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What is the story of who rules the world

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Love blooms between a beloved prince and a fearless princess as they venture through the war-ridden martial arts world in a fight for justice. Watch all you want. Based on the web novel ‘Who Rules the World,’ starring Yang Yang (‘Love O2O’) and Zhao Lusi (‘The Romance of Tiger and Rose’).

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Is Who Rules the World popular in China

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International broadcast –

Network Country Ref.
AsiaN South Korea
WeTV International
RTHK Hongkong
8TV Malaysia

Who Rules The World was one of the selected dramas broadcast in Hong Kong on September 1, 2022 via TV channel RHTK 31, in commemoration of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region’s 25th Anniversary (National Liberation Day). On July 24, 2022, Who Rules the World ranked 4th in Netflix Korea’s Top 10 Most Viewed Series, the only foreign show to have made it on the list.

Who Rules My World review?

9 /10 One of the best and most beautiful Chinese dramas With its engaging storyline, electrifying chemistry between the gorgeous leads, breathtaking cinematography, stirring music, exciting action sequences and fabulous costumes, Who Rules The World is one of the best and most beautiful Chinese dramas I’ve watched.

Yangyang stars as both Prince Lanxi and martial arts top drawer Hei Fengxi while Zhao Lusi is Princess Xinyu and Hei Fengxi’s martial arts rival Bai Fengxi. Both are perfect for their fated-for-each-other dual roles. Starting off as rivals for supremacy in the martial arts world, they eventually fall for each other.

I just love intelligent leads like them, always steps ahead of their enemies. It’s fun watching them outsmart schemers while always having each other’s back. Their steadfast love and respect for each other as well as absolute trust in each other are so heartwarming, I didn’t want the series to end.

I’m hoping for a second season.19 out of 20 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Permalink 10 /10 Hidden Gem must watch One of the best martial arts film. I wish there was more film like this. After bloody romance, heavenly sword, and handsome siblings. I really love this one. Great story line and love the two main characters.

I wish there were more films like this on Netflix and I am really happy that this was made. The writers, the director and the entire cast did well. The CGI is impeccable. Hidden gem and binge worthy.10/10.28 out of 29 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote.

Permalink 10 /10 The best fantasy adventure action romance Cdrama ever! Loved Zhao Lusi! This is the best fantasy romance cdrama ever from her! The male lead/yang yang is also good-looking. Both are beautiful & portrays their characters very well! They are so natural together. No awkwardness between them.

They are comfortable with each other. The best romance cdrama ever! The chemistry between the 2 main leads – lan xi & feng Xi is amazing! The built-up romantic relationship between them from the start to finish is awesome! For once the male lead/lan Xi does not cheat, lie or betray her/feng Xi.

  • They don’t lie to each other in the excuse of protecting the other BS.
  • No breaking up & making up.
  • Just pure friendship turns into a relationship.
  • They actually cooperate with each other to solve matter at hand.
  • Despite all the lies, deceit & betrayal from other characters like Baili the witch in disguise, in most c & k drama in sub-plot.

Baili is not only evil but also despicable! Got tired llooking at her scenes! Immature, temperamental & childish Langhua! But here the 2 leads attraction & interaction pulls you & put a smile on your face at each episode! The only thing that doesn’t ends up – suddenly the first prince can stand & walk, he was in the wheelchair & when did the first & second brothers became good brothers again.

Further it is not shown who is the evil Lady’s maid, always hear her voice but not the face. The maid did all the array of evil deeds for the so called former maid empress. They both display what love is all about & sacrifices for each other! Truly the best! Worth the watch! They are compatible! They look good together! The best couple ever in cdrama! Highly recommended! This is not a cheap production, no cartoonist, no animation to replace big fight scenes, no special effects from a burning fire, the battle scenes were amazing, the fights scenes are awesome, the wedding scene is so grandeur, no fake kissing.

Could not find anything negative to say about this drama. The best ever! 13 out of 14 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Permalink 10 /10 Great drama ! A great drama, very good performance and amazing chemistry between the main leads.

Some claim the story copies Nirvana – that is not true, as I have watched both dramas. Is like saying all love stories are the same, because it involves a couple.Now they are trying to take out this drama and even involve the name of the main male actor in the scandal supposingly regarding the injury of a horse during shooting.

While I hope this is not the case, accidents sometimes happen not only yo animals but also with actors and cast members. It is at duch times they need our support, wishing them well recovery and urging them to take better care, We must separate the cases of willfull injuries from regretfull accidents, and stop unfounded malicious rumours.21 out of 22 found this helpful.

Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Permalink 9 /10 Fantastic Just when you think it’s getting redundant about episode 21 it renews itself and you see it’s not only a war against his brother but a great love story. I’m thoroughly enjoying it and I’m on episode 32. It’s worth putting up with the subtitles.

And not only are the actresses great but beautiful as well. And I’m sure the women will think the same of the actors. Siri singly good. I’m amazed there are only 490?reviews. people are missing out big time! 10 out of 11 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote.

  1. Permalink 10 /10 Magnificently Great I really enjoyed every bit of this drama.
  2. It was really amazing.
  3. The male lead and the female lead love chemistry was really sweet and both of them came with a wonderful whole package.
  4. This drama is 100% good and I enjoyed it.
  5. Thanks to all that put it together.11 out of 12 found this helpful.

Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Permalink 10 /10 So Amazing My wife and I are in love with this drama. So well developed and played. Excellent actors, the story is great and the performances are outstanding. Thanks much for this production.21 out of 22 found this helpful.

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  • Permalink 8 /10 Of 3000 strands of worry, does it matter if I keep one of them?Let it be bound to me forever.
  • This series is well made, effects are impeccable and feels quality, even the fight choreography and photography/scenery.
  • This show had an awesome start, all the way to the middle.

