez’s home movies from their childhood, Uncle Fester is hairless as a child (although, as Gordon Craven, he is seen shaving his head).

  • At the end of the movie, it is revealed that Uncle Fester acquired his ability to conduct electricity after being electrocuted by lightning.
  • In a 2012 interview, Barry Sonnenfeld, the director of the Addams Family movie, stated that he originally intended that it be unclear whether Fester really was an impostor or not, but all the other actors rebelled and chose ten-year-old Christina Ricci to speak on their behalf, who “gave this really impassioned plea that Fester shouldn’t be an impostor.

so we ended up totally changing that plot point to make the actors happy.” And they were right; it was the better way to go.”

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Why does Wednesday only smile for Uncle Fester

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What Wednesday’s Smile Says About Her Bond With Uncle Fester – Wednesday and Fester’s bond suggests that she shares more in common with him than the rest of her family members, as Ortega’s character doesn’t smile when reunited with her parents or brother. Fester seems to come in and out of Wednesday’s life when not in prison or on a job, with Fester seemingly seeing the potential in Wednesday to become a criminal mastermind even more clever than himself.

  • Wednesday’s parents show much affection to one another, but there seemed to be largely surface-level connections between them and Wednesday before the Tim Burton series.
  • While Morticia and Gomez Addams can’t choose a favorite between Pugsley and Wednesday, Fester can, and Wednesday always cherished this favoritism from her uncle.

Wednesday rarely opens herself up to others, but The Addams Family ‘s Uncle Fester appears to be the one character she trusts with her vulnerabilities. From crying in front of him about Thing’s death to giving a joyous smile when he arrives, Fester is the person from whom Wednesday ‘s title character likely learned her notably empathetic values.

  • Wednesday and Uncle Fester are outcasts within their own family of outcasts, so her smile when seeing him in Wednesday season 1 demonstrates her comfort with him and relief at having his help in the investigation.
  • Since Wednesday and Fester understand each other better than Netflix’s other Addams family members, he’s apt to return to aid her in future conflicts.

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Why is Baby Addams not in Wednesday

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Why Wednesday Probably Won’t Include Pubert Addams – Pubert Addams likely won’t physically appear in Wednesday season 2 if Wednesday’s age is any indication. Regularly depicted as older than Pugsley, Wednesday’s age in The Addams Family movies varies, Wednesday celebrates Wednesday’s sixteenth birthday in “Quid Pro Woe.” Pugsley is younger and though his exact age is unclear, “Wednesday’s Child is Full of Woe” shows him stuffed into a locker at the high school.

  • Thus, Puglsey is likely a young teenager on Wednesday,
  • However, in the 1964 The Addams Family series, Wednesday is younger than Pugsley.
  • While it’s possible, it’s highly unlikely Gomez and Morticia will bear more children while parenting two high schoolers.
  • Though Pubert is unlikely to physically appear in Wednesday season 2, it is still possible he could be mentioned as another chilling story in the family’s history similar to Addams Family Reunion,

The Addams family isn’t regularly featured in the Netflix series, but Wednesday season 2 can fix this “mistake” to feature the family dynamics and reveal any possible hints at Pubert. Since Pubert Addams is not included in the original comic strip or TV series, Wednesday probably won’t include the youngest Addams.

Why is Gomez Addams in Nevermore?

Uncle Fester Might’ve Been Too Troublesome For Nevermore – Fester Addams suggests the reason why he didn’t attend Nevermore with Gomez is that he was too troublesome and didn’t have good grades, as he remarks that Gomez ” got all the brains,” Wednesday ‘s Uncle Fester is a career criminal who commits armed robbery, is often arrested for his crimes, and even elected to get several lobotomies, indicating he was too unruly for Nevermore Academy to handle even in his youth.

  • Wednesday’s troublesome nature nearly had her expelled by Principal Weems several times over the course of Wednesday season 1, with Uncle Fester being far more notorious for not following rules.
  • Uncle Fester not attending Nevermore with Gomez as a teenager also could have been because he was already at a different institution.

Fester tells Wednesday that he saw a Hyde in 1983 during his ” vacay ” at the Zurich Institute for the Criminally Insane. It’s implied that Fester himself was a patient during this time, so Nevermore likely wouldn’t have accepted the character despite his family legacy.

