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Did the cop shoot Jack in Virgin River

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As you remember, Virgin River season 2 ended on a major cliffhanger when Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) arrives at the bar and finds Jack lying on the floor after being shot. At the time, we didn’t know how bad the wound was or whether or not Jack would make it out alive.

  1. Fortunately, by the season 3 premiere, Jack was fully recovered.
  2. But the problem was no one knew who shot him.
  3. Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth) became the primary suspect as Jack started to recall some of his memories of the night he was shot and remembered Brady was there.
  4. When cops find a gun in Brady’s car, he’s arrested on suspicion of the crime as the season came to a close.

By the time season 4 started, Brady was behind bars having been charged with shooting Jack; however, he’s adamant he did not shoot Jack. While many found it hard to believe Brady, he was indeed telling the truth about his innocence! In an unexpected twist, we discover that it was Vince (Steve Bacic), Wes’ (Steve Bacic) twin brother, who was the one to shoot Jack.

  • During a flashback in the season 4 finale, we get transported back to that night at the bar and see Vince show up to confront Preacher.
  • Jack’s there, and seems cautious, picking up a big knife to defend himself.
  • Vince threatens Jack with a gun, and the two get into a shuffle, resulting in Jack cutting Vince in the leg to get away.

Vince is on the ground as Jack pulls out his phone, likely to call Preacher and/or the police, but he doesn’t get the chance. Vince shoots Jack, and leaves the bar. So we finally know what happened in the season 2 finale! Vince was looking around for answers as to what happened to Wes, and Jack was basically in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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What happens to preacher on Virgin River?

Does Preacher leave Virgin River? John “Preacher” Middleton is an absolute fan favorite in Virgin River on Netflix, but does he leave the town he calls home or decide to stay? Preacher is an absolute fan favorite of, A former Marine, town chef, and Jack’s best friend, he’s a loyal and kind man, one who dedicates his love and time to those around him.

With the release of of the show, which is adapted from, Preacher finds himself on yet another roller coaster when it comes to his romantic relationships – and the proverbial ghost of Paige’s abusive ex-husband. Article continues after ad But does all of this cause Preacher to leave Virgin River for good? Here’s what you need to know.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Virgin River Season 5 Part 1! No, Preacher stans will be pleased to know that he doesn’t leave Virgin River. Instead, his ex-girlfriend Paige decides to pack up and move away from the town with her son Christopher to start a new life after the Wes and Vince incident.

  1. To refresh your memory, Paige had initially moved to with her son to escape her abusive ex-husband Wes and she strikes up a relationship with Preacher.
  2. But in Season 2, Wes catches up with Paige, attacks her, and threatens to kidnap Christopher, leading to a scuffle in which she accidentally pushes him down the stairs and kills him.

Article continues after ad In a panic, Paige calls Preacher and, in a bid to protect her, he helps to hide the body. This storyline has continued throughout the seasons, with Paige eventually fleeing Virgin River and leaving her son in the guardianship of Preacher. Netflix Preacher and Paige have been through a lot together However, the past comes back to haunt them both, as Vince – Wes’s twin brother – tracks Christopher down and kidnaps him. When Paige finds out, she comes back to Virgin River in the penultimate episode of Season 4, explaining that she’s been staying at a women’s shelter.

What episode does Jack find out Brady didn’t shoot him?

**Spoilers ahead for Virgin River season 4** Ever since Virgin River fan favourite Jack (Martin Henderson) was shot at the end of season 2, viewers have been desperate to find out who shot Jack – and now the Netflix drama has finally given us an answer thanks to the arrival of season 4.

  1. While police arrested Dan Brady (Ben Hollingsworth), who served in the Marines with Jack, in the season 3 finale, fans weren’t convinced that it was definitely him who pulled the trigger when officer Mike (Marco Grazzini) stumbled upon the gun in question in Brady’s car.
  2. Luckily for Brady, Jack discovered the truth in the season 4 premiere when Preacher (Colin Lawrence) came to him with CCTV footage of Vince (Steve Bacic) – the twin brother of Christopher’s father Wes, who he suspected of abducting Christopher (Chase Petriw) at the end of the previous season.

The video footage, which showed Vince checking into a hotel, triggered Jack’s memory of the shooting, with the bartender realising that it wasn’t Brady who shot him but Vince. Vince in Virgin River Netflix “Brady didn’t shoot me,” he tells Preacher. “Vince did.” We finally learn the full truth in season 4’s final episode, when a flashback reveals that Vince had arrived at the bar to confront Preacher about his brother, who Paige (Lexa Doig) killed by accident, but instead found Jack.