Epic backstory, compelling storylines, and amazing fights scenes. But then it got weaker and weaker to the point it stopped being as interesting. There’s a lot of very interesting plots that aren’t taken advantage in depth, quickly solved and not detailed enough or even forgotten and never resolved.

  • The ending feels rushed and is not satisfying enough.
  • The female lead character being so unconventional, super strong and independent, quirky and extremely smart and made me very engaged from the beginning but that was eventually disappearing and she felt a conventional supportive character for the last part of the show.

The chemistry between the main couple was great at the beginning they had many funny scenes together and It was also refreshing to see such a healthy and balanced relationship but this scenes disappear and the chemistry and dialogues get weaker and repetitive from the middle onwards.

I love how lately Zhao Lusi has picked such non stereotypical and feminist roles. She can really transform while she is acting and her performances are brilliant such raw talent from such young actress. Yang Yang is picking great roles lately too but He is very much acting the same way just with different roles and if it wasn’t for his great counterparts the dramas would become bland.

I honestly found You are my glory or The Long Ballad way better but Maybe I was expecting more from this although it has pretty good moments. Still nice entertaining watch, give it a go.13 out of 17 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote.

Permalink 9 /10 Games of Thrones in the east This show exceeded my expectations in every way. A spectacular display of Smart vs. Smart. No unnecessary dramas at all, I find myself very often in awe of the character’s’ wisdom, and charm in strategising and in battles, including the villains. Everything happens for a reason and every move was calculated.

Even when unexpected situations occur, the characters can quickly adjust and move forward. The show has a great pace and the plot does not drag even when extremely difficult decisions need to be made. I’m deeply touched by the key messages the show wants to delivery as a ruler and as a lover.

I won’t spoil it) I really enjoy watching the two protagonists fight alongside each other and be there for each other. The world is a dangerous place and even all odds might be against them, at least they have each other.6 out of 6 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Permalink 10 /10 A story of True Life partners in all sense This drama is based on history,adventure of marshal art world,politics and miltary.

Intrestingly this is around a love story which actually expresses the good partners how become lovers then marriage couple.12 out of 13 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Permalink 9 /10 The Answer is: You Are My World Warning: Spoilers This was a very twisty drama; originally watched because Yang Yang and Xuan Lu are two people that I follow.

  1. Plus the plot looked awesome and wuxia dramas are just cool if done right.
  2. Wanted to see YY in a costume drama and this one seemed like the one to really show his acting skills.
  3. I was pleasantly surprised.
  4. Pros: The chemistry between HFX/FLX and BFX/FXY was off the charts starting in episode one.
  5. They were like two magnets, just circling each other.

The attraction was real and they made a great team even when they still were very wary of each other and competitive. Best power couple vibes. The fact that they would be together was obvious from the get go. The romance between them was arguably the best part of the series even when it took BFX forever to get over denial.

That pre-wedding, wedding, and afterwards was everything! Loved that HFX was always many steps ahead of everyone else; though he was great at martial arts, it was his intellect that made him so powerful and scary for even his father. His brains and brawn were on full display here. Though BFX was certainly no damsel in distress, HFX was always there to save her in the knick of time and she in turn helped him as well.

Probably his best scene albeit brutal was getting beaten by his father and losing his inner force; I feel YY’s strength as an actor shown a lot there; the growth was obvious. Not just physical pain but emotional and psychological was impressive. I also loved the face stuffing, butt kicking BFX who was the perfect other half to a dashing/smart as heck ML.

  • FQW was a great SFL because usually these characters are the gorilla glue of a show but here to see her get turned down and just shrug it off becoming one of ML’s most trusted allies and resources was beyond refreshing to see.
  • She was also a great BFF to BFX turning our poor HFX into a 3rd wheel lol.

Other great characters was the older brother, who though I felt was the most tragic out of the cast, was able to stay on his feet still while supporting FLX throughout everything they had to endure. Han Pu who we lost tragically at the end and who I felt should have stayed behind at the sect, was a cute edition.

  1. Purple robe dude was alright though completely oblivious to the walking evil next to him until like 20 minutes of the last episode? All of their sergeants and aides were great for both solidarity and comic relief.
  2. The big bad, YWY was definitely convincing as the main antagonist and I like that they kept him mysterious enough.

That final battle was epic; knocking each other through buildings and finally bringing him down in a slash and crash method. Only our power couple could do that and appropriately done by them. And I’m not the slightest bit worried about HFX and his now white hair because there’s still old man Taiyan’s flower that people have forgotten about; it does bloom, if properly nurtured, every 10 years and it’s been over 10 years since last used so I think our couple will live peacefully in the world for many more years to come, hopefully with children.

  • I think the ending was handled pretty well.
  • The martial arts I liked a lot though I wish there was more of it through the story without the gaping hole in the middle; the beginning was probably the best with them going around trying to solve mysteries.
  • I loved the battle scenes! Those were real, some even reminded me of the CGI of LOTR or GoT.
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So very impressive. The OSTs were pretty awesome especially the one by Liu Yu Ning. Cons: The reason this drama took a serious hit from me primarily is because of how much useless political stuff was introduced in the middle. Instead of growing the FL’s backstory and family, the constant infighting between Lord of Yongzhou, junior evil, stepmom, and the rest of that sewer drain that was all kinds of useless.

It turned an interesting story into a petty fight for power that wasted precious time on things that weren’t in the outside world and were more pressing. It was however very satisfying in episode 34 to get rid of most of those morons-in FLX’s usual 7 steps ahead way along with the 3 slaps heard around the world-who contributed very little to the main plot but practically hijacked it.

The amount of absolutely useless characters that were seen once but never again. The conspiracy of that Empearyan Token that YWY said he already had but it wasn’t revealed until the last episode was beyond inconsistent along with so many other things.

