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Why did people say Gordon Bennett

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One thought is that he created, for the FDNY, The James Gordon Bennett medal for bravery, the highest honour a Fireman could receive. And New York fire men used to say ‘Gordon Bennett’ as a shock expletive when something was surprisingly good. As in ‘that was so good, it should win the Gordon Bennett’.

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Who is Gordon Bennett in England

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Gordon Bennett – This man’s name is often used in place of a swear word when making an exclamation of anger, surprise or frustration. James Gordon Bennett senior (1795-1872) was a Scottish-born journalist, famous in the US for founding the New York Herald and conducting the first ever newspaper interview.

His son, of the same name, was something of an international playboy. Mr Scaife described him as “a dandy. known for driving fast cars and causing consternation and surprise”. Image source, Getty Images Image caption, James Gordon Bennett junior (1841-1918) had a reputation for outrageous antics Gordon Bennett used his inheritance to sponsor the Bennett Trophy in motor racing from 1900 to 1905, and in 1906 established a hot-air balloon race that is still held today.

He holds the Guinness Book of Records entry for “Greatest Engagement Faux Pas”. One very drunken evening he turned up late to a posh party held by his future in-laws, and ended up urinating into a fireplace in full view of everyone. The engagement, unsurprisingly, was broken off.

What did James Gordon Bennett Jr do?

A controversial figure, James Gordon Bennett, Jr. was the publisher of the New York Herald, the champion of the first transoceanic race, and the youngest Commodore of the New York Yacht Club. James Gordon Bennett, Jr. was publisher of the New York Herald, founded by his father, James Gordon Bennett, Sr.

  1. He was generally known as Gordon Bennett to distinguish him from his father, and has been linked to the expletive “Gordon Bennett!” used mostly in the UK.
  2. Bennett was educated primarily in France.
  3. In 1866, the elder Bennett turned control of the Herald over to his son.
  4. Bennett raised the paper’s profile on the world stage when he provided the financial backing for the 1869 expedition by Henry Morton Stanley into Africa to find David Livingstone.

In 1861, Bennett volunteered his newly-built schooner yacht, Henrietta, for the U.S. Revenue Cutter Service during the Civil War. She patrolled Long Island until February 1862 when she was sent to Port Royal, South Carolina. On March 3, 1862, Bennett, commanding Henrietta, was part of the fleet which captured Fernandina, Florida.

  • In 1866, Bennett won the first transoceanic yacht race.
  • The race was between three American yachts: Vesta, Fleetwing and Henrietta.
  • They started off Sandy Hook, New Jersey, on December 11, 1866, amid high westerly winds and raced to The Needles, the furthest westerly point on the Isle of Wight, famous for its lighthouse.

Bennett’s Henrietta won with a time of 13 days, 21 hours, 55 minutes. Controversially, Gordon Bennett often scandalized society with his flamboyant and sometimes erratic behavior. In 1877, he left New York for Europe after an incident that ended his engagement to socialite Caroline May.

According to various accounts, he arrived late and drunk to a party at the May family mansion, and then urinated into a fireplace (some say grand piano) in full view of his hosts. Settling in Paris, he launched the Paris edition of the New York Herald, titled The Paris Herald, the forerunner of the International Herald Tribune.

He backed George W. DeLong’s voyage to the North Pole via the Bering Strait. The ill-fated expedition led to the deaths from starvation of DeLong and 19 of his crew, a tragedy that only increased the paper’s circulation. He was also co-founder of the Commercial Cable Company, a venture to break the transatlantic cable monopoly held by Jay Gould.

  1. Bennett established the Gordon Bennett Cup for international yachting and the Gordon Bennett Cup for automobile races.
  2. In 1906, he funded the Gordon Bennett Cup in ballooning (Coupe Aéronautique Gordon Bennett), which continues to this day.
  3. In 1909, Bennett offered a trophy for the fastest speed on a closed circuit for airplanes.

From 1896 to 1914, the champion of Paris USFSA football (soccer) received a trophy offered by Gordon Bennett. In 1880, Bennett commissioned McKim, Mead, and White to design the Newport Casino in Newport, Rhode Island. The Stade de Roland Garros, site of the French Open, is on the Avenue Gordon Bennett.

  • Asteroid 305 Gordonia is named after him.
  • The following were taken from the Queene Hooper Foster Heritage Series Lecture on James Gordon Bennett Jr., September 17, 1998: With its publisher’s interest in maritime affairs, the Herald always carried a detailed shipping news section, and an extensive weather report, well before there was any weather service.