  • Sensing it could be a dangerous situation, Jack picked up a knife – however Vince pulled out his gun and the two began fighting.
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  • While Jack managed to cut Vince in the leg with his knife and tried to escape, Vince shot him and left him for dead on the floor of the bar.

As for why Brady had visited the bar earlier in the night, we find out that he’d wanted to tell Jack that he planned on cutting ties with gang boss Calvin (David Cubitt), and when Mike learns that the gun was planted in his car, he sets him free.

Why did Vince shoot Jack?

Why did Vince shoot Jack Sheridan in Virgin River? – It may have come as a surprise that Jack’s shooter was identified so early on in the season. Brady was seen in prison after being arrested, but he knew he was not the one responsible. Mike (Marco Grazzini) was still adamant about following the evidence and, even after Brady was attacked in prison, still believed it was him.

  1. It was not until Jack was shown CCTV footage of Vince, the brother of Paige’s (Lexa Doig) ex-partner, that he recognised his face.
  2. Jack then tried to convince Mike they had arrested the wrong man after all.
  3. READ MORE: Virgin River theory: Charmaine’s twins’ real father exposed after clue In a series of flashbacks, viewers saw what really happened that night at the bar.

Brady had visited Jack to let him know he was cutting ties with Calvin (David Cubitt). On the same night, Vince had come to the bar in search of Preacher (Colin Lawrence), as he had questions over Wes’ (Steve Bacic) disappearance. Jack informed Vince that Preacher was not around, and he grabbed a knife suspecting something bad might happen.

When he saw Vince had a gun, Jack took a swipe at Vince with the knife and injured him. READ MORE: Virgin River season 4: Who is the father of Charmaine’s twin babies? The gun fell out of Vince’s hands, but Jack did not realise he had another gun stowed away in his jeans. This is when Vince pulled out the other weapon and shot Jack in the abdomen, before making his escape.

Vince’s gun was seemingly meant for Preacher, and Jack was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He had no other reason to have shot Jack, as the pair are not connected in any way. Vince did get his comeuppance in the end, as Preacher managed to track him down.

DON’T MISS. Virgin River season 4 theory: Mel romance with newcomer sealed Virgin River season 3 recap: What happened in season 3? Is Calvin really dead in Virgin River? He had been hiding in a cabin with Christopher, and Paige made a surprise return to warn Preacher of his plan. Vince had proposed an exchange, saying he would give Christopher back if Paige went with him.

Paige had been staying at a women’s refuge after going into hiding out of fear Vince would find her. Wanting her son to be safe, Paige agreed to the exchange and went with Vince back to the cabin. Just as Paige and Vince were about to get into a fight, Preached charged in to save the day.

  1. READ MORE: Is Mel Monroe leaving the clinic in Virgin River? It was a close call but Preacher ended up hitting Vince over the head with a bit of wood.
  2. Unfortunately, it is not clear whether he died, but it would have given Paige and Preacher enough time to escape.
  3. After Mike found out the gun had been planted in Brady’s car, all charges were dropped.

Brady was able to walk around as a free man, with the mystery having been solved. Virgin River season 4 is on Netflix now.

Who did Paige killed in Virgin River?

A previous conversation about Wes between Connie and Preacher could be the key to Preacher’s unfortunate fate in Virgin River season 5. Warning! This post contains spoilers for Virgin River season 4. A critical conversation between Connie and Preacher about Wes’ murder could reveal Virgin River ‘s ill-fated plans for Preacher in season 5. Known as one of Virgin River’s most honest and reliable men, Preacher has inserted himself into Paige’s drama to protect her and her son Christopher.

Unfortunately, not only has this caused issues with Preacher’s relationships and future, but it has also put him in danger with the law. In Virgin River season 2, Paige’s abusive ex-husband visits her and threatens to take their son, Christopher. Paige accidentally pushes Wes down the stairs in self-defense, where he dies.

In a panic, she calls Preacher, who helps her get rid of the body. With Paige on the run, Wes’ equally dangerous twin brother, Vince, comes looking for Paige. Vince kidnaps Christopher to get to Paige and goes on the run. in the Virgin River season 4 ending, Paige exchanges herself for Christopher.

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When Preacher goes to save her, he tells Vince that he’s the one who “buried” Wes’ body. In a showdown, Preacher knocks Vince to the ground. As a very loyal man, Preacher was ready to take the fall for Wes’s murder back in the Virgin River season 2 episode, “Breaking Point.” In a conversation with Connie, he tells her that if the body is found he will lie to the sheriff to protect Paige and say he killed Wes.