  1. Purple robe dude was beyond oblivious the entire time and then out of nowhere it was like “EUREKA, he’s been by my side the entire time!” It was very unconvincing.
  2. Even YWY killing his annoying sister wasn’t a thing.
  3. The last episode of the 3 main warriors confronting YWY seemed like something out of a twisted church confessional where when they ask him, he just gives up all of his secrets but for 39 episodes for some reason HFX couldn’t put those puzzle pieces together? It was lackluster.

Lang Hua being the show’s literally dumbest character can’t be forgotten and her literal backstabbing and then just getting away with a no big deal bugs me more then I wanted it to. Han Pu as a child could have run that sect better then her after her father’s death (another smart character turned dumb in his final episode; completely the opposite of what we knew).

Many characters that were portrayed as very smart, were turned dumb for their last appearances, it was very uneven. And of course I nearly forgot the beyond lackluster reveal of FXY’s identity; probably why I didn’t add it when I first wrote this review. We were all anticipating this big deal and then.crickets.

Like “oh you’re FXY, please pass the bread.” Would I recommend it? Yes for the actual leads, their chemistry, allies, martial arts, and pretty spectacular battles. Also, if palace politics don’t turn you off, that’s a plus. But it shouldn’t have been marketed as a straight wuxia as it was far from it.

  • Definitely has a lot of cons but I do feel the pros outweigh those.5 out of 7 found this helpful.
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  • Permalink 10 /10 Love it Is this a spin off the eternal love show or the pillow talk of eternal dream of love cause it seems to bare a resemblance to those show which I love it.

All Characters were awesome. Love love love love love love.6 out of 7 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Permalink 10 /10 Recommended The story plot is good and the plotwists are exciting. The quality of the production is Lit.

  • I actually watch this because of Zhao Lusi bunos lang si Yangyang haha.10/10.15 out of 21 found this helpful.
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  • Permalink 10 /10 Great Storyline from beginning to end Warning: Spoilers This is the first drama I actually watched from beginning to end.
  • I usually skip through episodes that have scenarios repetitive in nature.

This show did not drag any storylines out that you wanted to say enough already. One storyline came close to being too much. The test cheating story I really could have done without. The ending did leave a few of the characters storylines unanswered. Zhong Li, Feng Ju and the martial arts sect that Bai Fengxi was a member of.

  • What happened to them? The women were strong, intelligent and could walk more than 3 feet without falling down.
  • I really enjoyed the way that women were not portrayed as silly, naive, helpless creatures that would not stand up for themselves.
  • Really great action packed storyline from beginning to end.7 out of 8 found this helpful.

Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Permalink 10 /10 A quality production Love the details of story line, old palace details, chinese art facts, traditional yet modernized clothing. Love the interactions of the main characters. Cute story line. Love it.6 out of 7 found this helpful.

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  2. Permalink 10 /10 No 1 costume drama and powerful chemistry of yy and zl Yangyang and lusi have the best chemistry Perfect prince and princess I have watched this many times Yangyan so handsome Hope for season 2.
  3. Included in Top 10 in netflix for many months and 3 billion views and counting.5 out of 6 found this helpful.

Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Permalink 9 /10 Amazing TV show If you love martial art movies you will love this one as it is very well made. Very good actors, good action scenes. It all works very well. Just give it a try.5 out of 7 found this helpful.

Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Permalink 10 /10 MEMORABLE, absolutely rewatch Best acting, best chemistry from two lead, entertaining drama,best historical drama in 2022.its long long time i don’t enjoy dramas impatiently, always waiting for the next episode, very curious he.he.he. although at the end of the episode, the plot was rushed, but I was still able to accept and enjoy WRTW.

After the drama is over it’s hard to make me watch another might take some time.7 out of 8 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Permalink 10 /10 Flabbergasted I’m a US person that watches and has seen way too many shows and movies.

  1. Tons of not subtitled and subtitled.
  2. Forget even the fact this is Asian or Chinese.
  3. This is some of the best plot and acting there is.
  4. Plus really good sets and action.
  5. I don’t even know how to describe how much I like this show, so will just say I’d be super interested to hear anyones argument that it doesn’t deserve an IMDb 10/10.5 out of 7 found this helpful.

Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Permalink 10 /10 Best costume historical chinese drama Beat chemistry yangyang and lusi. I have watched this in netflix three times and cant move on from prince lanxi and princess xiyun. My fave princess and prince Hope they will Have a new modern drama soon.4 out of 5 found this helpful.

Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Permalink 9 /10 Captivating drama What makes this drama different from the other martial art series is the chemistry between the main leads has been established from beginning. They already have strong reputation as smart and powerful couple. The story is focusing on how they work together using their skills to the issues around the martial world and politics among the kingdoms, so there are very minimum cheesy romantic conflict or the plot where main character suddenly found super powerful skill.

As for the antagonists, they are antagonistic but not overly evil. Minus 1 star as I feel the ending is quite anti-climatic. I wish there are more series like this.6 out of 7 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Permalink 9 /10 WHO RULES THE WORLD: No really, who? WHO RULES THE WORLD was a top notch, high quality, super fun C-Drama, one I watched with family over the course of a few weeks.

It was pretty entertaining, filled with drama, adventure, intrigue, action, mystery, romance and a little comedy. And of course, some outlandishly fantastical wuxia fight scenes as well, because what would a fantasy martial arts drama be without some good wuxia mixed in? Who Rules the World is the story of two highly cultivated master martial artists, known as Feng Lan Xi and Feng Xi Yun, who join hands together to travel the world and fight off an evil clan that seeks to dominate the world.

They are opposites of one another in many ways but work well as a team. Although this series was a bit slow at times, overall the story was interesting and the cast really likeable. Everything was quality, to the complex plot to the breathtaking background scenery to the intricate indoor settings.

