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Can you see how many times someone viewed your story

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Here’s What To Know About Whether You Can See Repeat Views On Your IG Story If you’re an Instagram fanatic, you know the app has tons of analytics available to its users. Instagram shows you who has liked your posts on your timeline, who views your stories, and how many times your stories have been viewed in total.

  • But, can you see If you were hoping to get some insight on your friends’ and followers’ viewing habits (like that certain someone you’ve been crushing on), you might be out of luck.
  • Currently, there’s no option for Instagram users to see if one person has viewed their Story multiple times.
  • As of June 10, 2021, the Story feature only collects the total number of views.

However, you may notice that the number of views is higher than the number of people who’ve viewed your Story. This is because the number of story views will include replays of your Story, per Instagram. Unfortunately, there’s know way to see who replayed your story.

So, if you see that your views are larger than the list of people, you can assume someone viewed your Story more than once. This is great if you don’t want to be caught rewatching your crush’s Story over and over (and over) again, but bad if you’re trying to figure out whether your crush is doing the same for you.

The good thing is you can in general, even though you can’t see the number of times they have viewed it or even when they viewed it. To check out the people looking at your Story, tap on your profile picture to access your most recent Story and swipe up.

From there, you’ll see all the names of people who have looked at the Story when you tap on the “Seen By” icon in the bottom-left corner. Again, you won’t see how many times individuals watched, but you’ll get a good idea of who’s watching them in general. This is also where you can see answers to questions and polls on your Story if you’re looking for some more insight from your followers.

Carl Court/Getty Images If you’ve missed out on checking who’s viewed your Story, according to Instagram, you can still see it for up to 48 hours after you posted. To do this, go to your profile and tap the three bar icon in the top-right corner of the page.

  • Then select your “Archive” and “Stories.” From there, tap your recent Story and you should be able to see views.
  • They’ll disappear after the 48-hour mark, though, so make sure you check before the time is up.
  • Another common question related to Instagram privacy is whether people know if you share their Instagram Story.

There are a few answers to that question, and it all depends on how you share. There are three different ways to share someone else’s Instagram Story on your own Instagram Story or account. One, you can share an IG Story in which you’ve been tagged directly to your own Story.

Two, you can screenshot their Story and post it to yours as an uploaded image from your camera roll. (If you do this, you should tag the original poster so they receive the credit for the post.) The other option is that you can share by directly sending it to someone else via Instagram Direct Message.

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Keep in mind that sharing a private account’s Story means it will only be visible to your followers who also follow the account. If you opt to share a Story the first way, where you share one you’re tagged in, the person who tagged you in their story will receive a notification that you’ve shared the image on yours.

  • When you opt to share a screenshot of an Instagram Story, the person won’t get a notification that you took a screenshot, but keep in mind they’ll likely come across it anyway if they follow you.
  • Direct Messaging someone’s Story to someone else won’t alert the Story poster, either, but keep in mind the person who posted it will be able to see if the person you sent it to viewed the Story.

Although you can’t see how many times someone has viewed your Story, Instagram offers a lot of other cool insights when you share Stories with your followers. This article was originally published on 08.25.19 : Here’s What To Know About Whether You Can See Repeat Views On Your IG Story

How to see who stalks my Instagram reddit?

Can I See Who Viewed My Instagram Profile. If you want to use ‘official’ Instagram-approved ways of doing this, there are none. Only likes of your posts, new followers notifications and your story viewers can tell you who viewed your profile.

Can you tell if someone screenshots your Instagram story?

Why Instagram Doesn’t Notify You about Story Screenshots – At this point, the only way for a user to find out that their Story has been screenshotted is when someone shares the screenshot with them. This could be directly shared by the person who took the screenshot or through a third party.

How long can someone see that you viewed their Instagram story?

How to See Who Viewed My Instagram Stories – Wondering how to see who viewed your Instagram Stories? It’s super simple inside the Instagram app. Stories viewer lists are only visible during the 24 hours that a Story is visible, then an additional 24 hours afterward. You’ll immediately see an option to choose between your analytics and your viewer list. Click the eye icon and you’ll be able to see your list of viewers. At the top of your screen, you’ll see that all your current Stories are displayed horizontally. You can tap on each Story to see viewer lists, making it easy to see who watched your Stories all the way through, and who dropped off. If you leave the Insights screen up, you can swipe across, then tap on the other Stories you’re interested in seeing. Viewer counts display on each thumbnail. As you select the Stories you want to analyse, note which ones got more views than others, and what types of content they contain. You’ll want to keep that in mind for future Stories you post to your feed.

Can you see how much someone stalks your Instagram?

