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Who was the first A in Pretty Little Liars

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‘Pretty Little Liars’: Everything you need to know about the show before the final season premiere — – So you’ve never seen “Pretty Little Liars” but want to get in on the fun before the second half of the show’s final season airs tonight? Have no fear! You’ve come to the right place.

  1. After 150 episodes, “Pretty Little Liars” executive producer and showrunner Marlene King said fans will finally get answers to all of the show’s burning questions this season, including who is Uber A, or A.D.
  2. The character who’s been behind everything that’s happened to the Pretty Little Liars this whole time.

But even if you think you have a spot-on theory, here’s everything you need to know in case you still want to brush up on the “Pretty Little Liars” characters, as well as who is “A” and which couples to “ship,” before tonight’s premiere. Who are the Pretty Little Liars Spencer Hastings, played by Troian Bellisario, is known as the most intelligent and high achieving of the liars. Spencer comes from a wealthy family: her mother Veronica Hastings and her father Peter Hastings are lawyers. Her older sister is Melissa Hastings, and her half-brother is Jason DiLaurentis, her father’s son from his affair with Alison’s mother Jessica DiLaurentis.

  1. Mary Drake, the twin sister of Jessica DiLaurentis, claims to be Spencer’s birth mother.
  2. Spencer dated Toby Cavanaugh, who is a Rosewood Police Department cop, and they’re known as “Spoby.” She most recently dated Caleb Rivers, Hanna Marin’s ex-boyfriend.
  3. Spencer suffered a mental and emotional breakdown and was admitted to Radley Sanitarium, and she once had a drug addiction.

Before returning to Rosewood, Spencer worked as a lobbyist on Capitol Hill. Aria Montgomery, played by Lucy Hale, is the artsy liar. She’s interested in photography and writing. After college, Aria was working in publishing. Her parents Ella and Byron Montgomery are separated, and she has a younger brother named Mike Montgomery.

  • Aria was last in a relationship with Ezra Fitz, her former high school English teacher, and they are known together as “Ezria.” Aria and Ezra were engaged and going to elope to Italy, until Ezra learned that his girlfriend Nicole Gordon was still alive.
  • Emily Fields, played by Shay Mitchell, is the most athletic of the group and was a member of the high school swim team.

Emily lived with her mom Pam Fields, who raised her alone while her military husband and Emily’s father Wayne Fields was away on duty. After the death of her father, Emily never completed college and worked as a bartender. Emily initially struggled with her sexuality, but eventually came out as being attracted to women.

She was last in a relationship with Paige McCuller – known together as Pailey. Emily was in love with Alison DiLaurentis, and the two recently reconnected and ended up kissing. Hanna Marin, played by Ashley Benson, used to be made fun of for her weight and was called “Hefty Hanna.” Her parents Ashley and Tom Marin are divorced.

She’s interested in fashion and the most outspoken of the four liars. She worked in fashion before quitting her job. Hanna was in a relationship with Jordan, before breaking off their engagement. She and Caleb, who she dated in high school, recently kissed and realized they are meant to be together.

Alison DiLaurentis, played by Sasha Pieterse, was the leader of the four liars before she disappeared. She often bullied and manipulated people, including Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hanna. She was believed to be murdered, until it was later revealed that she survived getting hit in the head by a rock and being buried alive and later left town.

Her mother Jessica DiLaurentis was killed, but her murder remains unsolved. Alison recently revealed she is pregnant and believes that Archer Dunhill, aka Dr. Elliot Rollins, might be the father. How the show began Shay Mitchell, Troian Bellisario, Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson in the first season of “Pretty Little Liars.” Spencer, Aria, Emily, Hanna and their leader Alison are high school students and best friends living in Rosewood, Pennsylvania. But the girls drift apart after Alison disappears one night while they were having a sleepover in Spencer’s barn.