It also carried full yacht race coverage, America’s Cup coverage and even New York Yacht Club Board Meeting minutes on the front page. A misuse of a nautical term in any article in the paper could get the author into deep trouble. A crow’s nest mentioned on a vessel that didn’t have a crow’s nest would excommunicate its author.

“Why was that damned fool allowed to write that shipwreck story? Doesn’t he know the wind and tide in that neighborhood never perform as he states it? Never let him touch a sea story again.” Commodore Bennett always had a great interest in the latest technology, and his reporters kept him informed: in 1899 he heard about an experimenter named Marconi, and he sent $5,000 to him if he would come to America and report on the America’s Cup, transmitting the news directly to the Herald by wireless.

In 1907, stock quotes were transmitted to a vessel by wireless courtesy of the Herald, to be hoisted in signal flags for the benefit of members during the NYYC Annual Cruise. Sailing-related Accomplishments and Honors: ● At the age of 16 and 3 months, was the youngest member ever admitted to the New York Yacht Club ● Youngest Commodore of the New York Yacht Club ● Champion, sailing Henrietta, in the first transoceanic yacht race, with a time of 13 days, 21 hours, 55 minutes ● Established the Gordon Bennett Cup for International Yachting (as well asseveral other sports that he promoted, including automobile racing, pugilism, polo and balloon racing) ● 1872 Put up two important trophies, the Cape May Challenge Cup and the Brenton Reef Challenge Cup, both of which inspired intense racing for decades

Who is Gordon Bennett Wikipedia?

Henry Gordon Bennett
Bennett in 1962
Born 15 April 1887 Balwyn, Melbourne
Died 1 August 1962 (aged 75) Dural, Sydney
Allegiance Australia
Service/ branch Australian Army
Years of service 1908–1944
Rank Lieutenant General
Commands held III Corps (1942–1944) 8th Division (1940–1942) 2nd Division (1926–1932) 9th Infantry Brigade (1921–1926) 3rd Infantry Brigade (1916–1918) 6th Battalion (1915–1916)
Battles/wars World War I

  • Gallipoli campaign
  • Western Front

World War II

  • Malayan campaign
  • Fall of Singapore
Awards Companion of the Order of the Bath Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George Distinguished Service Order Volunteer Decoration Mentioned in Despatches (8) Knight Commander of the Order of Prince Danilo I (Montenegro)
Spouse(s) Bess Buchanan ​ ( m.1916⁠–⁠1962) ​
Children 1 daughter
Other work Orchardist; company director; board chairman

Lieutenant General Henry Gordon Bennett, CB, CMG, DSO, VD (15 April 1887 – 1 August 1962) was a senior Australian Army officer who served in both World War I and World War II, Despite highly decorated achievements during World War I, during which he commanded at both battalion and brigade level and became the youngest general in the Australian Army, Bennett is best remembered for his role during the fall of Singapore in February 1942.

  1. As commander of the 8th Australian Division, he escaped while his men became prisoners of the Imperial Japanese Army,
  2. After this, Bennett’s military career waned and, although he rose to command a corps, he never again commanded troops in battle.
  3. In 1945, his escape caused controversy and resulted in a Royal Commission and military enquiry.
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Both found that he had been unjustified in relinquishing his command. A citizen soldier, before World War I Bennett had worked in the insurance industry and at the conclusion of hostilities pursued his commercial interests while continuing to serve in the military in a part-time capacity, commanding at brigade and divisional level.

Who was the first Gordon Bennett?

1st Coupe Aéronautique Gordon Bennett – Paris (FRA) 1906 Start: Paris, Jardin des Tuileries, September 30th, 4 p.m. In Paris, public interest for the first Gordon-Bennett-Race was great. About 250.000 spectators may have been on the launch-field. Also among the aeronauts of the different countries, this new competition caught a lot of interest.

  • Seven different nations entered balloons and with tension everybody waited for the launch of this new-developed competition.
  • The only aeronauts in those days were balloon-pilots.
  • Exactly 2 1/2 week before this launch, a Danish inventor named Jakob Ellehammer performed the first European fixed-wing-motor-flight, but with his home-made construction he covered only 42 meters at an altitude of 3 to 4 meters.

The order for take-off was defined by article 12 of the rules, by a drawing. At first the Italian balloon ELFE took off, the others followed in the drawn series within a period of a few minutes between them. Number 12 was the American Frank P. Lahm. The most applause was gathered by Santos Dumont, flying for the USA.