Connie then tells him not to take the fall for it, and that he needs to deny everything. She goes on to say that “o nly 10% of felonies end in conviction.90% of those are because the suspect confessed. ” Throughout seasons 3 and 4, guilt is something Preacher still deals with.

Is Jack the father of the twins?

Who Is The Father Of Charmaine’s Twins On ‘Virgin River’? It’s been more than a year since ‘s Season 4 finale revealed the shocking news that Jack (Martin Henderson) isn’t the father of Charmaine’s (Lauren Hammersley) twin boys after all. In the unexpected cliffhanger, Charmaine told Jack and Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) that she lied about the paternity.

  • Then the end credits rolled, leaving fans to wonder who Char’s real baby daddy was, and why she lied about him in the first place? Since there’s never a dull moment in the drama — inspired by — it felt like the father of Charmaine’s twins could be anyone.
  • Preacher? Brady? Mike? All contenders! But after some serious suspense, Season 5, Part 1 finally gives viewers the answer they’ve been craving.

Wondering who the father of Charmaine’s twins is on Virgin River ? Whether you’ve watched Season 5, Part 1 and want to unpack the big reveal or simply can’t wait another second for the answer, we’ve got you covered. But be warned, spoilers for Virgin River Season 5, Part 1 are ahead. Photo: Netflix

Is Jack’s baby his Virgin River?

Who is the father of Mel’s baby in Virgin River? Season 4 makes fans wait until the finale to learn the truth: Jack is unequivocally the father of Mel’s baby, and they’re having a little girl.

Is Mel having Jack’s baby?

Previously, there was a question over whether the baby was Jack’s or the result of in vitro fertilization using embryos fertilized by Mel’s late husband, Mark. But once a paternity test reveals that Jack is the biological father of their unborn child, the couple celebrates.

Who is the father of Charmaine’s babies?

We didn’t see this coming – Courtesy of Netflix *Warning: Spoilers ahead* If you’re a fan of Netflix ‘s Virgin River, then you may agree that Charmaine ( Lauren Hammersley ) has been pregnant for what feels like forever. And ever since she told Jack ( Martin Henderson ) that he’s not the father of the twins, we’ve been trying to solve the mystery that is Charmaine. Courtesy of Netflix Luckily, the season five finale presents us with new revelations about her pregnancy—including the identity of the twins’ father. The bombshell is revealed toward the end of the episode, when Charmaine is walking to her car. When she reaches the door, she’s shocked to see Calvin ( David Cubitt ) heading toward her. Courtesy of Netflix That’s right. Calvin is the father of Charmaine’s babies. We admittedly didn’t see this coming. There were countless theories about who could be the father, including Mike ( Marco Grazzini ), Todd (Patrick Sabongui) or—dare we say—Brady ( Benjamin Hollingsworth ).

  • But we never expected Charmaine to stoop as low as Calvin.
  • Perhaps there were clues that we missed.
  • For example, how did Charmaine react after the explosion? Was she disappointedor relieved? And why did she fool Jack into thinking the babies were his? Maybe Charmaine knew that Calvin wasn’t fit to be a dad all along.

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What did preacher do with Wes’s body?

Inside Virgin River’s season 5 death

  • hit drama returned to screens earlier this month with its highly anticipated fifth season and many are eager to know whose body was discovered.
  • The installment got off to a seemingly calm beginning as fans watched Mel Monroe (played by ) and Jack Sheridan () prepare for their baby.
  • However, by the mid-season finale, things took a dark turn after the town was threatened by wildfires and ghosts from the past.
  • As well as the return of kingpin Calvin (David Cubitt) who was presumed dead, a dead body was also discovered.
  • In the episode titled Labor Day, things were going well for Preacher’s (Colin Lawrence) romance with Kaia (Kandyse McClure) until she received a call from work.

Preacher could confess his crime to Kaia (Image: Netflix)

  1. The firefighter got a call from her colleagues who were working on the aftermath of the wildfires and they revealed a body had been discovered.
  2. While Preacher questioned whether someone was killed during the tragedy, the newcomer told him the body had been buried in the location for a while.
  3. Immediately the cook knew he was in trouble because that was the same are he had buried Wes’ (Steve Bacic) body in season two.
  4. This could mark the start of a major investigation which could see Preacher behind bars unless dirty cop Mike Valenzuela (Marco Grazzini) points the case in a different direction.