In the pilot episode, we meet Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hanna, one year after Alison’s disappearance. Throughout the pilot episode, all four girls receive text messages from an unnamed character known as “A,” who taunts them about knowing their secrets and threatens to expose them. Alison’s body is later found, and at her funeral service, the girls reveal to each other that they have all received messages from “A.” Throughout the series, the four girls become close friends again and attempt to work together to find out what happened to Allison the night she disappeared and the identity of “A,” all while facing threats from “A” and members of the “A” team.

Who is “A” Shay Mitchell, Ashley Benson and Troian Bellisario in season six of “Pretty Little Liars.” In season 2, Mona Vanderwaal, Hana’s best friend who was known as being nerdy and unpopular before she had a makeover, is revealed to be the original “A”. Mona was bullied by Alison before she disappeared. She reveals that she threatened Spencer, Aria, and Emily as revenge for Hanna as a friend from her. Lucy Hale, Troian Bellisario, Janel Parrish, Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson in a scene from “Pretty Little Liars.” However, in the season 6 summer finale, “A” is revealed to be CeCe Drake, who stole the game from Mona. CeCe said she threatened the four liars because of how they treated Alison.

CeCe, who was born Charles DiLaurentis, is Alison’s biological brother. Charles grew up wanting to wear dresses and played dress up in their mom’s closet. After their parents brought Charles to Radley Sanitarium, where he grew up, Mrs. DiLaurentis brought Charles the same outfits that she bought for Alison.

Mr. DiLaurentis rarely visited and didn’t accept Charles as a girl. After he got older, Charles and Mrs. DiLaurentis had a funeral for Charles. Charles became Charlotte, and when she met her brother Jason DiLaurentis, she introduced herself as CeCe. Later in season 6, CeCe is found dead in front of the church. Scene from “Pretty Little Liars” season finale. In “The DArkest Knight,” Spencer, Hanna, Emily, Aria and Alison are locked inside a former school for the blind with nowhere to escape from Jenna and Noel, who had set out to kill them with a gun and an ax.

Before that perilous situation, Alison revealed to Emily that she thinks she’s pregnant and that Archer Dunhill, aka Dr. Elliot Rollins, might be the father. Emily and Allison kiss, but Paige believes it’s another ploy by Allison to keep Emily and Paige apart. Caleb and Hanna also reconnect and spend a steamy night together after realizing that they’re meant to be together.

Spencer and Toby share one last kiss after Toby sold the house that he built for her. Toby and his fiancée Yvonne Phillips try to leave Rosewood, but get into a car crash and appear to be dead. And before Aria and Ezra can elope to Italy, Ezra reunites with his girlfriend Nicole Gordon, who was thought to be kidnapped and killed by rebels in Colombia.

  1. Aria sees the two hugging on TV.
  2. While trying to kill the liars, Noel is decapitated by his own ax.
  3. Jenna shoots her gun at the girls, and everyone manages to run away, except Spencer, who closes her eyes and appears to die.
  4. Before Jenna could finish off Spencer, Mary Drake stops her and reveals that she is Spencer’s mother.

Since Noel is dead and Jenna is saved by A.D., the identity of A.D., aka Uber A, remains unsolved. The Walt Disney Co. is both the parent of ABC News and Freeform, formally known as ABC Family, which airs “Pretty Little Liars.” : ‘Pretty Little Liars’: Everything you need to know about the show before the final season premiere

Was Alison A in Pretty Little Liars?

Trivia. In the television series, Alison is much less villainous and redeems herself over the course of the series. She is also not ‘A’. The characteristics of Alison from the books are given to Charlotte DiLaurentis and Alex Drake.

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Is Ezra part of A

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Remember Mona was the original A, and then Red Coat came to her, wanting to take over. Is this about the time Ezra stepped in as well? Because people keep on saying, ‘He was A from the start!’ but really, he wasn’t. Mona was, but Red Coat/Ezra took over for her, as revealed in 3×24.