  1. This eccentric and elegant pioneer of aviation had developed 14 aircraft in the years before, mostly one person mini-airships.
  2. At this race, he flew with a 6 h.p.
  3. Motor in the basket of the DEUX AMERIQUES.
  4. The flight ended painful for him.
  5. After covering 134 km, his jacket was caught in the propeller and his arm was hurt.

He landed at Evreaux, and his balloon escaped, when he went out looking for a doctor in the night. This was the first and the last effort ever, to try to win this race by a motor-driven balloon. (The injuries may not have been too severe, for 1 1/2 month later, on November 12th, Alberto Santos-Dumont managed to make some good flights in Brazil with his self-developed biplane.

(For his best performance he flew 70 meters in 21 seconds.) Let’s go back to the race: The wind came from southeast and drove the balloons to the channel, urging the pilots to make the decision to land, or to risk the dangerous jump across the water in the hope, to reach the English coast.16 balloons have launched, 7 left the continent and landed safe in England.

The first Gordon-Bennett-winners became the Americans Lt. Frank P.Lahm with his co-pilot Major Hersey in the balloon UNITED STATES, a coal-gas balloon of 2080 cu m. They landed after 22 hours and 15 minutes in Fyling-Dales, Yorkshire-county in north-England, directly in front of the North-Sea-coast.

The balloon, that took off first, ELFE (1850 cu m), with Alfred Vonwiller and Lt. Ettore Cianetti came in second with only 54 kilometres back and a landing close to the town named Hull. Among the others, Mr. Charles Rolls (“Rolls Royce”) created excitement. He got lost. After he landed south of Hull in the night, he found no open telegraph-office, to sent his landing-report, and in his hurry, to travel back to London, he and his co-pilot totally forgot to report.

Something else happened already in those times: A very angry English farmer sent a telegram to the FAI, complaining that the trace of a trail-rope of an unidentifiable balloon had spoiled his meadow. But in general, comments from the citizens were positive: The Lord of Flyingdale, on which properties the winner landed, commented: “An earthquake will not raise more attention than a landing of a balloon”.

Let’s now have a look to the winner of this first competition: Frank P. Lahm, Lieutenant in the signal-corps of the US-army, born November 17th 1877 in Mansfield (Ohio). Lahm joined Westpoint military academy in June 1897, and was promoted Lieutenant of cavalry in the year 1901. He took part in the Philippine-war for two years and became teacher at Westpoint in 1903.

From there, for further education he was commanded to attend the riding-school of Saumur (France) and later ordered to develop an air-force for the United States. Until the Gordon-Bennett-Race 1906 he had only done 14 flights in a balloon.

After his victory he was interviewed by the reporters of the New-York-Herald, and here is the report, that was printed in this paper on October 3rd 1906: (this is the place, where the original interview Lahm/New York Herald should be shown) Notes from the log-book of the UNITED STATES:

4:55p.m. Depart
11:17 p.m. Reached the sea near Caen
2:35 a.m. Flashlight in the north
3:10 a.m. Lights of the English coast in sight
3:30 a.m. Reached the coast at the Isle of Wright
10:30 a.m. Over flown Nottingham
3:10 p.m. Landing one mile from the sea at Flying-Dales (Yorkshire) near Whitby, strong wind at the landing.

In the United States there was much cheering about this victory, especially among the members of the American aero club. But now the representatives of this club had to face big problems: they had to host the next race. Their organization was quite young, and only two pilots in the whole country held the required international licences and had some experience.

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Who was Gordon Bennett inspired by

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Five things to know about Gordon Bennett | Tate List Meet one of Australia’s most important contemporary artists, whose bold and playful works explore the politics of identity Gordon Bennett Home Décor (Relative/Absolute) Flowers for Mathinna #2 1999acrylic on linen182.5 x 182.5cmCollection: Museum of Contemporary Art, purchased with funds provided by the MCA Foundation, 2012 © The Estate of Gordon Bennett Gordon Bennett (1955–2014) worked for Telecom Australia before quitting his job at the age of thirty and enrolling in a fine arts degree at Queensland College of Art.

  • His colourful and thought provoking paintings, prints, performance videos and installations draw on many different sources and styles.
  • This included and a dot aesthetic inspired by the Papunya Tula art movement of the Australian Western Desert.
  • His artwork resist and debate racial stereotyping and is critical of Australia’s colonial history and postcolonial present.