Virgin River: Paige accidently killed Wes in season two (Image: Netflix)

  • In season two, Preacher had a romantic interest in the unassuming bakery truck owner Paige (Lexa Doig).
  • However, after some shifty behavior, he learned Paige and her son Christopher had changed their names and were actually on the run from her abusive ex-husband Wes.
  • In the episode, Taken by Surprise, Wes showed up in Virgin River and forced Paige to leave the town with him.
  • The pair began tussling at the top of the stairs and when Wes tried to forcibly remove Christopher, Paige panicked and pushed the abuser down the stairs to his death.
  1. She turned to Preacher for help who used his military skills to bury Wes’ body and encourage Paige to leave town while he took care of Christopher.
  2. Although she turned her back on Virgin River, the discovery of her ex-husband’s body could see the mother make another return to the town.
  3. Season five, part two may also see some conflicting feelings ahead, as Preacher could confess his crime to Kaia.
  4. This would likely put her in a difficult position and she could become torn between helping her lover and doing her job.

Virgin River seasons 1-5 are available to stream on Netflix. Season 5 part 2 will premiere on Thursday, November 30. : Inside Virgin River’s season 5 death

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What happens to Preacher and Paige

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Does Paige Come Back to Virgin River? Here’s What We Know about Lexa Doig is finally back with its, and the Netflix show is not pulling any emotional punches. Fans who have already binged the series have, labeling it as “depressing” and “too difficult to enjoy.” But the portrayal of one character in particular has viewers scratching their heads.

Lexa Doig) joined the show in season 1 as a baker with a mysterious past and potential love interest for Preacher (Colin Lawrence). But she had to flee Virgin River after her ex-husband’s twin brother Vince came after her. Season 5 picks up where season 4 left off, but Paige finally seems free from Vince after he’s arrested by Mike (Marco Grazzini) and the charges against her are dropped.

Preacher even tells her, “You don’t have to run any more.” Paige decides she needs (another) fresh start and takes her son Christopher and leaves town. And (spoiler alert) that’s the last we see of Paige. The show’s official Instagram account showed a photo of the cast with the caption, “Hope ya’ll are enjoying season 5 part 1 so far!” Fans did not hold back in the comments.

“why did paige have to leave?? preacher deserves her :(.””what was the point of the whole build up between paige/Christopher and preacher for it to fizz out in episode 1″”I was hoping to see Paige and Preacher be together””Make paige come back she is more gentle for preacher”

Paige does not make an appearance after the first episode of season 5, and Preacher has moved on with a new love interest in firefighter Kaia (Kandyse McClure). But there is a bit of hope that she’ll be back. At the end of the season, Kaia receives a call that a body was found in the aftermath of the wildfire.

Could it be Paige’s abusive ex, Wes? Preacher helped Paige bury the body, but if he becomes a suspect,, Fans will have to wait to see how the story unfolds when on November 30. Katie Bowlby is Digital Director at Country Living, where she covers gift guides, product reviews, crafts, and TV shows like Yellowstone.

She’s currently stitching up a cross-stitch pattern for the magazine’s next issue : Does Paige Come Back to Virgin River? Here’s What We Know about Lexa Doig

Do Brady and Brie stay together?

Does Brie break up with Brady in Virgin River? What with Virgin River being a romance drama, the Netflix series is not short of either, with plenty of couples making and breaking, and a lot of emotional journeys along the way. So, what about Brie Sheridan and Dan Brady – do they break up or stay together? of, based on, arrived on earlier this month, with Patrick Sean Smith taking over as showrunner.

  1. It turned out to be a good move, with the series remaining on the streamer’s Top 10 performing TV shows chart.
  2. Article continues after ad Fans have been busy poring over the various revelations in the latest chapter.
  3. As we said in : “It’s another installment of picturesque views, shock twists, and big revelations that promises more than all its predecessors combined.” So, what about Brie and Brady? The couple first met in Season 3 when Brie came to town to visit her brother Jack, and they went on to have a steamy romance – but does their relationship survive in Season 5? And what about in the books? Warning: Spoilers ahead! Article continues after ad Yes, Brie breaks up with Brady in Season 5 of Virgin River, and she decides to give things a go with Mike.

Brie’s had a lot on her plate this season, having brought her abusive ex-boyfriend and former colleague Don to court on rape charges. After finally telling her brother Jack, he offers to go to court to be by her side, but she insists that it’s “not his fight” and that all she needs is his “support,” not his “protection.” She also reassures him that Brady’s going to be by her side.

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Does Brady go to jail season 4?

But Brady’s already in jail for the crime, and at the end of the season premiere a fellow inmate stabs him and leaves him for dead. Luckily, he comes through alive — but the head of the local drug business, Calvin (David Cubitt), wants him to continue to help smuggle drugs.