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Is Spencer’s twin A

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Background – Alex is the third and last child born to Mary Drake after Mary posed as her twin sister Jessica DiLaurentis to sleep with Peter Hastings whom Jessica previously had an affair with. Mary later gave birth to identical twins at Radley Sanitarium, a mental institution where she was frequently a patient.

The oldest child, Spencer Hastings, was taken from Mary (much like her first born Charlotte ) and placed in the care of Peter and his wife, Veronica, Alex was born minutes after Spencer, and her existence was unknown to Peter and Veronica. Mary, desperate to escape Radley, allowed Doctor Cochran to arrange Alex’s adoption in exchange for $500,000 and a resignation from the psychiatric hospital.

Alex was later adopted by a wealthy British couple but eventually got stripped of her adoptive name and placed in an orphanage when she started to develop mental health problems. Drake bounced around foster homes and orphanages for a large portion of her childhood and, on her tenth birthday, ran away from the Ambrose Home for Wayward Children.

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She later obtained a job bartending where she met Wren Kingston, Spencer Hastings’ ex-boyfriend. After originally mistaking her for Spencer, Wren and Alex began a romantic relationship. After Wren told Alex about her blood relations to the Hastings and DiLaurentis families, Alex even met her half-sister Charlotte.

The two grew extremely close, and after Charlotte was murdered, Alex took over her reign as “A” to find the culprit.

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What is the big secret in Pretty Little Liars

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Pretty Little Liars reveals A’s identity Warning: This article contains MAJOR spoilers about A’s identity below the image. You have been warned. ABC

So, we finally now know who A is. Pretty Little Liars unleashed its biggest secret yet in last night’s US episode, revealing that the Liars’ tormentor is none other than CeCe Drake, played by Vanessa Ray.Real name Charlotte DiLaurentis, CeCe was and wanted to wear dresses as a child – but her father refused to allow her and eventually sent her to Radley Sanitarium.Charlotte’s mother Jessica visited regularly, though, and bought Charlotte the same outfits she gave to Charlotte’s sister Alison.

At Radley, Bethany pushed Toby’s mother off the roof to her death and pinned it on Charlotte. The death was ruled as a suicide, after Jessica paid off Wilden. Jamie McCarthy/WireImage When she was older, Charlotte was given permission by Radley to attend university classes. As CeCe, she met and dated her brother Jason – who didn’t recognise her. Very twisted, but she did refuse to have sex with him! Jessica also failed to realise that CeCe was Charlotte, at least until they left for Cape May.

Charlotte wanted to tell Alison that she was her sister, but before she could, things got out of hand. In a case of mistaken identity, Charlotte hit Alison thinking it was actually Bethany (who had earlier stolen Charlotte’s clothes) about to hurt her mother. Oops. Jessica, thinking Alison was dead, buried her.

But Mona – wanting Alison gone – killed Bethany, thinking she was Alison. Double oops. Charlotte had Wilden killed when he discovered that Alison was still alive. Oh, and Sara was the other Red Coat, as well as the Black Widow at Wilden’s funeral. Why did Charlotte become A? She was angry when Mona told her the Liars were happy Alison was gone.

She also thought that, if Alison was really alive, her sister would show up if the girls were in trouble. Did all of that makes sense? Well, in the present day, Charlotte tries to blow herself and Radley up by detonating a bomb. That fails, so she threatens to jump off the roof before being talked down by Alison.

Finally free from A, the Liars have a new threat to deal with. After a five-year time jump, the girls rush to Alison, warning her: “He’s coming for you. He’s already here.” Ray afterwards: “I’m overwhelmed that @imarleneking gave me this opportunity to play such a layered-tragic character.

Who killed Maya?

