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Who got put out of IMA celebrity tonight

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Charlene White – Charlene White was the first celebrity to be eliminated from the 2022 season. Unfortunately, the Loose Woman received the fewest votes from the public, putting an end to her I’m a Celebrity journey. Her exit comes after White took on the latest Bushtucker Trial, Watery Grave, along with Hancock.

Following her exit, Charlene revealed the first things she’s going to do now she’s no longer in the jungle. “The person I’m going to call now that I’m out of the camp is Andy so I can catch up with him to see how the kids are doing because I miss them hugely,” she said. On her first meal out of the show, she added: “Probably anything packed with carbs.

So, probably bread and butter, toast, chips – just something that’s massively carbtastic because I’ve missed it.” I’m a Celebrity. Get Me Out of Here! continues on ITV tonight at 9pm. Find something to watch with our TV Guide or Streaming Guide, or visit our Entertainment hub for all the latest news.

Who left IMA celebrity South Africa tonight?

Paul Burrell – Episode 14 – Paul Burrell ©ITV Plc Carol Vorderman and Paul Burrell were the latest I’m a Celebrity South Africa contestants to be eliminated. The pair lost out in a challenge that required them to swim through tanks of water stuffed with various creatures.

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Who is out of IMA Celebrity 2023 South Africa

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Celebrity Known for Status
Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo Former Made in Chelsea star Eliminated 4th & 5th on 8 May 2023
Amir Khan Former professional boxer Eliminated 3rd on 2 May 2023
Gillian McKeith Nutritionist & television presenter Eliminated 1st & 2nd on 28 April 2023
Shaun Ryder Happy Mondays singer

Why is Celebrity South Africa not on tonight?

Why isn’t I’m a Celeb. South Africa on tonight? – I’m a Celeb doesn’t air on weekends so will not be on tonight. This is usually the case for the reality programme except during last year’s series. The reason for this is likely to prevent a clash with other popular shows on ITV such as Britain’s Got Talent which airs from 8 pm to 9:20 pm (I’m a Celeb usually starts at 9 pm).

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Why did Dicko leave

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Dicko reveals why he left television – Even though the 60-year-old has appeared on, Celebrity Apprentice (which he won), My Restaurant Rules and Australia’s Got Talent to name a few, the past decade has seen him shy away from the spotlight. “I left television about seven years ago, mainly when it left me,” he lamented.

  1. I kind of got to a point where I ran out of options, I never really had any discernible talent.
  2. The only talent I had was honesty and that’s kind of the only thing I went on with in this show and it worked for a while.” Now, a talent manager, Dicko wants to just be a “normal person”.
  3. I ran away from media and I’ve been making the long road back to being a normal person.
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So, I stepped back into my old life for this, but I am gonna go back to being a normal person.”