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Does Brady date Jack’s sister

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Final episode of Virgin River Season 5 Part One and Mike’s fate – The character of, a Marine friend of Jack Sheridan and currently a police detective, was introduced in 2020 in season 2 of Virgin River, He became a main cast member in season 3 and quickly rose up the popularity ladder. With time, Brie developed trust issues with Brady, as she felt he was still involved in drug dealer Melissa Montgomery’s schemes. Since she didn’t know the full truth and Mike couldn’t tell her that he and Brady were working together secretly to bust Melissa, it widened the crack between her and Brady.

Separately, Mike and Brady prepared for a bloody showdown against Melissa and her gang in the latest season. At the start of episode 10 of season 5 part one, Mike arrives just in time to rescue Jack and Brady from her goons. An altercation ensued, and one of Melissa’s footmen fired at Mike, and the bullet hit near his heart.

Everyone thought it was game over for the former LAPD detective, but his friend Jack had faith that Mike would pull through.

Is Mike a dirty cop on Virgin River?

But even if this was the case, this doesn’t make Mike a dirty cop per se, but rather just a disloyal friend. Mike has seemed sketchy from day one when he showed up in Virgin River but for now at least, there is no proof of him taking the law into his own hands.

Does Brady get out of jail?

Spoilers for Virgin River season four follow. The Virgin River season four finale was filled with drama—would we expect anything less?—but miraculously, it looks like almost all of the characters are better off than they were one year ago (in our world, that is.

  1. Time in Virgin River moves nice and slow).
  2. Jack and Mel are finally in a good, stable place, preparing to welcome their baby girl.
  3. Preacher, Paige, and Christopher managed to put a stop to Vince’s violence once and for all.
  4. And then there’s Brady—oh, Brady.
  5. The town’s beloved bad boy ended season three a suspected, would-be murderer, as he was framed for Jack’s shooting.

For fans who were worried about Brady’s fate, the Virgin River season four trailer didn’t exactly quell those concerns—teasing danger for Brady at prison, and showing him looking up at a very emotional Brie, So whether you simply haven’t watched the every episode of season four yet or are worried after that episode one cliffhanger, you may be wondering—does Brady die in Virgin River season four? We did the digging for you. Netflix Fortunately, Brady is very much alive by the end of the season—and, dare we say, happy—but that was definitely not guaranteed from the start. While in prison, Brady was attacked by Jimmy (one of Calvin’s men) and Jimmy’s cousin, who stabbed Brady in the stomach.

  1. As Mel explains in in the next episode, his kidney was lacerated in the fight—but the shiv missed his renal artery, meaning he’d live to get on Jack’s nerves another day.
  2. But as it turns out, this was just the start of trouble for Brady in Virgin River season four.
  3. First, he was released from custody on a hefty $500,000 bail—which, sure, seems like great news! Only, the fact that an anonymous person would pay half a million dollars to get Brady out of jail was super suspicious, and everyone knew it.

With a bit of sleuthing, Brie found out that a woman named Melissa Montgomery was responsible for the, uh, generous act—and soon, we (and Brady) find out why. She’s taking over Calvin’s drug operation and wants Brady under her thumb—or else, Melissa explains in no uncertain terms, she’s coming after Brie.

  1. If you’re smart, you’ll fall in line,” she tells Brady.
  2. Calvin wasn’t smart.” Sadly, Brady was truly trying to turn a new leaf—but with Brie’s life at stake, it’s clear that he’s going to work with Melissa for as long as he needs to.
  3. But despite being forced to return to his very illegal day job, one part of Brady’s life does seem to be doing well—if only for this moment.

After opening up to each other about their past traumas, Brie and Brady are happy together, and are working toward a more trusting relationship. As for how Brie (and her brother!) will react should they ever find out Brady’s in the business again? That’s a question for Virgin River season five. Grace Wehniainen is a freelance culture writer at Oprah Daily and a staff entertainment writer at Bustle, where she covers everything from Grey’s Anatomy to The Bachelor, the newest Marvel titles, and more. Her film and TV coverage has also appeared in Bright Wall/Dark Room, Electric Literature, and the 2019 essay collection, Mister Rogers and Philosophy:Wondering Through the Neighborhood.

Does Doc go blind in Virgin River?

Warning: This article contains spoilers about Virgin River season 5. Doc Mullins ( Tim Matheson ) is tying up loose ends. So, is Virgin River setting us up to say goodbye to our favorite curmudgeon? On season 5 of the Netflix series, Doc’s macular degeneration rapidly accelerates, forcing him to hand over medical procedures to Cameron (Mark Ghanimé) in the midst of emergencies.