Suspects and Theories –

Nate St. Germain/Lyndon James – Lyndon, originally known as Nate St. Germain, was a suspect due to his suspicious timing and claim to be Maya’s cousin and a student at Hollis, despite Maya never speaking of a cousin named Nate or his connection to Hollis. It is later revealed that he was actually Lyndon James, Maya’s stalker from True North, and Maya’s true killer. Paige McCullers – Paige was a suspect due to her violent past with Alison DiLaurentis, the former crush of Emily. Paige may have been jealous of Maya’s relationship with Emily, and killed her so that she could be with Emily herself. It is later revealed that Paige was not the killer, and was a mere victim. The A-Team – Maya could have been on the run from the A-Team, who had discovered something about her past. However, The A-Team’s only involvement was stealing Maya’s phone and stalking her quietly.

Why is Ezra following The Liars?

Biography – Ezra Fitz, born as Ezra Fitzgerald, comes from an extremely wealthy family from which he is almost entirely estranged, having both rejected his existing and future inheritance,67 and changed his last name from Fitzgerald to Fitz. In the summer after high school graduation, he had a girlfriend named Maggie who got pregnant, but his mother paid Maggie to leave town and have an abortion.

  • She had the baby which Ezra believed was his son, Malcolm and Ezra didn’t find out about it until the child was 7 years old.
  • Due to a DNA test, Ezra finds out that Malcolm is not his child, and that Maggie lied to him about his paternity.
  • He is well-liked by his fellow faculty members and by his students, especially Aria Montgomery, whom he has a romantic relationship with.

He resigned from Rosewood High to avoid being arrested for dating his student, and was teaching at Hollis, until Byron Montgomery got him fired after finding out his daughter was with him. He then became a substitute teacher at Rosewood High school, then became a full-time teacher again.

Aria regretfully ended their relationship because it was becoming too complicated. In Season 4, Aria and Ezra get back together while Aria was still dating Jake. Aria tells Ezra he’s “the one” and always has been and breaks up with Jake. She’s not ready to tell her friends yet, so they keep it a secret, only for the girls to spy them together at the end of ” Shadow Play “.

It was revealed in ” Free Fall ” that he had a brief relationship with Alison DiLaurentis and has been tracking her and The Liars in order to write a “true crime novel” and figure out who ‘ A ‘ is. A heartbroken Aria then cuts all ties with him, despite Ezra’s protests that he loves her.

  • In ” A is for Answers “, Ezra gets non-fatally shot in New York by someone dressed as ‘A’, who is later revealed to be Shana.
  • After Ezra recovers, Aria finally realizes from Ezra’s heroism that he does love her and they make up.
  • In Welcome to the Dollhouse, Ezra helps Caleb and Toby attempt to track down the liars after they are kidnapped by A while being escorted to prison, and successfully rescues them.

In Season 6 B, Ezra reunites with Aria after the time jump. Their reunion is halted when Ezra is suspected by the Liars of being Charlotte’s Killer, but are eventually convinced he is innocent. Afterwards, Ezra decides to propose to Aria, who accepts.

However, their relationship is strained again when Ezra’s old girlfriend, Nicole Gordon, returns and Ezra pays attention to her. After some arguments, Ezra agrees to leave Nicole behind and resumes focusing on planning his wedding with Aria. When Aria found out that she was infertile and can’t have any biological children, Ezra ultimately accepted this and their relationship prevailed.

They married after unmasking A.D and saved Spencer, The couple headed off on their honeymoon with plans to adopt a newborn when they returned.

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Did Alison know who A was

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Biography – Alison was born in Rosewood, Pennsylvania, to the wealthy and prestigious DiLaurentis family, She is the only daughter of Jessica and Kenneth DiLaurentis, the younger half-sister of Jason, and the adoptive younger sister of Charlotte, Because Charlotte was sent to Radley Sanitarium, Alison didn’t remember that she had an adoptive sibling.

Alison was manipulated by her and forced to keep secrets and lies from a primitive age. As a pre-teen and teenager, Alison was the resident “it girl” and “Queen Bee” of Rosewood’s teenage circle. Her close-knit group consisted of her best friends Hanna, Aria, Spencer, and Emily, Alison was described as beautiful, manipulative, secretive, and vindictive.