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Why doesn t Wednesday like Morticia

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Why aren’t Morticia and Wednesday getting along? – Photo: Vlad Cioplea/Netflix From the very moment Wednesday kicks off, we learn that Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) and her mother Morticia (Catherine Zeta-Jones) are not getting along. This seems to be chalked up to simple teenage rebellion. Wednesday doesn’t want to be like her mother! But there’s also a smidge of internalized misogyny in there too — Wednesday doesn’t want to be like her mother, because her mother is a mother and a housewife who is very in love with her husband.

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How old is Wednesday Addams

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Appearance and personality – Wednesday Addams is a typically young girl (in the original series, she is about six, in the two original movies and animated movies, she is 13, in the Netflix series, she is 15 and 16) who is obsessed with death and is described as brilliant, with a penchant for doing odd scientific experiments.

  1. Wednesday does most of her experiments on her brother Pugsley Addams for “fun” or for punishment.
  2. Wednesday has been shown to care for Pugsley, but is often hostile towards him, and has tried to kill Pugsley many times.
  3. She enjoys raising spiders and researching the Bermuda Triangle,
  4. She has a tendency to startle people due to her gothic personality.
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Wednesday’s most notable features are her pale skin and long, dark braided pigtails, She seldom shows her emotions and is generally bitter, often sporting a stare forward with blank, emotionless eyes, and seldom changes her expression. Wednesday usually wears a black dress with a white collar, black stockings, and black shoes.

  1. In the TV series, her middle name is “Friday”, and in the Netflix series, she retains this middle name, because she was born on Friday the 13th.
  2. In the 1960s series, she is sweet-natured and serves as a foil to the weirdness of her parents and brother; although her favorite hobby is raising spiders, she is also a ballerina,

She is stated to be six years old in the television series pilot episode, Wednesday’s favorite toy is her Marie Antoinette doll, which her brother guillotines (at her request). She also paints pictures (including a picture of trees with human heads) and writes a poem dedicated to her favorite pet spider, Homer.

Wednesday is deceptively strong; she is able to bring her father down with a judo hold. Although she is obsessed with death, the macabre, and enjoys being miserable, she is also good-natured, smiles and dances often, and with a slight distaste for torture. In the 1991 film, she is depicted in a darker fashion.

She shows sadistic tendencies and a dark personality and is revealed to have a deep interest in the Bermuda Triangle (which has remained an integral part of her interests throughout the adaptations) and an admiration for an ancestor (Great Aunt Calpurnia Addams) who was burned as a witch in 1706.

In the 1993 sequel, she was even darker: she buried a live cat, tried to guillotine her baby brother Pubert, set fire to Camp Chippewa, and (possibly) scared fellow camper Joel to death. In the animated series and Canadian TV series The New Addams Family from the 1990s, Wednesday retains her appearance and her taste for darkness and torture; she is portrayed as having her parents’ consent to tie Pugsley to a chair and torture him with a branding iron and ice pick,

In the 1990s animated series, no one is allowed to touch Wednesday’s pigtails. In The Addams Family Broadway musical, Wednesday is 18 years old and has short hair rather than the long braids in her other appearances. Her darkness and sociopathic traits have been toned down, and she is in love with (and revealed to be engaged to) Lucas Beineke.

  1. In the musical, Wednesday is older than Pugsley.
  2. In the parody web series Adult Wednesday Addams, Wednesday recovers her dark, sociopathic and sadistic nature (although as in the originals any actual horrific acts are only implied and may or may not occur off-camera) and her long braids, connecting with the events and the depiction of the movies and the original cartoons.

This Wednesday deals with being an adult after moving out of her family home. In the 2019 animated version of the same title, Wednesday retains her emotionless nature and sadistic tendencies, trying to bury Pugsley and tormenting a bully at school. However, despite her gothic strangeness, she’s also bored with her macabre and sheltered life, wanting to see the world despite Morticia’s objections.

This leads to her befriending Parker Needler and the two taking on several of each other’s traits, with Wednesday at one point wearing colorful clothes, though ultimately deciding she likes dressing in darker colors more; in the 2021 sequel, she is revealed to love science experiments as well. She also often feels disconnected from the rest of her family for her differences, later realizing that being different is “the most Addams-y thing to be” and growing to love her differences, and has a pet squid named Socrates.

Her braided pigtails end in nooses in the first film, and weights in the second. In the Netflix series Wednesday, Wednesday is the titular character and is interested in being a detective. She has an interest in writing novels, specifically gothic mysteries.