Major retrospectives of his work toured Icon and Arnolfini galleries and Heine Onstad Kunstsenter in Europe during 1999–2000, Australian State galleries between 2007–2009 and The Netherlands in 2012. Writing in his ‘Manifest Toe’ in 1996, Bennett said: If I were to choose a single word to describe my art practice it would be the word question. Gordon Bennett Abstraction (Native) 2013acrylic on linen183 x 152.3cmCollection: Museum of Contemporary Art, purchased with funds provided by the MCA Foundation, 2013© The Estate of Gordon Bennett Bennett was born in Monto, Queensland, in 1955 to an indigenous Australian mother and an Anglo Celtic migrant father.

He first became aware of his dual heritage when he was a young teenager. He felt alienated by his Australian education and the representation of Aboriginal people in Western culture and as a result, began confronting the idea of identity in his own work. His playful yet powerfully political artworks borrow images from other artists and mix and re-contextualise elements from Western and non-Western art history.

In Abstraction (Native), from the Abstraction series of 2010–2013, Bennett imposes the face of Australian politician and social activist Peter Garrett (formerly the front man of Australian rock band, Midnight Oil) onto an abstracted human figure. In his Welt series of paintings of the early 1990s, he painted over the created ‘scarified’ surface of inspired drip paintings in matt black. John Citizen Interior (Tribal Rug) 2007acrylic on linen152 x 152cmCollection: Private, Brisbane © The Estate of Gordon Bennett In 1995 Bennett began making work under the name ‘John Citizen’. The inspired paintings of the Coloured People and Interiors series seem glossier and less political than Bennett’s other work, but this is not the case.

At first glance, paintings from the Interior series appear similar to the work of Patrick Caulfield and look like a brightly coloured pull-out from a lifestyle magazine. Look more closely, however, you can see paintings by the ‘real’ Bennett displayed on the walls. The persona of John Citizen partly represents ‘the Australian Mr Average’, but is also a kind of disguise for Bennett.

It was another way for the artist to avoid being typecast simply as ‘a professional Aborigine, which both misrepresents me and denies my upbringing and Scottish/English heritage’. Gordon Bennett Notes to Basquiat: Boogieman Blues 1999acrylic on linen182.5 x 182.5cmCollection: Private, Adelaide © The Estate of Gordon Bennett In the late 1990s Bennett responded to the personal experiences and practice of Puerto-Rican Haitian-American artist Jean-Michael Basquiat by producing a series of paintings that referenced the style and motifs of Basquiat’s own art.

He also wrote an open letter to the dead artist celebrating their cultural and artistic similarities, as well as their shared love of jazz, rap and hip-hop. Bennett conversed about his conceptual painting practice as ‘based on the semiotics of ‘style’ and paint application, images and text, historical and contemporary juxta-position’.

His intention in the Notes to Basquiat series is to ‘highlight the similarities and cross-connections of our shared experience as human beings living in separate worlds that each seek to exclude, objectify and dehumanise the black body and person’. In the open letter to Jean-Michel Basquiat, Bennett continues: To some, writing a letter to a person post-humously may seem very tacky and an attempt to gain some kind of attention, even ‘steal’ your ‘crown’.

  • That is not my intention, I have had my own experiences of being crowned in Australia, as an ‘Urban Aboriginal’ artist – underscored as that title is by racism and ‘primitivism’ – and I do not wear it well.
  • My intention is in keeping with the integrity of my work in which appropriation and citation, sampling and remixing are an integral part, as are attempts to communicate a basic underlying humanity to the perception of ‘blackness’ in its philosophical and historical production within western cultural contexts.
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Bennett directly referenced the work of many other artists throughout his career, including Jackson Pollock,, and, Gordon Bennett Possession Island (Abstraction) 1991oil and acrylic on canvas182 x 182cmCollection: Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and Tate, purchased jointly with funds provided by the Qantas Foundation, 2016 © The Estate of Gordon Bennett Bennett makes art that questions ‘accepted’ versions of history, often taking historical artworks as his starting point.