Can you see who views your Instagram? The truth about insta-stalking Since first launched back in 2010, users can’t help but wonder if the app tracks how often usernames are typed into that search bar. For example, is there really a way to see who views your Instagram profile and when they do so? And vice versa, will other people ever know when you’ve spent a few minutes or two hours stalking their ? Unfortunately for all of us, nobody is 100 per cent sure how Instagram’s strategies and tactics work.

  • And the official Instagram app doesn’t tell you who recently looked at your profile.
  • However, there are a handful of third-party apps that can give you some of the details that you’ve been dying to know.
  • For example, apps like Reports PRO tracks the followers that you are or aren’t following you back.
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And this also goes both ways, as the app shows which of your followers aren’t following you back. Another perk is that the app will tell you if someone unfollows you. While it may sting a little bit to see that one of your former friends or acquaintances decided to remove you, it can still be beneficial to know – in case you want to unfollow them back.

If you don’t want to go scrolling through your photos to see who interacts with them, this app does show which Instagram users like and comment on your posts the most. According to, Reports PRO allows Instagram lovers to get all the stalking-data they need. For example, this app allows them to to see who “anonymously viewed” their profile.

Some of the benefits also include a “detailed account analysis,” “story viewers analysis,” and “tracking multiple accounts.” And in order to get all of this information once a month, it costs about $9.99. The app includes an option to see your “secret admirers,” which are people “who are not following you but are active on your profile.” And for the price of $4.99, we attempted to see who our secret admirers were and a list of over 150 Instagram users popped up.

  1. But, having to pay for an app that is unaffiliated with Instagram may make people hesitant of if this data is accurate or not.
  2. So, the question of who looks at your profile the most frequently may not ever be fully answered.
  3. Lucky for all Instagram lovers, there is one way to test your followers to see how often they stalk a profile, as this technique has been shared multiple times,

For this hack, say you’re posting a photo of you and your significant other on your Instagram story. Typically, you may just tag their username, and if your followers click it, they are redirected to that username’s profile. Instead, you can use the “Ask a question” option on Instagram, with your significant other’s username written in the “no” part of this feature.

You can then cut off the “yes” part of it, so it only shows the username. Within this experiment, you can see how many people click your significant other’s username, in a failed attempt to look at their profile. So, while you can’t see who’s trying to stalk you, this is a way to see who wants to look at someone you know.

In regards to your Instagram Stories, you may be wondering who viewed it first. And while Instagram won’t give you that information, it does detail how many people viewed it and who those people are. Of the bat, one hypothesis may be that your top viewers are the ones who stalk your profile the most.

  1. While speaking to back in 2018, product lead for Instagram Home, Julia Gutman shut this scenario down.
  2. The answer is, the people that show up on that list are not the people that stalk you the most – it is actually based on your activity and the people that you are closest to,” she said.
  3. Ultimately, the algorithm behind who views your profile the most and when remains unknown.
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And while apps like Reports PRO may give you the information you want, there’s still some ambiguity around how legit this data is and how it came to be discovered in the first place. So, one blessing and a curse for all Instagram stalkers is that how often someone scrolls through your profile still remains a bit of a mystery.

Speaking to The Independent, Christine Pai, a spokesperson for Meta, which owns Instagram, answered our question and clarified that Instagram users cannot use the app to use who looks at them the most frequently. “There is no way for Instagram users to see who is viewing their profile the most on Instagram.

The only surface in which you can publicly see who is viewing your content is in IG Stories.” “IG offers Stories insights for professional accounts (business and creator), which include the number of actions people take when they visit your profile after engaging with your story,” she added.

  1. In regards to apps not affiliated with Instagram, the company shared their stance on, which states: “Be careful before giving third party apps or websites access to your Instagram account.
  2. Never share your login information with any person or app you don’t trust.” The company also further details how some third party apps could offer likes and followers in-exchange of login information, so they shouldn’t be used.

“None of these services are affiliated with or endorsed by Instagram, and you shouldn’t use these apps or let anyone else access your Instagram account,” the site says. “If you give these apps your login information, whether with an access token or by giving them your username and password, they can gain complete access to your account.” “They can see your personal messages, find information about your friends, and potentially post spam or other harmful content on your profile,” the site continues.

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Is follower analyzer for Instagram safe

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Are Instagram Follower Tracking Apps Ever Useful? – These apps have a variety of problems including security and reliability issues. This means that downloading these apps isn’t a good idea. Even if you download one to check and then change your password right away, you’ll still get bad information.

  • If you’re interested in seeing if someone you follow doesn’t follow you back, you’ll need to do things the old-fashioned way and go to their page to check.
  • While this can take a lot of time, it’s the only way that guarantees you won’t get hacked.
  • Also, that information is real-time so it’s accurate.
  • You can also upgrade to a professional account, which will show you basic follow and unfollow statistics.

Either way, avoid using these apps as they aren’t safe or reliable.