She tries to publish her works, but they are seen as far too shocking and macabre to publish. Other than writing, some of Wednesday’s other hobbies are cello playing and fencing. She also knows German and Italian. It is mentioned that Wednesday is allergic to any color other than black, white, or grey.

She retains her generally emotionless nature, but opens up during the course of the series, having a best friend, the colorful werewolf Enid, having a love interest and showing her care for her brother more explicitly. Wednesday in the series has psychic abilities, she can see important things of a person’s past or future through touch.

Because of her abilities, Wednesday is a “Raven” as her visions typically are negative, which causes her to estrange herself from the others, thinking she cannot trust them, though she learns to trust over the course of the series. Her mother, who has similar abilities, tells Wednesday that their psychic visions are based on their own attitude, and calls herself a “Dove” as her visions are usually positive, compared to Wednesday’s visions.

Wednesday also shares a similar appearance to her distant ancestor, Goody Addams, who is a “witch of great strength” and has the same psychic ability as hers.

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Will Pubert Addams be in Wednesday

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One Missing Addams Family Member Netflix’s Wednesday Chose to Ignore Remember the mustachioed baby from The Addams Family Values? As the name of Netflix’s hit show suggests, Wednesday Addams, her experiences and personal growth are its primary focus, leaving the rest of the Addams family in supporting roles.

Still, longtime Addams fans enjoyed seeing Gomez, Morticia, Pugsley, and Lurch during their occasional school visits and were pleasantly surprised to meet Uncle Fester in Episode 7, when he helped the niece move forward with her investigation With the show officially renewed for Season 2, there may be other nostalgic family members that have yet to make an appearance.

For example, fans still haven’t met Cousin Itt and Grandmama. But there is another canon character who will likely never appear on the fan-favorite show. It is Wednesday’s youngest brother, Pubert Addams. Although Pubert played a significant role in The Addams Family Values, he is often forgotten by viewers.

  • But being a true Addams, Pubert survived all attempts and even saved the family in the end by electrocuting Uncle Fester’s gold-digging wife, a black widow who tried to kill the entire Addams clan for the inheritance.

For some reason, Pubert never appeared in another Addams project. There was only a brief mention of him in The Addams Family Reunion when Wednesday said that Pugsley had eaten their baby brother. Of course, she may have been embellishing reality. But maybe the Addams siblings really did get rid of their brother.

The new Netflix show seems to have no intention of exploring this topic. If Pubert was with the family, he would already be a schoolboy and would definitely accompany the family when they took Wednesday to Nevermore Academy or came for Parents’ Day. So it is highly unlikely that the character will ever show up on Wednesday.

However, his absence could be explained by another hilarious, gruesome tale of Wednesday or her family. Remember the mustachioed baby from The Addams Family Values? As the name of Netflix’s hit show suggests, Wednesday Addams, her experiences and personal growth are its primary focus, leaving the rest of the Addams family in supporting roles.

Still, longtime Addams fans enjoyed seeing Gomez, Morticia, Pugsley, and Lurch during their occasional school visits and were pleasantly surprised to meet Uncle Fester in Episode 7, when he helped the niece move forward with her investigation With the show officially renewed for Season 2, there may be other nostalgic family members that have yet to make an appearance.

For example, fans still haven’t met Cousin Itt and Grandmama. But there is another canon character who will likely never appear on the fan-favorite show. It is Wednesday’s youngest brother, Pubert Addams. Although Pubert played a significant role in The Addams Family Values, he is often forgotten by viewers.

  1. But being a true Addams, Pubert survived all attempts and even saved the family in the end by electrocuting Uncle Fester’s gold-digging wife, a black widow who tried to kill the entire Addams clan for the inheritance.

For some reason, Pubert never appeared in another Addams project. There was only a brief mention of him in The Addams Family Reunion when Wednesday said that Pugsley had eaten their baby brother. Of course, she may have been embellishing reality. But maybe the Addams siblings really did get rid of their brother.

The new Netflix show seems to have no intention of exploring this topic. If Pubert was with the family, he would already be a schoolboy and would definitely accompany the family when they took Wednesday to Nevermore Academy or came for Parents’ Day. So it is highly unlikely that the character will ever show up on Wednesday.