His three paintings titled Possession Island are based on a 19th century etching by Samuel Calvert. The original image shows explorer Captain James Cook raising the Union Jack flag in 1770, claiming ownership of the entire eastern coast of Australia in the name of the British Crown. Bennett updates this image in Possession Island (Abstraction) by concealing the indigenous servant beneath the abstract and conceptual style of,

These shapes are coloured red, yellow and black referencing the Aboriginal flag and loss of a culture. Bennett is commenting on the devastating effects of colonialisation on Australia’s indigenous population. Gordon Bennett’s artwork is on display at Tate Modern in,

Sonia Boyce explores her own sense of self in relation to media images of blackness and whiteness in the work From Tarzan to Rambo. Get to know Theaster Gates. An artist who builds houses and swings and cares a lot about community A discussion with Amandla Stenberg, Mars and Lorna Simpson about the youth-led movement #ArtHoe and how it relates to Simpson’s work

: Five things to know about Gordon Bennett | Tate

Was Gordon Bennett indigenous?

Bennett, a Queensland artist of Aboriginal Australian and Anglo-Celtic descent, wrote perceptively about his childhood education in Australian history.

Who won the Gordon Bennett?

Father and son Eimers fly 1572km to victory at the Gordon Bennett cup 2022 | World Air Sports Federation.

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Where did Gordon Bennett work

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Career – Some of his work is about what he saw when he was young. His 1991 painting Nine Ricochets won the prestigious Moët & Chandon Australian Art Fellowship, and he rapidly established himself as a leading figure in the Australian art world. Bennett lived and worked in Brisbane, where he created paintings, prints and worked in multi-media.

  • In 2004, Bennett, together with Peter Robinson, had a two-person exhibition Three Colours, which showed at several Victorian art galleries including Heide Museum of Modern Art, Shepparton Art Gallery, Bendigo Art Gallery and the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery,
  • In late 2007 he had a solo exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria, that set his works on colonialism in an international context.

Bennett exhibited his work in biennales in numerous cities, including Sydney, Venice, Gwangju, Shanghai, Prague and Berlin,

Where is Gordon Bennett buried?

Bennett is buried at the Cimetière de Passy in Paris.

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What is James Gordon Jr’s personality

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James Gordon, Jr. is the son of James Gordon and Barbara Eileen Gordon. In contrast to his father’s work in the GCPD as an ally to Batman, James Jr. is a psychopath and remorseless killer.

Why is James Gordon famous?

Biography Trivia FAQ


ActorDirectorSecond Unit Director or Assistant Director

IMDbPro Starmeter See rank Play trailer 1:44 Behind the Door (1919) 1 Video 23 Photos James Gordon was born on 23 April 1871 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. He was an actor and director, known for The Last of the Mohicans (1920), Hearts of Oak (1924) and Tess of the D’Urbervilles (1913),

When was James Gordon Bennett born?

James Gordon Bennett, (born Sept.1, 1795, Newmill, Banffshire, Scot.—died June 1, 1872, New York, N.Y., U.S.), Scottish-born American editor who shaped many of the methods of modern journalism, Bennett immigrated to America in the spring of 1819 and eventually settled in New York City, where he founded a school, gave lectures on political economy, and did subordinate work for the journals.

During the next 10 years he was employed on various papers. He was the Washington, D.C., correspondent of the New York Enquirer and associate editor of the Morning Courier and New York Enquirer, his articles attracting much attention. He founded the short-lived Globe in New York City in 1832, and in 1833–34 he was the chief editor and one of the proprietors of The Pennsylvanian at Philadelphia.

With a capital of $500 he published on May 6, 1835, the first number of a four-page penny paper bearing the title of The New York Herald and issuing from a cellar. By his industry and sagacity he made the paper a great commercial success. He devoted attention particularly to the gathering of news and was the first to introduce many of the methods of modern news reporting.

Who is Gordon named after?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For other uses, see Gordon,


Joy ‘s romanticised depiction of Major-General Gordon ‘s death in 1885.
Gender Masculine
Language(s) English
Language(s) English
Word/name Gordon (surname)
Other names
See also Gòrdan

Gordon () is a masculine given name in the English language, The name is derived from the Scottish surname Gordon, It is uncertain if this surname originated from a place name in Scotland or in France, The Gordon in Berwickshire, where the family who bore the surname held lands in the 12th century, is of uncertain etymology,

Who is James Gordon fiance?

Season 1 – Gordon is introduced as a homicide detective and Iraq War veteran of the U.S. Army who has recently been transferred to Gotham City, where he lives with his fiancée, Barbara Kean, In his first case, Gordon and his partner, Detective Harvey Bullock, are assigned to investigate Thomas and Martha Wayne ‘s murder.

After arriving at the crime scene, he comforts the Waynes’ son, Bruce, who witnessed his parents’ murder, promising him that he would do everything in his power to find the murderer and bring them to justice. During his investigation, Gordon runs afoul of a gangster Fish Mooney, who takes him hostage.