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She could make people feel special which made them dependent on her as they wanted to continue that feeling. Alison was known only by her close friends to have a sweet and caring side. Jessica and Kenneth knew their daughter to be fiercely independent and recklessly obstinate when challenged.

  • She never had a close relationship with her brother, Jason, as they fought frequently.
  • She was also manipulated as a child by her secretive mother who often argued with her father.
  • Alison was a bully who tormented many students at Rosewood High before her disappearance on September 1, 2009,
  • Although Alison seemed to have a perfect life, she was being harassed by a mysterious text-messenger named ” A “, shortly before her disappearance.

One year after her disappearance, ” Alison’s body ” was found buried in the backyard of the DiLaurentis house, now inhabited by the St. Germain ‘s. The autopsy stated that she suffered a blow to the head and subsequently suffocated to death, with dirt being found in her lungs.

The item that was used to incapacitate her was discovered to be a large rock. On the night of her attack, her hand appeared from the ground and confirmed she was buried alive, A mysterious woman discovered Alison and pulled her from the soil. In the present day, it is seen that Alison may be alive and could secretly be Red Coat, the mysterious blonde watching her former friends.

In ” Now You See Me, Now You Don’t “, it is confirmed that Alison is alive. Carla Grunwald revealed that she had pulled Alison from the shallow grave. She said Alison was afraid of ” A ” and would subconsciously call out for help that only Carla could hear, due to Carla being a psychic.

  • In Grave New World, the Liars finally catch Alison in her red coat, used as a disguise from “A”.
  • Alison said that she couldn’t come home until the person was stopped, as it was too dangerous.
  • She fled when the Liars turned their backs to her.
  • In ” A is for Answers “, the Liars met Alison in New York and she explained what happened the night she went missing.

Ali confirmed all the people she met throughout the night while on her journey to expose “A”. She then revealed that she was hit over the head from behind, by what she know knew was rock – not a shovel. Alison’s mother witnessed the attack and thought that Alison was dead due to her lifeless state.

  1. To protect attepted killer from getting caught, Jessica buried Alison in the backyard – unaware that her daughter was alive.
  2. Alison confirmed that Mrs.
  3. Grunwald saved her, however, Alison ran before she got to the hospital.
  4. Late that night, Mona Vanderwaal found her and took her to the Lost Woods Resort and convinced Alison to fake her death to please the villainous “A”.

The next morning, Alison had gotten dressed as Vivian Darkbloom, and left town. In the present day, the Liars convinced Alison to come back to Rosewood with them. Alison returned to Rosewood in ” Whirly Girlie “, which shocked the entire town as they still thought she was dead.

Throughout the next episodes, Alison and the Liars try to find out who the ruthless “A” is until they and Mona begin to suspect Alison of being “A”, as part of her “biggest game yet”. This was a master ploy by the real A to isolate Alison. A’s plan was to separate her from her friends and the social hierarchy.

Their goal was to break the Liar’s trust in Alison. On Thanksgiving, Mona is seemingly murdered before she proved that Alison murdered Bethany. Alison was arrested later for the murders of both Mona Vanderwaal and Bethany Young. After she is cleared of the murders, Alison is reunited with her traumatized friends back in Rosewood.

  • As they search for A and attempt to recuperate, Alison begins searching for her long-lost brother, who is A,
  • As she seeks to understand his reasons for tormenting her she is kidnapped and taken to Radley Sanitarium,
  • Alison is surprised to learn that “A”/Charles is her transgender sister, Charlotte,

After learning her sisters’ story, Alison and Jason have Charlotte institutionalized where she undergoes intense therapy for five-years. Alison remained in Rosewood for the length of Charlotte’s recovery and later fought for her to be released into her custody.