Ultimately, he admits his diagnosis to Cameron, who eventually agrees to take over the clinic at Doc’s request. After some moving steps toward embracing his role as a grandfather, Doc accepts a quieter life without his work. He tells Hope ( Annette O’Toole ) that he’s decided to enroll in a macular degeneration clinical trial, even though it comes with the risk of speeding up his blindness.

Virgin River Tim Matheson on ‘Virgin River’ | Credit: Netflix Losing your eyesight isn’t a terminal diagnosis, but we’re still concerned about Doc. In Robyn Carr’s novels, which inspired the series, Doc does eventually die. The novel Temptation Ridge includes Doc’s death and Virgin River’s attempts to say goodbye to one of their most beloved residents.

  1. With his clinic safely in Cameron and Mel’s ( Alexandra Breckenridge ) hands and significant steps made toward making peace with his past, it certainly seems like Doc could be headed for the end.
  2. Though we can at least expect it won’t happen over the holidays (hopefully).
  3. Director Gail Harvey tells EW, “Hope and Doc get some joy in the holiday season.

They really do. There’s a surprise that I think people will really enjoy.” Related content: Virgin River


TV Show






Is Hope Jack’s mom?

Virgin River: Alexandra Breckenridge stars in season two teaser – Virgin River season three is on the way for Netflix and fans are desperate to see what happened to Jack Sheridan (played by Martin Henderson). In the season two finale, Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) discovered Jack had been shot, and he was barely alive.

  1. Hope McCrea (Annette O’Toole) had been meddling in Jack’s private affairs, and fans are wondering whether the two are related.
  2. The second season of Virgin River was full of drama as Jack was forced to come to terms with his girlfriend Charmaine’s (Lauren Hammersley) pregnancy.
  3. He later found out she was having twins, which made the messy situation all the more unbearable, as his heart remained with Mel.

At the same time, he had been dealing with the conflict at the drugs farm, having lost his old friend Brady (Ben Hollingsworth) to his rivals. Jack had visited the site in secret to talk with Spencer (Chad Rook) in a bid to frame the gang leader and take him down. Virgin River season 3 theories: Jack may be related to Hope (Image: Netflix) Virgin River season 3 theories: Jack shut Hope out (Image: Netflix) Charmaine had asked Hope personally to deliver a letter to Jack, which was presumed to have revealed she was pregnant. Hope then felt it was her duty to tell Jack the news personally, as Charmaine had refused to speak to him in person.

  1. Hope’s act did not go down well with Jack, who accused her of getting too involved in his personal life, and he shut her out.
  2. Over the course of the season it took a lot for Hope to earn back Jack’s trust, but she could still not help herself from meddling in his business.
  3. Charmaine ended up revealing to Hope that she had plans to move in with family once the twins were born, and she had not planned on telling Jack until after the move.

Hope was distraught, and felt Jack needed to find out as soon as possible, as she did not want Charmaine to pull the rug from under his feet. READ MORE: Virgin River season 3: Is Brady the father of Charmaine’s twins? Invalid email We use your sign-up to provide content in ways you’ve consented to and to improve our understanding of you. Virgin River season 3 theories: Hope asked Mel to tell Jack about Charmaine’s move (Image: Netflix) Hope has always referred to Jack as “family”, but their relationship has never been explored in depth. She is the mayor of Virgin River, and there has been nothing to suggest she is a direct relation of Jack’s.

Instead, fans have simply assumed her use of the word “family” has not been used in a literal sense, and instead she is just a very close mother-figure. Ahead of the release of season two, viewers had been discussing whether Jack is actually related to Hope, with one suggesting on Reddit he may be “secretly adopted”.

Greenbear1 said they believed Hope was Jack’s mother. Chica_408 had said: “What is the connection between Jack and Hope? Mother & son? An older sister?” DON’T MISS. Virgin River season 3 theories: Did Charmaine shoot Jack? Virgin River season 2 ending explained: Who shot Jack Sheridan? Virgin River: Which other character did Charmaine star audition for? Virgin River season 3 theories: Hope could be Jack’s mother (Image: Netflix) Chapterthirtythree responded: “I didn’t even think that there might be a blood connection between Hope and Jack. That would really make more sense why Hope is obsessed with his private business.” Late2reddit19 suggested she could be his aunt, or she has a close connection with one of Jack’s family members.

Hope’s character has been described as brash and blunt, but her love for the town and her dedication to the residents is what makes her special. In season two, she was dealing with her own personal issues as she suffered a minor heart attack, and started to question her own future. She asked her former husband, Doc Mullins (Tim Matheson) for a divorce, but the pair later rekindled their relationship and agreed to renew their vows.