  1. Very beautiful and visually stunning.
  2. The music was pretty good too.
  3. I enjoyed the two main characters and how they interacted with one another.
  4. I do feel like more time could have been spent truly developing the characters deeper instead of flirtily eying one another endlessly, but even still, it was a great show and the family enjoyed it.

I’m glad we gave it a try. Would probably rewatch down the road.1 out of 1 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Permalink 10 /10 This Is A Masterpiece, Watch It! This is by far the best Martial Arts Dramas film I have ever watched.

The two leads, Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi were fantastic as the lead actors in this Cdrama. Everything about it was excellent:the acting, the cinematography, the well- written story, the OST, both opening themes and ending themes, solos and background music, the direction and production were all well done.

I also respected the way he related to his elder brother. Kudos to all! I especially enjoyed Yang Yang’s performance as a love smitten prince (and later husband) of his martial arts companion Zhao Lusi, whom he consistently loved with his whole heart.

  1. I loved the way he loved her and she in turn learned to love him.
  2. His sacrificial love for her bought tears to my eyes.
  3. Bravo! The battle scenes were excellent, and in many ways reminded me of the South Indian masterpiece, Balhubali (2015-2016).
  4. This Cdrama was 40 episodes long, and worth every minute of it.

Watch it! 2 out of 3 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Permalink 8 /10 Good show Thoroughly enjoyed the show. It felt modern. No cringe CGI to pull you out of the show. The romance fit well and never distracted from the main story.

  1. The pacing was actually great.
  2. Almost every episode had some revelation or twist to keep you interested.
  3. All the characters were likeable and the acting was good.3 out of 5 found this helpful.
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  5. Permalink 9 /10 Very fun series qck1 4 December 2022 It is very much a fantasy series, with interesting twists.

There are a few of the characters that have something like supernatural abilities that come out mostly as fighting. Some running across water and flying. During the fighting scenes fantastic acrobatics that is amazingly visually appealing, and there is definitely anti-gravity is at work.

But it is fun. The heroin uses ribbons of fabric in many of the fight scenes to mostly confound her opponents but seems like many do not survive the falls. At the end there are a lot of massive battle scenes. Of course, not particularly accurate, but that is normal. In truth the sword for Chinese armies was a secondary weapon and the much more effective spear was the primary weapon, and much too much cavalry and not enough regimented infantry which would have been much more hectically correct.

I believe that the primary weapon of Chinese cavalry was the bow, and defiantly not the sword. That means no cavalry charges which would imply spear armed horsemen. At times it does get a little slow but mostly a good pace. Another Chinese production that shows the amazing skill of the Chinese entertainment industry, on par with the best of the Korean, who seem to be the best at producing entertainment in the East.

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What is the relationship between Bai Fengxi and Hei Fengxi

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Who Rules the World Chinese Drama Review (2022) | BingerWatcher

Story 9.0 Acting/Cast 10.0 Music 10.0 Rewatch Value 9.5

This review may contain spoilers “Like the hawk that soars freely, you reject the shackles.” Hei Fengxi and Bai Fengxi are a fated pair. To the world, they’re known as the Hei-Bai Fengxi duo, “Hei” and “Bai” as in black and white. They’re each other’s greatest rivals, companions and partners in crime but also inseparable like light and shadow.

It’s hard to describe their relationship with just a few simple words. “As beautiful as she is lethal.” Bai Fengxi is a smart and brave yet carefree heroine who stands in the face of justice. She’s a cute glutton when there’s good food and a headstrong, cheeky opponent when there’s a good fight. Secretly, she’s also Princess Feng Xiyun of Qing who’s renowned for her intelligence and eloquence.

Hei Fengxi is the embodiment of grace and elegance that’s known as a diplomatic and just hero. But underneath that façade, he’s extremely cunning and ambitious, just like the endearing nickname “Black Foxy” Bai Fengxi has given him. Like her, he also has a double identity as the Second Prince Feng Lanxi of Yong.

From a young age, he was forced to fake illness and learn the ruthlessness of court politics on the path to becoming the royal heir. Hei Fengxi is tough and merciless towards his opponents but incredibly soft-hearted when it comes to his own people, especially Bai Fengxi. I’m truly in love with the duality of both leads.

They’re adventurous and playful in the martial arts world, but very dedicated to their royal duties in bringing peace and prosperity to their citizens. There’s an unwavering trust and teamwork between Hei and Bai Fengxi that makes them a force to be reckoned with.

  1. What’s more impressive is that they’re both on equal footing where no one side is weaker than the other in talents, martial arts or status.
  2. While political schemes and wuxia values do play a major role in the plot, there’s a more evident focus on romance.
  3. The chemistry between Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi is so sweet and overwhelming.

Admittedly, I didn’t know how this couple would pane out in a historical drama but this is way better than any of my wildest dreams. They just click so well together. I can see that both have matured a lot in their acting. Yang Yang has become more experienced with subtle expressions from his role in You Are My Glory, as well as with action scenes from Glory of Special Forces.

  • His background as a contemporary dancer also greatly contributes to the poised and refined portrayal of Hei Fengxi.
  • On the other hand, Zhao Lusi plays the dashing and charismatic Bai Fengxi very well.
  • She’s truly badass on so many levels.
  • It’s like she has combined the female power from both of her roles in The Romance of Tiger & Rose and The Long Ballad together.
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Despite the age gap in real life, this pair looks great together on-screen. Though off-screen they’re so childish and competitive with each other, it’s no wonder Yang Yang said they have the same mental age as a 5-year-old. This drama also has a very vibrant side cast.

  • Xuan Lu as Feng Qiwu is such a girl crush and I love it when she teams up with Bai Fengxi, total femme fatale style.
  • It’s nice to see Wei Wuxian’s martial sister kicking up a storm and fighting like a general.
  • The kid playing Han Pu is such a sweetheart.
  • He’s a smart little cookie that knows how to bring the vibes.