The night Charlotte is released she seemingly commits suicide, but the case later branches into a homicide investigation, After a few months, a love-deprived Alison impulsively marries Archer Dunhill, her longtime boyfriend and Charlotte’s former doctor. The Liars grow to suspect Alison as Charlotte’s murderer, and after Caleb releases their evidence to A, who wants to make Charlotte’s killer suffer.

Later that night, Elliott reveals himself to be Archer Dunhill, Charlotte’s longtime boyfriend, and one of A’s who wanted revenge on Charlotte’s killer. Archer continues to torture her in Welby, the institution that Alison voluntarily committed herself, while under the guise of her “concerned husband Dr.

  1. Elliott Rollins “.
  2. Alison later escapes and helps the Liars cover-up Archer’s murder after Hanna runs him over with her car.
  3. Alison is released from Welby and into the care of her long-lost Aunt, Mary Drake,
  4. Alison attempts to grow closer to Mary but this is thwarted when Mary’s true intentions and history are revealed.

In the events leading up to the reveal of the new A, Alison discovers she is pregnant via artificial insemination. During her stay at Welby, Archer had inseminated her with Emily ‘s eggs and a then unknown man ‘s sperm. Alison finds solace in Emily, and the pair later fall in love.

  • After a year or so, Alison and Emily have settled into Alison’s childhood home and are raising their beautiful twin daughters, Lily and Grace, together in Rosewood,
  • Alison later proposed to Emily and alongside their friends, they unmasked A.D.
  • Once and for all.
  • With A gone for good and nothing holding her back, Alison began to experience hardships in her marriage to Emily – they were sometimes happy and sometimes not.

Their issues were due to trust and who they were as individuals, and a couple, without A. They continued to raise their twin daughters together, although Alison longed to better support her family and leave her past behind her. After getting a job in the picturesque town of Beacon Heights, Alison moved across the country to be a teaching assistant at Beacon Heights University,

Who is hiding Alison?

Mona Helps Ali Disappear After Her Mother Buried Her Alive – In season 4, episode 24, “A Is For Answers,” Ali explains to her friends in New York City that Mona Vanderwaal (Janel Parrish) helped her leave Rosewood. The night that the girls have a sleepover, which is shared through flashbacks in the pilot, Ali’s mother, Jessica (Andrea Parker), knocks her out with a rock and buries her.

  • While she is eventually rescued by Mrs.
  • Grunwald (Meg Foster), it was Mona who convinced Ali to hide at the Lost Woods resort, create the alias Vivian Darkbloom, and to leave Rosewood.
  • While this was quite a shocking scene initially – especially since Mona is revealed to be “A” in the season 2 episode “UnmAsked” – it did make a lot of sense as helping Alison disappear showed why Mona was able to increase her social status and get closer to the Liars.

This detail also emphasized how emotionally manipulative Mona could be as she realized that Alison was in a vulnerable position and used her fear of being killed to her advantage.

Who did Alison end up with?

Endgame Couples – The official endgame couples are:

  • Hanna Marin is married to Caleb Rivers,
  • Aria Montgomery is married to Ezra Fitz,
  • Emily Fields was engaged to Alison DiLaurentis in the finale. They were later married and divorced.
  • Alison DiLaurentis was engaged to Emily Fields in the finale. They were later married and divorced.
  • Spencer Hastings is dating Toby Cavanaugh in the finale. In PLL: The Perfectionists, it is revealed that they eloped.
  • Mona Vanderwaal was dating an unnamed French man in the finale. However, in PLL: The Perfectionists, she is single.

Why is Ezra obsessed with Ali?