However, his absence could be explained by another hilarious, gruesome tale of Wednesday or her family. : One Missing Addams Family Member Netflix’s Wednesday Chose to Ignore

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Is Wednesday Addams getting canceled

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Was Wednesday canceled by Netflix? – No, Wednesday has not been canceled by Netflix and will return to the platform for its second season. There have been rumors swirling that Netflix had canceled Wednesday due to MGM Studios, the production company behind the series, having been sold to Amazon for $8.5 million in 2022,, Netflix While there’s no official plot for Wednesday Season 2, the season will most likely focus on the mysterious stalker who sent Wednesday threatening texts and pictures at the end of Season 1. Y ou can find out more about Wednesday Season 2 and check out our other Netflix coverage below:

What ethnicity is Morticia Addams?

Wednesday Addams does not want to play with you. In fact, she just might want to kill you. At least, that’s what her strange, unwelcoming demeanor would lead you to believe. The youngest child of the Addams’s family (depending on which version you watch, of course), Wednesday is a darkly precocious girl.

  • Instantly recognizable in her black dress with a white swallowtail collar and her pair of tightly braided black pigtails, she is a picturesque symbol of nonconformity.
  • Wednesday made her first official appearance in a cartoon in the August 26, 1944, issue of The New Yorker, where she appeared as the unnamed daughter of a macabre but family-oriented mother who never seems too concerned that her children are more interested in guillotines than going to the park to play.

Eventually, she was given the name “Wednesday” by her creator Charles “Chas” Addams, who, according to H. Kevin Miserocchi’s book, The Addams Family: An Evilution, got the name from a popular nursery rhyme meant to predict a child’s sensibility based on what day of the week they were born on.

A Wednesday baby was to be a child “full of woe,” and what better a name for the little girl in his cartoons who, as stated in Miserocchi’s book, Addams himself described as “a solemn child,” and who also had a sixth toe on one of her feet? Today, thanks to Christina Ricci’s darkly comic portrayal of Wednesday in the two ’90s films The Addams Family and Addams Family Values, Wednesday is now synonymous with darkness, and her character appeals to those who share her bleak outlook on life and her can’t-be-bothered attitude.

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But regardless of what version of Wednesday you look at, her character has always had a strong handhold on idiosyncrasy. Being weird is the thing that separates her from her peers, and because of that, she has remained within the cultural dialogue in part because the outcast as a concept has persisted throughout decades.

The weird girl in film and literature is often associated with a specific type of social outcast. Usually these women are depicted as callously hostile and, according to society’s standards, largely undateable. They are loners with strange habits and even stranger ways of dressing, and they exist in worlds where makeup and fashion trends never cross their minds.

Characters like Daria Morgenstern and her best friend Jane Lane or the angst-driven mascot-turned-comic-character Emily the Strange easily fit into the outcast category, and Wednesday feels right at home among their straight-faced dispositions and love of Sylvia Plath and platform Dr.

Martens. However, Wednesday’s strangeness always goes one step further. While Daria might joke about murdering her enemies, Wednesday will actually try to do it. In that way, she is perhaps more closely aligned with modern female outcasts like Stranger Things ‘s El; however, even El experiences moments of fear and self-doubt, whereas Wednesday rarely ever does.

Her unamused facade is not just for show. The weird girl in film and literature is often associated with a specific type of social outcast. In the new Netflix show Wednesday, the character of Wednesday Addams has been reinvented for a modern audience, but her strangeness remains faithfully intact.

  • Expertly portrayed by Jenna Ortega, this Wednesday finds herself sent to a boarding school for literal outcasts.
  • The students of Nevermore Academy are mythically diverse, encompassing everything from werewolves to sirens to vampires, and though they intermingle with regular society, their unique powers and abilities mark them as different among what they refer to as the “normies.” At first glance, it seems as if Wednesday is going to be right at home among what some might deem the monsters of society; however, the brilliance of Wednesday is that even among the outcasts, Wednesday is still strange, a point that’s made dramatically clear through her outfits on the show.

Out of all the students at Nevermore, Wednesday is the only one who wears a variant of the school uniform. While everyone else sports royal blue and black stripes, it’s all black for Wednesday. She is the ultimate outcast, then, forever resisting categorization no matter what social circle she finds herself in.

