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Who was eliminated from Strictly Week 3

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Strictly judges voted 3-1 to save Fleur East, so Richie Anderson was sent home.

Who left Strictly in movie week?

Strictly Come Dancing: week three results – as it happened Show key events only Please turn on JavaScript to use this feature We’re back to business as usual next week AND it’s the first sub-2 hour show, which is always cause for celebration. Thank you for joining in and being excellent – you can find me on Twitter/Insta @heidistephens if you’d like to say hello or chat books/dogs/Strictly/Eurovision.

Kick off next week is 6.30pm, so I’ll see you then! Richie and Giovanni take to the floor for their final dance, to ‘I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing’ by Aerosmith. This is the stuff of nightmares, isn’t it? You’re on the Strictly dancefloor, making your farewell speech in front of millions of viewers. And you’reNAKED.

No, not this time. In tonight’s fever dream you’re dressed in a Smiffy’s Fancy Dress meerkat costume that cost £16 on Amazon. Next to you is one of Italy’s sexiest men, but he’s dressed as a warthog who’s been on a massive acorn binge. But what a way to go, and I’m delighted for Richie that he got to live out his Strictly superfan dream, even if it was only for a few weeks.

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Craig, Motsi and Anton all save Fleur and Vito, which means RICHIE AND GIOVANNI are leaving Strictly. Meanwhile Shirley declares that she would have saved Richie, proving once again that her judging criteria is entirely unhinged. Very happy to watch Fleur and Vito’s American Smooth again, mostly because I was so busy enjoying Fleur’s dancing and the CGI fish last night I forgot to fully appreciate Vito as Prince Eric.

OK, appreciation complete. The big question is – Vito or Giovanni? I’m torn. It’s Meerkat vs. Mermaid and Richie’s up first, accompanied by Giovanni’s giant warthog belly. This feels like when you go all-out in an elaborate costume for Halloween, then by 9pm you’re sweating and itchy and really wish you were at home in your pyjamas.

The intent was good, but the regret is very real. I know I bitch about Couple’s Choice relentlessly, but Tyler and Dianne doing a UK Garage megamix is very much my jam. Also Kym and Graziano dancing to Volare (or Nel Blu, Dipinto Di Blu, if you’re a purist) – it’s a classic of the Eurovision genre. I’m excited.

WELL. I’d argue Richie and Giovanni were overmarked for that Samba and didn’t deserve to be as high as they were – ironically that probably put them in the cursed middle, when a lower score might have mobilised the fandom. On top of that, they were also battling AWFUL costumes that did their dance no favours.

A double disaster, and I really can’t see how Richie is going to survive this – Fleur is by FAR the better dancer. So who else is safely through to next week, and who is joining Fleur and Vito in the dance off? I suspect there are a few itchy pants up there right now. Ellie and Nikita are back next week, along with Kym and Graziano, Tyler and Dianne, Molly and Carlos, Ellie and Johannes and Hamza and Jowita! Which means RICHIE AND GIOVANNI are in the dance-off! Time for a musical interlude, courtesy of pop/rock superstar Adam Lambert.

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He’s singing ‘Mad About The Boy’, which will feature in a Noel Coward movie/documentary coming out next year. He has a phenomenal voice and his eyeliner game is unsurpassed. Dance-wise, Carlos and Nikita are contempo-wafting sexily. In the immortal words of Deniece Williams, let’s hear it for the boy(s).

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Who topped leaderboard in Strictly

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He was hotly followed by Molly Rainford with 75, Fleur East with 74 and Helen Skelton with 72, Will Mellor sadly left the competition after landing the bottom place in the semi-final. So, who will be sailing to the top of the pile tonight? Read on for all the scores tonight and in previous weeks throughout the series.

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