Season 4 – Turn of the Shoe Jessica calls Hanna over to her house for some gardening advice. Hanna hears a voice and Jessica introduces her to Tippi, the parrot. Tippi sounds just like Alison, because when she stayed with her grandmother in Georgia, the two shared a room. Hanna notices that Tippi always say “Hey Board Shorts, miss me?” repeatedly and sings a tune. In the sawmill, Spencer tries to follow one of the Red Coats as Aria follows the other. The Red Coat Spencer was following led her to a lair, which they thought to be A’s. Spencer insists that everything has to lead back to Board Shorts, and that the name of A’s company is the same name of Ali’s favorite beach in Cape May. Spencer decodes a story from Alison’s diary called “The Hart and The Huntsman.” In a series of flashbacks Ali’s story is played out with, once with Spencer imagining the flashback where Ali’s mystery man is unknown, and once after Spencer visits ‘The Hart and The Huntsman’ where she bumps into Ezra.

  1. Ezra is eating the same exact pie from Alison’s story and drinking a beer.
  2. In the second flashback, Ali’s mystery man is no longer mysterious.
  3. She’s on a date with Ezra.
  4. They talk about her writing and Ezra tells her that she has a strong voice and that it is going to get more distinctive as she grows up or becomes mature.
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After being critiqued, Alison rolls her eyes and tells him she doesn’t know she’s taking advice form someone who doesn’t know how to order, “who eats boysenberry pie with beer?” to which Ezra replies “don’t knock it ’til you try it”. Alison says she may write a story about that exact moment and they kiss. After Aria finds out the truth about Ezra, Ezra explains that he knew who she was when they first met. They main reason he started a relationship with her was to gain information about Alison because he was writing a book about her, a “true crime novel”. A is for Answers A flashback shows the time Ezra and Alison first met. In a college bar, Alison spots a cute boy – Ezra – reading alone on a couch, so she grabs a book and after googling the book he was reading, starts up a conversation with him. In a flashback of the night Alison disappeared, after seeing Toby at the barn and on her way to seeing Ian at the Kissing Rock, Alison is stopped by Ezra who in his car, pulled up in front of her house. As she goes to leave, he says she hopes to see him around, but he tells her no, and she understands that this is the last time she would see him. Once out of the car she leans in the open window and tells him if his book ever gets published, he better spell her name right.

Does Spencer join the A-team?

Season 3 – Summer has passed since the unveiling of A but Spencer is determined to uncover the Black Swan, whom she believes is another A still working with Mona. She eventually discovers it was Melissa, who claims that she was blackmailed into showing up at the masked ball.

Spencer decides to believe her, but is still suspicious. Meanwhile, she and Toby grow closer and the two eventually have sex for the first time. However, Spencer begins to suspect that Toby is not on their side. When Hanna finds the key to “A”‘s new lair and gives it to Spencer, Spencer sets a trap for Toby.

She catches him trying to steal it while wearing A’s signature jacket, proving he is a member of the A-Team, conspirators who are aligned with A. She breaks up with him, but doesn’t tell her friends why. Spencer gives the key to a private investigator and gives him a picture of Toby and her, before ripping it in half.

She tells the private investigator to follow Toby. After breaking up with Toby, Spencer begins to withdraw from her friends, and becomes emotionally unstable. She becomes obsessed with finding A and the mysterious person in the red coat. In the episode “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” she follows Mona into the woods and discovers what appears to be Toby’s dead body.

Spencer attempts to chase Mona but gets lost in the woods. In the morning, she is found by a hiker in a catatonic state and is admitted to the Radley Sanitarium. Mona visits her in the sanitarium and offers to let Spencer join the A-Team. In the episode “I’m Your Puppet,” Spencer accepts her offer.

  1. In the Season 3 finale “A Dangerous GAme”, Spencer comes up with a plan to trap the Red Coat and reveals to the Liars that she is working for the A-Team as a double agent.
  2. Toby contacts Spencer, revealing that he is alive.
  3. He explains that he joined the A-Team to protect her and the two make up and have sex.

As part of the plan, Spencer hosts a party at a lodge where the girls are supposed to meet the Red Coat, when an unknown figure starts a fire, trapping Aria, Hanna, Emily, and Mona in the burning house. Toby leads Spencer into the woods to see who the Red Coat is.