One of the most striking things about Wednesday is that Ortega—who is of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent—is the first iteration of the character to truly touch on Wednesday’s Latina roots. There has been speculation that the Addams family has Latinx origins originating with Gomez, but Wednesday is the first depiction that truly leans into this idea.

Because her mother, Morticia, is typically portrayed as white—Catherine Zeta-Jones, who plays Morticia in the show, is of Welsh and Irish Catholic descent—Wednesday can be seen as a mixed-race individual, Her knack for always being the outcast even among outcasts suddenly makes sense.

  1. Though I have a Japanese American mother and a German father, my face looks wholly Asian even though 50 percent of it is dominated by whiteness.
  2. This means that I rarely have the benefit of blending in among other Asian faces, but when I am in a crowd of white people, there is also no way for me to hide the fact that I am mixed-race.

Like Wednesday, my jet-black hair and olive skin tone give me away the minute I walk into certain rooms, but also like Wednesday, I have learned to embrace this part of myself, choosing to lean into my inherent ambiguity rather than shy away from it.

However, growing up, this wasn’t always the case. As a middle schooler interacting with my peers at school, my whiteness went largely unnoticed, and my role among my friends always tilted more toward the outcast sidekick than the main character. At the time, I needed a way to parse through the difficult and often-racist encounters with my peers—I was sometimes asked to impersonate the Welch’s Grape Juice girl simply because we were both Asian.

I needed to find something or someone that both vindicated me and helped me find a release for the low-level anger I quietly felt every time a boy I liked ended up dating one of my white friends instead. However, my lexicon of female role models was sorely lacking back then, with Wednesday Addams and her canonical wit going largely undiscovered by me.

To be clear, it is not that I was never chosen as the desirable girl that irritated me but rather that there was even a type of societally appropriate desirable girl in the first place. If I had known there was a weird-girl alternative to the makeup and the Abercrombie & Fitch jeans and that the idea of teenage girls that I was being sold through magazines and cleverly targeted advertisements was nothing more than a bankrupt, white-centric idea of womanhood designed solely for the pleasures of men, well, maybe I would have gotten angry a lot sooner.

* In the recent show, Wednesday has been given two distinct love interests. While the Addams family is not averse to romance—Morticia and Gomez can famously hardly keep their hands off of each other, and Wednesday has a crush on the asthmatic camper, Joel Glicker, in Addams Family Values— it is strange to see her caught in the middle of a love triangle here.

However, by the end of the season, Wednesday remains single, and though she does briefly date one of the boys interested in her, a boyfriend is never really the main thing on her mind. A lot can be said about this choice to make teenage romance a part of the new show, but perhaps the most important thing to glean from it all is that even if Wednesday inverts the trope of the desirable popular girl to become the desirable weird girl, she ultimately doesn’t need one of them to feel complete.

When it comes to romance, her instinct to stay true to herself vastly outweighs everything else. Desirability doesn’t get in the way of her feminism because for Wednesday, it’s not about being desired. * Instead of focusing on relationships and desirability, throughout her evolution we’ve seen that Wednesday has often been an advocate for those she views as being societally oppressed.

In the very first episode of the ’60s TV show, a distraught Wednesday comes home from school crying because her teacher read a story to them in which a dragon was slayed by a knight. She sobs on her bed over the thought of someone killing the misunderstood creature while Morticia and Gomez console her.

The ’90s films have perhaps the most memorable display of social resistance in Wednesday’s now-iconic takedown of Thanksgiving during her summer camp’s end-of-season play meant to celebrate the holiday. Forced to dress in a culturally insensitive Native American costume, she goes off script, telling the pilgrims.

  1. We cannot break bread with you.
  2. You have taken the land which is rightfully ours.” Desirability doesn’t get in the way of her feminism because for Wednesday, it’s not about being desired.
  3. In Wednesday, this socially conscious streak continues as we see Wednesday first get expelled from her school for standing up to her brother’s bullies by performing a stint that ultimately causes one of the popular water polo players to lose a testicle to ravenous piranhas.

She then embarks on an episodes-long crusade against the headmaster of Nevermore (who she views as untrustworthy) and the local sheriff (who wrongfully accuses Wednesday’s father of killing a man years ago) as she attempts to solve a series of mysterious and violent murders that have been occurring in town.