Bullock later goes searching for him and is captured alongside him. The two are freed by Gotham’s most powerful mob boss, Carmine Falcone, who was an old friend of Gordon’s deceased father. In return, Falcone asks Gordon to kill Oswald “Penguin” Cobblepot, Mooney’s underling who had informed her of the GCPD,

  • Instead of killing him, Gordon fakes Cobblepot’s death and orders him never to come back to Gotham.
  • After Gordon’s gun is used to kill Dick Lovecraft, a corrupt billionaire, Mayor Aubrey James reassigns him to Arkham Asylum as a guard.
  • Gordon is later reinstated as a homicide detective by Commissioner Gillian B.
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Loeb after he captures a serial killer who had escaped from Arkham during a prison riot. Gordon then blackmails Loeb into naming him the President of the Gotham City Police Union. At the end of the season, he discovers that Barbara is in fact a murderer, and begins a relationship with Arkham physician Leslie “Lee” Thompkins,

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What is the Gordon Bennett route

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Let the Gordon Bennett Driving Route take you on an historic journey across spectacular Irish countryside and into the picturesque towns and villages of county Kildare in the heart of Ireland. Originally raced in 1903, today this route runs through spectacular countryside starting at Athy and on to Kilcullen, before crossing the plains of the Curragh into Kildare town and finally Monasterevin.

Gordon Bennett road signs make the Gordon Bennett Route an easy-to-follow tour through one of the most beautiful parts of Ireland offering a unique insight into the lives, atmosphere and sheer adrenalin behind the historic car race that roared across this 166km (104-mile) circuit. Relax, get your motor running and follow gently in the footsteps of our motoring pioneers taking time to enjoy many of Ireland’s best-loved visitor attractions, countryside villages and breathtaking scenery along the way.

The Gordon Bennett Festival takes place each June with a host of activities to commemorate the race including a rally following the circuit. For a map and more information, click here,

What techniques does Gordon Bennett use?

Bennett’s referencing, appropriation and recontextualisation of familiar images and art styles challenges conventional ways of viewing and thinking and opens up new possibilities for understanding the subjects he explored.

What materials did Gordon Bennett use?

Gordon Bennett: Be Polite is an exhibition of largely unseen works on paper by one of Australia’s most visionary and critical artists, Gordon Bennett (1955–2014). This is the first exhibition of Gordon Bennett’s work since his untimely death in 2014. The IMA’s Executive Directors Aileen Burns and Johan Lundh have worked closely with the Estate of Gordon Bennett to curate this selection of works that comprise drawing, painting, watercolour, poetry, and essays from the early 1990s through to the early 2000s.

  • Though rarely seen in exhibition contexts, Bennett’s drawing and script form the foundation of his practice.
  • Paper is the site where imagery, words, and ideas often found their first expression before being combined into the large-scale conceptual paintings for which Bennett is known.
  • Despite their relatively small scale, works in Be Polite embrace rich layers of Western and Australian Indigenous art history and contemporary politics, a direction Bennett played a leading role in developing throughout the 1980s and continued to explore in his successful career.

Like many artists, Gordon Bennett worked in a sketchbook to test out ideas and imagery quickly, and then carefully refined his concepts, style and visual language on the page before moving to acrylic on canvas paintings. He produced hundreds of sketches in basic materials, mostly pencil, ballpoint pen, chalk pastel, felt tip pens, gouache, and watercolour on standard notebooks.

  1. Often, these drawings were scanned and digitally reworked to create complex layers of images for his paintings.
  2. The small works on paper and sketchbooks that appear here on display were never intended for public exhibition, yet tell us something important about Bennett’s artistic process.
  3. Many are significant works of art in their own right.

Some of these simple pen-and-paper works appear to be self-conscious about how inexpensive and humble they are. This self-reflexivity is a common approach in Gordon Bennett’s work, and as an audience, we often feel part of an intimate (and funny) conversation that the artist is having with his own work.

  1. Gordon Bennett was very interested in systems of pictorial representation and how knowledge and meaning is conveyed through visual means.
  2. In particular, Bennett saw perspective as essential not only to how Europeans represent the world around them through pictures, but more importantly, to the European worldview: to how they see the world and themselves and others within it.

Similar to his interest in visual representation, Bennett saw written and verbal language as an imperfect system of communication that powerfully constructs and shapes perspective.