Spencer sees a helicopter land in the woods and the Red Coat step off. Spencer catches a glimpse of her face and believes to have seen Alison. The Red Coat rescues the Liars from the burning house and Hanna and Mona also believe to have seen Alison. The group drives back to Rosewood and see Wilden’s car dug up from the lake.

All of them, including Mona, get a text from A.

Is Toby part of the A-team?

Biography – Toby Cavanaugh is a shy person who was blackmailed by his step-sister Jenna to have sexual relations with her, saying that she would tell their parents that Toby had been forcing her and that they would surely have believed her. Alison told the Liars that she saw Toby spying on them from his tree house and watched them change clothes, and they believed her.

  1. Alison and her friends tried to get revenge on him by throwing a stink-bomb into the Cavanaugh’s garage, which set the garage on fire and accidentally blinded Jenna, in the process.
  2. It is unknown whether anyone else was inside the garage.
  3. Alison blackmailed Toby into taking the blame for Jenna’s “accident”, by saying that she would tell the whole town about their affair.

Commemorating September 1, the day he became free of Jenna, and coincidentally the same day Alison DiLaurentis went missing, Toby got a tattoo: “9/01 Free At Last”. This (at the time), fueled the Liars beliefs that Toby killed Ali. After a year in reform school (in Maine), Toby returns to Rosewood where he is treated as a social pariah, and suspected of being an “A” – by The Liars – and also Alison’s murderer (by the whole town).

He convinces the girls otherwise, starting with Emily Fields when he befriends her. He helps Emily to come out and tell people that she’s gay, something that she’s forever grateful for. Toby maintains his innocence in Alison’s murder, is eventually cleared, and even begins a long-term relationship with Spencer Hastings,

(See Spoby,) When Mona Vanderwaal is sent to Radley after the events in the Season 2, the girls receive a text, “Mona played with dolls, I play with body parts”, It can only be assumed that this message and the other escalating threats of Season 3 were from Toby.

  • At the end of The Lady Killer, it is revealed Toby is a part of The A-Team alongside Mona.
  • Spencer finds this out on their one-year anniversary, and ends their relationship because of it.
  • Spencer is heartbroken and, throughout the season, this becomes increasingly obvious.
  • Later, Spencer reveals to the Liars that Toby is a member of the “A-Team”, and she has known about it for weeks.

In Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Spencer follows Mona into the woods, where she finds a body on the ground surrounded by camping gear. The person is wearing a biker helmet and a leather jacket. Spencer doesn’t realize who this could be until she recognizes a tattoo on the mystery person’s side: “9/01 Free At Last”.

  1. Thinking the body is Toby’s, Spencer breaks down and begins to cry; however, before she can lift the eye guard on the helmet for confirmation, Mona calls out from the woods, “He’s dead,” taking Spencer’s attention away from the body and prompting her to chase Mona.
  2. Whether or not the body in the woods was actually Toby’s was debatable and —at the time— unknown.

However, in A DAngerous GAme, it was revealed that Toby is alive and that the body Spencer found was a John Doe. Toby meets Spencer at a diner (thinking she is Mona) to say that Hanna got the babysitting job. Spencer says “I know” and raises her head to look at him.

  1. Upon realizing it is Spencer, he confesses that he joined the A-Team to protect her, stating: “Everything I’ve done is so I could protect you.” They reunite and Toby is kicked out of the A-Team.
  2. In Season 4, Toby’s storyline centers around the fact that he wants answers about his mom’s death.
  3. A” tortures him with information about his mom’s supposed suicide, in which he makes deals with the devil.

He gives the RV to “A” and Spencer is upset because it could have given them information. There is a strain put on his relationship with Spencer because she told the other Liars about him making deals with A. However, he comes to his senses in Now You See Me, Now You Don’t, stating that he doesn’t want A’s version of the truth.