Feng Chang, played by Zhang Tian Yang, is a great older brother. He’s protective of Hei Fengxi and really cares for him. Zhang Feng Yi pulls a very convincing act as the sly and cynical King of Yong (Hei Fengxi’s father). It’s heartbreaking to see Hei Fengxi suffer at his father’s callousness.We can’t not talk about the excellent production from the director of none other than Love and Redemption, Ancient Love Poetry and Under the Power.

  1. The costumes are absolutely gorgeous and really highlight the duality of the leads.
  2. Those high pony tails and headpieces are just chef kiss.
  3. The scenery, action scenes and CGI are seamless.
  4. I love how Hei Fengxi uses the fan and Bai Fengxi uses her silk ribbon, it’s such an effortlessly cool way to fight.

Plus, those flying sequences are so satisfying to watch. While the last few episodes do feel a bit rushed, the overall plot remains fairly coherent and easy to follow. As prementioned, it’s not supposed to be full-on political, like for say Nirvana in Fire, but emphasises more on the journey of Hei and Bai Fengxi as they traverse the world and discover what is truly the most important in life.

  • Admittedly, there’ve been a few controversies and problems with the production crew towards the later part of filming, but this drama has turned out to be a fine one so all credits to the cast and staffs.
  • The OSTs are very complementary as well.
  • Unparalleled (无双) by Liu Yuning is so empowering and intense.

Except it’s a bit strange to hear from Zhao Lusi’s lover in The Long Ballad, if you get what I mean. My favourite got to be Breath of Wind (风息) by Tiger Hu and Ye Xuan Qing as it’s very fitting for the Hei-Bai Fengxi couple. A Dream Come True (一梦浮生) by Silence Wang is like a sweet love confession.

  1. While Like A Dream (如梦) by Sunny is like a bashful reply to that confession.
  2. Lastly, Orphan (孤注) by Tan Wei Wei is the emotional song that hits you least expect it.*If you’re confused about the politics and would like some clarifications, CloudA has put together a fantastic background summary in the Discussion forum below.FAVOURITE QUOTES:”If I die, no one will know your true face.

Life will be boring.” Bai Fengxi”I can hide anything from the world. Yet, I can’t hide anything from you,” Hei Fengxi”They always say to love until the ocean and earth run dry. We both know that these are just false promises. To me, I only want to hold your hand until the end of life.” Hei Fengxi”I met you when I just started in the martial arts world.

And thanks to you, I saw the kindness of the world. And thanks to your company, I know what true feelings mean. It’s all thanks to you that I gave the world another chance.” Hei Fengxi”They said sometimes you had to lose one thing in order to gain another. But some things are too painful to be let go. I can’t let go of her no matter how hard I try I can let go of all my mortal desire except for this one.

I can discard three thousand strands of woes but let me keep this one strand Let it bind me for the rest of my life.” Hei Fengxi Was this review helpful to you? : Who Rules the World Chinese Drama Review (2022) | BingerWatcher

Who is the villain in Who Rules The World?

Who Rules The World Ending (Spoilers Alert!) – Different viewers may have different feelings about the ending for Who Rules The World. To me, I see it as a neutral ending. Bai Feng Xi, Lan Xi, and Huang Chao worked together to defeat Yu Wu Yuan who is the villain in the drama.

  • He has been playing one party against another so that they will destroy each other.
  • Once all the states have been weakened, it will then be easy for him to subdue them and become the new Emperor of Dadong Empire.
  • After Bai Feng Xi and Lan Xi killed Yu Wu Yuan in a fight, they decide to forgo the throne and give it to Huang Chao as they rather spend time together.

Lan Xi only has 10 years to live after sacrificing part of his lifespan to save Bai Feng Xi earlier (which is why his hair turned white). They also know Huang Chao is someone who cares for the people’s well-being and will be a good ruler. Then, Bai Feng Xi and Lan Xi leave their states’ administration to their subordinates and tell them to support Huang Chao for peace.

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Who are the 4 gentlemen who rule the world

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Four Gentlemen: The ‘gentlemen’ in this drama means a man with good looks, good character, high social status, knowledge, talent, and a good reputation in society. The ‘Four Gentlemen’ is ranked Yu Wuyuan, Feng Lanxi, Huang Chao, and Hei Fengxi. So the ML occupies two seats with his two identities.

In the novel, they have titles to describe their characteristic, which is ‘Yu He, Lan Ying, Huang Ao, Xi Ya’ ( 玉和、兰隐、皇傲、息雅) – One word from the name combined with one word presents his characteristic. These word groups mean ‘Yu Wuyuan is mild, Feng Lanxi is secretive. Huang Chao is proud, Hei Fengxi is elegant’.

The drama exchanges the titles of ML’s two names. Lan Xi hides his martial arts skills, but he is well-known because of his birth. When he was born, all the orchids in his state bloomed. Even the orchids in the Yong Palace keep blooming all seasons after that.

Besides, he’s very handsome. So all the civilians in his state like him. In the novel, he cultivates a unique orchid for FL, which has one black flower and one white flower from the same root, called ‘Sacred Jade Moon’. In the drama, the ‘Sacred Jade Moon’ becomes the name of the flower given by Old Taiyin and the name of the martial arts he founded.


How many countries are friendly with China?

This article is about the foreign relations of the People’s Republic of China. For the foreign relations of the Republic of China, see Foreign relations of Taiwan, Diplomatic relations between world states and China People’s Republic of China (PRC) States that have diplomatic relations with the PRC States that have diplomatic relations with the ROC or neither States with limited recognition Countries of the world indicating decade diplomatic relations commenced with the People’s Republic of China: 1949/1950s (dark red), 1960s (red), 1970s (orange), 1980s (beige), 1990s/2000s (yellow) and 2010s/2020s (green). Countries not recognized by or not recognizing the PRC are in grey.