READ MORE: Martin Henderson age: How old is Virgin River star Martin Henderson? At the end of the season, Doc was about to tell Hope some tragic news about his own health, having just returned from seeing a doctor. Before he could reveal the news, the Virgin River residents surprised them with an engagement party, so fans are left wondering what exactly he has to tell her.

  1. Whatever the news is, it means Hope will find herself in a difficult position and she will be relying on people like Jack for emotional support.
  2. With this in mind, there is a chance the full extent of Jack and Hope’s relationship will be explored in season three.
  3. Hope has always felt she must act in Jack’s best interests, and it would not come as a surprise if she was directly related to him in some way.
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Virgin River season 2 is on Netflix now

What crime did Paige commit in Virgin River?

This article, “what happened to Paige and Christopher,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Virgin River season 4. Access the recaps, news, and reviews for Virgin River. Season four sees the return of Paige Lassiter, who has been absent for well over a season now in Virgin River,

There’s also a brief appearance from her son Christopher who left in perilous circumstances at the end of season three. There are a lot of unanswered questions regarding this mother and son combo, with the writers only vaguely addressing this subplot in the latest instalment. Let’s analyze what we do know about their current whereabouts and the circumstances that led to their surprising return.

Paige (played by Lexa Doig) left Virgin River after killing her abusive husband Wes, fleeing as a fugitive. When she returns late in season four, she explains where she has been in the meantime, informing Preacher that she has been staying at a women’s shelter with free legal aid.

  • Paige left her son Christopher in the guardianship of Preacher.
  • He looked after Christopher until disaster struck in the season three finale.
  • Sally, a so called friend of Paige’s, drugged Preacher and helped Christopher’s Uncle and Wes’ twin brother Vince kidnap the boy and escape.
  • Preacher hired a private investigator to hunt down Vince, hoping to return Christopher to his care.

The case was stalling though and all he received was some CCTV footage of Vince, which he showed to Jack. This triggered a forgotten memory, revealing Vince to be the one who shot Jack after all, whilst looking for his brother Wes. Preacher doesn’t hear anything more in the investigation until Christopher calls him out of the blue.

The boy says that Vince is acting strangely and that he wants to come home. Preacher asks Christopher to describe his location, but he hangs up before revealing any useful information. Mike tries to trace the call. He tells Preacher that Sally has been tracked down. Apparently, she was coerced into drugging Preacher by Vince, who threatened to kill her if she didn’t comply.

Sally may know where Vince is, but is too scared to say. When Paige pays Preacher a visit, she explains that she has been in contact with Sally too. She was told that Vince only used Christopher to get to Paige. He wants to know what happened to his brother.

Vince offers a swap, Paige for Christopher. Paige accepts, yet Preacher is against this reckless plan. He uses the GPS coordinates and hunts down the criminal himself. Although he is too late and the cabin is empty. Christopher returns to Preacher, passing the father figure a letter from Paige. In this note, she states that she has left with Vince and wants Preacher to look after her son for good.

Preacher bypasses the law and heads straight for the cabin alone. He finds Vince and Paige inside and a tussle ensues. Preacher manages to unarm and knock out the criminal, saving Paige’s life. It would appear that Christopher is back in Preacher’s custody now and that Paige’s worries are finally over.

Who does Lizzie end up with in Virgin River?

Virgin River fans ‘work out’ tragic Lizzie and Denny baby storyline

  • WARNING: This article contains season five spoilers
  • season five, part one came to a dramatic ending with Lizzie (played by Sarah Dugdale) potentially pregnant, and while it’s yet to be confirmed fans think they’ve worked out the upcoming storyline of the series when the show and potentially even into,
  • Lizzie was introduced in season two of the Netflix hit as Connie’s (Nicola Cavendish) troubled niece who was sent to the small town from LA after landing a shoplifting offence.
  • However, she wasn’t ready to change and began to rebel against her aunt by getting involved with Dan Brady (Ben Hollingsworth) and Ricky (Grayson Gurnsey).
  • Lizzie and Ricky eventually got together and started a romantic relationship but after Connie caught them moments after having sex the pair were banned from seeing each other.
  • Sadly, their romance was short-lived after the waiter opted for a career in the military and was deployed.

Virgin River: Lizzie and Ricky were together before he was deployed (Image: Netflix)

  1. In season four, Lizzie and Denny Cutler (Kai Bradbury) embarked on a romance after he relocated to Virgin River.
  2. Although it started off sweet, the newcomer couldn’t bear to fall in love as he was living with Huntington’s Disease and knew any relationship would end in turmoil.
  3. As a result, fans believe Lizzie’s potential pregnancy could end in termination as Denny was certain he didn’t want to pass down the inherited disorder.
  4. Taking to, u/RingABlingBling predicted: “He’s going to want to abort their baby due to his Huntingtons (not wanting to pass it down), while Lizzy will want to keep it.