The students she befriends are typically the outcasts among the outcasts—her roommate Enid is a werewolf who has yet to actually make the first transition—and she makes a conscious decision to reject joining secret societies. In fact, much of her quest to uncover the rogue murderer revolves around Wednesday receiving messages from her ancestor, Goody Addams, a Latina psychic from the Puritan era who witnessed her mother and the other people in her village get burned alive by an evil white male forefather, intent on ridding the village of everyone he deemed to be an outcast.

* What’s enticing about Wednesday is that just like me, she straddles the line between whiteness and another ethnicity, but her mixed-race roots are not the defining trait of her character. Instead, it is her no-bullshit approach to the world that dominates her personality as it creates space for even the most outsider-y of outsiders to find solace.

She becomes a multiracial feminist icon without allowing the multiracial and feminist aspects to solely define her. In short, she is a whole person instead of just a social symbol. This is freeing to me as someone who has grown up deeply aware of my dual ethnicities and female body. Wednesday offers up an alternative to the self-conscious tension that always seems to be at the forefront of every single one of my interactions; however, growing up, I did not have the privilege of being introduced to Wednesday Addams until the ’90s had passed me by.

Instead, I spent that decade largely enmeshed with other decidedly feminist heroines like Louise Fitzhugh’s Harriet M. Welsch and Sammy Keyes from Wendelin Van Draanen’s book series of the same name. However, while both of these ladies had edge, I’d be lying if I said a part of me didn’t long for a role model who was even darker and more dangerous.

  1. Often, when people ask me what my ethnicity is, what they are really looking for is a way to define me that makes sense to them.
  2. Because I am mixed-race, I resist categorization, and this puzzles people.
  3. Perhaps it makes them uncomfortable, the not knowing, and for that reason alone I mourn the fact that I only came to Wednesday later in life.

Her darkness exudes mystery, and those around her are always unable to place her into specific boxes, but Wednesday never seems troubled by this. Instead, she almost seems pleased. In Wednesday, she even goes so far as to say, “I act as if I don’t care if people don’t like me.

  1. But deep down,
  2. I secretly enjoy it.” Her differences bring her delight.
  3. In many ways, Wednesday, in all her various iterations, has always represented a rejection of the status quo, but that outsider mentality is thrown front and center in the new show.
  4. For starters, the decision to create a series that revolves solely around the character of Wednesday Addams and in which the rest of her spooky-ooky family exist solely in the background is a great way to commit to the singular peculiarity of her character.

Because even within her own family unit, Wednesday is the strangest of them all. She’s the dark nucleus of the Addams family, seemingly void of emotion and intent on seeking revenge. As a main character, then, she becomes the perfect example of unconventionality and, through an ironic twist of fate, is able to highlight for us all the ways in which we can learn to embrace our own inner outcasts.

What ethnicity is the Addams Family?

Are The Addams Family Confirmed to Be Hispanic? – United Artists Releasing Yes, they are! It was first brought up in “Art and the Addams Family,” aired on December 18th, 1964. Gomez is depicted in this episode as someone of Castilian extraction and Spanish ancestry. Though it is not mentioned again elsewhere, this little moment provides a basis for the Addams family being seen as Hispanic in the modern day.

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Is Gomez Addams Italian

Answered By: Jayden Gray Date: created: Jan 14 2023

Personality – Husband to Morticia (if indeed they are married at all), a crafty schemer, but also a jolly man in his own way, though sometimes misguided, sentimental and often puckish — optimistic, he is in full enthusiasm for his dreadful plots,

  1. Is sometimes seen in a rather formal dressing gown,
  2. The only one who smokes.
  3.   Charles Addams Like the other members of the family, Gomez’s personality became largely codified by the television series.
  4. He is depicted as being of Castilian extraction and Spanish ancestry, which was first brought up in “Art and the Addams Family” on December 18, 1964; in the episode, Gomez says his “ancestral land” is Spain and Morticia refers to him as a “mad Castilian.” John Astin had long sessions with Addams and series producer David Levy, who gave him free rein in developing the character.
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Enlarging on Addams’ description of Gomez as a Latin lover type, Astin suggested the eye-rolling, pencil moustache, and ardent devotion to Morticia. In the Addams cartoons and the television shows, Gomez wore a necktie to his chalk-stripe suit, though in the films, Gomez wears a bow tie and also wears a wide variety of extravagant clothing.

He spends $1000 per month on cigars, and he is an accomplished juggler and knife-thrower, He loves crashing toy trains and diving for crabs on Halloween. When he wishes to know the time he will pull a pocket watch from the breast pocket of his coat (the chain is attached to the lapel) while simultaneously checking a wrist watch.