  • China, officially the People’s Republic of China (PRC), has full diplomatic relations with 179 out of the other 193 United Nations member states, Cook Islands, Niue and the State of Palestine,
  • China has had the most diplomatic missions of any state.
  • China officially claims it “unswervingly pursues an independent foreign policy of peace”.

The fundamental goals of this policy are to preserve China’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, create a favorable international environment for China’s reform and opening up and modernization of construction, and to maintain world peace and propel common development.” An example of a foreign policy decision guided by “sovereignty and territorial integrity” is not engaging in diplomatic relations with any country that recognizes the Republic of China (Taiwan), which the PRC does not recognise as a separate nation,

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What is China best at in the world

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Home to one of the world’s oldest civilizations, China has been ruled by the Communist Party since 1949, when the nation was established as the People’s Republic of China. The country is the world’s most populous and is considered the second-largest by land mass.

The central government recognizes dozens of ethnic groups, with Han Chinese accounting for more than 90 percent of the population. While nearly 300 languages are recognized across the country, Mandarin Chinese is the official national language. China has been one of the world’s fastest-growing major economies since former leader Deng Xiaoping installed reforms in 1978.

A single-party socialist state, China has since moved from being a centrally planned to a market-based economy, China’s economy is the world’s second- largest, trailing only the United States, China’s rapid economic development poses several domestic challenges, including balancing population growth with its natural resources, a growing income inequality and a substantial rise in pollution across the country.

  1. The World Bank notes that while the sustained economic growth has lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, China remains a developing country with many people still living below the nation’s official poverty level.
  2. Air pollution in the nation’s major urban areas poses a major health risk, and the International Energy Agency in 2012 noted that China is the world’s largest emitter of carbon dioxide.

At the same time, media have reported that China is a major investor in renewable energy. The nation’s rapid rise in global influence also has led to challenges abroad. China has come under frequent criticism – most notably from the United States – for its human rights policies.

  • Political freedom remains tightly controlled, and China has some of the world’s tightest restrictions on Internet usage.
  • China regularly ranks near the bottom of international rankings for media freedom.
  • China is recognized as possessing nuclear weapons.
  • It has been a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council since 1971 and is a member of several international and regional organizations, including the World Trade Organization and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.

China’s rapid economic development poses several domestic challenges, including balancing population growth with its natural resources, a growing income inequality and a substantial rise in pollution across the country. The World Bank notes that while the sustained economic growth has lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, China remains a developing country with many people still living below the nation’s official poverty level.

Air pollution in the nation’s major urban areas poses a major health risk, and the International Energy Agency in 2012 noted that China is the world’s largest emitter of carbon dioxide. At the same time, media have reported that China is a major investor in renewable energy. The nation’s rapid rise in global influence also has led to challenges abroad.

China has come under frequent criticism – most notably from the United States – for its human rights policies. Political freedom remains tightly controlled, and China has some of the world’s tightest restrictions on Internet usage. China regularly ranks near the bottom of international rankings for media freedom.

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What world rank is China in

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China (Ranked 54th ) :: Legatum Prosperity Index 2023.

Is the ending of Who Rules The World good?

Its a happy ending in sofar that the main leads get together at the end.

Does Who Rule the World have a happy ending?

Living Ordinary Lives – At the end of the drama, the viewers were given a glimpse of the couple’s ordinary lives together. In a humble house in the middle of the mountain, Hei Fengxi walked into the kitchen and was greeted by Bai Fengxi who was cooking a simple dish in the kitchen.

  • Her face was covered in soot, but she was in high spirits.
  • They bicker lightly for a bit, as bickering seems to be their love language.
  • Then the scene ended with the two of them spending the afternoon lovingly, drawing each other’s eyebrows.
  • Who Rules the World ending explained – Hei Fengxi Bai Fengxi living ordinary lives And that is how we leave them.

With how extraordinary their fates were, the optimistic side of me believes whole heartedly that Hei Fengxi might come across some enchanted mushroom, or magic potion or a falling meteorite or something which will help him to overcome his condition and he is able to live together with Bai Fengxi until well into their golden age.

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Is Who Rules The World on Netflix

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How to Watch Who Rules the World. Right now you can watch Who Rules the World on Netflix.

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Is Bai Fengxi a princess

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After I watched Who Rules the World, a Chinese wuxia fantasy series, my world view changed. I came to realized certain things that made me reevaluate my acclaimed purpose. It gave me a wider perspective of life. Here are the lessons and realizations I gathered:

A simple and carefree life is more desirable than a life of luxury, power and fame.

One of the main characters, Bai Fengxi, is a princess of one of the states in Dadong Empire. She changed her name from Princess Xiyun to Bai Fengxi and chose to travel the world and live simply. This is a fantasy series after all but it showed me how rich and fulfilling her life is.

  • She learned martial arts and became the best along with three other gentlemen.
  • She learned a lot and became even wiser in her travels as she explores different places and meet different kinds of people.
  • She has a heart of gold and helps every person in need she encounters as she wanders this world.
  • Her character inspired me to stop chasing luxurious things and use my time to be with people and help them whenever I can instead.
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While every members of the royal family are fighting to get the crown and rule over the world, Bai Fengxi lives a carefree and simple life. The message for me is loud and clear, a simple life is richer than a luxurious life. In her choices, she gets to spend more time traveling, learning, and helping people along the way.

Our parents must always be loved and respected.

This realization is hard for me to admit. I still have doubts in writing this until now but I swear I have a point in this. Hei Fengxi is the other main character of the series. Like Bai Fengxi, he is widely known for his martial arts skills and is also a Prince in one of the six states of Dadong.