Virgin River: Lizzie could be pregnant with Denny’s baby (Image: Netflix)

  • “I bet this’ll be a big friction point for them breaking up Fully predict they will break up, Lizzy will keep the baby, and writers will character assassinate Denny as the dad-who-left,”
  • During the finale, the couple sit down at the Labour Day carnival where Denny lifted the lid on his grandma Rose’s (Susan Hogan) advice.
  • She was certain Denny was “making a mistake” by staying in Virgin River and he should “travel and get back on track for med school.”
  • However, he admitted he didn’t want to leave and told Lizzie: “I didn’t think I had a future but with you, I’m starting to see one.

“And I know that you’re so happy here, but do you think that there’s a chance that you might want to come with me?” Before Denny could say anything else, Lizzie blurted out: “Denny, I I think I’m pregnant.” Responding to the abortion theory, an uncertain u/SelfImportantCat wrote: “It’s a long way from I think I’m pregnant to confirming her pregnancy and how far along.

Asked By: Bryan Adams Date: created: Nov 27 2023

Who was Denny in Virgin River

Answered By: Thomas Cox Date: created: Nov 30 2023

Virgin River may be a sleepy little town, but it’s anything but boring — there’s always someone rolling in to shake up the local folks’ lives. In Season 4 of the Netflix drama, that someone is Denny ( Kai Bradbury ), an enigmatic newcomer to town who was first introduced at the tail end of the previous season.

Is Jack in Virgin River Season 5?

With Mel back at the clinic and Jack running his eponymous bar, they’re settling in Virgin River for good.

Who is the father of Mel’s baby?

Who is the biological father of Mel’s baby in Virgin River season 5? Explained With season 5 part one ending and as we all eagerly await the release of Virgin River season 5 part 2, one question has been on everyone’s mind: “Who is the biological father of Mel’s baby in Virgin River Season 5?” Well, we’ve got the answers.

At the end of season 4, Jack (Martin Henderson) proposes to Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge), who is now pregnant. At that time, many fans wondered whether the baby’s father was Jack or Mark. You might be wondering how it could be Mark’s child since he is deceased. To jog your memory, Mel underwent in vitro fertilization, where she used her late husband’s DNA to fertilize her egg.

However, the paternity test reveals that Jack is indeed the father of Mel’s child.

How does Virgin River end Season 5?

Moving on – (Image credit: COURTESY OF NETFLIX) While everyone is busy working or flirting, Preacher is spending the day with Kaia. After a lovely breakfast made of panettone french toast (when is the official Virgin River Preacher’s cookbook coming out for goodness’s sake?), they hit their motorbikes and drive around the woods.

They swap childhood stories and while he reveals the meaning behind his nickname, she confides that her father does not approve of her divorce. Later, as the two of them cuddle on Preach’s couch, Kaia explains why things went south between her and Jay. Turns out the firefighting world is pretty competitive and if Jay initially supported her, they eventually fought over the same promotion and Jay asked her to give up on her dreams to be a stay-at-home mom.

And that was out of the question for Kaia. When Denny comes home from his interview, he tells Vernon he did not get the job although Bert agreed to take him under his wing as an apprentice. Doc is happy that Denny has decided to stick around Virgin River, but is slightly less thrilled when his grandson tells him that Grandma Rose wants to come for a visit.

Doc’s first thought is that he needs to consult with Hope. Rose is the woman who had Doc’s child in secret and never said anything about it for 50 years, so Hope has strong feelings on the topic, but when Doc tells her he wants to be able to put the matter to rest, she agrees to Rose’s visit. The episode concludes on Jack coming home from a hard day of helping displaced people and once again bringing up to Mel the idea of trying to have a child again.

Beyond the fact that it has hardly been DAYS since her miscarriage, Jack has not noticed the face Mel makes every time he mentions this, so she has to spell it out for him. As much as she has hoped that one day she would have a baby, she no longer wants to try again.

Jack is obviously heartbroken, but does he understand where she is coming from? It looks like between this news, Grandma Rose’s visit, and Brady snooping around Melissa’s business, there is still a lot of drama ahead in the last two episodes of Virgin River season 5, part 1. Will Preacher and Kaia find a way to make their romance work? Can Doc forgive Rose? Will Muriel and Cameron get to be together after all? Tune in to the next episode of Virgin River, available on Netflix, to find out.

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