What inspired Jordan Bennett?

Themes – Bennett’s work tends towards interactive and multi-sensory as he incorporates multiple forms of media into his work to create immersive environments for the viewer. These interactive works incorporate a broad range of materials. Main sources of inspiration come from his interactions with and porcupine quill designs, baskets, beadwork, clothing, and,

  1. Bennett’s work engages with themes of land, language, family history, and colonial misinterpretations of Indigenous history and stereotypes in Canada.
  2. Bennett’s artwork often references urban First Nations youth and culture.
  3. Jilaqami’g no’shoe, created in 2009, is a skateboard carved into a snowshoe, referencing Indigenous skater culture and traditional practices.

In another notable work, Turning Tables (2010), shown in the touring exhibition Beat Nation: Art, Hip Hop and Aboriginal Culture, is a handcrafted mixing table made out of various woods. The record needle plays the sound of the tree’s rights. In this work Bennett asserts the continuation of Traditional Knowledge in a digital era.

Bennett’s focus within his MFA looked at Mi’kmaq and Beothuk visual culture of Ktaqamkuk, which drew inspiration from the drawings of, the last known living member of the Beothuk peoples. He also participates in a collaboration with Amy Malbeuf under the moniker, Neon Kokhom, which is meant to “poke fun at indigenous stereotyping and its role in Canada’s lucrative souvenir industry “.

This collaboration uses humour to address Indigenous misrepresentation

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Where did the Bennett come from

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Alternative variations of the name Bennett – Bennett, Bennet, Benet, Benett, Benitt I’ve managed to trace back to the mid-1500s! I can’t believe it! Utterly engrossing and I have uncovered some quite moving and heartbreaking stories attached to various ancestors. You don’t need any qualifications to start – just time patience, and some information. Start your family tree Trace your family back in time. Make new discoveries and see what other Findmypast family historians in our genealogy community have discovered about the Bennetts.55th most common surname in the UK We have for the Bennett surname.

We found over 490,000 family trees with the Bennett surnameTrace your family back in time and see what other Findmypast family historians in our genealogy community have discovered about the Bennetts.Search for a relative in our family trees