Gomez is an athletic, acrobatic, and eccentric multi-billionaire. Though an extremely successful businessman, having acquired much of his wealth through inheritance and investments, he has little regard for money and will casually spend thousands of dollars on any whimsical endeavor.

  1. Gomez’s investments are guided more by whimsy than strategy, yet luck rarely fails him.
  2. Gomez owns businesses around the world, including a swamp, bought for “scenic value”, crocodile farm, a buzzard farm, a salt mine, a tombstone factory, a uranium mine, and many others.
  3. In Forbes 2007 “Fictional 15” list of the richest fictional characters, he was ranked #12 with a net worth of $2.5 billion.

As a young man, Gomez was, per flashback in “Morticia’s Romance”, a perennially sickly youth, gaining perfect health only after meeting Morticia. He nevertheless studied law (voted “Most Likely Never to Pass the Bar”) and is quite proud his law class voted him “Least Likely to Succeed”; and although he rarely practices, he takes an absurd delight in losing cases, boasting of having put many criminals behind bars while acting as their defense attorney, claiming that he “never sent an innocent man to jail”; this is somewhat contradicted in the episode “The Addams Family Goes to Court”, where it is noted that while Gomez has never won a case, he has never lost one either.

This backstory, while not mentioned directly, is recalled in The Addams Family, when Gomez announces he will serve as his own attorney, only to lose the case. In The New Addams Family, Gomez had also studied medicine. Gomez has offered contradictory views on work; in one episode, he claims that, although his family was wealthy even in his childhood, he nonetheless performed odd jobs and “scrimped and saved kopeks”, which he considered character building.

When his son Pugsley decided to find a job, however, Gomez was horrified, claiming that “No Addams has worked in 300 years!” In the 1991 animated series, Gomez deliberately tried to fail at something, anything, only to realize in the end of the episode that he is only a failure in failure.

Did Tyler ever love Wednesday?

The Development of the Love Triangle Between Wednesday, Tyler, and Xavier Is Lacking – Image via Netflix Over the course of the season, the love triangle continues on with both boys vying for Wednesday’s affection and developing a healthy rivalry with one another. Xavier uses their place as outcasts to bond with Wednesday, especially after his relationship with Bianca ends.

  • Tyler, on the other hand, becomes something somewhat forbidden after his father forbids him from seeing Wednesday due to the trouble she’s managed to get herself into while investigating the mysterious monster and murders in the area over the previous few weeks.
  • Tyler doesn’t listen, nor does Wednesday, and the Sheriff grows angrier as he believes Wednesday’s father got away with murder when he attended Nevermore.

In the end, Wednesday’s relationship with Tyler seemingly wins out. She chooses to go to the Rave’N with him, and any feelings she had for Xavier are temporarily wiped away when she suspects him of being the murderous monster. She even has Xavier arrested for the murders, putting a damper on his feelings for her as well.

At the end of the seasons’ penultimate episode, Wednesday decides to finally act on her growing feelings for Tyler and share her first kiss with him, which is when it all falls apart. One of Wednesday’s psychic visions reveals that Tyler is the monster, and he later confesses that his feelings for Wednesday were never real as he was compelled by his master — Marilyn Thornhill a.k.a.

Laurel Gates ( Christina Ricci ) — to get close to her. Image via Netflix So, when Xavier and Wednesday have their moment to start things over and Xavier “wins” the girl, it doesn’t feel earned or satisfactory. It’s simply due to the fact that Tyler is no longer a prospect regardless of the fact that Wednesday chose him in just the previous episode.

  • Plus, Xavier’s development on his own and in his relationship with Wednesday are nothing compared to Tyler’s.
  • The writers spent quite a bit of time on Tyler, detailing his past and working through the nuances of his relationships with others, because the grand betrayal was coming.
  • Xavier’s role pales in comparison, his feelings for Wednesday very two-dimensional and the centerpiece of the character as a whole.

Plus, Xavier hardly does enough to be worthy of being referred to as a love interest. He treats Wednesday terribly on many occasions, especially as Wednesday begins to aggressively suspect him of being the monster. In comparison to Tyler, who was doing it to worm his way into Wednesday’s life for villainous intentions, Xavier does little to actually get to know Wednesday.