  • He’s living a double life and excels in both.
  • He is Hei Fengxi in the martial arts world.
  • He established a spy den — a wide intel network called Fountain Abode and a hideaway in disguise, The House of Jade.
  • Both are well established organizations with very strong foundations.
  • He is also Feng Lanxi, a prince who’s vying to become the heir and rule the world.

In his journey, his father, the King, found out his double identity and felt threatened. In order to be forgiven, Hei Fengxi was beaten up without mercy by the royal guards, gave up his inner force and joined the contest to marry another princess. This part of the series made me very angry and wanted to discontinue watching.

He gave up his inner force and would marry another princess to seek his father’s forgiveness?? It’s too much. I don’t understand why we’re willing to do so much for our parents. This is something I can relate to because I also sacrificed a lot of things for them. This series made me understand why I did what I did.

I guess it’s so simple, our parents must always be loved and respected in the end.

Accountability, Responsibility, Service and True Leadership.

Despite Bai Fengxi’s choices in life, she can’t escape her duty as the only princess of Qingzhou. The war is coming, their state is under attacked, her father died of sickness, her only brother got killed by the enemy. There’s no one left to protect their land and their people but her.

This gave me another heartache knowing she has to give up her carefree self and become the queen. She’s an excellent ruler, but what’s even more admiring of her is when she lead her soldiers to war, she didn’t hesitate to dived into the center of the battlefield when they were about to lose. She risked her life and gave everything she got for her people.

Though again, this is far from my reality but it challenges me to help and contribute to something that could improve the lives of many. It made me see that my life is not only meant for me and my family alone, but also for others.

The art of letting go to move forward.

In this series, a lot of unfortunate events happened in Hei Bai Fengxi’s lives yet they didn’t let those stopped them from moving forward. Hei Fengxi said that he has to look at the big picture. If he wanted to rule the world, he needs to learn the art of letting go and detach himself from all his worries.

How selfless love can be.

This is a romantic story after all. It captured the unconditional love of Hei Bai Fengxi to each other. There are a lot of times one risk one’s life to save the other. Their love is the reason they were the only ones who mastered the Sacred Jade Moon. They never hesitated to give up their lives several times for each other.

The ending broke my heart. Bai Fengxi risked her life to stopped the bombs from killing the soldiers. As she’s about to die, Hei Fengxi brought her to Old Tianjin and offered most years of his life to save her. He became old and has 10 years left to live. He also gave up the throne to spend his remaining years with Bai Fengxi.

This is how selfless love can be.

Is Bai Fengxi married?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Bai Fengxi (白峰溪; born 1934 in Wen’an ) is a Chinese actress, and playwright, She studied at North China People’s Revolutionary University, In 1954, she joined the China Youth Theater, She married Yan Zhongying; they have a daughter named Yan Fanfan. Bai’s grandson is actor Liu Duanduan,

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Who is Yu Wuyuan in Who Rules the World

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Haowei Zhang : Yu Wu Yuan.

Is the villain always the bad guy?

Conclusion on Antagonist vs Villain – There you have it—a complete guide to the differences between an antagonist and a villain! Here’s a quick recap:

Antagonists are plot devices that create obstructions and challenges for your protagonist, while villains are evil characters with malicious intent A story’s villain is always an antagonist, but not every antagonist needs to be a villain You can have more than one antagonist in a single story, but you normally only have one villain

Once you have identified your antagonists and created a masterful villain, you can fill your story with obstructions and tensions that keep your readers engaged. Good luck, and happy writing! : Antagonist vs Villain: What’s the Difference?

Why is the villain evil?

Sympathetic villain – Frankenstein’s monster, an example of a sympathetic villain The sympathetic villain or anti-villain is one with the typical traits of a villainous character but differs in their motivations, Their intention to cause chaos or commit evil actions is driven by an ambiguous motivation or is not driven by an intent to cause evil.

Their intentions may coincide with the ideals of a greater good, or even a desire to make the world a better place, but their actions are inherently evil in nature. An anti-villain is the opposite of an anti-hero. While the anti-hero often fights on the side of good, but with questionable or selfish motives, the anti-villain plays a villain’s game, but for a noble cause in a way that the audience or other characters can sympathize with.

They may be more noble or heroic than an anti-hero, but the means to achieve their ends are often considered exploitative, immoral, unjust, or simply evil. Characters who fall into this category are often created with the intention of humanizing them, making them more relatable to the reader/viewer by posing the “how” and “why” behind their motivations rather than simply creating a one-dimensional character.

Because of their motives, many of these types of villains are commonly nicknamed as “anti-villains”. American writer Brad Warner has argued that “only cartoon villains cackle with glee while rubbing their hands together and dream of ruling the world in the name of all that is wicked and bad”. American writer Ben Bova recommends to writers that their works not contain villains.

He states, in his Tips for writers : In the real world there are no villains. No one actually sets out to do evil, Fiction mirrors life. Or, more accurately, fiction serves as a lens to focus on what they know in life and bring its realities into sharper, clearer understanding for us.

There are no villains cackling and rubbing their hands in glee as they contemplate their evil deeds. There are only people with problems, struggling to solve them. Following up on Bova’s point, American writer David Lubar adds: “This is a brilliant observation that has served me well in all my writing.

The bad guy isn’t doing bad stuff so he can rub his hands together and snarl. He may be driven by greed, neuroses, or the conviction that his cause is just, but he’s driven by something, not unlike the things that drive a hero.”

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Is the villain always a person

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Writing Wednesdays: The Villain is Not Always a Person Or even a creature. Julianne Moore in Todd Haynes’ “Far From Heaven” Sometimes the villain is entirely inside the characters’ (almost always the protagonist’s) head. The villain can be a fear, an obsession, a desire, a dream, a conception of reality, an idea of what “the truth” really is.