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reToggle:node-person-fact-change-generator-stream-processor-enable”:,”FeatureToggle:node-person-fact-change-generator-stream-processor-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:nodetestapp-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:number-of-relatives-to-hint-on”:,”FeatureToggle:obscura-institutional-access-enabled”:,”FeatureToggle:obscura-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:obscura-new-search-coordinates-enabled”:,”FeatureToggle:onboarding-test”:,”FeatureToggle:opa-bundle-api-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:ops-flipper-log-info”:,”FeatureToggle:ops-flipper-use-datalayer-cache”:,”FeatureToggle:ops-tweety-pie-log-debug”:,”FeatureToggle:orson-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:paperboy-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:paypal-au-us-autorenewal”:,”FeatureToggle:pierce-test-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:plutus-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:produce-user-active-messages”:,”FeatureToggle:razer-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:record-merge-confirmation-drawer”:,”FeatureToggle:record-merge-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:record-usage-counts-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:recruitment-proxy-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:redirect-to-auth0-logout”:,”FeatureToggle:referral-gate-webhook-server-status”:,”FeatureToggle:regenerate-relatives-hints”:,”FeatureToggle:relation-person-to-bio-processor-enable”:,”FeatureToggle:relation-person-to-bio-processor-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:rollback-test-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:rummage-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:sapi-config-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:sapi-reingest-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:selenium-paypal-testing”:,”FeatureToggle:service-to-be-reaped-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:service-to-reap-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:session-start-backfill-filter-enable”:,”FeatureToggle:session-start-backfill-filter-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:shibbosaurus-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:should-consume-bna-user-crud-events”:,”FeatureToggle:should-consume-genes-user-crud-events”:,”FeatureToggle:show-legacy-record-merge-link-on-quick-merge”:,”FeatureToggle:show-poppy”:,”FeatureToggle:signup-notification-settings-consumer-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:sixteenth-birthday-recipe-enable”:,”FeatureToggle:sixteenth-birthday-recipe-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:slack-bot-service-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:snoopy-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:solr_trees_ingest-disable-full-re-ingest”:,”FeatureToggle:solr_trees_ingest-disable-message-consumption”:,”FeatureToggle:solr_trees_ingest-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:spannertest-job-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:sparkle-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:split-io-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:squirrel-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:ssr-for-titan”:,”FeatureToggle:staff-directory-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:staff-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:start-family-tree-Navbar”:,”FeatureToggle:starting-secondary-school-recipe-enable”:,”FeatureToggle:starting-secondary-school-recipe-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:story-count-polling”:,”FeatureToggle:story-count-polling-kill-switch”:,”FeatureToggle:story-generation-killswitch”:,”FeatureToggle:story-image-proxy-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:story-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:story-update-processor-enable-consumer”:,”FeatureToggle:story-update-processor-enable-internal-scoring”:,”FeatureToggle:story-update-processor-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:surnames-api-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:sushi-counter-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:test-onboarding-toggle”:,”FeatureToggle:test-project-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:test-service-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:test-toggle”:,”FeatureToggle:test_project-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:testgraph-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:testmee-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:testproject-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:thumborlina-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:titan-disable-bapi-adapter”:,”FeatureToggle:titan-disable-missing-recordmetadataid-fallback”:,”FeatureToggle:titan-disable-sapi-adapter”:,”FeatureToggle:titan-disable-zendesk-chat”:,”FeatureToggle:torb-test-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:transactional-email-service-is-deleting-old-emails-enabled”:,”FeatureToggle:transactional-email-service-is-upload-enabled”:,”FeatureToggle:transactional-email-service-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:transactional-email-service-should-consume-transactional-email-topic”:,”FeatureToggle:tree-delete-processor-stream-processor-enable”:,”FeatureToggle:tree-delete-processor-stream-processor-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:tree-share-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:treematches-disable-node-transcript-fetching”:,”FeatureToggle:treematches-disable-tree-search”:,”FeatureToggle:treematches-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:true-north-bot-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:ttt-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:twenty-first-birthday-newspaper-cover-recipe-enable”:,”FeatureToggle:twenty-first-birthday-newspaper-cover-recipe-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:use-1-12-plans-in-free-trial-pages”:,”FeatureToggle:use-3-12-gift-plans-US-AU-IE”:,”FeatureToggle:use-ecomm-gate-for-free-sub-redemption”:,”FeatureToggle:use-lapsed-user-flash-sale”:,”FeatureToggle:use-new-purchase-preview-query”:,”FeatureToggle:use-record-merge-service”:,”FeatureToggle:use-special-case-1921-fulfillment-availability”:,”FeatureToggle:user-profile-consume-user-sign-ups”:,”FeatureToggle:user-profile-gdpr-consumer-gdpr-deletion-requests”:,”FeatureToggle:user-profile-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:view-record-fulfillments-recording”:,”FeatureToggle:view-record-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:vignette-recipe-enable”:,”FeatureToggle:vignette-recipe-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:voyager-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:whodis-account-streamer-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:whodis-analytics-streamer-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:whodis-auth0-instrumentation-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:whodis-db-sign-up-event-consumer-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:whodis-db-user-event-consumer-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:whodis-gdpr-deletion-consumer-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:whodis-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:whodis-log-streamer-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:whodis-ses-log-streamer-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:whodis-user-email-streamer-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:whodis-user-event-streamer-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:whodis-user-event-streamer-v2-log-level”:,”FeatureToggle:wordsearch-log-level”:,”ROOT_QUERY”: )”:,”operationalToggles( )”:,”getGrantsForMember( })”:,”customer”:,”surnameDetails( )”:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ],”year”:”1939″},,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ],”year”:”1921″},,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ],”year”:”1901″},,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ],”year”:”1911″},,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ],”year”:”1891″},,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ],”year”:”1881″},,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ],”year”:”1871″},,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ],”year”:”1861″},,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ],”year”:”1851″},,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ],”year”:”1841″}],”recordCounts”:,”maleCommonJobs”:,”femaleCommonJobs”:,”likelyToMarry”:,”origin”:”Bennett is an English surname with Anglo-Norman roots, found in records as early as the 1200s and thought to mostly have a patronymic origin.

What was Gordon Bennett’s quote?

I have made mistakes but I have never made the mistake of claiming that I have never made one. Many a good newspaper story has been ruined by over verification.

Why do we say donkeys years ago?

The OED defines ‘donkey’s years’ (also ‘donkeys’ years’) as a colloquial usage meaning a very long time. It describes the phrase as a ‘punning allusion to the length of a donkey’s ears and to the vulgar pronunciation of ears as years.’

Was Gordon Bennett indigenous?

Bennett, a Queensland artist of Aboriginal Australian and Anglo-Celtic descent, wrote perceptively about his childhood education in Australian history.