Who did Wednesday kissed?

Wednesday’s First Kiss – The fact that it’s Wednesday’s first kiss already makes for a shocking scene, but it’s actually what happens after that is even more fascinating. At the end of the seventh episode of the series, Tyler and Wednesday finally have their first kiss. Everything seems perfect and Wednesday even smiles.

Does Fred Armisen play Uncle Fester and Wednesday?

With monsters, murder and mayhem rampant at Nevermore Academy, it was only fitting that Wednesday ‘s titular character would receive a visit from her kooky Uncle Fester (played by Fred Armisen ). The electricity-wielding elder dropped by in Episode 7 to check up on his niece and lay low for a few days before his next “job” in Boston.

  • According to Miles Millar, who serves as showrunner alongside Al Gough, there was only one actor in mind for the oddball role.
  • What’s great about working with someone like Tim Burton is that you get your first choice,” Millar tells TVLine.
  • We always wanted Fred because he has the perfect look, but also, he brings such fun energy to the role.

For us, he was always that first choice.” Millar says he and Gough “couldn’t believe it” when Armisen agreed to take on the role, appearing in just one episode this season. But doing so came with its own set of challenges since filming took place in Romania. “They really did such a great job with the makeup and everything. I had no eyebrows. It was prosthetics over my eyebrows to give me that look,” he said. “But I think that bald caps don’t look great all the time, so I was hoping to just make it that much more convincing.” Armisen is in great company.

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Who is the uncle in The Addams Family

Answered By: Alex Foster Date: created: Oct 23 2023

Biography – Uncle Fester is recognizable in a number of cartoons, both by his appearance and behavior, like turning the shower to a special “scalding” setting, feeding his garden plants blood plasma, or releasing an eagle on the neighbor’s homing pigeons.

However, he is almost never in the same cartoons with the rest of the family, even for family celebrations like pouring boiling oil on carolers, though he was in one cartoon with the two children—going fishing with dynamite. Uncle Fester has a strange ability to conduct electricity. He would often demonstrate this by putting a light bulb in his mouth, which would illuminate, accompanied by a loud, crackling noise (in the TV series, the bulb’s wire is sometimes clearly visible).

He claims to possess 110 watts of power in one episode of the sitcom, while in another episode he demonstrated his “magnetic” quality by levitating a metal paperweight up to his hand. When struck directly on the head by a fired cannonball, he appears only mildly dazed, while the cannonball literally bounces off his head.

  1. In one drawing by Charles Addams, Morticia is shown growing flowers from his head.
  2. He also often appears to suffer from a severe migraine that can only be relieved by putting his head in a screw press and tightening it to levels that normal people would not be able to withstand.
  3. Other times, he seems to do it for mere fun.

In the original 1960s sitcom, Uncle Fester is said to be Morticia Addams’ maternal uncle, but in all other filmed and animated content, he is Gomez Addams ‘ older brother, making him uncle to Wednesday and Pugsley, He is the eldest son of Grandmama,

Does cousin it make an appearance in Wednesday?

Television – Cousin Itt is introduced in the television series as the cousin of family patriarch Gomez Addams, He is an occasional guest in the Addams home, entering and exiting through the chimney, though he also has his own quarters which are furnished in proportion to his size.

  1. He vainly attempts a multitude of professions such as an actor, a singer, a marriage counselor, and a zoo curator, while his physical appearance is the subject of one episode in which he begins to lose his hair.
  2. Cousin Itt appeared in 19 total episodes of the original series and was played by Felix Silla, except for two appearances in which he was played by Roger Arroyo.

Silla attended a casting call in Los Angeles and was given the role on the spot without having to audition. The character’s heavy costume was first constructed with real hair but later changed to a fire-retardant synthetic, as smoking was common on-set and the real hair was therefore a fire hazard.

Silla’s instructions were simply to walk around on the set, as Itt’s voice (provided by sound engineer Tony Magro) was dubbed in post-production, but he often had difficulty seeing through the costume. The character appears with the other family members in a September 23, 1972 crossover episode of The New Scooby-Doo Movies, titled “Wednesday Is Missing”.

His vocal effects were provided by John Stephenson, who returned to the role in the 1973 Hanna-Barbera animated series. In the 1992 animated series, Itt (voiced by Pat Fraley ) is depicted as a carefree bachelor who is often seen in the company of female companions.