  • The replicants are actually the innocent victims of this idea, which in fact has been deemed by the world to be brilliant, epochal, even salvational, and whose progenitor, Eldon Tyrell of the Tyrell Corporation, is universally lauded for his genius in conceiving such a notion.
  • But a slave by another name is still a slave, and the idea of creating soul-less, expendable creatures whose only purpose is to do the dirty work of the greater society (no matter how exceptional or beautiful these creatures may be) is still evil.
  • This is the same villain, by the way, as in Birth of a Nation (2016), Twelve Years A Slave, and The Help,
  • The villain in Blade Runner 2049 is another idea—the idea of the willing acceptance of one’s role as a soul-less cog in a greater machine.

Often these “idea villains” are embodied and personified by human or creature antagonists who have actual physical being in the story. In David O. Russell’s The Fighter, the idea-villain—the self-sabotage of the individual of talent and destiny (in this case Mark Wahlberg’s character of Micky Ward, “the fighter”—is personified by his family of mother, brother, and seven sisters.

  1. But the deep villain resides in Mark’s own head, as it does in K’s (Ryan Gosling) in Blade Runner 2049 and in Nat Turner’s (Nate Parker) in Birth of a Nation,
  2. In other words the villain in these stories is not sabotage, but self-sabotage.
  3. The hero is enslaving himself by his own belief.

The turning point in all such stories is the moment when the protagonist snaps out of it and says to him or herself, “I am in control of my own destiny. I will no longer believe the lies that others have told me about myself and that I have abetted by repeating them and believing them in my own heart.” In Todd Haynes’ F ar From Heaven, the villain is 1950s suburban-American conformity.

The hero is Cathy Whitaker (Julianne Moore) who believes at the story’s start that she is one of the lucky ones, blessed with a handsome, successful husband whom she loves and who loves her, a beautiful family, wonderful friends, and a perfect, secure life in a prosperous, upwardly mobile community.

Suburban conformity is a great villain, not only because it is internal—existing entirely, as it does, in our heroine’s psyche as well as within the community—but also because it’s invisible. Julianne has no idea that this idea is evil. She believes in it like Stalinists believed in the Workers’ Paradise.

  • To her it is the universally-desired state of being, i.e., what every human on Earth would aspire to if they had the chance.
  • In Julianne’s mind, at the story’s start, she is living the American dream, and her family embodies this fantasy perfectly.
  • By movie’s end of course Julianne will have lost husband, friends, community, as well as her self-conception and self-assurance as a secure, happy wife and mother.

The movie’s final image is Julianne with young kids in tow, driving off in her station wagon into a totally unknown (and probably for quite a while desperate) future. This is a happy ending. Why? Because Julianne has emancipated herself, however excruciatingly, from this villain that is only an idea.

  • She has seen it for what it is and seen through it.
  • This act puts Julianne light-years ahead of her self-enslaved neighbors/replicants/Stepford wives in Suburban Hell who are still “living the dream.”
  • We said in an earlier chapter that

Every villain is a metaphor for Resistance. What this means is that the ultimate antagonist is not a man-eating shark or a monster from space. It is an idea carried in our own heads (we’re the heroes, remember, of our own lives) and as invisible to us as Julianne’s and K’s and Nat Turner’s self-enslavement was to them before they woke up.

What do the Four Gentlemen symbolize?

Also known as the ‘Four Noble Ones’, within Chinese ink painting, the four gentlemen represent highly prized virtues in Chinese culture. The plum (梅), the orchid (蘭), the bamboo (竹), and the chrysanthemum(菊)are the four gentlemen in the realm of plants and flowers.

  1. They represent humility, purity, righteousness, and perseverance, which is why they are commonly seen within traditional Chinese art.
  2. Their refined beauty has been depicted in Chinese paintings, typically traditional ink, and washes, for more than a thousand years.
  3. ‍ Often painted together in sequence and hung together, it is a meditative practice that finds lets itself to wabi-sabi philosophy,

Finding beauty in every season through art, even during times where leaves are wilting and the winter offers up a biting cold, there is beauty in nature.

What are the four noble ones?

In Chinese art, the Four Gentlemen or Four Noble Ones (Chinese: 四君子; pinyin: Sì Jūnzǐ),’ is a collective term referring to four plants: the plum blossom, the orchid, the bamboo, and the chrysanthemum.

What are the four plants of virtue?

Four Plants of Virtue (花中四君子) – Four Plants of Virtue 梅兰竹菊, a classical Chinese painting. ( Source ) The Four Gentlemen (Sì Jūnzǐ 四君子 ) is the collective name of four plants: plum, orchid, bamboo, and chrysanthemum (in this order). They are all native to China and of high ornamental and cultural value.

  • You can appreciate the plum blossom that defies the wintry snow, relish the intoxicating smell of the orchid flowers in spring, gaze in awe at the chrysanthemum that blooms loftily against the bitter frost in the autumn sunshine, or simply abandon yourself in the evergreen bamboos.
  • Wang Jing (in ‘Plum Blossom, Orchid, Bamboo and Chrysanthemum’, Chinese Red) According to Chinese traditional culture, junzi (i.e.

gentlemen – of course, nowadays including ladies) refers to people of great virtue and noble character. The natural characters of these plants are considered to have something in common with human virtues; they were used by ancient Chinese literati in poems and paintings to express loftiness, righteousness, modesty, purity and perseverance against harsh conditions, amongst other virtues valued in Chinese culture. Plum, Orchid, Bamboo and Chrysanthemum were collectively featured on a set of four stamps issued by China Post in 2010. Instead of simply showing ornamental flowers, they are presented in a sophisticated arrangement of traditional Chinese cultural forms (painting, calligraphy and poetry), bestowing a new meaning with humanistic significance.